The Light and the Shadow

Secret Government & Spiritual Solutions

by Anna Hayes
© Copyright 1999, Anna Hayes. Transcript of audio tape

ÖWe actually made it. You know, itís kind of funny, I didnít know that I was doing this engagement because I hadnít got the material done as I was supposed to, because we had a family crisis, my husband is in the hospital and I hadnít sent those things out so, I didnít know that I was doing this engagement.

Usually, my husband and I are traveling together and he does a lot of the work. So, I finally made it here andÖ just listening a little bit to the conversations and the subjects that were being talked about, Iíve a feeling that Iím going to have a good time with you tonight, and with this group.

I have a lot of material to present, as anybody who has read the Voyagers books knows. You know that I deal with very intense material; this is not fluff stuff.

Most of the material I have presented has been in New York City. Iíve done about six different large workshops, all day workshops, sometimes week-end workshops. So, Iím used to large groups.

Tonight is going to be a little less formal. What information can I bring to you that will be most useful to you? I hope to have an intuitive feel on what that is. It may not be of interest to some of you but I think it will be okay for the rest of the group.

When weíre dealing with ETs and UFOs and that kind of thing, weíre dealing with something that goes far beyond regular three-dimensional perceptions. Most people that have been studying anything about it already know this. We get into metaphysics and that is a very strange category all into itself, because there are no set rules as yet in metaphysics. Itís going to change once the Voyagers paradigm gets there, because there are set rules to metaphysics.

There are set rules to how dimensions are structured and when we understand these things, all sorts of other things come into focus. We start to understand where "they" (the ETs) do come from.

Our scientists are telling us that there canít be ETs out there; there are no planets out there that weíve found that can sustain life! For one, weíve not looked on many planets yet, and if you look how many stars there are in the sky, how many planets are out there, the sheer numbers alone kind of ruin our scientific communityís arguments.

Even within what we can see, there is a huge potential for life on other planets, in other reality fields. But more than that, there are things that our scientists are just beginning to know about.

There are other dimensional reality fields. Metaphysics has been presenting this information in our culture for centuries, the mystical schools, that kind of thing, but rarely do the spiritual and the scientific come together where they fit comfortably.

Our scientists donít believe people have souls, they donít believe in any other origin than what Charles Darwin told them, etc. and by the way, this is not how we were created at all.

Within the paradigm that I bring to you in the Voyagers material, that argument gets solved. There is something called "keylontic morphogenetic science." Itís the science of consciousness, itís the science of the templates of matter upon which everything manifests and itís through understanding this science, which is a science of 15-dimensional physics, what we begin to understand our spirituality as well.

A lot of my programs are geared to bringing just this knowledge to people, the knowledge of the higher dimensional parts, the techniques of keylontic science that can be used and where you can start to find the rest of your higher dimensional parts, because for 200,000 years this cultu-re and this race has evolved without the knowled-ge of the rest of itself. There were reasons for that and Iíll talk a little bit about that tonight.

Tonight, since you are a group open to UFO material, but at the same time open to metaphysics, this is great! There is enough of a spiritual orientation where I can cover both, not just the nuts and bolts of UFOs.

With the huge amount of information that Iíve been given, itís necessary for me to try to feel out what parts might be most useful for people at this time. I have two more books that are due out this year and the Voyagers Series is going to be a 12-book series. There is more and more and more material coming, but the books donít go out fast enough.

We are on a time-line here! Most people donít realize that there are things that are going to take place in the next ten to twelve year period that have not happened on this planet for 200,000 years.

People wonder: "Okay, if the ETs are real, why are they even bothering with us? Why are they here?" Most people involved with ETs donít even know the answer to that, including our govern-ment, who has been dealing with them since the 1930ís actually.

Theyíre here because of the time period. Because they understand the workings of interdimensional time cycles and they understand that certain things happen in certain periods of time, long expanses of time from our perception, from our short 70 to 80 years life span.

Theyíre here because weíre going through a period of time called the "solar activation cycle."

Itís a big concept. Itís explained in the Voyagers books. Itís also a concept that, even in our religious teachings from 2.000 years ago, theyíve been trying to explain to us in terms that they didnít even have a science to explain with at the time.

But certain things happen at certain times. There was information provided in the Book of Revela-tions, that talked about certain scientific things that happened, but it was put in very mythologi-cal terms.

There is something called "the opening of the 7 seals" in that book. The angels came down and opened the seals, and all sorts of nasty things happened, basically.

Well, the "seals" theyíre talking about are called "morphogenetic frequency seals". They are inter-dimensional electromagnetic frequency patterns that control the magnetic grids of this planet and of the interdimensional star gates that have been dormant for thousands of years.

What they were referring to in the Book of Reve-lations with the opening of the 7 seals is the opening of the vortexes on this planet, the energy vortexes that allow for the opening of the Star Gates.

Weíre approaching a time, on this planet, when weíre going to actually be walking through the most science-fiction movie ever written, and itís not science-fiction.

Iíll talk more about this, but there are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention first and afterwards, Iíll talk a little bit more about myself.

Whatís important about the Voyagers material and related works is not me personally. Itís what Iíve learned thatís important. Itís not who I am or how I came to know what I know. Itís what I know right now and that I can share with you, that you may have an idea of what to expect and how to transform yourself in the next ten to twelve years ahead.

There are going to be things happening here, some of them subtle, some of them not so subtle. I will wrap up tonight with a little bit of a discussion of how I came to know some of the things I know, which is a book in itself.

We get into government involvement, underground bases and the Montauk project, the mind control efforts and all that kind of thing. Because at the age of 4, I was involved with all this, not willingly, not on purpose; it was because of my gene codes.

I will get into that a little bit at the end. What I want to do first of all, I think, and I made some notes here, is to start with our government.

This is probably the lecture thatís going to get me in trouble, okay? Iíve been watched since 1996; my phones have been tapped. Nobody has been bothering me too much, just monitoring.

Thatís because Iíve been taking the spiritual end of things and they think;" Oh, itís one of those New Agers, nobody really listens to them so, theyíre not dangerous. They donít have that much information."

They already know I have information but inte-restingly, Iíve not been speaking about the information the government does not want people to know about.

This is going to be the first time I reveal some of this stuff I have not revealed in New York yet, but thatís due in December 99. We have a big workshop there in December.

Weíre going through a new millenium here, and itís about time we had a clue as to what is going on, because we have been living under a lie not only since the 1930s, but way back from the beginning of this seeding of our race here.

For 200,000 years, certain things, certain factors were control factors in our evolution that were not intended to be a natural part of our evolution.

We have been purposely made to be focused in a three-dimensional reality system, unaware of other-dimensional systems. This has been done through repression of our DNA.

We have DNA potential that our scientists donít even understand yet. But there are certain beings that have visited here for millions of years, that are very well aware of our DNA capacity. Thatís why theyíve been trying to repress it and to suppress it, because we have the ability to evolve beyond what they temselves are.

They consider themselves god-like beings. Well, we have the ability to evolve into such thing. We still have something in our DNA, a gift that was given to us millions of years ago when we were first created as a species and that is called "the silicate matrix."

Itís a 12-strand DNA code. Itís in the morphogenetic template, the electromagnetic white sound template that our DNA and our bodies are built on.

It has been unplugged and itís no longer operational. It has not been operational for the last 200,000 years.

When we look at our history, what we have been taught in school has so little to do with the reality of what history truly is! We have the Darwinian concept, the concept that we came from the sea, all kinds of interesting concepts, because we have certain things in common with certain animal species, but there is a reason for that.

At a certain time in our past, we were crossed with them and they were crossed with us! However, it does not mean that we started there! We did not.

Our race was created 560,000,000 years ago. It was really a different dimensional field that the one we are in right now, a higher dimensional field.

We were an immortal race that did not decay and die like now. The silicate matrix gene code is a dormant potential within every personís body. Some people have more of it than others and they are the ones the ETs want!

When we have a trail of ETs bothering people like we have right now, they go for a couple of different things.Our stellar sub-strand matrices in the DNA. This is not in the books yet. This is new material that has only been introduced recently in New York City.

