"The Glowing Rock"

by Marla J. Scott

The best place to begin my story is at the beginning...

I was born... Just kidding!

Actually, it all started when I had an out of body experience. Now to be honest this scared the Bejeesus out of me, but it also made me curious. This eventually led me to Jim Frazier and Brian Scott.

I had heard of Brian's experience through a friend and wasn't quite sure of him, but I went to a few of the "Teachings of Space" classes to check it out.

I am not a particularly religous person but I believe in God and the teachings of his word. So naturally I would have doubts about this and the implications it could have on my beliefs. I also had seen movies like "The Exorcist" and didn't want to open myself up for any kind of situation, but I wanted to keep an open mind and satisfy my curiosity.

I was surprised to find that I felt very comfortable around Jim and Brian from the beginning. When Brian channeled "Voltar", I listened with great intensity to what Voltar was saying and found that he and his people also believed in God. This was a good sign for me for obvious reasons.

I continued going to the classes and listened to what Voltar was teaching us about ourselves and the space around us. During one of these classes, Voltar was speaking about our ability to travel through space without reprocussions and I disagreed with him.  It turned out that I became the chosen one to go to the "Place of the Hole" and have my own experience. (me and my big mouth!)

Brian took me to a place in the mountains that looked very much like a natural amphitheatre with rocks that formed a circle. It was a clear night and you could hear the crickets singing their songs to each other. We sat upon a rock and waited...

Suddenly a voice started speaking from out of nowhere! I looked  at Brian to see if it was coming from him but his lips were not moving and his eyes were not rolled back in his head! Then a huge  rock in front of us began to glow and pulsate with a strange  humming sound coming from it, and the sound of the crickets was no longer there. And I recognize that the voice was Voltar!

I tried to listen very intently to what Voltar was saying for I was quite taken aback, since it was the first time I had heard Voltar from other than Brian. Voltar explained that I was chosen  from the beginning (my out of body experience) to guide Brian  through the days and years ahead. "Seek not of I, but the reality of your own being" were the words Voltar spoke. He told us that Brian must return to a normal life so that he could create the projects that were given to him and in this was the reality of our own being... The last thing I remember was Brian and I  driving down the mountain on our way home. A few hours had passed and to this day I still do not know what happened during that  missing time. Maybe when the children return Voltar will let me know.

You see, Voltar knew that Brian was to let all this go and to create "something real" out of his experience. Voltar knew that I would not take my experience and lose track of what was important, which is our lives on this earth. I have always believed that we need to fix our own problems on this planet before we venture out in space and take those problems with us.

It was not long after "The Glowing Rock" experience that we (Jim, Brian and I) said goodbye to Voltar and the children and were made to understand that someday they would return to die. It was a sad time for all of us but we know knew that the time was right for us to begin our new journey together and my mission (should I decide to accept it!) was to help Brian create "something real".

It was In February of 1980 that The Trio (which I shall refer to us) took the voice of common man to the White House. We had heard our President (Jimmy Carter at that time) ask for the voice of the people during the time when the oil prices were skyrocketing and there was a supposed gas shortage. We all remember  when we had long lines at the gas pumps and could only buy gas on odd and even days according to your license plate. President Carter had said during a State of the Union Address, "Your voice must be  heard, your voice can be heard, I feel it is crucial to our nations survival!" It was then that we took to the streets of Orange County and filmed 50,000 voices of common man. From young children to senior citizens, janitors to the  Mayor of Tustin. We found that the people had alot to say about our planets future. But what surprised us most was what the children had to say. One young boy dreamed that someday we would be able to travel to different planets and that there would be no wars. A young girl wanted to  ask the President if there would be a world for her tomorrow! The film now sits in the Presidents Library and the National Archives. We each (the Trio) received a letter from the President thanking us for our efforts, but the people of Orange County  only received a letter from the Presidents Press Secretary for theirs. Voltar had asked--where is the voice of the people, what do you think?

After our trip to Washington we started on the NOR X1-11. Brian had put alot of work into the Designs and Drawings of the NOR and I had the task of taking those Drawings and building it. I was an experienced assembler of electronic components and we went to work building our baby piece by piece. Brian and I  worked together well and I guess Voltar knew that. The real test was plugging it in to see if it worked. I am happy to say that our first test of the  NOR X1-11 was a success! It worked beautifully and we (including Voltar) were extremely pleased with ourselves.

Our next task was to gather applications from Universities and other organizations who were interested in accepting the "GIFT". Obviously this was no problem, soon we had more interested parties than we knew what to do with. Again, as the Trio, we read all the applications and conducted interviews until we came to our logical conclusion. We would give the NOR X1-11 to the organization that worked with children. A young couple from the Easter Seal Society that worked with young handicapped children impressed us the most. They were eager to start helping their kids to "see and hear" what they could not. We were invited to sit in on a session and see what the NOR was doing for them. You just had to be there and see the look on those childrens faces to understand the emotions that we felt...

Unfortunately, the Easter Seal Society was facing some budget problems and eventually could no longer use the NOR X1-11 to its full potential. We transferred it to the University of Cal-State Fullerton, where a Professor McFarland was able to use it with the proper Bio-feedback equipment. The NOR was used for many years by Professor McFarland and his students in the Psycho-psychology Department. Various papers and journals were published using the NOR over the years and it has now been retired in the basement of the university waiting for us to bring it home.

All in all, my experience with Brian and Voltar has been very fulfilling. After the NOR was given away Brian and I went into our cave and went on with our lives just as Voltar told us. We have had many wonderful years together, and life with Brian has never been dull! He is a unique personality that I feel everyone should experience in life at least once. We are soul mates and I think Voltar knew that our destiny was to become as one. I thank Voltar and the Children of the Stars for leading me to Brian and giving me such peace and happiness. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their story and making a small difference on our planet we call Earth...

Marla J. Scott