97-11-13 14:25:17 EST


I am standing in a palazzo somewhere in Italy, most likely Italy because of the architecture of the building and the very narrow streets. Is is a bright sunny day and there are hundreds of people all around me, all classes of people, not street or homeless people, people of all nationalities.

Interpretation: (This stands for mankind in general)

They are well groomed and dressed bright festive clothing. The crowd is not a packed crowd, people are able to easily move about without bumping into one another. There are lots of smiles and laughter.

Interpretation: (This means there is nothing ominous in the dream. There is no fear or worry.)

Everyone is comfortable being who they are and where they are. Everyone seems to be where they are supposed to be for the moment)

I am watching these people pick up items from the ground and then throw a penny in the air toward a Tibetan Monk in saffron robes, as payment for each article.

Interpretation: (There is freedom in this scene, people are picking up spiritual truths where they find them. Everything has value and there is tradition that when you receive you also give in return. This is what gives everything value. ) (You have not described what these items are)

To my left is an ancient cathedral. The right side of the cathedral has been sheered off completely (like a slice of cake) and is laying unbroken in the street.

Interpretation: (Note: Left is negative. The building has been opened for you, (on the right side which is positive) for you to see inside. It is not necessarily from an earthquake. The church is most likely from the Catholic religion since it is a Cathedral. Ancient means that it's truths are old and from the past. )

I can see right into all the floors of the church and it is so tightly packed with 'Things' (your emphasis) that they are continuously falling out of the church for people to pick up, as they choose. I see jewels, money, thick briliant velvet robes, ornate crosses and ancient icons, statues of saints, oriental carpets, carved and guilded furniture, gowns by Versachi and clothing by Armani, ancient sacred relics and more.

Interpretation: (You see things you would expect to find in a church that has real value. Jewels represent spiritual truths. The rest are 'Things', those that have no 'real' value to the soul. People seem to have free choice in this activity as well, but those who pick up the 'things' are not learning 'truth's, they are only getting 'Things' without value to the soul.)

I think out loud as I watch in amazement the scenes going on around me. "This is unreal, 1 cent for anything, even anything that belonged to St. Francis of Assisi, just look at all that stuff falling out of the building, there must be tons!"

Interpretation: (Question: Were the people throwing money to the monks for what was coming out of the church?)

(Actually, dreams ARE real. What you see is actually what IS going on all over the world. People ARE paying money and with their souls to get what is in the Cathedral (church) It only seems like a small amount of money. In ancient tradition, the coin symbolizes the soul. )

Pennies were flying through the air toward the monks walking randomly through the groups of people. A monk was standing to the right and a little in front of me, he had turned toward me when I was thinking out loud, he also wore the saffron robes of the Tibetan monks but I noticed that he and all of his brothers wore thick gold bands on each arm and all had very long fingernails which had just begun to slightly curve under at the tips.

Interpretation: (To the right is positive. We also note that we are in the age of iron and that we are moving into the age of gold. )

Every fingernail was encrusted in jewels, on the top and underneath each nail.

Interpretation: (Jewels are spiritual truths. Because these jewels were encrusted on the outside and inside of the nails shows that they did not get them with physical labor but without physical effort. Monks spend much time in meditation and truths also come in dreams and visions.)

As the monk turned turned toward me I noticed he had something in his hands - cupped in his hands like one would do to take a drink of water from a spring - he smiled and bowed slightly, proffering what he held. It was a rectangular belt buckle faced upward, a penny flew through the air and landed in the middle of the buckle and the monk smile happily, his eyes alight with obvious delight as he handed me the buckle.

Interpretation: (The monk is offering you a gift and there is no cost to you...the penny is given to you with the gift. If the penny symbolizes the soul, you have not given it away, it is returned to you with the gift. Ancient symbolism of this particular shape is something that is hidden. Also, since you see the bottom of the buckle and not the top, it represents the fact that you are seeing something that is usually hidden. A buckle also is under your own control to open or close at will. A buckle is used on a belt, which holds up something, usually a sword, a gun, a tool belt, or just your pants, (your foundation garment) but it separates the lower half from the upper half, the animal nature from the spiritual nature.)



Isis, the Black Virgin

The Magician

"The earliest representations of Isis depict her crowned with the throne, this is correct. The horned disk was Hathor's symbol and only merged with the Isian headgear in later dynasties. The symbols of Isis are the throne, the tat, knot or buckle, and the sustrum [rattle]. She shares the latter with Hathor and Bast. Her color is clear sky blue."

