Strong Quake Rattles Seattle, Buildings Emptied


updated 4-20-2001

250 injuries - no deaths attributed to the quake

A strong earthquake measuring 6.8 in magnitude and lasting about 45 seconds rocked Seattle on February 28, knocking chunks of masonry from skyscrapers and forcing thousands to flee their homes, schools and offices. (Reuters Graphic)

An aftershock of 3.4 occurred early in the morning of March 1, 2001


So far the aftershocks have been mild.

2.7 2001/03/01 06:23:34 47.180N 122.729W 51.3 19 km (12 mi) NE of  Olympia, WA

1.4 2001/03/01 01:45:01 47.449N 122.928W 8.6 26 km (16 mi) WSW of  Bremerton, WA

1.2 2001/03/01 01:38:39 46.344N 122.260W 13.4 17 km (11 mi) NNW of Mount St. Helens

3.4 2001/03/01 01:10:20 47.197N 122.713W 54.3 21 km (13 mi) W of Tacoma, WA

2.0 2001/02/28 16:50:09 47.438N 122.913W 15.3 26 km (16 mi) SW of Bremerton, WA

1.2 2001/02/28 15:45:35 47.224N 122.678W 25.9 19 km (12 mi) W of Tacoma, WA

1.4 2001/02/28 11:49:48 46.851N 121.751W 0.0 1 km ( 0 mi) ESE of Mount Rainier. WA

6.8 2001/02/28 10:54:32 47.149N 122.727W 51.9 18 km (11 mi) NE of Olympia, WA


Jim Berkland's primary earthquake window for March 7-14th, likely site is Seattle.

Be prepared for another quake, no matter when it should occur.

1)Put little latches on all your kitchen cabinets.

2) small angle brackets securing your book shelves to the wall.

3) velcro the bottom of knick knacs, sm. statuary or vases to their placements.

4) velcro corners of paintings on walls to prevent them from slipping or sliding off their picture hooks.

5) Sun screen vellums applied to inside of windows will prevent glass from shattering inward.

6) lg angle brackets to secure supporting exterior posts to either side of beam.

7) extra large tarps to lay over roofed areas that may have cracked and be exposed to rain.

8) Clorox for purifying contaminated water.

9: hammer and long nails to re-secure exterior siding.

10) criss cross X inside windows with wide strapping tape. Do not be embarrassed to leave it applied during any suggested earthquake window.

11) several jugs of vodka and a goodly supply of chips and dips.

12) know how to turn off the valves to your incoming water and fuel supply.

13) Empty clorox jugs filled with water will flush your toilets.

14) 3 hour logs cut into 3 sections will provide 9 hours of heat or flame to warm an elevated closed pot of water. (logs can be sawed into smaller slices, or 20 minute logs are also available at most stores. These can also be divided to 2 or 3 sections. You will need a lighter!

15) do you have survival gear in the trunk of your car? Warm jacket, blanket, walking shoes, med supplies, tarps, etc? Plastic garbage bags can be rain blankets.

16) keep your gas tank full and a couple of cans of compressed air for your tires.

17) portable radios, a cell phone and flashlights

18) porta-potty, aka, zip loc bags, kleenex

19) add your own needs to this list.

20) check on the welfare of your neighbors





Syzygy's Super Sensitives

Posted Feb. 4, 2001

FEBRUARY 22 - MARCH 6  DOG - South & Central America, Gulf of Mexico

Solar flares will be high during this window with an increase in volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean will increase at the same time as volcanic eruptions in the Equatorial Pacific areas of Indonesia and Philippines. Surprise storms and flooding will continue through this window. La Nina is looking at us.

If solar activity reaches Class X flare levels, earthquakes will decrease. But if solar activity is only moderately high moderately large earthquakes can be expected in areas of the Pacific. Very large earthquakes could occur between 60 and 77 degrees west longitude.

Equal & Opposite - Equatorial Pacific to Japan: Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, China

Best regards,


Stong Right Ear Tone !!

Posted by Bob in Pacifica at February 19, 2001 at 01:30:58 AM CST


At 10.22 pm. had a 20 second stong right ear tone, the SAF had what may have been a foreshock at 8.38 pm. earlier tonight. Right ear tones are local for me. I can't recall the last time the penninsula segment on the SAF had a decent size quake? I quess I will have to wait and see. Any other Bay Area sensitives pick up a stong tone tonight? --Bob--. 37.610 N --- 122.470 W


Posted by Jody at February 19, 2001 at 01:52:17 PM CST

In Reply to: Stong Right Ear Tone !! posted by on February 19, 2001 at 01:30:58 AM CST


This is an alert for Eureka to Alaska a 6+ quake is coming by Feb.28.


Posted by Jody at February 19, 2001 at 09:08:35 PM CST

In Reply to: Re: Left Ear Block at 9:20AM.PST. posted by on February 19, 2001 at 08:20:04 PM CST


Hi Roy,

A Left ear Block tone is a quake that is more than 500 miles from me to the North. It is a silent tone because of the great distance traveled from the point of origin to my location. If it were closer it would have a sound from medium to high pitch in tone.

