9-1-00 - I let the first dream go because I woke up and had an instant vision of a newspaper article about one of my younger female relatives and her commemoration. It was so upsetting that I wrote a note in my notebook and the dream was already gone from my mind.

I went back to sleep and had this dream:

DREAM:  I was with a tall entity who showed me a long rainbow colored paper about the relative who was being commemorated. I couldn't read any of it.  

I woke up realizing what I had seen but it didn't make me feel any better though the rainbow colored paper probably was telling me all her good points.


9-1-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming about moving again. There were quite a few people living with me and I was trying to do the dishes in the center of a large round table which had a shallow pool of water with a higher lip around the edge to hold the water on the table.

I noted that some of the smaller glasses had dried tomato juice along one side like the glasses had been laying on their sides for awhile before getting into the washing water. I had to put these back into the water to soak.  

I chose the cleanest of the dishes to wash first, and these were set aside in an upsidedown stack to my right, but still in the water. I would have to dry all these dishes by hand, and rather bail the water off the table into the sink to dispose of the dirty water. One of the metal mixing bowls I washed was so clean, I could see through it just like it was crystal.

We were getting ready to move again, but we weren't going far. We were moving to the other half of the house upstairs on the second floor.

One of my sons, I think it was Bill who was about 10 years old or so wanted to help, but nothing was packed. It was going to take us 3 days to move.  

I didn't quite know what to tell him to take to the new part of the house, so I told him to look around and take whatever he thought we wouldn't be using for the next 30 days. For an example, I pointed out a yellow backless chair which was under the kitchen table which was covered with various wires and connectors that weren't attached to anything yet.

Then I realized that he didn't know the way to the new section of the house and exactly where the matching duplicate side of the house was where I wanted him to place the unused articles so it wouldn't mess up what we were going to use right away.

So, I went with him. The way to the new section of the house was down the back stairs and up an adjacent stairway which seemed simple enough. But when we went down the back stairs, we were now outside and it was just starting to rain.

Bill was carrying a stack of old newspapers we were saving for their articles and he lost his grip and dropped the newspapers into a puddle in the alley.  

I wasn't too dismayed, but he picked them right up and we hurried on down the street to where the new house was. (I don't know why it wasn't attached like I thought it was)


9-2-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, mostly women who were going to start a new church. The inside of the church was beautiful, the walls painted Federalist blue with blue and gold wallpaper edging.

The church service was about to begin and the pastor of the church wasn't there yet. A friend of mine from high school named Jeanine and I were going to share playing the music for the service. Without the pastor, there could be no church service. Another woman who I used to work with came in the back of the church wearing a tan jacket and work clothes. She went to the wall to turn on the lights.  

There weren't very many people in the church and most sat in the back like in many small churches where the people don't like to participate in the service; they are just there because they feel they have to.

My friend and I decided that she would start playing the first hymn while we awaited the pastor's arrival. I would play the service itself once the pastor got there.  She started playing the music in a jerky way that I would have played differently, but I had another problem to deal with.

There was a young boy laying in a basket within a box, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs on the other side of the aisle on the left. I went over there to try to quiet him and there was no consoling him. I pulled his basket/box to the back of the church and picked him up to his feet.

I discovered that this crying boy was about 5'5" tall, a thin blond boy, his clothing and actual body in bloody shreds. He was speaking out loudly and crying hysterically against Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and his attitude against people, particularly his treatment of Indians and blacks.  

I picked up the boy and stood him on his feet and his shredded body and clothes were the worst site I've ever seen. I told him, "What you are speaking about happened over 200 years ago."  He continued to cry hysterically. I said, "Okay! If you feel that strongly about it, then there is a proper time and place to speak out about it!"

All of a sudden I found myself inside a car and a strong man was driving. He was going to make a left turn across a traffic lane into the driveway of a large city hall building, but another car was coming along quickly in the left lane.

He sped up faster to get out of the other car's way and I was afraid he was going to put on the brakes and make a left turn and cause an accident, but instead, he drove faster and faster towards the right as the road curved in that direction. I could feel the speed of the car as we made the curve at a greater than normal speed ... and woke up.

I, in turn, am giving that bloodied boy his voice to speak.

The Navy Hymn - 1861

The Historical Church

Christian Hymns with Guitar Chords to Play

Music of the Spirit


9-2-00 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. My boss though I was working on his stuff, but I was secretly writing a letter to my friend Nancy by hand. I had finished what my boss wanted me to do except for the letter 'L'. I heard him coming so I quickly slipped the last sheet of paper into the typewriter to type the letter 'L' and hoped I could line it up properly so it wouldn't show. There was a picture on the page and I managed to place the "L" pretty well.

My Father then walked into the office and pointed to another room. He said, "I want you to work on your own stuff." I said, "Okay!"

I went into the other room and picked up a large drawing pad with pencil drawings of people on them. I picked them up and brought them back into my office. I was going to ask my Father a question but he was already advising another young woman out in the hallway.

I heard about a woman named Margie Constantine that while she was doing her job as a nurse, she was making contacts for a business she planned to do later in purchasing. I thought it was a great idea and threw away what I had planned to do previously ... to copy her idea instead because it was successful.

I walked out of the office into the outer hallway and up on a balcony stood 5 men. One of them was a powerful businessman. He hollered down to me. "Hey Dolores!" How is that business plan coming? I haven't seen it yet."

I told him, "I threw away what I had written so what I have now is in my head, but I can tell you about it." He said, "Good! I want to hear about it!"

All of a sudden, I was in my car, sitting in the passenger seat. A woman in a blue dress came up to the driver's door. I don't know if I was selling her the car or just letting her drive, but she threw her purse into the back seat in preparation to drive.

I looked over at the steering wheel and I had three 33 1/3 records propped up on the top of the steering wheel and the dashboard.

I took the records down and told the woman, "You won't be needing these. There is no player in the car."



DREAM - This was a dream about a military/disciplinary type man standing on a high balcony who was teaching me and others about discipline and d_____.


9-3-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house with some other people. A young sweet woman came in with her husband and two sons. Her name was Dearest Delight.  She was not going to live long and I was going to take her place. Her husband had long curly hair like Joe's and Kimber volunteered to cut his hair because she did that for everyone.

We were going to go tot a wedding at 7:30 p.m.  I went to the closet and saw there 3 dresses, a white wedding type gown, a long gown my daughter had worn to a wedding, and a pale lavender/white dress with darker lavender flowers on it.  

I pulled the gowns out of the closet and asked Dearest Delight which dress she preferred. She liked the pale lavender/white dress the best so that was the one I was going to wear.

