9-1-10 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer screen with colored cards and moving them around to match each other as closely as possible.  In this case, the cards had a major color but were also mottled with a secondary color, so I moved them around to get them as closely as I could to form a picture.  It wasn't a picture I recognized - just matching the colors as best as I could.

9-1-10 - DREAM  - I was working in a large building, having been hired to sell tickets for a concert and dance afterward.

While working there, I discovered that out in the hallway, gasoline being used to heat the building was being piped and some of the pipes had started leaking because they weren't used during the summer.   I hurried back to the sales room where I worked to tell the people, but I needed to tell the right people - someone who could fix the problem.  I couldn't find that person in the room.

Meanwhile between sales of tickets, I started drawiing and painting pictures to hang on the wall, and that what people were paying attention to. They really liked the country scenes I drew because I used different types of media to do the work - crayons, water colors, paint, and chalks.  It was unique I thought, and so did they.

I kept hoping someone would discover the problem out in the hall.  It was visible to anyone who walked by.


9-1-10 - DREAM - I had been rehired to answer the phone for the locksmith I worked for in Milwaukee.

I already had a phone in each hand, talking to the boss on one phone, a customer on the other, when a third line rang in.  This time it was my sister, and she was rather excited, and wanted me to call everyone else I knew and tell them to rush out and buy all the corn they could because the price had gone up 3 cents over the weekend.

I don't eat corn in any form, but I promised her I would tell everyone anyway.


9-2-10 - DREAM - I was apparently somewhere in the north of the country somewhere.  My husband/companion was visiting some man how had been investigating some kind of being that was not human. 

When the men left the room where they were discussing this, I went into the room and saw a whole pile of sheets of paper on which this man had filled with math calculations and drawings of beings that had round heads but reptilian like features on their faces but with short snubbed snouts - not long like an alligator. 

I quickly put the papers back together and went downstairs where the woman of the house had started a sewing project of all gold cloth.  I don't know why it was in such a mess, but I gathered up all the pieces together for her and put them on a table.

However, she wasn't happy that I had done that - as she said, "If I sew them all together, everyone will get a shirt that is too small for them.

I wondered why she had cut them all too small to begin with then.  I told her she could recur all the pieces from more cloth and she felt relieved. Perhaps she hadn't thought of that.

My husband/companion and I, and small boy got into our car to go home.

We got on the freeway heading south.  My husband/companion had to open the window and turn on the fan to clear the fog off the windshield, and we were driving fast with the traffic, which got heavier and heavier as we went.

It seemed that there must have been at least 8 lanes, and my husband was driving really fast, and I was constantly amazed that we didn't hit anyone as we pulled out and passed them because we never once slowed down, and finally, we got way over into the left lane, while most other cars kept to the right lanes.

We finally got into a single lane that went off into some kind of manufacturing complex of some kind.

I saw a vehicle coming out of the place that was a reddish purple color, and then the vehicle ahead of us that was a small jeep, but miniature size was made to go through some kind of gate that had a header under it.  And we, having a normal size car then went to the left of that gate, and two men wearing frumpy looking suits, who were manning the gate, had to quickly move a couple of leather satchels out of the way so we could go through the gate, and I woke up.


9-2-10 - DREAM - I was in a small house somewhere.  It was jammed packed with clothes in every stage of dirty to clean.  Nothing was hung up, they were all laying on cabinets, tables and on the floor, and I was going help sort it out. 

Mixed in with the clothing, was some broken plates that were gorgeous with gold gilt edges - like royalty might use.  But they were cracked in half.  Even if they were royalty, it was trash - Royalty doesn't eat on broken plates and neither does anyone else.

I picked the plates out of the clothing pile and went across the room with them to find the trash barrel, which of course also had clothing in it, and I didn't know if they were clean, dirty, or being thrown away.

At the other side of the room, a tall thin woman was standing with the clothes hangars, looking for clothing to put on them but we still couldn't ell what went on the hangars at that point.

There was a bedroom apparently, and I was going to go in it, but a tall, thin young man stood in the doorway, and I knew I wasn't going to get past him, and he moved forward towards me to make sure I knew that.

I didn't make any progress at all, and finally I left, and as I walked through the parking lot, I saw the singer/musician/writer/producer  Randy Jackson  currently stars on American Idol, who calls everyone 'dawg'.   He was wearing all blue denim work clothes, extremely fat, carrying half a dozen blue denim bags with stuff in it as well, and he was going to work the night shift somewhere - and behind him in the air, was a sign that said, "What is the truth about Gana Fat?

NOTE: The name and words gana fat are Nigerian, but I found a website with every imaginable name on it, and its called  It doesn't make any sense to me at all even after seeing it.

The name Randy comes from Randall and Randolph and means amorous.

That certainly isn't how the dream portrayed him.

Regarding the Royalty broken plates in the clothing, recent articles about Prince Charles have him talking about people using clothes longer instead of throwing them away, and reusing them.  The article also says  take a shower instead of a bath.


9-3-10 - DREAM -  I was working on two web pages.  I realized I was focusing on "The 7th house'  and the 10th house".  I deleted all the articles except 5 of each.

The 7th house is:

The 10th house is:

Both pages were cheerful and bright, but I didn't know why I needed to read them.

NOTE:  Now I do.


9-3-10 - VISION - I was laying down in bed, but still awake, and I found myself in a big city   with huge buildings.   I was moving forward along the curb, and passed some people like at a bus stop.  There was a little blonde boy standing there and I looked real close to see if he was one of my sons, but it didn't appear that he was my own kin. 

Just beyond the people, there were cases of beer piled up in groups.  It seemed that each group of beer cases was identical, and I even started talking out loud in the room what I was seeing, like I was telling someone about what I was seeing, and I started counting the piles of cases I was seeing.  I got past 10 and realized that I didn't need to be talking out loud.

Now that I'm awake, maybe I was thinking ahead to when my tape recorder arrives?

What does all that beer mean?

HELSINKI, Finland, Sept. 3 (UPI) -- Divers have discovered what is being called the world's oldest beer in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea east of Stockholm, researchers say.

While salvaging what is believed to be the world's oldest champagne, several bottles of beer were also discovered, Finland's Helsingen Sonomat reported.

The bottles, preserved on the seabed at about 160 feet deep, were brought to the surface from 200-year-old shipwreck near Foglo in the archipelago south of the Finnish island of Aland.

Until now, the title for the oldest drinkable beer ever to have been found was some Ratcliff Ale brewed in 1869, discovered in the vaults of the Worthington White Shield Brewery in Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England, in 2006, the Sonomat said.

"This is much likely the world's oldest beer. We can now say that we have both the world's oldest champagne and the world's oldest beer bottles in our possession," Rainer Juslin of Aland's provincial government told the Stockholm News.

The cold temperature and darkness on the sea have optimized the storage, and pressure in the bottles has prevented any salt water getting in through the corks, the News said.


9-3-10 - 10:15 P.M.  DREAM - I can't remember the beginning of this dream, but when I arrived home at my apartment building, I could see this tall, dark-haired, creepy man, standing at the top of the stairs, wearing very dark blue clothing, and I knew he was after me, so I quickly entered my apartment, closed the door by adjusting the hinges and locking it behind me, but there was a window in the door, so he could still see me if I was near the door.


9-4-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page I had typed in the past, which was a description of a man or two people coming down a long stairway in some kind of ceremony.  It was very long,  and I was looking for the appropriate place to add one line to it   -   red letter day -

I knew I hadn't published that page yet as it wasn't complete, but I couldn't remember when I had typed it previously.

I scanned down the page and back up several times and noticed that in one place two people had come around two pillars that were in the center of the stairs and then come back together again in the center.

NOTE:  When I got up to search my computer, I found 'red letter day' on quite a few pages, but these were not pages I had published.  They only page I had published with 'red letter day' was a page about Chandra Levy being murdered, and the page said, "This was not a red letter day"

To me, a 'red letter day' is one published on a calendar as a Holiday.

I did a search again of my computer and a page came up about a ceremony  called  kisses-imitation -  and that sounded very much like something I should be looking for to fit this dream.

That page has this song on it:


9-4-10 -   NAP DREAM -  I really can't remember a dream, but I woke up feeling like I had been standing at the top of that stairway.

Bringing Down the Light of the Golden Dawn:

The Middle Pillar Ritual

A powerful energy-invoking exercise used to bring down the Light of the Golden Dawn, the vivifying Light of our Order, into the body of the Initiate. Once the Light has been installed in the Heart (point 9 below), it may effectively be channeled outward as healing and transformative energy. When used in this fashion, the Golden Dawn Light that has been installed in the Heart center in point 9 is channeled through the palm of the hand as a pure white Ray of force, towards whatever object is intended as recipient.

This exercise stands by itself as an energy focusing work, and may be utilized by any Initiate on a regular basis -- and certainly ought to be activated before attempting any transmittal of healing energy. It may also be done as part of a longer ritual process, such as following the LBRP and the Rose Cross Rite, in that order. In this way, the LBRP clears and purifies your space; the Rose Cross establishes a clear white background upon which to work.

1. Stand in the Temple (or other location) facing West. (This is because you are taken to be standing in the East, source of the Light of the Golden Dawn as it manifests on the Earth plane.) Arms are stretched out straight to both sides. On your right (the North) is the Black Pillar of Severity; on your left (the South) is the White Pillar of Mercy. You stand in between as the Middle Pillar of Balance.

2. A blindingly brilliant white light, the Light of the Infinite Self (Ain Soph Aur) originates far above your head, coming from the Crown. (Saharshra).

3. The light descends to the top of your forehead, forming a sphere the size of your head. Vibrate, strongly: EH-EI-EH ("I AM")

4. When this is felt strongly, allow the light to descend to the Daath center (throat chakkra).) Vibrate: YHVH ELOHIM (I Am the Mighty One of God.)

5. Allow the Light to descend further to the heart center (Tiphareth/Anahatta chakra). Vibrate: YHVH ELOAH VE-DAATH. (I Am the Lord of Knowledge.)

6. Allow the Light to descend through the Solar Plexus, down to the Svadisthana Chakra (generational center) at Yesod. Vibrate: SHADDAI EL-CHAI (Lord of Life.)

7. Allow the Light to descend further, through the Muladhara Chakra (root center) and all the way down to the earth, gaining density as it progresses. Vibrate: ADNI HA-ARETZ (Lord of the Earth.)

8. The Light of the Golden Dawn now surrounds the whole body of the Initiate.

9. Allow it to ascend back up to center it in the Heart, where it becomes established in fullness.

10. From this Center the Light may be channeled as a healing energy, through the palm of the right hand, as a white ray of force aimed at an object. The Light may also be established in the Heart and utilized as a catalyst for meditative states and visions, if it is meant to be so.

Back to Rituals Index



9-4-10 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere, standing out in the street in front of a factory with a lot of reporters.  They were all standing around waiting fur interviews with the people who ran the factory because there was a fire inside.

all the windows of the factory were open and we could see inside.  I could see smoke rising from a spot inside, but none of that smoke was coming out any of the windows.  It was all internal.

I got tired of waiting with the reporters to get their interview, so I just walked inside and pretend I was with them instead of with the reporters.

I noticed that workmen were coming into the room where I was with pick axes, and they would pick ax a big chunk of the gold ore out and start eating it.  I couldn't figure out why there were doing it, so I decided to try it out myself.  I took a piece of the gold ore and bite into it and it tasted like cookie dough. 

I thought to myself, "No wonder they like they stuff.  It tastes really good!"  and I continued to munch on it, until I realized, "Hmmm! I wonder if I'm allergic to this stuff!"  and I looked around and saw that hundreds of telephone were lit up with red lights waiting to be answered from the reporters and nothing had changed.


9-5-10 - DREAM - I was in a large building and a 3 foot tall, round faced man with the letter M on his sweatshirt was the flower Master and he was helping us get ready for a ceremony.  A few minutes later, another three foot tall, round faced man came in and he had the letter S on the front of his sweatshirt.  He had another position in the group, but I don't recall what that was.

Then another woman came in and she was taking me and my boyfriend  Norman downtown for something on a bus.  It was a small bus, not a big city bus.  She sat on the left hand side, and Norman and I sat in seats of the right hand side - and we were facing the aisle - not the front.

We were going down a steep hill and I saw that the cross street was named OB.  We started to wonder what the letters OB stood for, and I thought perhaps it meant Observation, but of course, it could have been anything else appropriate.

The woman asked something, to which I answered something, then ran my hand through the top of Norman's hair kiddingly, and we all laughed and grinned.  Sorry I can't remember what was said.

After that, we were all back up on the hill in an office.  Norman, myself, and my sons were there - they were all in the 20's apparently. 

Before the meeting started, I dipped my hand in men's cologne and rubbed Norman's hair with it.  It smelled wonderful.  One of the boys looked up, wondering what was going on, so I rubbed his ears with it too, and he smiled sheepishly.

Before the meeting started, Norman grabbed me and planted a huge kiss on the lips - for several minutes -  and the boys sat around watching.  It made me feel really good that he would do that in front of my sons.

