2-15-06 - 1l:01 a.m. - 11-14- a.m.

Good morning everyone. Dee would like you all to be able to participate in a healing technique called 'energy work".

Many of you have probably heard of various versions of 'energy work' such as Reiki.

In Reiki, you usually need a second person to move your energy around, but in this simple technique, you can do it all by yourself, and it costs you nothing.

We never advise that you don't go to your doctor to get advise, but you can use this 'energy technique' in adjunct to medication, or if you don't need medication and you feel pretty good, you can use this to feel better, and to feel calm and peaceful.

To begin with you can sit, stand, or lie down. It really doesn't matter, and it works anywhere, even while you are stopped at a red light in heavy traffic. If that's where you are, just turn off the radio, and the telephone and relax and take a deep breath.

Now imagine that in the Universe above your head, is a bright white light of pure healing energy. Use your imagination and visualize this white light of healing energy coming down from the Universe and penetrating the top of your head and permeating every cell of your body as it changes every cell its purest form.

If you like, you can visualize this white healing light coming into your mouth and/or nose as you breathe it in deeply and slowly and then slowly exhale all the impurities and toxins that are in your body.

Each deep breath you take of this white light of healing energy will purify more and more cells as your blood circulates through your lungs and each out breath released more and more toxins of illness.

When you are finished, and your light turns green and you must drive again, or go about your daily business, imagine you are standing in a cool light blue light waterfall and this wonderful shower of water washes away any impurities and toxins you have breathed out.

You will feel refreshed and calm.

Be at peace. It will be a wonderful day. If yo do this technique at bedtime, you will sleep as though you are floating on a white cloud.

Being love for you,


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