Good morning! We are here today to talk about earthchanges. There are many coming. They will be getting larger and larger.

The earth will tilt. More so than it is now. There will be massive earthquakes and water sloshing here and there - more so in the Pacific Ocean than the Atlantic. However, there is a massive change coming in the Atlantic Ocean as well which will strike the eastern coast of the United States. 

Some say that it will be caused by La Palma near Africa, but there is another earth shift coming closer to the Atlantic seaboard of American that n one is looking at. 

The fish and ocean creatures will notice it before men do, so watch along the shore for massive movement of fish and ocean creatures to get out of the way before this change occurs. It will be very noticeable. 

In Japan, the area is already being prepared underneath for the massive change coming. People who live near the sea would be wise to get to higher ground. Please do not be standing on the shore when this happen as the shore itself will disappear and take everything along with it.

Some of you will scoff and say it can't be that bad. Some of you will become angry and say that we are creating fear.

No! We say we are warning you ; giving you plenty of time to get out of the way so that you will be safe.

Do not fear! We tell you to 'act'. Prepare for the worst. Get out of the way.

No! It will not be tomorrow or the next day, but we will not be standing here telling you 'this very day' so that you wait until we say, "This is it!", because then it will be too late. We till you now so that you have time to get ready.

If you have a house on the ocean shore - do not sell it, because then you will feel guilty if someone else dies in it.

Get lots of insurance on it and then go live in the mountains or hills and ride it out there. You do not want to sell your shore property to other people who will surely die there.  Could you live with yourself if you did that?

Look again at New Orleans. There are houses on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico that no one will ever live in again. The same thing happened in Sri Lanka. There are slabs of concrete where once people lived and ate and played. No one ever found their bodies. Many more people died than ever were counted. Many washed out to sea and were covered with mud.

Their souls are in Heaven and are happy, but their children who were not at home when the waves came are learning to live a new life, much different than they would have with parents.

Do not wish such a life on your children. If they live and you die, where are they without you? And if you keep your children with you on the seashore, you will all float out to sea together. It will not be a fun ride. There will be no surfboards, no boats - only brown ugly churning water.

Do not wish that upon your children.

We hope you have the picture now.

So, go about your day and make plans for a happy future on dry land with the sun shining.

Be happy!

We love you!