- Murray Hope, Practical Egyptian Magic


From "Who's Who In Egyptian Mythology," by Anthony S. Mercatante (page 75) -

"In Egyptian art Isis is usually portrayed as a woman wearing the vulture headdress, and holding a papyrus scepter in one hand and the ankh, symbol of life in the other. Her symbol is the Thet, the knot or buckle of Isis, which is a sign of life and blood. Her crown is composed of a pair of horns with a solar disk between them, sometimes surmounted by a throne, called "set, (the goddess's name is "Aset" in Egyptian). Isis is also shown wearing the double crowns of the south and north, with the feather of Maat attached at the back; in another variation, her headdress consists of the horns and the solar disk, with two plumes. The horns are usually the cow-goddess Hathor, although less frequently they are ram's horns under the double crown to associate Isis with her counterpart Osiris, who was represented by the ram of Mendes."




Thursday morning- December 4, 1997


I am driving through some fields and come across a farm house where I see some friends going inside. When I get inside there are a lot of children and people are coming in and out eating food and resting - then they would leave and go on their way after staying awhile. I could tell I was also stopping there for that purpose- but I was looking for something important but I do not remember what that something was. I then went back outside and an old man pulled up with his wife. Inside the back of the car- this was a really long car he was driving but looked like a hurse (sp?) in the back seats were little girls but all the little girls about 10 of them, looked exactly the same- all dressed up in the same clothes and genetically their features were all the same like twins. It was very strange and they all seemed to be in a daze with their eyes wide open their skin very pale and they were all looking straight ahead.

The old man got out of the car and told me he knew the location of what I was looking for- but in order to tell me I must accept the offer of coming over to his house. He looked like a deceiving and shafty old man but I went along anyway. He mockingly said "When you follow me you will find those greater than these (pointing to the farm house) and my house has many mansions."

So I got in my car and followed him to a large plantation with a large southern type looking mansion on the property. Behind it was little cottages for people to stay in. He told me that what I was looking for was inside but that if he gave it to me I must never return to the others on the outside... I said "Well I will have to see if you are telling the truth or not and then make my own decisions."

I went inside and everything was beautiful of course- it was huge and had just about everything the human heart and mind could possibly conceive. A library that was on the left side of the house was the biggest I ever saw. In the center of the complex was a large and spacious garden area with springs, and walkways and fruit trees. Surrounding this area were the cabins and cottages. On the right side he took me to a treasure room- filled with gold- then inside that was a learning center with all kinds of strange devices and computer like things- he told me that all the knowledge I could ever want could be given in this room.

Then he took me to the feast room which filled up several tables with food of every kind. There were an awful lot of young beautiful women present, made me nervous. I heard people outside calling for me and went out on the balcony and saw my family and friends telling me to come out of the house. My brother came in for me and he wanted to stay in the house. My father was there and kept asking me to not stay there and that he did not feel right about it- I told him I would stay there as long as I could to convince my brother to leave.

So my brother and I stayed there that night- and the man said that we could choose from the women who we wanted for our companion. My brother chose and took the girl to a room- Everytime I went to choose for some reason the women would turn ugly to me and I felt none of them were right. Later my brother had a fight with the woman and he instead of choosing another- went back and forth to many women and got drunk with them and ate at their feasts. I began to convince him to a point that this was wrong and it was all an illusion and something was missing for I was not happy at all. I then exposed the old man for what he was in front of everyone and they laughed at me-

I went into the garden area and prayed for a while and came back and everyone appeared as if they were dead except for my brother and I told him to follow me out of the house.

End of Dream::


Monday morning, December 8 ,1997


At the beginning of the dream I received a phone call that my dad was dying in the hosptial -some reason he was in Salt Lake City and I had to fly out there.

When I got there somehow I lost all my money and could not rent a car- I was in a parking area near the airport and was praying for help- and then concentrated and a car appeared out of mid air before me- as what I thought was suddenly created. I got inside the car and found a yellow note saying that the car was fully paid for - showing me the receipts.

So I got in and headed toward the hospital. The car would seem to go very fast- I would fly by buildings quickly and had a hard time keeping control of the vehicle. So hard that somehow I missed Salt Lake City al together and ended up in either another state or southern Utah. I was driving down a highway beside a large river. I stopped at a restaurant and was asking a lady directions- she didn't know how to get me back to SLC and she said maybe this nice Mormon boy can help you? Then I saw an LDS missionary walking toward me- first I wondered why he was alone since its a requirement to travel in pairs. When he found out I was a Mormon he was getting on my case about not being in church then he asked me where I got the car and I told him how I got it and he didn't believe me but accused me of stealing.

