9-1-93 - DREAM - I was working at A-C with Dick. L. He gave me 18 letters to mail out. I recognized the name Ricky F. He is a young man who lives at my apartment building. Each letter was individual written and consisted of several pages of mathmatical computations.

I took these letters to mail and another engineer gave me two envelopes which I took downstairs and had sent out Express mail.

I then went to my own desk to do my work which I found in the upper right hand drawer. The entire thing consisted of clothes and blankets which had been laudered and folded and merely needed to be put away.


9-2-93 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed and I were in a bank and we each, individually, opened bank accounts with large amounts of money. (Over a million)


9-2-93 - DREAM - School is back in session. It involved changing clothes quickly from one color to ink. Another person, I think Robb R. was upset because it meant that there were a lot more people involved than he cared to see.


9-2-93 - DREAM - I was at my apartment and I heard sirens in the neighborhood. No one called me, but I decided to go check on what was going on.

On my way, I stopped off at an office to make a couple of phone calls. Instead of making the phone calls, I picked up two pieces of paper that were brown with circled numbers on them, and told the men that I wouldn't be coming back to use his office anymore.

Then I went over to the apartment building on Jefferson St. In apt. 103, it appeared that someone may be committed suicide. However, it looked like he was moving out. (really due Oct. 1st)

I went down the hall to where apt. 111 is and it was T.M.'s office. He was sitting there and I began to tell him about all the false fire allarms pulled at Jefferson Court (really there were 5) and I noticed an older woman sitting on a chair to his right, holding a baby. I quickly jumped to the conclusion it was his wife and exited, hoping she wouldn't see me and realize I was back in town.

Expecting her to be irate at seeing me, she turned to talk to me and her hair color changed from grey to red and she began commenting on the strange behavior of people.

I turned to walk back to apt. 103 and saw the body of a man hanging by the neck just inside the doorway. I was shocked first and then saw it was really a Halloween prank because the body had a clown face.

I started hollering at whoever was inside. "That's not funny. That's not funny."

And as people came past the door, I explained to them, "It's just a joke, It's just a joke."


9-3-93 - DREAM - There was a family funeral going to happen. I couldn't go because I had to work. Suddenly I didn't have to work so I decided to go to the funeral anyway. I crossed the parking to and all the families were getting out of their cars. There were 15 grandsons and each one carried a keyboard or guitar and they would all play together to provide the musical service. I walked slowly so as to be the last one to go into the church.

A black man tried to prevent me from entering the church. His intent was to rob me. I began to scream my brother's name, Marty, Marty, Marty, but he didn't respond. I managed to get past the black man, but when I got to my brother, he apologized. He said he heard me call his name, but he didn't realize  I meant him.

I saw my mother then, dressed in black, sitting alone on a bench, under a tree. My intent was to go to her and tell her, "Without you,  I wouldn't be here." She would say, "But your Father created you." I would say, "Even so, as important as he is, without you I wouldn't be here."

As I walked towards her, a young man walked up to me and asked if he could walk with me. His intent was to comfort me so I could in turn comfort him. Though, I wanted to comfort my mother, I agreed he could walk with me.

Then I had to go listen to a young woman practice the piano because everyone was at the funeral, so I took the place of whoever else couldn't listen to her. We walked slowly towards her building.

Everything seemed so quiet and so sad at that point.


9-6-93 - DREAM - I was at a school watching many airplanes flying low over the building. I felt a nudge on my elbow and said to a man that it seemed that an airplane flew so low it hit my elbow. The man said, "It did."  It just crashed into the back of the building. Fortunately, the people were just shook up. Nobody got hurt.

I wanted to go look for myself so I headed that direction. I ended up going into a school bus and discovered that a man was siphoning gasoline fuel from the bus to put into his own bus.

