Date:  Tue, 31 Dec 2002



P'taah speaks:

Greetings, dear ones. Once more it is a delight to address you. You may have wondered why in all of your readings and dealings with the wise ones whose words guide and assist you, that each one talks so very much about living in the now. It is truly not an irresponsible, devil-may-care New Age catch phrase. This concept is to make you aware of the physics of transformation and manifestation. We would like at this time to reiterate some basic points.

You create your perceived reality from the electromagnetic energy which you call thought, belief, and emotion. You yourself are comprised of electromagnetic energy in both your physical and non-physical beingness. You are also part of a collective consciousness which holds collective beliefs about what reality is and what you should expect from it. Many of these beliefs are so much intrinsically part of you that you do not even realize that you hold them. The nature of the energy that you are attracts like to like, so you may say that the universe supports you 100% in that what you are in your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, you attract.

You are in the on-going process of attracting your perceived exterior reality in every moment. In this fashion, you may say that you are recreating even your own physical body in every microsecond. We have spoken to you before this time about how you create disease and death this way. Of course, you also create all the wondrousness in your life, too. It would be to your greater power if you would acknowledge the magical moments of joy, laughter, abundance, and love as things that you have, at some level, created. For as long as you think that the wonderful parts of your life are simply luck or someone else's doing, then you are denying your own power.

Let us look also at how you so very often look at some one else's life and say, "Lucky them! Look how they were born with everything. Look at how they do not have to struggle for everything." Well, you know, each of you created yourselves exactly where and how you did at your birthing because you desired certain experiences in this focus or lifetime. This you may call the Master Game Plan. However, within this framework of your now-life, you have a choice in every moment of how you will perceive it to be, how you will transform it, if that is your desire, and how you will recreate what is now not desirable.

So, back to the now. The reason you are exhorted to live in the now is because that is where your power lies. Your power of manifestation and transformation cannot lie in your past or you would already have accomplished it. It cannot lie in your future because you create your futures from your perceptions, beliefs and emotions of this now. The more you pay attention and are focused on the now, the easier it is to identify and transform those old beliefs and patterns and negative feelings about who you are and what your perceived reality is which keep you on the treadmill,

Now this electromagnetic energy of which you are comprised has a vibrational frequency. In fact, the differences you perceive between you and everything outside of you is simply your perception of the different vibratory frequencies. You may say that every thing in the seen and unseen realities vibrates at a certain rate, and because this frequency is electromagnetic, it attracts like frequency to it. We will say to you that this frequency also has color and sound, too, but at this time, this is only an aside.

If you will look at situations in your life that you would desire to transform, imagine that each situation has a frequency. Every time you identify with this situation, you feel negative judgment about perceived lack. In other words, I would like a lover in my life, i.e. I have no lover. I would like to be healthy and vital, i.e. I am sick and frail. I would like more money, i.e. I do not have enough money. You see how often in your day-to-days you are focused on the lack. That perception of lack carries its own frequency, which the universe supports absolutely.

It is not only the thought which has this frequency. More powerful is the emotion which is attached to the thought. Have you noticed how easy it is to manifest that which really has not a lot of significance in your life? You do it without thinking about it. You simply focus on what is desired and, presto! It is. Much of your perceived lack comes from your too narrow view of your world or from not identifying the gift which the now situation is presenting to you.

To create effortlessly, it is helpful to identify any old beliefs or ideas which keep you stuck in the old pattern. The universe has trouble with mixed messages and will support the message which has the most power attached to it. If you desire to manifest more money and wonder why, after all your affirmations and visualizations, that money is not flowing to you, then look at what you believe about money. Most importantly, look at your focus on the lack of it. Whilst you are stuck in poverty-consciousness you are not in the frequency of the ease and flow of money.

One of the easiest ways to change the flow of your life, in other words to be in the flow and frequency of having, is to see in the now moment what are the abundant gifts that you are, the abundant gifts which surround you, and give forth fervent thanks for what is. We suggest to you that every day whilst you
are bathing your body, standing beneath the flow of water or submerged in water, you sing a little song to the God/Goddess of your being, and to the Universe
which supports you absolutely.

We suggest that the song would be something like this:

Thank you for the love in my life.
Thank you for the love which surrounds me.
Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and thank you for the miracle of life I see reflected all about me.
Thank you for the gift of life that I am.
Thank you for my perfect body, my health, and vitality.
Thank you for the abundance that I am.
Thank you for the richness of my life.
Thank you for the money which flows to me.
Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of possibilities and probabilities.
Thank you for the wonderment and thank you for the joy.
Thank you for the beauty and harmony.
Thank you for the peace and tranquility.
Thank you for the laughter and the play.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

You may include in this song anything else that you can think of. We say to you that any time of the day or night, and how ever often you desire, is appropriate for this song. We merely suggest in your bathing time because it is one time during your busy day when you are alone. The deliciousment of the warm water is soothing and relaxing and the crystalline properties of the water are grandly magnifying. Sing your song out loud so that as much of your beingness as possible is involved.

Whilst you are singing your song, totally involved, thinking about the wondrousness, feeling the gifts so then you are truly in the frequency and beingness of the love, joy, power, abundance and wonderment. As you go about your day, you will carry this resonance with you. There is no lack here. The universe supports you!

I love you in all your grand and wondrous abundance. Namaste!