7-24-89 - Meditation: Voice said: "Earthquakes are almost impossible to predict, but this one will have a warning
pre-earthquake before the major slippage. 

I saw the outline of France/Spain/Portugal 

8-20-89 - Meditation: I asked to be told about the earth changes because of the map I had been shown in a dream earlier.
(France/Spain/Portugal) I was told that the people in the specific area would be annihilated. They also told me not to worry
about it because I wouldn't be here. I also asked about the rest of the world and was told, "It will change a great deal." 

8-25-89 MEDITATION: I asked again about the Earth Changes. The answer came by voice: "The changes will be sudden.
We prefer not to say how it will happen. SOME psychics are correct. " I said, "I would like to be able to warn those people I
love." The answer came, "They won't listen anyway, but many people will be with you." 

I asked, "How many?" 

The answer came, "Many!".


11-13-07 - VISION - I closed my eyes for a moment and saw the same scene from 1989 - Portugal/Spain/France - and a voice said,
The Old Man has spoken!"

With research, I found that Mount Yasur in Tanna, Indonesia has been rumbling a lot.  Yasur means "Old Man".

Or does "Old Man" mean God?

Still doing research on this.


Place: Finca Buenavista, vicinity of Cortijo de La Polilla. Municipality of Alhama de Granada.
Information about the area: The Alhama Spa, a source of hot springs, is located in the vicinity. Alhama is one of the geotectonically most active places in Europe.

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