The Price is Right Dream


Date: November 12, 2004 at 16:37:20
From: Hope,
Subject: Bob Barker

I dreamed I was talking to Bob Barker, I don't watch the Price is Right and do not ever think of Bob Barker so I have no idea where this came from. Anyway, he asked me to describe a person for some reason, I don't know if it was an interview or what, but I told him if I had to describe this person in game show contestant style, they would definately be your Price is Right kind of person, as opposed to your more demure Jeopardy contestant.


Date: November 13, 2004 at 13:22:25
From: Joseph E. Mason,
Subject: Bob Barker & Tree of Life
URL: Tree of Life Crop Circle

My guess is that this relates to the duality of the right and left pillars of the Tree of Life (see link). Money, such as the "price" of something, can relate to karma or judgment, which is on the right Pillar of the Tree when you are standing in it. The right and left are reversed, like looking in a mirror, when viewing the Tree from the outside.

Subj: extremely vivid and strange dream
Date: 2/13/2006 7:39:10 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: M

I typed this one up because I believe there is a lot of symbolism in it. Maybe not for the world.. but for me personally.

I had to do with visiting the doctors office for a check up and seeing a doctor I didn't know or like named Feiori (FEE OR RE) He wanted to give me like 10 different medications, but I didn't want to take them and I was frustrated that my doctor was on vacation or something and I couldn't see my regular doctor. I thought the guy was not being honest with me and it bothered me.

When I got home, my sister called me to tell me that she was going on a "Paradise Tour Cruse" I knew it was a company like Carnival cruse. She told me she was going to take my dad and my mom did not want to go, so she had extra tickets and invited Me and any 2 members of my family. Paul had to work and Kayla didn't want to miss spartan practice so I decided it would be Me, Ian and Amanda.

I asked why my mother didn't want to go and she said she didn't want to eat that much and she always ate too much on cruses.

I quickly packed bags and rushed to the dock where a big cruse ship was there. (there are no docks around here in real life).

I got to this concourse area and my sister and dad were there. My sister was all dressed in white, and my dad was all dressed in back. My dad looked tired. Both said "Hi Mitch" to me. I hate the name Mitch, but didn't say anything.

We boarded the boat by walking over a black metal walkway. It was flat to the boat like the dock was very tall, and there was a small area of only about 6 feet where there was no side railing and it was over a big drop into the water. When we came to it, I held Amanda and Ian by wrapping my hands in their clothing and then worked my arm to hold a hand full of their hair too, so if they fell I had them when my sister said. "I can understand Amanda, but Ian is much stronger and more agile than you. It's more likely you will fall and take him with you than you will stop him from falling." I knew she was probably right, but I couldn't let go my motherly instincts and I didn't let go Ian when we walked over the area.

When we got on the boat, it was at times Lavish and beautiful, then would look like a rustic old wooden room almost like a barn. But there were no animals and it was clean. Almost like what they might do inside a country and western restaurant for effect. But then it would become beautiful and lavish again with white marble and chrome and gold everywhere.

The ships hostess sat me, my sister, father, Ian and amanda at a booth in this restaurant type area.

The booth was against the wall with one seat at the "head" with their back to the wall... and the seating was like this... from the outside of the left side to the wall.. Me, Amanda, Ian. My sister sat at the head with her back to the wall, and my father sat across from us.

My sister was telling me how much fun we were going to have. That the cruse ships were just great. She started saying that they call them Paradise Cruses for a reason!

The ship had not sailed yet. It was only about 2... the ship left dock at 9. We were there early.

A waiter came over and gave my father a big BIG plate of some darkly cooked meat. It looked like they brought him a whole roasted pig, but it was dark like roast beef.

My dad, who had not said a word until this point said. "Oh boy!" and started to eat.

It was huge. I asked my sister, what meat is that?

This is really REALLY weird...

My sister said that one thing about this cruse is that they bring you your own cooked body. That this thing on the plate in front of my dad was his own body cooked to perfection. And he was going to eat it.

The idea really confused me because I could see my dad had a body, but was eating this thing. I said to my sister with a bit of horror. They are not going to cook Amanda and Ian are they? I won't let them cook my kids.

She said, everyone gets cooked here. It's part of the paradise to eat your own flesh. Can't you see that eating your own flesh is the ultimate act of Godliness?

