7-5-88 - DREAM -I went to a baseball game which turned into a horseshow and met some people. I was told that people greet each other by raising the right hand and touching fingers to show they meant no harm. I avoided meeting people because the area looked ominous and unfriendly. I finally found an area (a row of houses) I thought I could deal with. The fences were difficult to get through and a young boy tried to help me.

He then said that I should put a muzzle rope on a mule to train and control it. When I did, the rope became a hose and the hose was the birth canal for the mule which was to give birth to 12 snakes. The first snake was born. It had a 'wise...all knowing" look about it. It had a long fin on top like an eel. The rest of the snakes began to be born but they all withered and died immediately. but the one snake (the first one) stayed healthy and strong.

by Dee

9-27-90 VISION during prayer. A horrible green dragon came up out of the ground in the Mid-East.


Q. Is this dragon the same as referred to in the Book of Revelation - Chapter 12?

A. The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be.

A. It was made by India for use in World War III.

Q. Will the Chinese get involved on Iraq's side?

A. They are already involved.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. Would you like to see what it looks like? I then saw the side of a large building. It was a horrible mess. The voice said: "It is not nice to see."

A. I am gong to arrange the opponents." I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. Voice said, "This is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope, very taut.

A. Voice said, "Everyone will be afraid of it." I saw a square drawn by hand rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.

NOTE: REV 12:12 - Rejoice, O heavens! You citizens of heaven, rejoice! Be glad! But woe to you people of the world, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.

12:13 And when the Dragon found himself cast down to earth, he persecuted the woman who had given birth to the child.

by Dee

3-8-91 - Dream: I was with my mother and we were going to take a bus east. We started out at 27th St. My mother said, "Oh! Is this the bus that goes to Farwell?" We went around the corner onto Center St. I recognized the buildings. We were at housetop level - flying. There were no people or vehicles on the street. When we got to 16th St. the street narrowed down to a hallway in my own house and we had to go past two dogs which were my own. One was white and one was black. We then came to a large window that opened outward.

There was now a priest on my left and a man on my right. As we proceeded through the window I made a comment that the window was significantly larger than it was before when I went through it.

Instead of being outside, we were now entering an inner chamber used for meditation. It was decorated in purple and blue patterned wallpaper. There was 1/2 a wall ahead and there was a man sitting there in Lotus position. He was meditating. He had an Edgar Cayce book on his lap and a Cobra snake coiled at his feet.

The priest noted the snakes' presence and the man on my right reached into the room without disturbing the meditator, picked up the snake by the head and opening the door, threw it outside into the darkness.

by Dee

6-5-91 Dream: In two separate dreams, I was given gold healing wands. The longest one was three inches long. There was like an arrowhead point on it except that they were equilateral triangles and part of the tip swiveled so that when the triangle part was laid on the body, an inner section tilted to lay flat on the body. There was a design etched into the triangle part that resembled the doctors staff with the snake entwined around it. I was told that these could be manufactured, but they could not be more than three inches across because  that's as far as any body orifice could be stretched (ouch)

by Dee

7-17-91 - Dream: I went to a river (name unremembered) and a factory with a
big train attached to a huge underground granite mine. There were many
Mexican people working there. I sort of took myself on a self-tour of the factory,
touching certain articles and hoping I wouldn't be seen. I then went to a hotel
room for the night.

While I was in my room, the phone rang. It was my mother. She said, "I have a
special treat for you." Another woman said, "Hello!" Instantly, I knew who it was. I
said, "Terri!" Instantly I was transported into her presence along with a small
group of her disciples. She extended her arms out to greet me. I was thrilled. I
put my arms out to hug her and when she came into my arms, she turned her
back to me and writhed like a snake. I was dismayed to be greeted like that.

Then she introduced me to her disciples. When they greeted me, they took my
hands upraised in a circle. I went into an instant trance and swooned to the floor.

I could see a past life where I was a man I was educated and an artist. I saw a
long narrow panel of cuneiform type printing of triangles facing different directions
and then spanish words I knew the meaning of as I read them. I awoke (in the
dream) to find myself laying on the floor with one of the male disciples running
his fingers up and down my naked body, which had generated the reincarnation

I was surprised because I had never had an interest in Mexico. Then I
remembered that I had always had a fascination for the ancient Mayan history.

I got up from the floor, got dressed and then was taken into a smaller room. I was
introduced to an older man who sat at a table on which was a circle of candles
and by each candle was a small dish with salt water in it. Each dish had several
gem stones, a different kind to each dish. I was invited to pick up an amethyst
heart stone of my choice, hold it and make a prophetic projection from the
vibrations I would feel. I was to do that with a stone from each dish.

When that was done, I found myself back in the original room. Some people I
knew came to get me to take me back home. Terri was in the room and as I
introduced her to each of my friends, she greeted them by putting out her arms,
making a sudden turn, presenting her back and writhing around their bodies like
a snake. Again I felt dismay and embarrassment for them to be greeted in such
a manner.

As I left then, the people of the granite mine came to thank me for coming. They
were thrilled that I had come and made pronouncements of great value over a
spanish oil painting and other articles I had touched.

The man who was escorting me out took me to a bedroom and began making
sexual advances on me. His tongue was sharp edged and very unpleasant. I
said to him, "My boyfriend would kill me if I cheated on him." The man said, "I
have to admit that that's part of the special fascination I have for you, thinking that
if I have you for a lover, that you are risking death."

I gave that some thought and whether or not I would be found out if I kept my shut
and I decided that I would feel too guilty and turned the man down. I left the room
and woke up.

by Dee

12-9-91 - VISIONS - The voice said, "There will be black and white snakes and they will have to have their heads cut off, but unfortunately there will be black snakes and those will have to have their heads cuts off.

VISION #2 - I saw myself in a school in India with two Swami teachers dressed all in white with wrapped heads. There were children leaving the big tiled floor reception/lecture room through big french doors to go play outside on the vast lawns. The Swami by the door said, "The snakes represent the vast array of truths, half truths, and outright untruths which must be cut off."

by Dee

By James Furia - It was February 11th, 1994. I woke up, but quickly realized that I was still dreaming. I started my practice of moving in that realm. Becoming fully aware in a dream is a powerful act in itself; nothing could have prepared me for the coming life changing event. I returned to my bedroom; still lucid, I started to move objects in my room, the proceeded to write in my dream journal. It was at that instant when I noticed there was something in the doorway of my room. Oh my God, it was something I'd never seen before in this life or in a dream, or anywhere in the farthest depths of my imagination. It cannot be described it was so foreign.

I can describe it only in our terms, that is, it is hard to describe something from another world in our language. The closest I can come is to say it had eyes but no nose or mouth and no arms or legs. It resembled a snake about four feet tall, very thick, perhaps the width of a barber shop pole. It was glowing luminously bright, not the kind of glow that lights up a room, but like none that I'd ever seen The color of this creature was a memorable unearthly yellowish green The being was sizzling energy, and it was this energy that caused me to believe that my life had changed. This energy was so far beyond anything I'd ever felt, it too is indescribable.

