by Dee Finney


I was taken to a huge garage-like area where certain people were being gathered together to be witnesses and or sacrificial people to either handle the devastation or stave off the suffering for mankind when the seven volcanoes that were linked together that were going to blow up all at the same time.

There had been 14 scheduled to be linked to blow up all at once, but the Gods/spirits managed to get it down to seven so mankind didn't have to suffer quite as much.

Not all of the witnesses and sacrificial people who were going to clean up from the death and destruction had shown up yet.

The garage where the ceremonies were going to be held was a mess. Some construction was still going on in one area. These men who were building some kind of machinery were making a worse mess. One guy was cutting wood and the sawdust would have been pretty easy to clean up, but he was being careless and spilling varnish in the sawdust and when I swept the sawdust, it smeared the varnish across the floor with it.

I considered being a sacrifice so that one mountain wouldn't blow up and asked for a hammer and a nail. All I would have had to do was pound a nail somewhere through my ankle and it would have saved one mountain from destruction. But as I placed the nail against my flesh to pound the nail into my ankle, the pain was intense at every point I chose and I couldn't do it.

Even knowing that one swift blow of the hammer would be all it took and it would be over and mankind would be saved that much destruction, I couldn't do it. The thought of the pain I would suffer was too much to even think about. I handed the hammer and the nail back to the carpenter and went back to my meager sweeping job.

When I had done all I could, I went into a room where a round table was set up. This table had a rim around it to catch the white paint that was going to be put on some icons or something that were going to be used in a ceremony of some kind. I noticed there were about 10 or 12 bottles  of this white fluid about the size of correction fluid bottles. A man named Michael (the archangel?) had been there and had spilled some. I noticed that not only one bottle spilled, all the bottles had been spilled and what was left in each bottle was so little and so watered down, it was useless to even try to do a ceremony with it.

At the door, I saw that there was many, many feet of snow and ice that had to be cleared away so that people could get around and spring could come and I was dreading having to get out there and shovel all that snow. There was already nowhere to go with it. But, fortunately, the sun came out while I was looking at the mess and it melted about half of it, so at least I was able to open the door to begin the immense task.

I then went to look for the other members who were supposed to be arriving for this ceremony. Not all of them had arrived yet and those who had, instead of quietly contemplating the event that was going to take place, had rented a car and went off sightseeing and partying. They invited me to go with them, but I didn't have the stomach for it, knowing what was coming.

It was no wonder that the world changes had to happen, no one was disciplined enough to do even the first sacrifice of or any of the work required to stave it off.