I had to go upstairs and change clothes then, and was struggling with getting my red sleeved shirt off, and discovered that I had even put the red sleeves into other clothes also instead of wearing them the way they came.

I went downstairs and discovered that when I spoke, I was more like the disciplinary person from the dream before and if I was going to take over from Dearest Delight, then I had to act like her too.

I went then to eat some food while the others got ready for the wedding.  I had bought some raisin/rice combination which came in the cover of a large brown photographic album from a freezer type compartment at the store.  I cooked that, and then cooked some greenbeans which got overcooked because the stove didn't turn off the first time I turned it off, so I pulled the plug on it. (It was a small electric burner standing on top of the gas stove)

I then went to eat the rice/raisin combination which was served inside the frame of a large oil painting. It was really good.

(After I got up, I cooked rice and raisins and added fruit ... it was really good)


9-4-00 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. I was the Manager, but had a boss above me also. I went to the office and picked up a stack of papers and files that had been left for me to distribute. One was a pack of report cards for other employees, and the other was an engineering file that was left laying open to show the error inside. I questioned what the problem was and was told that the engineering theory should have been written in red rather than in pencil because it was a theory and not a final conclusion.

I took the stuff with me out into the hall where I spotted a large moving van pull up to the curb outside. The driver came in and asked me if I was ready to leave and I said, "No! I haven't packed yet."  He decided he had to run an errand first anyway and left with the truck.  

He no sooner pulled away and another moving van came to the curb. This time, very familiar looking large black men, wearing heavy winter clothes came in and asked me if I was ready to leave and I said, "No! I haven't packed yet."  This guy said, "We'll take care of that for you."  I said, "Okay! But I have to get certain things out first."  

I went to my apartment which was number 105, but I had the key to 107 in my hand.  I put the key in the lock anyway and the door opened right up because it wasn't locked.

Just as I opened the door, one of the tenants came by, an older man who looked familiar. He said, "Oh! I didn't know you were the manager here. I remember you from the other place I lived."  I just said, "Yes! That was me!"  He handed me some papers which were supposed to be for his parking permit.  I wanted to tell him I didn't have time to do it because I was leaving, but took it anyway to drop it off on my way out.


9-5-00 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house on a corner on a hilly street in a big city. There were a lot of children in this house as well as adults, but it seemed to be a childcare place; there were so many kids. The house seemed to be all bare wood, like it was made of cedar boards.

Life was going on normally ... the kids were playing with toys everywhere and I saw dried bread crumbs mixed in with the stuff on the floor ... just like kids do normally.

I went out the side door of the house onto one street and saw that the high stairway coming up to the house had a crack between it and the ground next to it.  There was a big old grey overstuffed livingroom chair sitting on the top step.  (This was not a really neat place)

We went about our business of taking care of the kids and the next time I looked out that same door, the steps seemed to be over about an inch from where it had been.  A little more time went by and when I looked out that same door again, the steps seemed to be over another inch.

I had a really strong feeling that the whole section of ground where the steps were was going to sink in within the week, and that the rest of the house would slide over into another shift within the year.

I was so certain of how I felt that I had to tell someone.  I told one of the women and she said, "Oh! Jack is coming to look at that tomorrow." So I wasn't the only one who had seen this.

There was an older woman there named Margaret, and I pulled her aside and asked her to come with me so I could show her what I had noticed.

While we were walking through the house I made note that the entire house seemed to be slanted in the direction I thought that the land was going to shift, like it had shifted before in this place.

We got over to the particular door and I told her what I thought, and she said she had similar feelings about the land going to shift but that she thought it was going to happen within 5 years.

She walked away and as I stood there, the land started to sink exactly where I said it was going to. There were dozens of kids playing on the steps and the grass as it sank.  I grabbed them and pushed them over to an area that wasn't sinking.  As I grabbed kids, there were men sitting there on the non-sinking portion talking to each other and they didn't even help me save the kids. I hollered at them. "Can't you even see what is happening in front of your own eyes?"  Then they noticed what was happening and started to help.

By now, the land had sunk about 20 feet and was still sinking.  I was still grabbing more kids from the sinking land and saved the rest of them.  The land stopped sinking but now I knew that the rest of the house was going to slide in the same direction within the week.

I went back into the house to tell the others.  Nobody had noticed a thing. Women were sitting around reading magazines and kids were playing in the house just like before. I picked up some books and magazines I was interested in.  One was a Spring garden catalog with large pink flowers on the cover. (These catalogs normally arrive in the late fall of the year)

I went over to a door that had black glass in it, which was a door to a bedroom where a woman and her husband slept.  It was still early morning and I was afraid that they were sleeping, so I took a small flashlight and shone it through the glass to warn them that I was coming.

I opened the door and found that the woman was sitting up in bed reading a magazine and her husband had already gotten up and was in the bathroom. She looked very familiar to me, and she probably was the owner of this house we were in.

I went over to her and sat on the bed next to her, facing her. I told her a little timidly, "Margaret is teaching me to be a psychic.  We already had a small shift in the land, and I feel that there will be an even larger shift within the week that will cause the whole house to shift and collapse."

And I woke up.


9-6-00 - A dumb night for dreaming.

I dreamed a list of hyperlinks on the computer.

I dreamed a list of words.

I dreamed a list of math concepts, then one of the math concepts was separated out from the others, and when I woke up I was trying to think of the name of the concept and called it 'bigfoot'.


9-6-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, walking along with them while they were mowing their lawn. They walked around the edge ... the Father mowing while the daughter walked along behind him. I was walking behind on one pass along the row, then walked alongside on another pass, walked backwards on the next pass. I was so close to them, it was like I was taking a closeup video and at one point I only had the Father's face in the frame.

Finally, we came to the garden area. They had an Asian tree that was so rare, they removed all the grass from beneath it so that when it bloomed and then formed seeds, the seeds could drop to the ground and reseed itself.  The seedlings were also in bloom and the flowers were all pale yellow.

Another tree we came to, the Father started to mow the leaves off the top. It reminded me of the trees in our backyard which have huge leaves on them and people cut all the branches off the tree rather than rake the leaves in the fall.  Thus the tree is left with a knobby top and then in spring, it branches out fully again. Pretty amazing.  

However, on this tree, I told him to stop mowing because there were purple flowers on the tree that looked like orchids.  These flowers were the largest orchids I ever saw in my life and I told the Father not to cut this tree down like he was.  Then while I was looking at the flowers, I saw tiny white birds in the branches opening their mouths and gasping for air like there wasn't enough air to breathe.

I then went into the house and was going to cook chicken for dinner. However, I couldn't manage to do that because the chickens were live and were standing on a square table in the middle of the room opening their little mouths and gasping for air like there wasn't enough air to breathe.

