9-1-92 - DREAM - I was with a man and he won a colorful plastic prize in a game. It was like a slot machine. He said he wasn't going to let the kids play with it because they might ruin it. He planned to put it in the livingroom. I went to look at it. It was now a red TV set cover over the screen and the colorful part. It had been placed high u on top of a cabinet. I waned to look at it to see where the best place to put it would be. The man said, "Be careful, it looks light, but it weight 300 lbs."  I looked at it and thought it was a big waste of time.


9-4-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, coming in National Ave. from Calhoun Rd. (172nd) In my right hand, I carried a carrying case that contained either a sleeping bag or a little food. In my left hand, I carried a 1/2 full bottle of ketchup.

I got to Moorland Rd. and entered a bank mall to use the bathroom and the pay phone. I reached into my pockets and I had no money whatsoever, so I went to the bathroom, hoping to meet women I could either borrow a quarter from or ask for a ride to my mother-in-law's house who lived in a red house about 1/2 way between Moorland Rd. and 124th St. I intended to ask for a ride from her to the bus station, where I was going to get a ride to the State of Washing.

In Washington, I intended to stay for awhile while I made my decision whether I wanted to live in Wausau or Milwaukee.

I walked into the mall and the bathrooms were lined up on the left wall. MEN - GAYS - WOMEN.

I went into the women's room and it was kind of a lounge that had tables like McDonalds. There wree two women there who were looking at a drawing of an elf with a mushroom. She was saying that she had just found a mushroom like that she was drawing. it was gray and non-descript.

I looked at her drawing which was good and wondered why I had met her now, just as I was about to leave town and wished I had met her sooner.

I planned to ask her to drive me to my mother-in-laws' house before she went back to work for lunch.

NOTE: Neither of my mother-in-law's ever lived in the area.


9-5-92 - DREAM - I was in this apartment building and the hunchback lady from 235F was in the bathroom. She was preparing to dye her hair. I heard a voice say, "Is there any lead?"

I woke up knowing that hair dye can poison you.


9-6-92 - DREAM - My ex-husband called me on the phone and told me that my oldest son was in the hospital and they were planning to remove his right kidney and then amputate his right leg at the hip.

I was really upset that this was going to happen, then the phone rang again and he told me that the operation had been put off for now.

I woke up thinking about this and I started to have a long movie-like vision in black and white in which I was told that the previous dream was symbolic and was created just like Christ can create fields of flowers.

I started seeing a kaliedescope of tremendous fields of different colored flowers. (This was still in black and white)


9-6-92-  DREAM - I was with all the familiar characters from "One Life to Live" TV show., a murder mystery began with bodies being hacked up and hidden in closets at A-C for being found later, and blamed on people who was still there.

I could tell that this was being play-acted for my benefit and again was all symbolic for what was to come in real life at A-C. (In symbolism)

I was with a man driving north on Hwy 45 , them west on Hwy 11.


9-6-92 - MEDITATION - I raised by vibrations and transferred my consciousness, awareness and sight to :  I got stuck between the astral and mental. I saw a white man. There was a reference to removing a white dog from the left and then a dark blue stone rolled out of his left nostril and fell down.

I went to the telephone connection on the wall and pulled the plug for the battery charger that connected me to Elmer. That was done deliberately and when I was sure that Elmer was gone, I plugged the battery charger plug back in that was connected to the phone.

I asked to be transferred to the healing temple with Babaji, Sohataji and T.M. I was immediately whisked away. I vaguely recall some things going on as I described T.M.'s problem, but not enough to bring back with me.

I went back and called Sohataji, Babaji, and T.M. We came to a balcony that had only 1 white wicker chair on it. It had  high feminine looking filigree border around the back edges. One of the men commented that there was only one wicker chair there and I answered, "That's okay. I'm the only one who ever uses it.