Even though this been had no arms, it was holding a wand, a rod, or a cord. The entity arrived so fast I did not even have time to be shocked or scared as this thing was advancing into my room waving that wand. At the same time, I yelled, an animal growl that is only known to me in dreams. A frightening growl, the kind that scares me as well as whatever I'm snarling at. I also had a wand in my hand, I waved it at the same time the being was waving and approaching. There was something else behind me, and at the time I felt this, suddenly with faster than lightning speed this glow thing traveled to outside my window to my left. Before I felt brave, but this maneuver sent me into panic. I thought, "I must wake up! I must get back into my body."

I moved and lay down in my bed. My legs were not my legs, but a memory of them. Like wearing sunglasses all day, when taking them off, it feels as if they are still there. This made me know that I had to do something more than lay down to completely return. I drastically slapped myself in the face. The I actually woke up, physically slapping myself in the face!  It worked, I was really awake. That's when the fear began on a much higher level, increasing in months to come. The experience itself was not that scary; I though I handled it well. The scary part was the slap and all that happened after this complex, lucid dream.

The fear that was to come in waking life became as puzzling as bizarre. I knew I had done something dangerous. How did I know that I wouldn't dream of dodging a train and wake up physically jumping out of my window? The visit from the light being proved to be a constant obsession with me. Some nights after, I would stay up all night with the lights on, terrified to go to sleep. At certain times in the middle of the day, a wave of fear would come over me sending me, running out of my house to explore the premises. Strange entities would appearing broad waking daylight at my window I could not see them, but could always feel their presence. I would have moved on from these incidents if not for the persisting, unexplained fear. Although the fear continued, the events of February, 1994 tattooed me with perpetual awareness. it was the scariest time of my life.

I could not shake the feeling that something important had happened. I had heard that there were other people who claimed they'd been abducted by aliens, and that hypnotists could help them with their fear. I reluctantly went to see a hypnotist only because I was having trouble dealing with the fear.


8-4-92 - DREAM - I was in an upper room where a ceremony was to take place. There was a big white circle on the floor. They called in Bob G. and asked him to step into the center of the circle, then they took a forked stick and pulled a pure white snake out of a circular holder in which it had been held captive and handed it to Bob. He was instructed to use it wisely to help people.

1996 - My spider dreams are always unexpected, but the spiders are often large and I wake up sweating, convulsively flicking them off my body. In late october I dreamt of a strange woman with her back to me. Her skin was rough, like bark, and covered with snakes coiled in pairs, symmetrically forming cadaceus shapes. While her back, down to the base of the spine, was darkly pigmented, her remaining skin was pale. I felt a simultaneous attraction and revulsion.

by Ashley Rye

Joe Mason's response:

Yes, it is Pallas Athena, also known as Minerva to the Romans. She was the weaver among the Olympians, as Vulcan was the smith. The peasant girl, Arachne, offended Minerva by declaring that her own weaving was superior. The goddess challenged the girl to a weaving contest. They finished their work at the looms at the same moment, and Arachne's work equaled that of the goddess. Angered furiously, Minerva slit the web from top to bottom and beat the girl on the head with her shuttle. Arachne was furious, disgraced, and hanged herself. Minerva's heart was then touched, so she lifted the body from the noose and sprinkled it with a magic liquid. Arachne was transformed into a spider, and she retained her weaving skill.

This is, of course, how our word, "arachnophobia," fear of spiders, came to us.

My guess as to the woman in your dream is that it is Kali, the feminine energy involved in this cycle of time. The harlot of Revelation 17 has the same meaning, I do think. The bark and the snakes are suggestive of the Tree of Knowledge, which I believe refers to the infinite ideal potential in the dream reality. Eve, our small feminine/dreaming/intuitive/ right-brained self, "eats" the fruit first, then gives it to Adam, our male/rational/waking-state/left-brain self, which then brings the ideal into manifestation, depending on the interpretation.

In Taoist mythology, she is the half-serpent solvern over the fifth element, wood.

The "snakes coiled in pairs, symmetrically forming cadaceus shapes," is VERY interesting. This, of course, it the symbol of Hermes, Mercury to the Romans. It is still used by the medical profession as their symbol. There are some hints that the intertwined snakes may be related to Ida and Pengala, the "spine snakes" of the chakras, and also to the double-helix of DNA.

The snakes also remind me of the Gorgon, Medusa. Perseus, guided by Hermes, was the hero who killed her and cut off her head. Here is a quote from Hamilton's "Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes," pages 145-146:

"By great good fortune they were all asleep when Perseus found them (the Gorgons). In the mirror of the bright shield he could see them clearly, creatures with great wings and bodies covered with golden scales and hair a mass of twisting snakes. Athena was beside him now as well as Hermes. They told him which one was Medusa and that was important, for she alone of the three could be killed; the other two were immortal. Perseus on his winged sandals hovered above them, looking, however, only at the shield. Then he aimed a stroke down at Medusa's throat and Athena guided his hand. With a single sweep of his sword he cut through her neck and, his eyes still fixed on the shield with never a glance at her, he swooped low enough to seize the head. "

Edith quotes:

"So over the sea, rich-haired Danae's son,   Perseus, on his winged sandals sped,   Flying swift as thought. In a wallet of silver,   A wonder to behold,   He bore the head of the monster, While Hermes, the son of Maia, The messenger of Zeus,   Kept ever at his side."

Maia, from whom our month of May derives, was one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.  

The idea I get about the symbolism of Kali, based on many dreams, and a study of myths and religions, is that symbolically, she is like a strict school teacher-mother. In our childhood time cycle in the lower three chakras, she enforces karmic law, and induces changes in us through stressful events. It is not a reward/punishment system, just a learning one, through experience.

According to Joseph Campbell, the serpent represents the ability to change, by the death/rebirth of shedding the old skin.

This may help explain your simultaneous attraction and revulsion of her.

At the end of the cycle, which seems near, Kali is killed off, and a new, positive cycle begins. I believe this is actually a transformation of Kali into her true position as Queen of Heaven, symbolised by the Woman With Child in Revelation 12. We will have advanced beyond the "11:11," 3 and 1/2 level, to the fourth-Heart chakra. The karmic or judgment stage will be completed, and karma will end, or become entirely positive. Abundance is the natural way of things, according to a message I received in a dream. We only hold it back by our childish ways.

You see, it is like being strict on your children as they grow up. A more friendly and loving relationship develops when the children are grown.

Room of Snakes?