Then we had to get ready for the meeting.  There was a large oval table in the room, and the appropriate records were kept in a cabinet along the wall that had doors on the bottom with drawers above.  There was an index card box we needed for the meeting, and the Business section of the newspaper. 

An older man came in for the meeting and we were still getting things ready.  This was a large newspaper so I was separating out the sections we needed and gave the comic section to one of the younger guys laughing, and the business section to the older man. 

There were several women in the room then too.

NOTE: I think this was a business meeting for Earth Mountain View Organization.


9-5-10 - DREAM - I went to my upstairs bedroom to get something to wear for someone else.   The dresser was painted dark brown and I believe it had 5 drawers high.  I opened the third drawer down and all the clothing had 'apron strings' on it in colors of mottled brown and yellow.

I was quite dismayed and knew I had to do laundry and wash everything again.


9--5-10  MEDITATION - A male voice said,  "Into the light, saves one more night!"

After a few minutes I saw what I think was a 10-pointed star, which was broken up geometrically, and each section had multiple lines in it showing that it was spinning left.



I decided instead of just laying down and napping I should work on my chakras.  Since I knew I was dreaming about the third chakra (10 pointed star)  I should at least work on that chakra.

I started the meditation with spinning the third chakra and immediately fell asleep

DREAM - I was riding in a red sports car with my husband.  We were going to go for a ride, but he had to stop at the gas station and get gas.

He pulled up to the station and said he had to do something out back, and I replied, "I have to meditate on my chakras."

So I followed my husband out behind the garage, and we went into a silver diamond wire fenced cage.  The cage was about 8 feet high and about 4 feet square.

When we got inside the cage, I saw a series of little white button trains hanging on the fence.  Each button had a tiny 5 black marked face on it cartoon style.   So I started mentally spinning the third chakra button on each one, and did three of them - one in each train.

Meanwhile my husband was trying to fix a leaking water spigot on the left of a rock and concrete mound.

Just as I finished the third meditation, he turned on the spigot and some silvery liquid came out - it didn't look like water.

I didn't want the fluid to come down and get our feet wet, so I used the little 5 button trains to block the liquid from coming down on our feet, and the liquid ran across the rock mound, and down the side, and then out the gate of the cage we were in.

and I woke up.



9-6-10 - DREAM -  I went with someone to a gas station where they sold gifts and trinkets along with food and gasoline.

On a shelf I saw some kits to make boats from plants or something like that.

I was urged to take the boats out of the boxes and buy two plants to go with them.

Somehow when I took the boats out of the boxes, they looked like the ships of the Egyptians and the  green sails of the ships moved over toward the left and a sign appeared in the air that said, "No one can legally do vein tanning!"


That's really dumb!


9-7-10 DREAM -  I was in some kind of primitive situation where humans had never been before.   Our expedition was there to find out what kind of foods were growing in the wild and name them.

We came to an area where there were little green fruits growing on trees.  They looked like Kiwi's but were something else not seen before.

We couldn't name the fruit without sampling it and no one wanted to sample a fruit that could just as well be poison as edible.

I woke up before we found out what that fruit was.


9-7-10 -  VISIONS - I closed my eyes three different times, and each time I was looking at the cover of the Enquirer magazine . It had a large picture on it with writing over it.  It was about someone being murdered.  It was connected to a reality show director's daughters.  I was the words 'plucky' and needed, and some others but couldn't determine 'who' got murdered.


9-8-10 - DREAM - I was visiting some people who lived out in the country somewhere.  The people I was with looked familiar - people I had worked with in the United States, yet I felt like I was related to them somehow.

There were a lot of cats in the house, and the cats evidently loved to eat chocolates, because they were dragging them around the floor eating it.

I wished I had some chocolates myself, and walked into the kitchen area where I saw some litters of dogs.

Off in one corner of the room were several silver colored poodles with beautiful shaped haircuts, and I immediately loved them and wished they were mine.

I went outside into the yard where the man of the house was eating breakfast on a small table in the garden which was in an area of the yard where several layers of soil had been removed.  At the top was black soil from the farm, but in the garden where he sat, the soil had been cut away and about 3 to 5 feet down, the soil was grey like the silver poodles.  I decided to feel the soil, and it was like beach sand, but grey and silver.  I wondered if there had once been a volcanic explosion here and then covered over by hundreds of years of normal soil built up over it.

While I was looking at the sand and letting it run through my fingers, I could see the words of a novel running before my eyes, and I saw the words, "and the lady sat on her roate .......

I was terribly and instantly intrigued by the woman who had once lived here and lived in lovely surroundings and then covered with many feet of  ash from a volcano suddenly.

This is what came up on a google search:

The word rosate is evidently Italian, but the French poodles and volcano exploding many years ago is telling.

Vesuvius just jumped into my head

History and Tradition

The first inhabitants of today’s Campania were the Aurunci and the Opici of Greek origins. They settled at Cuma, north of present day Naples in the 8th century B.C., but in the 6th century B.C., their settlements fell to the Etruscans, who in turn were overtaken by the Sannites. In the 4th century B.C. Campania was annexed by the Roman Empire and given the name Campus or “plain” from which the area derives the current name. Under Roman organization and rule, the region enjoyed a period of relative peace until A.D. 79, when the volcano Vesuvius suddenly and violently erupted burying the neighboring cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a sea of melted lava and suffocating ash.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Goths and the Byzantines struggled for power through the fifth and sixth centuries until the Longobards entered the scene and conquered the area. The Normans came next, founding the kingdom of Sicily that was later renamed the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies.

The French Bourbons brought the last foreign domination over Italian soil, and in the 19th century Naples became the capital of southern Italy and of the Angevin Kingdom. The new rulers made some attempts to reclaim the numerous marshes surrounding Naples and occupied a wide part of the plains that became available through the drainage the of the land. With the unification of Italy in the 19th century, industrialization bids in ship building took place in Campania, but were crushed by competition from the more industrially advanced and cash-rich northern regions. Today though, Campania is among the most industrialized regions in the country.

History and Tradition

The first inhabitants of today’s Campania were the Aurunci and the Opici of Greek origins. They settled at Cuma, north of present day Naples in the 8th century B.C., but in the 6th century B.C., their settlements fell to the Etruscans, who in turn were overtaken by the Sannites. In the 4th century B.C. Campania was annexed by the Roman Empire and given the name Campus or “plain” from which the area derives the current name. Under Roman organization and rule, the region enjoyed a period of relative peace until A.D. 79, when the volcano Vesuvius suddenly and violently erupted burying the neighboring cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a sea of melted lava and suffocating ash.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Goths and the Byzantines struggled for power through the fifth and sixth centuries until the Longobards entered the scene and conquered the area. The Normans came next, founding the kingdom of Sicily that was later renamed the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies.

The French Bourbons brought the last foreign domination over Italian soil, and in the 19th century Naples became the capital of southern Italy and of the Angevin Kingdom. The new rulers made some attempts to reclaim the numerous marshes surrounding Naples and occupied a wide part of the plains that became available through the drainage the of the land. With the unification of Italy in the 19th century, industrialization bids in ship building took place in Campania, but were crushed by competition from the more industrially advanced and cash-rich northern regions. Today though, Campania is among the most industrialized regions in the country.

The first inhabitants of today’s Campania were the Aurunci and the Opici of Greek origins. They settled at Cuma, north of present day Naples in the 8th century B.C., but in the 6th century B.C., their settlements fell to the Etruscans, who in turn were overtaken by the Sannites. In the 4th century B.C. Campania was annexed by the Roman Empire and given the name Campus or “plain” from which the area derives the current name. Under Roman organization and rule, the region enjoyed a period of relative peace until A.D. 79, when the volcano Vesuvius suddenly and violently erupted burying the neighboring cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a sea of melted lava and suffocating ash.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Goths and the Byzantines struggled for power through the fifth and sixth centuries until the Longobards entered the scene and conquered the area. The Normans came next, founding the kingdom of Sicily that was later renamed the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies.

The French Bourbons brought the last foreign domination over Italian soil, and in the 19th century Naples became the capital of southern Italy and of the Angevin Kingdom. The new rulers made some attempts to reclaim the numerous marshes surrounding Naples and occupied a wide part of the plains that became available through the drainage the of the land. With the unification of Italy in the 19th century, industrialization bids in ship building took place in Campania, but were crushed by competition from the more industrially advanced and cash-rich northern regions. Today though, Campania is among the most industrialized regions in the country.

Scientists to drill 13,000ft into active volcano in test that could cause earthquake

Scientists are planning to drill 13,000ft into the heart of an active volcano in Italy in an attempt to protect the nearby city of Naples by gauging when it is likely to erupt.

naples volcano

Campi Flegrei last erupted in 1538, and recent seismic activity in the area has raised fears that it could be ready to blow again Photo: ALAMY

But experts have warned that the project could trigger an explosion of red hot magma or even an earthquake.

The team of scientists wants to insert a borehole inside Campi Flegrei, a huge volcanic formation outside Naples, in the hope of gauging how active it is.

Also known as the Phlegraean Fields, Campi Flegrei is an eight-mile-wide caldera lying west of Naples.

It comprises 24 volcanic fissures and craters – one of which was believed by the ancient Romans to be the home of Vulcan, the god of fire - although much of it lies under water as it extends into the Bay of Naples.

It last erupted in 1538, and recent seismic activity in the area has raised fears that it could be ready to blow again.

The project is due to start early next month, when the team will drill 1640ft into the ground at a site in Bagnoli, near Naples.

The second phase, due to start in the spring, will involve the drilling of a 4,000 metre deep borehole at the same location.

Scientists will use sensors to measure seismic activity and the temperature of the rock at different depths in an attempt to understand how unstable the area is.

"Calderas are the only volcanoes that can cause truly catastrophic eruptions with global consequences, yet they are still poorly understood," Giuseppe De Natale, the project's coordinator and a geophysicist at Italy's National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, told the science magazine Nature.

But there are fears that the experiment, which will tap into 500-600C hot magma, could lead to an eruption which would endanger the 1.5 million people who live in and around Naples.

Benedetto de Vivo, a professor of geochemistry at the University of Naples, said a similar drilling project in Iceland had to be stopped last year after magma was found at a much shallower depth than expected.

The Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by a catastrophic eruption by nearby Mt Vesuvius in AD79.





9-8-10 - DREAM -  I woke up in the morning and walked over to the living room wall, where it was painted blue-green over diamonds embedded in the wall - and in between the diamonds were multiple 7's with the number 73 hanging off of them, and on the right wits this pyramid shaped building like it was drawn by a child with little people in the doorway and in the windows that went up the side of the pyramid building.

I yelled for Joe to come and look at it, screaming O my God, O my God, Joe, look at this, and I knew that the ETs had drawn it there for us to see.

sitchen rocket ship MU



73is a prime number

73 is one of the prime numbers used in the crop circle about the ETs

What is important about the number 73?

if there were 7 of them

7 x 73   511

if there were 5 of them

5 x 73 - 365

Seventy-three is the 21st prime number. The previous is seventy-one, with which it comprises the 8th twin prime. It is also a permutable prime with thirty-seven. 73 is a star number.

Every positive integer is the sum of at most 73 sixth powers (see Waring's problem).

In base 5, the smallest prime with a composite sum of digits is 73.

73 is a repdigit in base 8 (111).

Star number

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A star number is a centered figurate number that represents a centered hexagram, such as the one that Chinese checkers is played on.

1 13 37
* *

The nth star number is given by the formula 6n(n - 1) + 1. The first 43 star numbers are

1, 13, 37, 73, 121, 181, 253, 337, 433, 541, 661, 793, 937, 1093, 1261, 1441, 1633, 1837, 2053, 2281, 2521, 2773, 3037, 3313, 3601, 3901, 4213, 4537, 4873, 5221, 5581, 5953, 6337, 6733, 7141, 7561, 7993, 8437, 8893, 9361, 9841, 10333, 10837 (sequence A003154 in OEIS).

Geometrically, the nth star number is made up of a central point and 12 copies of the (n-1)th triangular number — making it numerically equal to the nth centered dodecagonal number, but differently arranged.

The digital root of a star number is always 1 or 4. The last two digits of a star number in base 10 are always 01, 13, 21, 33, 37, 41, 53, 61, 73, 81, or 93.

Not many star numbers are also triangular numbers. 1 and 253 are the only two such numbers in the list given above, corresponding to n=1 and n=7. There are infinitely many with the next two correspond to n=91 and n=1261 (sequence A003154 in OEIS). These are the values n=(x+2)/4 with x an even solution of the Diophantine equation x2 = 3y2 + 1.

Chinese checkers board has 121 holes.

Not many star numbers are also square. 1 and 121 are the only two such numbers in the list given above, corresponding to n=1 and n=5. There are infinitely many with the next two being n=45 and n=441 (sequence A054318 in OEIS). These n values are n=(y+1)/2 from the Diophantine equation 2x2 + 1 = 3y2.