The "stellar sub-strand matrices" are extraterrestrial codings that appear in certain human gene codes. It allows certain potentials. Such humans, for example, when they are endowed with this coding, can be taken through inter-dimensional portals without litterally "exploding," for instance.

Because if you take certain codings, genetic codings, through a Star Gate, it will go through spontaneous combustion, because it cannot expand at the morphogenetic level. Other gene codes are able to activate and expand to hold the frequencies of the Star Gate.

So, when an invading ET race tries to covertly take over a planet like it is happening now, it will want to create hybrids that have the highest coding possible. Therefore, they (the invading ETs) have been trying to trace human family lines to find the ones that have the highest content of the silicate matrix within their gene codes, not just for hybridization, but because right now, because of the time period weíre in, with the stellar activation cycle, the people who have more of the silicate matrix in their gene codes will begin to have spontaneous DNA activations because of the new frequencies that are coming through the solar light spectra.

If that DNA activates, such people become multi-dimensional people. They become able to see 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional frequency bands where our little manipulators like to play games.

As long as we only see three dimensions, they can do anything they want from the 4th or anything higher.

If our silicate matrix begins to activate in our gene codes, which it will, as these vortexes or 7 seals open on this planet between now and 2012, weíre going to be a real problem for any force that wants to control this place, because weíre going to get wise really fast.

Representation of the 12-strand silicate matrix.

They want to try to stop the activation of the silicate matrix. Weíre in a time periodÖ Itís so much like science fiction! Itís even hard to speak about it because weíve been conditioned so much by science fiction that we canít deal with science- facts.

On the rational level, there is a big denial thing thatís happening, even among those who want to believe the most among us. You will hit a level where you say: "I just canít, I canít deal with this anymore! I want to get back to a regular job! I want to watch TV tonight, I want to ground myself and become just normal, just part of the program, like everybody else!"

Because when you start to think beyond the veils of illusion that weíve been living here, you start to realize the manipulations taking place here. Part of the manipulation is ET manipulation, always has been.

We donít know about them. Why? Because whey donít want us to know, thatís why! They donít want us to know where they are or how to access them or to find out that we are being manipulated because this way, they can continue to mani-pulate us without any problem!

What we have to deal with in the next 10-year period primarily, is not just ETs, itís our own government.

Our government, the United States government, became aware of the ET issue in the 1930s, not in the 1940s. They already had contacts in the 30s. It was even before Roswell, before any of that.

There were treaties made between certain groups within the government who wanted ET technology, because a world war was going on. They wanted as much advantages as they could have.

Such treaties were made and technology was exchanged. We conveniently won the war. It was not by our own hands. There were technologies that allowed us to have the biggest and the baddest weapons on the planet at the time!

Unfortunately, it was not like you read in the history books. It was not fully the genius of our human minds creating wonderful war machines. We had a little help figuring that out.

It came from the Zetas, the Zeta Reticuli who are from the Orion star system, primarily. Thatís where they originate from, but theyíve also spread out to other systems and they are interdimensional beings. They came here because they have an interest in what happens on planet Earth.

They came here because they know about time cycles, they know about Star Gates and they know that ours is going to open, and they know itís going to fire our DNA.

Thatís going to cause a problem for certain control factors they have in two places. One is in a time-space that is a little bit ahead of ours and where they are in control of human populations and itís something called "parallel Earth."

I donít deal too much with parallel Earth in the books yet, because we have enough to deal with our own problems, but they are intimately connected.

Basically, parallel Earth runs a little bit ahead of us in time and we are very, very connected with everything there. What manifests there will eventually manifest here, unless there is something done to change whatís called a "time vector."

So, weíre going into a situation where weíre dealing with parallel Earth, solar activation cycles, ETs that most people donít know or acknowledge exist, weíre dealing with so many things crashing in on us all at once, in so little time to learn what it means, where do the pieces fit and what to do, that it can be very intimidating, but it does not have to be.

Thatís why I was given the information that I was given. If we can get out to as many people as possible a knowledge of morphogenetic science, the knowledge that you have a silicate matrix and you can do things consciously to activate it, which means you can begin to bring in higher levels of your own consciousness, which will set up protective bio-energetic energy fields (electromagnetism) in your field, that will block some of their electromagnetic pulse technologies.

There are things that we can do about whatís happening. First, I will tell you a little bit about what exactly is happening.

We have government suppression of high-tech data. Recently, weíve been informed in the news about how to clone a sheep. I hate to tell you, but they have been cloning more than a few sheep during the last 15 years! They had a lot of misses too in the process, cloning little "things" theyíve been keeping away from us.

They have also developed inter-dimensional technologies. They are aware of 4th-dimensional frequencies and theyíre aware that there is a 90 degree shift of angular rotation of particles spin between here and there, and that by knowing that, you can create certain formulas that allow windows or portals to be forced open between our reality space and the reality space of 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.

When I talk about the dimensions, I tend to talk in groups of three because thatís how theyíre structured. We are in a time matrix that is a reality field created out of five sets of three dimensions or 15 dimensions.

Itís not just 15 dimensions in the universe, the whole galaxy and the cosmos, but dimensions run in sets of 15 and one set would be a time matrix.

So, our existence and that of a lot of others, takes place within the 15-dimensional system.

The 5 harmonic universes have different angular rotational particle spins. They all take place in the same space but they are invisible to each other. Their matter passes through each other because of the angle on the particle rotation.

There are a lot of things we donít learn in our science classes. Some of our scientists discovered these things or at least a few of them and tried to go public with it; they found themselves wearing cement sleepers or had their career destroyed, conveniently disappeared or died of strange diseases.

There has been a suppression of the fact that our scientists have found out a lot of these things; they have found out many things with quantum physics. They have verified the existence of certain places on the planet where there are Star Gates.

Theyíre trying to figure out how to open them. Of course, the Zetas wonít tell them exactly how to do that. The Zetas know how to open some of them.

We have been so lied to, itís enough to make us very, very angry. But anger is not the solution. Itís a step in the right direction, itís a step after denial. People will tell you that all this stuff is sci-fi and exists only in the imagination of the writers.

Personally Iíve never read any sci-fi, but Iíve lived it since the time I was 4. After denial, we may hit anger and fear. After that, there is a step called "effective action."

Thatís when you say: "Okay, Iím going to learn, Iím going to find out what I need to do, Iím going to assess the situation and Iím going to learn to handle myself accordingly, not the way Iím being programmed by the government, the media and the old programs out there, but Iím going to step outside of that.

Wait a minute, what are they trying to distract me from here? A great life of whatís on TV is more important than whatís inside my being, in my Soul!

This has been done on purpose. We have been cultivated to become a race that focuses out here while our power is in here. They donít want us to learn about our power, our government doesnít and neither do the ETs that have been messing with our government

Now, weíve had suppression of technologies of all sorts. A lot of this has started from the 1940s on, when more agressive treaties were formed. In the 1940s, there were literal agreements formed by certain world governments, inside leaders, and the Zeta factions.

They said, yes, you can go ahead and abduct our citizens, just make sure they donít remember and put them back. They did not say: "Donít hurt them," they did not say: "Oh, thatís not nice, thatís violating their rights," they did not care. We were sold out by the people who represent us. Well, whatís new?

I didnít think itís so far fetched. When is the last time that we, even in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, with our President and all that, when is the last time we put 100 % faith in the integrity and truth of our President or political leaders?

You know why we canít? The whole political system is structured in a way that if youíre a nice guy you canít get to the top! You have to learn to compromise, to twist your priorities and do little things behind peopleís back, just to get your point where you can even be in a position of power politically.

Thatís why some people have shot themselves or hung themselves, and there are a lot of those, from the overpressure, or so it seems. We are fed a lot of nonsense and the scary part is that for generations, we believed it!

We need to start becoming our own experts, our lives depend on it at this point.

A government as an entity onto itself is not really a bad thing. Itís composed of people like us, people that have been taught certain things and certain protocols more rigidly than many of us have. They have been indoctrinated more heavily.

Theyíre people just trying to make a living, trying to do whatís right for most of them. Thatís the ones on the lower to middle range.

Even at the top. They know they have to do some dirty dancing to keep themselves in position. But most of the leaders, at least in this country, have tried to serve the people in certain ways while knowing they were serving a larger entity that nobody talks about.

