This page is part of an alert. Many people know the famous quatrain of Nostradamus which says "1999, seven months..." but there are many other prophecies mentioning "1999" or texts such as "not far from 2000" or "near the end of 20th century" etc. These prophecies were collected from different books, mainly translated from French and Italian. They mention things such as chemical bombs, huge floods and the disappearing of countries, although they were written centuries ago.

These are the events which can be noted on the prophecies:

1) Sibyl of Prague, an old woman (17th century)

"From the east a dragon will come, terrible to look at, because from its 9 times 99 eyes (1999?), mortal rays will be emitted and a poisonous air (produced by chemical bombs) leaves its mouth".
2) Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959) was a simple Christian man who lived in Freilassing, Germany. During his life, he did several prophecies correctly, helping the police to discover criminals, telling if the soldiers would return alive or not from the Second World War, helping in the diagnosis of the ill etc. He spoke on the third war, and according to him, it would begin anywhere exactly after the murder of a big one near the Arabs and a murder in the Balcans.
"I see three nines, but I don't know what this mean" - 1999.
3) In the book Liber Vaticinationem Quodam, written near the year 350, it is read about a war that will begin at the end of this millennium and will go through the beginning of the next century:
"The third millennium is the moment of the third great war. France is destroyed; the earth shakes...."  
4) The German Monk called Black Spider, who lived some centuries ago:
"1999: the Resurrection of Caim - The barbarians will invade the cities and the civilized people will go to the forest...."
5) The prophecy below is said to be old, but it seems there is not a reference to her before 1915.
" (...) the whole earth is full of turbulence and dissatisfaction. The leaders use their vast powers to dominate more and the crowd in fight is unfolded as a serpent in the search of its prey. They capture the neighboring nations and they waste its forces to destroy each other. The victorious ones are without energy to commemorate (...) because the last half of hour is constituted by the most terrible period of the earth history (...) and when arrive the last fifteen minutes of the last moment (...) the yellow crowds from the Rising Sun (Japan) and the white crowds of the kingdom in the middle (Iraq and/or Russia) gave the hands (...) and behold, they empty their terrible anger on the inhabitants of the kingdom of the island (England), which is swollen with victory and excess produced by trade through the sea and earth. (...)"
If one century is considered above as one day (with 24 hours), then one hour will be equal to 4,1666 years or about 4 years. The last quart of hour means, therefore, the last year of the millennium - 1999 or 2000.
6) Among the apparitions still without decision of the Church, there are many announcing wars. In 1958, Turcovka, old Czechoslovakia, the forest guard Matousch Laschut saw before his eyes seven boards moving with small prophetic texts, besides Maria's apparition. The second board said:
"If the people don't convert, great calamities will come to the people and whole groups. Many will die." 
He didn't want to reveal what he saw in all the boards, but he said:
"If the world doesn't change before the year 2000, it will be destroyed by its own crime". 