If this quake can completely block out all sound in one ear from that distance, its at least a 6+ quake. This is how I arrived at this prediction from past experience hearing these.

The reason I posted the time of arrival by Feb 28th is because larger quakes are heard earlier than the smaller ones and take longer to come in. I've learned to allow for this timing.

That was very sweet of you "omg" to worry about my hair enough to post!

Blessings, Jody


Re: Warning Washington EQ--New Threat!

Posted by Jody at March 01, 2001 at 02:46:49 AM CST

In Reply to: Warning Washington EQ--- 9 Days Ago posted by on February 28, 2001 at 09:32:40 PM CST


Wow! Do you believe I'd forgotten about this one? Thank you Roy for digging this up and posting it---WOW!

Now for the BAD NEWS...

Tonight I got another identical tone to the Washington quake tone 9 days ago. This time it was 13 minutes long! If a 7.0 quake was a ONE Minute long tone, what is a 13 Minute tone for Washington???!!!???

I have posted over at the Prediction Board for a 7.5 to 9+ quake by March 14th to hit Washington State.

This was the biggest Left ear block tone I've had in my Life!

For all those in WA. who can leave now is the time! Go away for two weeks until it hits then you can go back, but it may flatten Seattle.

This is the most warning you will get, please listen! LEAVE!

The next one coming is HUGE!



100% 7.5-9+ Now to March 14th 02:08:44 AM 03/01/01

Posted by Jody


Left ear block that lasted over 13 minutes tonight starting at 9:03pm.PST. to 9:15pm.PST. This is teh same Left ear bolock i'd gotten back on Feb.19th when I predicted a 6+ quake for Eureka to Alaska by Feb.28th. Well today a 7.0 hit washington. This ear tone was the strongest of my Life. If I lived in Washington, I'd leave NOW! Thsi is the most warning you will get concerning this upcoming quake. Its the worst one I can imagine. Please warn anyone you know living in Washington State. Thank you.


Re: Washington

% 12:08:19 PM 03/01/01

Posted by Jill, Ashland, OR

In Reply to: Washington posted by on March 01, 2001 at 02:08:44 AM CST


I also believe there will be another quake, possibly as great as 7.5. Please see my posts on the Sensitives Board: #8448, #8516, #9174, #9486.



Posted by DreamGirl in SF at February 28, 2001 at 09:24:20 PM CST


Dream I had yesterday predicted WA quake.

However, I still have a feeling that this 6.8 is not "strong" enough. Right after waking from the dream (where I was told there's going to be a major earth shift) I thought to myself, "How's my mom going to get rid of all that ash on her roof?" My mom lives in Portland, and I got the feeling it relates to Mt. Rainier.

Also, interesting to note...

Last night around 11pm I got a full neck and face rash that lasted about an hour, then disappeared. (12 hours before WA quake)

DreamGirl posted the following article in the Earthwaves Board

Dated : February 27, 2001 at 12:49:16

Had a dream 2/27/01 that there was to be an earth change next week. Felt like it was in Oregon/Washington, perhaps Mt. Rainier. Just wanted to post it somewhere for documentation.



Posted by michael on February 27, 2001 at 14:08:06:

I had a dream last night that there was an 8.8 in Southern California. I have no idea what it means.


THE QUAKE ON 2-28-2001


SEATTLE (Reuters) - A strong earthquake measuring 7.0 in magnitude rattled Seattle Wednesday, sending buildings swaying and forcing the evacuation of thousands from their offices, schools, homes and hospitals, witnesses said.

The quake, which also rattled the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, about 100 miles (160 km) to the north, sent chunks of buildings cascading into the streets of the Washington state city.

There were no reports of injuries but many of damage to buildings and stores. The U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado reported the earthquake measured 7.0.

A speech by Bill Gates, the head of software giant Microsoft, was interrupted, 30 people were stranded at the top of the city's Space Needle tower and the offices of coffee shop chain operator Starbucks were evacuated.

Regional radar operations working on backup power.

Seattle Mayor Paul Schell told reporters: "I think we have weathered it. It looks so far as if everything is working but it is too soon to tell. It's the biggest quake I remember."

Schell, speaking from the emergency operations center, said there no reports of fires or major injuries.

The quake brought thousands of people out of offices, hospitals, courthouses and stores and onto the streets of downtown Seattle as shelves rattled, pictures swayed and walls began to crack.

One local television station which had been taping a downtown news conference caught the moment the quake struck on tape. It showed pictures swaying on an office wall, and people clutching at desks to steady themselves.

Maria Ackley, 62, a resident of Mercer Island, a quiet residential community east of Seattle, was in the kitchen of her home with her husband when the quake struck.

"When it first happened, there was a thundering sound. The doors in the house were rattling and the windows in the kitchen were rippling, literally. It looked like they were waves of water. Everything was shaking. You felt like you were at sea," she said.


"All the drawers opened up, and any container that had something in it emptied out. And we ran out of the house and our car was in motion," she said.

When the temblor was over, her husband found a "major fracture" in the home's foundation.