The larger entity is something that has been coined "the world management team." Itís an invisible entity composed of humans that control, behind the scene, major banking corporations within the world-wide network.

Theyíre multinational corporations with fronts all over the place; they have money from mostly black market dealings coming out their ears so, they can control and buy anybody or anything they really want.

Our political leaders, both here and in other countries, have to kiss up to them or they go away quickly; they find themselves vanishing out of power positions.

The "world management team" has been cultivated here for about 150,000 years. Itís made up of family lines, human family lines that were connected with Anunnaki family lines from way back.

The Anunnakis are primarily a Syrian race strain. They are primarily on Nibiru, right now. Our scientists have not yet figured out that Nibiru, the planet, does exist. Il has a different orbital path than most of our planets in our solar system. Itís not going to be back until the year 3612 A.D., when it will become visible again, about 1612 years from our present time.

So, itís out of their present range. But the forces there (on Nibiru) know how to use the inter-dimensional time portals and they manipulate us here.

There are family lines created among us, in hu-man form, that have more of a concentration of stellar sub-strand matrices within their DNA coding. They are more Anunnaki than human. Some of them are more Nefilim than human.

The Nefilims are a race strain that combined humans and Anunnakis a long, long time ago. They were superior to the humans of the time and tried to dominate the heck out of them and for that, they were kicked out of the planet to allow the humans to evolve. They did not like the fact they were kicked out of the planet and they always kept a vested interest here.

Weíre dealing with people who look like us, that are unknowlingly connected to extraterrestrial family lines that have a vested interest in the outcome of what they placed here.

Itís not as if this is a new battle. The humans have been asleep. So, as long as they are asleep, you can put them where you want and make them do what you want.

We have a chance to wake up, because for the first time in 210,216 years, we are hitting a stellar activation cycle. Inter-dimensional Star Gates are opening and thatís going to trigger our DNA.

We have a chance to overcome the genetic blocages that were put in us, so we could not access whatís called "multi-vector consciousness."

Multi-vector consciousness will take us into higher dimensional fields of perception, it will open up simultaneous perception of various time-space locations.

This is where our stories of reincarnation come in. Itís not exactly reincarnation, itís simultaneous incarnations. Time is simultaneous. Itís laid out more like space. So, you can go from here, to here, to here, to here. Like you can go from New York to California.

If you know the co-ordinates and if you know the mappings of the time portals system and the time rhythms that are involved with each, because there are natural rhythms, portals open and close, dilate and contract.

Weíre coming at a time now Ö Hurrah for us, this is a chance for us to really wake up, if we can get it before they try to talk us right out of our own awakening here, we can start to see what has been going on around us and we can start to take charge. Somebody has to, or we are going to be in trouble.

Right now, with the suppression of the technologies and the doings of our government with the Zetas, primarily, the Zeta greys, there is an agenda behind this.

Our government thinks itís just controlling masses of people for basically, real estate purposes, they donít realize they have been duped.

The reason the Zetas were here to begin with was not because they are a poor little race that lost its home and need to fix its bodies so, "can we please have some of your gene codes so that we can create healthy bodies for ourselves?"

This is a lot of nonsense that our government bought when it sold us out. The Zetas knew all along that they wanted to make hybrids for infiltration purposes here.

They knew that they wanted the territory. They were attempting to take over from the beginning. But our government and the people were so full of themselves that they actually tried to betray a mass of people.

They are so full of their own egos and their own greed that they would do something like that. They are very blind. They figured: "Weíll get technology from them and take them for a rideÖ"

Well, our own government got taken for a ride, as they know it now. Whatís happened in the last couple of years is, even the people of the MJ12 group and the "World Management Team" are trying to find a way to run for cover, because they lost control of the Zeta treaties, they lost control of whatís happening here.

The intruders will do what they want when they want and they donít care if the government likes it or not anymore!

Things have become very hairy recently. For a while, it was not certain whether the Star Gates would open. It was the kind of attitude: "Oh well, everybody is getting in position, but we wonít go for it unless they really openÖ"

Well, in 1998, at the opening of the Ark of the Covenant, which is a time portal passage, that insured that we were going into the Stellar Activation Cycle and yes, those Star Gates would open!

See, once you start a Stellar Activation Cycle, which has already been started, you canít stop it. It will commence regardless and it will either go smoothly or badly, depending on the energy balances involved.

Once it was known that the Star Gates were going to open, then all sorts of beings from various harmonic universes decided to get in on the Earth thing.

There is a lot at stake here, because we have something, we have a precious jewel that we donít even know we have. Itís called "The Halls of Amenti."

They are Star Gates that link on a vertical rather than on a horizontal plane, through various star systems, all the way to the highest pre-matter dimensional fields. They are a ticket out of space-time.

The intruder races (and their manifestation here has been very small, comparatively. There have been major inter-galactic problems with some of these races. We usually refer to them as the Draconian matrix, which is a whole bunch of different race strains that come out of one consciousness matrix.

They have been wrecking havoc on galaxies within three harmonics for a very, very long time, before we were even created.

They have always wanted control over the space-time system. If they can get control over the main vertical portal system, they can control any incoming and outgoing consciousness.

 They can basically create a little world onto themselves, a universe thatís not connected anymore to the rest of the universal and cosmic scheme.

In their own lack of understanding of what it means to have a divine connection to All That Is, in their own lack of spiritual understanding of what that connection means, they will make decisions like this, that cause harm to many different life forms.

So, we have a little pot of gold sitting in the core of our planet that our whole history has evolved around and nobody told us about it.

The "Secrets of Amenti", which is the title of Book 2 in the "Voyager Series", begins to unravel the forbidden secrets of our evolutionary destiny.

And I assure you, what is in that book is the truth! And I tell you why: Because I remember. Itís not just because I was a contactee. Itís not just because some ETs came down, picked me up in a spaceship and showed me some movies and told me this is how it was!

Because they can do that, and they can show you anything. I remember. When I came in this time, into this baby body, this time, I was fully conscious of fetal integration.

I remember going from the fourth dimensionís unmanifested consciousness into fetal integration. I remember the process, I could describe it in detail to you. I remember where I was before that and I remember many, many things that once you activate the DNA to the higher levels, youíll remember too!

See, itís not just my memory, itís not that I am somebody special who has a higher gene code, somebody elite compared to everybody else. Iím just an example, and the memory that I have is just an example of whatís living inside each one of you.

With the activation of the silicate matrix, you will find your stellar heritage, you will find your incarnational relationships, you will find your immortal self, who you were before you came here and why you came here in the first place.

You will find the part of yourself where you made those decisions, because they exist. There are many wonderful things you can find and thatís what is wonderful about the Solar Activation Cycle thatís coming.

There is some scary stuff about it, but itís really time for celebration. Itís been 200,000 years weíve been trapped in the gene codes; weíve been trapped in 3-dimensional consciousness and the struggle to get out of our bodies is such that death is actually a relief, because we can cross over and at least get off the tight clothing.

We may have to come back, but at least we are free for a little while and we can think again! Anybody who has done astral projection or has had a near-death experience knows what it is to get out there, out of the gene codes a little bit.

You can become hyper-aware and find levels of awareness that make you look very asleep here. If you really get good at it, itís hard to permit yourself to come back into the body, because you realize what it does to you.

We have a chance now, to use the field of our consciousness to expand the genetic potential of the body by calling into action the "junk DNA", which is the broken pieces of the silicate matrix.

Our scientists are the ones who call it "the junk". That is no junk, itís important stuff. We can do this. The programs that weíre putting togetherÖ I mean, I just found a template called "the Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister," that will deal with the spiritual teachings and will also deal with direct transmission of certain morphogenetic codes that litterally go from the bio-energetic field of someone who has them to the bioenergetic field of someone who does not have them, and it gives them the coding where they can start stimulating the activation of the silicate matrix.

They are the road map to higher dimensional identity integration. It has been hidden here for centuries. Some of it was in pieces in the ancient mystical schools, so is could be used in these ascension schools.

Yeshua 12, who was rolled into the character we call Jesus, used that 2000 years ago to ascend people. Ascension means raising the vibrations of your body pattern to the next harmonic, where you disappear from here and reappear up there, and you do it in the physical body! To the next harmonic up!