I was horrified by it, but didn't say anything. My dad looked up from his meat and said, "What a bite, Mitch? My thighs are really tender"

I just said, no thank you. I was really hungry but It just seemed wrong to eat my dad's body.


My sister was really looking forward to getting her own body of meat and I was not too sure. I kept thinking if they cook your body you must be dead but I didn't say it out loud because I didn't want to upset my dad and I had never been on a cruse before so I didn't know if everyone did this on cruses like my sister said.

I am about to excuse myself to go look around the ship when the cruse hostess comes over. She looks in her early 20's, she Hispanic looking with dark straight hair and a wide face. She asks me if I brought my health paperwork with me. I said why would I need that.

She went on about how the crew are afraid I'm not healthy enough to take a cruse and she produces a medical urine cup and asked me to go pee in it.

I tell her I will not, that I had a ticket and I was staying on the ship. She started going on about how I was really way too fat and they were afraid that I would eat too much of their free buffet and would bankrupt their business.

I was so hurt and insulted. I saw people twice my size or more at other tables, and my sister and father are not small people either. I pointed that out.

But she said they got a phone call from a Doctor Feiori who told them I wasn't taking my medications he prescribed and that I could only take the cruse if I took the medications.

I was really upset that the doctor would call the cruse company like that. The hostess grabbed me by the arm and lead me to a room where the ship's doctor was. He had paperwork in his hands and said that it didn't look good. That I would have to get off the ship unless I agreed to take the medication.

I told him I was going to do neither! I was staying and they couldn't make me take medicines I didn't think I needed. There were cholesterol drugs, heart pills, blood thinners, medication for all kinds of things I know I don't have and I refused to take the pills.

The hostess came over to me and said. I'm sorry mame, you're going to have to leave the ship now. I looked at her all upset, but realized there was little I could do to fight it.

She said, as if to comfort me. Don't worry, next year we are refitting all our boats to make them even more beautiful. You can come back sometime in the future and take a cruse then. Not now.

I told her I had to go get my things.

I went back to the table, she was behind me watching. And my dad had been eating his meat.. and he was getting so sickly looking like he was dying. I said, Dad, I think that meat is getting you sick. He just grunted like to tell me to mind my own business.

I told my sister that they were making me leave the ship. She asked why and the hostess said, because she's too fat and won't take her pills. My sister got upset with me and said Mitch, you have to take your pills. I said NO, it is not MY pills they want me to take. I won't take them unless my real doctor gives them to me.

I looked around and said to Ian and Amanda.. come on kids, we are going home.

My sister jumped and said.. I can see you taking Amanda, but leave Ian here. Why should he loose the chance to go on a cruse because you're not. He's old enough.

I looked at Ian. He didn't seem to care either way from what I could tell so I asked him in he had his clothing with him and he said yes. and showed me a duffle bag with clothes in it. So I agreed to leave him. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and said by to my sister and dad. My sister said she would call me when she got back, my dad just grunted with a tired sick grunt and kept eating.

I took Amanda by the arm and told her we were going home. She said good, she didn't like the boat at all. She thought it was lying to her. I stopped and looked at her and said.. That's a funny thing to say. She said it was what her brain told her to say.

We walked out of the boat and I held her tight as we walked over the bare 6 feet of gangway.

To get out in the fresh air again felt good. It was like a freedom had returned... don't know how to describe that.

I started to worry about Ian, thinking that I should never have left him. But I knew they would not let me get back on the boat to retrieve him because my sister had the tickets. I started to go into the terminal building away from the boat, and the feeling to go back and get Ian was so strong I wanted to cry. I decided to call my sister and tell her to send Ian off the boat. I went to get my cell phone and realized I left my purse on the ship on the seat of the booth.

I didn't know what to do. The only thing I could do was get Amanda home to safety, because I knew when it got dark a lot of seedy people would be in the dock area.

I was heartbroken about Ian but knew my sister would only say that I was being over protective and laugh at me. I kept telling myself that he would be ok. Lots of people take cruses every day and my sister had taken a lot of them. She would watch out for him. But it terrified me that he was going to be served a plate of his won flesh to eat.

