9-1-14 DREAM - I was at my Father's house and I was walking in the garden followed by one of my orange cats.

DREAM 2 - I went to the hospital for a blood test for my husband. They said it was too deficient to read. But they read mine by accident, and said it looked like I was pink swan.

Swan Meaning and Symbolism - What's Your Sign

An undeniable symbol of beauty, find out more about swan meaning and symbolism here. Included Celtic perspectives and swan symbolism when they swim in ..


Swans - Controversial

In many parts of the world the Swan is a symbol of light and considered the ... webbed feet, except for the two South American species, which have pink legs.

The Swan | Order of Bards and Druids

The Swan | Order of Bards and Druids

The most common swan, the Mute Swan, is a large, all white bird with a pink bill ..... The swan, as a symbol of music, is also dedicated to Apollo, who was said to ...

Swan Symbolism - Pure Spirit

Spiritual symbolism of the swan. ... More Animal Symbolism. Swan Symbolism. Swan.Swan As we are aware in the United States, in any number of media (film, …




9-1-14 - NAP DREAM I had been watching a television show of Jim Bakker with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as his new book The Mystery of the Shemitah was released today.

Half way through the program, my eyes got super tired, so I paused the show to rest my eyes, and had a dream about copying the previous pages I've done of transcripts about the Shemitah which starts on September 25th, 2014 (this year) and I had trouble copying the names of the files, from one place to another - always a problem when you want to copy something from a dream computer onto a real life computer. It can't be done.

The voice in my head said, "You don't know the technical difficulties!"


9-2-14 DREAM - I had just been watching a Scottish comedian's show, so it should be no surprise that my dream was in a Scottish accent and even though I was in my Father's house we were acting like we were still on the comedian's show and being silly, and everything was in sky blue color while we cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and living room.

We swept the floors, rearranged the tiny furniture, talked in a Scottish accent, and just acted silly like the actor does.


9-2-14 MEDITATION: While reading the book "Children of Light" it said that Jesus was always in 'Grace' and he naturally gave off Grace when people were around.

I noticed that my own energy rose up while reading this book about him and Mary Magdalene so I decided I would meditate when I felt that way so I did so.

As soon as I raised by vibrations, I could see a window open seemingly across the room, but it was only about an inch across and high, and it was too small to see what was in that window.

It got a bit bigger and I could see there was someone standing in hat window waving their arms around, but it was still too small.

I kept repeating, "Please make the window larger" and it would get a little larger and the same figure kept waiving its arms around like whoever it was knew it had my attention.

The window finally got to be about 6" across and high, but I still couldn't make out who it was.

It rather seemed like Mickey Mouse wearing white gloves on his hands, but I couldn't be certain.

Then the air-conditioner came on, and distracted me, and took my consciousness back down to room temperature. I'll try again later.

Grace (Christianity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar to Grace (Christianity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Western Christian theology, grace has been defined, not as a created substance of any kind, but as "the love and mercy given to us by God because God ...

Old and New Testaments of the ... - Roman Catholicism - Eastern Christianity

Divine grace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar to Divine grace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Divine grace is a theological term present in many religions. It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, ...

Christianity - Hinduism - Islam - See also

[ More results from ]

Grace - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ... - Similar to Grace - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

a way of moving that is smooth and attractive and that is not stiff or awkward. : a controlled, polite, and pleasant way of behaving. graces : skills that are needed ...

Graceless - Grace note - Act of grace - Grace-and-favor


9-3-14 DREAM - I had the same dream three times. I was standing in a room getting ready to meet two types of aliens. There were 177 of one type and 90 of the other.

No details were given.


9-3-14 - PRAYER - I said a prayer to God that he had to help me get the property for the community, and that if I got the property, I would dedicate the community and the property to him, and only to him.

DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere, and a woman who lived across the street came into my apartment, and acted like she was trying to help me, and the first thing she did was screw up my computer so it wouldn't work anymore, except that the computer said the error was that I had used too many sevens.

