9-1-90 - I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, but awake. I could see myself in my 16th St. house. A silver man came in the front door carrying a tall silver ship. He said, "Regarding the tall sailing ship, there will be an explosion on board within the next 30 days.

NOTE:  The H.M.S. Rose which is a tall sailing ship came to town in the harbor but I never heard anything about an explosion. When it left town, I couldn't follow the news of where it went.


9-2-90 - DREAM - I was with my husband. We had a little baby. My husband wanted to take care of the baby himself but he couldn't handle it very well, so I took over but I couldn't keep the blankets on him.  I did the best I could and said I would make him a sleeping sack that he couldn't kick off. I lay the baby down to rearrange the blankets and the baby began to pee. I put a paper towel over it so he wouldn't get me, but the pee turned to blood. I knew that we had to get the baby right to the hospital.


9-2-90 - DREAM - I was in a city. Down at the intersection, three men in black stood waiting to pounce on someone. I could see the big river flowing by beyond the last building. The river was higher than the city streets, held back by a wall. I felt that my husband thought he was better than me. Just then the wall broke down and let the river loose. But, I knew that I was on high ground and sure enough, when the river found its even level in the city, it was lapping around my feet, but less than an inch. The men in black were gone. I looked around the corner and the ocean was higher yet than the river was.


9-2-90 - DREAM - I was in a yellow car with a man and he drove me on a road that led to Washington State.


9-2-90 - MEDITATION - I was working on the Pope Paul demise again. A voice said, "In his grave."

A voice said, "I am using points for the University."

A voice said, "I am using the baby."

A voice said, "There are no babies now."


9-2-90 - MEDITATION - I was calling the silver man.  I saw myself on a city street with many people. There was a woman there with yellow horns on her head. Several other people grabbed her and took her away from me.

I called the silver man again. I could not get the silver man to come. A voice said, "Are you afraid of it?"  I saw an arm reach out and grab a black man by the necktie and jerked him forward. The black man said, "Yes!" (The black man was medium brown, squarish face, and squarish hairdo.)  He was wearing a suit and tie.)

Q. Should I write a note to the captain of the ship?  A. "His wife told him".

Q. Is it my responsibility to give this information to the captain of the ship?"  A. "Well, at least it was in the shack?"

Q. Is there a reason why I cannot see the silver man again?" A. "Are you expecting me to be an answering service?"

I was thinking about my daughter-in-law Becky going out to bars with her girlfriends. I saw a big group of people with protest signs.

Q. Do you want me to study Eckankar or pass on the information to TM for editing? A. "You are different!"

I thought about the storage in the basement and what I should take down or give away. A voice said, "She remembers all that shit!"

I saw a girl dressed in black go and sit on a chair.

Q. Should I study Eckankar?  A. "Are you going to do the homework? It would be the same as the occupied territory."

Q. Should I edit the information? A. "When this is done.  When this is done by the people."

Q. Should TM do the editing? A. "When he is responsible."

Q. Is October 22nd the transition date for the Mahanta? A. "It is too low." The voice laughed.

I saw a door open. I went through it. A voice said, "Where your daughters go."

Q. Should I edit the Eckankar material for truth? A. "I was urging him to listen to me that day."

Q. Where should we live in 1997? A. "Regional"

Q. Should we live in the Chilton, WI area?  A. "It is held in the their talks and their questioning. "

Q. Should we live in the Merrill, WI area? A. I saw someone leaping over obstacles. A voice said, "I suppose so!"

Q. Should we move to the state of Washington? A" Day 5! There was a dead Mexican!"


9-3-90 - DREAM - I was in the Lutheran church in New Berlin but it was on Wisconsin Ave. at 20th St. The church was packed with people. There was a room at the back of the church where people sat who didn't want to get involved sat. They just basically observed.

Then the church moved to a larger building. It was built bigger, but at 30th St.  The pastor said that nobody would get to sit in the back room unless they had special permission.

