May 4, 1998

By Louise Lowry

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Forwarded by; Roger Stevenson \ CompuServe: (rogerstevenson) This is from an old issue of Nexus (2/18) With a follow up letter from the following issue(2/19)

In the summer and fall of 1933, a Los Angeles mining engineer named G.Warren Shufelt was surveying the L.A. area for deposits of oil, gold and other valuable materials, using a new device which he had invented. Shufelt had designed and built a radio-directed apparatus which he claimed was able to locate gold and other precious resources at great depths. He believed that the radio device worked on a newly discovered principle involving electrical similarities of matter which had the same chemical, physical and vibrational character. His device appeared to consist of a large pendulum suspended in a cylindrical glass case which was housed in a black box with compasses on it.

The pendulum would trace a line directly from a piece of ore broken from a vein to the vein it was originally taken from. Hair taken from a test subject would lead investigators to the person who had donated the hair sample. It was said to have worked even at a distance of many miles. Although he would not tell exactly what was in the box, Shufelt believed that by tuning into the individual frequency of a particular material, he could locate similar matter. He believed that the emanations and gravitational factors of matter influenced the pendulum and that, in principle, no two separate things were exactly alike.

Shufelt was extremely puzzled when one day, while taking readings near downtown Los Angeles, his instruments showed him what seemed to be a pattern of tunnels which led from what is now the Public Library in the heart of L.A. to the top of Mount Washington and the Southwest Museum to the north in Pasadena. He proceeded to draw a map and had it copyright-ed.

What he discovered appeared to be a well planned underground labyrinth with large rooms located at various points, and deposits of apparently man made gold in the chambers and passage ways. Some of the tunnels ran west for 20 miles under the Santa Monica Bay, which he believed were only used for ventilation.

Unfortunately, Shufelt had no idea that they were connected to the older ruins of an even greater city which was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a tremendous earth-quake and subsequent flood.

The subterranean complex he had discovered was used for emergencies and was only designed to accommodate 5,000 people or less. Food supplies of imperishable herbs were stored in sufficient quantities which would enable the survivors to live underground until it was safe to come back to the surface. Valuable personal belongings and utensils were also brought into the complex along with historical records and gold treasures.

During his research, he met a Hopi Indian named Chief Little Green Leaf, who told him about the legend of an ancient race of "Lizard People". The legends said that about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, an enormous meteor shower fell on the western coast covering an area hundreds of miles wide.

Winslow crater in northern Arizona is only one of the pieces that fell from the sky at that time. Thousands of people were killed, their crops wiped out, dwellings destroyed, and the forests set on fire. The surviving members of the medicine lodge, which had remained on the west coast, met to make plans for constructing safe areas. The sentinels of the sky gave their warning that it was time to enter the shelters and seal the shafts behind them-selves. They were forced to go underground to save them selves from a gigantic meteor shower which devastated most of the west coast of the US . The "Lizard People" of Los Angeles survived the meteor shower, but were killed by natural gas leaking into their bunkers.

Shufelt believed that they had built 13 such underground facilities in different areas for such a purpose. One was located in the eastern section of Arizona in a small town called Springerville and was only discovered recently. Another was located under a hill which was surrounded by a curving ridge of mountains like the middle of a horse's hoof. This is exactly the type of terrain seen in downtown L.A. in the area that is now the Board of Education, which is built over the ruins of the old Willis Estate on top of Fort Moore hill.

Shufelt and his partner Chief Little Green Leaf were both convinced that the ancient legends and the readings from Shufelt's mystery machine were true. They decided to obtain a permit to sink a shaft down into the ruins of the subterranean city. They located a vacant lot at 518 North Hill Street, directly above one of the largest rooms. On 21st February 1933, the County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with Rex McCreary, Warren Shufelt and Ray Martin to search for buried treasure there. The permittees were to bear all expenses, to leave the property in its original condition, and to share 50% of all discoveries and treasure with the city of L.A.

The county originally only allowed them to dig up to depths of 50 feet for fear of cave-ins. On 27th March 1933 they requested additional time and depths on their permit, believing that the labyrinth of tunnels was at least 1,900 feet in length, with rooms containing 9,000 square feet which contained valuable gold treasure in at least 16 places. On 10th April 1933 the contract was renewed. By the end of November in 1933, the main shaft was at a depth of 200 feet. Shufelt was determined to drill to a depth of 1,000 feet if necessary. On 29th January 1934, the first stories regarding the leg-end of the "Lost Land of the Lizard People" made the L.A. newspapers. By this time, one of the five shafts was already 250 feet deep.