The term "star number" or "stellate number" is occasionally used to refer to octagonal numbers.[citation needed]

A star prime is a star number that is prime. The first few star primes (sequence A083577 in OEIS) are

13, 37, 73, 181, 337, 433, 541, 661, 937.


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hafniumtantalum tungsten
gray blue
General properties
Name, symbol, number tantalum, Ta, 73
Pronunciation /ˈtæntələm/ TAN-təl-əm; previously /tænˈtæliəm/ tan-TAL-ee-əm
Element category transition metal
Group, period, block 56, d
Standard atomic weight 180.94788g·mol−1
Electron configuration [Xe] 4f14 5d3 6s2
Electrons per shell 2, 8, 18, 32, 11, 2 (Image)
Physical properties
Phase solid
Density (near r.t.) 16.69 g·cm−3
Liquid density at m.p. 15 g·cm−3
Melting point 3290 K, 3017 °C, 5463 °F
Boiling point 5731 K, 5458 °C, 9856 °F
Heat of fusion 36.57 kJ·mol−1
Heat of vaporization 732.8 kJ·mol−1
Specific heat capacity (25 °C) 25.36 J·mol−1·K−1
Vapor pressure
P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
at T (K) 3297 3597 3957 4395 4939 5634
Atomic properties
Oxidation states 5, 4, 3, 2, -1 (mildly acidic oxide)
Electronegativity 1.5 (Pauling scale)
Ionization energies 1st: 761 kJ·mol−1
2nd: 1500 kJ·mol−1
Atomic radius 146 pm
Covalent radius 170±8 pm
Crystal structure α-Ta: body-centered cubic
β-Ta: tetragonal[1]
Magnetic ordering paramagnetic[2]
Electrical resistivity (20 °C) 131 nΩ·m
Thermal conductivity (300 K) 57.5 W·m−1·K−1
Thermal expansion (25 °C) 6.3 µm·m−1·K−1
Speed of sound (thin rod) (20 °C) 3400 m/s
Young's modulus 186 GPa
Shear modulus 69 GPa
Bulk modulus 200 GPa
Poisson ratio 0.34
Mohs hardness 6.5
Vickers hardness 873 MPa
Brinell hardness 800 MPa
CAS registry number 7440-25-7
Most stable isotopes
Main article: Isotopes of tantalum
iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP
177Ta syn 56.56 h ε 1.166 177Hf
178Ta syn 2.36 h ε 1.910 178Hf
179Ta syn 1.82 a ε 0.110 179Hf
180Ta syn 8.125 h ε 0.854 180Hf
β 0.708 180W
180mTa 0.012% >1.2×1015 y
(not observed)
ε 0.929 180Hf
β 0.783 180W
IT 0.075 180Ta
181Ta 99.988% 181Ta is stable with 108 neutrons
182Ta syn 114.43 d β 1.814 182W
183Ta syn 5.1 d β 1.070 183W

Tantalum (previously known as tantalium (/tænˈtæliəm/, tan-TAL-ee-əm)) is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73. A rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal, tantalum is highly corrosion resistant and occurs naturally in the mineral tantalite, always together with the chemically similar niobium. It is part of the refractory metals group, which are widely used as minor component in alloys. The chemical inertness of tantalum makes it a valuable substance for laboratory equipment and a substitute for platinum, but its main use today is in tantalum capacitors in electronic equipment.

Seventy-three is also:


Messier 73

Group or Asterism of 4 Stars M73 (NGC 6994) in Aquarius


Right Ascension 20 : 58.9 (h:m)
Declination -12 : 38 (deg:m)
Distance 2.5 (kly)
Visual Brightness 9.0 (mag)
Apparent Dimension 2.8 (arc min)

Discovered 1780 by Charles Messier.

The object Messier 73 (M73, NGC 6994)) is a little conspicuous assortment of four stars of 10th to 12th magnitude, situated in the very western part of constellation Aquarius; its nature as a physical group is doubtful. It lies only about 1.5 deg east of globular cluster M72.

Although M73 is apparently consisted of 4 stars, 3 of them being of about 10th to 11th magnitude (Burnham and Kenneth Glyn Jones give A:10.5, B:10.5, and C:11.0), the fourth (D) being of mag 12.0, it is obviously a true Messier object. Charles Messier found it on October 4, 1780, described it as follows:

"Cluster of three or four small stars, which resembles a nebula at first glance, containing very little nebulosity; this cluster is located on the parallel [of declination] of the preceding [M 72]; its position has been determined from the same star [Nu Aquarii]."
Apparently, this group found its way into Messier's catalog because he had determined its position at the same time when measuring M72, which is 1.5 degrees to the west. It may have been included because of its "first-glance nebulous" appearance in Messier's instruments. Although it is clear from this description that this group was what Messier had observed and measured, some versions of Messier's catalog omit it as an "obscure" object. However, John Herschel has included it in his General Catalogue as GC 4617, and J.L.E. Dreyer included it in the NGC catalog as entry number 6994.

Consequently, this object has received little research interest. Collinder (1931), who cataloged it as Cr 426, estimated its distance at 12,000 light-years, and from its 2.8' angular diameter, speculated if this was an open or a globular cluster. It was also cataloged as C 2056-128 and OCL 89 in more recent catalogs of open clusters. Ruprecht (1966) classified it as of Trumpler type IV 1 p, i.e. a very sparse and poor open cluster which is not very well detached from the surrounding star field. Wielen (1971) considered it as doubtful, but classified it as an old and nearby cluster.

What remains to clear up to now, at least to the knowledge of the present author, is the check if the 4 stars in M73, or at least some of them, are physically related. There was always a great fraction of astronomers who believed that M73 is an asterism, a chance alignment of 4 stars at different distances, but it would certainly be interesting to know if all or some of the 4 stars form a physical system of some kind. As Kenneth Glyn Jones states: "This issue is perhaps a minor one, but every student of the Messier catalog would be much interested in the outcome."

P. Murdin, D. Allen, and D. Malin, in their Catalog of the Universe, summarize the problem and give the following estimate for the probability of M73 being an asterism or a physical multiple:

"[The authors] suspect in fact that M 73 might be a real little cluster, for the following reason. On average there are 60 stars per square degree which are brighter than magnitude 12, as are the four stars of M 73. The probability of finding four such stars by chance in a given area of sky one arc minute across (like M 73) is about two chances in a billion. However, there are 150 million such little areas on the sky, so the chances are only one in four that such random asterism exists on the sky. M 73 could be it, but we would gamble that it is a genuine multiple star of some kind."
Chapter 73
1  A psalm of Asaph. How good God is to the upright, the Lord, to those who are clean of heart!
I But, as for me, I lost my balance; my feet all but slipped,
Because I was envious of the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.
For they suffer no pain; their bodies are healthy and sleek.
They are free of the burdens of life; they are not afflicted like others.
Thus pride adorns them as a necklace; violence clothes them as a robe.
Out of their stupidity comes sin; evil thoughts flood their hearts.
They scoff and spout their malice; from on high they utter threats.
2 They set their mouths against the heavens, their tongues roam the earth.
3 So my people turn to them and drink deeply of their words.
They say, "Does God really know?" "Does the Most High have any knowledge?"
Such, then, are the wicked, always carefree, increasing their wealth.
Is it in vain that I have kept my heart clean, washed my hands in innocence?
For I am afflicted day after day, chastised every morning.
Had I thought, "I will speak as they do," I would have betrayed your people.
Though I tried to understand all this, it was too difficult for me,
4 Till I entered the sanctuary of God and came to understand their end.
You set them, indeed, on a slippery road; you hurl them down to ruin.
How suddenly they are devastated; undone by disasters forever!
They are like a dream after waking, Lord, dismissed like shadows when you arise.
Since my heart was embittered and my soul deeply wounded,
I was stupid and could not understand; I was like a brute beast in your presence.
Yet I am always with you; you take hold of my right hand.
5 With your counsel you guide me, and at the end receive me with honor.
Whom else have I in the heavens? None beside you delights me on earth.
Though my flesh and my heart fail, God is the rock of my heart, my portion forever.
But those who are far from you perish; you destroy those unfaithful to you.
As for me, to be near God is my good, to make the Lord GOD my refuge. I shall declare all your works in the gates of daughter Zion.



9-8-10-NAP DREAM  -  I went with a companion to a fancy spa that was at 1133 ft. up.  About the last 20 feet was a really steep wooden slat driveway that was very narrow, and went around a sharp corner like around a tree or something.  There was a really old man in a vehicle in front of us and he was afraid to be up there.  The view over the valley was spectacular.  It seemed much higher than 1133 feet to me.  The view seemed to be like those photos you see from the edge of space.

W e went upstairs in a hotel that had brown carpet pieces held down with thick carpet tape - supposedly in some design, but the edges of the carpet tape were all folding up - they weren't glued down well.  I planned to complain to the management, when the management guy came up behind me and apologized for the bad carpet job.  I forgave him and told him I was just going to report it.

Downstairs in the spa, they used two fire hoses at people at the same time, one with medicine and one with fat.  If the person wasn't sick, both hoses were filled with fat.

9-9-10 - DREAMS

#1  I was playing solitaire starting from 12 down to 1 and eliminating them from the deck . There was no J Q K, but other symbols on of which looking very Indian. There were 5 symbol cards.

#2 - I was playing solitaire starting from 1 to 12 and eliminating the cards by matching 1,2 3, - 4,5 6, -7,8 9, -10,11, 12, but not playing the symbol cards. Again there were 5 symbol cards I didn't really see as they didn't get played.

I woke up feeling very annoyed because I play solitaire a lot on my computer and didn't like it that I was now dreaming about it. I rolled over the other direction, hoping for a better dream.

#3 - I was now at P. and M's house visiting them.  Her house and yard were very small in perspective to what I thought they were.  I got introduced to people but they ignored me like I wasn't there.   I saw that P. & M were interacting with a male who lived two doors down from them. They ran back and forth between the two houses.  I was observing this from across the street.  M had been over at the man's house and she ran home looking very upset, and the man chased after her back to her house. I noticed that he was wearing a beige police uniform.

From there I went to a church hall it seems like.  There was nothing in the center of this large hall, but windows along two sides, and big main doorway at the other end.  The people along the sides were seated on chairs three and four deep and I sat on a chair up at the front behind the young eight year old blonde girl who was moderating the program.  The audience was young adults and teens apparently. The blonde girl began speaking about dreams, describing a scene with worms and vegetables.  She asked the audience if anyone had ever dreamed about such things.

I saw a couple hands go up along the side, and I stood up to be acknowledged and I knew she could have seen me from where she stood, but ignored me.  She didn't call on the two people who raised their hands either, and apparently dismissed the group and we all left.

I was in my car, leaving town, and the man I had seen in police uniform earlier drove past me and ignored me like I wasn't there at all.

I drove on down the street and saw that the road and lawns on the side of the road were being remodeled into steps as they were so steep.  I  heard someone  say, "You wouldn't expect everything to be on one level would you?"

I then saw a steam roller followed by a street sweeper and both vehicles were about 40 feet high by 60 feet long. The drivers were wearing uniforms the same color beige as the cop.

I knew they couldn't see me in my little car, so I pulled into a parking lot and got out of my car and hid in a median strip garden behind the flowers.  Unfortunately, the steam roller and street sweeper followed me into that parking lot.  I could see the drivers clearly from my vantage point behind the flowers. 

The driver of the steam roller was thin and wiry, wearing the beige uniform.  He had a sharp pointed beard which looked blonde and a big grin on his face.  He said to the other driver,  "The devil card is going to be played in 2014."

and I woke up

devil taror card

introduction to the Devil Tarot Card Meanings:
The image of the Baphoment is a shock to many. In a primarily suppressed society, topics relating to the devil are not openly discussed and illicit intense discomfort. However, if we approach this card in an open-minded, mature manner, we can glean a mass of insight.

Before exploring this card further, take a moment to consider the laws of nature. When we observe the trees, the sky, the grass, the birds, and other phenomenon of nature, do we see the presence of a devil? Do we see bondage amongst bobcats? Selfishness amongst seagulls? Tyranny amongst Tiger Lilies? Absolutely not. The thought is ludicrous.

This is big consideration when contemplating the Devil Tarot card. Out of all life that exists on this planet only one creature can identify that which is "devil." That creature is of course, the human. Only humans can classify what is "devil" and what is "angel."

So what does a human have that the rest of the natural world doesn't? What makes a human able to create, define, or interpret the personification of the devil? A mind. And with a human mind comes the human ego running along beside it.

The ego is the key to understanding the Devil card. Ego tells us we're better than the other guy, or we're not good enough for the glee club. Ego tells us we need external stimuli (drugs, alcohol, food) to be acceptable to society, or feel comfortable in our own skins. Ego tells us we need a new car to get respect or we need to put our spouse in his/her place so we are "on top."

When we pull the Devil card in a reading we've got some serious examining to do. We need to consider who or what is in charge of our lives. The Devil is a very loud message stating that we're in danger of giving up our control to our base nature. Or, it's a message that we've already dropped to a level of functioning that is beneath us.

