9-1-99 - VISION - Two cards that represented the "Princes". Each card was white with 12 symbols on it. One card, on the top row had a 7 in the center and a white horse rearing up on the right. The other one had a number which I can't remember and a fat pig where the other one had the horse.

The second vision came immediately. It was of a man walking past a fish tank with his hands held out, cupped like something was hidden in them. A two headed black snake reared its heads out of the fish tank as he went by.


9-1-99 - DREAM - The dream I had right before it, people were trying to go up a road on a mountain and 12 black coal briquettes were rolled down toward the cars which they had to get past.

I walked past those people up the hill and came to a place where the road narrowed on the side of the mountain. The mountain was actually collapsed down on the road and I heard a woman's voice whining, who had caused this to occur. She cried as she spoke, "I didn't mean for this to happen."

9-1-99 - 1ST DREAM OF THE NIGHT! I was living in a house with my 1st husband but he was married to someone else and they were getting a divorce. I understand that he was moving out and the rest of us were staying.  However, at 5:30 a.m., the cable went off and the TV went blank.

I was upset about that even though I knew we could still watch videos on the set.

I went out to confront them and he stood there telling me that he couldn't afford to pay for two households and he was going to have to pay the rent $10 at a time.

I was upset about this, then realized I managed the building and hand't been to the office yet though I had lived here for a week. I felt guilty about this because people slid notes under the door which needed to be read and the boss had probably been looking for me.

As I walked down the hall, a woman behind me told them to take my name and address down off the wall and put up a symbol in it's place like hers which was for 'the craft'. It was a 7 with extra short arms on it and it was black.

As I walked down the hal, I took my name and address down ... each letter was made out of gold. I carried them down the hall cupped in my hands.

I noticed that the previous manager had decorated everything for Christmas even in the dark places and had knick knacks everywhere, even on the elevator.

I knew I was going to have help with my name letters while I got the key for the office, but when I got there, the previous manager had taken the south wall down and little girls were playing int he room. I asked them all to leave so I could work and started to see how the previous manager had decorated the office. He had a huge padded chair like a throne and two fish tanks with one missing on each one but decorated inside for Christmas.

There were some angel costumes hanging from the ceiling made of asbestos and guaranteed fireproof.

I faded out of that dream into the roadway one presented first.

9-1-99 - A Series of Visions -

I heard a loud bell-like noise in my right ear and a page flipped up in front of me with the headline, "Oh Gee!" with writing below it I couldn't read, but there was a stage of some kind pictured at the bottom.

Another page flipped up and a voice said, "They called you  "Betsy" (means 'Beloved of God')

Again there was a stage with the number 7 all the way across the edge.

Another page flipped up with a stage on it. People were crouched down on their knees and elbows as low as they could get with their hands over their heads in self-protection. The voice said, "The taxpayers!"

I then saw a series of small green cards. The first one had someones name on it in green, but the line above it said, in red

'The second coming"

A second card had the date 2-2-2222
A third card said 2-2-2022
A fourth card said 2-2-2012
A fifth card said 2-2-2002


9-2-99 - DREAM - Some of this dream was in French which I do not speak, read, or understand.  The dream ended in a kids casino or gambling hall, but there were many adults there, helping and observing. It had a slot machine to put coins in. I was with some children and one child dumped all his pennies into my purse so that they were mixed with my own money.  This was against my wishes but it happened too fast to stop it. I intended to play the quarter slot, but ended up with a dime in my fingers, so decided to play that as long as that's what I had in my hand. I was just reaching out to put the dime in the slot when a young boy put one in before me.

So, when the machine started to rumble, I don't know if it was his dime or my dime that caused the avalanche of toys and party favors to start coming down the prize chute. I had wondered how the casino could stay in business because kids hate to lose. When someone won, everyone won and there were enough toys and party favors coming down the chute to supply every child in the city for 10 years.

Many of the adults watching were celebrities and sat on a line overlooking the casino through windows.

We were knee deep in toys and party favors but it was time for lunch and to be fed we had to go up a spiraling stairway.

One of the French words, I believe was 'guaine." there was a metal tray on each step, first a large rectangle tray and then a triangle tray which went on top of the rectangle tray. So each person picked up two trays on their way up the stairs. the knives and forks were lined up on each stair as well.

I woke up as I climbed the stairs so I don't know what kind of food was served.


The dates June 11-20 come to mind ... as well as 'trepanning'.


9-2-99 - VISION - Twice I saw a bright pink sheet of paper. The title words were 'Rose of the Heart'. I thought it was for a UFO Conference but I couldn't read it fast enough to see where it was.


9-2-99 - DREAM - Sometime during the dream, my brother-in-law Ralph bought the family a dishwasher. Actually, I only saw him bring in the door and hang it on the front of the stove, but we were excited nevertheless.

Later on in the dream, I decided to test out the dishwasher to see how good a job it did. I only put in one clean soup pot. It wasn't dirty. This was just a test. When it was done, it was dirtier than when I started. It had accumulated a layer of lime on the bottom which I had to wash out by hand.

Not long after I finished using the dishwasher, I got a phone call from the water company telling me they were discontinuing our water service because it had used 3 gallons of water to wash the pot.

I was shocked, needless to say that it took so much water to wash one pot. I could have rinsed the dust off with less than a cup of water to start with and then I had to wash the lime out of the bottom afterwards besides.

I was very disgusted and had to call them back and beg to have my water turned back on again.



I drove one of my sons to a farm where one of his friends from school lived. We drove through the gate and drove up a long driveway. As we neared the wood slatted fence which hid the house proper, there was a wire fence on the other side of the road on which were hung freshly killed chickens and geese.  The boy opened the gate on the wooden fence and let my son in and I asked if I might collect a few feathers to take home with me. He said, "Sure!" so I stayed out in the farm yard while the two boys went inside to play.

I thought I would find some loose feathers, but didn't see any. I didn't feel comfortable about yanking on feathers on the dead chickens and geese so I walked along the fence looking for some loose fallen feathers.

I came to the barn.  There was an open door, so I walked in. My mouth about dropped open. Inside the barn were hanging on hooks from the ceiling, hundreds and hundreds of pelts of white mink. Then I saw all the feet hanging individually from more strings from the ceiling.

I saw another door which was open and a blonde woman walked through the door without closing it behind her. I followed her through the door without saying anything. When I went through the door, I found myself in a huge building, painted in a cream color, decorated with fancy statues on pedestals.

I went through another open door and found myself in a large room that looked like a fancy waiting room for a shopping store. There was a large shaded window so I went over and looked out and sure enough, outside was a shopping mall with a big red lighted sign that said PLAZA, but the name of the plaza was out of my sight. There were 3 stairs up to an office and a couple women were in there talking, but I walked by without saying anything and they didn't see me.

I saw another door open and it was dark inside, but I peeked in. There was enough light inside so I could see what was in there. There were thousands of tails of white minks hanging from hooks from the ceiling. It was cold in that room, so I knew it was storage and I knew too that these people were probably making millions of dollars selling the pelts, tails, and paws of these beautiful creatures.

I suddenly felt I'd be in trouble if someone knew I was here, so I left and walked back through the open doors, making my way back to the barn. I was almost back to the last door when the blonde woman spotted me.

She was about to ask who I was when I spotted my two year old son Michael standing by the door to the barn. (He was not the same son I took to the farm) He said, "Hi Mommy!" So the blonde just smiled at me instead of questioning me. I said to her, "Sometimes it pays to be known as just someone's Mommy!" and smiled.  I knew she didn't have a clue as to what I meant by that.