I was trying to clean up the place and she decided to help me do that, and I found three bright blue pipe wrenches and a bright blue players. I was afraid she was going to steal it, so I put the pipe wrenches and the nut lightener into a drawer in the bedroom that was empty.

I went back into the living room and the woman was now a young man, and she wanted to be driven to the store to buy his in-law an anniversary gift, and at the same time thought I would buy him lunch.

The young man turned back into the woman and when the telephone rang, she answered it by say, "Hello", very blandly instead of giving the name of the apartment building, and she told me that man said he was stuck at Ditiray all day. I didn't know if it was my husband or my boss because she didn't ask him who was calling.

I went out into the parking lot, and Joe was out there, and he said he had taken his car to the garage because someone had sideswiped the front end of the car. So I assumed it was Joe who called and the car place was called Ditiray.

As we were standing in the parking lot, a tall man with a huge mop of white hair got out of another car, surrounded by a whole lot of women. I looked at him and said, "That must be God!"

I then looked back at Joe and he had the same hairdo.

Just then, a big white van pulled in between our car and the one next to it, and sideswiped it. I said to Joe, "It must be the way you park the car". I never considered that the man driving the van was doing the sideswiping, just that he pushed our car sideways when he cut his turn too short.

We started walking through the parking lot together, and I started to talk to Joe, and I looked at the man and he was younger with black hair, and I realized I wasn't talking to Joe at all and it was just a stranger, so I apologized and said, I'm sorry! I thought you were my husband."

He just gave me a strange look and kept right on walking and left me feeling embarrassed that I didn't even realize the difference between a man with black hair and one with white hair.

I went back into the apartment building, and while walking through the hallway, I opened the door and it rather stuck a bit, and behind the door was three orange cats playing together, and I thought to myself that it was the way they played that trained them to make babies later in life.

Then I went back into the apartment to make sure the three blue pipe wrenches and the pliers was still in the dresser drawer and nobody had stolen them.

Morse Code Info - - Similar to Morse Code Info -

So How Can a Computer Send CW? ... The 16-bits is nice, since most computers represent integers as 16-bit numbers, .... ditArray[i]:= A*sin(Pi*dt/DitTime)*Osc;

Array - Wikipedia - Similar to Array - Wikipedia

Een array (Engels voor rij of reeks) is bij het programmeren van computers een datastructuur die bestaat uit een lijst van elementen. Ieder element in een array ...


9-3-14 NAP DREAM I was living in a house in a subdivision. It was a beautiful day outside with a nice breeze. I was thinking about sitting outside to enjoy the sun and the breeze, but a new neighbor was moving in and I didn't want them to think I was being rude and watching them, so I just left the front door to let a little of the breeze coming inside the house.

All of a sudden, the new female neighbor and two men carrying a mattress box spring came walking in the front door and went through the house and out the back door, and her excuse was, "Sorry! We had to use your house as a shortcut because the box spring was facing the wrong direction and we had to turn it around."

That was about the dumbest thing I ever heard as an excuse for walking through someone else's house so, I closed and locked both the front and back door so they couldn't come through my house again. in

Really dumb!


9-4-14 DREAM I was working on a web page of various topics and putting them in alphabetical order. It seemed to take a long time.


9-5-14 - DREAM I was out in the country and had grown a garden in little squares,and now that the flowers were blooming, I was putting the squares together like a giant size puzzle, and it was going to be a beautiful woman's face.

Out in the garage which was like the one we have here at home with a nasty dirt floor, there were two old men conversing about something - they looked like the landlord Chris and another man - a relative by the name of Ray. They were working on a project as well by themselves.

My husband was out in the yard with his vehicle - I believe it was blue, and it wasn't running, but there was hope that it could be fixed.

My whole goal was to put the garden puzzle together and there were some women out in the yard watching me to see if it could be done.


9-6-14 - I was in the country somewhere in a very large farmhouse. For some reason we had a whole lot of colorful ducks that were nearly as tall as myself, and they needed to exercise, so I asked permission to let them run around the kitchen table with myself. First we went one direction, and then we went the other direction.

