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From: (Donald Ratsch)
Date: 29 Jul 1995 01:41:05 GMT

  The following is a partial transcript of a radio talk show that occurred 5/6/95 on WOL-AM in 
Washington D.C. which is simulcast on WOLB-AM in Baltimore, Maryland. The show was called "UFOs 
Saturday Night".  The guests on that date were Stanley McDaniels, author of the McDaniel Report, 
Erol Toron, a cartographer and who provided valuable information for Richard Hoagland in pre-
paring his book, "The Monuments Of Mars".  Also on the program was Keith Morgan, Dan Drazon and 
Donna Tietze, a former employee of NASA in Houston, Texas.  The Transcript was transcribed by 
Donald Ratsch from an audio recording of the show.  

Elaine Douglass:  This is Elaine Douglass, WOL News-talk Network, our show is UFOS Saturday 
night and here in the studio with Keith Morgan and our topic is the Face on Mars.  We have a 
new guest on the air with us, Donna Tietze.  Donna, you are also with three scientists who are 
on the air with us and that would be Stan McDaniels from California, Erol Toron from the east 
coast and Dan Drazon Whose in Colorado. The reason that I asked Donna to come on the show, 
Donna is in Houston, Texas and kind enough to join us tonight to tell us some very interesting 
things she observed while working at NASA.  Donna is an educator and she is working on her 
Masters in Education.  In the past Donna, as I understand it you held a position for 15 years 
with a contractor at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. You were a photo tecnician?

Donna Tietz:  Correct!

E.D.:  Donna welcome to UFOs Saturday night.  Tell me and tell everyone the incident that you 
recall as they say in the law court, did there come a time when you walked into a photo lab and 
someone told you something quite astounding?  What happened that day?

D.T.:  Yes Elaine, thats true.  During the Appollo mission I worked at NASA throughout those 
Apollo mission and I did leave NASA at the time the space shuttles began.  I worked in building 8 
in the photo lab.  I had a secret clearance so I thought I could go anywhere in the building.  
And I did go into one area that was a restricted area.  In this area they developed pictures 
taken from satellite and also all of the missions, the Apollo missions, flight mission.  I went 
in and I was talking to one of the photographers and developers and he was putting together a 
mosaic which is a lot of photos, smaller photos into a larger photo pattern.  And while I was in 
there I was trying to learn new methods and new things about the whole organization and I was
looking at the pictures and he directed my attention to one area, he said, Look at that!  I 
looked and there was a round oval shaped, well it was very white circular shape of a dot and I, 
it was black & white photography, so I asked him if that was a spot on the emulsion and he
said, well I can't tell you but spots on the emulsion do not leave round circles of shadows.

E.D.:  So there was a shadow on the ground?

D.T.:  Right, a round shadow!  And I notice that there were pine trees, now I don't know where 
this area was or what, you know, pretty close to the ground what I saw but I did'nt see outline 
of the continent.  But I did notice that there was shadow under this white dot and I also
noticed that the trees were casting the shadow in the same direction as this shadow of the 
circle of this aerial phenomena because it was higher than the trees but not too much higher 
than the trees but it was close to the ground and it was spherical but slightly elongated, not
very much but slightly.  I then said, is it a UFO?  And he said, well I can't tell you. And then 
I asked him, what are you going to do with this piece of information?  And he said, well we have 
to airbrush these things out before we sell these photographs to the public.  So I realized at 
that point that there is a procedure setup to take care of this type of information from the 

E.D.: Isn't that remarkable gentlemen?

Stan McDaniels:  Elaine, I was unable to really hear very much of that.

E.D.:  Oh really?

SmcD:  I did catch air brush it out

E.D.:  Alright, Stan can you hear this station break coming up?

SmcD:  Uh sure.

E.D.: So alright, we are going into that, we'll be back in just a couple of minutes.

E.D.:  Erol Toron, you are here?

E.T.:  I'm still here

E.D.:  Alright fine, Stan you said you could not hear the account that Donna gave?

SmcD:  Not very well.

E.D.:  Alright, Keith would you like to recapitulate what Donna said?

