While Joe was talking to me early this a.m. around 5 a.m., I experienced an intense desire to close my eyes. It WAS NOT out of boredom. :-)

Joe was expressing his theories about the Sephiroth . The tree of Life. He said that many people feel that the Sephiroth has to do with music.

I said that was VERY interesting. I said that because when I closed my eyes, I was seeing a book and each 5 lines explained a section of the Sephiroth. As I watched, each word on each line became a circle and then each circle became a musical note.

When I told Joe my vision, he asked if those notes could be played. I said, "Yes! They could be played. If they were played as I saw them, it would be like playing a musical scale or if seeing it electronically, it would look like a sine wave.

After Joe left for work, I heard a telephone ring in my left ear. The phone had rung in my head only...not in the physical. I lay there quietly and I then heard 5 knocks.

Each knock brought one of those musical staff lines into view again. On the top appeared a brilliant green sign that read, "Happy Cheers Day" Then I began to see the lines of the staff below it fill in. On the next line, it read, "THE GAME OF LIFE"

and below that: "How to get through life without dying".

Below that was a line of music. The top four lines became musical notes easily played. I waited for the lower line to fill in and it never did. It remained blank.

Note: I seems to me that one should not play those notes which lie on the lower spaces if one wants to live without dying. I'm thinking that those lower notes would represent such low tones as "fear" and "anger'.

What do you think?

Love, Light, and Joy