We are designed for greatness, yet when we stoop to the level of ego-thinking we're blind to our own beauty.

This is not to say the ego is all bad. We all need our ego's to function. Ego is a problem only when we allow it to run through our thoughts unchecked. An uncontrolled mind is an ego-driven mind. An ego-driven mind is one that operates under the illusion that love and acceptance must be obtained at all cost.

The truth is that love and acceptance can never be gained because they are always ours - they are at the core of our being at all times.

Special note: this card rendition (Morgan-Greer, permission and rights of use listed on home page) of the Devil Tarot card meanings depicts green as the predominant color. Consequently the reader may be intuitively lead to suggest health issues in a reading as the color green (corresponding to the heart chakra) is considered a color relating to health.

Key Symbols Relative to Devil Tarot Card Meanings:
This section focuses in on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Devil Tarot card meanings.

Devil tarot card meaning of the fly Fly: The fly is a symbol of very primitive, base energy states. Its nature is pesky and irritating. It happily feeds on rot and waste. We can liken these qualities in ourselves; when we are duped into thinking we are unworthy or we are feeding on filthy thoughts. Our addictions can be as nagging and pesky as the fly. Our "little selves" (the one whose voice cries me, me, me) express the lowest level of energy and it turns like a maggot in our minds.


 tarot card meanings of the flame Flame: The flame is a symbol of illumination. In this case it serves as a symbol of hope that we can all overcome the not-so-savory urges and characteristics the Devil card represents. The flame also reminds us that there is no darkness - there is only an absence of light. When we carry the light in our hearts and minds, lower level energy will always be dispelled. Read more about fire symbolism in the Tarot here.


Devil tarot card meaning of Star Inverted Five-Pointed Star: Simply put, the inverted (up-side-down) five-pointed star is the opposite of its original meaning. The five-pointed star, or pentagram is a symbol of harmony amongst all the elements. Therefore inverted, this symbol means disharmony, error, and maligned thought.


Devil tarot card meanings for chains in tarot Chains: In conjunction with the Devil card we get the sense of being bound to habits, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors that enslave our spirits. The Devil is nothing more than a metaphor for living a base/banal and substandard existence.




9-10-10  I was in the back yard of my Father's house. Apparently it was a weekend on a Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath) and I was out in the yard watering my Father's garden and trees.  My high school buddy Murray B who was Jewish came over and we  were chit chatting.  I told Murray how important it was that my Father's trees got watered properly because he was so proud of them.

There were multiple water spigots out in the yard because a hose only reached just so far,  So the hose had to be moved every so often.

I had other chores to do the same day, so at one point, I left Murray out in the yard alone for a couple minutes and when I came back the water was going extraordinary high and coming down on the tree like it was raining.  It looked really cool. Murray had changed spigots of water while I was gone.

I decided to go down into the basement and look at the water meter . The meter kept a running tally of the water cost per gallon usage.

I nearly went into shock when I looked at the meter tally. Apparently not every water spigot cost the same out in our yard.  I could see the cost of the water as Murray changed spigots while I was gone.   The water tally went from 5 cents down to 0 while I was gone and he was changing spigots.  Then it went to 18 cents and then to 99 cents.  Where it said 99 cents it said northern Chicago, and that's when the water was spraying way up into the air and coming back down like it was raining.

When I saw the cost of the water from the Chicago spigot, I ran back up into the yard in a panic to tell Murray to change spigots to where it was 5 cents, not 99 cents. My father would beat my butt if he saw how expensive the water was that Murray used on his trees no matter how much he loved them.


9-9-10 - DREAM -  My light-being friend Rovere sent me about nine e-mails about the quality of water.  One of them contained a photograph of himself standing behind his teacher's desk. He had long blonde hair, rather fluffy towards the ends.  Very much like Alex - his light being buddy (brother?)

I could have sworn that one of them was called "The Circle of Noah's Ark"  but I couldn't find it a second time. 

Another one was about Ruth.

 I looked at about 5 of the e-mails trying to find the Circle of Noah's Ark again, but couldn't find it.
I then went to visit a woman I had rented an apartment to.  She sat in a chair under a lamp that was wound with a vine, but she hadn't bothered to water it.  She also didn't water another set of plants was on a nearby table.  I asked her about that, and she said she remembered that I had given her 4 water conditioning tablets when she moved in, but she didn't know what to do with them.  So I set about to water her plants for her in an attempt to save the plants.  Whether I got to her in time to save them, I don't know.

NOTE:  A search of the internet shows Circle of Noah's Ark to be about toys, kites, and motorbikes.

Here is Noah's Ark Preschool:


9-10-10- DOUBLE DREAM -

I apparently was on a date with a smallish man.  I will call him Jim because he reminds me of a kid from high school by that name.

We were at his ex-wife's house.  She was a very hefty woman and there was a lot of people in the living room.  As she stood there addressing us, she said she didn't like standing very long because it hurt her back, so she sat down cross-legged in the middle of the floor and invited everyone else to do the same which they did.

I don't recall anything else she said, but then dinner was served.  The only food on the table was huge platters of either baked or roasted chicken cuts up into  parts. We ate the top layer and I couldn't eat anymore, but there was another layer of white meat underneath that and we were expected to eat that and I just couldn't.

I think I woke up at that point and my mouth tasted like I had just eaten chicken.

The next thing I recall is being in a car and trying to get away from that place, and the steering was locked on the car as I drove backwards to make my turn to go down a hill.

Apparently I woke up and fell asleep again - back in the same car.

The steering was still locked, but I stood on the brake and cranked on the wheel until it finally turned, then I took my foot off the brake and turned the wheel to the right to go down the hill.  I said to myself, "I hope I end up in a good place."

I found myself in a huge house, early in the morning.  I went to the front door and found  President Elect Ross Perot sitting at a desk doing some paperwork outside my door, right up against the house.  I wanted to invite him in, but I hadn't had a shower yet.

I turned and looked to my left.  I don't know if this woman was myself - but it was the rich old woman from "The Young and the Restless."  ( Jeannie Cooper - Katherine Chancellor ) She is worth millions of dollars.  The room was humungous with 12 to 15 foot ceiling, and the only furniture in the room was a huge blonde wood desk.  She stood over by the draperied windows that had gold drapes floor to ceiling and started describing to him or to me that she wanted to have a 12 foot tub installed by the front wall, for her and him and all their friends to take a bath together.  As I visualized all those people sitting in the bathtub together , I woke up.


9-11-10 - DREAM -  I was working on my computer and mistakenly tried to open a program in a space that was too small for it, and I tried to fix it  The program itself was okay, I just couldn't open it where I had tried to.

I woke up and fell asleep again.  This time I was sitting in a chair in the living room working on crocheting an afghan.  I may have taken a nap and woke up again.  This time my Father was behind me and commented to another guy, "You're the union guy - we can blame the failure on the gravity oil."  I wondered, What is gravity oil?  Something that is heavier than other oil?"

Standing at a small roll top desk off to the right was a tall handsome guy soldering a wire on a Cd player of some kind. I wondered if he knew it was mine and that when it was fixed, I was going to dance to the music of Boogie Woogie oogie?

A taste of Honey Boogie Woogie Oogie:

A Taste Of Honey
Boogie Oogie Oogie lyrics


If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie
Boy oh boy have I got news for you
Everybody here tonight must boogie
Let me tell ya' you are no exception to the rule

Get on up on the floor
Cuz we're gonna boogie oogie oogie
Till you just can't boogie no more (boogie)
Boogie no more
You can't boogie no more (boogie)
Boogie no more, listen to the music

There's no time to waste, let's get this show on the road
Listen to the music and let your body flow
The sooner we begin the longer we've got to groove
Listen to the music and let your body move

Now get on up on the floor
Cuz we're gonna boogie oogie oogie
Till you just can't boogie no more (boogie)
Boogie no more
You can't boogie no more (boogie)
Boogie no more, listen to my bass here

Get down, boogie oogie oogie
Get down, boogie oogie oogie
Get down, boogie oogie oogie
Get down


9-11-10-  DREAM,  - I was in Milwaukee, WI and all the men were being called into their local banks - something secret about security.  However, none of the women were called up.  Just the men!

On the way home, I heard that a funeral parlor on 11th and Meinecke was for sale, and I thought I could own a Funeral parlor.  I had enough money to pay cash for it.  Then I wondered if I didn't need education to do that, but I knew that I could hire someone else to do that part of the job.

I got home to my 16th St. house and my sons were there, and I asked them if they had gone to the bank to see why they were called in, and they said they couldn't talk about it.


9-12-10 -  6 A.M.


I was running a real estate office out of my house.  It was owned by Ralph, the Jewish Judge, but he wasn't there.

It was someone's birthday.  My mother brought all her dead relatives over to celebrate.  I didn't even know they were there until they were leaving because they were celebrating by themselves in a corner of the kitchen.  My mother was the last one out the front door and I asked my son Mike to make sure she got home okay.  (I  didn't know they were all dead when I was in the dream - They all looked perfectly healthy.  But they celebrated separately from the live people)

My son Ken brought a tall thin good looking guy and his hunchback friend over as well.  The hunchback looked somewhat retarded as well.)

They went into the kitchen after my mother and all my relatives left to get some green stuff that was hidden in the upper cabinet. Whatever it was left by the roofer guy who worked for us.  The tall guy apparently would have done anything to get this green stuff as he said he would burn the cabinet doors off if he had to.

Evidently they found the green stuff because his eyes were shiny and he looked either drunken or drugged.

I yelled at him, "I don't care if you use an axe to chop up the cabinets, but DO NOT BURN THEM."

Just then the hunchback retarded guy walked by.  He was about 5 feet tall and a bit chubby.

The tall thin guy and my son Ken were sitting on stools, and the tall guy started singing a love song to me and really creeped me out. 

They both then stood up and held signs up in front of them/

The tall thin guy held up a sign that said ROGER BACON and my son Ken held up a sign that said WROTE SHAKESPEARE.

I tried to ignore them because they were drunk or drugged, and I yelled at the tall thin guy, "DO NOT EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN!

The tall thin guys said, "But I like you and particularly that green stuff you keep in the cabinet".

I was exhausted by then and felt like I could die standing up and I still had to get all the young girls who were still there upstairs to safety, particularly my baby girl. So I wrapped my baby girl in a blanket, and hustled all the girls up the stairs ahead of me and into one bedroom, and told them we would all sleep in the same bed to keep us safe, and slammed the door behind me and woke up.



9-13-10 - DREAM - This entire dream was taking substances that were not solid and making them into solid objects while creating new shapes with them. i.e.  crocheting yellow toothpaste substance into solid wire.  Moving grey and white photo parts into new pictures.  I also took pieces of orange wire and crocheted them into solid wire with no breaks in it.

Later, while thinking about that dream, I fell asleep and had another dream in which I was working with a red wheelbarrow with some gardening stuff in it on a wet sidewalk with about an inch of water on it.  When I was done, I lifted up the legs in front of me and wheeled the wheelbarrow forward several feet and when I set it down it vanished from view.  I wondered if anyone else could see it when I couldn't.

A man came by who resembled my Father and he took a blue and white crocheted afghan and said that the threads were so fine that it would hang on any surface without hooks.  I realized that fine threads could hang on a nubbly surfaced wall and I took it down to examine it.  It did indeed have very fine threads on the surface, but there was something else unusual about it as well.  It was like two objects woven together.  On one side was small rectangles of crochet with square holes in it, but on the back side it had large blocks of solid crochet and there was no way to tell how that was accomplished.

Then a youngish light skinned black woman came in with another invention.  She had a baby shirt made of polyester or something. She held it up in the air and said, if you put your arm through the sleeve it changes into your skin color, but she put her arm through the sleeve and it became a gorgeous glowing pastel purple color.  She said, "Well, maybe if you put your arm through the sleeve indicating that my skin was lighter than hers.

She pulled her arm back out of other sleeve, then put it through it again and held it up even higher and this time the shirt turned into a brilliant sky blue color - .  These colors were not natural to earth colors.  They were brilliant and glowing.

A bit later, I was inside a house on the other side of the street.  I was looking out the window and a car pulled up to the curb and a really large guy got out, dressed in a grey suit - looked rather like an insurance adjuster or some kind of investigator. He stood on the sidewalk then, looking across the street where I had been working with the wheelbarrow.

I looked across the street where he was looking and wondered if he could see the wheelbarrow on the sidewalk where I had left it, but then I saw the wheelbarrow wasn't on the sidewalk, it was on the grass over by the fence and it was in a good place.  and woke up.



9-13-2010-   I don't generally get headaches, so when I suddenly got a sharp throbbing pain in the right back side of my head, I got really worried.  I immediately thought it was a breaking aneurism in my brain and because it was hot and spreading like blood in the brain, I got even more worried even though the sharp pain stopped and then the throbbing stopped, there seemed to be a dull ache in that area that was larger.