These ducks had colorful feathers on them and I knew they were Jewish ducks and they were not the eating kind - they were nearly as tall as myself.


Ducks are seen many different ways by many different people and it is important to consider your own cultural lens and the way that you perceive ducks when you have a dream about them and you are trying to find out what it means to you.

If you have a dream about duck, ducklings, duck eggs, etc then this means that you basically just need to think about how fortunate you are. Ducks are known for being creatures that represent great fortune. They are great and lucky beasts. This is what they are known most for and why you care about them. Ducks are gorgeous, beautiful, and majestic. Having a dream of ducks means you have been lucky lately or that you will be lucky in the future. This will do you well to know. Just be real and be happy for your fortune.

Ducks are also seen as hunted beings or living in fear. This usually has more to do with the American way of seeing them but duck hunting does not only occur in America and can be seen in cultures all around the world. The reason they are seen this way is difficult to place, but the fact is, the duck is seen as one of the most classically hunted creatures in the world because it just is. There are many people that go after lions, after bears, after elk, moose and all kinds of other came, but conically speaking and speaking in terms of how they are perceived, ducks still lead the game in how they are seen as hunted beings.

This means that if you have a dream in which you are a duck then you are worried that someone is out to get you. Most of the time this does not mean you are worried that someone is threatening your life. What this usually means is that you are worried that there is someone out there that is trying to make things worse for you or make your life more complicated. They can be out to get you in the sense that they are trying to make things more complicated for you or out to get you in the sense that they are trying to ruin your social life, your job or working environment, etc. You just feel like you are being hunted.

To dream that you are hunting ducks means that you are the predator here. You feel like you are the one that is in control here and it is frightening others. While it might be a good thing to be in control sometimes especially if you are the one that is usually being picked on, it is best to handle this situation like you are playing with fire. You don't€™t want to hurt anyone else and it will make things terrible for you if you do not do all you can to make sure that you do not come off as the predator here then you will find it hard to keep your friends in a situation like this. It is important to keep note of where you stand on this issue and how you hope to repair any relationships that you might damage when you are wielding this absolute power. If there's anything you should have learned in government class it is that power corrupts.


9-6-14 NAP DREAM - This dream was about the other dream, and the voice said, "The duck trend" they mean 'duck and cover" trend?


Aug 30, 2004 ... Ten mannequins did "duck and cover," and ten mannequins I used in my "triangle of life" survival method. After the simulated earthquake ...


Dec 31, 2007 ... We just looked at each other, and I suggested we duck and cover," Paly sophomore LaPier said. "Well I was sitting at my dining table IMing ..



9-6-14 NAP DREAM. I was dreaming about the duck people again, and saw these numbers... 740, 60%, and the word snowman.

Then I saw a web page with all these numbers larger and in boxes.


9-7-14 DREAM I was living in a city somewhere and needed to buy some food for dinner. I went to a large mall and went into their biggest department store. I didn't see the name of the store, and it had no doors on it, just a huge opening in the wall.

I went inside and none of the aisles were marked as to what departments were called, and there were lots of people inside, so I just ran from aisle to aisle, trying to find one that had something edible in it, with no success.

I ended up in a department that seemed to be about growing plants and gardening and just as I was waking up, I was looking at a large chart on the wall about tree structure and components as to what each tree was good for so one would know which specific tree to grow for one's purpose.


9-7-14 DREAM - Today must be tree day. I Was dreaming about Joe feeding the trees bowls of sugar - just why I don't know.

At the end I was looking at a link about trees and it said jutter portal. I didn't find anything like that on a Google search. Lots of other stuff ...




9-8-14 - DREAM I was living in an apartment with a woman who was like my cousin Judy. It was very early morning and we were getting ready for work.

Judy let a man into the apartment, very large with a deep brash voice and he asked a lot of questions like Dr. Phil.

We had two bathrooms in the apartment, an outer one and an inner one, and I was using the outer one.

The plumber came then, and his company name was Meyer and Meyer - which was labeled on all his tools. The Dr. Phil type guy made fun of his company name like there was something sinister about being named Meyer and Meyer.