According to the legend and the radio surveys, the underground city was laid out in the shape of a lizard, with its tail under the Main Library at Fifth and Hope, and the body extending Northeast, with the head being at Lookout and Marda near North Broadway. The key room to the city was located under Second and South Broadway. The leg-ends state that the key room is the directory to the rest of the city, and to the historical gold record tablets. These gold tablets were slabs of gold, 4 feet long and 14 inches wide. The tablets were believed to contain the records of the origins of the human race, and the history of modern man in the Americas, including details regarding the history of the mysterious Mayan people.

Shufelt's radio-wave machine mapped the rooms and tunnels as subsurface voids, with the gold slabs as dark areas, showing perfect geometric angles.

The rooms, seven of which occurred within an area of six square city blocks, varied in size from 23' x 23' to 34' x 42'. The room below the first shaft was 31' x 42', and the key room was the smallest. Water had seeped into some of the tunnels, and several of the rooms including the largest were flooded. Shufelt was prepared to use divers to explore the submerged areas when they finally broke into the subterranean city. Chief Little Green Leaf claimed that the "Lizard People" had been able to predict earthquakes and that he had also been able to do so. He had accurately predicted the destruction of the Long Beach quake on 10th March 1933, a month in advance.

He believed that it was easy for anyone to tell 96 hours in advance when an earthquake was coming, because the needle on a compass would become demagnetized and refuse to point north.

By the beginning of February 1934, the first shaft had reached a depth greater than 250 feet and was still being dug, despite difficulty caused by the water encountered in its path. Several newspaper articles featured updates on the project.

Shortly after all the media attention was focused on this search for the lost city under L.A., the project was suddenly stopped and abandoned. On 5th March 1934, the shafts had been filled in and the contract with the city was canceled. Neither gold nor any other treasure was ever turned over to the County of Los Angeles.

Mr Arche Dunning of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce stated in December of 1947 that, "It is quite possible, of course, that the supposed labyrinth really exists. But in view of the fact that the overlaying area is the immediate Civic Center area where an important building program is to be carried out, including federal, state, county and city building, there is little probability of any further excavations."

This is really not a true statement because it is necessary to excavate many hundreds of feet into the ground before a high-rise building can be constructed. Also, one should consider that sewage systems are all underground. And let's not forget the new Metro Rail System, which rises up from many feet below the Civic Center before it speeds commuters on their way.

Long ago even the Chinese dug tunnels around the area which is now the train yard. These red brick subsurface tunnels were used for their safe passage, from one end of Old Chinatown to the other and are now an historic landmark found preserved at Alvera Street.

It is quite possible that there is another city below the L.A. Civic Center which only a small number of people have access to. The question is, who?

(Source: Unicus magazine 2/92.1142 Manhattan Avenue, Suite 43, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. USA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LIZARD PEOPLE UPDATE Dear Duncan, Here is a reptilian relic that was found in Los Angeles in 1954 that neatly fits into the "Lost Land of the Lizard People" article [see NEXUS 2/19]. Enclosed is a photo of an artefact that is definitely very old, depicting a full-bodied dragon. The upper section of the medallion is made of pure silver that was somehow fused to a copper-alloy base which is composed of over 40 different types of metal. The medallion's actual dimensions are 7/8" (width) x 1/4" (length) x 1/l6" (depth). The man who found it, Mr G., was an aerospace engineer who lived and worked for the US Government in Chatsworth, California. The artefact was found while Mr G. was helping a friend, who lived on the northern shore of Lake Chatsworth, repair the wooden stairway to the front porch. Mr G. dropped his hammer, which fell into a soft sandy area, and when he reached to pull his hammer out he noticed this small metal medallion. Mr G. still has the artefact in his possession, and after much research feels that it belonged to an ancient race of space people named ALTEC, who left behind their influence on this world long ago. The Friendly or Sleeping Dragon is a very old symbol, one which has definite connections to UFO's I once had the opportunity to show a picture of a Pleiadian-style UFO to a man from Bhutan (near Tibet) and asked if he had ever seen such a thing. He replied that yes, they did see them often and that they were called "Friendly Dragon". Chatsworth is located in Los Angeles County near the north-west border of the city and county lines. It is likely that a Chinese laborer lost this artefact while working in Chatsworth on railroad construction, around the turn of the century. There is a rail-road tunnel that was cut by the Chinese through a solid red rock ridge called the Santa Suzana Pass near the Chatsworth Lake.