Date: 96-06-16 19:13:42 EST

This dream occurred after a frightening phone conversation. A friend of mine learned she was involved(unknowingly) with a man who had a criminal record and was considered armed and dangerous. In my dream I entered a room alone sensing there was danger. Once in the room I realized there was a wall on which a dozen. large snakes were hanging. One snake approached me and I was able to get out. I woke up telling myself "You knew there was trouble there but you didn't trust your intuition.

by anonymous


From: anonymous

My husband has recurring dreams of snakes wrapping around his legs and him dodging the bites (quite effectively). He dreams that he is kicking them off. He absolutely loathes snakes in real life and normally he can't even remember his dreams but this one has been bothering him for years and continues. What does it mean? He also had a dream once about a talking alligator that took on the voice of a friend he works with. The only dreams he can remember - ever since I have known him - always include reptiles - snakes, alligators, turtles, frogs, lizards etc. What's the significance?


Last night I dreamed that I had to defend my wife and son against some large snakes living in the attic of our home.

Decoding DS Snakes

Date: 96-07-13


Expect to have some type of arguments coming your way.

by anonymous

08/07/96 -- I am lying in bed, I can feel someone lying next to me even though I know I am dead. I can see, hear, and think, but I know I am dead..I am cold and I can feel my own skin, stretched like thin rubber over stone. The wall next to the bed is a honeycombed type structure, with snakes in every cell.. thousands of them, reaching out into the room but never actually leaving the honeycomb. I am naked and I feel the snakes biting me, one after another as I stand before them. I am lying in bed again, still dead yet I am looking down upon myself...someone speaks to me, I cannot remember what is said but I reply, " I know...that is why I died".

by anonymous

10/30/96 -- It started off with me and three of my friends sitting outside of school in a strange minivan. Except our school was no longer a normal high school but a kind of boarding school where we were only allowed one day off per week. We all got out of the van and I noticed that it was kind of overcast. When I looked off into the city I saw a tornado that was making the tallest building sway back and forth touching the ground each time it swayed. Right after that the tornado dissipated into the clouds. A strange pool of blood started forming where the tornado had gone into the clouds until it had spread over the entire sky. At that point we all started running toward the school until we were at the top of the stairs except for my friend Chris who stayed at the bottom. Then a huge wall of a strange fractal image appeared and kept getting closer to us. It was huge and consumed everything as it got closer until it was at the bottom of the stairs in front of Chris. Then from top to bottom of the wall a jagged line like teeth appeared and Chris was gone. So I ran inside screaming for help but no one moved for awhile they just looked at me like I was crazy. Finally a strange woman came outside with me to see what was going on. But when we went outside it was just an overcast day but none of my friends were there at all, they had disappeared. The only thing we found was the skeleton of a seven foot snake just outside the door with the skin still rotting off of it. That was my dream.  

by anonymous

By Jo Goodman on May 13, 1997

There is a woman in a prison, like a small jail. Suddenly there are UFOs hovering - which she can see, though they are outside. There is a glowing white light that fills the room. She goes into another section and someone tells her that some women have gone on the UFO. When they return they give her a feather, which she wears above her ear.

I'm on an airplane and hoping my husband arrives before take-off, it seems we had forgotten about the trip, and that we are to meet other people we are traveling with. I sit down beside a man who has a drink. I look out the window and see that the plane is sitting on a beach. I can see into the water and I see what I think are long orange fish. Then I realize these are the legs or tentacles of a huge sea creature like a squid. A woman comes onto the plane and I recognize her as being with our travel group. I start to follow her, then we are back in the airport, going to the plane. I go down steps, along a corridor and when someone asks my name, I wake.

I'm sitting at a wooden table talking to two other women. I see that beneath the table is a large snake. Then it disappears and I am surprised to see two small snakes take its place.

7-7-97 contributed by Joe Mason

You may get some ideas from the material below. As with most symbols, it can have many meanings to people. It's also associated with dragon energy, that is telleric, dowsable energy. Perhaps your dream is related to that.

The big meaning to me is in the camel/lion/baby story below. On an individual level, it is about overcoming conditioning in childhood. On a grand scale, it is humanity's beliefs through the ages, that keep us enslaved. It often has "underground" or "underwater" symbolism, meaning that the beliefs/emotions are in the unconscious. Therefore, we are considered unconscious co-creators of the reality.

We tend to think of this dragon force as the devil and evil, but my dreams indicate that it is part of a plan, a learning experience. Some dreams indicate that we are somehow helping the overall, that is, other dimensions, in the process. It's like the negative energy being given to earth, so that we discharge it. I relate this to the part in Rev. 12, where the earth comes to help by swallowing the river poured out by the dragon. Michael and his angels were loosing the battle, meaning that the other dimensions needed our help. We apparently are volunteers - we agreed to do it by "Covenant," like a contract, as indicated in Daniel 9:27 (which relates to the 3 1/2 symbolism of Rev. 12:14, Daniel 12:7, Rev. 11:2, 3, and 11, and others).

I think I mentioned the theory before that Satan is fashioned after Typhon-Set, the opponent force. It's actually a "purifying" function, such as Joshua being a brand plucked from the fire in Zechariah 3. Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4, are related to the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Rev. 11:11.

The big change involves the overcoming of the dragon-opponent force. Symbolically, we return from underground or underwater, to become conscious co-creators. The lion slays the dragon, and becomes the baby, the one inside the Woman With Child in Rev. 12:1.

The Biblical story and the Grail stories are all about the Lion/Judah Royal Bloodline down through the generations. This is a big part of the symbolism of the 1999 Solar eclipse, with the sun in Leo, and a Grand Cross in the heavens.

There's a lot more to the whole story, but, that's the basic idea of the dragon part, in my theory.

Later dude and dudette!



Code UFO: The scene: out in the middle of deep black space...in the distance I see the planet earth... then I see another planet come into view... suddenly the other planet begins to undulate and squirm... UFO: getting larger and larger... then it smoothly morphs into a gigantic dragon... and opens its huge mouth... and swallows the earth whole.... then morphs back into the shape of a planet. End of dream.

Had the dream about 15 years ago, I think.


JMason4557: These words, "as with a flood" indicate exactly what I mentioned this morning on the telephone..i.e., that floods can be symbolic.

Dee777: Let me tell you the Revelations part now.

Dee777: on 9-27-90 A huge green dragon was seen to come up out of the ground in the Mid-East.

JMason4557: Is that from your dream?

Dee777: That was a vision during prayer.,

JMason4557: Wow...see the date...9-27, i.e. Daniel 9:27!

Dee777: oh, wow. I didn't notice that either. Two heads are definitely better than one on this stuff.

Dee777: I asked if the Dragon was the same one as in Revelations 12. This is what I got ... more

JMason4557: Really something, honey. What a sync and a half...or I should day 3 and 1/2!

Dee777: #1 - The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be.

#2 - It was made by India for use in World War III.

JMason4557: And Rev. 12 refers back to Daniel 12:7 - "a time, two times, and half a time." ...more..

JMason4557: Another sync...remember Jeff's dream of the oriental woman and stains on the garments? I mentioned before that Oriental is "foreigner/stranger," i.e. from the other reality.