Because the two men were there I was going to have to walk to work at the school which seemed was like 20th St., an elementary school,and when I looked out the window, i could see it was the fall of the year and there were dead black leaves all plastered to the street because it had rained heavily. I saw two fat cats out on the sidewalk, the Momma cat was showing her baby kitten how to make it through the dead leaves without falling down.

NOTE: the name meaning of Judy is Praised.

There are lots of companies named Meyer & Meyer

I don't know why that is important.


9-8-14 - DREAM - I was in the dining room of the 16th St. house, and Aunt Cora was standing in front of me, dressed in an old fashioned dress long enough to touch the floor and a hat on her head, and it was all black.

Next to Aunt Cora who was about 5 feet tall, stood two people - a couple, also dressed all in black with hats on who were only about three feet tall, their clothing was even older looking than Aunt Cora's, probably late 1800's - also all black.

Then Dad appeared, standing on the other side of the dining room table, he was really tall, more than 6 feet tall, wearing his normal clothes, but it was a nice suit, also black.

He said to me, "Let me introduce you to Dr. and Mrs. Howard Stutz.

and I woke up.

I immediately looked up the name on the Internet, and there were a lot of men with that name, most of the links were a guy from Las Vegas who was a famous poker player,

but then I found this guy: .

A Cytogenetic Analysis of the Hybrid Secale Cereale L. x Secale Montanum Guss. and Its Progeny

Howard C. Stutz

Author information ? Article notes ? Copyright and License information ?

This article has been corrected. See Genetics. 1957 November; 42(6): 806.

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"Let the Earth Bring Forth": Evolution and Scripture: Howard C Stutz ...

"Let the Earth Bring Forth": Evolution and Scripture [Howard C Stutz, Duane Jeffrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A century ago in ...

"Let the Earth Bring Forth": Evolution and Scripture

Stutz, Howard C

Sold by: LLC

A century ago in 1809, Charles Darwin was born. Fifty years later, he published a scientific treatise describing the process of speciation that launched what appeared to be a challenge to the traditional religious interpretation of how life was created on earth. The controversy has erupted anew in the last decade as Creationists and Young Earth adherents challenge school curricula and
try to displace "the theory of evolution." This book is filled with fascinating examples of speciation by the well-known process of mutation but also by the less well-known processes of sexual recombination and polyploidy. In addition to the fossil record, Howard Stutz examines the evidence from the embryo stages of human beings and other creatures to show how selection and differentiation moved development in certain favored directions while leaving behind evidence of earlier, discarded developments. Anatomy, biochemistry, and genetics are all examined in their turn. With rigorously scientific clarity but in language accessible to a popular audience, the book proceeds to its conclusion, reached after a lifetime of study: the divine map of creation is one supported by both scientific evidence and the scriptures. This is a book to be read, not only for its fascinating scientific insights, but also for a new appreciation of well-known scriptures.


A tall black man came to the front door of the house and asked if I wanted to buy a grill for $10.

I said, "Just a minute," closed the door and locked it.

I went towards the kitchen to ask Joe if he wanted to buy a grill for $10, expecting him to say, "No.!"

Out the back window I saw four black men standing there who could see me asking Joe the question!

Then a little black girl came into the kitchen, holding a little doll that looked like a bearded Jesus, and she said, "Or you could have this.!

I woke up and on the T.V. screen was a white reporter sitting at a shiny white desk with a large black ISIS flag - which looks like a black square with a white moon with some black foreign writing on it.

Beneath the screen was a bright orange banner that says in white


9-12-14 DREAM- All the empty triangular spaces in a giant geometric shape were filled by young geometric shapes which were then filled by young men. They were like in a tree.

9-14-14 DREAM - I was looking at a very large circle divided into triangles. There were words in each of the triangles about a job that had to be done.

One triangle corresponded to another triangle on the other side and when this job was completed, the two triangles turned bright silver.

9-14-14 DREAM - I was out in the country living in a house with a large front yars, but a stand of trees on both sides.