Old Chinatown is located in downtown Los Angeles and was built where the new rail-yard now sits. New Chinatown is built over much of the old tunnel systems that the first Chinese leaders had constructed for their 'safety' when they first arrived in the area. It is possible that engineer/inventor G. W. Shufelt did not know what he had stumbled onto electronically, and it is also logical that Chinese people would not admit to the existence of a secure system of tunnels and rooms they had worked so hard to build in secret. There may even have existed a series of older tunnels and rooms that the Chinese discovered during their own excavations and construction.

However, the Federal Government definitely stepped in during the '50s and took control of the entire underground tunnel system for their Cold War operations, adding many new paranoid-influenced improvements over the years that followed. In the '9Os, suspicious arson fires prevented well-equipped - ONI - intelligence operatives from gaining access to the secret entrance that was located in the basement of the so-called 'public' library. There is more to this story than can be told at this time.

Take care, and keep up the great work with NEXUS. Sincerely, Robert Stanley Editor, Unicus Magazine Suite 43, 1142 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA #####################

#2 How Many Stars Are In The Known Universe? By Robert Drake (

~~~~~~Exclusive for THE STRANGE~~~~~

Our Galaxy has about 200 billion stars according to Michio Kaku's book "Hyperspace". Some estimate there are as many as 200 billion galaxies in this universe.

Our Galaxy is called the Milky Way Galaxy. Some estimate there are 250 billion stars in our galaxy. The diameter of our galaxy is about 100,000 light years. A light year is equal to 5,878,500,000,000 miles or about 5,900 trillion miles. Thus, the diameter of our galaxy is about 590,000,000 trillion miles.

Galaxies normally form groups or clusters. If we include the 11 Milky Way satellite galaxies as part of the Milky Way Galaxy, our Local Group of galaxies consists of about 20 galaxies. Some believe that our Local Group may some day be "eaten" by the Virgo cluster. This would be something similar but on a larger scale to the Sagittarius Galaxy, which is about 1,000 light years across, that is apparently being pulled apart by the gravitational force of our Milky Way Galaxy.

When we consider that our Local Group only contains 20 galaxies, it is small potatoes compared to the known universe of some 200 billion galaxies.

To add to the complexities, there is what is called Dark Matter. Scientists do not know what Dark Matter consists of, yet over 50% of the matter in this universe is made of Dark Matter.

We really don't know if there are other universes beyond our own universe. We also don't know if there are inter-dimensional universes within our universe.

Life forms do not need to be limited to being made of matter as we know it. For example, there could be plasma and/or dark matter beings. Perhaps there are 100s if not 1,000s of species of intelligent beings. Some of these may bear no resemblance to humans much less reptiles or insects.

The key point is not whether there are intelligent beings outside of those on the planet, but rather is there a means that intelligent beings can travel faster than light in order for inter-stellar travel to be effective? I sense the faster than light barrier will be exceeded by this planet's technology in about 20 years.

Some people consider the possibility of a few ET confederations made of humans, reptilians, greys, etc. here within this Local Group. Based upon the data shown above, I would consider these conclusions rather limited if we consider potential life forms beyond this Local Group of Galaxies. Based upon the vast distances between the Local Groups, space travel would need to nearly reach the speed of infinity for it to be effective between these groups. I sense this barrier could also be breached.

If there are intelligent beings in space and if faster than light travel can be accomplished, I suspect that not even the most technologically advanced ET Confederation understands the total picture. Because there are some 200 billion galaxies in our known universe, with our Local Group only having 20 galaxies, the odds are that the most technologically advanced ET Civilizations would not be included in our Local Group.

From: David Openheimer \ Internet: ( To: Riskers/nufoia Mailing List \ Internet: (

#3 DARK CITY, DARK PLANET (A Movie Review) By Joseph Kerrick MilkyWave7@AOL.COM

The film DARK CITY uses aliens, mystery, and magnificent morphing effects to provide some startling insights into the peculiar nature of the human condition at its current apocalyptic crossroads. The truth tends to be more bizarre than fiction, so it requires some pretty bizarre fiction these days to keep pace. . . and this movie fills the bill.

The basic setting, a city where it's always night, was obviously influenced by the "film noir" genre of the 1940s, and the characters wear '40s clothes and drive '40s cars. We soon learn, however, that the city is not in any given era of Earth's history, and in fact is not even on Earth. The inhabitants are all being manipulated without their knowledge by mysterious humanoid creatures who look like a cross between vampires and zombies and wear long black trenchcoats. We are told that these entities are "a race as old as the universe" which has developed godlike powers yet finds itself in decline. The aliens believe that the human soul may hold the secret to this conundrum, which is why they study the people they have abducted and brought to the City.