I was slowly walking with Amanda by the hand trying to reason what to do about Ian when I heard his voice shout "MOM"

I turned and it was Ian. He was running after me with his duffle and my purse. He said, "You forgot your purse so I came to give it to you."

I hugged him like I had never hugged him before and told him I was so glad he was off that boat. He said he was glad too and wasn't going back on. He said they brought my sister her body meat and she started to eat it and became very quiet and sick. And that he grandfather (my dad) looked like he was about to weather up and die, he looked sickly, greenish white and shriveled. But he was still eating.

I told Ian not to think about it anymore. And took my purse, then called my sister on the boat, but the hostess answered and told me they were eating and could not be disturbed.

I hung up and decided it was time to go home. But I had no way to get home. My sister had driven us there and I had no keys to her car. I didn't have the money for a cab for 3 people. I though maybe I could get the money together to get a train ticket for us all.

I looked in my purse but didn't have enough. I had 4 dollars. I needed 6. I told the guy at the counter that I would pay the difference when I got back in town where there was an ATM. He wouldn't take my debit card.

Just then, a very tall, very nice looking black man who I thought was a janitor at first because of how he was dressed came up to me and asked if everything was ok.

I told him what happened.. and how I didn't have the train fare to get the kids home and asked him if he knew where there was an ATM.

Instead he gave me this HUGE wide screen TV. It had to be 6 or 7 feet across. he pushed it down the stairs and said "watch this as you walk home and the kids will be entertained. The time will go by faster for them." I checked the channels but they were all fuzzy.

I said thank you but I couldn't take such and expensive gift. He said not to worry he gives them away all the time he had so many of them. And he then gave me 2 dollars and told me to keep it.

I told him that the TV wasn't coming in clearly. He said he was sorry but that was the problem with the TVs he had, they looked perfect on the outside but they were really kind of screwed up on the inside. If I watched it long enough and played with the dials I could get some glimpses of TV shows, maybe enough to know what was on TV. I thought to myself maybe it would be worth getting the TV home and then having it repaired.

I asked him what his name was. He said Eckard. Billy Eckard. I thought it was a weird name that I had heard somewhere before and was going to mention it but he left.

I realized I had a choice to make. I had the big screen TV that didn't quite work, but I might be able to fix and a long long walk with the kids, or I could take the train now that I had the extra 2 dollars, but I couldn't get the TV on the train.

I decided to move the TV to the side of the room so no one would get hurt on it. By the time I moved it over there were people standing their watching the static going "Wow, I think I saw something" And someone else said "Yes, I saw that, it make perfect sense." and someone else said. "Maybe we need to change the channel"

I laughed and thought they didn't know the reference to the world channel in a spiritual sense. And thought they all needed to change the channel it seemed.

I looked out the window at the boat, it was still in dock until 9pm.

I looked at my watch it was only 5. I called Paul and he answered the phone. I told him we had just enough money for the train. He told me he would come pick us up at the docks he would be there in 1 hour.

I looked in my pocket and I had a bottle of pills that Feiori had given me to take for my cholesterol. I heard his voice said, if you don't take these you will die of a heart attack. I took a breath and a tossed them in the trash. Then i put my hand in my other pocket and there was a small TV set there. I turned it on and the picture was totally clear. I sat on a bench to wait for all and put Ian and Amanda on my lap, and we watched the perfectly clear TV set in the palm of my hand. I thought about calling the crowds over from the static covered big screen TV but I figured they wouldn't be impressed with my little TV even though you could see and hear it clearly. Besides, I figured what they were seeing on that TV wasn't all that bad if they wanted to bother.

The big black guy walked by again, this time he was all dressed in white and looked angelic. He looked at my TV and said he would love to broadcast on such a fine sharp TV. I told him I would think about it.

I looked at him and I said, have you ever been on that cruse ship. He laughed loudly and said Paradise my ass! Then he cleared his voice and said in a more dignified tone, you should be true to yourself and focus one what you know it important. The answers to everything are in your hand...don't worry about that boat. It's not meant for you. Besides when your threw away those pills, that ship had sailed.

And I looked out and there was no boat in the dock anymore.

Suddenly the tall black man turned into Paul, he still looked Angelic and he said, "I love you babe. Teach me how to show you. I looked at the TV in my hand and held it up and Alex was on it.

I woke up.


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