Before 2000 means until 1999.
7) The following prophecy was found at the end of the 19th century in the library of Monastery Neamt, in Romania. It is supposed that the prophecy was written in the 14th century.
"Unknown diseases and plagues will accompany the end of the Millennium, because the last beast will liberate gold and poison... and the gold will produce despair, while the poison will produce death. In the time of the seventh seal, the earth will be an abandoned factory of poisons. And the few wise men that will remain, will not be able to make another thing but to invoke the anger of God, so that the impious beast which will have destroyed the life be destroyed". 
8) Maria Laach, German religious woman, who did several prophecies in the 16th century:
"The 20th century will bring death and destruction, apostasy of the Church, discord in the families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of some decades. They will turn more devastating and bloody and they will leave in ruins not only Germany, but all the countries of the Est and West. (...) After a great defeat of Germany, a great war will come. There won't be bread for the people and food for animals. Poisonous clouds, created by human hands, will lower and will exterminate everything. The human mind will be taken by madness."  
9) At his time, Stormberger was well-known for his prophecies. Several Austrian specialists of prophecies from the area of Bavaria documented his prophecies, but the books containing his writings were condemned by the Nazists and were burned, because they foresaw Hitler's defeat, who was interested in prophecies. But fragments telling that he foresaw the invention of cars, trains and airplanes survived. He said with precision the day that the First World War would begin, its duration, the weapons. He predicted the Great Depression in 1929, the Third Reich, the Second World War, the Swastika, the defeat and the division of Germany etc. He also said that there would be three world wars in the 20th century:
"Two or three decades after the first war it will come one a Second War still larger. Almost all the nations of the world will be involved. Millions of men will die, without being soldiers. The fire will fall from the sky and many great cities will be destroyed. And after the end of the Second Great War, a third universal conflagration will come, so that it will determine everything. There will be weapons totally new. In one day, more men will die than in all the previous wars. The battles will be accomplished with artificial weapons (chemical bombs). Gigantic catastrophes will happen. With the open eyes, the nations of the planet will go through these catastrophes. They won't know what is happening, and those that know and tell, will be silenced. Everything will be different from before, and in many places the Earth will be a great cemetery. The third war will be the end of many nations".
10) German Monk, Ludwig Heinrich, who lived in the 17th century:
"In the last years of the 20th century, one will see the disappearing of countless animal species, killed by man. But at the end, it will be the man that it will condemn the man to the death, because everything that grows on the earth will contain the essence of the death. The air will be the blow of the death, and as soon as the man breathe it, he will breathe the death ". (chemical weapons)
"As soon as the millennium touches its end, it will rain from the sky one pestilence never saw before on the earth. And this pestilence will remove all the force from the man; and the man won't be able more to fight, even against the worm that crawls on the earth". (chemical weapons)
11) It is believed that the following prophecy, found in Monastery of Sainte Claire, Perpignan, in France, is from the 14th century. It was attributed by some to Abbot Reymond. The text is divided in five parts, each part prophesying about a century of the last five of the millennium. Here is a text from the last part:
"For stranger than the last times may seem, the last century of the millennium will overcome all the others. It will be similar to one car that moves with difficulty, guided by unable and servants of Satan. In that period of terror, there will be great spiritual poverty. (...) Many kings will lose the throne and some kings will recover the throne. A war will begin. (first war). After, another war comes. (second war) and so another war. (third war) From the sky the hell will fall. In the anguish of a bad life, the man will finish poisoning everything. (chemical bombs) Poisoned clouds will cover the earth. Monstrous machines will dominate the skies. (planes with bombs) The fire will destroy many cities. The men will finish destroying each other ".
12) German medieval prophecy:
"Actually you will be happy, and after the darkness it will be seen the light, because before the year 2000, the Beast and the Prostitute will be thrown in the abyss. Never again they will leave there and the Sign of the Cross will shine in the glory of the light, with one faith and one shepherd. Oh! Oh! Where the rivers Rhine and Mosela meet, a very bloody battle will be joined against the Turks (Muslims) and Russians, so that the Rhine will blush for 25 leagues".
13) Parts from the following prophecy, coming from the Cloister of Mariental, in Magonza, Germany, found in the beginning of the 19th century, happened accurately. It speaks on the First and Second world war, on the coming of the Nazism and the division and reunification on the Germany. About the future, it is said:
"They will be only eighteen days. But they will be eighteen thorns for the whole world. They will enter in the men's flesh, in a time that not too far from the 2000".
14) Prophecy of Staretz, Russian origin, appeared near 1850:
"The last century of the millennium is a mountain, on which three beasts (wars) sleep. The first one will wake up in the beginning of the road (century). And from its throat will go out blood. The Second will wake up in the middle of the road. And from its throat it will come fire. The third will wake up at the end of the road. And from its throat will come the horrible heresy".
15) Prophecy of Saint Anastacy, found at the end of the 16th century in a Monastery in Moscow.
"The small nations (Arabs?) form a great nation. And they will be in wars. In the final part of the millennium, an invisible serpent will shake the people, which will move through the earth, as starving wolves, spreading hunger and plagues. Rome and Moscow will fall in the deepest disorder. The end of the millennium will see a lot of violence and blood. (...) The walls of the churches will be spotted with blood".
16) The Ladino Prophecy, a Italian seer of the 18th century:
"Attention to 1999! The sea is crazy. Many lands will tremble. One deep plow will pass in the lands of the world. The Great Serpent will be born in the East. When the millennium arrives its end, the Christians will be equally pagans. The only faith will be on the money and on the power; the mistake, the corruption and the violence will thriumph".
17) The Russian Monk Rasputin, who did prophecies fulfilled - on his murder, on the Russian Revolution etc. said:
"Mankind is going in the direction of the catastrophe. The less able ones will be guiding the car. This will happen in Russia, in France, in Italy and in other places. The humanity will be squashed by the lunatics' roar. The wisdom will be chained. The ignorant and the prepotent will dictate the laws to the wise and to the humble person. So, most of the humanity will believe in the powerful ones and not more in God. The punishment of God will arrive late, but it will be tremendous. And it will arrive before our century ends. Then, finally the wisdom will be free from the chains and the man will return entirely to God, as the baby who goes to his mother. In this way, mankind will arrive on the terrestrial paradise".
18) Saint Anselm, Bishop of Sunium (13th century)