The aliens can manipulate physical matter by will alone, a power that is called TUNING. The characters all pronounce it with a twang, like "tyuning"; so at first I thought the word was "kyuning", and that it must begin with a 'Q', as a reference to the 'Q' of Star Trek, another race of nearly omnipotent aliens. Be that as it may, there are also some special items of interest for UFO fans. One of the principle characters is a human scientist who has sold out his own kind and works in collaboration with the aliens; his name is Dr. Shreber, played by Kiefer Sutherland, who is made up as the spitting image of Whitley Strieber, and talks in a parody of Strieber's voice. He refers to the aliens as "the Strangers". . . whom writer/director Alex Proyas says were inspired by frightening dreams he had as a child, in which "dark figures would come into my bedroom and rearrange things".

The protagonist of the film, played by Rufus Sewell, is a man who begins to awaken from the collective nightmare of the Dark City. Through a series of whodunnit-type plot twists, he gradually discovers that the conscious awareness and identity of all the humans in the City is a false construct implanted by the Strangers. Every night at midnight they shut the City down, all the people fall asleep, and selected persons are given new personalities via the device of a syringe-injection into their foreheads administered by Dr. Shreber under the watchful eyes of the Strangers. Thus everyone literally has false memory syndrome, and this is how they all function every day of their mix-and-match lives. This plot element was no doubt also inspired by the classic Twilight Zone episode in which the whole world turned out to be the dream of a condemned criminal, repeating over and over. He was executed every night at midnight, at which point the whole world dissolved, and then the next day the same actors and characters reappeared, but with their roles all reshuffled. This is exactly what happens in _Dark City_.

And this brings us to the hard reality behind the fictional facade. Like all really powerful works of fiction in whatever medium, _Dark City_ is a symbolic representation of certain metaphysical/spiritual truths which underlay the human situation. . . as was the aforementioned Twilight Zone episode, and the "Q Continuum" episode of _Star Trek Voyager_.

The perennial inside scoop on what we're all doing on this dark planet of hard knocks and diabolic underpinnings is perhaps best summed up in the concept of ETERNAL RECURRENCE. We're all trapped in some kind of paranoid plot from hell; we keep going around in circles and can't escape; all the shit keeps happening over and over again, and it seems like no one can stop it. If anyone wakes up to the awful truth behind appearances, it drives him mad. It happened to Nietzsche, and to many other less famous individuals.

This aspect is dramatically illustrated in _Dark City_ by the character Wallensky, a detective who appears to be going off the deep end. He can't do his job any longer, and comes across to the other characters as a raving lunatic; but eventually the plot unveils the fact that Wallensky's ravings are the literal truth. He says: "We've all just been dreaming this life, and when we wake up we'll all be somebody else"; "it's all a callosal joke"; "there's no escape from the City -- they keep us all going in circles forever"; "we're not who we think we are. . . but once in awhile, one of us wakes up." Wallensky finally finds a way to escape by throwing himself in front of an oncoming subway train. Of course in real life even this wouldn't work, since suicide is just a ticket to another recurrence, and inevitably a worse one.

The protagonist eventually remembers that his name is John Murdoch. He has the unique ability not only to stay awake during the nightly transmogrifications of the City, but also to "tune" to some extent -- he can cause matter to morph by focusing a force from his forehead (i.e., his third eye), and this helps him to escape from several confrontations with the Strangers. He tracks down Shreber, who realizes that the young man represents a new development in the human population of the City, an evolutionary leap which could potentially defeat the Strangers. Shreber has always felt ambivalent about working for the aliens, and now he decides to help Murdoch. The problem, though, is that there is no time for Murdoch to cultivate and master his rudimentary powers, and he is eventually captured by the Strangers.

The aliens realize that Murdoch's mutation is the development they have been looking for in their experiments with the captive humans. They shut down the City for good, and prepare an injection of synthetic memory for Murdoch which will fuse his human identity with the essence of the group-mind of the Strangers, and allow them to meld with him in such a way that they, too, will become human/alien hybrids. This incorporation of the human soul will, they hope, be the key to their regeneration as a race.

