2-17-06 -  11:01 am - 11:20 a.m.

"Thank you for coming. We forgive you for not yet releasing yesterday's message. We realize the emotional impact of it. However, that does not mean that it will delay by one iota what is going to happen. It only delays preparation time.

There are consequences to every action as you are aware and every person has to live with their own lessons, their own karma - whether good or bad.

There is good karma too of course, and each person earns the good and the bad karma according to their own actions or inactions.

This is actually a good topic, not that we wish to highlight your own inactions, but we also observe the reactions to what you post on the internet. Thereto is a wide range of action and inaction according to each person's beliefs, each person's monetary status, each persons interference by spouses and families.

It is not expected that every word we say will be obeyed to the letter. That would be far from reality. However, we must state the facts as we see them at the moment and then the chips fall where they may to quote an old cliché of human origin.

At some point, each individual with their God-given free will, which we fully abide by as well, does what they feel they must. Or they will scoff and walk away in another direction.

For the most part, the people you communicate with are already thinking similarly to you, or they would not be reading your words written as spoken by us.

Of course, we speak to others through other individuals as well, so those we wish to reach will get the messages in one way or another.

We would want more people to get the messages, but as each person is either receptive or not receptive, that is their privilege while they are in the earthly human form.

Once they reach this side of the unseen veil, they will know which follies they have committed and have plenty of time to consider whether they made errors or not, and then at some point, when a body is available on earth, they will get the opportunity to try again, hoping that without the memory and forgetting, which they learned here - they will see if they really did learn something.

We always try to help them through their dreams and those who are paying attention will not need you to tell them what they have already seen for themselves in their dreams.

But will they believe their dreams?  We shall see, won't we?

Love and Light to you all