I then went into the healing temple and saw a woman I thought was myself. There was a short conversation, I cannot remember. The woman reclined. She was wearing a deep rose colored exercise tights and top. The examination sowed the area between the waist and chest to see what was there. I expected to see something constricting the area, but there was nothing there.

I saw a booklet. The left hand page said, "Aurora is not so far away as you think."

I then saw 15 men, like workmen, dressed in grey coveralls, they were coming to work on T.M.


9-8-92 - DREAM - I was in a school room, sitting by the window and looking out through a screen at people going by. A girl came up to the window and pushed a pencil thru a hole in the screen and asked me to sharpen it for her. It was almost as sharp as newly sharpened. I put it into the school sharpener and the lead broke off. As I sharpened the pencil, it just kept getting shorter and shorter, but it wouldn't get sharp.

The woman started to push the screen in to come into the room, and I yelled for help from an unknown workman who had gone into the men's room.

He came and pushed her back out and fixed the screen. I then went to my own room where I lived and saw that someone had scribbled on the walls in pencil. Marks were everywhere. I was very upset, but I looked closer at the designs and saw that one room which was octagonal had a fireplace drawn in on one wall and I liked it, and the other room had ocean waves drawn on it as well as triangles. I liked it so much I decided to get blue paint and go over the marks to enhance them in color.


9-8-92 - DREAM - I remember walking up to a glowing orange UFO in the dark and I remember seeing the glowing orange UFO as I walked away from it in the dark, but cannot remember anything that happened between the two points or anything before or after.

I had a similar experience in 1996 although I wasn't exactly dreaming. I was sitting on the couch watching TV.


9-8-92 - DREAM - I was at home somewhere in the kitchen with some open pill bottles. I wanted to close them, but didn't see the covers, so I somehow, with a little hand manipulation, was able to create covers for the bottles and close them.

I then went into the livingroom and saw that the carpet was stretched and needed straightening out. I decided to try waving my hand at it and sure enough, the carpet stretched itself even under the furniture just by waving my hand. With more practice, I was able to do more and more things just with a wave of my hand, to move furniture, clean rooms, change the color of carpeting. I got really good at it.

Later on, I  was upstairs in the bedroom of my 16th St. house with my husband. An Indian came in wearing a colorful costume and he was explaining how he and his wife had gone to marriage counseling and had straightened out his life.

My husband had a notebook with a lot of incidents written in it and where he had experienced jealousy about me. I looked at the opposite page and saw only 1 incident written down where I had experienced jealousy about him, so I admitted I knew what it felt like, so I understood what the emotion was.


9-9-92 - DREAM - I was shown in picture language , the propulsion type of space rockets. If I could be hypnotized, I could say what it is. It was not electromagnetic, electro- f _____.

I didn't find that word specifically, but I found these:









Propulsion</B> is Necessary

Isp and The Rocket Equation

Tankage Factors and Dry Weights

Staging, Thrust-to-Weight, and Safety

Mission Analysis

Taxonomy of Propulsive Concepts

Taxonomy of Non-Propulsive Concepts

Advanced Chemical Propellant Combinations


Passive Thermal Control

Sorption Compressors / Refrigerators

High Energy Density Material (HEDM) Propellants

Atomic (Free Radical) Hydrogen

Metastable Helium

Metallic Hydrogen

Hybrid Solid / Liquid HEDM <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B> Concepts