Her son, Andrew, 17, said his high school was immediately evacuated and everyone was sent home. There were no apparent injuries, he said.

Helicopter pictures showed traffic flowing normally on most major roads shortly after the quake and no signs of fires or major damage.

Television pictures showed some collapsed exterior walls, shattered windows and damaged cars but Seattle's major downtown tower blocks appeared to be intact.

The quake rocked skyscrapers, knocking books off shelves, sending doors flying open and driving frightened residents and workers out into the streets.

"We're on the third floor and pictures were falling off the walls, and water was splashing on the floor," said one worker at a public relations firm. "I was on the phone with a friend and she started screaming."

The wail of police and fire sirens filled Seattle's gray winter skies, but no major casualties or damage were immediately reported. Local television showed crowds of people gathered in the downtown area's historic Pioneer Square after the quake.

"There are pockets of damage but nothing catastrophic that we can see," a local television reporter said from a helicopter surveying parts of the city.

The Harborview Medical Center, one of Seattle's biggest hospitals, quickly evacuated staff and visitors as the quake hit, with one witness telling local television that a concrete wall in the building had splintered apart.

"The whole concrete wall started to split and shattered into pieces and started to come down," the unidentified woman told the television.

The facility was still open.

"Harborview is prepared and equipped to handle serious and critical patients coming in so they will be able to care for those patients," a hospital spokeswoman said.

Seattle's Sea-Tac airport was closed and its control tower evacuated.

The earthquake sent a strong jolt as far south as Portland, Oregon.

"It went on for a couple of minutes. I thought I was having a vertigo attack. It was shaking us pretty good ... we're not used to anything like that up here," said Mike Hansen, a spokesman at the Portland-based Bonneville Power Administration.

Chunks of concrete from the facade of the Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle fell into the streets but hotel officials said there were no injuries in the building which was built in 1924.



From: kimber

To: ('')

Hi Dee

I can't get on the list to post this --because I am not at my pc yet, just got back from L.A. and my pc is down. (you can post it if you like). I got through to my sister on the phone. She lives in Kent. She said the eq was felt as far as Salt Lake City. She also said it was deep and LONG. Really scary one.They are saying it was only 30 seconds but she says it was much longer than that.She says that three people died and 9 are in critical condition. The airport is closed which is causing backup and problems there, but otherwise transportation is fine. She said the tall buildings in Seattle were really swaying. There are a couple of fires but she doesn't know if they were caused by the earthquake or not. I'm not sure how the 3 people died but the ones who were injured were crushed. I'm going to call Scott now who lives in Tacoma. I haven't been able to get through to Seattle either. :( Please let me know when you get through.




Subj: Re:Quake (Mobius)

Date: 2/28/2001 3:59:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Allen Furford)

I did not expect less but then I am not a normal and you well know it, having called the shot as soon as Bush tossed his hat in the ring, also expected...

I had just got out of our home office after sorting out paperwork, and Larry had come downstairs waking up when the Quake hit at 10:56 AM on the computer as I was checking e-mail. There was no question in my mind it was over a 6. As soon as I could, I checked in with key people. Lee Chin has no power, a cracked pool that had the water tossed, a gas leak but her preperations all paid off. Lee and Alvina V were in Renton and got home quick to find no power and a couple of items broken on the floor. They are watching tv on the emergancy generator. Lee and Alvina also believe in me because I have called so many things through the years. Dad was sleeping and Debbie scooted around a bit, but other than a couple of copper knick nacks no problems. Keep in mind we put float plates in for this purpose. Larry and I just sat in the living room as our Star House merely gently lifted with the tumblers and I watched the internal structure take the load with a smile. Keep in mind how driven I was to build this place and how I designed it. Even David is impressed which is tough to do. Nothing fell or was knocked off anywhere we can find. I called David and Auntie Irene is now being moved to Saint Jo's convelescense center very weak but doing better, but Dad seems to have his infection back as of last night if Debbie is correct. Dad's dream some months ago was Irene and he were both in seperate hospital settings and very thirsty, with the same problem. At the time he told me of this I told him Irene did not have Parkinson's, completely forgetting about the urinary infections. The thirst could be this drought we have as a symbol. who knows, but it looks like the old fart is Seeing now also. He was moving around like a nervous mad man last night.... Mike and Russel are on their way to Seattle to pick up stuff and toss together 3 #30's which just came in. 3 lousy anchors.... This is not the big one, which will be coming sooner than people realize. By the way, this was Larry's first quake and it goes without saying the Star House impressed the shit out of him. God has been kind, and this gives Seattle and this state to really address what is going to pass. Weaknesses have been found... There has been one hell of allot of damage for a lousy 40 seconds of GENTLE rock and roll. Yes I say gentle and mean it. Any shallower and the story would have been quite different. South Aberdeen on the coast got their shelves scrambled again but Terry said he came through fine in Westport, as well as Furford Construction there against the hill in Aberdeen. Keep in mind we were 40 miles roughly from the epicenter as the crow flies here in Elma. I called it as well as Cazekiel (James Gilliland) and he predicted a major event two days ago. James and I have more in common then people would ever believe, even you or Lee Chin, so this subject will remain closed for awhile yet. Slides have blocked the Cedar River which is the one down the hill from the Chin residence. This is not to be confused with the H.M. Jackson Dam disaster which is yet a little ways into the future. Both you and Lee know all about that one, you and Harold know what I looked like coming out of that OBE. You are in the right spot, and I am in the action again... and again, and again for a long, long time. Nothing has changed. Now how is the last part of Grandma's dream coming, namely Jeanie. A second occurance of lung cancer does have a finality....