"You will be ruined, city of seven hills (Rome), when the letter K will be praised in your walls (Karol Woytilla, the Pope Jean Paul II). Then, your fall will be near. (...) And you, man of big beard (the Muslim leader), you will lose it and you will lose your value in the whole world, for having presided the death of the Pontiff called John Obi ". (John Paul is the only Pope that adopted two names. Bis is two in Latin).
19) Sister Elena Leonardi Aiello, Italian nun (20th century, already passed)
In her revelations, the Sister predicted some facts confirmed, as the defeat of Italy in Second World War. She said in 1960 that "Russia, with secret weapons, will fight against United States, will conquer Europe and the river Rhine in Germany will be full of cadavers". She also said that "Russia will invade Europe and, especially in Italy, will cause ruin and destruction".
"When an extraordinary sign appear in the sky, the men they should know that is near the punishment of the world. Many signs will come on the world to advise the men that they have already passed the limits. Russia will march over all the nations of Europe and will place its flag over Saint Peter in Rome. What a pain! The governments don't understand, because they do not possess the true Christian spirit, they open the doors to the materialism". (April of 1976)
20) The quatrain X.72 of Nostradamus, one of the world most famous persons from the 16th century:

Quatrain X.72
"L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois,
 Du ciel viendra um grand Roy d'effrayeur
 Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois
 Avant après Mars regner par bonheur."
In 1999, seven months, from the sky will come a great frightning king. The great king of Angoulmois is revived. Before and after (July of 1999), there is war.
21) The apparitions of Our Lady in Amsterdam known as Our Lady of All Peoples from March 1945 to May 1959 to a Dutch girl did prophecies fulfilled, such as the end of the second world war few months before the end etc. She said clearly that a world war will break out and the Church of Rome will fall in problems before the year 2000:

"A great conflict will happen - United States, Russia... the time is not far." (February of 1950)

Seventh vision - February 7th, 1946

"Look at Europe. Warn the european people."
"Europe must be careful. Forewarn the people of Europe. Look well and listen: East against West. Europe, pay attention."
"New calamities will fall over the planet."
"People from Europe, get united!".

22) Benjamín Solari Parravicini was an Argentinian catholic man who died near 20 years ago. He heard words and wrote down them, many times without knowing their meaning. Some of his sentences, already fulfilled:

"The atomic times are approaching. Russia is already playing with it without knowing. The war of the wars will arrive." (1937)
"The heart of the world (Paris) will fall and it will be in 40. It will fall and will be German until 44". (1938)
"The heart will be artificial in 66" (1938 - The artificial heart was created in 1966.)
"A new system of communication in the world thanks to artificial planets" (1938, on satellites)
"Artificial Maternity"(1938)

On the 1999 war:
"The souls will wander in 99."