Dee777: yes! This all fits together.


JMason4557: This is an old one. You are born a camel. You get down on your knees, and a load is put upon you. ...more...

Dee777: okay...I'm putting masking tape across my face to get the grin off

JMason4557: When you grow up, and leave home, you become a lion. The lion eventually runs into a dragon, which has "Thou Shalt" written on each of its scales...more..

JMason4557: The Lion slays the dragon, and then transforms into a baby. ...more..

JMason4557: The heaver the load, the stronger the lion.

JMason4557: Finito! Get it?

Dee777: yes! That's a truth.

Dee777: I couldn't get the grin off my face...it's still there

JMason4557: My dear, you had a heavy load, but you are a strong Lioness!

Grin on....I Love it!

NOTE: This was an IM conversation between Joe Mason and Dee in July of 1997

10-31-97 - DREAM - I was going to clean the house and I looked over at the vacuum cleaner. It was a tank type like a fat silver bomb shape or torpedo shape. It's handle and wand and hose stood on end with the head up in the air writhing and threatening me like a snake about to strike.

I felt threatened but refused to be intimidated. I went over to it and grabbed it right behind the head and proceeded to tie the hose into several knots. Nevertheless it managed to squirm its head loose and bit me once like an electrical jolt on the back of my left hand. I shoved the head down the front end of a water pipe so that if it tried to strike again, it would electrocute itself.

I then spent some time showing a guy how well the cleaner cleaned the rug like a carpet shampooer. It was very spotty cleaned. It wasn't good enough, so I took it down to the basement garage. A black neighbor named Bud (means 'herald') (Note: In the next dream this same guy says his name is Nash - short for National and was musclebound)

I shoved the cleaner all the way across the garage floor and he took it away.

I then met another old black woman friend whose name is Marcella (means  'warring') She and I were friends - then turned enemies over a man's affections. She lived in the same building as me but way over on the other end. I decided to go see where she lived and use her bathroom. She took me into a long series of twisting hallways and past doorways that were hard to get past.

When I got inside her apartment, it was huge. The floors were dark brown wood, all the furniture was dark brown wood and antique. It seemed quite dark, but the rooms were very large and there were so many of them. I told her she had a wonderful apartment. She said, "I have the whole deck". I looked out one door and there was a huge concrete terrace with walls around it with doric-like pillars under the railing.

In another direction, the huge door went out to a huge parking structure where hundreds of cars were parked and in the westerly direction were also hundreds of cars parked.

At that point it felt like we were in the middle of a parking garage and I no longer thought it was so great and I asked where the bathroom was because where I thought the bathroom was, was another parking lot filled with cars.

NOTE: The following dream goes with the previous one.

10-31-97 - DREAM - In the next dream, a man was trying to sell me a new vacuum cleaner. It was silvery colored. The man pointed out that it had no dangerous head at the end of the wand, but I knew also that it was useless without it.

I went inside the building which was a school apartment. Every time a kid went through the hall, I had to pack up the streamers or decorations they dropped by hand.

Then, I saw the man I had given the old vacuum cleaner to. He was just wearing swimming trunks and was very muscular. I had been trying to think of his name for hours and couldn't come up with it. So, I went up to him and said, "I'm sorry!

I'm been trying to think of your name and just can't remember it." He said,  "That's all right. That happened to people all the time." I said, "I've been calling you "Muscle Man" or Muscle Bound" instead. (He was very muscular.) He was pleased and said, "My name is Nash and it stands for National" I thanked him for telling me and went on towards a classroom.

The kids were leaving after working on a Christmas project for their parents. I had to pick up all the stuff they left behind on the floor.

One little boy didn't want to go home but wanted to stay with me. I said, "I'm sorry, but you have to go home." He put his Christmas picture on the floor by my wall instead of taking it home.

by Dee

11-7-97 - DREAM - I was out in the country and went out in the yard where M.M.
and some other's were gathering. They were setting small bleacher seats up by
the garage. M.M. asked me about growing flowers and asked if Joe had ever
given me any flowers. Just as she said that , Joe came walking by with a large
snake plant. I smiled and said, "He's the sweetest man in the world." She said
that other people should share their excess flowers. I told her I used to have a
large yard where I grew flowers and that I had given lots of flowers away in my

She then asked me if my hair had ever been dark and while she was asking, her
hair was getting darker and darker until it was black. I told her that my hair used
to be light brown at one time, but that I had dyed it black once and it looked so
awful, I immediately dyed it blonde again.

Joe told me to turn around and when I did, there was a huge TV screen larger
than the garage set up and the bleachers filled up with lots of young men. They
had brought the screen so we could all watch the Packers play in the Super

by Dee

1998 - I have been dreaming about snakes practically every night for over a month. This is quite strange because I never encountered snakes in my dream prior to this time. The snakes in my dreams have never been frightening. Instead, they have been intriguing. However, last night, I dreamt that I was standing at the top of a stairwell. I was in someone's kitchen, and I opened a door that led down to the basement. As I was about to descend the staircase, i saw a huge rattlesnake at my feet. I wanted to jump, but I knew if I moved too quickly the snake would bite. Instead, I grabbed a pitchfork and stabbed the snake just as it bit my hand. Even though the dream would have been terrifying in real life, it was not very scary in my dream. I stabbed the snake twice, with two separate pitchforks. I was really proud of myself. I showed the bite on my hand to my boyfriend, and he sucked out the venom.

by anonymous

The Lake, Earl Sinclair, & The Snakes 1/28/98

Date: 98-01-29

From: drmlink@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

Laura and I were floating along in a lake going from one side to the other far across the water. She held a little rubber toy of one of the cast of the dinosaurs and I also found one of Earl Sinclair floating in the water. I picked it up before it sank and squeezed the water out of two little holes in the top of its head. I don’t know what we were floating on but it was something like a little board. Each of us had one and we were paddling along trying to stay together.

When we got to the other side there was a water fall and before I realized it I was nearly swept over the fall so I paddled around 180 degrees and out of the strong current. I worked my way back to Laura where in the process I dropped the Earl doll. I was more concerned about having both hands to paddle with at that moment. Once I was back along the shore line with Laura I looked back and saw the Earl doll was gone and something had moved under the water turning up a wake where the doll had once been. Did it just sink ? I thought not, it didn’t have time. Did something pull it under ? Most likely. If so what ? My next thought was to get out of the water ASAP which is what we did.

Laura went to the shore at the corner and I went to the dam to the left of the spillway.

The water was much lower now, only a stream 4 or 5 feet wide flowed between two concrete sections of a dam. I climbed up on the left section of the dam and was watching the water flowing over it and into the stream 6-10 feet below that lead off into the trees. As I watched the flow narrowed again and a 2 inch section of what looked like concrete came up out of the main wall under me lifting me up from the dam and narrowing the spillway again. Facing the lake and realizing the water was now becoming very shallow I considered methods I might  se to recover the little Earl doll from the bottom of the lake. I considered the water couldn’t be more than a few feet deep. I even considered diving after it with SCUBA gear but the thing that really put me off was the thought that SOMETHING dangerous was living in that water and I didn’t know what it was.