Subj: [earthchanges] Large earthquakes follow HAARP activity

Date: 2/28/2001 9:32:59 PM Pacific Standard Time



Yes indeed, the Seattle area did rock and roll at 10:55 am today. Phone lines were temporarily halted, but radio and TV signals remained in their continuum throughout the 30 second shaker.

Ralph Meaney and my husband and I were in my dining room and hugged the rolling floor beneath my round dining rm. table. It was a very long 30 seconds to hear my glass windows bending in their frames and the glasses and dishes try to push open the latches on their cupboard doors. We watched the highwave action in my inground swimming pool as the water beneath its cover pushed up and down and sloshed against the top of the rim.

My white persian cat rolled over and went back to sleep in his usual calming mode with little or no concern for the uplifting of the flooring beneath him.

I required assistance to be lifted up from my kneeling position only after we were all assured the vibrations had ceased. My body was still vibrating and I felt very queasy because of a pain in my head. We all felt the same anomalous symptoms probably with the interruptions of our previous thought patterns. Much like what your body experiences with rolling wave actions in a boat while your eyes are seeing something else.

There was zero damage in my home because we had properly prepared it against such earthquake activities several years ago. All of my cabinets have latches on them and my upright shelving units, bookcases, etc. are bolted to the wall to prevent their tipping over. We have a metal belt around our hot water tank that is bolted against both walls of the corner where it sits.

I have a solarium connected by a gate to the carport and my house thusly forming a U shape with the pool set into this central courtyard. One half of the solarium's slanted roof is a 12 X 20 glass roof. It did not suffer any damage either.

All of the gas and water meters were checked for any spin of the numbers that might indicate a breakage somewhere in their lines connecting to the house. All is well, but we know to watch carefully if any such bends might burst or crack during any after shocks.

This neighborhood is situated on the flat top of a hillside of a very rocky upheaval from a distant past geological upliftment.  3 blocks south on my street is an abrupt hillside cliff overlooking the Cedar River cutting through its valley. Because of the very unusual dry spell that the NW has been experiencing the ground is not liquified. A portion of the cliff broke loose and slid down its slope taking out a home on the lower flat and blocking the flow of the river, changing its course to flood a few homes in the lowlands. The damage would have been much more severe if the ground had been saturated by its usual late February rainfall.

I repeat here what my guides told me a few years back. Earthchanges are inevitable, but the love energies of the Light Workers servicing this meridian have well lubricated the brittle plates of Mother Earth with their love energies. The changes must come but there will be little, if any, loss of life here.

In downtown Seattle many of the older building facade came crashing to the ground and smashing the cars parked next to them. Not one of these vehicles was occupied. A few disoriented people ran out to the streetside and were injured by some falling debris. One person has died of heart failure. A couple of dozen are in the hospital but not critical. One wing of the hospital is now closed because it separated from its adjoining walls.

The estimated several billions of dollars for reconstruction and road repairs was to be expected from their original building designs. Too often, the soils alongside these roadways are already weakened by our usual rainfall and the many heavy transporting trucks have vibrated much looseness to the original compacted underlayments, squeezing it to the outer freeway edges.

My daughter and her family live 3 blocks away. Her husband works the nightshift at Boeing so he was alone and asleep on their waterbed. He said that was a real rolling experience that made it impossible to get off the bed.

It is temporarily over now and the USGS says the quake was centered so deep that aftershocks are not to be expected. Both Ralph and James Gilliland do not agree. James perceives the Cascade Mountain Range is just awakening and will begin to stretch. I guess this stretching will also include SLC 800 mile SE, that also felt today's tremblers.

James lives 4 1/2 hours SW of us on Mt. Adams, due north of the Columbia River Gorge dividing the states of Washington and Oregon. We talked with him by phone early this afternoon and he said they really felt the rumbles also, but no damage was readily observed.

The city water dept has told us it will be safe to drink and use the dirty waters that are expected to flow from our taps. Well I don't know how dirty water can be considered safe. Back to Martinis for me!

Dee, now you know my excuse for not calling you today. I did try a couple of times but your line was probably busy with the internet. (?) I will try again tomorrow. loving us all, >lee>



Subj: [GoingHigher] My Quakie Day!

Date: 2/28/2001 6:42:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Tami Sue)


Hi everyone,

Well, it was a quakie day! :-) I was about 25 minutes from the core  of the quake zone. My house rocked big time. I ran outside as it  was happening and it was so wild...the ground was rolling like waves  on an ocean. I was hardly able to stand. But after it was  home took it well. A few things fell off shelves but nothing bad.  Every member of my family was in a different town/place. They are  all OK and well.