I went back into the barn and she closed the door behind me.

Now I was back in the barn but I was lost and had forgotten how I had gotten to this door. My son was not insight so I just kept wandering through the barns.

I went around a corner and came to a room where there were chickens with blue and white feathers. I was astonished to see this color bird and started looking for dropped feathers but didn't see any. The birds were loose and had perches to stand on if they wanted. The floor was pure white crushed stone. It was very clean in this room.

I went around another corner and saw some long blue feathers on the floor. I was just about to pick one up when it moved. I looked up and saw that these feathers were attached to peacocks that were all blue. I could hardly believe my eyes to see these gorgeous birds.

Again the floor was pure white crushed stone and perfectly clean. Little girls were playing here on the floor with colored balls.

I marveled at all this and wondered if the farmer sold the blue feathers for a lot of money. There were none laying on the floor so I knew that people came through regularly and picked them up.

I then went through a door where I saw some maintenance men working. They were wearing military colored coveralls and they didn't see me. Again I was astonished. Inside this barn were stored some kind of dark machines with long barreled guns on that I had seen used in the Gulf War on TV. There were dozens of them lined up, all ready to go if needed.

The maintenance men were finishing up their conversation, so I decided I'd better get the heck out of there.

So, I went back to the original barn and made my way back outside to where the gate was where my son originally went into.  The boys were just coming out and I got a glimpse inside the gate and saw a huge circle driveway up to an immense white brick house. I was astonished at how much money it must cost to run a place of this size.

My son and I got back into the car and I woke up.


9-3-99 - DREAM - I was sitting by the kitchen table in my 16th St. house and a friend came to visit with some old books and magazines.

The book I looked at was about Presidents and I clearly saw pages about Abraham Lincoln and more current pages. I then opened up the folded over newspaper and there was a huge collection of Abraham Lincoln photos, so I tore the page out of the newspaper and folded it up and placed it in the book with the other pictures. I decided I would see how big a collection of Abraham Lincoln photos I could get.

NOTE: This is interesting because I have a fascination with Abraham Lincoln and always have. This itself is not unusual, because many people feel this way.  But I was told that I am the reincarnation of someone very close to him in his real life. (Not that I am pleased about that. She didn't have a very good reputation)


9-3-99 - VISION - After I woke up, I had a vision that was colored red-violet like Chenille cloth. There was a sharp pointed male face on the left like an ET. The title 'FOOD DROP ROSE' in the center and a tall, skinny red-violet Chenille giraffe on the right.


9-3-99 - DREAM - This was a long disjointed dream, perhaps several dreams.

I was walking west on Lincoln Ave. and discovered that T.J. and Sabrina had moved into a white house on Lincoln Ave. right by my doctor's office.

I had been sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office with another woman. There were a lot of kids playing there.

A magazine I was holding started making a crying noise like a child. I opened it up and saw a gold hair barrette shaped like a large gold folded ribbon with a gold mirrored makeup compact on it.

The woman I was with took the magazine and the compact and put it back together and gave it back to the nurse who worked in the doctor's office.

I was disappointed I couldn't keep it, and the nurse was surprised it had been returned to her.

I then walked home which was out Lincoln Ave. to the west. I was sitting outside, at a small square table looking at a piece of cardboard where I could see that the package for the compact/ribbon hair barrette had originally been bought, paid for and wrapped up at my house.  While I was looking at it, three small Chinese ladies came up to me and returned the hair barrette which the nurse sent over. I showed the Chinese women the original cutout cardboard and they smiled that all was right and proper now.

I was then in a house and saw that T.J. had moved in. There was no parking places outside so the owner showed him that he had a garage place inside the building that neon of s had seen before. So T.J. backed his beautiful new blue truck into the garage space which it fit perfectly into. (The garage was a separate building built into the basement of the house)


9-3-99 - VISION - Several visions showed named placed in a square and that everything was balanced.


9-4-99 - DREAM  I spent a long time pulling in shapes like triangles and other shapes into a large square frame. It was a computer because I could print, click, drag, and drop.


9-4-99 - DREAM - I was washing large triangle shapes in an open front washing machine.


9-4-99 - DREAM - I was visiting my mother-in-law Lucy in the farm. Everyone was hauling out garbage, including her. I went over and took her burden, then she asked me to wash and dry the harvest of pears and what looked like might be filberts, still in the fruit shell.

After I took out the garbage, I found that the bottom of the pail was full of red-violet berry juice too. I began to fill the sink with water. It was a double sink but it filled very fast with green water. I drained the sink after washing the fruit. She asked me then to lay it out to dry on old newspapers on the floor.


9-4-99 - DREAM - I went to the store and bought a dress for a party. After I went home, I took some mail out  to the mailbox. Instead I saw my blue car sitting there, so I climbed in, intending to go somewhere. I had a difficult time getting in behind the wheel. I couldn't see very clearly so after I started the car, I just sat there with it running. I was thinking maybe I'd just go to the corner drug store and get something to eat and come back, but I couldn't see that well so I just sat there.

Finally, I got sick of sitting there, moved the gear lever back into PARK, waiting for the engine to rev down and shut the car back off.

I took the mail back into the house, feeling stupid. It was time for the party to start anyway.

As it turned out, it was a pre-Christmas party and we were going to celebrate my birthday too. As it turned out, the parents of a friend came to the party. The man was real short and she was real tall. As it turned out, her name was also Dee and she also shared my birthday.

So we put our arms around each other's waists .. she was on my right.  We walked in together and curtsied. She said, "Where's the photographer?"  Someone said, "The professional photographer will be here in 2 days on your actual birthday."  We were both disappointed, so someone else took our picture but there was no flash from his camera and his attitude was, "I could care less if you are straight int he picture or not."

But my friend Dee was happy and we curtsied to the crowd again. I then got a clear look at her dress which was 2 tone light blue with shiny blue circles all over it.  Mine was light brown with a Fleur de Lis print. I noted that the long sleeves weren't buttoned.

We told everyone that we both got our dresses at Maxims.


9-5-99 - DREAM  - Partial - I was in the diningroom of my house. I spotted a large blue and gold saltwater fish swimming in the air. Then I saw a goldfish up higher, also swimming in the air. I didn't have a fishtank set up for these fish, but I knew we had some salt called "Instant Ocean" so I ran to set up the fish tank for the big fish. The goldfish is a freshwater fish and can't go in saltwater, so I filled a glass with water and caught him in the air with the glass of water.


9-6-99 - DREAM - I spent a long time dreaming 'frames' or 'bands' around each individual state. The states were all the same shapes ... square.

At the end I was taking a military officer in a light blue uniform East on National Ave. I was going to take him to the docks on lake Michigan. There is more than one way to get there, but I wanted to turn north on 27th St. and then East again on Wisconsin Ave. from where I was.

We came to the intersection at 27th S. We were supposed to be driving in vehicles but neither of us was in a car. We were either on scooters or walking.

At this intersection, two lanes turned left and one went straight ahead. The middle lane actually cross over the left turn lane and then went to the freeway. I wanted to just turn left and cross the bridge. There was no other traffic except the traffic going north and south on 27th St.

The left turn was very difficult and slippery on ice and snow and I actually crawled and scooted on my knees to get into the far right lane to cross the bridge.