Though it originally felt like it was in my brain, there were no symptoms, so I put my fingers up to my head on that side to see if I could tell if it was inside the brain or on the outside of my skull.  By then I didn't feel any pain so I couldn't tell. 

I went over in my mind all the warnings I've heard about going to the hospital, and then thought about the many times my own mother had mini-strokes that took her memories away and wondered if that was going to happen to me.

Then I remembered my training with color healing and Reiki, so I turned off the TV and closed my eyes. and deliberately breathed in the color blue for pain and then breathed in the color green for healing, back and forth between the two.

Suddenly I had a vision of overlooking a mall round church, obviously a dome with 12 foot stem walls on the sides. There were tall windows with sunlight coming in on the right side, and a 3 step stairway on the right side to a small platform that had a door going outside

There was a male preacher, wearing black standing at a podium on a stage that was as wide as the church and about 6 feet deep made of wood.  There may have been a small organ behind him, but I'm not sure.

In front of the preacher , about 6 or 8 feet out was a series of two sets of wide pews.  There were three or four rows of pews which I guessed would hold about 15 people across in each set.  But there were only about 6 people in the church all sitting in the second row on the right side. (All those pews would hold about 90 people if full up)

Since I was looking down from the top of the dome, I wondered if I was viewing my future church - much smaller than I have it planned.

But then I remembered that our spiritual center has to be wheelchair accessible and that church wasn't.  One entered a small door and went down three steps one person at a time, and this church was actually sitting in a hole in the ground at least 3 feet deep.

So this church wasn't like mine will be.  I don't know whose it is.

While sitting here typing, if I think about the headache, I can still feel where it was, but I can touch the spot with my fingers on the outside of my skull behind my right ear in an indentation behind the bone that sticks out there. I don't want to think it was a spiritual attack but was it?



9-13-10 - DREAM - I was sitting at my computer and somehow got connected to a secret group that researched ufos.

Sitting at another desk behind me was my husband, supposedly working on something else.

In the upper left hand corner of my computer, an IM box opened up - it just initials on it, but I clicked on it to make contact and someone named Robert said , "Hi"

I turned around to tell my husband I had just made contact with this secret group, and saw Ryan from All My Children.  Sitting next to him was a character who used to be a lesbian sister on the same show, but now she is an assistant District Attorney on The Young and the Restless.  Her name on All My Children show was Bianca and now on The young and the Restless it is Heather

When I turned around she got this look of horror and guilt on her face because in front of her she had a 3 x 3 inch picture of a large UFO sitting on the ground which she had printed off of the computer from this secret group.

I was just about to yell at them about how they found out about this secret group when a large TV screen behind them announced that Lange Davidson had just joined One Life to Live TV show.

I said to him, "How did you find out about this secret group, and she butted in and said, "It was Lange Davidson, and I reminded her that I had just heard that name on the TV set behind her.

I slammed some kind of gizmo that was electronic down on top of her ufo picture and said, "He doesn't know a damn thing about ufos,"  indicating that I was the one who had all the real knowledge.


9-14-10 - DREAM -  It was the fall of the year and harvest time. Apparently, to the young people that meant they should go out into the country, swarm through the countryside, and either kill, eat, or take home everything they could find that wasn't nailed down or locked up somewhere.  That meant they not only went through our yard, and neighborhood, they thought they could go through all the houses and see what was there too.

Naturally, since they were all carrying guns, I was very polite to them when they went through my house. For some reason my husband was hiding under a pile of blankets in the back room and the cabinets were all full of nuts and things like special tree bark.

I managed to get all the teens and kids out of the house without any problem, and then some workmen came to fix a machine that was circular and shiny like gold. 


I asked the question, why did I see that small church yesterday, while I was still saying my prayer, I saw a young woman who looked like Little Miss Bo Peep, she had on a white flouncy cap with black polka dots, the top of her dress was white with red polka dots, her skirt was large and flouncy white with black polka dots, and she carried a stick (not a crook)  like Little Miss Bo Peep carried to guide her sheep.

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
And can't tell where to find them;
Leave them alone, And they'll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them.[

The following additional verses are often added to the rhyme:

Little Bo-peep fell fast asleep,
And dreamt she heard them bleating;
But when she awoke, she found it a joke,
For they were still a-fleeting.
Then up she took her little crook,
Determined for to find them;
She found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed,
For they'd left their tails behind them.
It happened one day, as Bo-peep did stray
Into a meadow hard by,
There she espied their tails side by side,
All hung on a tree to dry.
She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye,
And over the hillocks went rambling,
And tried what she could, as a shepherdess should,
To tack each again to its lambkin.


9-15-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a house that had concrete floors.  While I was in the bathroom, some men delivered a whole bunch of green crocodiles into my living room.  They didn't bring any food or water though.  And they weren't in cages either.

When I went into the living room, some teen age boys had come into the living room to play with the crocodiles.  However, by then some of the crocodiles were already dying.

I tried moving the dead crocodiles over with a metal dust pan, but they just broke into mushy pieces instead.  

While I was moving the mushy pieces, the crocodiles that were still alive stood up and tried to escape the room. A couple managed to squeeze out a hole in the wall that a wire came in. An impossible physical feat.

Through the window, I saw a female crocodile swallow a smaller male crocodile whole and she looked like she was going to give birth immediately.

The boys thought they were still going to play with the crocodiles that were still alive in my living room that hadn't been able to get out the hole in the wall.

My husband came into the room then and saw all the dead crocodiles piled up.  I told him the only way to get rid of them was to shove them out with a bulldozer, but I knew a bulldozer wouldn't fit into our living room either.

Thank God this wasn't smell-o-vision.

The ancient Egyptians were well aware of the power of crocodile and how that power could be used for constructive purposes. They projected that power onto images of some of their gods. For example, the god Sobek was depicted as a crocodile. Sobek was a fertility god and also a god of creativity. Sometimes even Sekhmet, an Egyptian warrior goddess was sometimes depicted with a crocodile's head. This was an illustration of her power and ability to defend the sun god Ra by crushing his foes in order to defend his kingdom. In waking life, alligators and crocodiles are in fact, fierce, loving, protective mothers. Sekhmet embodies this trait.


9-16-10 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin with my husband and kids.  Ken was about 7 and Bill was about 2.

I was at the house when I got a call from my husband telling me he was at a house up and around the corner in the subdivision.  The man who lived there had offered us some roses and he wanted me to bring the kids up there to see them.

I helped both boys put on their shoes and then we hiked up the subdivision road to the house where my husband was at.

I never saw the house, but there was huge old Christmas tree in the yard and we were invited to help paint roses on the tree which we did for quite awhile.


9-16-10 - DREAM -  T.M. comes to my party

I don't know exactly where I was living, but I had a party at my house.  Like it usually happens, the men congregated in one room, the girls in another room, but I didn't see any women.

In one bedroom, I could hear T.M. talking to a woman that sounded like my friend Alyse.  I wasn't listening to the conversation, but I wished they would hurry up  so I could talk to T.M. myself.  (We worked at the same place for 11 years)

It was time to feed everyone, so I walked into the kitchen which was very large.  I saw that someone had put down newspaper all over the floor and there was dog food sprinkled all over the floor and dogs sleeping in piles half beneath the newspaper. 

I almost stepped on the faces of three dogs that were mostly white and in side-stepping those dogs, I almost stepped on the faces of 6 more dogs that were mostly black.  All the dogs were sleeping. but the fact that the newspaper was littered with dog turds everywhere made me very upset,

I walked around the corner of a cabinet where a larger section of kitchen was, and there on the floor was an entire 1,000 piece puzzle all in face up pieces surrounded by dog food strewn about the room.  I thought it might be more efficient to just sweep up everything altogether so I could make dinner. 

But before I could do that, the dogs had to leave the party, so I yelled at the girls, "I don't know what gave you the idea that you could all bring your dogs with you, but the dogs have to leave."

I sat down on a chair while the girls got their dogs, the turds, and the newspaper out of the kitchen.

While I sat there, a cop in uniform came over to me with a small 4 x 4 inch notepad with a phone number on it on the top.  He said, "It's from Florida"  He handed me the pad of paper and walked away again.

While I was waiting for the girls to finish getting the dogs out of the house and cleaning up, I paged through the note pad and saw that it belonged to T.M. and on every page, apparently he doodled while talking on the phone.  It seemed that a lot of them were geometric shapes, but some had cute drawings on them too.  I didn't specifically look at any one picture but since the Florida phone number was on top and I wasn't near a phone, I held it in my hand.

I looked up and saw T.M. was now outside and was digging a hole in the ground with a shovel and putting the dirt in front of my feet in a pile.  There was another woman near T.M. so I asked her how her flowers were growing.  I told her that my plants were really large but only had one bud on it getting ready to bloom (which is true)

I noticed that the pile of dirt in front of my feet was now up to my knees, so I looked up to see what T.M. was doing , wondering where I was supposed to put my feet,

T.M. was standing in the garden, finished with his project.  He had built an entire igloo taller than himself out of white cement blocks, held together with black grout, and planted roses all around it.  The stark contrast of the colors was amazingly brilliant.


NOTE:  I think that this entire dream was about my frustration about the lack of cooperation with the community I'm planning and nobody is helping with it. 

The phone call was probably from my friend Barbara so I'd better call her.  She doesn't have outgoing long distance on her phone.


9-16-10 - MEDITATION:     I was thinking about a female spirit named Moita from the book "Mind Leap"  by David W. Letts and an old woman with white curly hair and thin spectacles on her nose came and said, "Do not think that I don't care about you!"  She smiled several times, and then faded away.

I then saw a shiny white envelope ripped in half with some math calculations on it, and then a group of what looked like heavy gold bars stacked together.  There were about 5 of them, weighing what looked like 5 pounds each.  In today's currency that would be worth about  400,000 thousand dollars.  I actually need  400 million dollars for the community.



I don't know what building I was in.  It reminded me of my old high school, but these people were all scientists apparently. All of other rooms were offices, not classrooms.   I was asked to take an animal from a second floor office in the front of the building, to an office in the moon department which was on the 4th floor in the back of the building.

The animal was cat-like, with a long tail and a head like a cat, but it was larger.  The animal didn't even seem alive as I carried it.  It never turned its head or looked at anything particular.  At one point, I thought I had my whole through the cat.

I had to change clothes to carry the cat. My outfit was short shorts, a short blouse open at the front and no underwear.

I got lost on the trip upstairs, and couldn't find the hallway though I was going from office to office on an inner corridor. I was moving quite quickly, carrying the animal, and nobody paid much attention to me as I walked past them. Apparently it was not all that unusual to see a half dressed woman carrying an animal through their offices.

I finally realized I was lost and asked for directions back to the hallway.  I was told that I was three offices off the hallway. 

Once I got back to the hallways, I found the stairs and went up to the fourth floor, where I started seeing men I recognized by face though I don't remember where I saw them before.  I stopped in the hallway where two men were getting a drink of water from a public bubbler, and asked them the directions to the moon department, and they volunteered to take me there.   Both men were taller and larger than myself - not exactly astronaut material - both wore long sleeved shirts and dress pants.  They seemed very familiar to me. 

They didn't ask why I was carrying this animal or why I was dressed like I was, but took me down a hallway toward the back of the building. I saw the room number 414 above a doorway so I knew I was in the right place.   I walked a few more offices down that hallway and turned into a room where I was able to put the cat down on the table or counter.  It still never moved.

I went into a small ante-room like a dressing room where there were several other women dressed like I was - open shirts, showing their boobs and short shorts.

The eyed me up and down to see if I qualified to be with them.  I was actually a little taller than they were, though they were darker skinned than me, and my boobs slightly larger than theirs. Apparently I qualified and they asked me if I would like to go out with them that evening.

I told them I was sorry but I already had other plans, and stopped to comb my hair which was shoulder length and saw that there was goo in my hair on both sides which I couldn't comb through.  I left that room to find my way back down to where I had originally changed clothes, and on the way I went through a large room where young boys were sitting around playing in mud about an inch deep.

One little boy who seemed younger than the others said he didn't feel very well and hadn't had a drink of water or any food and I told the other boys to get his mother so he could eat and drink something.  As I walked past one of the older boys, I saw a boy laying down with his face under water, apparently not breathing and he looked dead with his eyes wide open, but I thought maybe he was practicing some procedure for future training he had to do..

I woke up as I went through the doorway.


5 5 5

9-17-10 - DREAM - My Mother and I were in my current house.  There was nothing in the house, which was twice as wide as it really is, but a sofa and a coffee table which were on opposite sides of the living room at the far end.  My son Michael sat on the sofa reading a small green book and held a white book of matches in his other hand.  It went through my mind that Michael was going to burn the pages he didn't approve of. (The small green book in my Bible library is the Bible used by the Jehovah Witnesses - dated 1961) (Michael represents the Archangel Michael)

My Mother and I were standing by the front door waiting for the plumber to arrive.  When the plumber came, he was driving a bright red shiny red box truck with yellow writing on the side. He pulled into the side driveway and out of sight. (My Mother represents my Higher Self)

My son Michael, jumped off the sofa, dropping the book and the book of matches on the floor and ran through the kitchen to the back door to meet the plumber.