He was sure that a conflict initially focused in the Middle East would cause a larger war envolving Europe, with the participation of the yellow race.

23) Merlin, who would have lived in the time of King Arthur, near 5th and 7th centuries, said:

"Before the christianism has 2000 years, the east will inflamate and many people will die. There will be a Pope (Jean Paul II) who will not dare to remain in Rome."

24) In Saint Nicolas chapel, in the city of Popovka, near Taganrog and the sea of Azov, a prophecy of a monk called Pouskof, dating from the 15th century:
"At the end of the 20th century, Russia will see great disorders. The houses, people and lands will be transformed by blood. We will see terrible things through pictures (TV). What is above will go down. (conversion). What is below will return to the high".
25) Prophecy of a Sister of Queen Brigite Order, Rome (published in the 70s)

"The third world war will begin few days after a murder of a leader in the sector of Yoguslavia-Hungria".

26) The German magazine Neues Europa published in 1963 what it said to be the third part of the secret of the apparition at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. The message explains that a "the great war will come in the second part of the 20th century. The fire and the smoke will fall from the sky and the waters from the oceans will become vapour, projecting its scum up to sky and destroying everything below. And millions and millions of people will die from one hour to another...". In 1981, in Fulda, Germany, when asked what was this secret message, the Pope Jean Paul II answered: "Due to the seriousness of the contents of the Fatima secret, my predecessors in the Throne of Peter have preferred to postpone the publication. Furthermore, it may be enough to the christian people to know that, if there is a message saying that the oceans will flood whole parts of the globe, and millions of people will die, from a minute to another, it is not really the case to will the publication of this secret message."

27) Prophecy in a manuscript from the 16th century:

"When the history of the mankind enters the year 2000...  the scythe of the moon will burn the leaves. (...) Because in this time the scythe of the moon will be the law that will slave the world."

The scythe was the symbol of the comunism, which would be Russia today and the moon is the symbol of the Muslims.

28) Sibyl of the Last Sky - dating near 1730

She said that a little before the 2000, it would arrive the day of the last sky, but before this day, God would allow many calamities and problems on the Church and in the whole world.

29) The spiritualist Brother "X", published in the 50s, in Brazil:

"At the end of the century, the earth will be a chaos. Its surface will be scorched by the fire of the atomic bombs. Europe will be a vast cemetery. Asia and Africa will be true deserts. Part of America will be horribly destroyed. The polar ice, because the efect of the verticalization of the axis of the earth, will shift abruptly, inundating many regions. The waters will cover immense extension of the earth and the inhabitable part of the continents will be reduced to one third".

30) The American spiritualist Ruth Montgomery, in a book edited in 1966, did prophecies given by Arthur Ford:

"In the last decade of this century will occur a great shift in the axis and the weather will change so drastically that it will be difficult to recognize old vegetations in many points of the globe. Many people will not survive to this change, but others will, because, after a period of excited seas and incredible speed of wind, the turbulence will cease, and the people in the North will live in a tropical weather and the people in the south in a cold weather. This will happen before the year 2000."

31) Prophecy known after 1730, probably of Irish origin
“There is a fabulous city, far, called Paris. Their inhabitants are the most corrupted people in the face of the earth. (...) But in a certain day in the year made of ones and nines (1999), storms of fire will destroy the immense capital.

32) The Italian seer Gina Bonet declared to the press some decades ago, in this century: "The Coliseum and the Eiffel Tower will be destroyed and one third of the humankind will die in an atomic war, before the end of the century."
33) The religious French woman Jeanne de la Royer, who lived in the 18th century, famous for her prophecies, said that "the year 2000 will not arrive without the end of times, as I saw in the divine light." 

34) Bartolomew Holzhauser, born in Bavaria in 1631 and died in 1658, did prophecies on the First World War, the Russian Czar and the Second World War. He stated that in the end of the 20th century, there will be a terrible chastisement.