9-7-99 - DREAM - I was packing to move and loading the truck. Out in the yard were scraps of wood which I piled up and covered over.

I piled up magazines and sorted out mine from my daughter-in-law Becky. She had to pack her own. I was taking the light fixtures with me that hung on the wall. There was 3 large globes hung in a triangle and I knew the secret of their value was the triple triangle wiring on the back side of the fixture.  I took them down myself.

As I walked along the hallway, I came to a girl sorting out magazines on the floor. I asked her if she had an "Glamour"  She said, "No!" and I was very disappointed.

I came to a light fixture that only had two globes and I was going to take that, but it was too high on the wall and the maintenance man didn't have a screwdriver, so I went down the hall where I knew there was another 3 globe fixture.

When I got back to my apartment, I had the livingroom done. Two women volunteered to help pack what was in the bathroom cabinets. I showed the women that I had stashed enormous amounts of supplies told the women they could help themselves to a handful of everything I had boxed up. One made a comment about Russian hoarding and I saw bugs in a a box of pencils or straws and it felt like one went up my right sleeve so I had to take my sweater off.


9-8-99 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I went out on the front porch and saw a huge black umbrella down by the sidewalk. The umbrella was unusual in that it was made of some floppy rubbery material. I went down and picked it up and brought it up on the porch.

I went into the house into the livingroom. The floor was brown hardwood and there was light blue small carpets in front of each piece of furniture.

I lay down on the floor on a carpet I knew that these carpets were kept clean by sandblasting them. They were beautiful and perfectly clean.

I got up and knew that we had a pet brown bear. I was afraid of it and I knew it would want to be fed soon.

All of a sudden the bear appeared and followed me to the kitchen to be fed. It gripped the back hem of my dress on the way to the kitchen.

I fed it food from a yellow box like a dog. It let go of my dress, ate the food, then lay on the floor at my feet just like a pet dog.

The bear made me nervous but if I left it alone, it didn't bother me.


9-8-99 - DREAM - I was driving my car on a city street. When I stopped at an intersection, two guys came up to my car and one guy sprayed an "S" squiggle of 3 colors from a tube on my right passenger window. At the same time the other guy disengaged something by the brake or shifting pedal by the floor.The guy who had sprayed the colors on the window then started spraying water on the car, telling me it needed washing.

I waned to get out of there but the car wouldn't drive with that pedal disengaged.

It became apparent that the two guys were rivals because the guy washing my car told me how to start the car and that was to light a fire low to the ground.

I just happened to have a huge box of stick matches so I quickly struck one on the side of the box near the floor and the ignition started with a flame around the pedal that had been disengaged by the other guy

At that point, I saw a dumpster type bucket scoop like garbage trucks use engage on the front of my car I hadn't even known it was there.

I was able to drive the car now, but at intersections, this heavy scoop thing on the front of the car, made it extremely difficult to stop on the slippery goo on the streets from the mixture of salt and snow. (This is a typical scene in Wisconsin in winter at intersections)

It seemed every intersection was going downhill too and then I'd have to restart the car with a fresh stick match so the scoop shovel would work on the front of the car.

I finally got out to the New Berlin house and Becky was in the yard smoking a cigarette. (She has since quit smoking. :-)  _  She needed to go somewhere and I offered to drive her but she said she would go when she felt like it. (That's my Becky. :-)  -

I was standing in the yard by the pump house. I heard a voice of a man from inside the pump house, so I opened the door by throwing my left shoulder against the door as it was seemingly stuck.

There was nobody standing in the pump house but I heard a man's voice from below the floor make a sound. (There is a cellar down there)

I wasn't about to confront him, so I again told Becky I would drive her somewhere and she said she wasn't ready yet.

So I left by myself, driving east on Small Rd going up the hill. I was driving with the box of matches between my knees and two lit cigarettes which I had got from Becky.

As I was driving along I saw a small house on fire on the right.

Two neighbor women were lamenting this woman's fate. The house had burned to the ground. At that point, I made a decision to turn around and go get Becky and offer to drive her anywhere she wanted to go and wait for her until she was ready if necessary.

NOTE: This is a nice gesture, but it may take forever.


9-9-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that showed the placement of political candidate Hilary Clinton and another woman were moved down so that several men were placed above them.

Bill Clinton was placed second from the bottom.

On another page JFK, Jr. was placed in a box and his name was made with rainbow colored letters.

JFK, JR., his wife and wife's sister died in a plane crash on 7-17-99.


9-9-99 - DREAM  - I was in an apartment building that I had just moved into. The building had been vandalized before I got there. Comments were made that a man who lived on the same side of the building I did was being protected because the damage was far less than the other side.

I was still going to have to go back to my 66th St. house and get my jewelry and food because I had brought nothing with me.

Several of my sons helped me and were visiting and I overheard them tell their Father that they should buy me a new mattress. The bed that came with the apartment already had a mattress and box spring and they were going to put the new mattress on top of it.

Out in the hallway, I met three little boys. I asked them what apartments they were from. I intended to make friends with them which is better than having them be afraid or even enemies of the management. One was from 17 and the other from 107. I didn't catch the third number.

There were quite a few people in this apartment using both bathrooms. One man came to do my hair because I had an interview. He was using a blow drying on it. I had no patience for that and quit before he was finished.

There was also scene about a TV interview and female doctor giving advice but I've forgotten those two scenes.


9-9-99 - DREAM - I spent several hours upgrading the earthchanges pages. I added - Marilyn Monroe" to the conspiracy section.

NOTE:  Hmmm.  Not a bad idea.


9-10-99 - DREAM - (The radio was on with Art Bell and Astronaut Cooper all night. )

My dream of web pages were designed with black symbols at the beginning of the words.


9-10-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were sleeping in our new apartment. The whole apartment was painted light yellow. We woke up in the morning and when I opened the bedroom door to go out into the hallway, I felt like I was going to meet other people there.

It was a huge apartment.

I went back to bed which was by a window. I saw that our neighbors were already up and outside. These people seemed to be in their 20's. One girl had her hair braided into one braid in the back and had a big pink balloon tied to the braid.

It seemed the wall between us disappeared so I could see everything this woman did. She was talking in English and then would throw in a comment in French or spoke English with a french accent. I was intrigued by that.

Finally she went up some stairs speaking something in French.

I got up to get some breakfast and the kitchen was a mess. I wanted to cook some sauce on the stove and couldn't find anything to cook in. everything was plastic . A woman came in and found a container I could cook with at the bottom of a pile of small sieves which were stacked on inside the other.

But when I went to stir the sauce, I was holding a  big chicken or turkey leg and then I saw a huge roasted chicken which had been sitting out on the ironing board all night. I thought about cutting it up to eat it but the thought was disgusting so I threw it all way and began to clean the kitchen instead.


9-11-99 - DREAM - I worked in a 12 story building. It was getting towards the end of the day and I went to the elevator and the maintenance man did a wild dive towards the door of the elevator so I wouldn't miss it. We picked up other people going down including an older woman I knew who had just taken elevator operation lessons. She had to pay $20 to the master teacher for the lessons so we all rode along to watch her operate the elevator. There was a huge lever that had to be manipulated in rhythm left and right as we went up ... all the way both directions.

As we got to the 12th floor, the sun was shining up there. We all got off the elevator and I walked down the stairs to the 11th floor where I actually worked. The stairway was piled with stored books on the left side so I had to jump down the last 3 steps.