I looked back to see the water had gone to a trickle over the spillway and then someone called "what are you doing on that dam there mister?" I looked up to see a women park ranger standing on the bank a few feet from the dam. I didn’t say anything to her at that moment but then suddenly another wider section of the dam rose up under me to once again conceal the 2 inch section that had come up out of it before. Now I sat on a segment of concrete wall about 8 to 10 inches thick. The land had appeared across an area near the shore line. Water weeds and moss covered the muddy land. I looked but no sign of the little Earl dinosaur doll was to be seen.

The women said something about the snakes that live in this lake. I looked and there was something moving in the mud about 3 or 4 feet long but it looked more like a worm than a snake. As I watched there appeared another one to the right. The closer I looked the more I saw until I realized they were in fact some kind of snakes. Then I saw a large striped one moving from the bank down toward the water and the women called it by some name which I didn’t understand right away. She reached down and took hold of it by the tail and then put her hand near its head. It opened its mouth and hissed at her but didn’t strike. It was evident she had a certain amount of fear of the animal. This snake must have been 7 feet long. It had black, egg-shell (brownish white), and red bands around it like some species of Western US king snakes. It was evident this snake had crawled out of the woods and was moving toward the snakes hidden in the mud and grass where the water had subsided. So I said "Is that a king snake" and she said "no, it’s what I call a "Nuremberg".

"A what ?" I asked.

Then she answered saying the name two different ways, both starting with an "N" and ending with a "..berg" but the name I remember now was "Nuremberg".

"It looks like a large king snake" I told her. When I saw the puzzled look on her face I said "you know a non poisonous snake with short teeth that eats other snakes including poisonous ones."

She said she would love to pick it up but she was afraid to. Then I reached out with my foot and put it gently on the snake behind its head just enough to hold it so the women could pick it up. As she did I looked up and saw two other larger snake heads rise up from the mud to see what was going on and then dream ended.


Do we see a "toy" of a challenge in this dream ?

If I'm not mistaken Nuremberg is a city in Germany. I'm not sure what the history of that city or town is, but I have heard the name before. I think it is the city where they held the Nazi trials.

Snakes are symbols of deceptions. These snakes live in that water and brother are they well hidden. Even after the water had been let down so I could see the bottom around the edges it took awhile before I saw any of the snakes.

A "king snake" is something of a tricky symbol depending on one’s own personal understanding of snakes. Having owned 17 different species of snakes at one time and several of them for a few years I have learned the main symbol of the snake is that of deception. Another thing I have learned is that while all snakes deserve a good deal of respect quite a few of them are really our friends. The most important of all snakes is the "king snake" because it eats other snakes and many of them poisonous are very dangerous to us. We take this concept and see how the lady park ranger had such a great deal of respect and love for the king snake she wanted to hold in her hands. The other thing we notice from this dream is this snake didn’t come out of the water but was going down to the water’s edge from the woods. It was heading into the area where all the really dangerous snakes were living. It is then a symbol of a deception that consumes other deceptions. Now consider the Biblical events when Moses was trying to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go from the land of Egypt. He placed his staff on the floor before Pharaoh and it turned into a snake. Then Pharaoh commanded his magicians to do likewise and as such their staffs also turned into snakes. Then Moses’s snake consumed all of the other snakes. Moses then took his snake by the tail and it once again became a staff. There is a meaning is this that is very deep but in simple terms it means that God has a deception of his own that can and will consume the deceptions of the world and of the establishment. God will set his people free and  he will use a powerful deception to do it with but that deception is not against his people, it is against the deceptions of the world to set things right. Yet many of God’s own people will not recognize this work which God will do before them and many will misunderstand it, not knowing where it came from or what it is. Some of them will even say it is the work of the devil, before their eyes are opened, before they can be given understanding. (I will even say this staff (of Moses) that changes into a snake that eats the other snakes is all ready in progress. Like so many other things that God has set in motion, it has been designed and has existed from the very start. It is something that will not be recognized by the powers of darkness until it is to late for them.)

What of the "Earl Sinclair doll?" I found this thing floating in that lake. I picked it up and took it with me as I crossed the lake. It is symbolic of some kind of information. Sinclair is the name of a petroleum company who used the symbol of a brontosaurus on their signs. This is also where the last name for the "Dinosaurs" in the TV show came from. The word or name is also a sound alike symbol in dreams. The first clue being "Sin" which means to be separated from God. Sin is a condition of being rather than a single act. This "Sin" is found in this lake. The lake is large, it could represent the entire world in that respect. The dam was relatively small however and indicated the depth at the dam was perhaps not more than 10 or 15 feet.

The dream subject is important and may affect a lot of people judging from the size of the lake.

This dream appears to have more than just personal repercussion for me. It appears to be something of interest to many other people.


From: drmlink@drm-link.org (Bryon Smith)

The following dream is very important for those who are curious of the past. And those who learn the truth concerning the past will also have knowledge concerning the future.

Black Jesus Christ

Again found myself on and island. Though I never saw the ocean. I understood that I was on an island. There was a black man with me as a guide. I was searching for something as usual. We passed through a thick bunch of trees. Entering onto a hill covered with grass. We walk up toward the top of the hill and looked around. Seeing the entire area was surrounded by thick trees and at the north end their was a large wall with carvings on it. When I looked down I saw we were standing on bare ground. Something very heavy had moved over this area and had skinned the grass from the hillside very much like heavy earth moving equipment would. Their were skid marks where the thing had slid on the side of the hill. I asked the man with me if there was heavy equipment on this island. He said no equipment was on this island. Again I looked at the skid marks searching for a clue as to what had made the marks. Then I realized the only thing I had seen similar to this were the marks a snake makes when it crawls across sand or muddy ground.

Suddenly my blood ran cold. A reptilian creature capable of making such tracks would be huge. I turned to the man beside me and quizzed him " no machinery?"

"No machinery" He said as he took me by the arm and guided me down around the side of the hill. "There is great danger here?" I asked him. He said yes there is a monster who lives on this island and we must be very careful of it.

When we arrived at the wall with the carvings on it I attempted to open a door that was carved in stone and looked like a huge sea shell. It would not open. The black man said we must get Jesus Christ to open it. I laughed and said "No kidding."

The black man went to another door and knocked. The door opened and another black man appeared dressed in a hand knitted purple robe. The first black man said this was Jesus Christ. As the man in the robe passed near me I touched him on the shoulder saying "Jesus Christ was a Jew." The man looked at me with large eyes "So" He replied with a very strong accent. "Jews are white, as white as I am" I told him. "Is that so?" He proclaimed as his eyes narrowed. For a moment he just looked at me, then he turned and went on toward a large black throne just beyond where the shell shaped door was located.