So, I called my sister on the phone and told her I had a dumb question to ask her.  I said, "I want to make dinner and we're going to have chicken, but the chickens are still alive.  How do I get the chicken from it's alive state to it's dead carcass state?"  I knew what the answer was but I didn't want to face it, and I was NOT going to do it myself. I was hoping she had an easier answer.

Note: Reminds me of the days when I was raising Cockatiels and had the cage in the kitchen. I couldn't eat chicken in those days because I'd think of my pet birds.

Joe and I went shopping then. We went to a big mall. While Joe was looking for a parking spot, I was standing on the sidewalk by the front door.  Joe was going up and down the rows looking for an empty space, while two other cars were racing up and down just having fun and endangering everyone else.  Nothing happened to those guys, but then Joe made a right turn into the outer lane right where the racing guys had to go and they had to stop.

The coincidence was that they had to stop right where some cops were standing, making sure a bunch of picketers were marching and the cops dragged the guys out of their cars and arrested them. I was glad that happened and if Joe hadn't been exactly where he was at that moment, it never would have happened.

Joe and I went inside the store then. It must have been J.C. Penneys. We were walking up an aisle and came to the furnishings department where they had a display of an old fashioned wooden highbacked chair with a selection of fancy pillows stacked on it.

Joe admired a green covered pillow, so we picked up the green pillow and asked the sales clerk to get us a matching pillow so we'd have two of them.  Joe paid for the pillows with his white J.C. Penney credit card, then took them out to the car.

While Joe was out at the car, the salesclerk brought out two more pillows to put on the chair.  These two were big and square with fancy flower prints on the face. One of them had a big dark green flounce around the edge, and the other had a bright purple flounce around the edge. They were so pretty, I wanted these pillows also, so I told the clerk I wanted them and asked him if he would get me a matching set so I had two of each.  

Then I remembered that Joe had taken his credit card with him and I couldn't pay the price with a J.C. Penney credit card.  Then I remembered I had a credit card of my own , a 'Mastercard' and I knew I could take care of the price by myself.

and woke up.


9-7-00 - DREAM - I was looking at lists of things that had already been done on a computer screen, looking at the links. Then when I came to the end of the list, there were like chapter titles of a book and I was trying to decide if it needed to be saved or not and left them there.  

The scene changed and I was laying in bed with the covers over me except for my head, and an older man and a younger woman came in and stood around waiting for something that was going to happen. They went from window to window and then to a lamp which they turned on to see which would be the best light to look at something the man held in his hand written on paper. It seemed strange that they had come to town two days early and were just standing around in my bedroom.

A couple times, my children crawled into bed with me and snuggled under the warm blankets, but eventually, I had to get up and go do the laundry which was stacked in a corner.

I finally got up, and was trying to decide what to wear because I wanted to change the color of my clothes. I chose a green pair of slacks but there was a stain on the bottom of one leg so I couldn't wear that, so I stayed wearing what I had on until I could do the laundry.

While I was walking around, a very young girl looked at my closet doors and said she would like to build huge fish tanks there, but another man I couldn't see told her that the piping from the bathrooms was in the wrong place to do that.

The first young woman was then standing behind a counter like a perfume store clerk and I walked by and just said, "Hi!"  I didn't notice if she replied.

I then went to a desk and was going through some records of old patterns and discovered that one had been destroyed and needed to be remade. It was for an impeller.

I then started to wake up and had a vision of a contract on white paper. I couldn't make out what the title was, but below it said, by Jane Roberts, November, 2000.

I woke up instantly, thinking ... "WOW!"  


I went to sleep thinking about Jane Roberts and whether someone is channeling her and whether a new book is coming out about her and that I would check on the internet when I got up.

9-7-00 - DREAM - I went to visit my Mother to ask her some questions.  (She was quite a bit younger than she really is in the physical)  I finally said, "Who were those two people who came to visit the other day?" (meaning the two people in the previous dream)

She answered, "Well, I already answered your question about the hat, but this one, I'm not sure I can answer."  She looked really puzzled about my question and I could tell she was thinking. I was thinking really hard too.  I said, "I remember that you were wearing your red and pink checkered dress."  She said, "Yes! But I can't remember two people coming to visit the other day.  I'm beginning to think it must have been just a dream."

I answered, "Yes! I'm starting to think it was just a dream too."

Meanwhile a young boy called for her and came running into the diningroom where I was trying to go to the bathroom in the doorway. I said to him, "Excuse me!" and closed the door between me and him, but there were some men climbing a tree outside the big picture window in the diningroom.  My mother said excitedly, "Oh! The tree trimmers are here in the neighborhood."  

I thought to myself, "It must be exciting to live in the city, but not when tree trimmers are looking in your windows when you are trying to go to the bathroom."  I couldn't go, and couldn't go.  I finally woke up and still had to go to the bathroom. :-)

NOTE: My Mom wasn't in the dream when the two people came to visit. It wasn't even the same house.  There was no picture window in the house where my Mom lived either. And no toilet in the doorway to the diningroom. Crazy dream!


9-8-00 - I had another one of those flash visions when I sat on the edge of the bed. I swore I saw a white cat run under my legs. I had to look to make sure there was nothing there, but was certain I had seen it at the same time.  Weird!


9-8-00 - VISION - I had a vision of a sheet of paper with a list of sentences on it.  In a row it said,


Then the dreams started and in each dream, I woke up screaming hysterically because I wasn't in charge of my life.

In the most memorable dream, I went home from work to find my husband packing up everything in the house, including all the kids stuff. He was leaving me and moving elsewhere.  He wouldn't say what was wrong at first, and finally I got it out of him that he had received a phone call that I had made two twenty minute stopovers in Hawaii to have a rendezvous with a man while I was gone on my trip.

I had a quick vision of a calendar and realized I had been gone for almost a year on a mission and my husband wasn't upset about my mission, but the phone calls he received told him I had made those 20 minutes stopovers to be with another man and that's why he was leaving me.

He was acting more and more violent and I was really worried for my safety and for the children, so I went to my highschool to tell the principal about what was happening to try to stop the process and get my life back.  

I walked into the office and the principal was a policeman. He was walking around with his back to me and I couldn't get his attention. I kept saying, "Sir! ... Sir! ... Sir! ..."  

The woman who worked for him said, "Don't even try to talk to him. He's too busy making phone calls to people and screwing with their lives."

Then I knew where my husband had received the phone calls from. The principal of my school had called my husband to tell him lies to mess up my life when I hadn't done anything wrong.  

I woke screaming hysterically because my husband was taking my children from me.  

NOTE:  Where is the lesson in this?  Where is the fairness?  Is this how life really is?  Is it totally out of our control?  