It's Shreber's job to inject the memory-serum into Murdoch's forehead, but he switches syringes at the last moment and instead implants a different set of memories which he has secretly prepared in advance. This is one of the most croggling (to use an old "fandom" word) scenes in the flick, as Murdoch's new memory spins out in fast forward. We see him as a boy being covertly tutored by Shreber in various guises. Shreber comes to call as the mailman, and teaches little Johnny how to make a pencil write by means of psychokinesis. He comes a little later as a friend of the family, and coaches teenage Johnny to levitate up the stairs. Etcetera. All this has happened in an instant of real time, and the result is that Murdoch now remembers a lifetime spent in developing his tuning powers, and thus he has full command of them in the present moment. There follows an epic battle with an inevitable result, and a happy ending.

Further clues to _Dark City_ as a dramatization of occult realities include the nature of the Strangers as portrayed therein. Their behavior as well as their appearance show us that these are demonic creatures, evoking many such classic archetypes. They are supposed to be soulless, emotionless beings, yet some of them betray fiendish delight and other dark feelings in their interactions with the human characters. They cannot tolerate the light, which is why the City is in perpetual darkness. And more.

In a piece titled THE ESOTERRESTRIALS, I presented a hypothesis explaining the basic nature of the UFO/ET phenomenon. This can be viewed at:

The basic perspective is that the puzzling nature of the aliens, as reported by a broad spectrum of witnesses, abductees, and other "experiencers", can only be explained by identifying them as part of the overarching phenomenon of gods, ghosts, demons, elementals, and the myriad creatures of folklore -- in short, the whole vast array of supra-physical entities which every culture in history has described as having extensive contact and ongoing interactions with human beings. The extreme materialist worldview of the present culture caused a critical mass of people to reject the reality of such entities; and the sudden explosion of the UFO/ET phenomenon after the watershed of World War II is a sort of metaphysical backlash in which the entities have returned in force, in a form that modern people can perceive as real.

In _The Esoterrestrials_, I correlate various types of reported "ETs" with the hierarchies of supernal and infernal entities catalogued in various occult traditions. Some of the details shed more light on the archetypal drama presented in _Dark City_. Despite their immense powers, the creatures of darkness in the movie need human beings in a way that's integral to their very existence. This accurately reflects the traditional concept of how subterrestrial entities have symbiotic or parasitic relationships with the human species -- as well as the postmodern mythic scenario in which supposed space aliens are reportedly collecting the vital fluids of humans for inscrutable purposes of their own.

What's missing from the movie is any trace of HIGHER entities, beings of light, which have traditionally aided humankind in our never-ending struggle with the capricious, malicious, or downright diabolical critters from the nether regions of the metasphere. This is why the ending of _Dark City_ is unsatisfying from a fully-informed meta-perspective. Murdoch winds up as a triumphant _Ubermensch_, able to transform the artificial planetoid into anything he desires for the benefit of himself, his ladylove, and the other humans. But one is left to wonder what he will do with no higher vision to inspire and guide him.

It's reminiscent of another recent piece of pop fiction with metaphysical overtones: Marvel Comics' BEYONDER series of the mid-1980s. The Beyonder was a character who exceeded both Dark City's Strangers and Star Trek's Q in that he was literally and totally omnipotent and omniscient. He was the most comprehensive portrayal of God incarnate since Jesus Christ. . . except of course that he lacked the depth, profundity, and higher spiritual substance of the Christ of the Gospels. The Beyonder was not a being of light, but a concoction of the LSD metaphysics and cartoon mythology of the clever crew at Marvel. And he came to a bad end, as the super- Murdoch would be bound to do if he existed in real life, or even if he came back in an accurate sequel. _Dark City_ just proves once again that a superman without true spiritual enlightenment can't rise above the comic book level.

Despite this climactic flaw, the movie does reach up in places to hit some spiritual high notes. The whole plot turns on the aliens' quest for the secret of the human soul. This is summed up in the question: "Are we more than the sum of our memories?" Postmodern materialist scientism says no: there is no ghost in the machine, no soul in the body; there is only DNA and the patterned flashing of synapses. And the scientists and technicians are the masters of physical matter, just as are the Strangers in the Dark City. But the Strangers cannot master the mystery of the human soul, even when they have it in their grasp; only a human being can do this, and Murdoch's victory over them hinges on this very point.

And furthermore, love is a vital element of this mysterious soul. Since the personality and identity of everyone in the Dark City is supposedly nothing more than an artificial conglomerate of false memories, Murdoch believes that his wife Emma, who plainly seems to love him dearly, is nevertheless not his real wife and that what she feels for him is not real love but a mere construct of Shreber's syringe. But this is disproven in a penultimate sequence: Emma gets reimprinted in the last midnight turnover before the fall of the Dark City, and is now known as Anna; yet she still recognizes Murdoch as her husband, and her love for him is as lucid as ever, and undimmed.