When we arrived at the new church, the entire center of the church was empty of people. I found a seat on the plush couch alongside the right wall to the right of my mother. The back room only had a couple people. Nobody else came to the new church.


9-3-90 - EXPERIENCE - I was watching TV and a woman was singing a song about having love. Just then a pile of books on the bookcase flipped over to show the title, "Forever Amber!"


9-4-90 - TM told me that I came to him in meditation and told him he would be at AC  for 404 more days as of 9-1-90.  (He finally left his job in 1999, but the company moved from its location at that time in that time period)

NOTE: I don't know why I have this note in the book:

Interlock pinkies for more power.  Cross right hand over left and interlock pinkies.


9-3-90 - MEDITATION - I was given the name Sana. So I called Sana and saw a black couple coming up the front sidewalk of my apartment building. The woman was dressed in yellow. A man was escorting her.


9-3-90 - DREAM - I was in the basement of my apartment building. I went through a rag bag. I found a reversible blue and white dress which was worn out, but attached to the neckline was a diamond star pin which I kept. There were many strange people down there.

When I was finished sorting the rag bag, I continued to clean the basement. Several people wanted to dance and I waited for them to finish. At 9 p.m. I had to close up and make everyone go upstairs where they belonged.

As I woke up, with my eyes still closed, a pair of white shoes was put in front of me and the laces were pulled tight and tied. I said, "Babaji! Is that you?" A voice said, "Yes! It is! You are not stupid."


9-4-90 - DREAM - The gist of the dream was that people should lay with the head toward the north.


9-9-90 Dream: I was told in the dream that people should arrange  their bedrooms so their heads are towards the north. This is to promote receptivity in the dream state.


9-9-90 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. I murdered two women, cooked their brains, then sliced up the meat into 1" cubes and buried one cube under each flower in the yard.

The family was coming home soon and I still had the torsos, so I dug a hole by the tree stump and buried the torsos whole.

Then I quickly went about destroying the evidence of their existence at my home. The name LEN was very prominent in the papers I had, and I even had the letters on top of my head like a crown.

There was a very tall man, dressed in a cape of orange whom I asked to help me escape before I was accused of the murders.


9-9-90 - MEDIATION - Q. Who is Sana?  A. "Sana is in charge of sexual activities on the mental plane."

Asking Fubi Quantz ; Q. How many Mahantas have there been?  A. "This required digging into the archives.  Three dozen or so. "

I asked again. Q. How many Mahantas have there been?  A. "I broke it down that much. What do you want? "  I saw a gold, pink, and silver compact coming out of something.  I saw what appeared to be the current Mahanta and he seemed to be injured.

Q. Who is the true Mahanta?  A. "There is no rush. You don't have to bother again."

Q. How many Mahantas have there been?  A. "210".

I heard, "Christian art is in the eyes and in the heart."


9-10-90 A book came out about the New Madrid Fault and a dire prediction that when a special alignment of the planets occurred on December 3rd and 4th of December, 1990, I decided to meditate on this event and see if indeed these people had to worry about being annihilated. (This was an alignment of the sun, moon, and planets.)


Q. Please show me the New Madrid Fault area on December 3, 1990.

A. I saw the area from high in the area, swooping and flying around. The voice said, "I hate to disappoint you, but I do not see anything."

A. "The government will try to reinforce this."

A. There was a reference to lunch and the coffee cup are ready.  (I have since learned that the symbolism of eating means spiritual food, and that the coffee and coffee cup means awakening.)

A. "I am tired of babysitting this land."

A. I saw two people down on their knees.They said they are getting ready for the cold.

A. I saw a woman who asked me about the PREJECTORS.  She said, "They are as worse as you are."

I went to the Sugmad Lok level to call Kaita.  A voice said, "Who is in Charge." "Citation!"

I called Babaji and he did not come.  A voice said, "Where is Babaji?"  Another voice said, "Baghdad."


