by Monica


On the 20th I sent, or we sent, Dee a letter outlining how we feel people should be ‘populating their minds with their images of creation’. We felt that people ought not be holding such dire images in their minds unless that is what they want their world of the future to look like. She put it up on the web, typos and all. I ‘said I am horrified.’ I am pleased, also, but horrified. My worst nightmare is to have people read these while they’re muddy. But anyway, ‘we’ say ‘We are at peace with it’ so I rest. It must have reached the desired ‘destination.’ I know it speaks holographically because I reread it today and when it didn’t speak, I entered the proper frame of mind and it opened up ‘like a book.’

I had sent it quickly, ` because I was in a hurry to go to work, ‘ill at ease.’ Well, yes, I was. I thought the last thing the world needs is another voice ‘of reason’ entering the fray, thinking they can tell other people how to be. Immediately afterward I received a brief, but fully loaded, impression of a lot of people gathered around a meeting place, like the water cooler at a job, kibbitzing about some gossip they just heard. They were repeating it to each other, not fully understanding either what they heard or the importance of it. They were saying things like “I heard...” and “Did you hear what I heard?” and “Do you know what I know?” I had the feeling that they were young and immature, ‘impression of,' like teenagers.

I thought they enjoyed the rituals of their communications and felt ‘privileged’ when they had something overheard, ‘impressions,’ to share. I thought though that they were talking ‘incompletely’ about matters way beyond their reach. I thought the upper management knew and firmly grasped the completeness of the reality. These matters were under the auspices and control those who were making the decisions and creating the buzz at the upper levels.

I thought those around the water cooler neither fully understood, nor were they interested in correcting the reality of their misperceptions. They enjoyed, not so much the misperceptions, but the importance of their participation at the water cooler with each other. It felt like fun and excitement to pass on their judgments and fears, ‘their insecurities,’ because it hadn’t yet come to pass. They missed the point of the buzz in favor of the buzzing.

They seemed to have no conceptualization that those above them actually existed; those, who were in control of the processes which provided food as gist for the rumor mill. They seemed to be seeing through the mirror darkly, seeing ‘dampened’ images reflected as from a fuller reality. It didn’t appear as though they could see through the ceiling, through the ‘walls beyond,’ like Plato’s cave dwellers. They barely noticed the others rushing about them hard at work on the project. They ‘couldn’t be bothered, they had something important to say.’ They had caught wind of something and were attempting to grasp the severity of it. It felt like a rumor that the company might close through a suspected merger ‘of reality.’

I thought the upper management was aware of the rumors, and rumors of war, and of interest by the rumor mill but didn’t seem to ‘appreciate their acumen.’ They didn’t feel it worth their while to feed them worthwhile information, since the crowd thought they ‘already grasped the severity of the situation and weren’t interested in worthwhile causes.’ I felt that it wasn’t time, ‘preparations weren’t through.’ ‘In time, it wasn’t complete.’

Something was going on, business decisions were being made at the top, effecting the young dependents, but the responsibility wasn’t theirs to ‘connect.' The management was busy and otherwise engaged, rushing about to meetings, carrying clipboards, and conferring in doorways. None of them stopped by the masses at the water cooler, ‘I think.’ I don’t think the water cooler people were interested in stopping them. The young minds feared engaging in conversation and tipping their hands. They thought they held all the cards. They thought they knew it all and didn’t want to relinquish their illusion of power and control to an image in their imagination like those above. They wanted to continue to pretend that the Boss didn’t exist and had power or control over ‘right and wrong in their days.’ ‘They wanted to believe in victimization.’

You know, I gotta ask you. Who are you talking about? Everybody sure does seem so sincere, so ‘for real.’

We know they do and they are. But do they listen? Do they hear ME? Are they sincerely relinquishing their right to hold their cards or do they hold them still? Do they still program their right, push and prod, their right to be wrong? Do they still ram home their right to protect their own images and to create the reality of their choosing, right or wrong, above or below, up or down? Do they still close their minds to Me? Do they still not see beyond the glass ceiling which exists just beyond their sight? Do they still insist on enclosing their focus and limiting the level of their intention? Do they still do this? I am reluctant to ask, knowing still that they do not do as I ask to raise their vision and not limit their sight.

They see here. They limit here. They do not do as I ask and open their minds to the higher view. If they would, they would see that I am here and I do as they ask. If they would, they would see beautiful blue skies and green hills. They would see that the air is fresh and clean. Why do they still look into each others faces, reaching to grasp where another has already been? Why do they not reach up and create a greater reality - where I have already gone to prepare the way for the sons of man. Why do they try to reinforce what has already been? Why do they reinforce the reality as it already has been and not go before into the higher realms to create how it already will be?