I didn't want the house to be messy when the plumber came into the house, so I ran over and picked up the book and the book of matches and ran over to the coffee table with them and put them there.

The plumber came in the front door and he looked very familiar, wore glasses, and he recognized me and he said we met at the theatre a couple nights earlier and he and his wife sat two rows behind us.

I kept questioning that in my mind because I couldn't remember having been in the theatre two nights earlier, and the last time I was in a theatre, I had sat in the back row. I whispered to my Mother, "were we in the theatre two nights ago?"  but she was walking away through the house with the plumber.

No sooner were my Mother and the plumber out of sight, a woman came in the front door and went through the house.  Perhaps she was the plumber's wife?  I didn't know.

Before I had a chance to find out, a teen age girl came in the front door, asking, "Where is my Mother? 

The girl looked like a younger, smaller version of the woman, so I had assume they were together. She stopped for just a moment and told me she was interested in UFOs and aliens, and then turned and ran through the house to find her Mother.

I quickly followed the girl through the kitchen where I found my Grandfather, a white-haired old man. He was just standing in the middle of the white room that was quite empty, like he was wondering what was going on with the parade of people going through the kitchen.

I didn't take the time to explain what was going on and just rushed past him to follow the girl out the back door. 

When I got to the kitchen/hallway's door, there was no knob on the door and no window in the door like it really is. and it opened the opposite direction as well.  I put my right index finger in the hole where the knob should have been and pushed and the door opened easily.

The white hallway came next and I could see the back screen door, but there was a window next to it (which there really isn't)

I could hear children playing happily outside so I knew all was well, so I looked out the window.

Out in the driveway the woman I had seen earlier was power washing a series of convertible cars.  There were three sets of cars, 5 cars in each set, each one a different size graduated small to large, and all different colors.  The wheels of the cars were all shaped like a white torus form - which looks like a white sugared donut.   Each set of cars was separate, but within the sets, the graduated sizes of cars were held together by a thick white rope so the cars were held together side by side - (not front to back)

As the woman finished power washing the first set of smallest cars, a truck I couldn't see started pulling the first set of cars out into the road.

Another truck would pull the second set of cars out the driveway as soon as the power washing was done on the second set of graduated cars which were next in size.  The largest set of graduated cars would be power washed and pulled out the driveway last.

While I was watching the power washing going on, I remembered a conversation my sister and I had had earlier in the day.  My sister who is currently a Jehovah Witness and has been for 40 years, and I were going to start a new religion in the northwest.  It was going to be a religion of 'positive thinking'.  The religion would start with the letter I and was a long word  - ' Illumination'. 

I forgot the name of the religion as soon as I voiced it.

NOTE:  "The Secret which is about positive thinking does not work all the time because the soul is in charge of what happens to us in life and the soul approves only what is best for you - not everything you want and desire. Ask for what you need.  Be happy if you get a Volkswagen instead of a Mercedes.  Be happy if you get a house instead of a castle.

The date 9/17 =  9 x 17 = 153  the only date of the year that equals that number.


Other 555 dreams:




By some strange timing, there was a cowboy auction in the same garage as my granddaughter's wedding reception.

The reception itself was over, but some of the wedding decorations were still up and not removed yet and the auction was ready to start.

The last thing to be removed from the garage was my granddaughters' wedding veil which was as large as a table cloth and not easy to fold up and put away.  But we somehow managed to do that.

We were still in the garage, wiping off the tables that had been used for the dinner, and the first thing to be auctioned off were deer steaks.

The only people who showed up for the deer steak auction was a group of Mexican male teenagers. It seemed that they were rival gangs who both wanted the deer steaks and we didn't want to get involved between the gangs, so we let them work that out for themselves, and they took the deer steaks off the tables and left the garage before the other items were brought in.

We quickly washed off the tables again to get rid of the deer blood, and the next items were brought in that had to go on the tables.

This item brought in were two animated men who looked so real that it was hard to believe they were just animated dolls.

Both animated figures were cowboys.  One was sitting at a table showing something to another cowboy who was standing and leaning over towards the first cowboy to see better what was being displayed.

I never got to see what was being displayed, because crowds of people came in to observe the animated figures, trying to see if they were real or not.  The actions between the two men were so amazingly real, if I hadn't known they were animated figures, I would have thought they were real myself.

The cowboy sitting at the table, wore a light colored leather cowboy hat and jacket and had something going from his eyes down to the displayed thing on the table, while the standing cowboy leaned over the table observing the item.  He was a white-haired older cowboy whose outfit was darker colored.   It was too real for words.

One of the men who came in to see the auction was Jim Balister (from my UFO group) I believe his wife was there as well, but I couldn't pick her out of the crowd. 

There were so many people crowding around the animated figures watching them, it wasn't easy to get a good look at them, so I kept nudging Jim to make sure he got a good look at what was being displayed, which I couldn't see for myself.  I didn't think he realized that these were animated figures and not real men either.

Jim had to attend another function after the auction, and for some reason his dark brown pants had to be washed and were not yet dry.  They were hanging over a 4 legged stool in the middle of the garage behind the crowd of people.   Because there had been three previous events, the wedding, the deer slaying, and the cowboy auction, I didn't know which one he had been part of, but he was going to have to wear something else to the next function, other than the dark brown pants.

At that same moment, I realized that I was wearing a long blue men's shirt under my own jacket which just barely covered my bottom and I didn't dare bend over because I wasn't' wearing any pants either. Apparently Jim and I had attended the same function, either the wedding or the deer slaying and we had both had to have our pants washed at the same time.

I would hedge my bets that it was the deer slaying.


9-18-10 - DREAM - Just as I woke up, I was looking at the title of a typed and printed article called "The Wisdom of ....   it was a very long title, but then I remembered I had had a dream about the same thing.

It began with me sitting at a table in my apartment somewhere and two of my sons came to visit.  Michael sat at the opposite end of the table, and Ken stood next to me.  They are only a year apart but in this dream it seemed they were farther apart than that.

Ken seemed to be about 7 or 8 years old.  Michael seemed to be about 11.

Ken said, "We are studying reincarnation in school and the question was, "If you could come back again, would you want Wisdom or Wealth?"

I said, "I would choose Wisdom.  If you had Wisdom, you could figure out how to get Wealth, but if you had only Wealth, you might never get Wisdom."

Ken practically jumped up and down with glee.  He said, "That's what I chose too."  He was so happy to have chosen wisely.

The scene changed, and I was in a small bedroom with Michael who was kneeling on a bed choking a much smaller boy who was between his knees. I ran over and started prying Michael's fingers off the boys throat while yelling, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" and when I got the last finger off, the smaller boy simply vanished.

Michael lay back on the bed, seemingly crushed himself by the struggle, and when he was laying down, my Mother who was a much younger woman came and lay next to Michael on the bed, and they slept side by side.

Then a handsome young man came into the room. I want to call him Steve, but I'm sure his name is not that.  It might be Glenn. His right cheek was smashed beyond repair and just held together with transparent tape.  I told him that he needed medical help but he didn't want to hear it.

The scene changed and I was in a hospital for some reason, and Steve walked in.  Steve's cheek had healed over the wound of broken bones, but I introduced him to my 'favorite nurse' as I called her. I advised Steve to let her look at his cheek and he said "Okay!"

They went into the next room, and I went to the "Restroom"  which is a misnomer because there is no Rest in a Restroom, when you are just sitting down with the door unlocked and Mothers start bringing their little boys in to pee.  I begged for a moment of time, while locking the door, and finished peeing myself, then got up and left the Restroom to them.

I went back to the nurses room, and the nurse brought Steve back in and told me that Steve's cheek was just a massive hole. Steve said his girlfriend in Illinois had hit him and that's how it happened.

The scene changed again and I found myself in a small room with my long time friend Mary Jane Daddato (who passed away several years ago)   She had written a journal for many years, and she was now typing it up and she asked me to check her spelling for her, which I was happy to do. She had beautiful writing.  Wish I could remember some of  what she wrote.

I woke up to the written printed article called, "The Wisdom Of .....  "



I have no idea where I was, but I found what looked like a candy bar wrapper.  Written on the white wrapper was a statement that sounded very biblical about the fisherman.  Having read the New Testament numerous times, this statement about the fisherman didn't sound right, so I began to erase with my finger the chocolate words that didn't match what I had read.  I ended up erasing all the words except the word fisherman.

Then I thought about the statement 'fisher of men'


fish'-er fish'-er-man (dayyagh, dawwagh; halieus; Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek haleeus): Although but few references to fishermen are made in the Bible, these men and their calling are brought into prominence by Jesus' call to certain Galilee fishermen to become His disciples (Mt 4:18,19; Mk 1:16,17). Fishermen, then as now, formed a distinct class. The strenuousness of the work (Lk 5:2) ruled out the weak and indolent. They were crude in manner, rough in speech and in their treatment of others (Lk 9:49,54; Jn 18:10). James and John before they became tempered by Jesus' influence were nicknamed the "sons of thunder" (Mk 3:17). The fishermen's exposure to all kinds of weather made them hardy and fearless. They were accustomed to bear with patience many trying circumstances. They often toiled for hours without success, and yet were always ready to try once more (Lk 5:5; Jn 21:3). Such men, when impelled by the same spirit as filled their Master, became indeed "fishers of men" (Mt 4:19; Mk 1:17).
One of the striking instances of the fulfillment of prophecy is the use by the Syrian fishermen today of the site of ancient Tyre as a place for the spreading of their nets (Ezek 26:5,14).
Figurative: Fish were largely used as food (Hab 1:16), hence, the lamentation of the fishermen, who provided for all, typified general desolation (Isa 19:8). On the other hand, abundance of fish and many fishermen indicated general abundance (Ezek 47:10). Our modern expression, "treated like a dog," had its counterpart in the language of the Old Testament writers, when they portrayed the punished people of Judah as being treated like fish. Yahweh would send many fishers to fish them up and put sticks or hooks through their cheeks as a fisherman strings his fish (Jer 16:16; Job 41:2). Such treatment of the people of Judah is depicted on some of the Assyrian monuments.
James A. Patch


9-19-10 - DREAM  - Again, I don't know where I was and the dream again was about chocolate and how it tasted.

The scenes were all very ornate and tiny resembling Chinese, but there were no Chinese people there.

Similar to this but with more colors.,1235115025,7/stock-photo-closeup-of-a-purple-and-yellow-indian-fabric-known-as-a-saree-sari-25280311.jpg

My second guess would be India, but there were no people there that looked Indian either. 

There was only black and white people. The black people acted superior to the white people.

The ceilings of this place were about 30 feet.  However we were kept in very small rooms, with very tight quarters like everything we owned was jammed into as small a space as possible.

To begin with we were taste testing a variety of semi pasty substances mostly pale colored but a variety of colors. Some of these were chocolate but not brown colored.  They were all odd pastel colors. The containers were similar to white plastic egg cartons, but inside were small troughs that went sideways.  More weight on one end would make them bend so they had to be supported on the hand the whole length. Our eating tool was simply our index fingers. Everything tasted very bland, no outstanding flavors, no spices.

When we were let out of taste testing, we were taken to our personal rooms. Everything I owned was stacked along one wall.  I recognized blankets I've had in the closet for many years on the floor. The room was only about 10 x 10 feet square but the ceiling was at least 30 feet high. We were allowed to have small books but there were no bookcases.  Boards were attached to square 4 x 4"wooden posts and you could stack books on these shelves as high as you could reach.  There were no stools or chairs to stand on.

When we were let out of there we were taken through a room that had thousands of wire bird cages with the most beautiful birds in the world in them. Everything was very clean, but I don't recall any sound coming from the birds. It seemed I was being shown birds I would be taking care of but we weren't there long enough to really know anything more than that.

We then went to a humongous room. The ceilings were probably 50 or more feet high and the length and width were probably 50 x 100 feet or more.  Here, demonstrations were put on to impress us.   One black dancing woman showed us her prowess by showing us how large her boobs were.  To me they were just normal size and I wasn't all that impressed , jests knew she was showing off.

In the center aisle, many little black boys, wearing only shorts  did a demonstration of accuracy as to what they could do.  About 20 pumpkins were lined up that had been hollowed out and holes drilled at the bottom edge on front and back just a little larger than a walnut.  Then they would get down on their knees on the ground at one end of the line of pumpkins with a blow stick of some kind and using just one big puff of breath would blow a walnut all the way through all 20 pumpkins through a hole that was just barely larger than the walnut itself.  I noticed that the pumpkins were spaced out so that the walnut had to make one bounce on the ground between pumpkins. Every boy was able to do that.

When that was done, then about 100 older black boys - very dark skinned, dressed only in feathered skirts to their knees and feathers around their ankles came dancing down the same center  aisle towards us, but turning off before they reached us shaking their bottoms wildly to make the feathers dance around them.  That was very impressive to watch.