My dear friend whom I have supported with Light, Belinda (her  daughter Anna is in a coma), fell getting out of her office during  the quake and broke her knee and hurt her heel badly. She is the only one I personally know that was hurt. I feel so terrible she was hurt so badly. Please send her some Light and healing magic for a quick healing process. Taking care of her child in a coma will be so difficult! I could not imagine. UGH! I will be on call to help her as much as I can.

If any of you know someone in the area that needs a zap of Light from all this, please write me and I will send some Good Stuff their way!

Love to you,

Tami Sue

The time is now to grow, expand, and express the Light that you are!


Posted by Drawsnigh

In Reply to: Washington posted by on March 01, 2001 at 02:08:44 AM CST


Geez! Now that's a spooky prediction Jody. Ya got my heart racing. I'm wondering if you believe that this was just a taste of the predicted BIG ONE that we all know about and anticipate in the near future. I'm trippin cuz I'm STILL experiencing a wavey-gravey feeling. It lasted for about 3 hours after the quake and the feeling returns every hour or so. It seems sporadically timed. Even now I feel dizzy and woosey. Is this normal or a sensitive-type sense? My 3 kids even have mentioned this feeling right after the quake and the 9 year old still feels "Weird". Oh well,not much sense in trippin for too long. I sure hope your prediction is wrong ,Jody...No offense but my nerves are still shaken and to think of something much greater than today just gives me the willies. Let us pray-Let us pray-Everywhere,in every way. Every moment of the day it is the right time. For the Father above,He is listening with love and He wants to answer us,so let us pray.....


Hi Drawsnigh,

Boy do I hope I'm wrong too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fully expected the Bay Area to follow Seattle within hours today I had a sense thiat morning that a quake was going to happen and since I live in the Bay Area--I thought it might be here. Actually I was right about that too because we had a 3.7 just to the south of me in Dublin. I'm scaring myself!!!

What you and your kids are feeling is the electromagnetic waves coming up from the Earth. This is what the animals feel and respond to.

Sensitives and those living right on top of a quake fault will feel it too. Colleen in Concord and I walked the Concord Fault last September

and we located it by Colleen turning absolutely "green" and ready to be sick! Fault waves make people very ill and that's a clue that its active. Whenever you feel that you KNOW that you are in an unsafe place. If you can please get out of there...go to Spokane or something but leave the epicenter location!

I wish you God's protection and peace,



Re: Washington and leaving

01:38:15 PM 03/01/01

Posted by kit

In Reply to: Re: Washington and leaving posted by on March 01, 2001 at 09:37:30 AM CST


i always feel a lot of symptoms before a big eq. i cannever pinpoint the location. yester day we had a lot of eq's 5.o and over, wa and el salvador were only 5 min. apart. with the release of pressure i feel better this time the pressure and pain is building again. i think the west coast is always a good bet but i feel we are going to have a new big eq/vc/flood somewhere on the other side of the globe before we get hit again. i also think the east coast will have one first (a small one) - i am getting a lot of pressure and pain. this could all happen in a few days weeks , months. i am not good at pinpointing anything. i have fms and that changes the nervious system and the shape of the nerves. since i got this i have been feeling them. i was bed ridden the whole week befor the turkey one and around the time it happened all pain stopped. this is when i first relized a connection. i don't feel that much pain yet, but more pressure and headakes.

i don't know if moving would help, i think survival depends onbeing aware.

i have alway had dreams that come true, and have not been having any dreams about your area. i did have a eq one about mid to so calif. 6 months ago with the feeling that within the ext two years somewhere near the coast something will happen. i don't get dreams about earthchanges - but personal things. ex. of how my arem was to be broken that next day. it happened. i am waiting to see if the dreams are the same as the others or are just happening because of the enviroment.





Astoundingly Precise Prophecy of Earthquake Damage, Two Years in Advance

2-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a place where there was a huge earthquake that lasted quite long in my estimation. It started when I was inside a very large barn-like structure. The bracing wood of the roof rafters started coming off and falling down, but fortunately the roof itself didn't fall.

While I was running with the others to get outside, I was trying to get dressed at the same time. A woman friend of mine had grabbed three dresses and I couldn't get into the first two because the sleeves were too tight and were banded so there was no give to the material. The last one was a slinky black gown with a shimmery gold slip so this is what I put on.

At the end I was seeing the letters 'ISLYD7'. At the exact same moment Joe turned out the light in the room so I startled awake suddenly with my heart beating really fast. I tried to think where this place might be but have no idea. The 7 could be the timing, either days, weeks, or months.


5-17-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed, thinking of nothing. I heard a tone in my right ear. I then had a vision of a coastal area with a bay, similar to San Francisco, but it could have been any similar coastline. It was partly cloudy. I was like flying overhead, two long wispy clouds were over the coastline. The color of the area was like a map, yellow, brown, and green like high and low areas.

NOTE: I think this was an earthquake warning. The tone on the keyboard was the note, 'B'


7-28-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building I had just moved into in a large city. I don't know what city. I don't know how many floors there were in this building, but it had to be a large building. What was unique is that the ceilings were at least 12 feet tall and some of the apartments were really big ... extraordinarily large.