Progressively we evolve by activating the silicate matrix to evolve from gross matter to semi-etheric matter, to etheric matter, to pre-matter liquid light and then, into wave-form.

This is the progression of going back into what we originally came out of and which was pure consciousness.

This is what we always were. Itís what we are now. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around, we need to relearn this and Iím very, very grateful that Iíve been given the information that I was given.

I was given it because I worked my way up for many, many different space-time placements. I have other simultaneous incarnations, past incarnations compared to this one, that studied and devoted their whole life to following a path of understanding these things.

And then, I went into teaching these things; and then I got to experience what it meant in 39 A.D. I was a woman named Miriam and I was half-sister to Jeshua 12 and we were Essene and we were teaching the ascension program that is now being brought out through the Guardian material.

And it worked! I actually did the full violet transmutation. So, when I talk about this stuff, I will talk with passion, I will talk with conviction and I donít care who believes me or not.

Iím sharing what I know is true, because I experienced it, I walked it. Iím not some channel where somebody gave me some information that I regurgitate. I have the contact experience, I have the history here, and I have my own memory.

So, when I talk to you, Iím trying to talk to your heart as well. Somewhere in each one of you there is the memory of many, many eons here.

You know whatís funny? When we go back to the last ascension cycle they call the "Solar Activation Cycle", 210,216 years ago, it was a mess then. The dark side got control.

But the people that were there are the people that are here now. Weíre back! All right! We just forgot who we were, and the ones that are remembering will begin to remember what went wrong that time, so it does not happen ever again.

We fell under the spell of the Draconian matrix 200,000 years ago. As a race, our DNA was altered, our consciousness was blocked and we de-evolved and mutated into something that is nothing more than a little puppet on a string, to those higher dimensional reality fields.

That is not our potential. That is not what we were created for.

We were created as a Guardian Species. We were created as planetary Guardians. We were created to stand as equals with the highest among the ET races.

In fact, we were created as a vessel through which digressing ET races could merge their consciousness and take on a new form that would give them the codes that would allow them to go through full transmutation out of time and matter.

We were created to be the genetic elite within most of the ancient stellar races.

This is why some of those middle ground, middle harmonic universe stellar races do not want us to ever remember.

And whatís going to happen in the next ten to twelve year period, depending on who wins this round, the majority of the people on this planet will either go upward into a very rapid accele-ration of evolution, expansion of consciousness, activation of the DNA, or they will go into mutation.

After about three generations, it will completely dissolve the silicate matrix in the gene code and they will become something different. They will become an animal form that no longer has the potential, in its given form, to integrate higher dimensional awareness to progressively transmutate out of matter.

Thatís why itís so important that we pay attention. Thatís why I go around having conversations like this with people and half the time people say: "Well, sheís nuts!"

No, Iím not nuts, Iím informed. And excuse me, if people have a problem with thatÖ This group is wonderful; there is an awareness there already, I can feel it with you, even if some of the things I talk about are a little "out there," there is enough cognition here where youíre very close to finding a space where you are open to learning what you can do to help yourself, what you can do to help this planet.

Okay, one of the things we need to be aware of, if we want some physical verification of ET presence and potentially threatening things that are going to be done to us, trying to get us under mind control here, we have the HAARP project.

See, they "failed" to tell us some of the other little goodies that it can do. The HAARP project can directly use Ultra Low Frequencies and different high frequency inter-dimensional spectra to directly affect our morphogenetic field.

It can cause illness, if directed in a certain way, it can cause mental illness, it can cut off your ability to bring in higher frequencies, it can bio-neurologically block your ability to bring in your Soul, Oversoul, and Higher Self awareness.

If they told you, if they told the public, not that they are planning to use this project for anything like this, but just the fact that this technology could do something like that, do you think in America that we would have tolerated that?

Would we really trust anybody enough to build something like that if it can really do those things? Of course not! They had to lie to us just to get it off the ground, so we would not rebel when they were building those facilities.

There are a lot of things we were not told. Theyíre beginning activation of the HAARP project. Theyíre also beginning activation of something called EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) technology.

The ETs have given them enough understanding of the grid mechanics, the ley lines, certain electromagnetic fields that run in geometrical form through the little rocks of the Earth grid that connect with the magnetic field of the planet.

They have been learning over the past 30 years how to manipulate these things.

They can, if they want to, create earthquakes and control weather patterns. These are not fiction things. Our government knows how to do this, and they have been doing it in little test areas to see what happens.

There are certain viruses being created on purpose, to get rid of certain elements of the population that, certain government people think, are not welcome here.

They are tests, and the more these tests work, the more confidence they get. What they want to do is basically get everybody coralled and under their control. Itís called a "Frequency Fence."

Then, they can weed out the gene codes they want and the ones they donít. They can make disappear the ones they donít want.

Right now, the government and the ETs donít want too many around of those with high concentrations of the silicate matrix, because if too many of them activate at the same time, itís going to change the whole frequency of the raceís morphogenetic field and will trigger the "hundredth monkey" syndrome.

It will flip it over for the rest of the people. None of them will be able to be controlled, if enough people activate the silicate matrix on the planet.

So, right now the agenda on the Intruder side, is to instigate a form of ethnic cleansing by having us kill each other.

The scenario about Armageddon, World War III and all that stuff that everybody gets nervous about is tied to a plan to use electromagnetic pulse technologies, run them through the grid and to the known electrical circuitry through the "Phantom pulse".

The "Phantom pulse" is a pulse that is sent through the Earthís core and has the ability to pick up any other electrical signal and run with it as a trace, as a "Phantom pulse" that carries programs, almost like floating digital programs.

When these floating digital programs come to you, it will be through the electricity around you. There is electricity everywhere we turn, wires everywhere, lights everywhere and in this case, your toaster becomes your ennemy!

These electromagnetic pulses or "Phantom pulses" move into the human bio-energetic field. We need to realize that we are made of energy. We are electromagnetic phenomena ourselves and we extend far beyond just the matter part of that.

Our bio-energetic field, we have a chakra system, we have an auric field, we have something called the morphogenetic field, which is the core level, itís called the Kathara Level and weíll get into the teachings of that, these are the levels of energy upon which everything else is built, these are the levels of our being that get affected by Ultra Low Frequency pulsing, by "Phantom pulsing" and there are beings that know how to use this pulsing to get exactly the results they want, and they have started this.

They started it in August 1999. Actually, they started it with Kosovo, that was a test, to see if they could stir up tensions by causing electromagnetic irritations in the auric field of certain groups of people. Well, it worked! It was a mess overthere. That was just a test.

In August 1999, they sent pulses out in the U.S., three of them. They will build as a charge of tension, a static within the bio-energetic field of the people targeted.

It registers in the emotional body, in the mental body and makes people uncomfortable. They get more irritated.

Now, you combine that with the opening of fields, of vortexes, the planetary chakra system, the seven "seals"Ö Weíre coming up, between January 2000 and May 5, 2000 to the 4th vortex opening, the one corresponding to the 4th-dimensional frequency.

Thatís going to put a real frequency blast behind the pulsing thatís being sent out and itís going to amplify the program, itís going to amplify the tensionsÖ (end of side A)

(Side B) Ö Over and over. Whenever there is a concentration of Diamond Sun silicate matrix family lines, they would instigate trouble and they would call their own human legions to make sure they kill as many of them as possible and shut them up.

Whenever there were books that were written that would tell the whole truth, the true ability of the body to ascend, not to just worship some god outside of yourself Ö I mean, thatís fine, God is great! But there is more to your relationship to God than simply praising a priest!

You donít have to have a priest to be your intermediary. There were teachings that were put here that were beautiful, that allowed a human being in one lifetime to make a full connection to Source, to integrate its Soul, its Oversoul, its Avatar and its Rishi identity, and in that process the silicate matrix activates and you progressively work yourself out of the time cycle and lower dimensional fields and into the higher ones.

That was here at certain times, and whenever enough knowledge got out, the other side would come in and make sure the people carrying that knowledge disappeared. They made sure such people did not have a very strong stronghold here, where their children could be born and pass on that knowledge, and they made sure the books were twisted or destroyed.