For some reason, a group of men came down the road at the same time, what looked like light brown basketballs came rolling down the hill towards the men who couldn't resist picking them up.

A man who looked like the comedian in the TV show 'Last Man Standing' (Tim Allen) tried to urge me to get involved with the game, but I didn't want anything to do with it.

9-14-14 NAP DREAM -I was working on a computer realigning series of web pages that weren't in order.

Instead of putting the newest one on the top, I put them in reverse order with the sequence of K spades, Q spades, J spades, 10 spades, 9 spades, 8 spades, 7 spades, 6 spades, 5 spades, 4 spades, 3 spades, 2 spades, and A spades.

This wasn't easy, because as I removed these other columns, the empty spaces caused all the other columns to get more out of order than they already were.

My sense of this seems to relate to the Iraq war where the leaders were named on a deck of cards, and this may also relate to the Iraq war where the same thing is happening with ISIS.

9-15-14 NAP DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. I went out of my apartment to the office and when I came back, I noticed that something in my kitchen was out of place and when I looked round I noticed that high up on the wall, above the stove, was a circular disc with a hole in the center like a pipe used to go up from an air duct to the outside for ventilation, but in this case, there was a hallway above that area and someone had been peeping in the hole in that disc to watch what I was doing in the kitchen.

And while I was looking at it, a little boy opened the hole in the wall, dropped down to the stove and then to the floor, grabbed a salt shaker off the table and ran to the door with the salt shaker and closed the door behind him.

I was astonished, but didn't yell at the boy.

I called the maintenance man to come see the problem with my kitchen and he said that all the kitchens were like that, vented to the hallways above, and that's why at mealtimes there were such nice aromas wafting through the hallways.

I then mentioned the little boy dropping down and grabbing my salt shaker and stealing it and mentioned that any number of things could be stolen in the building like that, and he admitted that could be true and that it needed to be fixed, but it would be an expensive fix.

I admitted that was true. It would be an expensive fix to fix everyone's apartment, but it had to be done.

He said, "Wait until I show you what else is wrong in this building."

He took me down to the basement to a storage room where food was kept and he opened a bread storage cabinet and inside the cabinet, on and in the loaves of bread were hundreds and thousands of big black ants crawling.

I started to cry out "OMG" and woke up.

9-16-14 DREAM - I went to visit my mother-in-law Audrey.

I had a very strong personality and was dressed all in white, shirt and slacks.

She was sitting at the kitchen table and she told me she wanted to dance more than anything else.

(This is doubly interesting because in early October, I dreamt that my own mother and daughter were dancing down a hallway. Audrey passed away in 1996, and my mother passed away in 2006.)

I was waiting for her to stand up and do what she said she was going to do, but I noticed a light brown stain developing on the back of her pants.

The longer she sat there, the bigger the stain was getting and I came to realize there was a reason why she couldn't get up and dance and she was just "bull-shitting" md.

9-16-14 DREAM - I was in the same place with some people having a conversation about the apartments and I got a phone call from someone who was looking for an apartment.

The woman was desperate to find a place to live and I told her there was an apartment available on the corner from me, but it was in the basement.

Then I had a second thought on that building and I told her, "on second thought, don't ever go into that building, and don't go into that basement. DO NOT go into that basement."

I realized that building was on STATE St. and that was the STATE DEPARTMENT.

NOTE: In early October, Washington D.C. had a big uproar about lack of security at the Whitehouse, and the head woman of the Department of security was forced to step down from her office..

9-17-14 NAP DREAM - I was looking out the window of my house, looking up a hill. Rain was coming down really hard like sheets of rain in a storm.

The house was really large with a hallway down the whole length of the building, so I walked down to the other end of the building and there it wasn't raining quite so hard and I saw three orange cats huddled in the corner of a window opening on another building right next to ours.

9-17-14 - DREAM - This seemed like a religious dream. I was building little squares of fire in four different patches on a wall or screen across from me. I don't remember why but it was like a challenge to be overcome.