9-10-90 - MEDITATION - Babaji said, "I would like to discuss metabolism and health. I had the impression that he was going to talk about T.H.  Then I saw Princess Di of England. She was sitting at the far right at a banquet table, wearing a black dress and looking very sad.

Babaji said, "How does Jordan sound in the darkness?  Does it sound like your city?"

I asked Kaita. Q. Do you work with one person, or do you work with many?  A. "I work with about 2,000,000 people."

Q. What are you master of?  A. "One third on the shoulder, one third on the shore."

Kaitu said, "I met you at a psychic 'facetious' house.  I met you at a psychic 'suspicious' house.  _________ getting off of the crutches.  I am getting a red dancing dress ready. I am getting ready for the wedding.


9-12-90 Dream: I was in a doctor's office or hospital. The doctor showed me a cross view drawing or x-ray of my Fallopian tube. It showed a partial blockage where the sperm were swimming upward. He said that I should have that repaired. (I had my tubes tied in 1980) NOTE: When I woke up, there was a severe ache in that area.

At 4:00 p.m. that same day, I went into meditation and directed myself to the high astral healing temple to have my Fallopian tube repaired. I saw myself being wheeled into an operating room in a wheel chair and placed onto an operating table. When the surgery was performed, the doctor removed a white string.

NOTE: I never had another ache in that area.


9-12-90 - DREAM: - I was helping out cleaning up a kitchen attached to a garage. A man brought in an old rusted brown car and I was going to change the oil for him, but I couldn't get through to the pumps. Another woman adjusted the car so I was able to and I dumped his old transmission fluid out and then cleaned up the mess I made.  The man was from northern Wisconsin. He said that he wanted me, but he had't come to get me. I said, "Did you expect me to come to get you?" He said, "No!"  I was in the process of making the place clean for him and it looked like I was pregnant with twins too.


9-12-90 - MEDIATION ON THE CHAKRAS - On the yellow - solar plexus, a voice said, "If there is any blue sludge, let me know."


9-12-90 - MEDITATION - Q. When will the UFOs make contact with the American people in the physical realm?  A. "Laramie"  "It will be 8/13 and not 24"  "Diana Fossler will come out with a book on it in 6 weeks."

I went to the astral healing temple to have my fallopian tube repaired. I saw a long white string pulled out.

Later that day, I did this again and went to the astral healing temple. I saw myself wheeled in to an operating room in a wheelchair and put on an operating table.

In chakra meditation - on the third eye I heard a voice, "There is no purple. I saw many sheets of paper falling down with only partial information on.


9-14-90 - DREAM - There were four sets of keys on my desk from 67 to 71. Then I went dancing with 4 people and had to comb my hair. It was short on top and a little longer in the back.


9-13-90 - MEDITATION - I was meditating to work on health problems. A voice said, "It will be done this weekend, for good times."

I saw several nurses dressed in blue and white gathered around me. I was in a wheelchair and they took me to the door of the hospital to say goodbye.


9-14-90 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like to verify 1-6712 for TM.  A. "I don't know Dolores. That doesn't sound correct."  

I started to add up the numbers... the voice said, "There is no need to add them up.  1-6718 is for blood pressure.   1-6718 each taken separately will reduce the cholesterol in the blood.

I saw a man eating what looked like Cracker Jack. A voice said, "That's the reason why he can't whistle."


9-15-90 - DREAM - I was given a gadget with which I could call in the color purple at will. The instructions were to push the button in slowly, hold it a few seconds, then release slowly and the color purple would come to me.  I had bought a new house on "Call" Ave.

I also had a dream where I washed my daughters purple snowpants.


9-17-90 - DREAM - I was in an apartment with a male friend. I was called to the lobby for an emergency. My friend came with me. Then he decided to go upstairs to his own apartment to go to the bathroom, but when he went up, he left the door open. I could hear him coming down the stairs. To tease him, I ran ahead to close the door.  I got behind the door to push it shut and I felt someone grabbed me  from behind.  (I woke up feeling the person behind me and this feeling remained for almost a minute)


9-17-90 Meditation:

Q. Are there any UFO people here?

A. I saw four television sets like in a television studio. There was a different picture on each one. The scene zoomed in on the far left one and the man on the picture said, "We are here because of the hostilities."


