submitted by a friend (name withheld by request)

Note from Dee:  3-13-01

I would like to preface this dream with some extra information which I believe to be related to these dreams because this family has had some strange things going on this past week.  

One day, the husband went to open the bedroom door and before he touched the knob, it turned and the door opened. He thought perhaps one of his kids was in the room, but when he looked behind the door there was no one there.

The next day, the wife went to open the bedroom door, turned the knob and the door had a lot of resistance behind it. She had to push really hard to get it open.  Thinking one of the kids was behind the door, she looked and there was no one there.

The following day, after suffering from terrible heartburn during the night, she had left a large bottle of colored Tums on the nightstand and left the room, closing the door to get her kids ready for school.  After they left, she went back to the bedroom to make the bed and get dressed herself.  There on the nightstand , next to the bottle of tums, were 4 neatly stacked piles of tums, all perfectly color coordinated.  She was pretty certain that no one had been in the room since she left it, but since her kids were in school, she couldn't ask them.

A couple of days went by without incident, then while she was talking on the telephone with me, she said she suddenly smelled an aroma in the air in her kitchen that reminded her of the inside of a church ... kind of like blown out candles and incense ... not a really bad smell... but definitely reminded her of being inside a church.

Then last night, her husband and herself had matching dreams about not being able to sleep on the same floor. In both of their dreams, she was forced by the mother in the dream to sleep on the couch and her husband was made to sleep upstairs alone. That was freaky enough, but then her kids woke up and after disgussing their dreams of the night, discovered that each of the kids had had the same dream, and her daughter's dream, being remembered more completely  also matched one of her other dreams.  

This is way too coincidental to be merely dreams ... it sounds more like astral experiences ...  I'll let the dreams speak for themselves.  See what follows:

Subj: dream

Date: 3/13/2001

From: (name withheld)


I dreamed that my husband and I bought a new house. It was very beautiful both inside and outside. It was furnished and I was a bit concerned because I didn't know if the furnishing came with the house or if someone would show up soon and take them.

There was another thing in the house. It was a ghost of a man. He was a good looking man who was very VERY nice. He was so polite and seemed so kind. It was as if he was the PERFECT person. He was practically angelic.

I was sitting with him and talking to him when I asked, "So you're a ghost?" and he said yes. And I pointed out that it was odd that he was such a nice guy for a ghost; that as a ghost, he should still have human faults etc. He said something like, "I guess I'm just a great guy."

I mentioned to him that I didn't like the fact that even though he was such a very nice person, he liked to hang around my daughters bedroom. He said, "What could be the problem I'm a ghost!"

Then I said.. "So, since you're a ghost, you know the rules, you have to answer any questions I ask totally honestly."

He said, "Well then you have to ask the right questions", and smirked at me.

I first asked him if he believed in God. He easily said, "Yes!".

Then I realized that that wasn't a good question, because even evil believes in God. So I asked him if was involved with Evil and the Devil.

He said, in the same tone, like a child getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, "Yes! Yes I am."

With his words, he tranformed into a hideous purple and green creature with throbbing veins. He was truly hideous. He yelled out that the was going to destroy me and drag my family to hell and into unending pain and suffering etc.

I looked at him and said loudly, "GET OUT OF HERE!"

He said, "NO!"

I said, "You know the rules. If I tell you to get out, you have to get out!"

He then turned, again behaving like a child and slouched his shoulders and left. Then he was gone.

End of dream

The next morning when I woke up, My daughter told me she had a dream that there was a very very nice man in her bedroom. She said he was really nice to her and she thought he was a really great guy, but Mom made him leave the house.

It was rather too close a coincidence if you ask me.