This is a channeeld message by MaryRoze


The earth changes that are coming to this world also have a corresponding link with internal changes that will be taking place in each and every person.

Just as the tides rule the oceans, people sometimes feel similar effects inside their bodies, like when there is a full moon. You see, natural occurrences have a corresponding link internally in the soul of man. These effects will be strongly felt with the coming upheavals - they will be to such an extent that the people will not be able to ignore them because of the connection in their soul. They will feel these greatly, both psychically, and emotionally. What is going on in different parts of the world will be felt on a soul level. It won't be as easy as turning off the television and ignoring it. People will be feeling the currents, so-to-speak, internally. That is the internal connection.

Therefore, people need to know and understand that it is not just external earth changes, that the earth changes are internal as well on a soul level for people. They must now begin to connect with the Light and not to only be focused on the flashy external changes, because that is what is interesting; but to do their work, their inner work, their prayer work, their connection to the Light and to God - NOW - before these things take place. Because that will be their anchor and their solid ground or foundation to hold onto during the earth changes.

We are going to address how to prepare, sustain, and survive these internal changes that are and will be going on simultaneously with the external changes.

PREPARATION: We recommend prayer and meditation everyday. We recommend spiritual reading, whether it would be from the Bible, some psalms (the 23rd psalm is really good), or some other spiritual reading that is uplifting, positive, and helps the people to connect with God. It should be something that is enriching, not just flashy things - but something that has a deep spiritual meaning, something that helps people to grow, and something that feeds their souls. We are not talking about more intellectual predictions, but deep, rich, spiritual food that can enrich the soul. There are many, many books like these.

Prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, and when the you hear about disasters in the land (USA) or somewhere else in the world, send out prayers and positive thoughts to these people, to these areas. Ask God to bless the people in these areas. This is this point.

SUSTAINING: Keeping balanced during the earth changes. This means that the people must maintain balance - NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THEM.

We realize that this is extremely difficult when all seems to be falling apart, extremely. They can do this through prayer and meditation. They can do this in prayer with their family. There are prayers that can be prayed. Family prayer is very powerful. They can do their own private meditation. They can send the Light and the Love to the people. But the main thing is for them to remember that these changes are necessary for the growth of the people and that nothing is ever done as punishment, that all is done for the greater development of the soul. No matter what disasters may befall the earth, they should keep in their minds that this is for the eventual highest good. Even though there are hardships and even death during the changes, ultimately, it is for good. And ultimately, on a soul level, it is for the highest growth and development of everyone going  through this.

The people who cross over during this time will, in a sense, have it easier than those who must stay and watch and observe and walk through it. Many people think that they will not be affected because they do not live in a dangerous area. The people who survive because they are in a safe area will have a harder road because they will be aware of all the destruction. But it is also a very great opportunity for these people in sustaining and maintaining their objectivity because they will be able to hold the Light and to be Light houses, so-to-speak, beacons of Light. People need to make sure that the those around them are not in panic, through their own strong anchoring in God and in The Light and in prayer. We cannot emphasize enough - the power of prayer. And if they will but do this, they will help to maintain the emotional balance within their families, plus aid the people actually walking through these hard experiences.

SURVIVING THE INTERNAL CHANGES: This is not something that most people have even considered. People have not considered internal changes as part of the external. Surviving these internal changes has greatly to do with the preparation and the knowing that they are coming. Knowing that they are coming and preparing for them, will invoke in people a strength of character and of soul and of knowledge. Their survival will be based on the experiential, not the intellectual. People cannot plan this all ahead of time because right now - to date - they do not know exactly what will happen. They know there will be upheaval, but they do not know exactly what. We can tell you only it is of such a magnitude that people cannot imagine. There are many things that will be happening, some of which have not been determined yet because it will be like a chain reaction of events.