9-18-90 Meditation: During general meditation, there was a reference to a plane crash with many casualties.

NOTE: On 10-2-90, there was a plane crash involving two planes with 127 casualties.


9-18-90 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like to know more precise timing for the earthquake in Japan where there will be 400,000 casualties.

A. "Look at all those dead Puerto-Ricans"

A. "Where am I supposed to get that from?"

A. "La Junia is into drugs and money"

A. "What a waste." (The voice was a hysterical female)

I said, "Take me to the ball game of January, 1991" I saw bedroom slippers with eyes looking out the top. A voice said "I don't know what she's doing. I don't know what she's doing."  I heard a child crying.  I saw a Japanese man with a cane going up a stair.  A female voice said, "I would like to bring tiny words to that mixture."

Another voice said, "There will be an inner bomb in 1988."

I saw a circle like a map. A voice said, "Gee! That's foolishness."

I saw a man. He said, "Japan predicted them."

I tried to stop meditation out of frustration and just go to sleep, but they kept showing me things. They said, "We are interested in it."  I saw a shape of a parallelogram like a puzzle coming up out of a green livingroom chair. The picture looked like a stadium full of people wearing colorful clothes. The date January, 1996 kept coming up.


9-20-90 Meditation:

A voice said, "When you see a coffee pot, does it do anything for you?" I answered, "No!" The voice then said, "Then you might as well stay away from it!"

I saw many cartoonish type characters like on playing cards. They were Kings, Queens, Jacks, on a sheet of paper. A voice said, "At least Nancy knows what to give me."

I called Malathion and Nancy so Nancy could give me the information. I could see black hair and black eyes looking over the edge of a table.

I was given a contract. The date after the signature was 1, 1, 45

Q. What is the contract?

A. I saw a globe of light on the ceiling. I saw myself take down the globe and put the contract into it and put the globe back.

The contract covered an agreement to move away from the area in which I was raised to start a community elsewhere.


9-23-90 - MEDITATION - Q. I need to see a future date. (I didn't get to ask the question) I saw a truck parked out in front of a house. The top was made out of wooden staves like a half barrel upsidedown with a padlock on the back locking it.

I was given the name of a counselor. Her name is ABICA BAESH.


9-24-90 - DREAM - I lived on the waterfront. It was actually my 16th St. house but it was on the ocean shore. The poor woman with many children who lived in #60 on the corner moved out. I went to inspect it, thinking that it was going to be awful. Inside was just a plain wooden structure, very sturdy, but with no paint or decorations. She left behind many of her children's toys. There was a huge stack of new and unused coloring books I especially wanted to keep and a red and black checker set.


9-24-90 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, my husband brought home a co-worker with a loud voice. I tried to act like I was the perfect wife and housekeeper, constantly picking up after them and putting things away. I even found my children's kindergarten papers. The plants I took care of didnt have long sturdy roots yet, but they were healthy and I took good care of them. The man finally left and I was left alone with my husband who was very thin. I told him that he needed to put on a little weight. we went somewhere in the car and he wanted to make love to me, but someone was watching and I told him to stop. He said, "We've tried to get  back together now four times and each time, within an hour, I knew it wasn't going to work.


9-24-90 - DREAM - I was changing clothes from purple slacks to dark blue ones. A friend of mine wanted to try on the purple ones, but on her the seat was baggy and I saw a brown stain where you sit down and I knew they needed washing.


9-24-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Who is Sheryat Lau?  A. "Tell California that the funerals hacked it all up.

Q. Can I call Sheryat Lau?  A. "You have to be careful. It didn't occur to me to tell you last night."   I saw him open a door and he and many other people walked out and down the hallway.