9-19-14 DREAM - I was working on a computer screen editing what looked like 12 columns of newspaper articles, and was taking the text out of the columns so the sentences were just one line across the page.

As soon as these columns were done, the page moved to the right and showed me 12 more columns of text to be edited the same way.

I didn't know exactly what the articles were about but I saw the word Cuba and Island and I know it was about a man who had gone there.

The man had sold his story from the newspaper to be put into a book anf that is what I was working on.

I then went to the airport where I was going to fly to Cuba myself to see what the man himself had seen in Cuba.

I got into the plane and was led to my own cabin so I would be alone.

The plane looked like it was made of reddish colored balsa word - unpainted.

The uniforms the men wore were dark blue, very plain with so insignia or identifying symbols on them.

The one man, who sported a mustache and almost looked like my old boyfriend Norman who had been in the military after high school. But on closer look, it wasn't him and I was disappointed.

There wasn't any windows in the plane it seemed and I heard someone say - "The man has taken his permission back yo make the flight". and I woke up.

9-19-14 - DREAM - I was running across the tarmac with a tall thin man.

I remember seeing square holes around the edge of the tarmac - not deep ones comes though. It comes to me they were like water catchers or they were going to plant flowers in these holes.

9-20-14 DREAM - I was in New York City where a building had been destroyed and so too the bird's nests, but 5 mama wrens came back yo where the building had been destroyed and scratched out a little hole and each bird laid an egg in that little hole they had made and side by side they set on their one eggs to start the next generation.

9-21-14 - DREAM - I was on the shore of the ocean looking out at a boat wallowing on the waves, wishing the water could go down before the boat sank and the men died.

I heard someone say the name Raul and knew there was danger.

A few women came rushing across the beach to help and save the men from drowning.

It was a terrible chaotic sight. How could anything ever be the same again?

I think this is related to the Cuba dream above. In fact I worked with a man who was Cuban and he hated Kennedy for what happened back then. Lots of his relatives died that horrible fateful day. It was so sad for those people being caught between America and Russia that way.

9-21-14 - VISION - A computer screen in sections. A row of cards from King of Hearts on down. There was a word "breys" which I was going to change the 'e' to another letter. To "brays"?

9-21-14- DREAM - I was in a house with a family.

In the kitchen with bowls of water - some had goldfish in them, and one had a dark grey fish that was larger and some goldfish had flopped onto the floor and i was trying to pick them up and put them back into a bowl of water again.

One of them landed on a small tile break and stayed there.

I ran into another room and yelled at the woman and her daughter - "Who owns those fish in the kitchen?"

Nobody would own up to it.

I ran outside and it was raining so hard I could hardly make it to the garage and back.

Some work men were out there trying to work on the electric lines and were worried I was going to get hurt.

I just had to go get those fish into a safe place.

This dream relates to the rain dream above, and both dreams relate to the Age of Pisces (the fish) changing over to the age of Aquarius, (the pouring out of water - the hard rains, which I've dreamt of many times before)

9-21-14 I was watching a program on ISIS on 60 minutes and my eyes got super tired and I closed them.

Right in the middle of my screen was the 9 of spades and a man's picture next to him all in black.

When I recognized the 9 of spades, it lit up like a light bulb.

The row of King of Hearts down to Ace was far to the left.

When I closed my eyes again, the Jack of spades was in the corner and the King of spades at the left top.

Refer to the two dream/visions above about the spades and hearts.

9-22-14 - DREAM - I was editing a page about a fish and The Tree of Life because the fish was way too high on the page, higher than the Tree of Life, but I had a very difficult time lowering the fish so it was directly next to the Tree of Life.

9-22-14 - DREAM - I was with a man and there was an image on the ground and he needed my help to fix the image. I can't remember the details of the image, but I think it was of a man - perhaps Jesus.

That makes sense to me and I've been studying the Essene's Teacher of Righteousness, who was ben Joseph, whom they later called Jesus - Yeshua- and the Jesus Christ, which they could call him only after the crucifixion.