I landed gracefully and with a flourish like I was flying. Everybody I ever knew was there and it was Christmas time and this was the last hour before Christmas Eve. Everyone there began giving me wrapped gifts and bouquets of flowers wrapped in paper. Finally, one woman give me a huge hat made of orange brown curly plumed feathers. It was gorgeous.

One other woman got a Santa Claus mask so she put it on.  T.M. was working there and he indicated that he had a gift and flowers too. There were so many gifts, I needed help carrying them.

I was going to fly to California, so the woman with the Santa Claus mask and I went to the airport lounge which was attached to this building too.My son Michael was here and he kept changing sizes from a 5 year old size to a 15 year old size. I don't know how he did that but it amused him.

We all had to use the bathroom before we left, but I had to wait my turn because the bathroom was being remodeled. I seem to have taken a nap in the lounge because I opened my eyes and looked out the window, wondering if we were flying and I missed the take off, but I didn't miss it.  It was twilight outside. (same as it was when I woke up except in the dream it was pm and waking up for real it was dawn.)

So then, I went to use the bathroom and it was constructed so that when you left the airport lounge, you had to slide down one floor . The chute to go down was wide and I was surprised but it had tiny steps for people who were afraid to slide. I was afraid to do it, but decided to just go for it and it was fun.

At the bottom of the steps was a huge bar where other people waited for planes but there was none there but me. The whole thing was red and white brick, kind of plasticized coated so it was all shiny and gold decorations were everywhere. I saw a blue neon sign flashing 'TO PLANES' with an arrow but I had to pee first and woke up.


9-11-99 - VISION - I heard three knocks in my left ear and when the vision came in, all it was, was 3 bags of M & Ms and alight green box of juju candies.


9-12-99 - DREAM - I was working in an office. The boss wasn't there, so when the phone rang, I grabbed it and answered it. The woman on the phone said, "Remember this number 871-3714 (I hope that's right)  

All the guys left early to go to a bar and get a drink. I didn't blame them.

I had been visited by some movie star. It was either Warren Beatty or Robert Redford. I said to myself, "Nobody would even recognize him," because he didn't look like himself.

When I went home the yard was a mess. There were clumps of three sunflowers growing everywhere in the lawn, amongst the grass that was way too tall. I knew they'd have to be cut down.

There was a couch in the yard with a car motor in it. There was a bunch of boys there and I asked them if there was some way to turn it off because nobody was using it. The oldest boy reached in the back, pulled some little part out. I told him we were going to have to get rid of the couch which was just standing there on the lawn. He asked if he could have it and I said, "Yes!"

A man came along and I was going to show him something and when we went through the yard there were Idaho potatoes laying all over the yard that had been harvested. There was so many, there was barely room to walk.

I was down by the garage then and I heard my husband holler at me, "What is it with you and your bison?" I looked to see what he was talking about. I looked the length of the yard that had a line of trees in it.

A beige colored dog came out from behind one tree and that sure was no bison. Then, all of a sudden a red cow came running out from behind a tree. He saw me and ran towards me. I ran into the garage and pulled the garage door down. There were windows in the garage door with names of people in them using removable letters. I heard someone say, "How can you read the names backwards (You can only read them from outside.)  I stood there in the garage removing the letters from one window. The letters were I I I I I I I


9-13-99 - DREAMS - I was working on a web page when one popped in that I hadn't worked on myself. It was about hurricanes. At first though there were no dates, but finally 9-2 appeared at the beginning but there was only a black blob at the end.

At the end of the page appeared the word  'Aquarian' which changed into 'Tomaine' (poison)

All of a sudden I was outside the house and two huge crows were standing side by side on the ground.


9-13-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a suburb type area of Milwaukee. (Joe never lived in Milwaukee) I can't determine exactly what street we were on. It was an east-west street. We lived at 83rd St.

I was going to get a job at a company which was located at 53rd St. There was a bus stop right in front of our house so it was convenient to go back and forth by bus.


9-14-99 - DREAM - Even thought I woke up several times, I went right back into working on a page where I was moving words like clock center" and other similar words into spaces where they fit so there  were no gaps. (Maybe this was the 53rd St. job)

Then I was with another woman and I was teaching her how to make sales pitches. When we were done the boss asked how we had done. I told him we made a dime on each one. He was very pleased and said that we were ready for the real thing.

He then asked me why I was driving a different car. I told him the other one had had an accident. The next thing I knew, he and some buddies were in my garage with the car jacked up, revving up the motor which popped a few times and then ran smooth like a purring kitten. They lowered the car back down and I overheard them discussing that this car was lubed with white vaseline and that he needed some white glue and the other guy said they could get some Koop's glue and his other apartment building. He was going to glue something on my car so it wouldn't come off again.



I was walking towards home and when I turned the corner, in my yard, along with my two dogs, a white terrier/poodle mix named Coco, and my treasured Collie name Duchess (her real name was Duchess, Lady of Shadow Lane) (both dogs now deceased) AND what looked like a baby black goat.

Yet, it didn't look quit like a goat either, more like a skinny Scotty Terrier, yet not quite like that either. It's head looked like a long narrow baby horses head with a larger snout and mouth. It was built solid, sturdy, and was pitch black and ran as fast as the dogs could chase it, and it climbed the fence and jumped over into the arms of a girl walking by.

I slapped my left thigh with my left hand and both dogs came running to me, bounding around playfully to greet me. I walked up to the fence and apologized to the girl for my dogs chasing her pet.

I had no idea what kind of animal this was and told her I wanted one. She said, "Oh! They are only $25."

I instantly knew I had to have whatever they were. I asked her if I could hold it and she held it up to me and plunked it on my chest like a puppy. It felt heavy. She assured me it only weighed 25 pounds. It snuggled up to me like a lovable puppy, BUT, it wasn't a puppy.

I asked her what is was.  She said they were called ISSAQUAH EQUINE!

I just knew I had to have one. I walked along with her to her house and lo and behold, she had more of them. She had three black colts, the same size I had held. The two parents were there too. One was a pitch black stallion and the mare was golden with a white snout and mouth. They were a little larger than a full size large goat, maybe a little taller.

The girl said she had been just like me, and her and her sister Susy went to the woman's house with the intention of getting just one baby and ended up getting the whole family... two adults and 3 colts. "The woman had more!" she said.

But she had to built tall fences because these animals could climb fences, they had to be caged with a top on it, not just side fencing.

That sounded expensive to install, so I went back home to think about it.

I went into the house (nowhere I have ever lived) I saw some stray candy wrappers on the floor and bent over to pick them up and they blew away from my outstretched fingers. As they tumbled, they glinted rather in rainbow changing colors. I started to laugh as every time I got close to picking them up, some breeze came out of nowhere and the wrapper would roll and glint with different colors.

Finally, I got all the way across the room where the sun was shining in and I was able to pick them up. I carried them to the kitchen to throw them away and have some cereal for breakfast. I was intending to have some Rice Krispies as I usually do.

My mother was there . . . in the guise of Victoria Carpenter from One Life to Live (TV Show) She was eating breakfast while doing some accounting paperwork. It looked like she was eating a bowl of cottage cheese with a half canned peach on top upsidedown.

That looked kind of good. I told her I was going to eat breakfast and she handed me her bowl, telling me she had had enough. When she handed the bowl to me, it looked like a bowl of 100 or so miniature white chinese fortune cookies with a half a sun on top, but it morphed instantly back to cottage cheese and a half a peach when I looked again.