One thing happening will trigger the next, and the next, and the next. Each one will seem more bizarre than the previous one - to a point where people will be very surprised and think that they cannot be shocked anymore and then the next event like a chain reaction will be triggered and occur and they will say: "That is even more bizarre than the one before." Their survival will depend on the preparation and the sustaining and people beginning enough in advance to prepare a solid foundation of Light within themselves. People need to know and to recognize that they must have a corresponding amount of growth WITHIN. The knowledge cannot just be learned on the outside in the intellect. One has to grow in the heart and in the soul, and in the spirit, for that is where the real strength comes. It is an inner strength, an inner knowing, an inner Light. It cannot be learned in a book. It cannot be found in a lecture. It cannot be found in a movie. It has to come from within each person during prayer and meditation time, uplifting spiritual reading, sending out Love, Light, prayers and positive   thoughts to the people who are going through the disasters.

The sustaining will come as people give of themselves. The survival will  come through the preparation and the sustaining.

The first two steps will ultimately determine the outcome of the third. People MUST have compassion in their hearts and FEEL for the plight of their brothers and sisters, to FEEL that they are brothers and sisters of  the people in the different areas going through these hard times, and that  they are all one, and that they CAN help each other, because that is the spiritual law, and people need to know that these are not just earthquakes, or disasters. They are earth changes and their results will be felt throughout the USA, throughout all the countries. NO ONE will go through this time unaffected. No one is in a totally safe area. But, this can be a joyous time, a joyous time of great growth and expansion of the soul. It is an opportunity, at this point and time, to really accelerate one's growth   through the right conditioning of the body, mind and soul.

There will be times when people will just have to stay inside in the shelter of their homes. Then, they can help each other and their families and   their neighbors, plus the people walking through the hard times, through the disaster times, by forming prayer circles of Light and Love, sending energies, and prayers and Light and Love out of the group to the affected areas.

People can begin to organize now; this is part of the survival. They can begin to organize these groups and if they live in a close proximity to each other, that is good. They can do it that way, or they can have a telephone prayer line, but groups in person are the best. They can begin discussions on how to set up these prayer groups now. These Light Workers, these prayer and meditation workers can send out the Light and the Love to the troubled areas. This is how they can organize. Then, when a disaster strikes, the people can come together and pray and send Light and Love as a group, to pray from the heart, to pray with High and Holy Intentions to help.

We have told you that NO ONE will escape the earth changes because the ultimate growth of the soul is for EVERYONE. Some people will experience these changes in harsher ways because they will actually have to live or die through them. The ripple effect will be felt by everyone because there will be many things that happen that will affect those people in the safer areas. EVERY ONE will feel the effects.

People's survival will depend on their cultivation of deep spiritual discernment. There are many saying many different things and people need  to learn deep spiritual discernment in order to find out what is the truth for them.

One thing that a person is saying will not be correct for everyone. There will be many different people saying many different things. Those listening can pray and ask for deep spiritual discernment to know exactly what to believe and what action to take.

People will have to find out through their own volition, in their own way, in their own timing, WHAT is truth for them.

In so far as timing for the earth changes is concerned - we feel that within the next 5 years it will be completed, beginning in 1998. The time is approximate, because it depends on man's free will. If things continue as they are now, we see the time duration to be about 5 years.

All time is subject to plus or minus from this side; but we feel 1998 will be a year of reckoning - for the planet - for the people - for the United States. We feel, now until then, many things will be starting economically, world wide as well for the country, but that the next 5 years are very crucial for people to decide which way their lives are going, to whom are they serving, and what direction they want to take with their   lives and for their souls.

There are some things that will not be able to be changed and there are some things that can be made softer depending upon what mankind does.

It is not, like you say: "One size fits all". Each soul is allowed its free will - to pass or fail this test. Many people feel they are just here to help. NO ONE incarnates just to help. EVERYONE has their own karma to work through - their own lessons to work through. NO ONE is here just to help. EVERYONE is here to grow.