At this moment I realized the black man in the robe was in fact the human form of the dragon or serpent who had made the tracks on the grassy hill. Once again my blood ran cold.


I have been praying to know the truth concerning pre Adam and Eve civilizations in our Solar system. I believe this is part of that answer.

If symbologies exist in this scenario we may apply them. What symbols do we see here? We see the island. We see the trees around the grassy hill. We see the marks on the ground made by a huge reptilian creature. Each of these marks were nearly as large as the foundation of a house. The stone carvings on the wall and the stone chair are perhaps indications of culture during a time long forgotten. The sea shells, symbol of the ocean. Could this be some indication of Atlantis?

One of my question as well as a suspicion has to do with the black race of people and their origin. Black people in my dreams represent bondage or people in bondage. In the Scriptures we read that when certain people sinned they and their descendants were cursed by God and bound to be the servants of others. In the case of Noah his son Ham and his descendants were placed under a curse like this. There are other examples of long term curses where the descendants of the original sinners were cursed far into the future from that date.

This was not the only example where a person was cursed for an act of miss-deed and they and their descendants were bound by that curse to become slaves and servants of others. Many black people today are so concern about their roots to learn of their ancestors. I believe this is a calling for the truth. However the black history extends far beyond Africa. I believe their roots may extend even beyond Adam and Eve to a time when the archangel Lucifer ruled the heavens in our solar-system. I believe it is possible they were survivors from a battle long ago. That many of them survived on earth upon the continent Africa. Because of their allegiance with Lucifer I believe they were deceived and because of their human form God allowed them the opportunity to be redeemed rather than receiving the same fate as the angels who sinned against the Lord of Light. As we are told we have forgiveness while God would not forgive the angels who sinned against him.

As a result I believe it may be possible the black race survived in Africa through the ages, cursed but not forgotten. If you go there and knew the ancient history of the black people you would learn they were literally left in the dark ages. Still worshiping demons, the fallen angels as gods. It was Lucifer’s intentions to deceive the people and even the angels into believing that he was the Lord of Light. His intentions have never changed. The concepts of many of these black people are like taking a pill that makes you sick. Then continuing to take the same pill to make them well. The medicine or spirit they accept is the very thing that causes their problems. This is a curse of misunderstanding. The death rate is very high there. Children die by the hundreds. The people have to many children and they cannot feed them. They believe that in order to survive they must have many children. They do not understand this is the source of their problem and cause of the high death rate in their land. It is through others they are finding their salvation. This is God’s doing and not ours. It was originally white races of people who brought medicine, and science to these people. Black people taught in white schools could then returned to help their people.

These things were not intended to discredited the black people but only to find the truth of their real origin and roots. We all exist in this world under some form of bondage. We are all a cursed race of beings even as the original sin of Adam and Eve cast them out of the garden of Eden and that curse included working for our existence here. The people are no longer to blame for the sins of their ancestors. Still we must seek enlightenment from the Lord of Light. We must rejoin our father and forefathers in heaven. Though our salvation is by grace we must do the right thing. We must love and seek after the truth without hate or prejudice.

In this dream we see the man of bondage is black and called by the name of Jesus Christ who is the Lord of Light. The black man is not Christ. He is the man of bondage and we know him as the devil. He seeks to deceive us today just as he did long ago. He wants our worship. He wants us to follow him. He has designed a great deception for the world. No mater what his color is we should recognize him as the man of bondage, the spirit which inhabits the body is that of the great and old dragon Lucifer.

Ancient skulls have been recovered. These being huge with an unusual shape. The beings who these belonged to were not humans, they were humanoid. The face on the Sphinx in Egypt is not the face of the pharaoh who has been credited with its construction. In fact they were not even the same race of people. The scholars were clearly wrong in their conclusions. Someone other than the ancient Egyptians constructed the sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. These structures are much older than the experts have told us. Even the water damage on the second large pyramid is clearly visible near the top. You can see where the water line was to know how deep the water was over the land. The last time this could have happen was during the last ice age approximately 12000 years ago. Long before the ancient Egyptians came into that land. Bible scholars also believe only 7000 years have passed since Adam and Eve. This leaves us with questions concerning the evidence, the writings, and presumed conclusions. Only God has the truth. If we desire to hold this truth we must speak the seek Him out.

4-1-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and worked with 4 crop circle files and eliminated extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point.

Then I worked on 4 files, two for Joe and two for me...each one dealing with a fire breathing dragon. With those too, I was eliminating extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point. The picture I saw was a coiled green dragon breathing out blue fire

by Dee

5-7-98 - VOICES/VISION: I had just lay down and was hearing many different people making comments. I was ignoring them because they didn't fit into any frame of reference for what I was doing or trying to do. Then I saw a small glass dish with a paper clip in it and two small golden snakes. I picked up the snakes with my fingers and the vision faded.

NOTE:  The background of this page are those snakes.

by Dee

May, 1998 - DREAM - I walked into a green marble room. I was with a few friends ( It seemed like it was a little like Scooby Doo, with us trying to figure out a case or something.)On each side of the room there were large glass aquariums. In both of them there were very large snakes. But in one of them there was a naked man with the snakes. THe snakes were biting him all over and he was screaming but no noise was coming out of his mouth. We wanted to save him but then we somehow knew that we were in trouble. All of my friends and I ran towards the wall in front of us. Only my best friend and I shrunk enough to get through a little mouse hole we found in the wall. I looked behind me and I saw the thing that was chasing us. It looked like a serpent with hair. It spoke to me in my mind and told me that it was going to get me and my friend. When we got into the hole we found it to be a long tunnel. The tunnel seemed to go on forever. When we got to the end we came to a long hallway that had a staircase that went 5 floors up to a door that we would be able to get out of the hallway through. I looked at my friend beside me, running just as fast as I so that we could get away from this monster. I realized that both of us couldn't get away from this monster. I knew that one of us would have to sacrifice ourselves for the other. THat is when my view of the dream changed from being inside me to the view of the monster. I saw myself and my friend running. I saw myself run in a opposite direction then my friend was running into a little part of the wall that jutted out into the hallway. I don't remember eating myself but I knew that I (the monster) had. I watched as my friend ran up the flights of stairs to go out the door. That is when the dream ended.

by anonymous

Face-of-Jesus items, cute Japanese nuns and communal showering

Date: 98-05-20

From: geniac@southcom.com.au (Geniac)

Notes: I'm agnostic. Christians telling me that dreams like this one are "God's way of talking to you" or atheist's telling me "this is a sign that you should reject God" is like telling a plumber who has a dream about a suspicious death to choose between becoming either a detective or a serial killer. This here plumber is quite happy staying out of the whole crime field.

I hate things with eerie grins including statues, clowns and dolls. I admire the appearance of nearly every Japanese female I've ever seen. People do not see me naked on a regular basis. Or even an irregular one.

