by Dee Finney

7-29-92 - DREAM - I was getting ready to take a shower when a delivery man came to the front store of our business. I went out front draped in a white sheet and there was a man there, angry because Audrey (my mother-in-law) (means noble-strength) had ordered a gold supplementary furnace. I told him that the owner had been right there when it was ordered and that you had to set the temperature at 75 degrees to get 69 and you had to set it to 100 to get 88.

He was angry and was going to call the main office to complain, but he told me to go out to his car and get something for him.

I couldn't find his car and thought it had been stolen. He pointed out the blue car across the street. I was at this point carrying an Irish Setter dog.

I got into the car and sat down. The car was parked right up against a fence. It was so close that there was no room for the dog to get between the fence and the car.

So I told the dog to sit on the top boards of the fence where they found a ledge and the right angled border between the properties. There was a red book there and I picked it up to look at it. It referred to the house that was for sale there and said, "Bad Points to Selling." That portion had been torn off the back of the book. The portion that referred to this particular house said that it was 4 miles from the border fence.


1-15-99 - DREAM

There was a dog tied to the right side of the horse, also carefully harnessed. The woman was driving the car which seemed to be motorized but the horse and dog were pulling it too. I recalled the cliche, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

The dream started with me in the house with my husband who decided in mid-day that he wanted to make love. He got down on all fours on the floor like a dog, playfully.The timing was all wrong. There were glass doors on our room and the room across the way also had a glass door so my son Tom could see us.

Also, the maintenance man named Jim came and lay on the bed behind me to take a nap. Two other maintenance men were in the kitchen but there was no wall between the head of the bed and the kitchen so they could see in too. I squirmed out of my husband's clutches and went over to my dresser where I was trying to balance many little perfume bottles in a small container without knocked a box of lightbulbs off onto the floor.

I went outside to do an errand which I can't remember. As I was walking down the street, the cart I drew above came by. It had just come down from up north. The woman was driving the horse with reins and a whip. she was dark haired, peasant-like, and two children were in the cart with her. The cart was unique in that it had a triangular cage around the horse that went way out in front of the horse so that it was enclosed in the cage. Alongside the horse, a reddish colored dog was harnessed to its right side. The cage had a top on it like a surrey and there was a big wheel on top of the cage as well, with flags flying. It seemed like they actually lived in this horse drawn cage, but I could hear a motor running so it seemed like the cart was actually motor driven and th house was just for show.

The cart was very unstable, running down the left side of the road besides. There were many dogs in the street. I saw at least two dead dogs laying in the street with red leashes around their necks like they had run away. Other dogs were sniffing and eating on their bodies.

Three dogs were running alongside me on the left. One was black lab, one red Irish setter, one light tan Collie.  all three dogs wanted to be with me. The black labrador was closest and actually wrapped his body around behind my legs and when I put my hand down in front of his face and hollered, "Heel!" He sucked on my little finger. I continued to holler "Heel!" to control the dogs as I crossed the street to go home for lunch.

I only allowed the tan collie to go into the house with me. The other two had to stay outside. I ran up seven steps in the hallway up to the kitchen door. My little daughter was sitting on the floor cutting a picture out of a magazine or book. I said, "Did you start lunch without me?"  I picked her up and placed her on a high pedestal type structure. In her hands was the picture. It was a house, shaped with a triangle on the upper left. (There were some marks inside the picture similar to a stock chart like I had seen before I went to sleep) I thought of using the scissors to trim the picture more carefully than she had.

The dream voice message said, "Do you remember Poe and Hague?"  Poe appeared as a triangle and Hague appeared as a spoked wheel.


7-10-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place. I knew most of the people in the dream, but it was not in a real place that I've ever been in.

I and 4 other women were given service awards for work we had done in the past. We were given a silver/blue ribbon in the shape of a 5 pointed star, however it was not pinned on us, we were pinned to it on a huge slanted board like a wide ramp. This was for work I had done with the airplanes.

After that we were in a tent encampment. There were thousands of people here in the encampment, both black and white but I saw thousands of black teen students it seemed.

All of my clothing and a Spanish woman friend named Mary were hung on pole rods in a large tent and the pole rod fell down so that all our clothes were laying on the ground.

There was a maintenance man in our group, but he took off at noon and said he'd be back in 3 days. Meanwhile we had to fend for ourselves.

There was a man there who looked like Beau from the TV show 'One Life to Live' and he asked what he could do. I pointed to the clothing pile that belonged to Mary and myself. There were 3 piles of worms on top of the pile ... not earthworms ... these were furry worms. I didn't call them snakes though they were that size.

I asked the man to ask some of his black students to please remove the worms from our clothing piles.

A young girl walked up to me and showed me that she had a mother dog and her pups in the palm of her hand. They were micro-mini size. They looked somewhat like an Irish setter but wasn't quite that red. They were so tiny I told her they didn't have a chance to survive and that she had better not take them with her.