Here is a classical quote about the essence of the human soul, which is very poignant to the movie:

"It was not the mixture, O men, of blood and of breath that made the beginning and substance of your souls, though our earthborn and mortal body is framed of those things. But your soul has come hither from another place. . . 

#4 Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Just May Not Have Kicked The Bucket/May Have Been Asteroid

Scientists now believe that the Chicago Fire of October 8, 1871 was not caused by Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking over a lantern, but by an asteroid.

The evidence for this is that on the same evening, at the same hour, more than a dozen intense firestorms broke out in four neighboring states, sweeping large areas. One of those firestorms occurred in the small town of Peshtigo, in northeastern Wisconsin, with a population of more than 1750, where the entire town was wiped out, with the loss of more than 1200 lives.

Witnesses reported that just after 8:30 p.m. a dull roar, like the rumbling of a distant volcano, came out of the southwest. As it grew louder the bloody glow in the sky flared brighter and the bell of the Catholic Church frantically tolled the fire alarm. By 10:00 p.m. the roar had thundered to an earth shaking crescendo and the wind, now tornado velocity, ripped through the village in blinding sheets of sand and smoke. The fire was the result of a horizontal blast of heat that blew down buildings, set hair and clothing afire, and sent debris flying in a single direction, much like the effects of a nuclear bomb explosion. The only survivors escaped by leaping into the adjacent Peshtigo River.

Witnesses in many parts of the region reported that the sky over the entire region was lit up with a bright orange glow that covered the entire sky and lasted for a couple of hours. Other witnesses reported seeing bright meteoric fireballs falling toward that region just before the fires broke out. Later, people found whole maple forests in the region near Peshtigo where the trees had been uprooted, laid flat, and burned, much like those of the 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia. This suggests that a small asteroid exploded in the atmosphere, creating an intense fireball that ignited the firestorms on the ground.

Much of the investigation work has been done by Randall Carlson, who has calculated that an asteroid about 100 meters in diameter, exploding at an altitude of 20 miles, could have caused the firestorms.

In late 1997 funds for a program to detect asteroids that might collide with the earth were deleted from the budget by President Clinton, using his controversial "line-item veto" power, the constitutionality of which is now before the Supreme Court. It is estimated that a budget of only about $50 million would be sufficient to detect most of the asteroids larger than about a mile in diameter whose orbits approach that of the Earth. This amount is less than is being spent to film two upcoming movies about such an event, Armageddon and Deep Impact. A larger program could detect smaller objects, such as the one thought to have wiped out Peshtigo. If an asteroid or comet headed for Earth were detected in time, it might be feasible to launch a space vehicle with the capability to deflect the object from its course and cause it to miss the Earth. No such capability exists today, but could be developed if we had at least a five-year warning.

For more on this story see

#5 Poems By Evan Prijdekker - age 16..

To contact Evan please forward all mailings to Michelle Guerin

A. Enter My World

Take a look inside my mind, you can search but never find. Keep your head low, don't face the light, enter my world, dark as night. I am king with my crystal crown, I'll raise you up but don't look down. Blackened tears fall from the sky, they touch your skin and make you cry. Try to fight it, never win. It makes you weak, you must give in. Sick and sad this place I reign, enter my world, full of pain. Run away, you'll be back, you can't resist the mysterious black.

B. Whole

The light is off, the dark is on, catch a glimpse before it's gone. Run in fear as it draws near. Hide your face, shed a tear. It stares at you with ruby eyes, your heart beats faster and quickly dies. Still alive, but almost dead, it draws you closer, the thing you dread. You cannot escape, it is forever, it will follow, ceasing never. You finally perish and see the light, darkness consumes it, you shriek in fright. It has followed, to the other side, It is everywhere, no place to hide. It takes you over, mind and soul, two become one, you're finally whole.

C. Dark Angel

She hovers high above my shoulder, I the key, she the beholder. In time of need I see her there, with flowing hair, penetrating stare. She puts me in a strange daze, using all the forgotten ways. She etches images into my mind, dark and disturbing, friendly and kind. Energy flows like water and wine, our thoughts entangle, hers with mine. We switch places, I am flying, she is living, slowly dying. I have these powers you can't handle, melt you like a burning candle. She is powerless, defenseless you see, wanting to switch again with me. I laugh at her and fly away, I am the dark angel to this very day