Itís going to happen again if we donít wake up, if we donít realize this is not funny anymore! This is not Stephen King, this is not Star Trek, this is planet Earth coming out of centuries of subtle mind control to begin with.

Itís so amazing to some of us to think that we could be going under mind control! No, not us! Especially in America, weíre free here, nobody messes with us here!

Are we free, really? Do we know anything, really? We know what weíre told. We believe what weíre told to believe and weíre taught not to question and to simply follow authority. Thatís a very subtle way of mind control!

If you want to control someboby, you donít hold them in a straight jacket, like weíve seen in the communist nations, because that does create rebellion. If youíre blatantly controlling someone, they will try to fight for their freedom, unless you totally repress them and they give up their will to live and be.

Here, you give them enough rope to hang themselves. Just let them play, let them think theyíre free then, we can do whatever we want behind their back. Keep them distracted, keep them into consumerism, buy more, get more, keep them into all that distraction stuff and you can do anything you want to do behind their back and over their heads and under their noses!

Thatís exactly what weíve been raised in for generations. But there is enough awareness coming to the planet now (awareness is a frequency). Everything is a frequency of energy, a pulsation pattern, a rhythm of energy.

We work I speak has an energy signature to it. So, weíre dealing with frequencies of awareness now, that are bursting into this planet and that have not been here in a long time.

We can get it now; I look at the people in this room and itís a great room! Iíve had a smaller group like this before and thought: "Oh no, nothing but nuts and bolts UFOs, okay there is a fighting here, and here thereís a film of it, itís a light in the sky, you know" but your group is past all that and Iím very happy because you can understand what Iím talking about.

The general consciousness of this group, youíll get it. Youíre getting it already! I was voicing and focusing what you already know and sense within yourself. Thatís great, now we understand each other.

We have to look up for things like HAARP and what are we going to do about it. To get to the facilities and attempt to blow them up wonít do us any good but we can help by learning the mechanics of our bio-energetic field and learning how to block stuff like that from affecting us.

And you know what? If weíre really getting good at it, we can start doing what they do! Which is remote viewing sabotage on people. We can learn to do that! If the government can train their little groups of people to do remote viewing and not just viewing, they donít just view, they go in and they manipulate.

They know how to access peopleís fields from the astral level. They can monitor but they can also impulse you with their own thought patterns and make you do what they want you to do.

Theyíve been using this actively for about twenty years. There are people that come out and talk about this, about remote viewing and stuff, that weíre right in the middle of it.

People that were in the military and worked with these programs. They come out of them, try to talk about it and the military really tries to work them out very quickly. I donít know if anybody has been killed for it, but they discredit them, they try to make them look like loonies and they deny the existence of the program.

Iím telling you that these programs are real, Iíve seen them, because Iím trained in remote viewing. I was trained by the Guardian Alliance in remote viewing and what I saw scared the heck out of me.

There are government guys running around in their astral bodies, groups of them manipulating groups of humans!

Itís bad enough that we have inter-dimensional ETs that have this ability, there are humans that have this ability too and theyíre trying to mess with us. Sometimes, fighting fire with fire works!

Weíre in the middle of a war for our consciousnes, and we donít even know it!

We walk around, everything is peaceful, no bombs are flying, it seems very fine! If you turned up your fourth-dimensional perceptions by activating the fourth DNA strand, you would go to New York City and see that it looks like a parking lot for space ships up there!

You would go in certain areas and you would see things that would terrify you! Things that are here. Itís a little bit like: "What you donít see wonít hurt you!" But itís time we learn to see.

We have the ability to open our eyes. Weíre working to do the spiritual program Ö Thatís why we went spiritual on it, because itís not going to help to get good people all stirred up and scared.

Certain groups are ready for the big time stuff. Other groups would just go into total terror and fall apart, knowing that we have been deceived or that we are in the process of being deceived and we are also in the process of an attempted take-over.

We can fight it and this group knows it. There is enough strength here, there is no fear here. Other groups that I have gone to, if I said these things to them, they would just fall apart.

They would go home and take up a number for the local shrink office, because they would be in terror. So, I donít give that information to them yet. Itís better to teach them first about their own inter-dimensional parts.

I also teach them about their Hoova bodies, which are three-dimensional electromagnetic grids that we have sets of, and when you integrate them, theyíre scalar fields, they progressively activate the DNA and open the awareness to higher and higher dimensional fields.

Ascension is really not that hard. It takes time to wake up the gene codes that have been dormant for so long and to put them into activation, but itís not that hard!

There is a road map to integrating your higher level identity and it will change your electromagnetic fields and the constitution of your body form, and your consciousness.

That is what will protect you! All these technologies the ETs are trying to use on us, or the government is trying to use, are baby toys when it comes to real higher dimensional consciousness.

To us, theyíre massive and huge but in fact, theyíre little baby toys. Weíve been denied even that much knowledge.

If we can learn something thatís called "Christ Consciousness," a big term that the New Agers are throwing all over the place until everybody gets nauseous.

"Christ Consciousness" is a real thing. Itís called that way because Yeshua 12 came to model it for us. Itís the full activation of the 12-strand silicate matrix DNA. Thatís what it is, and thatís done by a bio-energetic process that, once upon a time, was taught in the ancient mystical schools.

That knowledge was taken away from us because thatís what gave us power. If we had the power to expand ourselves out of the phase-lock our bodies are in, weíre in electromagnetic phase-lock here in the three dimensions, if we could expand beyond that, the ones that are manipulating from D4 (Dimension 4) are not going to be able to manipulate us anymore.

We have the ability to evolve beyond their manipulations and they are scared of that because they have been doing it for a long time and if we figure it out, they kind of think we will be like they are, we will try to destroy them.

So, they want to destroy us before we get a chance to destroy them, or so they think. In fact, it would not go that way at all, because the human species has a heart, itís a Christed species.

It was created with a 12-strand silicate matrix to handle a 12-dimensional consciousness, with the ability to access 15-dimensional consciousness and beyond.

With that comes an understanding of love and an understanding of helping and forgiveness, which is something those middle level races (that are in the middle of the harmonic universes) donít all comprehend.

They donít know how to love but they know how to fight. Ideally, if we pull through the challenges that are happening right now, which we will, after all weíre supposed to win this round, you know, even the ancient texts say that! "They" (the dark forces) get the first round, but we get that one!

If we get to a point where we can block some of the things that "they" are trying to do here, if the "Frequency Fence" does not go out, for example, we have a chance to totally transform, with this knowledge, everything on this planet!

Building a new type of civilisation requires awareness and true brotherhood. Itís going to be our job to do this, unfortunately.

I say "unfortunately" because after all this, you may want to lay down and take a vacation for a few centuries.

When the ideas that are being presented in materials such as the "Voyagers" material, when they begin to really integrate, there is a lot of work to be done.

There are a lot of people who would sit there and go into terror with this information, or they would go into total denial and rejection, if they are programmed to do that.

The ones who get above those little programs, those little paradigms, will start to see their own multi-dimensional reality, they will start to experience their own higher parts.

They will also have to lead the ones that donít see, to help them heal, and a lot of them are going to come through kicking and screaming.

Itís finding a posture of how to help others without succumbing to what they are throwing at you. Right now, the people in the "interior government" are terrified, because they betrayed their people for greed and the ones that they trusted are now betraying them, and they are terrified.

Whatís happening, right now, is the Zeta factions that these agreements originally started with, since it became known that the time portals were opening, the Star Gates, there are other forces that are joining them now.

There is something called the Dracos race. The Dracos are hybrids; they were created about a million years ago by combining the Drakon from the Orion system, which are very dragon-looking reptiles, with humans.

The hybrid is a being that is more reptile than human but does not look like a dragon, it walks upright. They were here, along with the Nefilims about a million years ago, where they were created and they tried to take over the whole planet.

They have a vested interest in here, because they have always felt that the Earth is their planet, not ours. They were created on Earth, we were not. They want it back, and they want access to the Star Gates.

The Dracos have joined forces with the Zetas and what the Zetas donít understand yet is if you trace the future timelines, the Dracos are going to take the Zetas too. They are just using the Zetas to get in here.