We started to talk about food and she mentioned a neighbor who didn't care what she and her husband ate as long as they ate something and she told me that it was apparent that nutrition didn't matter within marriage.


9-15-99 - DREAM -  I was at my 16th St. house and was sitting by the piano and was told by someone that a famous football coach, when things got out of control on his team, would call out, "Matthew 21:7" and things would settle down.  This was his secret.

I then went to 20th St. school (K-8). I was on the football field next to the school and the kids were practicing. I saw the coach and decided I wanted to see what he would do if he knew that someone knew his secret, so I hollered, "Matthew 21!"

Everything came to a standstill, as if they were waiting for the verse to be announced and it was like chaos reigned and everything went berserk. The coach came out on the field hollering, "Matthew 21, verse 7" and I ran off the field, through the alley which is '19.5' and went down to the corner of 19th St.

There on the corner, I saw a cute little roly poly blue and white striped Hinduish decorated elephant pulling an oriental wooden cart with a roly poly Hinduish garbed guy driving it, pulling out of the alley going south at 19.5 and he came down to the corner at 19th St. At the same time, a huge grey elephant came running up the street going west from 18th St. to the corner at 19th St. and it collided with the Hindu elephant and the cart went flying end over end.

I ran south on 19th St. back towards the school which backs on 19.5 hollering, "Time to put the animals in the cages! Time to put the animals in the cages!"

I ran to the school which was like a zoo and the guy who ran the thing was manhandling a whole string of 7 glass cases which actually looked like what you put on the back of pick up trucks with windows. (I can't remember what that is called)

He had a stack of them 3 or 4 high there to use for animal cages. He said to me, "I hope nobody gives me any more of these cages."

I said, "Why not? They are free, aren't they?"  He said, "Initially they are, but then I have to start paying!"


NOTE: I don't know if the dream would have continued, but Joe, who was laying next to me started yelling in his sleep and I woke up and steeled myself, waiting to see if he was going to chant in his Indian voice, or just holler for help in a lucid dream.  It sounded more like he was hollering for help, but he stopped on his own and I didn't have to shake him to wake him up.

NOTE:  Matthew 21:6-7 - (And the disciples went, and did as Jesus commended them, (7) And brought the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set 'him' thereon.

In the dream which followed I was seeing a series of religious symbols, one of which was 4 wine glasses sitting on a small square plaque with 4 squares on it, and one of which was a scene of an ivory colored statue of a man, which was standing a small round pedestal type table. I could see a man's hand holding a small round incense container with a bell on it, in which the incense was smoking, and as strange music played, he waved the incense smoke towards the statue 21 times.


9-16-99 - DREAM - In another small dream, I was in a room with someone like my friend Kimber. She had a blonde boyfriend. He was not Mr. Perfect, but he loved her and they went off together.


9-16-99 - VISION - I closed my eyes and instantly saw a scene of a brick or stone-like structure with a train running on top of it. . . like a bridge.  I saw that there was a gap in the structure way ahead of it, and suddenly a giant hand came down, picked up part of the structure behind the train and placed it on the structure in front of the train and prevented the train from having an accident.


9-17-99 - GROSS DREAM -  I was living in my 16th St. house. I cooked an animal a human being living in America normally doesn't eat. I think it was a cat. I didn't want anyone to know I did this, so I took it with me down the street, on a plate, hidden under something of my own. . . like clothing, and began to eat it while going through the passageway between a couple of houses.  It was like raw, the body colored dead dark grey, and I bit the head off and was grossing myself out because the guts were still in the animal.  I didn't want it anymore, but I couldn't just leave it there either.  I wanted to put it in the garbage, but I couldn't put it in my neighbor's garbage because someone might see it. I couldn't go through her yard either because there was someone in the back, so I took a shortcut through her house. Inside her house, which wasn't locked, there was some stuff on a chair that looked like her garbage, so I placed my garbage which was on a plate on top of her garbage, put a blue printed scarf of my own over it, clutched the whole thing to my chest and headed for the back door which was partly ajar.  Her grey striped cat was in the house and I knew she wouldn't want it outside, but I couldn't handle all the garbage I was hiding and prevent her cat from going out the door too, so the cat went out with me. When I got into the back hall, a woman from upstairs came down, hollering as she came down, "I have mail for the mailbox."  She hollered this a couple times, and when she got down where I was, she wanted to know where she should put her outgoing mail. I was going to tell her, but the mail delivery person (female) was right there and she started showing her where it went when it was outgoing. I was relieved I didn't have to stop and talk to her.

I kept going, hiding my dead animal against my chest with the other garbage, and decided to head for home, taking a shortcut through another building which turned out to be having a rummage sale. The Pastor's wife was there, and grabbed my arm to show me that she had bought 1,000 tiny glass flower pots for $106 and told me I should check it out. I wanted to really much but I had to dump my garbage first. I got to the other door to go out, praying the clerk wouldn't stop me and ask me what I was taking out the door without paying for it.  She didn't and when I got outside, there was a huge ice covered puddle on the ground I had to go around before I could get to my front steps of my own house.  At the bottom of the steps was a swing out step which had to be flapped downward in order to step on it, and it was acting weird so I had to take a giant step up in order to avoid messing with it, and went up into the house. Inside the house, my mother and siblings were getting ready to go to the rummage sale because they wanted to donate some clothing to sell.  I saw an empty bag and dumped my garbage into it and covered it over with my scarf so they wouldn't see what I was throwing away.  Guilt was overwhelming at this time. I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to 8 p.m. I figured the rummage sale probably closed at 8 p.m. so we really had to hurry, but the garbage had to go out first.  Suddenly, one of my siblings said they were going to take the garbage out on the way out the door and grabbed the bag with my garbage along with his garbage.  I saw my scarf sticking out of the bag, and said, "Wait! My scarf!"  and grabbed the garbage bag back.  I pulled out the scarf and now I became confused. I wasn't sure if I had my garbage bag or their clothing bag.  I couldn't throw away their clothing bag and I couldn't let them take my garbage bag with the dead animal in it.  The time was so short to get to the rummage sale so I had to make an instant decision and grabbed what I hoped was the garbage bag, ran out the door with it, hoping I got the right bag.   And if I didn't?????


9-17-99 - DREAM - I was in Oakdale, California.  I was in a house with a woman whom I didn't see. She was behind me somewhere and said that she had been about 30 yards into a field a little north of where we were and saw a UFO. I was intrigued and went out and got into my car and drove towards the area where she had seen the UFO.  I saw the field she told me about and pulled the car over to the left side of the road next to the field. . .which was against traffic. (There were no cars around).  It was quite dark outside. . . a good time to go UFO spotting. I was considering walking up the little knoll and walking into the field when two Spanish guys came along on bicycles and rode up into the field.  So I stayed in the car and watched.  They rode through the field and commented that the field across the street might be better.  This was a T intersection and the field they mentioned was at the top of the T on the west side of the highway. (I was facing west at the moment).  I knew that field was all black soil, and was not in crop.  It was plowed and always had a swampy area where it was low near the road.  The two guys (one was tall wearing workman-like brown clothes and the shorter one wearing jeans and shirt) (picture Cheech and Chong the movie stars for the visual effect) rode their bikes quickly across the field on one side of the road, down the embankment, across the road, and at fast speed jumped the ditch and low fence in order to make a leap into the other field. I knew that was a bad move and that they wouldn't be able to ride their bicycles in the plowed swampy wet field, but was not prepared for what happened.