Thousands of face-of-Jesus items on a long table in a hall. Only room for one person to comfortably fit between the long sides of the table and the walls, so if you didn't follow everybody else, you'd be squished while somebody gets past you.

About 15 Japanese nuns w/habits were among the many people looking at the items. There was a guy explaining to his friend how to easily duplicate every single "face".

Many little statues that I didn't recognise as religious symbols; they just had an eerie grin that somebody might've said "I've seen the Lord's image in this statue". Some statues were of Chinese dragons.

Many small ink drawings of mountains. One or two were obviously of Fuji. All the not-exactly-religious items like statues and drawings were being sold for $5 each.

There was an x-ray with a light pencil etching to help guide your eyes to the shape of the face. I found it rather silly that this be included in the collection; if you have an x-ray of a head of *course* you'll get a face-like image.

A guy who was in charge of looking after the collection showed me a bowl with a lump of porridge in water. He picked up the lump of porridge, turned it over and there was a definite face-shape on the other side. He showed me right up close. I leaned back and turned away slightly. He said "scary, isn't it". I was irritated that he didn't realise that it's not scary; people just don't like things being suddenly shoved in front of their face.

I circled the table a number of times to make sure I didn't miss anything. I noticed that the little ink drawings were selling rapidly; each time I went around a few more were gone. I thought about the people that had bought them; how they would've done so for their beauty as a nice drawing, not for any religious significance.

I reached the end of the table that was near were the hall turned left at a right angle. The nuns were lining up along the wall around the corner waiting to go in a door. Most of them were silently waiting, some were quietly chatting about the items. I noticed then that most of them were kinda cute.

One of the two guys who were explaining to each other how to create each image must've known me because he asked "are you coming with us?" "Nope. I'm going *this* way", I said with a fun smile and pointing towards the door.

I joined the back of the nun's queue and shortly afterwards we filed into a room with benches around the walls and a few in the middle. They had wooden slats with a gap between each slat about the same size as each slat.

Shower heads hung from the ceiling. I noticed then that the floor was a little damp and the air was a little moist. Oh boy. I was glad that I saw that I wasn't the only non-nun to enter this shower room.

Having a good perve had completely left my mind; I was too embarrassed about what I had just wandered into, and that nearly everybody had undressed and started showering before I even had a chance to find a free spot to sit. I was worried first that I didn't have a towel to dry myself, then I realized that if I sit there completely dressed I'll get more strange looks than if I do undress.

Then I thought 'oh, stuff it'. By the time I got undressed there were only a few people still showering. I closed my eyes and boldly stood up. I opened my eyes to see how many people were staring at me and was amazed to see nobody was.

Everybody was staring at a guy who, when naked, looked exactly like a hovering basketball-sized transparent glass sphere with an S-shaped thing floating around inside in a blue liquid.


The polyvalent god and hero Quetzalcoatl was portrayed as a snake covered
with iridescent-green feathers of the quetzal bird. These feathers also made up
the insignias of Mexican kings. Each feather in the headdresses of the native
inhabitants signified an act of bravery of the wearer.

SNAKE - a non-poisonous snake denotes cleverness, proceeding with
discernment, see mythology for further definitions

SNAKE - a poisonous snake can relate to a person who will attack or retaliate with vengeance, can relate to temptation or evil, though as in India, it can also represent wisdom, it can represent sneakiness or treachery such as a 'snake in the grass', being bitten by a snake can represent dangerous emotions or situations where one holds or expresses poisonous thoughts or emotions. The serpent denotes the right or wrong thoughts, the wisdom of knowing the difference.

SNAKES by Byron Smith

Some symbols are very important warning symbols. The symbol of the snake which has been erroneously attributed to sexual implications actually has nothing to do with sex. Because certain well known people such as Freud wrote books giving these attributes to the symbol of the snake other people who follow these teachings tend to also make the same misinterpretation. The snake in a dream simply means something is going on which the dreamer is not aware of. As such a snake can apply to anything the dreamer is not aware of. The kind of snake it is will denote the dangers involved in the situation. Naturally a poison snake is the most dangerous. A very large snake is also a serious threat in regards to the dream subject, and perhaps the dreamer's own job security.

For example a dreamer who dreams of a large snake in a boat, airplane, truck or workplace depending on what symbols were to be taken literal might be unaware their job at that work place is in danger. The size and kind of snake will depict just how serious that danger is.


Question: Got repeatedly bit by a rather poisonous snake at the end of my dream last night(In swampy area) fell back into the water and woke up in a hospital where they said I'd been there three to eight years? pretty strange DreamMC: Thanks, MM

DreamMC: images. Jung calls them " archetypal" whenever a dreamer is bitten by a snake in a dream, it's always worth asking "What new way of being and relating he/she being called to?" The snake is a figure of "wisdom" in out deep unconscious (Remember, even Jesus said to the disciples: Be as wise as serpents(snakes) and gentle as doves...") And he was no big fan of snakes! Ghje association between snakes and deep intuitive knowledge is very strong in us humans If it were my dream, the "3 - 8 years" is very interesting too... Maybe I have been ready to look at some deep question in my life (again, very likely to be a deep  psycho-spiritual question) for a long time, an now I'm ready... The snake comes and bites me to get my attention and let me know that the time has come to deal with my longings for understanding (and BEING UNDERSTOOD by others...!)

by Joe Mason - 2-8-98 . Dee had a dream some time ago of two intertwined snakes in a triangle. The theory is that the three corner glyphs of Barbury are related to the alchemical Sun (sulfur), Moon (salt) and Mercury (quicksilver). I mentioned that Mercury is Hermes in the Greek tradition, and his symbol was the Caduseus.

Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz

Kekule was a chemist working on the chemical structure of Benzene. He reports that he got fed up with his data which made no sense as a "long string" molecule. He was dozing in his comfy chair when we was startled by the image of a snake biting its own tail. He woke and worked out the mathematics the Benzene molecule as a ring rather than a long string.

Jung wrote about the dream of a 19th century chemist, Kekule, who was researching the molecular structure of benzene when he dreamed of a snake with its tail in its mouth (the age-old  moroboros). Out of that dream he theorized that the structure was a closed carbon ring and published his data in the Textbook of Organic Chemistry (1861). The "device" in your dream has a similar structure...Have you drawn it? The light blue haze around it might also be instructive as to your feeling about the "device" as well as point to its luminous quality. Your having oral sex with a woman also focuses on the vulva, which is a closed oval shaped "device"; and you "get your into it" as it were, albeit with your mouth...Might that point toward something oral, like speech? Might you also find yourself substituting science for sex, and vice versa? Might the sexual imagery draw you toward a need to relate to the feminine? The world "soul" is imagined as a woman throughout time and space. Paint the image...both the impersonal "device" and the personal contact.