Some of the Zetas figured that out and in the 1980ís, some of them asked for amnesty from the Guardian groups, they said: "Get us out of here, this is going to be bad! Weíre sorry if we messed with you people, but get us out of here, we will fix the dammage later on! They are going to totally destroy us!" Yes they are!

So, we have something called "the Draco-Zeta resistance." They are resisting any of the Guardianís attempts to help them solve their problems without inflicting themselves on another race.

They want the territory, they want to do it their way. Our government is dealing with them now. The government was prepared to, may be dealing with the Zetas and the little greys, it is not prepared to deal with the Dracos, nor the Nefilims or the Kandaras from Nibiru.

The Kandaras are Draco-Nefilim hybrids; they are very nasty; they are very powerful, inter-dimensionally and metaphysically, because they are Avatars.

An Avatar is a 12th-dimensional consciousness, 10 to 12, actually. They canít go all the way up to twelve, only the light-coded ones can do that, but they go up to 10. They are 10th-dimensional consciousness. We are three-dimensionoal consciousness right now. You imagine what that can be like at level 10.

Now, the Kandaras are interested Ö We are literally sitting in the middle of what is going to become Avatar wars, and unless we start becoming Avatars ourselves, and getting ourselves together where we can handle our fields, we are not going to have a lot of control over whatís going on down here.

We can all become Avatars, because every one of us has a level of identity that is an Avatar. The portions of your identity that are stationed in dimensions 10, 11 and 12 are the Avatar identity, the Christed Self.

The frequencies of your consciousness that are part of your morphogenetic field are literally composed of particles. Morphogenetic fields are composed of particles called, partikai, partiki and particum.

They are ultra-small particles our scientists have not discovered yet. They will, eventually. This is what the "Tangible Structure of the Soul" is about.

We are showing you and showing science, high science, where the Soul is an actual part of the human anatomy. Itís made out of the same substance that this is, itís just oscillating at a different frequency.

The programs that are presented here are intensive. I have so much information I could talk to you probably for the next twelve hours and still keep going. My first workshop was six hours long, my second lasted eight hours.

Iím just flowing with what seems to be the right things to say at the moment. If I was going to teach you any one specific thing, like the "Tangible Structure of the Soul," how to use Keylontic science, or what they are doing exactly with the Montauk portals, now that they are reactivating them and try to connect them to Giza, which is something I did not touch yet, each one of these little subjects could be talked about for 8 hours, each one could be a book.

We donít have the time to make all these books, to publish all these books. What Iím going to try to do, I think, for this group, is to sum up a little bit my personal experience.

On a personal level, even if we did not have to deal with ETs, you need to be aware of the fact we are all entering a Solar Activation Cycle. Itís going to affect your DNA.

Now, there are mutations in everybodyís DNA, from what has been done to us by manipulations, historically, from the ETs.

There are ways to straighten up those problems. You donít need science and labs to do it. There is an intrinsic process of consciousness, using Keylontic science, that you can reformat the scalar grids that the DNA is built on.

If there is a time to get spiritual and really take it seriously for once, this is it! Because if your bodies happen to have a gene code, there is a condition called "molecular compaction."

It can take place if the morphogenetic field is blocked in certain ways and cannot expand to hold higher frequencies.

Now, we already have three vortexes open on the planet. Three of the "Seals" have been released. They are the ones that correspond to dimensions 1, 2 and 3.

The reality here is made of 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional energy pulsations, no big deal. It has accelerated certain things like weather patterns, etc., but it has not created any major mess. It has not affected our DNA that drastically either, because we are dealing with 3rd-dimensional frequencies here.

Beginning on January 1st, 2000 we begin a cycle where every four years, another vortex opens, until we get seven.

We have one in the year 2000, the Giza vortex. We start getting 4th-dimensional frequencies coming into the grid. Itís going to start stimulating the 4th DNA strand.

The 12 strands in the silicate matrix of the DNA correspond to the 12 dimensions of consciousness. Everything is beautifully eloquent. We have 12 dimensions; each one of the silicate matrix strand is keyed to one of those dimensional frequencies.

So, as we start having 4th-dimensional frequencies come into the planetary grid, it will start triggering activations of the dormant 4th-strand codes.

Thatís great! Youíre going to develop astral projection and all those things very easily, if you donít have distortions or blockages in the top of the first strand or in the fourth strand.

If there are blockages there, they will be manifested in the DNA and also, in the body systems that are built on the DNA. Those areas will not be able to absorb that frequency.

So, if you look at the morphogenetic field, which is a very good way to look at it, as a crystalline structure, like a quartz crystal cluster with many little points, you can envision your morphogenetic field like that.

Now, frequency comes into the morphogenetic field from the higher dimension morphogenetic fields and as long as it can move through those crystals, everything is fine. It actually expands the crystals. Thatís how they grow.

But if there is something, in the formation of those crystals, in the shape of their geometrical relationships, where certain wave patterns canít enter, those frequencies coming in become like a hammer on the crystal.

If you hit a quartz crystal cluster hard enough with a hammer, it shatters. This happens to morphogenetic fields too, personal morphogenetic fields.

If you are exposed to high frequency scalar waves from inter-dimensional fields, like people who do time travel, the "Montauk boys" and all that kind of stuff, they all have morphogenetic damage, because of genetic blocks that did not allow the morphogenetic field to expand enough to handle these frequencies.

Itís going to affect all of us differently. We all have a different level of the silicate matrix in the DNA. The more silicate matrix you have, the more flexibility in the morphogenetic field you have.

The more your DNA will activate and sequence itself, to be able to handle the new frequencies, the better off you are.

There are certain things we all share, as far as blockages in the DNA. These can be changed. There are certain "seals" that were put in. These are morphogenetic frequency seals that were literally put into the raceís morphogenetic field to whack certain abilities from us, to keep us 3-dimensional.

We can learn to release them in our own bodies. This will begin the process of preparing our bodies to handle the new light spectra thatís coming here.

Our scientists already know that the solar light spectra is changing. Val Valerian, out of California or Washington State rather, has a huge web site. If you want to know how bad it really is, type his name on the Web.

He has a lot of information about the nasty stuff thatís going on. I try to focus on the positive stuff. Iím not going to tell you how bad it is unless I can tell you what you can do about it. Why bother? Getting people upset, so they can be miserable for a few days?

We can learn to protect our bodies from certain effects, like an acceleration of physical diseases, a remanifestation of diseases we have already overcome, emotional problems, mental problems, where certain forces try to vie for the personality structure.

Some of them are within the self, repressed portions of your own sub-personality patterns, of your own incarnational patterns.

Others will be manipulations, because there are intruders that are literally trying to take over certain bodies, because they want operatives to do their thing here.

We have a lot to deal with here! But we can do it. If people like me come out and have an audience as good as you, who is actually listening to me and not writing me off as some airhead that does not know what sheís talking about Ö With people like that, I get madÖ

I want to throw the Voyagers books at them and say: "Did you look in there? Airheads donít write that stuff, excuse me. Weíre dealing with 15-dimensional physics here."

The psychologists like to say things like "delusional," Who is delusional here? Youíre dealing with 3-dimensional consciousness, Iím showing you the structure of 15-dimensional consciousness and the levels of mind that correspond to it. And youíre going to call me delusional?

Excuse me, youíre missing something! I get really tired of Ö Not for me, for Iím tough; Iíve been around these suckers for a long, long time. Iíve been through a lot.

But there are people out there, lots of them, that are having encounters, that are having scary experiences. They donít know if they are in their head or outside of their head, because of the inter-dimensional stuff, and they are being totally disregarded by the medical community and the psychiatric community.

They are being put on drugs and branded "delusional" because ETs are not real, everybody knows that ... ETs are real!

We need to spread the word and the awareness to be open to learning. My first Expo that I did was the New York City Expo, this year, and for me it was a disaster. I did not do my debut the way I wanted to.

I got up on a panel, a bunch of "ET experts," and one of them started telling us how Ö"the Elohim created us and so, theyíre coming back to drive us into the next millenium; just listen to them and they know more than us; they have advanced technology and we should follow them Ö"

This is part of the mind control nonsense thatís going on here. The New Age people are good hearted people really trying to reach for their identity, and they are having their higher identity hijacked and programmed into something scary.