9-23-14 - I sat down to meditate and this vision became clearer and clearer the longer I looked at it.

I was watching hundreds of people walking down a city street, one with houses on both sides of the street./span>

There were no cars on the street, but I saw some wooden wagons being pulled by horses, some small and some larger, piled high with household goods.

The men were wearing long sleeved shirts, some with rolled up sleeves, many of the men had suspenders holding up their pants and wore what looked like Derby hats.

The women were wearing dresses for summer weather and so too the children.

It was a sunny day but the street was tree lined so it was partly shady under the trees.

All the people were going the same direction, away from where I stood. They may have been going past me from behind but I didn't look that direction to find out.

I just wondered why so many people were all going the same direction. Some were on the sidewalks, but most were on the road.

It was not a parade. There were no observers to this group. It looked like they were all leaving town.

When the dream was over, I asked spirit what year this dream was taking place, and I was told it was 1940.

Some google research tells me that I was in Paris, France, when they evacuated the city before Hitler came to take over the city.

9-26-14 DREAM - I don't know the location of the dream. In the beginning I was writing out religious statements. Each statement was on one line.

The people in the dream I've seen on television years ago.

I will call this man Rick because that is his character's name, but back then it was on a different show which is no longer on the air and I've written about him many times before.

I think, however, this is related to Jim Bakker. (the preacher on TV)

In the dream, I was riding in a car as a passenger that was on a wide highway where there were no buildings and alongside the highway, a bulldozer was pushing gravel stone around, making the highway even wider.

At the end of the dream I was summoned to court to testify about this in the court in Baltimore, MD.

As for the one line per statement, that is how I wrote out the Beatitudes yesterday.

9-27-14 - MEDITATION - I had read some highly questionable information about Jesus dying at age 50 and his body being stolen and his skeleton found in 4 a.d.

I wondered how they knew it was Jesus without DNA testing.

I used my Ankh on my 3rd eye and asked the question and in front of me I saw - on the right - a little tiny person with a monkey face and on the left a large man with wooly white hair and he also had a monkey face.

Can't really tell what that means, but seems like spirit is telling me that the author is a monkey and he's trying to make a monkey out of me too. :-)

9-27-14 DREAM TRAVEL - I don't know where I was but it was more than a dream because it had touch, sounds, and smell!

I was in a bedroom and a young teen girl came to visit and she brought with her a length of smooth, hand-carved piece of plastic in the shape of a guitar and strings were strung the length of the pink plastic.

She showed me how to place one finger on the strings with my left hand and strum the strings with my right hand and make lovely music.

After she left, I was tearing up old fabric to make lovely new things for the musical instrument.

Then my husband came into the room, a handsome Irishman. He was freshly shaved and he looked exactly like Ridge (a fashion designer) on The Bold and Beautiful TV show.

He came close to me and placed his face next to mine and rubbed my face with his face and I could smell his lovely cologne after shave and he left that smell on my face as well so I could smell his after shave all day, even after he was gone.

What a lovely dream!


I was in a house somewhere with some women. An older man in a tweed suit delivered some plants that looked like the potatoes were still hanging on the vine. They had to be planted right away, so that was done and we were left with the burlap bags and I said to the women, "We should save those just in case and stacked them neatly because they were perfectly clean.

I woke up remembering the saying, Potatoe, potato, a plant by any other name.




9-28-14 I was in the living room and there was a man standing near me with no shirt on and he had a white circle on each side of his upper arms.

Then Joe was standing next to me with no shirt on and two silver rings sticking out of his back and then on his back I saw the same thing like in the film we saw of Jon Anderson singing Hurry Home - Song From The Pleiades and then superimposed on that was a solar system and the two silver rings had a planet behind each one.

I was trying to figure out exactly what I was seeing and I woke up and heard Joe's voice say loudly "Hey!" and thought Joe had called me for real from the office, but he wasn't in the office, he was in the bedroom.



9-29-14 DREAM - I was with two other women and we were going to start a business together.

We were all from different backgrounds and we came together - as we all said together - "because of our PASSION!"