What are your associations to "snakes"? to rattlesnake, in   particular? to "pitchforks"? Rattlesnakes are as poisonous as fear...and as deadly. You have stopped the snake with the pitchfork, but you were bitten. The image of your boyfriend sucking out the venom is interesting. Sucking is an archetypal form of healing. Shamans suck the poison of the evil spirit out of persons...the American Indians often use sucking in healing rituals. We also suck a wound instinctively. What do you associate with your boyfriend? What power in you can take away the poison? That you feel proud of yourself would indicate that you feel a great deal of accomplishment in conquering the snakes, as indeed one would. On the other hand, if you are someone who already has too much power, you may be missing the vitality and renewal that the initiation of the snake bite could bring.

"Twin Messengers"- Hermes also called Mercury by the Romans, was the divine messenger of the gods. He is the god of prophecy and protector of travelers. His snake entwined staff, the "caduseus", is a symbol of infinity, alchemy and the powers of creation.

Listen to Jeff Rense and  Joseph Gill about the symbol of the Caduseus

11-27-98 - DREAM - I am walking through the middle of a town and there is a cemetery in the middle and no traffic at all. There is a slight haze in the sky and I look back to see if there is anyone passing by on a car. I start the same dream again and when I check to see if there are any cars I am checking to see if there is anyone watching me enter an old cemetery, (I am cautious of safety) I look around a bit and then just pass on by. I start dreaming again that I am looking around in the cemetery and I cross through it and go on my way. I am crossing the cemetery again and I see a yellow snake with red and black stripes on it and I pass through and avoid a snake. I am crossing the cemetery again and there are several more snakes and their markings are more noticeable and I walk fast through and avoid the snakes. Again I am crossing the cemetery and I run to avoid the snakes. The fourth time I cross the cemetery, a girl is with me and we run through and avoid alot of snakes and we reach a house and I tell her that I am tired of the snakes while I am passing the hallway of a house where there are snakes around the floor. I climb on a screen door to escape the snakes and from there I can see the roof and notice there are more snakes near the roof gutters. I am running through the cemetery again with the girl and we pass the hallway and when I try to climb on the screen door it is full of snakes and I tell the girl that "this is the fifth time I cross and I am tired of it." There is a chain link fence in front of that yard and I run and climb on it, then I notice that there are snakes on the fence and I climb back down on the yard. There is an old negro man with white hair sitting on the yard with his back against the chain link fence and he is comforting a negro man. That man is lying on his side crying with his head on the old negroes lap on the yard and has my top blue sheet of my bed covering him and he is clenching the sheet with his fist and a big snake tries to bite him and just slightly gnaws on his fist when the crying man tells him "I am mad" ;the snake leaves his fist and tries to get under the sheet but he tucks it under the back of his neck and the snakes returns to his fist. The old man is staring into the distant haze with a blank stare and still holding the man while the snake starts to try and bite his fist again and the man is crying and tells the old man "I am mad that they were saving instead of killing - maybe they could of killed the one that killed me". As he finishes his sentence the snake is not gnawing on his fist anymore and just fades away leaving the old man with tears in his face and a slight smile still holding the other man as he weeps . I was the black man weeping; being comforted by the old man. (the snakes were yellow with red and black stripes,the more I crossed the more stripes they had)


Hi M: Thanks for sending in this great snake dream. Occasionally a person might dream of a snake and it will speak to you and give you advice and you might consider that wisdom, however most snake dreams are irritating and/or frightening and show that there is something wrong with the situation at hand.

For instance, you keep dreaming about the cemetery where the snake shows up every time. You might want to think about whether you have any fear about that topic and set it to rest somehow. Usually, talking about it with someone helps.

Snakes on beds is usually a symbol of some kind of fear about sexuality. Not that you might fear the subject of sex, but some aspect of it. We are usually taught some bizarre beliefs about it when it can be so beautiful if thought about in the right way.

With the black man in the dream, unless one is that color oneself, it's usually describing a 'mystery' of life, something that has a religious or spiritual connotation one must think thing about in depth. There are usually subtle messages involved in those dreams.

Thanks for sending in the dream. I hope you can figure out what it all means for you. You are the ultimate judge of what any dream means because it has to resonate with you to make it real.

Keep in touch.

Love, Light, and Joy


Two Snake Dream 9/23/1999

I was in a building with two other men.  I had a black rat snake around my neck about the size of Splinter, about 5 feet long.  I saw the snake and was not concerned.  I walked outside the men followed me.  I turned the black snake loose on the ground beside the building and walked away.  When I looked back one of the men was up close trying to inspect the snake.  I called to him “leave it alone.”  He refused to listen to me.  Suddenly this black snake raised up and started spitting a milky white liquid at the man.  I called to him again and said “I told you leave that snake alone!”  Then he backed away.

I started walking around the grounds trying to see what I could learn about this place as I do in many of my dreams.  In the distance I saw a large snake about 10 feet long.  I called out “would you look at the size of that garter snake, it must be 7 or 8 feet long.”  The snake was full as if it had just had a large feast and we know that garter snakes seldom get larger than about 3 feet and most of them are under 2 feet long so I was amazed at the size of the animal.  I walked down a dirt path to a crossroad near where that snake was crawling.  It turned North and I went East at that crossroad.  I looked back and these two men were touching and examining this large snake.  I told them “leave that snake alone, it has done no harm to anyone and it is not a threat to us.”  They refused to listen and one of them held the snake and the other cut it open with a pocket knife to see what was inside of it.  I returned to that location to see what they had done and they had cut a opening in the side of the snake to show it was full of dead rats.  I told them “see I told you that was a beneficial snake and you should leave it alone but you didn’t listen to me did you.”


I’ve said it a thousand times but I’ll say it again.  Snakes are just symbolic of a deception or something that exists that the dreamer or someone else is not aware of and does not understand.  I understand how it works I also understand these deceptions being portrayed in this dream are beneficial in some way perhaps to society but I don’t really understand what these particular illusive snakes represent at this time.  We can also see these two men who are so curious about these “illusive” projects or concepts they want to “dissect” them and see what they have been eating.  They want to learn the secret and that’s what it is about.

These snakes could represent something like a police undercover project to bust a drug ring.  They could represent something else but what ever it is, it is something that is being shown as helpful to humanity.  The smaller black snake could represent an undercover operation on the inside of the situation.  It is black and black accents the color and meaning of mystery or hard to see or hard to understand.  The larger striped snake was a “garter snake.”  The word “garter” can be a “sound alike symbol” and the word it may sound alike could be the word “guard” or “guarder” meaning to protect.  It is clearly marked with colors as a marked police car would be clearly marked.

These are only general meaning for the symbols along with my possible example of what it could be talking about.  Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything but two State Troopers were shot last night around midnight in Oklahoma.  One of them a 20 year vet was killed and the other is in a hospital in Tulsa.  They were serving felony warrants at midnight literally in order to catch the felons at home and surprise them.


Thank you.