Fission <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B> Concepts

Solid Core Nuclear Rocket


Hybrid NTP/NEP


Radioisotope "Poodle" Thruster

Particle Bed Nuclear Rocket

Liquid Core Nuclear Rocket

Gas Core Nuclear Rocket

Nuclear Pulse Rocket

ORION Concept

Fission Fragment Rocket

Fusion <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B> Concepts

Inertial Confinement Fusion



Magnetic Confinement Fusion

Dense Plasma Focus

Inertial Electrostatic Confinement


Matter-Antimatter Annihilation

Thruster Concepts

Propulsion for Interstellar Missions

Production, Storage, and Utilization

Protable Penning Trap

Antimatter-Catalyzed Micro-Fission/Fusion




Microwave Electrothermal Thrusters

Pulsed Electrothermal Thrusters

Electron Bombardment Ion Engines

Working Ion Drive Systems

Contact Ion Engine

Microwave Ion Engine

Radio Frequency Ion Engine

Plasma Separator Ion Engine

Radioisotope Ion Engine

Hall Thrusters

Field Emission Thrusters

Fullerene Ion Engines

Colloid Thrusters

Pulsed Plasma Thrusters

Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters

Pulsed Inductive Thrusters

Electron-Cyclotron Resonance Thrusters

Variable Isp Plasma Rocket

Solar Electric <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B>

Nuclear Electric Proplusion

Concepts for SEP Vehicles from 1kW to 60kW

Concepts for SEP and NEP Vehicles over 100kW


Phase-Change Microthruster Concepts

Ion Thruster on a Chip

Micropropulsion Subsystem Components

Beamed Energy

Solar Thermal <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B>

Laser Thermal <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Propulsion</B>

Beamed-Laser / Fusion (DELITE)

Earth-to-Orbit Launch Applications


Solar Sails

Interstellar Light Sail

Interstellar Microwave Sail

Magnetic Sails

Aerobrake, Aerocapture, and Gravity/Aerogravity Assist



Gravity Assist

Aerogravity Assist

Chemical and Electromagnetic Catapults

Chemical Catapults

Electromagnetic Catapults

Issues Common to All Earth Launch Catapults

Launch Assist Catapults

Tethers, Skyhooks, and Towers

Extraterrestrial Resource Utilization

Water Electrolysis

Mars In-Situ Propellant Production

Zirconia Cell Reactions

Sabatier Process / Water Electrolysis

Sorption Pump for CO2

CO/O Rocket Engines

Mars ISRU Sample Return Mission

Lunar Resource Utilization

Planetary Atmosphere Utilization

Bussard Interstellar Ramjet

Interstellar Precursor Missions

Interstellar Mission Requirements


9-9-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji, Sohataji, and T.M. and 6 people dressed in black and white came into the room, left through a revolving door, the came back in. A woman did the healing procedure and when it was over, she went into a side room on the right to a little child. The mother there said, "Dolores! you are the only one who understand."

I called Babaji, Sohataji, and T.M. 6 men came in. The were dressed in old-fashioned priest dresses with circular picture hats. The dresses were pastel, multicolor.

I did a picto-type healing on T.M. right knee using blue for pain, green or healing and wrapped it in a bandage.


9-14-92 - DREAM - I was headed towards the country on a bus. We were on a city street, but way on the left side next to the parked cars. There was no top on the bus then and I was always afraid we were going to hit overhanging things, but we never did. Then the bus became individual motorcycles and we were still going along qite well, but our driver slowed down while we went ahead of him. We were going slower and slower because he stopped to discuss something with someone. Finally, my companion was walking and I was driving really slow, but able to keep my balance. We were coming to a fork in the road, and we didn't know which way to go so we had to stop and wait for the driver. So i finally had to get off my motorcycle and walk it and finally stop to wait for the driver.


9-14-92 - DREAM - I was at A-C. A purchase order had been placed quite awhile earlier fo something and it was getting close to delivery time. However, the prints had been revised on 1/7/91 and what had been a circular object now looked like an impeller. The problem was that the person who was to make the objects had not received the revised prints, so I had to quickly go to the copier, make the prints and get them in the mail.

The man who was in charge of that department said he as going to work overtime to go out and get some electrical wirting done and install the transformer. I had to bypass the secretary in charge of that departmen because she was just there to do typing, she didn't know anything about the work involved or about the project.

So, I ran off the prints, got them folded up and ready to mail.