Both bicycles at the same time landed in what looked like the deepest puddle in the field. To my shock, it wasn't just a puddle, it was a huge pit that had been dug special to feed animals it appeared. I ran over to the edge of the field and one guy popped back up to the top of the water but not the other guy.  I said, "Should I call 911?" hoping the other guy would pop up too.  The taller of the two guys was the one who had popped back up and he said, "Wait a minute!"  But the other guy wasn't popping back up and I ran over to where there was a stone wall, on the east side of the road and jumped up on it to get to the house that was there. I never saw the people in the house but it was large with an open veranda-type roofed patio along the side of the house.  It was lined with 4 legged stools where people sat to drink at a bar OR they could have watched for UFOs from there because it faced the first field. (looking south) (It would have been on the left side of the T) I ran on top of the stools, not on the sidewalk in front of them. Some of the stools had square backs on them, and some didn't. I was hollering, "Call 911, Call 911, Call 911".  I heard the voices of a man and a woman inside the house, but couldn't hear what they were saying to each other.  I came around the end of the stools to where the house door was.   The house was dark inside.  I heard the woman say quietly, "It's a 3 and a half year old child!".  I didn't know if she was already on the phone with the cops and telling them that, OR if she was on the phone talking to someone else.  

I woke up before I could find out.


9-19-99 - DREAM - I was working on the files on the assassination of Yitzak Rabin and lining them up.

NOTE: I actually was doing this before I went to sleep:  (ASSASSINATIONS)


9-19-99 - DREAM - I was working with some other people in a school-like place on a project.  I had gotten all dressed up in a pretty, but plain light aqua-green dress. I thought I looked really good.  Then my mother walked in and I was shocked. I looked EXACTLY like her. I was VERY distressed because I didn't want to look like my mother. It was the length of hair that made me look like her though my face was identical also.  I went up to a couple other women almost in tears and asked them if I looked like my mother, and showed them that my hair was longer than my mothers. They wanted to know what was so bad about looking like my mother. We were even wearing identical colored dresses.  Nobody  understood.  I wanted to be ME, not my mother.  N.M. showed up wearing a black tuxedo, so I thought it would be great to have my picture taken with him since I was all dressed up.  Before we go that set up, my brother Marty showed up wearing a white tuxedo.  He looked great. So, I wanted my picture taken with both men.  I ran down the hall to where I saw Marty and he had taken off his tux jacket and was now carrying it. I told him that I wanted to have my picture taken with him.  Someone had taken the flash attachment off the camera, so I put it back on.  So now, Marty and I were ready to have our pictures taken, but N.M. had wandered off into another room, and I had to send word to him to come back out and have his picture taken with me too.


9-21-99 - DREAM - I was at an apartment with my ex-daughter-in-law Becky. I hadn't seen her in a long time so as she was sitting on the couch, we were holding each other in each other's arms. Even though she is almost half my age, it was like she was my mother and it felt really comfortable and safe with her.

A guy came to visit and he was from South America.  He seemed rather smart and said he had over 7000 links for his computer. He said he was going to put them on 3 x 5 cards so he could share them with people.  I thought to myself, "I have many more links than that myself.  What good do links do if you put them on 3 x 5 cards?  Duh? "

I asked him if he had ever been to  He said, "No!"  I said, "Well go there if you want to know what links are all about." He said, "Okay!"  

Another guy came in who was from some other foreign country. He took his brown sweater off and hung it over the face of the TV set. Then he said, "Let's watch TV. Where is it?"  

That was a funny joke and we laughed.  Then, he and another guy were speaking another foreign language, and I was really impressed. People seemed so smart if they could speak more than one language. Another guy was speaking Russian. That language I recognized, but not the other one. It might have been Portuguese or something.

Then T.J. (Joe's son) came in. He said, "Hey Dee! You need a bigger TV set."  I said, "Well I'm planning to get one."  He said, "They have them at Target for $400 bucks!"  I said, "Okay! Let's go!  You driving?"

He was willing but the guy from South America and Becky started a pillow fight and I finally told the guy he had to leave. He did, but came right back.

I finally decided to leave and go home myself.  I got to my apartment which had white doors on it, with several locks. It had an inner door and an outer door, and neither door was locked. I had a whole pocket full of silver keys.  I didn't know whether I had locked the door or not, or if the locks were faulty.  When I opened the door, I saw that the whole left wall of the livingroom, all the way up to the door was mirrored.  I felt a little scared because I didn't know if someone had been there while I was gone or not.  But I could see the whole apartment reflected in the mirror so I could see there was no one there.  

But just to make sure I wasn't scared, I started singing, "Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!"

The telephone started to ring. It was off in the distance, so I knew it wasn't in the livingroom.  I had to squeeze past the ironing board which was set up in the hallway. The phone kept ringing while I was searching for the phone. I saw a white phone that had the phone off the hook but I could still here it ringing. So, I knew it was another phone that was ringing.  I pulled on the cord and found the receiver to the white phone though I could still hear the phone ringing, I said, "Hello!"  A woman's voice said, "I stayed yesterday!" . . . .

I was thinking, "Duh!!!!"  I didn't even know who it was and the other phone was still ringing and the cord was all tangled up and I couldn't get to it.

I woke up, and the real phone was ringing too.   Duh!!!!


9-21-99 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. and I took my kids with me to the garage. It was Friday afternoon. I had a specific job to do which was to pull the blocks out of the wall that formed the pillar between us and the people in the next garage. I had a special hook which I inserted into the base of each block and pulled, starting at the top and working down.

On the other side it wouldn't be noticed because the wall board on the other side wouldn't break until we actually punched through the wall. I dislodged the last block ... the 3rd one from the bottom, but it was too late on Friday to complete the punch-thru and that would have to wait until Monday.

Meanwhile, I knew the man from the other side of the wall was coming and we didn't want him to know what we were doing so I left the blocks in place ... but loosened.

My kids had a pile of clothes on the garage floor and we had all taken our shoes off, so we had to scramble to get our shoes on and leave the garage before the man showed up to see what we were doing.

The kids were having trouble finding their shoes, so I ran out to the street to stall the man from getting to the garage before my kids got their shoes on and left before my kids go their shoes on and left.

But he was coming quickly and I had to scramble to forestall his coming if I could because the kids weren't ready.

But I couldn't forestall his coming so I ran ahead of him, through along passageway to get there ahead of him and get the kids out and dressed however I could.

It was panic time ... I HAD to make it happen so the man didn't know what we knew about the wall coming down.


9-22-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the beginning of this dream but I was working in a large office and a nun came in. She had an incense burner with her like the Catholics use at mass. This one was oval inside. I showed her how to lay the incense powder. In this case, it was more like tobacco flakes and I used 3 kinds and showed her how to sprinkle it inside the burner.  Then I lit the incense burner and the nun began to pray silently right in front of me.

My friend Loretta was working with me, typing on pink paper.

As the nun began praying, she said, "They want you to come too." So, I and the other women who worked with me stood next to the nun and we were whisked instantly away to a place that was like a garden on the shore of the ocean. We stood in this beautiful scene until other people came. A group of servants who lived near this place awaited the arrival of a King and Queen who arrived the same way we did, by magic. They sat on a throne in this park-like space and gave a blessing to all of us.

After that, I was in a place where my new house addition was being built. I was unhappy that it was taking so long, only the beams and main frame were in place, but I came to realize that the building was coming along well and actually faster than most others did. I realized that everyone who has their own house built would like it to go faster, but strong and sturdy was better than faster.