From there we went back to our rooms and our blankets and I woke up.


9-20-10- DREAM -  I was living in Milwaukee in an apartment building downtown. Apparently I had volunteered to take a soldier to a hospital facility at 160th and Wisconsin Ave.   When I got back home, I realized that they had given me only enough bus tokens to get to the hospital, but not any to get back home and I didn't know how I was going to handle that.

The next mooring, around 6 a.m. I gave my baby a bath, and set him in his high chair wrapped in a big towel with some carrot sticks at the kitchen table/  There were other people in the apartment to talk over the baby care. and I had to take the soldier out to the hospital.

I put on my coat and went outside and sat in my car in the driveway, still thinking about how I was going to handle taking the soldier to the hospital and get back home.

I noticed there was another couple sitting in their car some ways behind me in the twilight dawn.  I had no idea what they were waiting for.

Then, while I sat there, an older barefoot black woman wearing a black coat and hat came out of the building and came over to my car.

It dawned on me then that this was the soldier I was supposed to take to the hospital out on 160th St   At the same time, I realized too that I was also barefoot and my shoes were under the car.  So I got out of the car and said. "Hello" to the woman and told her I had to fetch my shoes from under the car.

When I looked under the car, I saw that my shoes were the black Indian moccasins that I usually wore in the 90's and the car was the blue Ford that I owned in the 90's as well.   (I also lived in downtown Milwaukee in the 90's but not in this particular building.)

As  I retrieved my shoes and put them on, the woman said she wanted to go to the hospital in the car.  Instantly I knew that solved the lack of bus money problem, but I don't know why it went through my mind that I parked my car two blocks away from the building in a garage and that meant we'd have to walk to the garage to get the car, when we were already by the car. I also thought about the entire walk to the garage in my mind.  (I know now I've dreamed that before) 

But my mind snapped back to normal, and I told the woman to get in the car on the passenger side, which she did.  I put on my shoes and got into the car behind the driver's wheel.

The key was already in the ignition, but the car seemed way too big for me and everything worked very loose.  The car started easily enough and I knew which peddles to push, but I had to over compensate for every movement I made because the car was so loose. It didn't feel like my own car at all and that this was the first time I had driven it.

I got to the street to turn right, and the woman asked me if I knew where 119th north and Wynn streets was. 

I told her , Yes!" and she said that's where she lived in an actor's home.

It went thought my mind how far it was from where she lived at 119th north on the east side to the hospital at 160th west we were going to and wondered how long it would take her to get home by bus and with no shoes. 

By now, I was taking her the scenic route, to me which was taking her to see the neighborhood where I grew up around 21st and Fond du lack Ave. That's where all the black people had lived in the 40's when I was growing up during WW II.  In fact, all the cars on the streets were from the 1940's as well.   It was like we had gone back in time.

Nobody seemed to be driving very well, the cars were parked whatever way they felt like it, and they seemed to drive the same way, so I thought we had better get back to Wisconsin Ave., and get to the hospital.

When we got to Wisconsin Ave., it was a divided highway with a grassy boulevard in the center.  It no longer felt like I was driving - it felt more like I was going along for the ride.

The grassy boulevard turned into what looked like a cemetery with all the monuments and tombstones and flowers made of breadsticks for some reason. It went on and on for a long time and I wondered if it would never end, and just then it did and the boulevard was all grass, but then the cemetery was on the right side of the road and all the monuments and tombstones were made of concrete and very real. This scene went on and on and on too until I couldn't handle it any more and I forced my eyes open to make it stop.


American women have participated in defense of this nation in both war and peacetime. Their contributions, however, have gone largely unrecognized and unrewarded. While women in the United States Armed Forces share a history of discrimination based on gender, black women have faced both race and gender discrimination. Initially barred from official military status, black women persistently pursued their right to serve.


9-20-10 - DREAM - I was at work, cleaning out my desk.  My friend Donna had a desk to my right facing mine and my daughter-in-law Debe had a desk facing mine on the left.

I had a lot of junk in my desk so I started cleaning out the top drawer, and that forced me to open the other drawers, and I started finding shoes in my lower desk drawers, and at first nothing matched, but it ended up I had every pair of shoes I've owned in the last 20 years in my desk drawers.
I also found my bosses old shoes in my bottom desk drawer that were waiting for me to fix them because they were torn on the side.
I had to leave the room for a moment, and when I came back, there were no desks in the room at all, and I realized I was in the dining room of my Father's 16th St. house.
I went into the kitchen and found my boss scrubbing off the tops of the desk, and to my surprise my boss was David - a long time friend I met in 1990.
When I came back into the dining room, there was a bird cage hanging by the windows, and the cage was so full of birds, the younger ones were falling down into a trash bag beneath it that was full of old bird seed, and the birds in the trash bag were having a grand old time, going through that bird seed.
Then Debe decided to put pictures up on the wall.  The first one was really wide and was a sexual pose of a blonde woman sitting on the ground naked, but the really naked parts were cut off the picture, so it didn't really show it - it suggested it.
I told her, that can't be on the wall, so I took it down, and beneath that one was the same woman - a blonde in a pink dress.  I said, "I'm sorry!  She works upstairs, and we shouldn't have pictures of her in our office.
 I've forgotten other details.
DREAM 1  I was on 15th and Clark St. and Jerry Lewis was standing there on the corner, leaning up against the store.  He was wearing a winter parka with fur inside the hood of his jacket.  He was unblinking.
Someone put a cigarette into his hand and lit it and he didn't move, so I went up to him and lit my own cigarette from his.
That seems ominous to me.
DREAM 2 -  This was  a dream about plumbing. Whoever was installing a sink in the house used the wrong legs for the front, so we made a rather contest out of getting the right legs for the sink from the hardware store which was upstairs in the building. The right legs had to be bright yellow, made of metal, and they were kept in a special box the owner kept aside just for special uses.
DREAM 3 -  I don't recall the dream itself, just that the sound should be miniaturized into a 4" box rather than full size.
I knew that speakers are very powerful these days, so we should use the modern equipment.
9-22-10 - DREAM -  It was all about teenagers in survival mode in the country
I woke up and the same thing was on TV too.

I went back to sleep and the dream continued then showing me a large rug hanging on the wall in the back hall of my house on 16th St. with a large elephant on it.

I found out later that today is elephant appreciation day.

9-22-10 - DREAM
I went with my husband to Northern Wisconsin where we moved into a little house on the main highway.
It was late in the evening and something happened to the plumbing that didn't sound too kosher, and after I flushed the toilet, a big air bubble came up the standpipe in the hallway.  So I told my husband about it and he called a buddy over, who was tall and good looking and knew plumbing I figured. 
They decided we should go to the local bar, and do some drinking and dancing, so I said "Okay!" and off we went.
The dancing was fun - some slow stuff to nice music.  Meanwhile he and his buddy were drinking.  I sat down to watch some others dancing, and he and his buddy did some more drinking. 
I saw them over towards the door together and all of a sudden they were gone, and I was left at the bar alone and didn't know how I was going to get back home.
There was a short plain woman who looked like someone I knew from my building in Milwaukee, and she said she would help me, but she needed to make a phone call first.  So I gave her a quarter for the pay phone and we sat down to talk for a minute.
All of a sudden, her daughters showed up with their boyfriends, two really pretty red headed girls in their early 20's, and all of a sudden the woman I was with was really pretty with red hair too. They all took off and left me sitting there.
I had seen some light out the window, and knew that dawn was breaking, and the restaurant people were baking bread.  I saw 5 large loaves being readied for the oven as I walked by the door.
The next person who came up to me was a guy from the town garage.  He handed me a car key on a ring with a brown leather tag on it, and a bill for the car I could pay when I picked it up for $5.  That's what it cost to fix it he said..
I asked him where my husband was. He said, "Jail!"  Drunk driving!"
I thanked him and another man came by and I asked him where the jail was, and he said he would show me.  So he walked me across the street and kitty corner across the highway and there was the jail.
I walked into the jail, and that's where the car was parked.  Another guy came over and said he would give me $130 for the car because it really wasn't drivable, but it was an old Chevrolet and he thought maybe he would help me out and take the car off my hands.
I didn't think $130 was really enough, but it was an old used car, and we talked about how many miles on it, and how many miles per gallon it got, and I said 'about 40, which I didn't know if it was right or not. I just said that. 
Two other guys came up to me and acted all concerned about me.  I recognized both of them from Milwaukee.  Both had their faces painted white with pink polka dots on them and blue eyes, and wore baseball caps. 
One of the men took my face in his hands and looked in my left eye and said I had blood in it.  I didn't think so, but I took his word for it, because he was a friend and looked so concerned. 
I kissed both the guys on the lips because they  were good friends from Milwaukee, and they helped me decide to sell the car.
So, the other guy who offered me the $130, came up with the $130 and a whole pile of other dollar bills and change that was in the car, and 30 keys.
I gave him the 2 car keys back so I ended up with 29 keys from him. and the money.
I asked the two white faced guys where the bus station was so I could go back home, and they said they would show me.  I was holding my big red purse (which I really own), and I had a bag of French fries to eat from the restaurant.
All of a sudden I woke up.
9-23-10 - DREAM -  All I can remember are the words  want, need, and thank you at the beginning of two paragraphs in a longer series of paragraphs, and I didn't like it that they were together like that because they looked identical and that didn't make sense, so I edited them so that the second paragraph was underneath a shelf in case anyone wanted to read it.
9-23-10 - DREAM  - A lot of this dream is lost too.
I woke up in bed with Joe's son Michael coming to visit.  He was already in the house and came in through the bathroom right into the bedroom.
I got up out of bed and went through the bathroom which I couldn't use because the whole room had a wall of pure clean glass overlooking a parking lot to a gas station next door.  Across the street from that, I could see into a mall situation where I could see Joe's grandson Ethan purchasing three huge chocolate muffins with whipped cream and a cherry on top which he brought over to the house to give to some girls (who I can't remember who they were)  and I made something very sexual out of that gesture.
A whole lot is missing in the dream here.
I then decided to go back home or go to work, and got into a cart at the top of a hill, the cart was motorized and I watched myself driving it from the top of the hill - down the hill, down the highway like you would ride a bicycle against traffic, then drove it across the road and into the back of the truck.
So, then I actually walked down the hill, and down the highway, whereupon a huge Muslim man with big big beard, large body, and wrapped headdress walked very closely behind me all the way into the building where I worked, but in the building, it was very cold and people were wearing heavy work clothes to keep warm, and complaining about the cold and that the air blower wasn't turned on.
I went through some air locks like that, and then through a mall area where people were eating breakfast.  All these people seemed like TV stars out of work because As The World Turns Show ended abruptly last week and now all these people were out of work.
One of the girls sat at a table with brown marks around her lips that were all swollen from a sexual scene she had been in and I went up to her really close and I said to her, "Don't feel bad, it was the best movie I've ever seen in my life."
and I woke up.
9-23-10 - NAP DREAM  I was in a small room rather like an office.  There ware other people in the room with me, but I never saw their faces - just noticed that they were there.
We were doing writing in this room
At the end, I was looking at the mailbox slots of the people in the office.
One said:
Website of the honored one
Website of the forgiven one
Website of the holy one
Website of the
Each slot got different colored envelopes in them - and they all #10 envelopes.
I reminded myself of the dream I had the other day that I was to start a church called ILLUMINATION and it was about positive thinking
9-24-10 - DREAM -  We lived at the top of the hill - seemed like New Berlin on Beloit Rd, but it may have been anywhere with a steep hill like that where it snows in the winter.
This was a particularly bad winter storm - not a lot of snow, but a lot of blowing snow.
When it was over, the city plowed the snow down as far as they could and dug huge trenches alongside the road for the melting run off water.  Those trenches were like 20 feet deep.
As the snow went down, there was thousands of rabbits laying on the grass and in the fields - strangely with their limbs ripped off and wound with string in an effort to save their lives.  Unfortunately, hairy creatures who had been underground came up looking for food and they were very aggressive.
My son thought he would defend us and the rabbits, but he could only find one BB in the drawer for the gun, and that one he dropped and it went down the baseboard of the house, so we were defenseless.
IEOSOUS called on the telephone to see if we were okay, and we were at that moment, but that was to change.
Men started coming around looking for work, and various limbs of the men were ripped off or burned off in many cases from accidents, but they were desperate for work, so we let them clean up and try to find work where they could.
We were afraid to be alone with those men though, so when a couple men with limbs came, we begged them to stay to make sure no one harmed us.
Then a bull dozer came up to the house, and strangely as it came up to the window, there was a big ugly elephant at the front of it, and it stuck its head and trunk in through the window.  I started hitting the trunk of the elephant with a pillow to keep it away from me and it transformed into a young Arab man, with dark skin and he was looking around to see what he could grab out of the house.  I managed to chase him away from the window by continuously hitting him and he didn't want to let go of the bull dozer so they finally left me alone.
Some female postal workers came with notices that needed to be delivered.  They did okay with sorting them, until they got to the bottom of the pile, and even they didn't know how to deliver the last of the notices.  I looked at them myself to see if I could identify the towns these people lived in and I didn't recognize them, and the postal workers didn't either, so they threw them away.  I never read what the notices were because the fine print was too small to read.
9-24-10 - DREAM VOICE -  The California candidate from 95 has got my vote.    Later it said, "The California candidate is Matt Gibson!"
9-25-10 - creating a school
All 3 dreams were about creating a school, but very different than one would expect.
Dream 1 -  I was playing a game of cards similar to how one would play solitaire, but this was with numbers (not suits)
#3 was silvery blue
@2 was silvery pink
@1 was silver.
DREAM @2 - I met a man in a dance school, and we danced to slow 'love' songs.
DREAM #3 - The man I met who was my teacher in this dream was a dance instructor, who looked like my light being friends (similar to Jack Nicholson) and he taught men how to dance slow 'love' songs