I refused to go back to sleep and have the last dream. I wasn't going to go through this again.


9-9-00 - DREAM - I was with a group of people who were going to go through a huge building on a tour or something. We had to go through a narrow dark hallway to get into the building. There was a contest going on within the building but I wasn't told the details before I went inside.

After I got inside, I somehow ended up in a huge square room that was spinning to the left.  The room was wood and glass, but mostly glass.  Embedded in the glass were wire grids which looked like octagons connected to each other with wires in a spider-web-like pattern but not exactly.  

There was no apparent door in this room and around this room was two more glass enclosures with the same wire grids in the glass.  My job (the contest) was to figure out how to find the door so I could get back out of the room so I could join my friends who were on the outside looking in and watching me. I could see a blonde woman standing on the outside peering inside.

In order to find the door, I had to spin the room at the exact rate of torque speed or whatever you call it so that the matching grids on all three glass walls formed a different geometric shape.  I wasn't told what this shape was in advance ... I had to watch for it and when the doorway appeared I could slip through it to be with my friends.

I must have found the exact rate of spin because I was notified that I was the winner of the contest and I suddenly found myself in another room. As winner, I had to press my name and the date into a white machine and the information would be recorded on a plain piece of glass which would be added to a whole series of other glass pieces of which the room was made.

I pressed into the machine - D A BAUER - and the date was 5 00.

Obviously everyone had the same opportunity to win the contest and I wasn't told what the prize was ... just that I was back with my friends and was happy again.


9-9-00 - DREAM - I saw what looked like a knitted pattern of a star-like thing ... but didn't look like a star exactly ... It was very intricate ... On the top of the pattern is said  PRO8

I was hoping to dream it again and I did ... twice more ...

The second time is said on the bottom  DO-WE-OH

The third time I saw it, I heard a voice say, "We are transferring from ancient to modern times - IDAHO.


9-9-00 - DREAM - I was in my old apartment building on Jackson St. I thought. I was going to be Assistant Manager. The woman manager was dressed in a pale beige dress.  She saw me there and asked if I would like some coffee. I said, "Yes!" and then I had to do some errands for tenants who started giving me little notes and complaints.

One was complaining that the maintenance crew was putting plastic PVC pipe across doorways and it was very inconvenient as well as not looking good.

One little note looked like a storage locker number and some other numbers but I couldn't determine what apartment she was from. The numbers just didn't match anything I was familiar with.

I got on the elevator with some black women. I wanted to go to the 9th floor and saw the number 9 button. But there were buttons on the elevator like -016 and as high as 176.  None of that made sense to me. One of the other women had said she was going to 9 so I didn't bother pressing the button a second time.

The feeling of sinking elevator as we went down first was very pronounced .  However the door didn't open for someone to get out or in, then we rose really fast and I could feel the sensation of going up. At that rate, we should have gotten to 176 in just a moment.

The door finally opened and I got off on my own floor and was glad to get off the elevator.  Again I was accosted by people who were giving me notes.

I went into my apartment and turned on the lights and wanted to change shoes from high heels to low heels. I was also wearing a light beige dress and wore brown shoes.  

I was going to leave my apartment and go down to the office and started to turn the lights out and just leave one lamp lit while I was out.

I went out into the hallway and saw apartments I used to live in before. The walls now were all glass and you could see into the apartments like in the Big Brother TV show.

Then I had an uncomfortable episode with a couple of men who were trying to give me some paperwork like car registration and the man's name was retyped on the card and paper so I couldn't really read it clearly.  So, an older guy was trying to spell the name for me and it sounded nothing like it read ... he was saying it said  DJI ... and it looked like Deeaob ...  I was getting really stressed out.

I left there and went downstairs on the stairway and came outside. I expected the main door to be just to the right and it ended up to be a whole block away around a corner of large shops like a shopping center. I really felt lost.

I finally went inside the door I was supposed to be at and it was not an apartment building, it was an engineering company I used to work at. I walked in expecting to see some of the same people I used to work with and I didn't recognize anyone. Nobody even paid attention to me.

I went into the drafting department. There were so many people working in here, nobody had their own desks or drawings boards. There were anywhere from 6 to 12 around a board everywhere.

I finally said, "Doesn't anyone recognize me?"  Finally one really old guy came forward to shake my hand. He was wearing a dark green coveralls type uniform.  For some reasons the word 'pickle' came to mind.  I shook his hand and felt really dismayed that the place had changed so much.

I finally walked out feeling really stressed and went to try to find the manager's office and go to work.

I woke up exhausted.


9-10-00 - I had several dreams that were just computer screens with lists of keywords and sentences, none of which I could read.


9-10-00 - DREAM - I was on a computer with a huge white screen and discovered a program which linked to lots of other people automatically and it was so exciting I couldn't wait to get back to it.

Meanwhile I had to do some work.  A woman I know had a job to send out bank statements to many, many people.  There were 3 sheets to each statement, and they came to her in boxes.  (Boxes hold 500 sheets of envelopes or paper)  The statements came already folded in thirds, so I would estimate that each box held a maximum of 168 statements.  They could have held less.  

I could see that she needed help because a brownish leathery looking truck the size of a UPS truck delivered about 18 boxes of statements to her. That was a lot of work for one person.

The truck was weird. It was normal size when it arrived, but when he was done unloading the boxes  of statements, the truck was downsized to about the size of one box of envelopes ... such as like when you make a html table on a web page and it gets bigger or smaller depending on what's in it.

While I was waiting to work with her, separately, two more sheets arrived to be added to the mailing.  Like I said, these came separately, and weren't folded. One was an odd shade of brownish red ... like a dark rose red ... and the other was a bright chartreuse green. They all had to be collated together before mailing.

I also was writing a letter to send to all my friends.  Mine were on small pieces of notepaper and handwritten. I was sending them news of my complaints of my boss. My boss had told me there was no way I needed $555 to live on per month and I was trying to prove that I could indeed need that much to live on when his building used more than that every month.  I had detailed out every dime the building maintenance needed for fertilizer, nuts and bolts, and other machinery.  

Later on I realized that nobody would care about what the building maintenance spent but I had already written it. I was sitting at the table trying to decide if I should send it out or not.  I noted that I had written my letter by hand in bright green.

I got up to go to the window because I heard people walking by. I saw the attorney from down the street pulling a big roll of wire fencing behind him, taking it home with him. The fencing was about 12 feet tall.  

I went over to the wall to turn on the light because it was getting dark in the room. I flipped the switch and the light didn't come on. I looked at the bulb and someone had smashed it and it had burned out. I quickly flipped the switch back out and went back to my letter. I was still trying to decide if I should send it out with my complaints about my boss.  

