2-1-06 - 7 a.m. DREAM - I went upstairs in my house to talk to an older white-haired woman about something. She was knitting all the while I was there. She working on several projects in different shades of blue. She was asking me questions and I was answering them. (I have no memory of what we talked about)

When we were done talking, I went back downstairs. When I reached the basement, it seemed that all the rooms were reverse of what they normally were as I remembered them.

I heard a radio playing a talk show loudly that I hadn't turned on so I went into the workshop where the sound was coming from and saw my two brothers standing there. They seemed to be about 12 feet tall or were floating in the air that high.

My oldest brother (he's younger than I) said, "You remember how  ______ is giving Ken free rent?  I said, "Yes!" He replied, "Well, ________ is coming here to see you at 11:00 a.m"   (I didn't catch the name of 'who' he said was coming) (The name Ken means: handsome; born of fire; royal oath )

I repeated what he said, "He's coming here at 11:00 a.m.?"  He said, "Yes!"  and I replied, "Okay!"

They either left or I did and I started to try to figure out why 'he' was coming to see me. I never figured out who 'he' was either.

I remember seeing a bunch of circles that looked like records and I figured out it meant a brand name.

Then I was in a room where people had eaten and left a bunch of $5 bills on the table - then remembered it was Sunday and meals were $5 each on Sunday.  So, there would have been one $5 bill for each person.  There should have been 12.

I was wondering why no one left a tip, then I saw flower bulbs rolling out of a pouch on the corner of the table and knew that was the tip and woke up.

(This was obviously their last meal, People normally leave a nice tip if they expect good service the next time)

2-1-06 - 11:01 a.m. through 11:11 a.m.   (I started hearing the voice talking to me before I even walked into the room. I quickly sat down as the voice said, "We need you to write. It is a matter of life or death. There are opportunities arising for terrorist attack in the United States very soon. People should be aware of how to protect themselves . The necessary steps are to:

Be aware - strangers - with dark skin but not necessarily Arab - Asians are involved now too. Hired killers. People need to know this. They are paid for their time and to die for the cause.

Steps should be taken to alert the people. The cities need to know that the time is imminent for these attacks to take place in many cities - at least 12.

The cities will be big cities with lots of people. The effects will be horrendous.

If people stay out of the big cities they will be safe. But we are aware that many cannot stay out of big cities, so next best thing is to stay out of big crowds. Big crowds are most dangerous, especially stadiums, theatres, and malls - places like that.

We know it is inconvenient but people should shop on line and get their products by mail. They can watch sports on TV.

Terrorists used to visit foreign cities and do this damage there, but the plan is to do the damage right in the United States now.

Be aware! Be safe! Be alert! Be alert!

Save yourself. Do not go to big cities.

The warning is yours to give.

Thank you and good night!

We love you all!