2-23-06 - Good Morning! Thank you for coming.

Being equally yoked, for the Bible is a good rallying cry for those people who are to be married and want to stay that way for many years.

However, when it comes to being equally yoked for others, if everyone was in the same space spiritually, how would any spiritual growth take place/

It is a good thing when someone is on a lower ladder rung spiritually speaking to be able to go to someone of a higher light so that they can learn.

No matter how high on the spiritual ladder one climbs in the physical world, there is always room for improvement. No one - no physical being has ever reached the point of perfection so that they could join with the God force.

Even those who are able to use the God force to communicate, to heal, to do so-called miracles, still have spiritual shortcomings. Our best physical teachers of spirituality will freely admit and tell you that they still have faults. Their little foibles are what keep them humble.

Humility is good for the soul. To be humble and not proud keeps a person grounded. It is not a good thing to feel so proud that one thinks they are better than another human being.

In the eyes of God, all human beings are equal, but in the soul body, each one here grows and expands in light at a different rate.

It does not matter if one has killed another person or committed great atrocities while in a human flesh body in a previous life, those individual souls have the same opportunity for soul growth as any other human as long as they are alive in the body.

It may take them longer to get there, or the shock of realization of what they did while in human form, may make the soul so overwhelmed, that they never forget the lesson and spend many other physical lifetimes serving others to make up for it. 

We will leave you now to ponder these things and to think upon your own soul growth and how far yet you have to go. 

Do not judge others for being different than you or for having lesser light. 

The pathway is long and narrow, but all are upon the pathway - fast or slow.

All walk the path to Glory!

Love & Light