He told me I had better leave because if it got too full and it exploded it would be terrible. So, I got away from there as fast as I could. However, I didn't get too far and discovered I had forgotten to take my keys with me. I headed back towards the school bus knowing I was risking a big explosion to get my keys, but I couldn't go where I needed to go without my keys.


9-6-93 - DREAM - I was at my house getting a bedroom ready for Joe (the maintenance man where I work)  to stay in. I had to decide where he should keep his red tool box. Then I looked into his room and saw that there was no mattress on the bedspring. I decided to leave it like that because that would force him to have to sleep with me.


9-12-93 - DREAM - I was working as a receptionist outside of an office. A man came in and told me he needed help. I told him he needed to call Edgar Cayce. A woman came out of the office and told me that Edgar Cayce was in the office and told us to come in. I went into the office with the man and there was Edgar Cayce sitting at a table. The man and I sat at the table across from Edgar Cayce. I sat at the man's left.

I had a pad of paper and a pen and prepared to take notes of what Edgar Cayce said. I took a hold of the man's left hand with my left hand which was crossed over in front of me. I was writing with my right hand.

Edgar Cayce, the man, and I were at this point laying our heads on our arms on the table like we were all tired. Edgar Cayce said, "If you hold his hand on Wednesday, he will be all right by Friday."

NOTE: In 1997, I met a young man who said he was Edgar Cayce reincarnated. We tend to believe him.


9-12-93 - DREAM - I saw a field of green that had only yellow flowers on it. I knew it needed another color in addition to it.


9-13-93  DREAM - I was on 12th St. in high school. I was to participate in some kind of spiritual ceremony for which  I obtained a special book, then went into a classroom, got on top of some desks and planned to go up one more floor to the 8th, through the ceiling where a particular person had studied right above.

Later, outside, I was where great rushing waters came forth from the earth in boiling cauldrons and was working with color to choose the proper color in order to obtain certain effects and goals.


9-14-93 - DREAM - I was sitting at a piano practicing music when a young boy about age 10 came up to me and said that he had gotten a sharp pain in his chest. I told him that he had it because he was play acting the part of an old man on TV. I told he he had to detach himself from the old man on TV.


9-15-93 - DREAM - I was standing in a driveway of a large farm. The people in the house weren't coming out, and I got tired of waiting so I went up to the house to see what was going on. I went into the house and discovered that they had not yet finished moving out.

I pitched in to help them. One of the things I worked on was a huge Lotus plant that was twisted and tangled around a table. I straightened out the leaves. It was immense - each leaf had to be 3 feet across and there were 4 of them like a 4 leaf clover. My young children were with me and we all helped them to get ready to move out.


9-18-93 - DREAM  - I was in my New Berlin house I wanted to go outside and go somewhere, but when I opened the front door to go out it was all snowy and icy and I was afraid to go. I closed the door again and went back through the house, that now all the walls and furniture were studded with big sow clumps just like the outside had been. I knew my Father had done that. I went to a back room where my Mother and Father were. My Father was angry but I couldn't tell about what. His face showed anger and he took the belt out of his pants and draped it loosely around his neck. I knew that one of us was going to be whipped before long. He told us (me and my siblings) to go upstairs with him. I made sure I was the furthest away from him. Sure enough, half way up the stairs, he started beating my brother.

I decided that enough was enough. I grabbed a pool cue and went up the stairs to hit my Father with it to make him stop beating my brother. As I brought the pool cue down on his arm, he turned to fight me and we rather dueled a little as he defended himself. My pool cue was heavy and hard to swing, but I managed to bring it down on his arm so he couldn't raise it and I then disarmed him b pulling his weapon out of his hand. He then came meekly back down the stairs.

I then heard someone say, "And then there was a family - two of the girls became deaf mutes, a mother, a father and two sons. "


9-18-93 - DREAM - I was walking down Clark St. toward the store on 15th St. There were huge semi-trucks parked along the street. In the store was a message center where telegrams could be sent and received. As I went back toward 16th St. I saw one of the largest semis had been burned out overnight and vandalized.