Keith Morgan: Stan, what she said was that she was in the photo lab at NASA and that she was 
looking at some photos and one showed an elliptical object, white object that was casting a 
shadow on the ground above some trees and the technician in there, she asked him if it was a
UFO? he said I can't tell you.  She said what are you going to do with this kind of information?  
He said well that is the kind of stuff that we airbrush out.

SmcD:  Oh I see, thanks for that!

E.D.:  So Donna thats approximately, essentially correct what you said, right?

D.T.:  Right

E.D.: Yes well I, Stan I think thats quite startling, don't you?

Smcd:  Its speaks for itself.

E.D.:  Yes it certainly does, now Donna there is another matter that you learned about when you 
were there at NASA. I believe this was through a third party, a person that you were spending 
some time with who was a fellow NASA employee?

D.T.:  Right, in fact after we talked, I thought about another incident with a guard that I 
would like to convey too thats very important.  This man that I had dated was in quarantine 
with the astronauts when they had come back from the moon and I had talked to him about seeing
this saucer (satellite photos) and asked him if he had heard anything about that and he told me 
that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of 
them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don't know about other sites but they all 
had seen it and all had seen it and all had been told to keep quite about it and they were 
threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everythjing taken away from them.  They were 
also, this man told me that if I ever told that he said it, that he would deny it, that he would 
never admit that he told me all of that.

E.D.:  Did you hear that Stan?

SmcD:  No

E.D.:  Alright, ah, go ahead Keith, recapitulate.   (Keith repeats everything of that part that 
Donna Tietze stated, to McDaniel)

SmcD:  Oh yes I see

E.D.:  yes and I believe that Donna you related to me, your friend came to believe that the UFOs 
were instrumental in getting Apollo 13 that was, ah our disable mission to the moon, was it 13?

D.T.:  Right, well he said that it shouldn't have come back, I mean, there was no, ah, they had 
help.  And thats was all he would say.

E.D.:  All he would say?

D.T.;  He said it was impossible for that craft to have gotten back home.

D.D.:  Donna you said that there was another matter that you wanted to relate to us.

D.T.:  Yes something that I didn't talk to you about earlier.  When I had quit work, I had an 
office, I was doing illustration work at another office, in another part of town.  And a man 
that had been a guard at NASA during the time that we are talking about now, he also was a guard 
at (static-inaudible).  he came into my office and he had a large gash scar on his forehead and 
he told me that he was a guard at NASA and that he was burning a lot of photographs of UFOs.  
That was his job.

E.D.:  Really! (surprised)

D.T.:  And he said he stopped to look at one too long and one of the other, I gathered it was 
some type of military man, hit him in the head with a gun butt and knocked him out.

E.D.:  What? (shocked)

D.T.:  because he had looked at one of the photographs too long, he did describe the photograph 
to me which I tend to believe was an accurate photograph.

E.D.:  Oh, my god!

D.T.:  He explained that it was a craft on the ground and it looked like, it was like a regular 
saucer with like little bumps all over it and he said it was like it was burnt.  He said cows in 
the field all had their tails stuck straight up.  At the time he said he didn't know when cattle 
were frightened, that their tails would stick straight up.  And he described this to me and since 
then, I did describe it to someone that I thought might have looked at some of these photos,
possibly and they did look kind of frightened that I shouldn't know about that one.

  (the next several minutes later the conversation is more about UFOs following Apollo crafts to 
the moon)

E.D.:  the second part of her account had to do with the stalking of our space missions by UFOs 
of our space missions to the moon and so on.  She even said that they apparently helped in one 
case by bringing the Apollo 13 back, that was the impresskon that she got and..

D.T.: yes but they (aliens) also didn't want that craft to investigate the part of the moon that 
they was going to, so they may have caused some of it too, but it was supposed, we were told not 
to go but we ignored it.  Now thats what I've heard, thats some of the stuff he was telling me.

E.D.:  Did he say that, your direct contact?

D.T.: Yes!

E.D.:  That the United States was told not to go to the moon?

D.T.:  To that certain place on the back side of the moon.

E.D.:  And did he know why we weren't supposed to go there?

D.T.:  I guess they didn't want us to see something back there, I don't know, I don't know that part.

(interview winds down a few minutes later and the show is out of time)