I went with an older woman to an apartment to show it, and while we were there, the whole building started to shake. I knew it was an earthquake ... and it shook for some time ... a little more ... a little less ... through out the time. At least a minute or so. We ran out of the apartment into the hallway and some people said to come down to the lobby and see the buildings across the street.

I went to the lobby stairway ... it was definitely not wheelchair accessible in this building. The stairs were wide and very steep ... probably about 30 steps down to the glass doorway at the bottom of the steps.

I looked across the street and saw that the church across the street was tilted way over. While I was looking, a tanker truck went by that was crushed way in from something falling on it from the earthquake. However, there was lots of traffic on the streets ...

I went back upstairs to check the damage ... plaster had fallen in the hallways from the shaking. It seemed that the ceiling was hung in sections and the plaster in between the sections is what fell. There was a lot of minor damage, but nothing major.

I went into apartment #9 which was the biggest apartment of all. I looked at it, thinking I'd like to live in that one myself, but even as a manager, I couldn't afford the rent on that one.

I then went to apartment #1 which the maintenance man and his wife lived in. I told him, "Even though it's Sunday, I'm going to have to ask you to work because there is so much damage done to the building." He and his wife agreed to help out.

I then went back to my own apartment ... (I don't know what the number was) The telephone rang and it was my boss (voice was Ralph from Milwaukee) He was calling to make certain we were all working, but he told me he was making a long trip elsewhere for a time. I told him we were on top of it.


9-5-00 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house on a corner on a hilly street in a big city. There were a lot of children in this house as well as adults, but it seemed to be a childcare place; there were so many kids. The house seemed to be all bare wood, like it was made of cedar boards.

Life was going on normally ... the kids were playing with toys everywhere and I saw dried bread crumbs mixed in with the stuff on the floor ... just like kids do normally.

I went out the side door of the house onto one street and saw that the high stairway coming up to the house had a crack between it and the ground next to it. There was a big old grey overstuffed livingroom chair sitting on the top step. (This was not a really neat place)

We went about our business of taking care of the kids and the next time I looked out that same door, the steps seemed to be over about an inch from where it had been. A little more time went by and when I looked out that same door again, the steps seemed to be over another inch.

I had a really strong feeling that the whole section of ground where the steps were was going to sink in within the week, and that the rest of the house would slide over into another shift within the year.

I was so certain of how I felt that I had to tell someone. I told one of the women and she said, "Oh! Jack is coming to look at that tomorrow." So I wasn't the only one who had seen this.

There was an older woman there named Margaret, and I pulled her aside and asked her to come with me so I could show her what I had noticed.

While we were walking through the house I made note that the entire house seemed to be slanted in the direction I thought that the land was going to shift, like it had shifted before in this place.

We got over to the particular door and I told her what I thought, and she said she had similar feelings about the land going to shift but that she thought it was going to happen within 5 years.

She walked away and as I stood there, the land started to sink exactly where I said it was going to. There were dozens of kids playing on the steps and the grass as it sank. I grabbed them and pushed them over to an area that wasn't sinking. As I grabbed kids, there were men sitting there on the non-sinking portion talking to each other and they didn't even help me save the kids. I hollered at them. "Can't you even see what is happening in front of your own eyes?" Then they noticed what was happening and started to help.

By now, the land had sunk about 20 feet and was still sinking. I was still grabbing more kids from the sinking land and saved the rest of them. The land stopped sinking but now I knew that the rest of the house was going to slide in the same direction within the week.

I went back into the house to tell the others. Nobody had noticed a thing. Women were sitting around reading magazines and kids were playing in the house just like before. I picked up some books and magazines I was interested in. One was a Spring garden catalog with large pink flowers on the cover. (These catalogs normally arrive in the late fall of the year)

I went over to a door that had black glass in it, which was a door to a bedroom where a woman and her husband slept. It was still early morning and I was afraid that they were sleeping, so I took a small flashlight and shone it through the glass to warn them that I was coming.

I opened the door and found that the woman was sitting up in bed reading a magazine and her husband had already gotten up and was in the bathroom. She looked very familiar to me, and she probably was the owner of this house we were in.

I went over to her and sat on the bed next to her, facing her. I told her a little timidly, "Margaret is teaching me to be a psychic. We already had a small shift in the land, and I feel that there will be an even larger shift within the week that will cause the whole house to shift and collapse."

And I woke up.


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was looking at some charts about earthquakes. What was interesting was the correlation between the days of the week and the type of earthquake it was ... that quakes had 'footprints' ...

NOTE: That is fascinating ... I know that people who study earthquakes look at different criteria to try to predict when they are going to happen ... but never heard of 'this' correlation. Really worth checking out....


2-28-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a short web page. I was shown that there would be 20 earthchange events, some were grouped together closely, then the rest were separated, one here and one there. I don't know what the changes were, but they were all black type on a white page.

NOTE: When I was awake, I was having rolling chills, and later in the morning, an earthquake event occurred in the Seattle area and it was officially a 6.8.