A truck driver came along and said, "There are a lot of Washingtonians living around here and they're going to be mad." The lady who sent the messages was with me and other tough looking truck drivers, started coming along to see if there were any messages for them. At the same time, they started telling each other stories and they were writing down what they heard in little notebooks. One of the truck drivers looked at me and said, "Everybody knows everyone else's story after awhile." I then left and went back towards 16th St.


9-21-93 - DREAM - I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and noticed how big my stomach was. I went to the hospital and delivered twins. The doctor held the first baby up by its heels and I screamed, "My baby, my baby!" I woke up screaming the words out loud.


9-21-93 - DREAM - I think I was in Washington State. I went through a brick fence gate and around the back of a house. I was then driving a dark blue pick up truck.  I met two women. I asked them f they wanted to go somewhere before I left. One woman said she did. I asked her when she wanted to go. She said, "Tapps!' I repeated, "WHEN do you want to go?"  Again she answered, "Tapps!"  I repeated it one more time, "WHEN do you want to go?"  She said, "Noon!"  

NOTE: In Washington State where I lived, the highway itself was named Tapps Highway.


9-22-93 - DREAM - Sharon(Charon) the psychic came to my party before lunch while I was still clearing off the breakfast dishes. She brought with her a woman who was tall, with short dark hair, who was very upset. Charon said she had brought her along because her energies were scattered and she wanted her to experience a psychic at work and also to meet me and see how I had conquered my own scattered energies.

I saw that she was wearing a small scarf around her neck and had carrot sticks stuck into it. I apologized that I wasn't ready for the party yet and for lunch all I was planning to have was raw vegetables.  She said that was fine with her.


9-22-93 - DREAM - I met a woman who was making a pass at a guy at the next table to her. I thought she was terribly brazen but I woke up realizing that was how to get a guy into bed with you.


9-22-93 - DREAM - R.M. (my ex-husband's friend) came to visit. He was Indianish looking, more so than usual (he was half Indian-half Mexican) His hair was long and pulled into a man's type pony tail hanging down his back. I recall thinking that his hair was almost as long as mine.


9-23-93 - MEDITATION - I went down into the basement of Jackson St. in the garage with some policemen and a couple young girls. The police asked if we were having a problem with the water in the building.


9-23-93 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husbands and sons in the New Berlin house. each one chose to go to a different church and I went a different way altogether. I went East on National Ave.

As I woke up, I was seeing what looked like stack of white dice with black spots on them. It reminded me of the little white and black scotty dogs with the magnets by the feet.


9-23-93 - MEDITATION - Q. What is the name of the female Master in charge of going to live in Washington State?  A. Marta!

Q. When will we go to Washington State? A. Everything must be entered into the computer. Then you will be notified.

NOTE: As of this typing date of 3-1-99, I obviously am not done typing yet because I haven't got to Washington State yet.


9-24-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office in the East doing Insurance property valuation comparisons. A salesman came in, supposedly from England or thereabouts. He invited us out to lunch for veal cutlets. He resembled Ted Dansing on 'Cheers' and I started to fall in love with him.


9-24-93 - DREAM - I went to a church and my great aunt Della W. and Fred W. were there. They looked at me like they were trying to figure out what I was doing there.

NOTE: This seems to be an astral experience because both of them have been deceased for quite some time.


9-27-93 - MEDITATION - I asked questions about my finances:

These are the responses:
"You must get control over your stress and pull it out." (looked like a big black blob being flattened out with an iron press)
"You must separate yourself from this stress using a yellow mental block."
I saw bills in a file...telephone, electric, etc. Voice, "You must control your finances. It is time to veto expenses."
I saw a check being blocked and removed.
I saw magazines in a file. Sport Afield was prominent. voice, "Do not renew magazine subscriptions."
"Do not spend any money you don't have to."
"controlling your finances now will eliminate disaster later."