Then another LDS priesthood leader claiming to be a Stake President came over and was talking to the missionary so I couldnt hear them. And then the leader said they would help me back to SLC if I come to church with them- I told the leader who I was and he said he knew me- then I realized it looked like the Bishop I had when I lived in SLC and he started having me tell the missionary about my gifts and spiritual experiences.

I went to the church and found all manner of strange people there- some men were following me around which were obviously homosexual, and then a short bald man which reminded me of Yoda told me he could show me what I most do and that he was a psychic. The short bald man took me in the restroom and locked the door so no one could disturb us. His eyes got wide as if he was staring into space and then he said I could heal my father- that I was to go across the great river but that there would be people to stop me and other obstacles to hedge up the way. He also said I needed to go get my companion, and I said "She is back home", and he said "No your other companion is waiting for you." Then he pointed to a book on the bathroom counter- It was called "A Journal on FreeMasonry." and he told me to take it. I looked over the book but did not take it after all. I saw that someone had written all over the inside pages and scibbled out sentences and paragraphs and wrote down new sentences.

Then the strange men started chasing me out of the church and I got back in the car and headed to the large river- there were three large bridges going across. The lanes were set up strange and kept changing- all of a sudden I would have oncoming traffic coming right at me - everyone was going somewhere in a hurry but it was all unorganized and I almost crashed a couple times. Then I came to a toll booth but I couldnt reach the ticket so I had to get out of the car. Everytime I tried to grab the toll ticket it would move out of my reach until I finally jumped up and grabbed it. Several people were mad at me as I was blocking traffic.

Going across the bridge was very hectic when I got to the other side there were forests on each side- then a police officer on a motorcycle stopped me for speeding- I told him I was not speeding- but he insisted on giving me a fine- Then I realized everyone was getting fined- I came under and overpass and my dad and mom and brother were in a car heading out of Salt Lake City- and they said it was in great danger and they were fleeing the area- so my brother got in my car and we followed my parents. It was strange that my parents were back together again, since they are divorced.

We came upon a major car accident just as it happened- but somehow we got around it. We then stayed at a shelter for awhile with all these poor people and they were sleeping on the floor.

We then headed east- we were back on the east coast and I was warning all my family members of the destruction coming and was telling them how to prepare- my dad's sister made the comment that we were lucky to be Mormons because we could just go out to Utah and be saved.. I shook my head and said "No that place will be destroyed very soon - the Lord plans to clean his house first."

::End of Dream::


1-21-00 - DREAM - I was inside the Our Lady of Peace church. They had remodeled it and it looked bigger and more spacious inside. The dirty, junk-filled room on the right that lead to the bell tower had been thoroughly cleaned and cleared out. The stair case was gone and the room was four times bigger. It had marble floors now. When you pulled on the thick rope (that used to be attached to the bell in the tower) a series of tapestry depicting religious (?) scenes would drop down from hidden recesses in the wall. It was like a museum, with soft lighting.

I went back to the main room of the church. The priest was just walking in from the convent or the sacristy. I asked him what he wanted me to do as far as ringing the bell or which decoration (?) to use but he ignored me like he didn't even hear me. He kept on walking down the center aisle towards the altar. The two altar boys behind him looked at each other, shrugged, and followed him.

The mass was starting.

He said the opening words, and the people replied but it was the wrong reply. It was the reply for something else that didn't come until much later. But the priest let them finish, and then he made a small joke about it. There was a polite, embarrassed laughter from   the people.

The priest started again.

I was standing in the back, and so was my mother. I don't think it looked like her. But it was my mother anyway. The pews were full, but not uncomfortably so. I thought it was strange that she would chose to stand in the back when she never does that and there were plenty of seats available.

It was really bright inside. Almost sunny.

The priest was giving a sermon now, walking to and fro, gesturing emphatically, trying to make an emotional connection. But I could barely hear him and I didn't understand a word he was saying. There must be a problem with his clip-on microphone, or he really just spoke in a low tone.

I overheard someone say, He needs to work on his oratory skills.

He looked like Tyrell (Roy Batty's "father" in Bladerunner). He had the same shape of face, and he wore similar glasses. He was wearing a white robe with gold highlights. In the bright lights of the altar area the robe was almost blinding, immaculate. He could've been wearing gold necklaces too, which I thought was strange thing for a priest to be doing and especially during mass, but they might have been just part of his robe.

by anonymous - 01-21-2000

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