Subj: [earthchanges] Seattle earthquake information

Date: 2/28/2001 12:59:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: mythisis

Earthquake shakes Pacific Northwest

February 28, 2001

^Eds: UPDATES with 12 injured. DELETES reference to Salt Lake City. CHANGES magnitude to 7.0 sted 6.2, per latest from federal monitors. No pick up.


Associated Press Writer=

SEATTLE (AP) _ A strong earthquake shook the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday,  sending people fleeing into the streets of Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and knocking out power to thousands and sending bricks cascading to the ground.

Twelve people were treated at Seattle's Haborview Medical Center, three for serious injuries, spokeswoman Marsha Rule said. There were no other immediate reports of injuries.

The magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit at 1855 GMT, according to the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo. It was centered 35 miles (56 kilometers) southwest of Seattle and felt across the region.

In neighboring Canada, the earthquake rattled southern British Columbia.

The ground and buildings shook in the Vancouver and Victoria regions, in  Kelowna in the interior and as far east as Trail in southeastern British Columbia.

The tremor felt like a gentle shaking in downtown Vancouver to a more forceful rattle in the city's suburbs. No damage or injuries were reported in British Columbia

``Everyone was panicked,'' said Paulette DeRooy, who was in an elevator descending from the 15th floor of a Seattle building when the earthquake struck. She and several others scrambled out and onto a fire escape.

Screams erupted at a nearby hotel, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology conference. He was whisked away as his audience bolted for the exits. Some audience members were knocked down by others trying to get out and overhead lights fell to the floor.

The Seattle airport was closed and the tower and other offices were evacuated, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman William Shumann said.

The FAA ordered a national ground stop for Seattle, which means no flights to the Northwest's largest city were being allowed to take off anywhere in the country. The center handling air traffic in Washington and Oregon, near Auburn, Washington, was operating on backup power.

Utility officials estimated that 17,000 customers in the Seattle area were without power.

In Olympia, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the epicenter, legislators, government workers and visiting school children flooded out of the Capitol and other buildings. The state Senate was in session.

``The chandelier started going and the floor started shaking. Someone yelled get under the table and so we did,'' Sen. Bob Morton said. ``The sudden violence let us know that this was a bad one.''

Cracked plaster, gilt and even paintings fell from the walls, but Morton said he saw no sign of major structural damage.

Officials were particularly afraid the Capitol dome would collapse and people linked hands as they walked down the marble stairs under the heavy dome.

``If that rascal had tumbled down, it would have been all over,'' Morton said.

Seattle's popular Pioneer Square neighborhood, site of recent Mardi Gras riots, was damaged. Bricks from buildings were piled up on sidewalks. Structural damage also was reported at Bellevue Community College, which was shut down for the day.

``I thought a car had hit my building,'' said Sam Song, who owns a restaurant in Everett, 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Seattle. ``Then the ground started moving around.''

In downtown Portland, Oregon, office buildings swayed for 20 to 30 seconds. The Multnomah County Courthouse was evacuated and employees were gathered in a park across the street while officials inspected for damage. Michelle Noonan of suburban Lake Oswego said the quake was strong enough to move things around in her house.

``Everything was shaking,'' Noonan said. ``It knocked over a wood pile outside house. Books fell off the shelf.''

Earthquake magnitudes are measures of earthquake size calculated from ground motion recorded on seismographs. With each scale, an increase in one full number _ from 6.5 to 7.5, for example _ means the quake's magnitude is 10 times as great.

A quake with a magnitude of 6 can cause severe damage, while one with a magnitude of 7 can cause widespread, heavy damage.

A 5.0 quake that struck the Puget Sound area on Jan. 28, 1995, was described as the strongest to hit the area in 30 years, since a 6.5 earthquake struck April 29, 1965, injuring at least 31 people. In 1949, a 7.1 quake near Olympia killed eight people.

The Northridge quake that struck the Los Angeles area in January 1994 caused an estimated dlrs 40 billion in damage and killed 72 people. It was a magnitude 6.7.

On the Net:

U.S. Geological Survey:

U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center


Earthquake shakes Pacific Northwest

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

From staff and wire reports

A strong earthquake shook the Pacific Northwest today, shattering windows in downtown Seattle and rattling Portland for nearly half a minute.

More on the quake

The USGS now estimates quake at 6.8 magnitude

There was no immediate word of injuries.

The earthquake initially was measured at a magnitude 6.2, hitting at approximately 10:55 a.m. and centered about 35 miles southwest of Seattle, according to federal officials at the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska.

The quake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City.

James Roddey, community education coordinator for the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, said the magnitude was registering at 4.7, located 11 miles northeast of Olympia.

However, he said once the final evaluation is complete, it's likely to reach the higher magnitude of 6.2.

The quake was about 30 miles deep in the Juan de Fuca Plate that underlies the North American Plate beneath our feet.

"The quake was so deep the earthquake waves were longer, so we didn't get the hard, quick shaking that we would have received in a shallower earthquake," he said.

Roddey said the quake was felt as far south as Salem and on the coast.

