13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire


Bear's Rite of Healing on December 19th-20th

We would like to share with you a visualization from the celebration that we will be participating in at midnight, followed by the closing prayer which will be observed at about 6 am on the 20th. We invite you to join your voices with ours. Many people from all over the world participate in Solstice Gatherings. For us it is a sacred part of the year. This is the time to honor all.

In these times we honor those who have done battle with their own fear based demons of the dark and been victorious in their healing processes. To all of you participating, with all due respect, we honor you, and come together to celebrate your victory and freedom. The freedom born of self-love, for this good thing, we ask that you project this dream of healed wholeness into the world, to the next seven generations, and what they stand for. And we can have a good feeling - a feeling the Old Ones use to share together in giving thanks to the Spirit of All That Is.

Tonight we have many blessings to be thankful for. To witness this ceremony, born of the Earth Mother, that has been left to us, that we might enjoy and pass the love on to the future generations. And to maintain our identity as spiritually integrated Human Beings - Light Workers of the Fifth World of Peace.

Everything that is taking place here is filled with meaning: the prayers, the visualizations, even the fact that we sit within a Great Circle and the Eternal Flame, is part of a tradition that incorporates past, present, and future into the Now.

For us, it is our ties to the land that assure our future as distinct.  It is at events such as this that the seeds for the future are planted.

Visualization of the East, Itza:

When I was getting ready to be born I found that I was in the most amazing place! It was the center of a sparkling circle. This circle sometimes looked like lightning running all around the horizon!

Sometimes it looked like a river of Northern Lights, or a necklace of shining fish swimming around and round me.

When I began to look more closely, I saw that there were four principle places on that circle. But they were empty.

Somehow I knew that something, or someone, needed to be in those four places on the circle. The circle was not complete!

And so I willed to see what ought to be there!

I didn't know they were spirits because I was a tiny baby, the size of a minnow, and incredibly ignorant. But I knew that they were very special, somehow – very powerful and magical.

Each held a shining object in its hands. I couldn't see what the things were, and I was very curious! So I tried to lean out and look more closely – in all four directions at once! You can imagine how I stretched myself!

"We are here to present you with your gifts," the young spirits said to me. Their voices were like four creeks running gently together in a meadow.

"My gifts?" I repeated. "Don't I already have everything that I need to be born? Fingers? Toes? Nose? Belly Button?"

"These," they said, "are gifts that every child is given by Yusn and E son kñh sen de he, so that the child can experience life. No child is ever forgotten. Every child is given these gifts in a different way, because each is a different person. But every child has them. And now, we, the children of Yusn, are here to give them to you."

And their voices were like four gentle breezes blowing together around the top of a great mountain.

"I am Fire, and I give you the gift," hummed the Spirit of the East. It was a wondrously soft bright and shining spirit, dressed in a robe of summer light. It was holding out to me a glowing little golden sphere.

Behind it was the blackest and deepest of night skies, all speckled with stars.

"Here," it said, "it is the gift of your own spirit. Spirit is pure light and energy. It is how the sun lives. It is your power to illuminate yourself with your own experience. In this way, you can be enlightened by life. You can see spirit with the eyes of spirit."

It's voice had a wondrous sound. It sounded a little like the buzzing of a hummingbird.

And it placed the gift not into my hand… But right into my being.

As I was inspecting my wonderful new gift, I heard a second voice. This one sounded like a whisper in a deep cave, far beneath the earth, where crystals grow.

The second Spirit was incredibly dark. Not dark like some dark-skinned humans, but really black – like a winter night. It was so black that I could begin to see colors in it, like the rainbow. It's robe was iridescent with the deepest hues of purple and blue. Behind it was a sky that shone like a dome of gold.

"I give you your body," it said. "This is the substance of E son kñh sen de hé, that your spirit is being born into. Only in substance can you look-within – see into your own being. In this way, you can experience your powers of instrospection and intuition."

And it placed a blue sphere into my being. And I could actually see it, glowing within me! By now, I was beginning to feel incredibly rich, and so I looked to the south, knowing that a gift must be there also.

In the south place on my circle, there was a graceful Spirit whose body appeared to be made of the richest russet leaves, crimson vines, and delicate red-brown bark. Its robe was the most delicate red-pink haze of Autumn rosebuds. Behind it was a blue sky – clouds blowing swiftly in the winds.

"This," it said, "is your great river of feelings. It will carry you like mighty waters into your power of trust – your power to be truly innocent, meaning your power to know when you truly know a thing."