9-23-99 - I made a web page of todays dreams and visions:

I called it The Beautiful Man and the Trap


9-22-99 - MEDITATION - I felt like I was a fish flopping out of the water and I had to get back in it. I did this and saw water splash on a sidewalk and spread out.

Coincidentally, I was typing at the computer and heard a loud noise behind me. I got up and looked and the Oscar fish had jumped out of the tank and was laying on the floor, flopping.


9-22-99 - I was arguing with myself about whether I thought I was always right or wrong. I said, "Let's find something else to worry about.

I saw a road with a farm field next to it and two teenager boys walking in the field.

I saw these words:  ZETA RETICULI STAR SYSTEM with a big orb on the upper right.

I then saw a computer web page url that ended STOP_SATAN.htm

I then saw Joe pull his heavy green jacket out of the closet. One of us said, "I don't like that coat!" (I couldn't remember which one of us said that)


9-23-99 - DREAM - I was sitting at the computer writing the story of J. Orwin Grabbe (A UFO researcher). I got called away from my computer by Joe who wanted to go to the store.

The story I had been writing was about a 10 year old boy who as asked to go to the store to get something and was handed a note of what it was. He took the note and tucked it under his belt in back and then went to the drug store to ask for a job.

A young woman was there and for some reason I went into the kitchen to get something from the cabinet and climbed up on a blue covered seat that had water spots on it and I blotted them with a white napkin and sat down. The girl asked me a question about changing what one does because of small circumstances. I said to her, "I change what I'm doing because of what I dream all the time."  She said, That's a crazy to run one's life."  I said, "People are always wondering why they are here and what to do with their life. I should write a book about that."

I instantly woke up not realizing I had even been sleeping.

NOTE: A great idea if I ever get time.


9-23-99 - VISION - While I was thinking about the dream. I saw a huge 18 wheeler truck that was dark green and I even though I could only see the bottom of the picture symbol on he side of the truck. I knew it was a truck of Green Giant Peas and under the picture it said, 'SURVIVAL'.


9-24-99 - As soon as I closed my eyes I saw the face of the ET I had drawn. A little boy was with me and Ethan. I chuckled when I thought little boy's name was probably Alan, then I'd be with Ethan-Alan.

I them by the hand and we flew into outer space together. I actually felt like I was passing out ... rather than falling asleep.


9-24-99 - DREAM - I was living in a large apartment house with a lot of other people. I went into the kitchen and there was two inches of water on the floor. There was only an inch in the diningroom but the livingroom floor was glistening with water too.

There were some salesmen sitting there waiting for me, but I was half asleep in my chair. I couldn't catch what he was selling so I excused myself. I wanted to find out where the water was coming from.

I gathered up all the shoes I had ever owned and left. I bypassed a rummage sale where a young woman I knew was selling something I would have wanted but didn't have the money for but took a free sample of a package of makeup I was offered.

I went to the back door of the apartments which someone had wisely drained the water off to solve the problem. I said, "I've got to find out where all this water is coming from.

As I went up this back stairway, there were rivulets of water running down everywhere, down the stairs and down the walls; everywhere and all these people were living like this without question.

I wasn't going to. I wanted to know where the water was coming from.

So I continued climbing this back stairway and when I came out on the 8th floor, I suddenly recognized it. This was the master offices of an office building I used to work in. I heard Asa Buchanan's voice from 'One Life to Live' (TV show) and he was booming orders to everyone. Now I knew where I was. The apartments were on the other side of his office.

I walked around the office to the apartment side and met a whole lot of people.

In the livingroom of one apartment were 5 boys and a young male who looked familiar. They were sitting around singing. He was so cute, I was soon leaning on him and then we started kissing and I was feeling a lot of love. He and the boys said they had to go somewhere. He was only 20 and I was 60 but I would follow him anywhere and he didn't seem to care about my age, so when he and the boys who sang with him left, I followed him. He was always ahead of us and we headed down a steep stairway until we got to a boat landing.

At this point, everyone had to take all their clothes off. You could take nothing with you. Then you would get in the boat and it would take you across this underground river and it was the river to HELL.

Now I knew where all the water was coming from. It was the melting snow from the roof of the corporate building over HELL itself.

There was a beautiful woman at the boat launch. She held the rope to the next boat.

I saw the young man I was in love with. He was off to the side, scrubbing his body with so much soap lather, I couldn't see his penis. It actually looked like he didn't have one. He obviously appealed to both sexes. He was singing and happy.

I wanted to be with him, so I started taking my clothes off too. If he was going to HELL, I was going too. The feeling I felt for him, I would have followed him even to HELL.

Then older lesbian women came through. Then while I was studying the situation, they all stripped naked and one of the the women had only one breast in the middle of her chest and it was bright red. One of the other women was telling her not to worry about it, that they would figure out some way to make her look better.

So all three women got in the boat to cross the river.

I wasn't going with them. I was following the young beautiful man.

I found out that he had taken another stairway and gone back upstairs. The boys had gotten in a boat and crossed the river without him.

I thought to myself, "To HELL with you guys!" and went to the stairway. I discovered then that there were 4 stairways back to the top ... two to the left and two to the right. I didn't know which stairway he had taken and I didn't want to take the wrong one.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and I could hear his voice singing way up on the far right stairway. I didn't care that I hadn't taken a shower yet, I ran up those stairs as fast as I could. I caught a glimpse of him from time to time, but he always eluded me and stayed ahead of me.

I just kept following him because I didn't want to lose that wonderful feeling.  I kept thinking, "If you always turn right, you can never go wrong."


9-24-99 - VOICE - "This is Dr. Lindberg in Chicago. You have a problem with your heart. But we are going to take care of it for you. Your heart needs opening up. It is apostylettic."

I didn't know what he meant or what that was.  He said, "Don't worry. The globe will watch over it."

I thanked him and he said, "Goodbye!"

This conversation seemed to be recorded ona web page just by speaking and the typing stopped as it reach the bottom of the page.


9-25-99 - DREAM  - I woke up in the morning. I as in bed with my husband and all my kids. I was supposed to be starting a new job and I was already late. Work started at 8 a.m. and that's exactly what it was when I woke up. I still had to get dressed. I got out of bed and discovered I had slept in my clothes; a pink sweater and black slacks.

We lived on the ground floor of a huge apartment complex and everyones drapes were open so you could see into each other's apartments, so I closed the drapes before I found another sweater to put on over the pink one.

I found a heavier multi-colored purple sweater with wide crosswise stripes. It had 5 different shades of purple.

I decided to put no makeup on and then found the public bathroom to use before leaving the building.

The office where I was going to work was on the same property as the apartment building, so all I had to do was cross the yard. Instead of using the sidewalk, I walked straight across the yard between the bushes and trees noting that most people would be afraid to do this, especially if it was dark out.

I came to the office building and had to step over some low hedges in a fancy garden where the owner's office was. His window was open and his light spilled out over the lawn.

I could hear him talking on the telephone, discussing what to do next with someone. I tiptoed past his window so he wouldn't know I overheard him discussing future projects and went over to the main door.

When I went inside, there were a lot of women there, sitting at desks and walking around. I spotted Carol Hapke (who trained me originally at AC) and asked her if she had seen Ruth who had told me there was a job for me to do.