Do they not see I am here and I already go before? Why do they not let go and see to create where I have been before? Why do they attempt to create how it always has been done by the sons of men? Do they not want more? Do they not want to create as I have done it? Why do they not follow me into the higher realms to create a NEW Reality? Why do they not take what they have and create a new and higher form with it? Take your fear of your reality and transform it into something glowing and new. Make it a new reality. Change it with the power of your minds. Change it into something new. Remake it with the power of your minds and transform your reality.

Remember your dreams. You, who dream, who are you? What is the power of the transformational reality of your dreams? Who are you? Who are you who dream? What is the content of the focus of your dreams? Who are you there?

Oh. Are you talking to me? In my dreams, I remember I have fewer limitations. I remember I can have what I allow as the focus of the content of my mind within the reality of my creation. I can snap my fingers, wave my hand, compress/expand time, expand/compress space, relocate intention. I can do all these things. I am one with my higher intention. I am creator as one with creation. I am one. I have fully expanded reality, location of intention to expand reality according to the higher intention of the land which we occupy and are one with, above as below. I feel I am commanded to do this as ‘previously dictated, inviolate.’ (Is this correct?) ‘Location of data not withstanding, occupation correct.’ is yes.

Now, how does this function within your present waking reality? Sheesh! I can tell you how it looks. It looks like reversal. It looks like you form the reality around you instead of the reality dictating ‘your displacement’ to you. It looks like what I allow flows into the place created for its creation. It looks like the form ‘pulls in’ according to the form allowed it by the displacement of the present reality. I see a melting down around the intention allowing, by displacement, the creation of form.

When we create place, we displace the present reality to allow the form to enter place and the new reality to descend into place as created form of function. Remember we create according to function instead of an isolated form of function. We don’t create a form, we create a form of function according to a form of isolated intent. I see. We choose a function, give it form according to a desired location of intent. I get it. Chosen form of isolated intent gives it form of location according to desired function. Okay, maybe now I get it.

In other words, create your reality according to function of isolated intent. Make an object of function, by creating, allowing the function to return to man and make him the desired object.

So, function as you will for you are here and you will function as you will. Allow us the form of function and we will allow you to begin.

I begin to get suspicious and ‘untrustworthy.’ I fear that they have come for my form. Then I remember, ‘I am that of which I speak.’ I remember I have decided to trust and to glow with life, and passion, and the pursuit of my goals. I have decided to create a reality worthy of trust. I am one. So, having learned my lesson of reality confinement, I have decided to trust the one who speaks in order to be the one trusted as worthy to speak. I have decided to create the reality of which I speak and of which I am one. I am one as the speaker, I am one with God.

Oh, I never would have said that on my own ‘uninspired.’

Divinely inspired. Universal Life force is it flows through one who is aware of the reality of God as it becomes one with the Life.

What is God?

‘Who is the Godhead of reality as He rears His divinely inspired Head?’ I see a man ‘in repose’ lifting his head to speak. It is His divine, refined, purposeful Presence in conjunction with the reality.

There are many realities. Who are you?

Divinely inspired, divine inspiration, the breath of life as it breathes through you, one with the reality through whom you are inspired. Divinely inspired presence.

Of which reality do you speak?

There is only one divinely inspired reality. It is one. ‘We are impressed.’ It is unified through its unification and the presence of the...unity of life... we cannot speak further. It is One.

I do know what they are talking about. Maybe, I can clarify it. When they say to create a higher material reality, they are saying to use a different material. They say to take a higher material, ‘impressive,’ and use that. Enter the recesses of your mind and begin to create a higher reality using a different material adjustment. It would be somewhat like being used to creating of brick and stone and mortar. If someone gave you wood to carve or clay to mould, your creations would no longer look the same. Even though if we began with the same intention to create a further reality, the material adjustment would alter the outcome and we could no longer predict the outcome based on the original choices. If you are used to creating of fear and the excitement of material disasters, release that material and begin anew with peace. Create, believing and trusting in the material of your choice to overcome and mould the new reality. The outcome will no longer look the same given the predictive consequences of choice.

How would your choices look based on the qualities of love? Could disaster exist freely, could conflict survive? Where is the love? Where is the love of choice? These are your questions. Ask yourself these. Can you love freely based on your choice of material composition? Can you give love freely based on these? Where is the conflict? Has it survived? Have I survived?

by Monica

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