And it placed it into my being.

Finally the Spirit of the North stepped toward me. "My gift," it said, "is called the mind. I am the wind. You cannot experience it unless you have the other three gifts as well. Through your mind, you can know what you see around you, what you see within you, what you feel. In this way, you will touch knowledge and wisdom."

It's voice sounded like the beating wings of ten thousand tiny white butterflies.

As it spoke, it's cloud robes seemed to sheen and change, churning into cumulus clouds, clearing into high clean cirrus clouds that shimmered with every delicate pearly color of a Spring day. Behind it was a crimson sunset reflected into a still lake.

When it had placed its gift into my being, all of the spirits spoke together again, and their voices sounded like –  They sounded like something that I haven't heard yet – something wonderful that I know exists. And they said: "If you care for all four of these gifts they will grow in power and you will experience the greatest gift of all!"

"What is that?" I asked them.

"It is the gift of choice – of becoming a true human. Only the a human can truly experience spirit, body, emotion and mind in balance with one another. But no one can give you this gift!! Not even Yusn!"

This frightened me. A gift that I had to have… But that no one could give me, not even Yusn?

"Then how will I find it?" I cried.

"You…" said the East.

"…must…" said the West.

"…give yourself…" said the South.

"…the power of…" said the North.

"…your higher self," they all said together.

And as they said these words I was born. And instantly I forgot everything that the Spirits told me! I have spent my whole life learning to remember what they said to me, and who I truly am.

When I reached this knowledge their four voices once again returned in prose:

"Moon when Four Eclipse is coming with thunder Bringing Hope and Wiseness into your heart Moon of Destiny and Power and Courage to the Lonely Lost, you give Hope and Faith.
Moon when four come together for the Right to be heard as One Voice Ceremoniously existing for the Moment in Time when Four Eclipse Moon when Spirits rise above you in wonder Blotting out the sadness people cling to Moon of Happiness will come in a Heartbeat

Filling up your soul with everything good Moon when Four stands before you in the Light of the Truth we all feel it's perpetually in motion to a place in a Dream when Four Eclipse."

And with that I found myself gazing on a wonderful scene and from behind the wall of the present, I heard songs of humanity. I heard the sound of the bells announcing the beginning of the prayer in the Kiva of Beauty. Bells molded in the metal of emotion and poised above the holy alter–the Human Heart.

From behind the future I saw multitudes worshipping on the bosom of nature, their faces turned toward the east and awaiting the inundation of the morning light–the Morning of Truth.

I saw the city in ruins and nothing remaining to tell man of the defeat of ignorance and the triumph of light.

I saw elders seated under the shade of cottonwood and willow trees, surrounded by youths listening to their tales of former times.

I saw the youths beating their drums and piping their flutes and the loose-tressed maidens dancing under the oak trees.

I saw people tending the fields and singing mirthful songs. I saw a woman adorning herself with a crown of lilies and a girdle of green leaves.

I saw friendship strengthened between humans and all creatures, and clans of birds and butterflies, confident and secure, winging toward the brooks.

I saw no poverty; neither did I encounter excess. I saw fraternity and equality prevailing among humans.

I saw not one physician, for everyone had the means to heal himself. I found no priest, for conscience had become the high priest. Neither did I see a lawyer, for nature had taken the place of courts, and treaties of amity and companionship were in force.

I saw that humans knew they were the cornerstone of creation, and that they had raised themselves above the littleness and baseness and cast off the veil of confusion from the eyes of the soul, this soul now read what the clouds wrote on the face of the Great Mystery and what the breeze drew on the surface of the water; now understood the meaning of the flower's breath and the cadences of the nightingale.

From behind the Wall of the Present, upon the Stage of Coming Ages, I saw Spirit as a groom and Beauty as a bride, and Life as a ceremony.

Spirit had shown me the promise of the Fifth World of Peace.

And I felt blessed.

Closing Prayer:

Earth Mother, hold us:

above, below, within, around -

wherever we may look!

Teach our evolving senses

not to wander from sacred thought.

Turn our eyes within,

to see ever-changing beauty;

let our ears hear only love's unspoken song.

May we catch the scent of Spirit's presence.

We come to you

in the first pale shaft of dawn,

in the brightness of the noon day sun,

in the hidden glow of twilight,

in the silver moonlight -

Seeing always mystic love.

bright brillant visions of the upcoming year!