D. Vivid Dream

Brilliant colors, vivid dream, blinding light, rising steam, barely touch, almost feel, oh-so fake, oh-so real, winter taste, summer smell, fluffy heaven, prickly hell, red...go, green...stop, high bottom, low top, running fast, walking slow, evil smile, happy woe, fuzzy petal, stabbing thorn, tearful joy, painful mourn, very crowded, more alone, shiny metal, rusty bone, sitting short, standing tall, smaller big, bigger small, faded fog, violet beam. brilliant colors, vivid dream

To contact Evan please forward all mailings to Michelle Guerin Sands Of Time

#6 U.F.O. Flap in Northern New South Wales. Australia. April 1998

A full comprehensive Report and photo analysis. Sequence of events between 6 - 21st April 1998. For Story and to view pictures

Grafton N.S.W. Monday 6th April 1998. 7.05 pm. While skywatching, I observed a group of eight ‘star' like objects moving in formation, each a little fainter and the formation as wide as the Orion Belt Stars in comparison. What amazed me, was the manner in which they were all rapidly changing position within the formation. All eight objects would drop back, move across, than move forward within the formation, weaving around each other. They did this at rapid speed, each staying in position only momentarily, than quickly taking up another position within the formation. Incredible manoeuvring at that speed without crashing into one another. Almost as if they were playing some type of game with each other. I would call it the "Dancing of the Spheres". The formation was horizontal in flight and moving very fast. Their altitude is difficult to estimate, but would be about 4 - 5,000 feet. They were first noticed just west of my location, about eight Klm away, and heading due South at high speed. Observed for about 12 seconds as individual objects. And about 5 seconds as a whitish haze as they flew off into the distance.

When plotted on a topographical map of the area, their flight path was directly over an "A" and "B" grid Point as calculated with Bruce Cathies' "Gridworks computer Program". ( Author of the Harmonics series of UFO grid system books )

The next few days were overcast and no observations were undertaken.


Saturday 18th April 1998. A formation of UFO's flew by Grafton again to-night at 7.20 pm Just to the East this time. Same size group, same speed (very quick) and at about 10,000 feet or less, same direction (South). Took one photo (end of roll) with 1000 ASA film.I suggested to the 30 members of the "Australian U.F.O. Researchers Network ( an e-mail information and contact exchange now operating for about 12 months ) that it might be an idea for those on the East Coast to Skywatch between 7 - 8 pm for a few nights to see if you can spot them. It would be best to find a good open view to the South, with good view to East and West horizon. This would give a better chance for longer observation of them if they come your way. Than scan all the sky you can see.

If they come within your view you should not miss them (unless looking in other direction at the time ) It was suggested to look for an illuminated white haze moving fast, it will catch your eye if in your sky space. If you get a closer look at them, you will see the individual objects. Have your camera in hand ready to shoot quickly, they are traveling at about 1 klm per second (3,600 klm / hr )


6.35 pm Sunday 19th April 1998. I decided to begin skywatching early, and I am glad I did. Directly overhead at an altitude of about 4,000 feet. A huge ‘V' formation of at least 30 objects moving South. Each object holding its position in the formation, but "buffeting" a little in position. Their colour was a moderately bright yellowish white. The formations width was about 15 cm at arms length. I took 5 photos during the 10 second sighting. There was no white haze surrounding the formation as viewed from underneath, but could have appeared as a haze if seen from a distant because of the objects illumination. Five minutes later, a second smaller group seen further to the East of Grafton, and twice the altitude. This could have been the group I have been seeing on the 6th and 18th. Tried to video this group, but my camera not good at night. Nothing seen. Same speed and white haze as last nights.

I notified the Australian UFO Network that "If we are not in a "Flap" situation, it may not be to long before we are." "That is about 40 objects all up. They must be busy."


Monday 20th April 1998. Grafton. Last nights photos developed to-day. Nothing showed on the photos taken last night. The 1000 ASA film had one frame on the last of the roll, nothing there. The 400 ASA last 5 frames showed some light spots, but not the formation photographed. 400 ASA colour film seems to be only useful for open aperture time exposure at night, not 30th of a second exposures, especially with a 200mm lens at f 2.8.

Now I have loaded both cameras with 800 ASA Fuji Film. One camera has a 58mm f 1.2 lens. The other a 55mm f2 lens. Now I think I am ready. Went to Skywatch at 6 pm. Sky overcast but the odd star showing through.

6.50 pm, just happened to look over my shoulder, over the roof of the house and saw a group of 7 or 8 UFO's. They were quickly changing position within the group as they circled in a wide arc. They came from the North, turned West just before Grafton City, and headed North again. They were moving very fast, and the formation changed from horizontal to vertical during flight. I took about a dozen photos of this first pass, with camera speed at 15th sec, and some at 8th sec. If these come out, there will be a short trail in the image because of the speed of the group.