35) Medieval German Prophecy:
“In truth, you will rejoice and after darkness, you will see the light, because before the year 2000, the Beast and the Whore will be thrown in the abyss."

36) Prophecy of Marienthal (1749)
And for the coming events of the 20th century... a war will break out, and will make all the precedent wars disappear. Rivers of fire will fall from the clouds, where there are no clouds (...) All the capitals in the two sides of the ocean will be destroyed"
37) In his book "Prophecies on Future Happenings" published in 1536, Paracelso said that the last century of the millennium would be a time of "changes, unquietness, dissatisfaction and illness" (produced by chemical bombs).

38) Prophecy of a Saint-Almis Templar

"Near the middle of the last year (1999 or 2000), the signals and the number will appear in the sky. The iron birds will obscure the sun. The beasts of Apocalypse will come out from the sea. The flames from the hell will surround the Earth. At the same time, the sky will burn and the sea will grow and the lands will be swallowed. And the man will know the truth".

39) Filippo di Lione (March 28th, 1897):
"In one hundred years, there will be a cataclism so that the Earth will be rotated and we will be in the South Pole (...) because this century (20th) will not end without the happening of all these things."

40) Staretz Prophecy, of Russian origin, appeared near 1850:

"The last century of the millennium is a mountain, on which sleep three beasts (wars). The first will wake up in the beginning of the path (century). And from its throat will come out blood. The second will wake up in the middle of the path. And from its throat will come out fire. The third will wake up at the end of the path. And from its throat will come the terrible heresy."

41) This prophecy of Saint Bernadette, received at Lourdes in the 19th century, was discovered in December of 1998 by a French Father researching in Vatican Library. The prophecy was in a letter found in Vatican. It is published in http://www.unitypublishing.com/prophecy/bernadette.html and was written by Vincenzo Sardi, Weekly World News, copyright © 1999. The letter has five prophecies, four of them already fulfilled. Part of the fifth prophecy says:

"On the eve of 2000 (what I understand as 1999), a final clash between the followers of Mohammed and the Christians nations of the world will take place. (...) But in the fullness of time, the signal of the cross will prevail and all of Islam will be forced to convert to Christianism. There will follow a century of peace and joy as all the nations of the Earth lay down their swords and and shields."

42) Anton Johansson (1858-1909) predicted the war of 1911/13 in Central Europe, the sinking of Titanic in 1912, the Russian Revolution, the defeat of Germany in the First World War, as the Second War and the a Third World War.

He forsaw that the third world war would break out at "the end of July, beginning of August, I do not know the year".

43) A prophecy from 1622, published by Beykirch in 1849 in his book "Prophetenstimmen" (Prophetical Voices) mentions the following months regarding the thirld world war:

"The month of June will bring the beginnig of the problems but it will not be yet the real war."
"In the month of July, the general mobilization will start."
"In August, all the envolved people will start to fell the effects."
"In September, there will happen the largest massacre that humankind has already experimented"
"Between October and December, there will be miracles."

44) In a prophetical dream of Don Bosco, he saw two saints holding strips. In the strip of one of the angels, it was written "LEPANTO 1571". In the strip of the second angel, it was written "199_". Saint John Bosco knew that it was the indication that of a year, and wrote the number of the year, but erased later. Saint John Bosco was so impressed with the dream, that the scene described by him was perpetuated in the two columns at the main entrance of his Church, in Roma. What took place in 1571 was the Battle of Lepanto, between Muslims and Catholics. What will happen in 1999?

45) The Spanish prophet called Bug de Milhas (passed in 1848), who lived in the mountains alone, predicted the French Revolution, the coming of Napoleon, the invasion of Spain by the French and other different prophecies, said that “An European war is announced by many prophets and their predictions will be accomplished: what can the man do against the power of destiny?!..."

Compiled and Translated by Fabio Araujo - fabioa@imagelink.com.br
Produced in May of 1999
4 Prophecies added in July, 1999