I ended up getting up and could not take it after a while. I really could not. It was a disaster for me, I guess. After listening to her asking us to praise the Elohims and still others suggesting that yes indeed, they have metal saucers, etc., I just got up and said: "You know, there is no time for this left! Weíre in the middle of an attempted mass (global) mental takeover.

Iím not pitching fear here. Iím trying to get people to pay attention so they can figure out what to do to stop it! Okay? We can stop it! Itís not a big problem if you acknowledge the problem!

So, I kind of made a scene (laugh), without meaning to. Itís just another thing showing that I can get passionate about my work, for I believe in it.

I donít need to do scenes here. I didnít really plan to do that one either, it just came out that way (laugh). You get very tired of the lower level of consciousness telling you why you donít know what youíre talking about.

I know what I am talking about. I know what Iím talking about because I have dealt with intruder ETs since the age of four. My mother was an abductee. I was an infiltrate. All right?

My mother was abducted while she was carrying this fetus and it was imbued with Zeta coding. It was not supposed to be, that was not the original Soul plan, but it was hijacked and because of that, I came through with some abilities that they had not planned on.

I can read their matrix! By the age of four, I had conscious memory of fetal integration, I remember moving in the fetal pattern, I remember the fetal pattern manipulated and I remember portions of my reincarnational history.

By the age of four, I could not talk but I remembered. That made me very, very dangerous, as far as the intruder ETs.

I was dangerous so, they wanted to get me under their control. They began physical abductions at the age of four. They tried to mess with the gene codes, to block the memory, and they tried to use the genetic material for cloning, at that time.

Later, they wanted to use it for breeding because itís a particular gene code that has a high concentration of silicate matrix which allows for things, if you control it, that the intruders might want.

At age seven, I was very fortunate to have the Guardian Allianceís help. The Guardian Alliance is a very special group. One of the most noticable thing about them is that itís an inter-dimensional, inter-time group that comes from the future. I believe itís 5260 A.D., something like that.

They come to help us here, because we are their past. They are coming to change the past. Certain members of the Guardian Alliance are human. They are the original humans, the Turanusiams.

They are taller than we are; some of them are about twelve feet tall. They are very beautiful physically, compared to what our race is right now, with this mixed genes coding, and they have abilities that we would look at as God-like.

But they donít want us to look at them as gods, thatís not why theyíre here. They do believe in a God, in a central creative force and Source that they honor and uphold very much.

Theyíd like to teach us about that, so we can find the connection ourselves. But they are not just human either. The Guardian Alliance is a huge group! I believe there are over 10 million races represented in that organization alone, and that organization is part of a bigger organization called the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds. This is huge!

The drama weíre in is absolutely huge. I was fortunate, because they knew me, the Guardian Alliance knew me from other incarnational space-time locations, because they had worked with me before, they found me in this time frame, and they saw the manipulation and they stopped it.

Because they knew I had come before I even knew why I had come. I had come to help with this project, to help with this stellar activation cycle.

All of us made an agreement to be here. We just forgot when we came in and the veils of the DNA went down.

The Guardian Groups are more aware of what we are and who we are right now than we are aware ourselves. They can give us back the keys to our DNA, so we can start remembering, and thatís what they are doing.

From the age of seven to the age of eighteen, I was caught in a battle between another manifestation of dark and light and of course, it must be a reflexion of my own karmic heritage, because as within so without, as they say, as above so below.

Weíre dealing with race karma here, a repetition of our race karma heritage, of the battle of dark and light within ourselves as creator gods. Thatís a huge inter-dimensional spectra.

To bring it down enough to Earth to understand how to manipulate it while weíre down here, we need to understand that there are two sides and that the healing of that is bringing them back into one wholeness.

First, you need to hold your own self, so the other side does not suck you in. Then, you have to gently ease the other side back over into healing.

But first, letís worry about ourselves; get ourselves aligned, get our fields protected then, weíre okay.

When I encountered the Guardian Alliance, they actually abducted me (in this case, it was not an abduction, really, because I agreed) after they had introduced themselves to me.

Both in my first encounters with each group, it took place in daylight. When I was four and playing in the driveway, next to my auntís trailer, a being came up behind me and I thought it was a child at first.

I turned around and looked, and it was no child. It was a little grey. I wanted to run and scream but I could not move. He had a little silver rod that creates a bio-neurological block where you lose the motor skills.

That was my first and then, I was lifted up into a craft. When I was seven, I was approached in these lilac bushes that I used to play in at my grandmotherís house, in broad daylight again, and I was approached by one and again, it was a grey but a blue-eyed grey, which I had never seen before with the negative side.

It froze-framed me, made me so I could not move, without the use of a silver rod. This one was able to do it just with projection, which is a little different there. It shows theyíre more advanced; they donít need outside technology.

He said to me: "You donít have to be frightened anymore. Weíre going to help you."

 So, it was interesting from a childís perspective, seeing the same type of being, one being your terror, the other one being your saviour. It was kind of strange.

The little grey that I had met with the blue eyes, I call him "blue eyes" for short, took me to meet the rest of the Guardian Alliance.

They would pick me up in the evenings in ships; they have crafts but they are plasma-crafts. They are actually inter-dimensional light vehicles. They become solid when they come down here but then, they transmute to the levels of matter density then, pop up some place else and get solid again.

So, they can take you on these. These ships actually work as buffers for people whose gene codes canít tolerate full portal transmutation yet.

To go through a portal, you have to be able to do something called "inter-Mer Ka Ba." Itís a state of building a light body around you. Itís releasing the phase-lock on the cellular code that allows the energy fields to spin in a certain way, that allows the body form to turn into light or anti-matter and then, back into manifesting some place else!

So, during my experience in childhood with these different groups, one group of Guardians was teaching me about the mechanics of how to do these things.

They were using Mer Ka Ba mechanics to take me places. Other less enlightened ETs are using mechanical technologies to get similar results. I was taken in underground military bases. I was subjected to very strange-looking apparatus what, I learned later, are perversions of Keylontic science technology, which uses certain light symbol codes as wave guides to directly block and alter the morphogenetic field, so one can get control; literaly, bio-neurological mind control over people by manipulating their DNA.

I was subjected to those things. I was used for breeder. They told me that I have three male children in what is called the Borethium race, which is a kind of hybrid specialisation one. They were created on the intruder side.

Iíve never met those beings. I also have one child named Charlomain that was created by the Guardian side, and she is part of the Phalium, which is the highest caste of the Zetas, combined with the human imprint and some other higher ones.

Itís a very personal journey that I have been on. I was part of a project called "014" that was one of the forerunners of the Montauk project in 83.

In project "014" they would trace certain gene lines and family lines and our government would have the Zetas abduct children with certain gene lines.

They would take them in and get them under mind control. Then, they would use their DNA and they would make clones. This is the part of the Montauk thing that I donít think anybody has talked about yet.

Once it gets out, this is the part thatís going to get me in trouble. Oh, what the heck, you heard it here first! If I disappear, you will know you heard it here first (laughs)!

And remember this, tape it and let other people know!

They would do cloning. They would clone the ones who had the ability to go through the time portals and that was in the beginning days, when they were just beginning to know how to do the Montauk stuff.

There are time portals at Montauk, that are literally forced open within the inter-dimensional grids. Itís a technology that can actually end up blowing up a planet. Itís not meant to be done. Itís something the Zetas did to their own planet. They forced a dimensional blend and it created a black hole that basically destroyed both their planet and its parallel.

This is what Montauk is going to go into if they keep playing with it the way theyíre going to. But theyíre planning to use first some major other things that we have to worry about more.

But I was part of the projects leading to Montauk, where they made clones of this body and they sent them back in time. They tell me I have one in about 1922, I have one in 1945, one in 1955.

There are around twelve, from what I hear. Even the Guardians donít know exactly how many. Iím not the only one thatís part of this project. I was just one of the sheep that were used for this experiment.

What they do with the cloned bodies is they take over, they allow the Avatar matrices that are 10-dimensional consciousness without body form of their own, to embody within the higher-coded bodies.

They create little armies and little operatives here and usually, once the cloning experiments are done, they destroy the original. Do you know why? Clones do not have a connection to the Soul Matrix, which is the 4th, 5th and 6th level of identity, the original does!