I than raced downstairs to a dark corner of the back yard. Waited about 3 minutes, and they returned. This time doing 2 circles North of town, this time a bit wider. I took a total of 17 photos of this one group. Plotted on a local map, they were circling just West of Ulmarra. The centre of this flight path would be over Elizabeth Island in the middle of the Clarence River. So I jumped in the car and drove North of town to Boat Ramp which is only 1/2 Klm from this island. Stayed 1/2 hour but they had gone.

CONTINUATION of Monday 20th: Well, I thought they were gone. Just before going to bed, I thought I would just have one more quick look outside. Time 9.15pm. Same group of about 12 did a pass over my house heading North. This time I had a witness who yelled to me " Did you see that?" I did not hear her because of being down the back yard. But I had taken 3 photos of this group with the "Diffraction Grating" on the f2 camera. The sequence of passes over Grafton by this same group follows.

9.15 - overhead to the North. 9.30 - west of town to the South. 10.00 - overhead to the North. 10.20 - west of town to the South. 10.40 - high overhead to the North.

The passes over town were about 2 - 3,000 feet. I had taken a total of 34 photos by the end of the night.


Tuesday 21st April 1998. Took film in for processing. Guess what? NO IMAGES OF THE GROUP. 800 ASA film, f1.2 58mm lens at 15th, 8th sec. exposure, and STILL no image.You can make out the overcast cloud in the photos, but no light from the objects. There are some frames with images on them which I am working on now. It appears that the light from the objects is not photo sensitive. I now have 1600 ASA film loaded. Will keep trying.

5.00 pm. Went out skywatching while still daylight with my video camera, you never know. Nothing seen. Continued watching until 7.30pm, nothing seen. Just before going to bed, outside again. 9.20 pm saw a group high up approx. 6 - 8,000 ft. heading North in "V" formation at speed 50% faster than any other group seen at this stage. Must be about 5,000 Klm / hr. followed by a second group 20 seconds later. This group on same path, lower, and usual speed.

Over the next 1 hour and 20 minutes, I saw the same group 6 times going North than South. Once coming in from the East. They seemed to be concentrating on the North and West of Grafton this time. No photos taken because they were not bright enough.


The flight path of first group of UFO's observed on the 6th April was plotted on a topographical map of the area. I first estimated the height of this formation at about 40,000 feet. But when taking into consideration the angle when they were first seen, and the angle last seen above ground level, I revised their this altitude to under 10,000 feet, possibly 3 - 4,000 feet.

You may ask, "How could I be so far out with this judgment?"Consider observing a satellite passing overhead. We know the size of satellites. We know that they orbit the Earth between 100 - 400 miles altitude. But if you were unaware of this knowledge, and observed a satellite passing overhead, you could estimate its altitude at 40,000 feet or so. The same applies to aircraft. We know their size and wingspan so can estimate their altitude taking into consideration these known facts. But with UFO's it is a little more difficult, especially when only a glowing illuminated light source is seen, not the physical craft.

When I plotted the flight path of this first group, taking compass bearings of the first and last observed positions, they were about 8 Klm West of my position. With a line drawn on the map from start to end of sighting positions, the group of UFO's had covered about 12 Klm in 12 seconds. Equal to 3,600 Klm / hour.

With the sequence of "fly overs" on Monday 20th, ranging 20 to 30 minutes for a return North - South trip, I was interested to work out how far down the coast they could travel in this time.

On a Map of N.S.W. with 5 cm = 100 Klm. 20 minutes = 1,200 seconds = 1,200 Klm @ 1 Klm / sec. = 600 mm 30 minutes = 1,800 seconds = 1,800 Klm @ 1 Klm / sec. = 900 mm

So I cut two pieces of cotton thread, one at 600 mm, one at 900 mm. Tied the ends. This would give my the length of the return flight times.

Placed on the map with one end over Grafton, the 900 mm ( 30 min. ) flight time reached right on the N.S.W. Victorian Boarder. The 600 mm thread ( 20 min. ) time reached Sydney, or Katoomba West of Sydney if their flight path continued the same line all the way.

The time when the UFO group came in from the East, they could have traveled from Grafton down the coast, circled just South of Sydney, and returned just out to sea until reaching Brooms Head, came inland over Ulmarra and back over Grafton. All in only 20 minutes. Try this on a N.S.W. map for yourself.

After watching these UFO formations many times over this "Flap" period, and seeing how they manoeuvre so controlled, even when grouped very close to one another, especially in the "V" formation that passed directly overhead consisting of at least 30 objects, it is difficult to imagine them ever crashing. They are clever, and the technology they have mastered is amazing. There would be only two reasons that they would crash to Earth, ( 1 ) Mechanical malfunction. ( 2 ) Shot down. To view pictures and see story.