I heard someone outside again and there again was the attorney going by with another roll of fencing, taking it home.  He did this several more times while I was trying to decide whether to send out my complaints to my friends and family.

Again I went to the wall to turn on the light and flipped the switch and realized too late that I hadn't changed the bulb ... so how could I expect the light to come on until I put in a new bulb?  

I heard more noise outside so I looked again, and there again was the attorney dragging another roll of fencing home.  In front of the building, two men were lining up a couple of flatbed trailers and trucks.  I don't know why they were there but the one guy was complaining to the other that he could line it up better than he did.


9-10-00 - DREAM -  I was sitting in our current livingroom on the couch with Joe who was to my left and our 8 to 10 year old son on my right. (We don't have a son)

The television was on and the weather show was showing a tornado cloud that looked exactly like the state of Texas.  The lower part where it comes to a point was made of pink dots, but the upper part was pitch black.

I turned to my left to look out the window. (there is no wall or window there) Out the window I saw the exact same cloud in the sky.  The sky itself was pure sky blue, but the cloud, in the shape of Texas was as black as black can be, except down towards the southern point, it was like pink dots.  The blackest was in the northern sections.

It looked like a cloud does with the sun right behind it, with brilliant silver edges, but the blackness was so scary.  I've never seen a cloud that black. It seemed 'evil'.

NOTE: My opinion is that the son's years 8-10 means 8 to10 days or 8 to 10 months of time. I don't feel that it means years. Dreams with tornado clouds in them don't normally mean real storms either, but storms of anger and emotion.


9-10-00 - DREAM - I was with two older men and two older women - (about in their 50's or so)  We went down a stairway into a courtyard between numerous houses.  It had an old fashioned feeling to it.  (Like the 1920's)  The two men decided to stop off at the corner pub and have a brew and the two women left me standing there on the stoop and went into one of the houses on the courtyard.

I stood there not knowing where to go. I kept thinking to myself, "Where am I supposed to live?  Where am I supposed to live?" Well, I didn't know where to go because I didn't have a key to any of these houses and they were all dark.

So, I went back to the pub where I could hear the men's voices talking inside.  I said, "Excuse me?  Excuse me?" until I got their attention.  The darker haired man of the two men came over and said, "What is it? What is it?"  

I said, "I don't know where I'm supposed to live?"  He said, "What do you mean you don't know where you've supposed to live?"  I thought you said your name was Fast!"  I said, "You thought my name was "Fast?"  and by that time we were hurrying back down the stairs into the dark courtyard of houses.  (I was thinking maybe I said I was 'fat' and he thought I said 'fast'.)  

He took me into a building where there were women in wheelchairs with other women watching over them and cooing at them sweetly and taking care of them. It was like an old fashioned nursing home. Even the hairdos were like the 1920's or older, with big bows in the back of their hair. (Maybe it was even an older situation than what I'm thinking. )

But then I saw my daughter come in with some other young ladies. They were all wearing long dresses, perhaps of the 1890's or so. (My thinking of the time period isn't too good)  I heard one of the girls say to my daughter, "You're hair is getting gray in the back".

My daughter called me aside and said to me, "She said my hair is getting gray in the back."  She was rather upset.  I turned her around and didn't see any gray hair in the back but maybe a little on top. So I told her, "There's no gray hair in the back, maybe just a little on top."

My daughter said, "You know I never go to these graduation ceremony rehearsals. They're such a waste of time. The band plays in these things and they never go to the rehearsals and they even march.

At this point Joe started to come into the room in the physical and the dream faded away. I rather felt like I could write a novel based on what I just dreamed.  How strange a scenario.....


9-11-00 - All I remember is being in a train station and a sinister looking guy following me while carrying some kind of machine in a suitcase .

As I woke up, a voice in my head said "data stealing". I don't know if the voice meant that the guy in the dream was data stealing, or that he himself was data stealing.

I think I know what they are referring to, but I don't have time to write about that right now.


9-12-00 - I didn't want to write this dream down because the radio was on while I was dreaming and I don't trust dreams like that. But I can't stop thinking about it:

 DREAM - I was in a large building like a railway station or something ... similar to Grand Central Station.  Up on a high balcony were a bunch of tubes which reached down through the floor towards the lower floor.  On the lower floor, people with pencils were jabbing them up through the tubes, and someone was crying , "They are killing the Gods!"


9-12-00 -  I was at work and had to go to school. Instead of making a right turn and going right to it, I made a left turn and walked around the block and then regretted it. It was so far to go, it would have been easier to realize I was wrong and go back, but I didn't. I finally got to the other side of the block, and found that there was a huge black puddle that I couldn't go around without getting my feet wet or muddy.  I finally chose to go up an old overgrown path up a hill between two trees which I hadn't seen at first.  This way, the ground was moist, but not too muddy, and I was able to climb the hill without too much effort.  

Once up on the hill, there was old blue furniture there that someone was trying to sell to the public. It was clean stuff and soft and I had to walk across it to get back down the hill, so I did.

I got to the school/apartment building and I was at home. My apartment door didn't have a lock on it so I just pushed it open. As usual, I wasn't alone, there were numerous people. I needed to go to the bathroom and there was someone in each bathroom, so I went back out into the hall to find the public bathroom.

Outside my door, which I closed, I discovered that instead of a lock, there were just two flimsy pins holding it shut.  I decided I would go to the office in the morning and ask to have a real lock put on the door. A policeman lived right across the hall so I wasn't too worried. He was keeping an eye on it while I was out.

I walked down the hall towards the public bathroom and there was a man standing outside one of the open doors of a room. He was crying unabashedly. I recognized him as a TV detective I've seen. A tall, dark haired man. I don't know his name.  He looked at me, and while crying said, "Grandma just died".  

I said, "I'm so sorry!" and continued on towards the bathroom.  Meanwhile I was thinking, "Maybe I should have given him a hug.".  The public bathrooms were full of people standing in line so I turned around to go back to my own apartment and saw that where the dark haired man had been standing, numerous people were now going into the room there and laughing and hugging and I knew he was okay. But now I felt guilty that I hadn't given him a hug myself instead of just walking by.

I walked back to my apartment which now had a nice lock on the door and I opened it with a gold key I had on a huge ring of keys in my pocket.


9-13-00 - I was dreaming of numerous symbols and was thinking it was tarot cards but I'm not sure.  Then I saw the symbols again. It seems that one was a mushroom but I can't identify any of this.


9-13-00 - DREAM - I was with my husband Edward.  It had snowed outside and in the road were large chunks of blue ice. I went outside to help chip the ice off the road. It was a lot easier than I thought. For some reason I had made a blockade across the road of these large rocks and blue ice chunks and I asked my son Tom to help save them in the yard. By then other drivers had a made a way down the road so cars could go through.

