2-22-06 - 11:01 a.m. - 11:11 a.m.

Good Morning!  Thank you for coming.

With regard to the ports situation, the United States must be very careful who owns the land of United States soil. There are many countries which own land in the United States and much of this land can be used by these countries against the citizens of the United States.

As you already know, China owns the mortgages of 45% of United States citizens. If United States citizens do not pay these mortgages in full and how many do - China will own that land. There may not be a lot of danger in China owning a specific piece of land that a United Citizen owns and has a house on, but what if it is a port, a hotel, a casino, a mall, or whatever it is?  Then add it up and see how 'control' China has over the United States citizens.

In the same way, with the ports, it isn't just the United Emirates and 6 ports that is the worry, how about the 1500 money deals that have already gone past where foreign countries have taken over control of United States land that is strategic.

We would suggest a Congressional investigation go on with both large political parties taking a close look at what United States current administration has done with land deals, corporate contract with foreign companies, etc. that put the enemy in control of America.

There is more power in the hands of the enemy today than there was eight years ago. Some people in the government are innocent and have been duped by their own friends.

We would suggest that its time for America to Wake Up!


We sincerely think its for the best.

Love to all