The connection between the clone and the Soul Matrix is the original. If you want to have a body pattern taken over without an identity, you clone one with the high coding, kill the original and then, you have a being that has no soul connection or any possibility to try to make a Soul connection.

This is what they are trying to do to this whole human race.

If they were the ones to get control, which is not going to be, our whole race would be mutated into a form of being that had whatís called the silver cord (which is a frequency of energy that runs between the lower dimensional parts and the higher dimensional parts), that silver cord would be severed permanently and there would be a genetic mutation.

They would make it so that silver cord could never be reattached. Thatís what they want to do to us. Weíre not going to let it happen.

So, when I talk to you about this, I lived through the pain of this nonsense, I did not have a childhood, or even an adolescence. Actually, my adolescence was kind of funny.

I took the wrap for being a runaway quite often, because it was much easier than explaining authorities I had an appointment on a spaceship.

When I was twelve to fifteen years old, try to explain why I missed a week of school and, sorry about it, I did not come home! If I had tried to explain that I had been taken on board spaceships, they would have had me locked up some place.

I was trained by the Guardians to never, ever tell until I was older, not until it was time, so my freedom would not be taken away from me, my freedom of speech and my freedom of thought.

Because you know, it happens, even today. If you have, say a teenager thatís having encounters or missing time, or who is being taken places and knows it, if they would talk to anybody, theyíre rushed off to a shrink and they are put on drugs.

Thatís scary. They take away their mental freedom chemically for even talking about these things. So, I was advised not to talk about it. So, I took the wrap by saying: "Okay, I ran away. I went somewhere, New York, whateverÖ"

 Conscious cover stories. Because if I told them that I was on spaceships being trained in inter-dimensional physics and things like that, they would have had a real problem with it and I would have lost my freedom.

It was also a torturous time, because the intruders were trying to kill the body. Once they realized Ö Once I hit age 16, I started to get the training in what the intruder agendas were, and the Guardians started to explain to me the drama that was taking place down here.

Thatís when I became a real danger, because the intruders knew that once I hit adulthood and the Guardians gave me the okay to talk, boy was I going to talk! And I was going to expose as far and wide as I could the plans that were taking place here.

So, they tried to kill me numerous times. They tried to use the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) technologies on me.

It got to the point, when I was 18 years old, I tried to kill this body to get out of it, because they had me so trapped in it. It was terrifying.

Fortunately, I guess, the Guardians intervened. They allowed a near-death experience to happen. That is a profound experience and I can explain to you what it is.

I like how science tries to rationalize that all this near-death is just a fleeting thing that happens, as the brain chemistry fires up. Sorry, consciousness came before brains. They havenít figured this out yet.

When you go into a near-death experience, the consciousness is raising in vibration. Itís dislodging itself from its immersion within the gene pattern and itís going to 4th-dimensional frequency first.

There is a repulsion zone, an electromagnetic repulsion zone, which is where particles spin against each other and they create like a repulsive magnetism between the third and the fourth dimension.

When you move through that dark tunnel, youíre going through the magnetic repulsion zone, your consciousness is moving through that frequency.

And when you go into the light at the end of the tunnel, youíre hitting 4th and 5th-dimensional frequency. Thatís what it will translate into for your consciousness.

What is higher than your consciousness, in vibrational oscillation, will appear as light.

This is what the process of a near-death experience is. At some point, if I ever have time and I donít have to talk about ETs, just to let people know whatís going on so they start to really pay attention, I would love to teach people about near-death experience, about what to expect and why you donít even have to be dead to have one.

Another thought. If you want to be prepared Ö I mean, we have two ways of getting out of here. Weíre either going to do it the traditional way, which is drop the body and die, or weíre going to transmute the cellular codes, which takes a little longer and not all of us have enough time to get it done, within the time frame thatís available.

So, a lot of people are going to choose to leave the usual way.

In facing death, so many people are terrified of this! Weíre not taught how to die here! Weíre not taught how to live, weíre not taught how to die either.

Dying is easy. There is a way of disengaging your consciousness from your chakra systems. When you get into situations where they are prolonging life by medicating you, where you canít even keep a thought in your head, theyíre blocking the natural process half the time.

When you cross over, if you manage to drag yourself out of that gene code, youíre going to be so disoriented, youíre not going to know which end is up! Youíre just going to flip through a bunch of errant thought patterns that you have and that you never assimilated before.

There are ways of knowing your bio-energetic system and to know whether you are going to live or die, whichever you choose. You will do it much better. You will do it with awareness, consciousness, you will not have to use medicines to keep you alive, you will be able to say: "Well, I guess the body is kind of worn out. May be itís time for a new reality space."

You wonít have to commit suicide. Thatís the chicken way. Only the ones who donít know how to do it, like me when I was eighteen, try to kill the body.

If you want to live, you do Soul integration and you become your Soul identity by integrating 4th, 5th and 6th-dimensional aspects of your being. From that level, you have the right to make a decision, whether you are going to stay or whether you are going to leave, and you will also have the mechanics where you simply say: "Okay, if I choose to go, I will arrange for something to happen to the body, an accident, you know, (there are no such things as accidents, actually) or you will simply lie down and leave.

Yogi masters know how to do this. So, this is stuff that has been here in little pieces all along. What Iím talking about is higher science, higher truth.

I donít know how long I have been going here, I could go on forever. Are we getting close to time? I mean Ö Okay, I will leave a little bit of time for questions, but I think Iíd like to get a drink of water before I do that.

Iíd just like to wrap up what I was talking about. We need to be aware of the personal stuff as far as the DNA, so we can make our transitions into these spaces, into these energy frequencies, more smoothly.

We donít have to be scared and we can overcome this ET problem. They (The Guardian Alliance people) explained it to me that way. There are a lot of people, especially in the New Age movement, that like to totally deny the existence of intruder ETs.

Oh, there are good ones, but there are no nasty ones. "Love, light and cluelessness" I like to call it. But there is also "love, light and awareness" and that is what we teach.

Boy, you know, I made a lot of enemies in the New Age circuit, and thatís just too bad. Iím telling you both sides! Weíre in a polarity universe here, and the answer is unity consciousness, Christ Consciousness, but youíre not going to get that if you pretend the other side of the polarity does not exist!

Itís just like saying: "Well, I donít like gravity so, Iím going to pretend it does not exist." Itís going to affect you anyway.

Now, if you know how to activate your DNA at certain levels, you can transcend the effects of gravity, yes you can!

Youíre not going to learn how to transcend it if you ignore it. Youíre not going to make it go away by pretending it does not exist. You need to learn the mechanics to transcend certain conditions that are affecting people on a mass level.

This is what a lot of the New Age stuff does not teach you. It teaches you some real good stuff, like "thoughts are things" and this kind of thing. Yes, they are, but we are dealing with a mass thought-field here, a multi-dimensional mass thought-field.

Weíre dealing with race karma, not just personal karma. Weíre all connected to this or we would not be here right now!

We need to acknowledge both sides, and acknowledge the solutions that are bringing the two sides together, and it has to happen first in ourselves. Thatís where the personal work with the New Age stuff comes in.

You work with all sorts of different things to release blocked things, here and there. There are a lot of good things you can do. You can do toning, you can go to a shaman school, there are all sorts of things.

The easiest way is to learn Keylontic Morphogenetic Science. That goes beyond the chakra system, into the core of the blueprint. Thatís where things can be shifted from and change from.

Thatís why I am setting up The Institute for Keylontic Science. It can be applied to healing, it can be applied to manifestation abilities, I mean, yes, when you get good at this, you can learn to make things happen!

There are certain codes (of behaviour) though. You only get to have a certain knowledge and once youíve demonstrated that you will use it fairly, and not use it to harm other beings Ö I mean, look at the Zeta, they get to play with a lot of technologies and theyíre doing a lot of harm with it.

But I would hope that you would be interested in some of the programs we have to offer, okay? Iím just getting going with these and Iíve been under a lot of attack, more and more, these workshops I give, because next workshop I give releases the next level of data.

There have been attempts, stupid little things arranged to make sure I did not have stuff done on time or did not get there on time, but I still manage to get there! YeahÖ

(end of side B - One tape only)

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