I was then in a vehicle with Edward driving. We stopped at a park for a bathroom break. I went inside and the women's bathroom lights were out so the women were using the men's bathroom. I saw my old friend Evelyn go inside the women's bathroom ahead of me so I followed her.  

The toilets in the men's bathroom had violently broken seats, but it was clean in there. I told Evelyn, "I guess you gotta do what you gotta do."  We both peed and then left the bathroom.

On the way out, I saw Edward holding up the concession stand with a broken pair of scissors.  I said to him as I passed, "Going back to the truck". He responded, "Mmm hmmm!"  

Ahead of me were two cops in heavy leather jackets.  They seemed to be looking for someone and were blocking the way. I said, "Excuse me and they let me through."  It was apparent to me that Edward was following me through the blockade they had just opened up to let me through.

There were a lot of people in this large room, but at the other end, there was another blockade of two policemen with heavy leather jackets. They were facing away from me.  Again, I said, "Excuse me!" and the let me through. Again, apparently Edward followed me through."

We drove home and I spent the next few minutes trying to pick out the proper color clothing to wear that Edward would approve of. Most of the dresses were various shades of red and white.


9-13-00 - DREAM - I heard a woman's voice say, "I'm sick of these weird pages, Jeannie Houston ....". Then I saw a web pages with a list of links and at the top it said, 'Earthvoices'.


9-14-00 - I dreamed a long time about doing a web page about a non-hyperlinked page about the Indian timeline.


9-14-00 - DREAM -  The Duck Became an Alligator


9-15-00 - Long dream about doing a web page about Indians and spirituality.


9-15-00 -   VISION - I saw a white rose with the number 9800 on it. Next to it was the word INDIAN.

I then went into a dream where I was going into an apartment building.  The inner door of the lobby was closed, but a man knocked on it and a red headed woman opened it. He told her he wanted to go to 1800. She didn't want to let him in.  I wanted to go to 9800 and walked right in.  Everything inside this apartment building was white.  There were numerous doors and it appeared that other people were either moving in or out . I saw a lowboy type organ in the hallway and thought, "Boy! Would I ever like that!"  

I then walked into my apartment. It looked very familiar. It was number 9800.


9-16-00 - I guess I was thinking about the number 9800 when I went to bed.  -  DREAM -  I was told that the number 9800 was the timing of a shotput of an Indian in the Olympics.  I then went to the computer to look it up because I hadn't done that yet.  I put in 9800 and Indian into the search engine.   I didn't really expect that it would show anything about an Indian in the Olympics and it didn't.

However, the dream then changed to what happened to me after the search and I went outside with a young woman. I was driving a car and decided I was going the wrong way, so I made a right turn onto a narrow gravel road. It was raining and wet and the road was muddy and I drove through some puddles and saw that there was a drop off with water along the edge I wouldn't want to end up in but I couldn't find a spot to turn around. The road was too narrow. I felt like the brakes on the car wouldn't work if I tried them either. Finally, I was almost to the end of the road and came to a slightly wider spot with a fence on the left side and decided that was wide enough to turn around. I had no problem turning except that I did it rather fast and the back end slewed a little.  Then I drove back along the narrow road and went home and went back to the computer.

On the computer I looked again at the 9800 - Indian reference page and it had run out of things to say and the words were meaningless.

I woke up having found nothing like what I heard at the beginning. There was no shotputter in the Olympics.

NOTE: Of course, now I have to actually look and see for myself  :-)

... There was nothing to look at. 9800 only came up in phone numbers, addresses or price list numbers in catalogs.


9-16-00 - Another night about Indian links on a computer screen.  The last was a round picture of an Indian child sitting on the ground with the whole air surrounding  him was a Rainbow.


9-17-00 - DREAM - I was with some men, dressed in tuxedos. The man I went with seemed similar to Michael J. Fox. We went out into the car on the way to somewhere. We turned a corner to the right and then to the left. I saw a giant white cloud in the sky which looked like a huge white warrior riding a white horse.  I heard a voice say, "Don't let it dissipate like a cloud".


9-17-00 - DREAM - I was taking care of tiny child wearing an orange dress. She was no bigger than a handful. She was crawling on the floor amongst other children who were normal size. I saw a milk bottle on the floor which was old milk. I decided I would wash out the bottle and give her fresh milk so she would grow. I took the bottle to the sink and began to pour water into it.  Out of the top came bean sprouts which then developed black moldy growths. I pulled at the sprouts until the came out so I could put milk into it fresh.

I heard music coming from the hallway so I went to look. Next door some black people lived and the music they played was blasting out into the hallways that no one could hear anything else much less hear oneself think. I thought to myself that I would ask them to please turn their music down.  

I turned around when I came back and the music was silent, so I didn't go there to talk to them.

I went back into my apartment and there stood a man who worked for me as a maintenance man. He was a survivor of the Bay of Pigs massacre. Most of his family had been killed in it. He came to America and eventually became a Navy Seal and was a Vietnam War Hero.  He was holding the tiny child dressed in orange. He held her to his chest and was singing the hymn, "All Through the Night".

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2000

Hijacked Cuban plane goes down near Florida


A Russian-built single-engine plane with as many as 18 people on board was hijacked out of Cuba on Tuesday and went down in international waters as it headed toward Florida, officials said.

The plane, which was believed to be equipped with floats that would enable it to land on water, was apparently heading toward south Florida, Jim Reynolds, a spokesman for the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, told CNN.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration reported the plane went down in international waters. The U.S. Coast Guard has dispatched ships and a rescue helicopter to the site where the plane either crashed or landed on the water, according to Petty Officer Scott Carr.

CNN's Carl Rochelle said there was no communication from the aircraft to the United States.

Havana Flight Control said the aircraft was headed in a north-northwesterly direction toward the United States.Its nearest possible U.S. destination would be Key West, Florida, some 90 miles away.

Rochelle said the aircraft has the capacity to fly about 80 miles per hour.

The Coast Guard said it was sending every available asset to search for the downed plane, Petty Officer Robert Suddarth told CNN.

It was believed to be 60 miles southwest of Marquesas Key in the Florida Keys.

According to an official at the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department, the plane left Cuba at about 9:30 a.m. EDT and disappeared from U.S. radar around 10:50 a.m.

CNN Correspondent Carl Rochelle and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


9-18-00 - If anyone wants to take this next idea and write a book, go ahead. I don't have time.