9-16-92 - DREAM - I was in my office and my boss came in. He wanted to know when my anniversary date was. I told him we hd just passed it. He asked me if I had a written contract. I said, "No! But we could write one up if he liked. He said he didn't really want to do that, but that I could have anything I wanted. "Just name it and it's yours," he said.

I said, "When the time is right, would you help me to get a car?", knowing that he knew people in the car business. He said, "It's yours!" He smiled and shook my hand. He left then and I saw that a tall, thin criminal was in the neighborhood, killing people. after some confrontation, I escaped and ran over to the Dodge dealership across the street and hid in a salesman office. The crminal wouldn't follow me there and I was safe.

NOTE:  This is really scary, looking back at this from the future, 2001, because this came true, although nobody died, they were in the hospital with severe cutting from a knife..  After I got my car in 1996, this exact situation occurred.


9-17-92 - DREAM - I was packing to move. It was the feast of St. Catherine or something becuse the church across the street was celebrating. I opened the house up to party goers and a wedding was going to take place. Five bridesmaids came in and lined up by the door. All my relatives were there, including my sister hwo was holding 3 grandchildren on her lap, the youngest of whom was about a year, the oldest was age 3 or 4.  (Her only grandchild is about 4 months old now) My Mom was there also at the gathering.  The two other children were called 'The Twins' though they were born in different years. They looked that much alike.


9-17-92 - DREAM - I was starting a new job as a government or University inspector and data gatherer of chemicals, their properties, growth characteristics, and incidences of appearances, both by phone and mail in a small town. My office had large long tables set up for the placement of jars of chemical samples to watch their growth. During the night, people called in on the answering machine and left reports of problems and I would call them back in the morning for more details. The chemical samples were to be checked 4 times a day and my findings written in notebooks next to the jars.

The man who ran the place came in once a day to read over the notes and then leave again. He came in, did his part, point out that we hdd parked in the wrong parking places, which we had to change immediately.

We'd have to go for coffee at a restaurant down the street until we could bring our own coffee pot in. During the rest of the time we could sit around and play cards or knit or read.

Some other employees started coming in around 7. I must have been in charge because I was telling them were moving to different tables and I was reorganizing things.


9-22-92 - DREAM - I was told that 5 years ago, I gave birth to a girl baby named Sherry, but it died at birth. I felt really bad about it, but I couldn't remember the birth an tried to think if maybe it was one of the babies I miscarried long ago. And if there was some connection between that and P.M. (She adopted a child)


9-22-92 - DREAM - I was riding in an elevator with some students and asked how long it would take if I would go bck to high school to take the courses I missed that would enable me to go to college and become a child psychologist.

They said that I wouldn't need to do that, just take a special test of life experiences to prove that I knew the subject matter from living throuh it. I has happy to hear that.

I went to a big stadium where all the sports were played and they were askng for volunteers for a team. There were 2 spots available on the team. my boyfriend put on a dark blue sweater and a dark blue team jacket. Then he was going to try to put on the other one too. I said, "Oh, no you don't. You can't wear two of them. So, one of the other male team members held up the sweater for me to put on, but I made sure that I had a black vest over my long red blouse, then slipped my arms into the sleeves of the dark blue sweaters and then he held up the dark blue team jacket for me to put on and away we went to start a project. We were going to work together.


9-22-92 - DREAM - I was sitting in a chair out on a lawn, doing my locksmith job. A group of people came out of an office to ake picturs and have a going away party. I recognized the people , but can't name them. It was a retirement party for someone. I was in their way for their pictures, so I got up and moved back to my house.  T.M. came and picked me up in a car. I had my cellular phone with me and my noteobok. I was still working. We drove out on a narrow newly constructed highway. There were many barricades and obstacles and we drove around them all. I commented that I never would have attempted to to it myself.

All of a sudden I realized that I hadn't gotten any calls on the phone and it dawned on me that I had forgotten to transfer the calls from my regular phone to the cellular phone. We were at least a half hour away from home and it would take another 1/2 hour to get back if we turned around immediately.