She said she hadn't seen Ruth, but she might be in the office across the street. So, I left the office, crossed the street and went into the other office there, looking for Ruth. I didn't see her there either but I found a job to do and began researching links for Alien Abduction vs Contact and began placing them on the floor in a manner so they didn't touch each other, but we could still walk around them. They were very close to each other.

9-27-99 - DREAM - After I woke up, I realized that I dreamed about the same subject the night before which I didn't write down. The subject is espionage. I know absolutely nothing about it and don't really want to.

In this dream, I was in a large house somewhere in Milwaukee. It seems it was near 20th and North Ave.

I was told that Edward had gotten out of prison and was looking for me. I went to the front window and saw a blue truck. It was similar to Eds, but not exactly the same.

I had just moved to this house and now I knew I was going to have to leave it again because of him.

I was on the second floor. I was going to go down the front stairs, but a woman was bringing two men up the stairs. I knew that it be bad if she brought those men to the second floor, so I waylaid her and explained to her that these rooms were already rented by someone else One of the rooms actually didn't have walls, it was an area separated from the rest by 4 pillars.

She went back down gain with the men. I decided to leave and go back to my 16th St. house. I was told by someone that Ed had left town, but I didn't trust that information.

I went outside and was hearing waltz music. The man who gave me the information about Ed grabbed my arm, expecting me to dance with him. We had to go past a man and his wife and I knew he was the enemy.

Like the mafia does, I gave the enemy man a kiss on the cheek. I then told the man who was hanging on my arm, that I was going to have to leave, because I knew that Ed was still hanging around somewhere. So I went down the street alone.

The waltz music was still playing. I looked back and the man was joyfully waltzing with the enemy couple.

I started up 16th St. towards my house and knew I had to get off the main street before I was seen. So I made my way down a side street which had too much traffic also. I knew I was going to have to take the alley to go home.


9-27-99 - I lay down with the idea that I was going to call the ET I saw the other day. I don't know his name, so I didn't know how I was going to do that. I toyed with the same idea and finally saw the outline of the drawing of the ET. I don't think it had a face.

DREAM - I was going to make an announcement of some kind to all the local singing groups. I was doing this by computer so it was easy to let my fingers do the walking and fill in the spaces that was necessary.

I then decided to water some flowers that were going dry. This was harder than it seemed. The place where the flowers were was 3 1/2 steps up into a rotunda surrounded by pillars and then the vase with the flowers in was on a round table 3 1/2 feet high with a gate that was 3 1/2 feet high.

I got to the gate and it was too high for me to climb as I wasn't agile enough. A boy and a girl came along who were very athletic and they volunteered to water the flowers. They scaled the gate easily enough and took the water. I supplied in a pitcher and got up on the round table to water the flowers which were in a tall vase. The girl proceeded to dump the water on top of the flowers. I thought she was going to damage the flowers by dumping the water too fast but the boy snatched the flowers out of the way just in time and after she poured the water in the vase, he replaced the flowers in the vase and they were fine.

I then decided to feed all the animals in their cages. It was a chore to haul that much food to the animals, but the job actually got easier the farther I went because the bag got lighter as I went along.

The last cage belonged to a mouse. His cage was larger than any other animals and his cage was double doored and none of the sweepings of his cage were allowed out of the cage either because that would release the deadly hanta virus.


9-28-99 - DREAM - ( I had this dream in the 15 minutes after Joe left for work)

I was at work and it was time to go home. As we were walking out the door, one of the other women was telling me that her daughter was getting married. I congratulated her and told her that my daughter was getting married on Easter Sunday which was the following weekend so I wouldn't be able to spend Easter with her.

Another woman came along and only half heard what I said, so I repeated it to her, that I was going to my daughter's wedding on Easter Sunday.

When I also told them that I was going to take off early to take a shower, wash my hair and get ready for the shower on Friday night.

Beginning of dream. I was in an office and called the secretary of the boss to find out the FAX number up there, so I could send a FAX stating what my intentions were to take off early to get ready for my daughter's wedding shower, however, when she picked up the phone, I overheard an entire conversation between 3 women about their activities like I was right in the room with them. I never did get to send the FAX.

After I got outside, my daughter was out there and I was going to go to the store and asked if I wanted to ride along. I said, "Yes!" But she drove so slow, I had to go to the bathroom so bad, I knew I couldn't wait where we got there and I'd have to go right to the bathroom.

When we got out of the car, we were at a school and we walked in past all these little kids. I know I had been there before because I had left a trail of broken bits of Doritoes on the floor here and there in the hallway.

I got to the bathroom and there was Bill Cosby and in a small girl about toddler age (white). He was admonishing her for spilling the wine. It was light pink wine and the wine glass which was broken in the bottom of the bathtub. Bill Cosby got into the bathtub where the medicine cabinet was and opened it and great amounts of light pink wine spilled out

He admonished the little girl but didn't spank her.

Meanwhile I had to go potty so bad and I saw that the toilet seat was put on improperly. They were actually put on in the wong order, so I reversed the order of the seat and the lid so they were correct. They were just easy pop-out connections. But I made a big deal out of it and when I was done I said, "Nowadays, you even have to be the plumber."

I then apologized to Bill Cosby and told him I had to go potty really bad.

Instead of leaving, he sat down on a chair next to the toilet to talk to me and the little girl sat down on a smaller chair to his left.

I was feeling rather embarrassed that he was sitting there but he wasn't leaving and I couldn't wait. While the poop was coming out into this small toilet, I was leaning to the left to give it more room because there was so much of it.

I told him he was very privileged because Bob Hope was the only other person who had been given this privilege to sit with me while I pooped.

I closed my eyes momentarily and began to see dancers in the street from the Pilgrim days They were dressed in white and golden brown. I could hear the music playing. I told Bill Cosby what I was seeing and hearing when one of the dancers jumped out of the vision onto some tall pedestals along the wall and proceeded up some tiny steps along the wall to demonstrate as she danced down the stairs and then did a rather bump and grind dance on the pedestals.  She said, "No you know how Deanna Durbin came down the stairs to become the star she was."


9-29-99 - DREAM - On a computer I created a page about ET descriptions. Each paragraph was brief  ... maybe 5 or 6 lines or so. The paragraphs were numbered. When I added a paragraph the numbers automatically changed. There were many more alien types then I ever saw in real life. I created the page in medium dusty blue on a lighter blue. I woke up several times and went right back to it.

The last time, the whole thing changed to black type on a white screen.


9-30-99 - DREAM - I don't recall what this dream was all about. It was all white and consisted of like stacks of mailboxes with packages in and at the end was shapes like city skyscrapers all laying over on their sides like a huge wind had blown them over ... all the same direction.

NOTE: 9-30-99 - Mexico City had a 7.5 earthquake and hundreds of homes were flattened.


9-30-99 - VISION - A lot of people all wearing colorful ankle length skirt like Hawaiian or Indians were receiving inoculation shots in the buttocks. The first woman in line was screaming.


9-30-99 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and I was manager. The mailman was delivering mail. There was so much of it, he had to put my mail in other people's boxes and hope they would pass it on.

One of the packages I as supposed to get was in the box for Clare Watson. ( I never heard of Clare Watson until after I had this dream)

Another name box was Block which is my mother's maiden name. The whole front of the postal truck was still stacked with hundreds of small, long boxes that would just fit into the mailboxes.

One of the tenants said she couldn't find her key to her masterlock. It was number 368B.  I looked on my key ring and I had one just like it. It was a double long ... squared off key. Mine looked like it had never been used, it was so bright.