DREAM - I was somewhere in the world ... I don't know where. There was a world leader who was less than honorable, but had a huge following.  Even though he was less than honorable, and there were people who were against the man, his following grew by leaps and bounds.  At the same time people who were against this man were disappearing and not found again.  There is a lot of the dream that was instantly forgotten, but before I woke up I realized that the followers of this man weren't necessarily real people.  They were, but weren't.  I was trying to figure out what was going on and I came across a vat of fluid that looked really odd in an underground room. Then suddenly, while I was looking at the vat from a distance, the headless, armless, legless torso of a human being hopped into the room, jumped up and down a few times and threw itself into this vat of fluid.  It was at this moment I realized that the world leader's followers were made up of body parts of people and that technology had come so far that they could take the bottom half of a person taken from a car wreck and attach it to the top half of another person and infuse it with this fluid and it would follow this world leader anywhere and do anything it said. They took body parts of several people if necessary and if they infused the attached parts with this fluid, it couldn't help itself but follow this world leader.  The fluid was made of cloned cells of the world leader ... The world leader's detractors were used for these body parts after their brains were removed and replaced with a cloned brain after being infused with the fluid ....



9-20-00 - DREAM - (The radio was on, playing love songs) I was dreaming the words of the love songs, one after the other being on a white screen on the computer. The Songs were separated by a single black line.


9-20-00 - DREAM - I was in a shopping mall with Joe and my daughter. We were all buying new clothes. The rack that Joe was buying his clothes from was next to the rack that my daughter and I was choosing from, but it was similar, just cut different for male or female.

My daughter and I decided to wear identical clothes and we chose summer casual clothes ... long shorts and matching T top in several shades of orange/tan.

We then went to a neighborhood where some people were flying a blue flag in honor of the first woman who worked for legislation to free the slaves. Everyone was so proud of her hard work.

We then went to another neighborhood where they were flying a green flag. People here were honoring a different person for working towards freeing the slaves.  However, the people who were honoring the first woman with the blue flag were upset that the second group was flying a green flag.

After a lot of discussion, the two groups finally decided it was okay to fly different flags. The point was that they were both honoring a person for doing a good thing, the importance should not be on what color flag the group flew.


9-20-00 - DREAM - I was in a house where other people lived. I had a small kettle of various type and size peas and beans (like lima).  Each of these peas represented an event and time. (I've dreamed this before).  All these peas and beans were in a kettle full of water. I was going to put it on the stove to cook because raw peas and beans don't count.  However, I spilled some water on the floor under the sink. I then saw that it was dusty under the sink which meant I had to wash the floor.  

It wasn't enough to just wash the floor, it had to be scrubbed. There were little indentations on the floor ... it wasn't smooth. So the floor had to be flooded and then scrubbed.  So, I had to flood the floor, then scrub it.

I didn't want to use a white rag or towel because the floor would have turned it black. But the floor was blue, so I flooded it with water, then scrubbed it with a large dark blue towel which didn't show the dust (dirt) so much.

Somehow I knew that the number of peas and beans I had meant these events were going to all take place and be done by the year 2012.

NOTE:; I have several other dreams of peas and beans, but none with the reference of 'time'


9-21-00 - - VISION - I saw a solitary person standing in the blast of a nuclear wind. It was said to be a 1.58


9-21-00 - VISION - I saw a shorter tree with a single green olive or lima bean hanging from it. (It was that color)


9-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a office and working on personnel cards and alphabetizing their names.  The first cards were green, then the names were typed on tan cards. I recognized some of the names but don't remember them now.

I got a phone call from a man who wanted to make an appointement to come in and give us a sales pitch. He said he was from "books" company but his catalog which was a book spelled it  B508 and his name was Jeff Stearns. Inside were pictures of candles and oil lamps.  I thought it would be great if he came in and read to us from this book.

My kids then were bringing in a brand new fish tank full of water and I saw that they were going to put it in a corenr between somem files cabinets, but first they had to move over some huge lit candles which had goldfish swimming in the wax puddles on the candles and one of the kids was standing in a square puddles of deep green wax on the floor.  I wasn't too concerned because I knew I could peel that off of his feet if I did it before it got hard.

I don't remember the rest of this dream.


9-22-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place. It felt familiar but I don't know what state we were in.  I was with family, but not my own family it seemed.

For some reason, we had chosen to be someone other than we were to see how it felt, and we were on an experimental farm also.

I was walking around outside with the others, looking at the crop rows, thinking that my own at home were far superior than these. Other people were more interested in other aspects of what was going on and were play acting to be other types of people. The idea was to experience how it was to be someone else.

In my case, I had drunk some fluid that made my skin dark, so I looked like a black woman. Other people treated me like a black woman, but I was amazed that I still felt like myself inside. I didn't feel black. I felt like myself.  But people treated me like I was someone else. They weren't treating me bad, but they weren't treating me like they used to. I was the most amazed that I felt like my white self and not like a black woman. It was quite confusing in that I expected to feel different because I had black skin and I didn't.

We were in the house then, and my husband and his two buddies were upstairs in the bedroom, taking the walls out to remodel it. It seemed that because I had dark skin, the men treated me like they would treat a black woman, much different than they treated their wives who were young, pretty, and the mothers of their children.

Perhaps they didn't realize that my husband was working with them and that I was only black because I was going through an experiment. They looked at me like they would like to sleep with me, but it wasn't as though they would love me ... just want sex. I had to look at the color of my arms every so often so remind myself that I wasn't the real me on the outside. I was being treated much different.

When the work was done, the men and their wives and kids all gathered in the livingroom to relax and wind down.  I came down into the livingroom after the others had settled down and I made note that my skin hadn't turned back to white ... I was still dark.

My husband introduced me when I walked into the room. The people in the room were quite astounded to know that I was the wife and not the house slut or whatever they thought. It certainly wasn't with the same thoughts as they treated themselves. I had caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I was thin like them, and had long hair like they did. The only difference between me and them was the color of my skin.

I went upstairs then to change clothes back into my normal clothes. There were other women on the stairs, also going upstairs to get back into their regular clothes. We all had to make adjustments to go up the stairs because their wasn't room for everyone to go up the stairs at different speeds, so one would have to  move aside to let one go up who was going faster, etc.

Here again, I knew I could change my clothes, but I couldn't change the color of my skin and that would always make me different.


9-23-00 - The radio was on with love songs. I  dreamed that I was making a web page on the computer with a list of love songs.


9-23-00 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I had divorced my first husband. I was supposed to declare every nickel of money I had in the divorce, but I didn't. I had $260 of undeclared money. I then went to visit the family and had $200 in my hand which I was going to give to the kids or something. My ex-husband spotted the money and grabbed it out of my hand. He then called the cops on me for lying about the money.  

