9-8-95 - DREAM - I was somewhere in Milwaukee. Joe was involved in the dream as well as Bob the Painter and a woman from New Berlin named Virginia R., a very strict fundamendalist Lutheran.

I was telling everyone that I want to purchase a 1926 Roadster because it was a lifelong dream and nothing was going to deter me from getting it.

At the same time I was gathering all my financial papers together and also those of my friends because the government told me that I had not paid a fee 34 years ago. They said it was my fault that my friends had to be involved.

I was then in a car, I think it was Joe, the maintenance man, and I wanted to drive it straight west at 100 miles an hour. I was driving but I wasn't following the curves in the road. My car had to be aimed straight and true with no deviations for where others went or obstacles either. I wanted to drive straight on to the destination.

The next day I was walking along a sidewalk in my apartment complex with Joe. I was on the right. There in the yard was a lime-green 1926 Roadster. I told Joe, "There is the car I have to have and it's headed in the right direction ... southwest."


9-11-95 - DREAM - I was in a maroon colored car parked on the right side of a street like Prospect Ave., facing north. I pulled out into traffic and wanted to go north, but at the first intersection ahead, there was a white concrete wall. I thought I would make a right turn and go around the block, but couldn't because of the construction workers had dug a big ditch and closed the road to the east.

So, I thought I'd turn left, but couldn't do that either because I was in the wrong lane to turn left and the light was red. I looked at the light and the light was red going the other way also.

In a moment, the light to go north turned green and at the same time the concrete wall vanished and I was looking at an outline map of the state of Washington. It felt that I was standing on the Oregon/Washington border, looking north into Washington. There was a red line going diagonally across the state, like a road. It went from approximately Seattle on the left ... diagonally down to the southern Washington/Idaho line . I knew that the closer to the coastline you went, the farther north you had to be. One had to be above the line which was numbered 316.

I sat there so long, looking at the scene, the light turned red and the concrete wall appeared again. The concrete wall stayed there until the light turned green, at which point the concrete wall vanished and I could see the State of Washington again.

There was no change ... only the red line numbered 316 was there.

The light turned red and the concrete wall appeared again, and I woke up wondering what it was all about.