Q. Could my health be better if I went to the healing temple every day?  A. I saw a woman. She said, "She's not as close a friend as she said.  We have a special SPE club."

I went to the astral healing temple. While I was raising my vibrations, I saw a woman dressed in an aqua green cape. She seemed to be interfering in this. She raised her arm to her face under the cape and tried to run away.

A voice said, "How can they live out there, Dolores? Are they brush or are they poison?"

I saw two women on the right, waiting for the doctor to show up.

I called Babaji to the healing temple. I heard a voice say, "She's wired up. It's a black wire."  Another voice said, "Clearance 1! Clearance 2!."

Q. I would like the silver pieces of the bullet taken out of my blood. A. "You're going to get lots more than that taken out Tootsie."

I saw myself laying on the examining table. I saw two huge blood blisters at the end of the first two fingers of my right hand.  They prepared to put blood into my body at the right elbow and take it out at the left foot.

A voice said, "Two kids just found an empty jar in the garbage pit by the hospital."

I saw myself waiting for the treatment.  A voice said, "You know he called his envelope in last night."

Another voice said, "2:35. The lecture is schedule for." Another voice said, "33, 34, 35"

I felt there were two aliens hidden on the right side. A voice said, "What are your motives for this?"  I saw two black men on my left by my bed.  They had just completed working on a white woman. My turn is next. There is a man here who does not want me to have this done. He said, "Crucify me if I am wrong."  When he said this, there was a loud 'cracking' sound in my bookcase behind me in the physical realm.  A voice said, "The doctor has sent for some blood thinner now. The nurse has gone to retrieve it."

I got interrupted from my mediation at that point.

NOTE:  The reason for the healing meditation was because of a strange dream in which I found myself aboard an alien spacecraft in a large round hospital room where there were many operating tables with people laying on them.  All the equipment they used was attached to cords and tubes in the wall and they were pulled out to use.  In the operation they did on me, they injected me with some kind of silver bullet which was put into a vein or artery in the long part of my left arm. The bullet was to dissolve in my blood. Following that dream,  I was very sick and never got better.  After that, they kept coming back every two months or so, gave me a blood test, then gave me another injection.  That started in 1986.  It continued to 1996.  When they gave me the last injection, they branded me in two places with triangle shaped injections points and the area between the injection points swelled up and the injection points itched so bad, I scratched them raw until they bled. One was on the back of my right hand, the other one under my right breast.



Several years earlier, I had an experience which is part of records I have lost. During that experience, which might have only been a dream, but one cannot say for certain. But in that experience I was taken aboard a huge UFO. In the operating room where I was taken, there were many, many tables on which other people were lying on their backs undergoing various procedures. All the tools they used on me were attached to tubes that pulled out of the wall. They injected me with something they called a silver bullet. It was huge and they injected it into my left arm. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I was going to die. My health was immediately so bad it was totally out of control. I didn't know what was wrong with me and when I went to the doctor, they couldn't diagnose anything. They found nothing wrong with me. My health was so bad at this point I was willing to try anything. So, I asked to go to the astral healing temple.


Q. I requested my body to be healed in the astral healing temple.

Q. I would like the silver pieces of the bullet taken out of my blood.

A. Voice said, "You are going to get lots more than that taken out Tootsie." I saw myself on the examining table. I saw two huge blood blisters on the end of the first two fingers on my right hand.

They prepared to put blood into my body at the right elbow and take it out at the left foot. I saw myself waiting for treatment.

I felt there were two aliens hidden on the right side of me out of visual sight.

I could see two black skinned men on my left side. They were just finishing work on another woman to my left. My turn is next. There is a man here in the room who does not want me to have this done. I heard him say, "Crucify me if I'm wrong."

The voice said, "The doctor has sent for some blood thinner now." The nurse left to retrieve it.

When the procedure was done, I was told it would have to be repeated on a more minor basis of blood cleansing every day. I wasn't very good at getting that done every day. It was a lengthy procedure, and I always found other things to do instead of meditation. My health did not improve by much for that reason.