While the cops were on the way, I was slapping at him with some paper, saying, "I'm wishing this was razor wire."  His mother was standing there, and even she was shocked that he would call the cops on me.

As the cops pulled up, he went to let them in, and I slipped out the balcony window and ran for my own apartment which was nearby.

I saw the cops coming, so I climbed over the fence and ran into the apartment next to mibe which window was open. I ran out to the hall and then slipped back into my own apartment where I had the other $60. I wanted to hide it before the cops saw it.

Just as I was going to reach for the $60, the cops walked in. At this point I was outside of my body watching myself. I now looked rather like Jimmy Cagney in a cops and robber movie. I watched myself grab a deck of cards and started riffling them like I was a gambler and going to play a game of poker with them.

I woke up as I as Jimmy Cagney was crossing the room with the cards in his hands.


9-23-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming of making a web page on the computer with statements about indians. As I clicked on the 'Enter' key at the end of each sentence, a picture would appear next to it describing the event the sentence was about.


9-23-00 - DREAM - I was working on what seemed like a long white sheet of paper but it might have been a computer screen. All the sentences were done in fancy old fashioned calligraphy. I was moving the sentences down the page about 1/2 an inch which seemed okay because I wasn't changing any of the words, but when I moved them, the font of the letters changed from calligraphy to plain type. I thought this was a good way to hide the value of the words. These were words quoted from Native Americans in the olden days. The people of the modern world would never know how valuable these words were.

When I was finished, I went out of the room and was in my Jackson St. apartment building. A woman I knew was with me. We started discussing the management of the building. I used to manage the building but had left to go to another job.  The woman who was doing the job now was doing a very bad job and had placed 20 people in two months who weren't paying their rent. I told the woman there was an easy remedy for this ... all they had to do was replace the woman with someone else.  The woman told me they were looking for someone but couldn't find anyone good enough to please the boss.  I said, "Why don't you just ask me to come back?"  She said, "That was already offered to the boss, but he had said that it was against his policy to ask someone to come back." I knew that he was not a wise boss then and took his chances on new people.

We were walking along as we talked and we came to a large banquet hall which was new. I hadn't known this was here. At least it wasn't there when I had managed the building originally. It was at the far end. I could see many large sheets of etched plate glass windows ... it looked like crystal. I thought it would be really cool to manage this building again and manage the banquets too.

We continued on and went back outside to see that many people were coming in on tours. The woman said that a man (name unremembered) was having a showing of his art work inside.

I thought that was pretty great because we were outside and out here were large empty bags that dog food had been in and I hid potato chip bags inside of them so others wouldn't know I stashed food for 'just in case' situations.

I don't know if I woke up for a moment here or not, but I suddenly found myself standing up inside a big city bus with this same woman. The bus was on the wrong side of the street going the wrong direction. It was going backwards.  There was no driver in the seat and no passengers. It was an otherwise empty bus ... just her and me and we were both standing up.

I knew I had to do something quickly, and I knew enough to put my foot on the brake, but to do that I had to move a large brown wooden chair out of the way.  I was still standing up and pressed my foot on the brake. The bus slowed down just in time and I saw that we missed the back end of another bus by about twenty feet.

I then knew that I had to do something about the situation and get the bus into a safe place so no one would get hurt. So, I took my foot off the brake and put it gently on the gas and the bus started to move forward slowly. I steered it carefully and we went forward far enough so that the bus was now at the other end of the block along the median strip of the street, but it was still going in the wrong direction.

I thought it would be a good idea to park the bus alongside the curb until a real bus driver could come along and take the bus where it belonged.  I then saw two policemen standing on the corner. It was obvious they didn't see that there was something wrong, so I told the woman to open the emergency door a little so we could wave down the cops and tell them the problem.

The woman opened the emergency door just a crack so the alarm wouldn't go off and she and I were waving wildly at the policemen to get their attention.

I saw them coming. They came up to the emergency bus door on the left side of the bus and I told them the problem. I told them that the bus was going the wrong way. The policeman said, "All you have to do is spin it around and it'll be going the right way."

I thought about that and thought that if I did something that crazy, the bus would certainly tip over, and that if I went around the block, other people would think I was a regular bus and want to get on it. I also thought about all the traffic I would have to go through in going around 4 corners. Besides that I wasn't a bus driver.

I told the policeman that I wasn't a bus driver and didn't know how to drive a bus, but he didn't seem to think that was a problem. He said, "All you have to do then is park the bus at the curb."  

I knew that all along that that was what needed to be done. But I wasn't a bus driver.

We were still standing up inside the bus too.

So, I finally agreed I would attempt to park the bus myself at the curb which I did by driving it backwards and parking it.

As soon as I did, a whole crowd of people appeared along the street, all yelling, "Here he comes! Here he comes!"

I looked and here came Santa Claus and all his merry elves and reindeer. I could hear the bells jingling and it sounded just like Christmas. But there was a problem ... Santa Claus and all his merry elves were all dressed in black leather.  As this black dressed Santa went down the street just like a real Santa Claus all the people along the street fell in behind him and joined the parade.  So the parade of people following the black dressed Santa just kept getting longer and longer as it went.  

I felt enormous sadness for those people but there was nothing I could do to tell them that this wasn't the wrong Santa Claus.

I then went inside the building again with this woman. In the apartment, there were several other younger woman. I can't recall exactly how this happened, but in the next apartment over lived the Patriarch Asa Buchanan and the woman attorney Nora Buchanan from One Life to Live television show.

Nora came to the door and asked me to guard something for them. I don't know what this something was but it was very important. I said I would do it, but this was a dangerous task for me to do. The other woman in my apartment wanted something in return for me to do this task and brought out tall glass tubes that were filled with water and tiny roses at the bottom. They were like bud vases are, but very tall, about three feet high and about 3 inches across.

The women demanded that the vases be filled with pure oil instead of water.  

I felt extremely embarrassed by this extraordinary request as it was quite expensive to fill these large vases with pure oil. (Maybe I was thinking about the cost of crude oil these days from OPEC?)

Nora Buchanan didn't say whether she would do it or not, but said that while I was guarding whatever this is, she wanted my telephone number. I was reluctant to give out my phone number and told her that she could tell no one what my phone number was.

My phone number was like no one elses and if someone called it I would know that she had given it out. My number started and ended with the number 0.  Nobody else had a number like this.

Before she left, she and I were standing at the large dresser where the tall vases were standing full of water and roses. When she gave me the protection I needed to guard ourselves and whatever it was that I had to guard I knew how dangerous it was, because she handed me a stack of torn brown paper bag in rectangles about 2 x 4 inches along with a gasoline soaked match book.  I stood there with this gasoline soaked paper and match book and began to wake up knowing the danger we were in.

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