I walked around trying to manage these thousands of people none of whom seemed to have more than Mary or I. I noted that off to the side seemed to be storefronts with glass windows in them, so it was modern times, and I was told that the maintenance man who had left us was seen to have been talking to my friend Diana and had been told off for going from one Dee to another Dee.

I then went to a hotel-type building which had apartments in it, which I managed, and our first guest was RoseAnn Barr and I put her in the first room on the second floor. The number was 1060. We had reserved one other room which was behind 1060, it was on another corridor and it's number was 1080.

I went up the wide stairway which had numerous tiny steps to the room I assigned RoseAnn Barr to. I went inside to see how it was. There were dressers in it and I opened the drawers and found that the previous tenants had left things behind. These were all Indian oriented type items, clothing, beadwork, but some things were in long boxes like you would buy in a craft shop that you put together yourself from a kit. However, the drawers were full and she could do whatever she wanted with these things if she wanted to use them for herself.


4-15-02 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere which seemed more like an apartment building. I had started knitting a large circular blanket but hadn't finished it yet. The knitting club was just about to start. I saw on the clock that it was just past 11 a.m. so I got my knitting project off the shelf in the closet to show it to them. 

All of a sudden a large Irish setter dog appeared. It was friendly but didn't belong there. It belonged to Robb R. who lived down the hall so I had to take it down there. 

I had a baby boy and his diaper was wet, so I went to change him and when I opened the diaper pin on the left side, it poked him. His crying was so pitiful, I could hardly bear it. I felt so bad for him. 

I had to take care of the dog situation and saw that Robb and his mother were moving and they had their beds standing on end by the door and several young men were in their apartment helping them. 

I went back to my own apartment and Michelle had been taking care of the baby and he was laying on the floor. He had grown a great deal and was getting fat and was all smiles. 

NOTE: A situation developed for Robb and his Mother and was very painful for them. So this dream was very prophetic. 

Michelle and I both think the baby represents the newest book I just wrote Pole Shift II


8-9-02 - DREAM - I and my family was living in the country, but there were two side by side apartment buildings on our road.

A heavy wind came up and I saw out the window that part of the tree on the far side - way on the right - fell down and then 1/2 of the tree fell on the ground.

I wanted to go see it for myself so I put on a winter coat that was sky blue. After I had it on, someone told me it was a man's coat. It was really too big on me, but I liked this coat and wore it anyway.

Now that I was ready to go outside, a little boy, sitting on a stool, wanted to go along, but he wasn't my child, so I didn't know if I should take him along or not, but it seemed that his mother was willing.

So, we opened the door to go outside and we couldn't go out, because the door was blocked by a man in a red paid jacket and beyond him on the sidewalk was a cop talking to a man who looked like a criminal in a flapping winter coat and hat - rather evilish looking. I heard someone way he was injured.

My daughter pushed her way past the man in the red plaid jacket and ran outside with her white dog Coco (part poodle - part terrier)

They ran out into the street together and I saw them go down the street and into another building followed by the man in the big flapping coat. I knew instinctively that he was going to try to hurt her, but she was wise and tricked him into thinking she was going to stay n the building. But she popped back out a close-by door, followed by the white dog and another dog which was an Irish setter type dog whose name was Veronica.

My daughter came home with both dogs and I was going to say that she could bring Veronica into the house, but then she said that Veronica was homeless, so I hugged the dog and welcomed her into our home with lots of hugs and love.



10-10-98 - DREAM? I was seemingly in Milwaukee at A-C. I was in the main lobby. There was a man there whom I knew well. He had had a very horrible time as a P.O.W. in Vietnam. He had committed atrocities at war as well a having them done unto him. He wanted to go upstairs and couldn't find the way. I told him I would help him and walked him over to the elevator. The 1st elevator door opened and the man got on. There was obviously something wrong with this elevator. It was made like a wooden box and the floor was about a foot down in the hole. He looked rather panicky so I agreed to go with him and two other men dressed like him in army fatigues said they would ride along.

I no sooner got on the elevator then the P.O.W. man got off the elevator, the door slammed shut and I and the two men began to I felt rather worried because it wasn't normal. The elevator opened and I got off the elevator. There was a lot of jostling of people at the elevator what with people trying to get on the elevator while I was getting off. I lost rack of the other two men because there were so many people walking around. At first I thought it was an office hallway, but there were too many people for that and I looked around more and discovered I was at J.C. Penney store in a mall many miles away from A-C where I was when I went up the elevator.

I saw I was barefoot and wearing a simple coat. I searched my pockets and found no coins to make a phone call for help and I saw there was snow outside and I couldn't very well walk back. I didn't want to walk barefoot in the heavily trafficked area so I searched for a read door and found one which came out into a quiet neighborhood. I stepped outside into the snow which felt crunchy under my feet but not too uncomfortably cold, but as I walked down the stairs I saw lichens (a plant) sticking up through the snow on the sidewalk and they too were crunchy under my feet.

I didn't know which way to go, but I saw a bus going by going downhill and I determined by the lay of the land which direction I had to walk to go   home.