9-26-90 - MEDITATION - A blonde woman came. She said, "I came to speak to you about suicide."  I saw a large group of people sitting on chairs ina circle, getting for a discussion. (group therapy?)  

A voice said, "Sleep! Sleep!"  (hypnosis?)

Another voice said, "I was never happy."

I saw a woman comforting another woman.

Another voice said, "This is morbid."

Another voice said, "What is the verdict of most of the people here in St. Pauls?"

Another voice said, "The whole thing is falling apart."

Another voice said, "Where is the cushion?"

Another voice said, "He hit the arteries two or three Sunday's ago."


9-26-90 - MEDITATION - I saw a woman dressed in pink go up two stairs. She was carrying a copy of FATE magazine. She turned and looked at me. She may have been a black woman. She had dark hair.

A voice said, "Sunny?  Sunday?"

A male voice said, "You're like us and you ask for trouble."

A female voice said, "You don't have trouble, you have opportunities."

Another voice said, "You are like us!"

I saw some square holes with plugs in them. Someone was trying to push a round peg into it.

Someone said, "It's blocked off."

I saw a black wrought iron gate which was around the area where these people are. It was locked.  A workman said to me, "You are locked out!" He then went to the gate and went down two steps to the room.

A female voice said, "Some people can be all muscle but not listen."

I asked, Q. How can we avoid being a suicide statistic?"

I saw a big maroon colored valise with what looked like law papers in it. A man tapped me on the hand and said, "Thanks!"

 I asked him, "Where are you?"  He answered, "New York!"

I saw a maintenance man. He said, "If you ever need any help, call Ken Davis."

I was helping him to move the vacuum cleaner to another floor.

A voice said, "I was given a ring over six months ago."


9-27-90 VISION during prayer. A horrible green dragon came up out of the ground in the Mid-East.


Meditation:  I meditated on the above vision.

Q. Is this dragon the same as referred to in the Book of Revelation - Chapter 12?

A. The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be.  I saw an ugly, dark man with only four teeth. He said, "I have all the vegetables imaginable for humankind."

A. It was made by India for use in World War III.

Q. Will the Chinese get involved on Iraq's side?

A. They are already involved.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. Would you like to see what it looks like? I then saw the side of a large building. It was a horrible mess. The voice said: "It is not nice to see."

A. I am going to arrange the opponents." I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. Voice said, "This is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope, very taut.

A. Voice said, "Everyone will be afraid of it." I saw a square drawn by hand rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.


9-30-90 - DREAM - E.K., my maintenance man and I traveled out to Washington State together. We stayed at my mother-in-law's farm. (actually Wisconsin-deceased) I had my children with me. (not current age0  I held my son on my lap, breathing on him and he was saying, "So fresh! So fresh!"  E.K. said he was going to go out and see if there were any bartending jobs to be had. I said, "I didn't realize we were staying out here."

I knew I had plenty of money in my checking account to travel on. My in-laws left to go to a doctor appointment, leaving me in the house alone.  The house was perfectly clean, so there was nothing for me to do.

I decided that  if we were going to stay, that I'd better get a job too. I was aware that I had anxieties about going out in public and that I should probably go to a psychiatrist to continue my treatment for that and that I could also handle a job where I could walk to it.

I lay down on a green covered bed to rest, regretting that I hadn't brought my address book along, but that I could either have my mother (on 16th St.) send it to me or I could start a brand new one.

Then too, I wondered shy I wanted to stay there and I knew that I secretly hoped that my ex-husband Edward would try to find me and maybe we could get back together ina loving relationship.


9-30-90 - My neighbor and friend Dorothy saw in spirit about T.H. She gave her students untraceable drugs in liquid and powder form to make them ill. She controlled them with hypnosis and fear.

She also had an astral vision of a demon by her bedroom door. From the knees up, it was a man. He had hairy horns on his head. He had a dragon-like lower body and tail like a crocodile.