9-24-10 - MEDITATION
I asked what the three cards meant that I dreamed earlier - relating to the school.
All I saw was a large number 6
So I decided to take a nap and dream something.
Instead, I had a vision of a cartoon Teddy Bear facing left, holding a tall candy cane crook in his right hand.  The Teddy Bear had a smile on his face.
Behind the Teddy Bear stood a red and white striped light house, and behind them all stood a mountain.
0=26=10  DREAM   I was working for an attorney in a small office.  We were very busy and needed help, so when Lucas (from As The World Turns TV show came in to apply for a job, I really wanted my boss to hire him.
NOTE:  As The World Turns TV show went off the air last week after many, many years of wonderful shows and we miss them a lot.  I hope they all quickly get jobs on other TV soap operas we watch.
When Lucas came into the office, he has a resume of sorts but it was a messy one, and I wanted to help him out, so I made an attempt to retype it for him, using my own bosses equipment. 
There really was no room on the desk, and I didn't want to move my bosses stuff around so we made do with the space we had which wasn't enough.
All of a sudden, the boss came in, and realized what we were doing, and he retyped Lucas's resume himself, and hired him on the spot.
I was really happy.
0=26=1- = DREA, =  I was working in an 8 story building.  I worked on the 8th floor but the executive offices were on the 5th floor.  I've been in this building before, many times.
When I got on the elevator, I met an older woman and an older man who was on of the executives.  They got on the wrong elevator, and mid-way, they changed to the other elevator.
I introduced myself after he left, and I told her I could give her a tour of the building if she liked, because the cafeteria was on the 5th floor, and there was also a museum on that floor.  (I know that building well)  She said she would like a tour the next day, so I left her and went up to my office on the 8th floor, where I met my boss leaving to go to the doctor for a pain in the back I told him was probably arthritis which he could take aspirin for.  (That was Gene Fohr - who I worked at A-C for.  He was my boss there as well.)
I realized too late, that I still had my hair up in pin curls with a scarf on my head wrapped around my hair, but nobody said anything. 
I walked into my office and a younger girl complained that I was wearing yellow, and I noticed that she was wearing peach, so we started talking about colors of clothing, and she said when she wore orange, she always wore three layers, each color orange was a different shade.  I told her that was nice.
Later, I went back downstairs, and ran into some black women down in the basement - they were actually very young women and were arguing. I told them that if they had a problem I could solve it for them.  They wanted to solve their own problem by arguing, but an older black woman came along who was a cop of some kind and who drove a huge yellow machine that was like a prison on wheels. and it was split in the middle so it could go over things too.  It was very weird.
Once she went by, the girls disbursed, and I went back up to my office and went to work. *
9-27-10 - DREAM - I was at the family home in northern Wisconsin.  The whole family was there, so there were lots of kids around.
The men and boys were all outside working on projects, and the women and girls were all in the house, cleaning and getting ready for the next meal to feed the 'men'.
The Father, apparently was in the big bed in the girl's room with the quilts pulled over his head to block out all the noise - or so I thought.
The girls all gathered in their room, in various states of dress and undress trying to decide what to wear, and one of the girls seemed very sad.  One of the other girls said that the girl who looked to be about 10 or 11, but was actually 12, had dreamed that she was going to die before she was 21. 
So, knowing that dreams of death don't really mean that, we all gathered around and held hands and sang a little song that she wasn't going to die to cheer her up - like a prayer.
There was so much clothes and blankets and shoes on the floor could hardly walk in that room.
Back down in the kitchen, the women were preparing dinner.  There was a roll of hamburger meat on the counter thawing out that must have been 25 pounds, and it was already sliced in the package to make hamburgers that would be a pound apiece.
The men started to come into the house, but seeing that dinner wasn't ready yet, they decided they wanted everyone to come outside to play a game out on the lawn, so the women just left the food all lay out on the counter and went outside to play the game.
I decided I needed to go to the bathroom, so I followed one of the little girls and she showed me that they had a bathroom in their own room.  This room too was full of blankets and clothes everywhere, but what I noticed then was that the Father suddenly wasn't sleeping, and he quickly pulled the quilts down so he could watch whatever the little girls did in the room.  "Dirty Old Man".
So, when I went to the toilet to pee, I made sure that door was closed.  It was a huge toilet, and not one I'd want to sit down on, so I had to pee standing up, and on the back end of the toilet was a ceramic head of a baby with its mouth open to catch the pee when someone missed or if a boy used it, he could aim at the open mouth.
A very disgusting thought.  I managed to pee but it was very thick and it seemed like it was never going to stop.
When I woke up, I still had to pee.
9-27-10-  DREAM - I went to visit my Mom in her south 35th St. house.  (First time I've ever dreamed about going there). 
My Mom was doing laundry for my whole family, and she had clean laundry folded up neatly everywhere. 
She told me her health professional home visitor was out ill and couldn't come to see her.
She asked me if I would go upstairs and get her some 'springs' - that they were in one of the closets upstairs.
I agreed to do that, as I had to go to the bathroom, and her only bathroom was upstairs.  (In her real house she had a bathroom downstairs as well).
So I went up the stairs and went to the bathroom first.
While I was in the bathroom, two home visiting nurses came in to check out the house. Neither was wearing a uniform - just regular clothes, and they were both middle-aged - in the 40's I would say. 
I warned them that I was in the bathroom, but they came in anyway, just looking around.  And I heard one nurse say to the other, "We'll have plenty of room to bring in a massage table."
I finished my bathroom business, (pee) and went into the bedroom across the hall, and my mother had laundry - looked like children's clothes, all neatly folded and ironed in large wicker wash baskets, all ready to be put away.  There was laundry all over a large oval oak table as well, and a single vine plant on the table in a pot.  I noticed she had a lot of candle holders and knick knacks on the dresser tops as well. 
I thought how great that room would look if I put away all the laundry.
I decided I would look in that closet first, not knowing what sort of springs I was looking for.
I no sooner thought that, and I heard my Mother's door bell ring as I was waking up and it sounded like it was in my chin  (downstairs), and then the telephone rang in my right ear (it sounded like a princess phone)
I thought I was still dreaming and I wondered how stressed my mother would be to have to answer the door and the telephone at the same time,  then I realized I was awake and the telephone had rung in my right ear.
I tried answering it, but didn't get anything.  (I never answer doorbells)
9=27-10 -NAP DREAM -[  was living in an apartment building, and also managed an apartment building on the other side of the street, where I also had an apartment.
I had to go check out an apartment someone had just moved into.  I checked the key box and saw that they already had their keys.  A key that was on the box was an extra mail box key for them.  I couldn't decide whether I wanted to check their mail box or not.
i had my own keys in my pocket and patted my pocket to make sure before I closed my own door behind me.
I walked across the street and into that building and I could see out the back end of that building -  there was a huge velley on the other side of the building.
I remember nothing else.
9-28-10 - DREAM - I was  holding a flower stem in my left hand, and at the end of the flower stem were several petals with female names in them.
I took my right index finger and put it into each petal which made it divide into 2 petals, each with a female name in it.
I continued to do this until there were 10 petals with female names in them.

What came to mind, was the 'Stem of Jesse
9-28-10 - MEDITATION  What I like to do, when I'm reading a book about channelers, is to look for myself in the spirit world if the names being used by the chanellers are real spirit  beings or not.
This has been working out very well so far.
Today, I asked to see Ortan, who is chaneled by Lisa   

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World of The Spiritwalker - channeled and inspired writings concerning Native American .... from Ortan via Lita de Alberdi; el
I was surprised to see that Ortan was white-faced like the two men in my dream the other day. 
Ortan is round-faced, and wears a cap that is reminiscent of some people I've seen in photos in foreign countries.  It is similar to a 'pill box' that women in th eUnited States used to war about 40 or more years ago.
First I saw a blue hat, then I saw Ortan, white-faced wearing a white pill box hat.
Jacquie Kennedy used to wear a pretty pink one. 

Here is a Muslim prayer hat.
It's gorgeous.
9-29-10  NEDITATION 
I've been having a little fun while meditating each day.
Every day, I call a specific name so I can see what they look like.
Today I chose Jerona, which is a new name to me.  It is a being that
Malcolm Bell from Australia channeled recently.
Jerona said that he rarely is channeled by human beings, and he came
this time to talk about the Changes coming and how to handle them.
So, when I called the name Jerona today, I was rather surprised at his
appearance because he looked completely different than any other
being I've ever seen, and he had a pointed head with a small triangle
shaped hat to cover the point on his head. 
The cap was medium blue and looked like it was either leather or felt,
and was quite cute.
His head was shaped quite different than any human being I've ever seen
and at first I thought he might be aborigine because Malcolm in in Australia,
but Jerona had a very protruding jawline and though he wasn't hairy, he
had rather the shape of a Chimpanzee lower jaw.  His nose was rather
Aboriginee - rather bulbous but his lower jaw stuck way out beyond the
nose line and he had protruding lips as well. 
It was the pointed head with the little  triangle-shaped hat that intrigued
me the most.
9-29-10 - DREAM -  This dream was rather etheric.  It was not solid like all other dreams.  There were 8 women in front of me, rather like on a stage, and I worked on their heads specifically - removing swelling from their bodies throough theh top of their head.

That was the whole dream.
9-30-10 - Wondering if there is a real place like this.

I went to a Cowboy Bar with my boyfriend. What was different about this
bar was that they sold paperback cowboy books, which were lined up on the
shelves with the pictures facing the customer.

Some men were sitting around, dressed like cowboys, including the hats.
The tables were round, with four wicker type chairs for the men. (There
were no women sitting at these tables - only men)

Some of the books came with a can of mineral flakes. I, my boyfriend, and
another man nearby opened one of the cans and held some of the minerals and
held them in our hands, probably dropping a few flakes when we transferred
them from hand to hand while looking at them. They were really pretty and
shiny, red, gold, copper, a few green flakes. We were trying to guess
what these minerals were. The cans were labeled but we didn't read them at
the time.

At the entrance to this bar, I saw a line of trees with little pieces of
paper attached here and there. Each piece of paper had an arrow printed on
it and that's all, and the pieces of paper and arrows all pointed toward a
specific place on the ground. It felt rather like a golf course, but I
didn't see anyone golfing. The arrows pointed down from both directions at one
spot, but I didn't see a golf hole or green on the ground either. I'm
really not sure what the arrows were pointing at.

At the end of the bar was a glass wall that was about a foot thick. The
glass panels were 1 foot wide x two feet high, about 5 panels high with a
space at the top where there was a trough of warm water flowing. Behind each
glass panel was a photo of a cowboy shirt front from shoulder to shoulder
and from neck to waist. I'm guessing that the wall was probably 10 panels

NOTE:  let us follow the steps of the consummate Tzaddik, Joseph the Dreamer, through the 50 gates of the Unconscious

The wife of the bar's owner gave me the job of cleaning the glass panels at
the end of the bar, and I was admiring all the different color shirts they
had, and chose a dark green and black one I liked best. saying that I had
given one just like that as a gift to my boyfriend.

The windows were streaked from previous washings, and dust, and some of the
windows felt gritty which needed real scrubbing, but the water was warm
and I got fresh water from the trough above to wash the windows.

At one point, my boyfriend came around the corner, as the bar seemed to be
round, no square corners except at the end where the glass wall was. He
came over and hugged and kissed me, and then got down on one knee like he was
going to propose marriage to me.

I woke up before he did.

NOTE: on 10-31-10, I discovered a graphic of the exact box over the pictures at the beginning of a game called Jewel Quest, and it had two lotus flowers floating in it.
9-30-10 - DREAM - I was somewhere in a small school teaching something to 8 boys.
9-30-10 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house with my Mom and when we were done getting ready to leave the house with my Dad who would drive us, she told me to come with her out to the garage.
When we went through the garage, there was another family on the other side of the alley who were doing some baking, and the man was making cheesecake in a flat pan - one of those long cake pans that are rectangular.
The man brought one over to us to show us how the crust was made, and when he did, I could see that the edges were folded over like mitered sheets, and I said, "Oh, I do mine that way too, and woke up.