People focus more on the external than the internal. We are all here because we have lessons to learn. We have growth to be attained. We have mistakes to be atoned for and that is what karma really is - experiencing the other side of the coin - so the soul knows and the soul grows. Nothing is ever done as punishment. Everything is for the further development of the soul. There are no free rides. Everyone is here because they have work to do within themselves, and people need to know that THIS is the power. This is how they will be able to sustain and survive the earth changes by going inwardly and becoming VERY, VERY strong. Looking at our faults, looking at our weaknesses and asking for help to turn them into strengths, this is the key. We need to master our own self FIRST. This goes hand in hand with the earth changes. This is why it is extremely important for people to have a very strong, strong, inner foundation.

As these things are happening externally, the things that people have not looked at, or have buried internally, WILL be coming to the surface. This is the inner earthquake - the inner earth changes that have not been  addressed. That is why there is really no escape because the energy that will be coming to the planet at this time is designed to uncover all that has been hidden in darkness, to expose to the Light everything that is not of the Light. And that includes all individuals, and ALL individuals will not be able to bury these feelings any more. They will not be able to do this. Many people numb themselves through drugs and alcohol, hours and hours of mindless television and movies. They delude themselves. They waste their time. When this energy hits - it will be of such a magnitude that none of these things will suffice. They will NOT be of comfort. They will NOT divert the mind because it will be like an inner explosion, and this is VERY GOOD. People need not be fearful of this. They need not to worry. The people who will be greatly affected will be the ones who have never thought about internal growth. The ones who have never tried to look at themselves, have never meditated, have never prayed, have never searched for the truth, have never tried to be close to God, or to learn about God, the material people, the people who think that material things are all that there is, THEY WILL BE THE ONES who will be greatly affected for the most part. However, EVERYONE will feel it. The spiritual people will have an  inside track; forewarned is forearmed. These are some of the major changes that Edgar Cayce talked about when he talked about the new millennium and being in the Light. There is no way that the people will be able to carry their old baggage into the Light of the New Millennium!

It is something that MUST be pushed through - must be worked through.People will not be allowed to accelerate to a higher degree of consciousness with their old "stuff", their old hang ups, and everybody has them. NO ONE here on the earth is without their own karma - or they would not have had to incarnate at this time.

This is not doom and gloom. This is a message of hope. This will be a time of rejoicing because what will be happening to the earth and its people is that people will no longer be allowed to get away with their games. It is going to call forth a degree of honesty and integrity that has not been seen before on this earth plane. THAT is the rejoicing. THAT is the good news. People do not want to hear that they have to go through any hard times to get the growth but, unfortunately, that is the way of this particular transition must play through. The people who are here at this time on the earth have KNOWN about this on a soul level and begged and pleaded to be allowed to be incarnated at this time, even knowing what they would have to walk through, because this is the time of VERY, VERY great soul growth. Those who can make it and those who can walk through this experience with faith and love, and joy in their hearts - knowing that all  is taking place for the highest good - WILL ACHIEVE GREAT, HIGH, GROWTH.

This will be growth that would not have been possible at any other previous time period. It is an extremely great blessing to be alive at this time. People should not look at this time with fear and dread, but with anticipation of good things coming and to do all they can do to prepare on  an inner level.

Many people are preparing by stock-piling food and other supplies. It is  good to be prepared for an emergency. However, we tell you right here and right now that you cannot stock-pile inwardly unless you do the things that are necessary to bring your soul into accord with the Light of God.

Not everyone will appreciate this message because it is not flashy. It is not celestial music and cosmic lights, but that is okay. The few that will hear, the few that this message will touch their hearts and their souls, is all that we care about. If the majority of the people do not like this message, that is fine. This is for the few who want to listen, who want to grow, who want to survive, who really want this connection with the Light of God. THAT is what is important.

Many have studied these things for years. They know it is coming. It is a time of waking up. It is a time for soul growth. Many of the things that are going to happen are karmic in nature. The United States is not being singled out alone, it is the world. It is going to be world wide. It is a cleansing, a purification, a heightening of energy.

Copyright 1997

Channeled by Rev. Mary

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Rev. Mary