In downtown Portland, office buildings swayed for 20 to 30 seconds, and local television stations were deluged by calls from viewers reporting rolling motion across the area.

As soon as the earthquake happened, dispatchers at the Bureau of Emergency Communications, the 9-1-1 center for Multnomah County, began getting calls reporting the quake. But there were no injuries immediately reported, according to a dispatch supervisor.

"We've gotten a lot of calls but I wouldn't say a flood," the supervisor said.

Commissioner Jim Francesconi, who oversees the Portland Fire Bureau, said. "There's no damage in the city at all. There might be a little bit of broken windows, but that's about the extent of it."

Commissioner Erik Sten, who oversees the Portland Water Bureau said there was no damage to the Bull Run reservoirs and pipeline system.

Dave Henderson, the administrator in charge of the state Capitol building, said he didn't have any reports of damage to the Capitol. "We haven't completed our assessment at this point," he said. The Capitol sustained serious damage from a 1993 earthquake.

The quake itself was felt by many in the Capitol. "I was sitting on a bench by the windows, and the whole thing started dancing," said Frank Carpenter, pointing to row of windows by the Capitol hearing rooms on the first floor. Carpenter, an unofficial chaplain for the Legislature, also said he saw paintings sway on their hooks.

A car crashed into a building in the Lake Grove neighborhood of Lake Oswego, apparently causing a natural gas leak, according to initial reports from Lake Oswego Police.

Capt. Marc Galloway said immediately after the quake, reports of car accidents surged in the area. Another accident was reported at the Oregon 217 and Interstate 5 overpass, which is under construction.

"We had a pretty good shake here," Galloway said. "We've had accidents all over the place."

Lake Oswego municipal employees rushed out of City Hall, though many of them didn't make it out before the end of the quake.

"We probably have the worst building in the city, as far as earthquakes go," Galloway.

There was no damage to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams had been reported by 11:15 p.m. to the corps' reservoir control center in Portland, said Cindy Henriksen, the center's chief.

Casey Marley, emergency management coordinator for Clackamas County, said no local damage had been reported by 11:20 p.m.

Mick Shutt, corporate communications manager for Clark Public Utilities, was sitting in his office near downtown Vancouver when he felt the tremor.

"Everything rattled. It was strange," Shutt said. "I've been through these things before. I don't remember one that lasted that long. I started to look at my watch to see how long it was. It seemed like it was 30 or 40 seconds."

Shutt said the utility, which has 150,000 electricity customers, had no reports of power failures in Clark County as of 11:15 a.m.

In Clackamas County, there was shock and then jokes when the rattling had subsided in the room where county commissioners were holding a land-use hearing. Commissioner Bill Kennemer commented that it was his "first earth-shattering hearing."

"There's always that moment where it just feels like you're a little dizzy," said Ty Talbot, who works for the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association in West Seattle. "It takes a moment to realize what's going on. Then everyone in the office started going crazy and rushed outside, letting dogs out and stuff."

Copyright 2001 Oregon Live. All rights reserved.



Hazards &




6.8 Mw


18:54:31 UTC

47.17N 122.73W 49.0 km

Mw6.8 Earthquake in WASHINGTON
28 February 2001

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred at 10:55am PST near Seattle & Tacoma, Washington. The location is 11km NE of Olympia (47.2 N 122.7 W), very near the location of the 1949 magnitude 7.1 earthquake. Today's event occurred at a depth of 49 km on a normal fault within the down-going Juan de Fuca plate.

The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center:
A major earthquake occurred about 10 miles (20 km) northeast of Olympia, Washington at 11:54 AM MST today, Feb 28, 2001 (10:54 AM PST in Washington). A PRELIMINARY MAGNITUDE OF 6.8 WAS COMPUTED FOR THIS EARTHQUAKE. The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available. Some damage has been reported in Seattle. This earthquake is located in the same general area as a magnitude 7.1 earthquake on April 13, 1949. The 1949 earthquake killed 8 people and caused damage and landslides in the Olympia-Tacoma area. The location for this earthquake was furnished by the Geophysics Program, University of Washington, Seattle.

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Date: 4/20/2001 

Seattle Quake Shakes Wells Dry
The magnitude 6.8 temblor that hit near Seattle, Wash., on Feb. 28 is being blamed for causing wells in the area to run dry or to yield less water. Some other wells, however, are reported to be producing more water than ever.
Tony Qamar, state seismologist and associate professor at the University of Washington, said, "It is common after a large earthquake when things get shaken around like that to have changes in either the water table or the way the water table is connected from place to place, and people's wells."
Following the quake, the city of Puyallup reported an immediate drop of 1.5 million gallons (5.7 million liters) a day in water flowing from an artesian well that provides much of the city's water. Public works director Tom Heinecke said, "That flow is pretty significant to us."
An irrigation well in the city of Tenino, which had been capped off for more than a decade, began spouting water again soon after the earthquake. Some residents also reported changes in the way their water smelled and tasted.
The water reduction worsens already depleted supplies caused by ongoing drought conditions in the region. Dozens of utilities have reported declining supplies from streams or wells. Gov. Gary Locke declared a drought emergency last month.
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