T.M. took the top sheet of paper from my notebook to figure out how much money I would be losing. He said, "that comes to over $100 a week. I can't afford to make that up to you now."


9-22-92 - T.M. DREAM - He was contacted by aliens and was given instructions and information about UFOs. He saw the UFO with a light beam. He saw hieroglyphs. Not all aliens understand the hieroglyphs. They are coming into the physical. Use the disciplines necessary for survival.


9-23-92 - DREAM - I was with my family (not my real family) Everyone was eating huge ice cream cones. They all stood there and sort of gloated at me. Nobody offered me one.

Then my daughter came. (Not my real life daughter) She offered me a huge glass of light pink insulin drink and made me drink it. (I had already drunk a glass of yellow insulin drink.) I was quite concerned that my blood sugar would drop too low, but then she cooked bacon and eggs for me.

I was then going to get dressed for the day. I had my blue robe with me and was going to take a  shower. I saw a red car pull up in front, and I thought I saw my friend David pulled up in front of the garage, so I went out to meet him, but instead an ugly black man got out of the car and put his ring of keys on the driveway and walked into the garage.

I went over and picked up the keys and put them on a white table that was standing there. He started to  yell at me and asked me why I picked up the keys. I explained that I thought he dropped them and wouldn't be able to find them. He was angry, so I just left and walked into my own garage and went way back inside to an alcove where no one could see me. I put my own things down on a brown table and I had two rings of keys of my own.


9-24-92 - DREAM - Something important was happening. I was at my 16th St. house. I can't remember what that was. I went outside on the front sidewalk and I was told that 3 important events were going to happen, not on lottery day, but the day following ... on Thursday, the last week of October, Thursday, the 1st week of November, and on Thursday , the 2nd week of November.


9-24-92 - DREAM - My boss Tom called me on the radio to tell me he was on his way to a job in Plymouth, WI for someone named Mueller. I followed him out there to see what was going on. Therew as a lot of police officials on the hillside wehre a row of graves were of 3 children and 2 adults. The grandfather had been up there putting freshly ironed clothing on the graves in his grief and was now laying face down, downhill. There was a shotgun laying o the grass downhill from him and the officers were digging the ground him, so they wouldn't have to move him before the ambulance came. I thought he was dead, but then he moved and they said he had had a heart attack.

I went to the house where a group of teenagers had gathered in the basement of the house. A red headed teenage girl was the one who lived there. A bottle of beer was handed out to each kid and they alls tarted rinking. I heard one say tha he wanted to go somewhere and the rest agreed. Then one said, 'Let's finish up the beer first."

I jumped in and said, "Oh no you don't. You don't drink and drive", and took all the beer away.

They all left and as they drove away, the red headed girl was sitting in the middle on the back seat with her boyfriend. She turned around to wave goodbye, all smiles,a nd I thought ot myself as I waved goodbye, "She's going to her death."

I went back to where one kid remained sitting at a table. He was depressed because he couldn't go with all the other kids. I felt sorry for him and he was going to leave by himself, so I said, "Come on over here," and pulled out a chair for him at the table where I had put all the bottles and glasses of beer. "We can get sloshed."

He said, "No! I don't drink."

He left then and I went upstairs to the bedroom and looked around. The room was a little on the messy side. The little Oriental kids came in and looked around and when they left, they knocked twice on the footboard of the bed.

I heard someone out in the hall say, "These little kids were hired to check out the cleanliness of the bedrooms and when they're clean, they knock twice."


9-22-92 - VISION - A newspaper will come out on election day that day George Bush wins.  (George Bush Sr. lost the 1992 election, but his son, George Bush won the Presidential election in 2000)


9-26-92 - DREAM within a dream - I had a dream that T.M. and I were driving along a road and had to make a stop in someone's driveway to check something. Across  the street was a house that had a stone sign on the front. It said, "Marie Miasma" on the left and "Robert E. Lee" on the right. After that we came to a street festival. The crowd was so large and boisterous that I wanted no part of it. Off to the right was a house with the front door open. I ducked inside to get away from the crowd.