I trudged along in the snow with my bare feet and saw a field with three reindeer in it.The reindeer started coming towards me and I got real nervous. As the largest reindeer came near he began to speak to me. He said, "Do not be afraid. Get on my back and I will take you to where you need to go."

The reindeer was very tall. I had never ridden a horse and I had no idea how to get on this back. He said, "Let me help you." He got down on this haunches and said, "Just lay across my back and I will take care of the rest." So, I lay across his back and held onto his fur as he stood up again and I found myself actually sitting astride the reindeer, however I lay low over his neck hanging on for dear life. I said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you",   almost in tears.

He walked a few blocks and stopped in front of a small apartment building. He got down on his haunches again and said, "Go to apartment number 21. They are going to be needed a new manager here." I hesitantly said, "But I already have a job back there somewhere." The reindeer said,"That was about to end anyway."

A woman came out of the building then. She was the current manager who was going to be leaving. She saw me standing there with the reindeer and I felt obligated to tell her what was going on. I said, "Hello!" I'd like you to meet my.........friend!" And as I said the word 'friend' the reindeer was quickly changing into a big red dog, not a reindeer. I stood there petting the dog's head and I could see the dog was making friends with another person standing by and would be helping him next.

The woman took me into her apartment then and I saw how she lived and some of the other people in the building. She said, "Come with me," and we went across the street to a restaurant she owned where she was going to be working next.She brought me a plate of food, most of which I didn't recognize as earthly food. There was a lot of tiny children's clothing on the plate which I pushed aside. The little bit of food I tasted had no flavor and the texture was like chewing on cotton. Needless to say, I ate very little.

There was a man sitting at the counter whom she had fed before me and when we went back across the street he went with us. He sat on the floor playing with some children. The woman told me, "He's a very religious man and his wife has left him." I didn't think too much about that, but noticed a computer game there. It was rather like a puzzle and you used the mouse to move a piece of puzzle and you used the mouse to move a piece to the proper place. I began to move the piece with the mouse. The piece looked rather like a pitch-pipe, a straight one with seven notes on it. As I moved it downward, a picture was coming into focus and as it did, it became larger and larger and more and more complex. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but as I watched it, it looked more and more like a battle ship...a large battle ship and the pitch pipe with the seven notes seemed to fit where the guns of the battle ship were sticking out. I moved the piece to the proper place and then walked away.

I went to the bed and crawled into the bed and curled up on my side (just like I was at the same time in the real life). I was feeling rather cold now and as I lay huddled in the blankets,...a red haired man (the same color as the dog and the reindeer) walked up behind me. He touched me on the shoulder.

I couldn't see his face, but he said, "I want to take care of you." I stiffened, knowing what that meant ultimately. He said gently, "You will never have to do anything you don't want to do." As I relaxed, feeling more comfortable, I became conscious and realizing I was in the same position as in the dream, I began to understand the red-haired man, the dog, the reindeer were all aspects of Joe.


10-11-98 - DREAM - It started out on a computer needing to be able to sort people's names out so that one could tell if they were an ET, an abductee, or just a person with no experience. I know how why I needed to know this.

Then I was in a building with quite a few people I knew. I realized I needed to clean it to perfection and while I did that, someone made fun of me for being slow and methodical, as I started on one end and worked my way around the room. I got over to the window and started to take down the curtains to wash them, but not only that, I wanted everyone to be able to see our friend David leap out the 4th floor window as a demonstration. He would be wearing a harness for safety in the demonstration and this was worth seeing him do this.

When I took the yellow flowered curtain down, my friend Michele came over and showed me that there was a dance dress exactly like the curtains and sure enough when I turned the curtain over, there was my old dance dress I had loved so much. So, I threw that in the wash load too.

Someone had been down in the basement and brought up two jars that were broken that had canned tomatoes in them. The jars were cracked and the juice had leaked out but the tomatoes were still in them. the jars were odd shaped more like flower vases. We were going to have to throw them away.

Someone else brought in some freshly harvested pumpkins with faces on them. She said that people only wanted to accept a certain kind like Valencia or something like that. they were flat on one side and looked like people's heads and were decorated with seed beads or something that made them look like faces. I had a different kind that looked similar but weren't Valencia. I thought those were just as could and you could hardly tell the different.

Another person then showed me that there were empty canning jars and preserving equipment up on top of cabinets by the ceiling. He volunteered to help get them down.

Down in the basement, I found a lot of empty boxes, some were battered and some were good. Michele said she needed to the good ones for moving. (Michele is really moving soon) so I set those aside for her and the bad ones we thought to throw away. There was nothing in them.

Then we were leaving and in the car there were also things we needed to clean out and throw away. I was in the back seat and a man was driving...a friend but seemed to be on the side of 'evil' in life. He found a double headed axe in the glove compartment and I took it and hid it under the front seat by my feet in the back for protection just in case....

We were about to make a left turn and I had 3 pieces of iron in my hand like a payment to do this. They were odd shaped and felt good to hold them. I saw there was a motorcycle in front of us and one behind us and it seemed that we heeded to throw the iron pieces out the left window like ballast or something in order to make the left turn safely.