Inside, facing a desk against the far wall sat an older man, wearing a blue shirt, ignoring the crowd and just working at some project. I knew at that moment that even though I normally wouldn't have given this man a second glance, that I was going to be introduced to this man and we were going to become very good friends. Then I saw a sign with his name on it. It was Alexi Karajme.

I woke up from this dream and took care of some immediate matters, not forgetting the dream and thinking about it from time to time that it might be prophetic.

That day, I was walking north on 20th St. and it turned into a sunny day, the road was a light sand and gravel and many rich looking people with fancy cars kept coming towards me and stopped at a house on my right to go to a garage sale.

Somehow, T.M. picked me up in the car and we went north and had to stop in a driveway for something. I looked across the street and there was the exact house I had seen in my dream with the sign, 'Marie Miasma/Robert E. Lee."

As things progressed, I excitedly told T.M. about the dream I had had and that the day was duplicating the dream.

We got ot he town with the festival and exactly as the dream, I couldn't stand the crowds. I ducked into an open doorway and there agan was the man in the blue shirt.

A woman came in and introduced herself. She said, "My name is Marie Miasma."  I knew then, she was going to introduce me to the man facing the wall and this was 'fate.'

NOTE:  means to pollute]  (Miasma)

First appeared 1665

1 : a vaporous exhalation formerly believed to cause disease; also : a heavy vaporous emanation or atmosphere <a ~ of tobacco smoke>

2 : an influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt <freed from the ~ of poverty --Sir Arthur Bryant>; also : an atmosphere that obscures : FOG <retreated into an asexual mental ~ --Times Lit. Supp.>


9-27-92 - DREAM - I was taken to a hospital because I was bleeding so much. When I was on the operating table, I delivered an embryonic baby about an inch across. (It was curled up.)  The doctor didn't see it and the nurses whisked it quickly away. The doctor didn't look at me that I recall. I was told that there was nothing that the doctor could or would have to do.  I was told to get up and get dressed, that I was done.

I went back to my room and waiting for me  on my bed was a fully developed 8 pound baby. I picked him up and he turned to me to be breast fed.

I had to get dressed to leave the hospital and I put on a medium brown cotton dress and went to the bathroom. I accidentally backed into a door where some sick guy had smeared big green goobers down the door and now it was all over my dress. I spent at least 10 minutes cleaning it off and throwing it into the toilet.

When I was done, I went to the kitchen where my mother-in-law Audrey, my sister-in-law Tracy and a bunch of patients who I assumed were their neighbors, one was named Martha and she had no hands.  She was the one doing the most work at the fastest speed. They were making toast by holding it over the open flame of the stove. I took two pieces of bread and put it into the toaster.  When I showed them the results, they were amazed at the evenness of the color. They thanked me for the miracle I had showed them. I went on my way, saying, "They don't need me here."

I went back to my room and saw that all the beds were either amde up already or being made. I felt guilty then that I didn't do mine, my daughter had.

I put on a sweater and my socks and shoes and went to the business office to pick up some copies of something. I had had xeroxed. This was part of their school. My room number had been 1100 and that was where I found my copies. 1100 was in the same slot as 1200, so I had to take those copies as well and then go over to a table to see which ones were mine and which were the teachers.  He came up next to me to retrieve his copies. He was white-haired and portly. We had an equal number of copies.

I left then to go pick up the baby so I could go home. I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing the brown dress, with a pink sweater and orange socks.

I said to myself, "I'll never be a good example for others to follow.

At that statement, a wizened old woman came up and me and waved a magic wand at me. In an instant, I was miraculously wearing a white wool dress with pink and white striped from the diaphragm to the chest, white stockngs and white shoes.