Judges 5:20  They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.

Are Ethical ETs Fighting and Dying For Our Freedom?

By Ed Komarek


My blog:

I first began to hear about a war between ET factions a couple of years ago from my local contactee sources.  They told me that what had been a cold war between ET races was now heating up.  About six months ago I was told that one of my contact’s female human ET friends had been wounded in a fight.  Later I heard that this ET had recovered and was back in action.  Three months ago I was notified that an all out war was going on between my contact’s ETs and a reptilian race.  I don’t know if this includes the Grays or not.  Recently I heard that for now this overt battle was being won.

I have not reported on this because I have been waiting for confirming evidence which I have just now become aware of.  The UFO/ET activity over Indiana this spring confirms what I have been told.  I just read an article by UFO investigator Bill Knell and I have heard that this issue has been talked about on Coast to Coast radio.  This is an issue that we all should take seriously. 

(Notice that the Air Force is using the flare explanation in Indiana just like near Moultrie Georgia where they are dropping flares to distract from the UFO activity and to intimidate witnesses.  )

Investigator Bill Knell had the following to say about this activity in Indiana,  "Lights similar to those seen over Phoenix also appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 14-15, 2008) over the towns of Kokomo and Logansport in Northern Indiana. Those lights were accompanied by loud sounds, an odd metallic odor in the air, the appearance of military aircraft and debris falling from the sky. Earlier in the evening on Wednesday night (April 15, 2008), a fishing boat captain reported seeing a huge object split into smaller lights off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey and said that he felt a brief tremor after that event."  Sure sounds like fighting to me.

The unexplained craft are back over Phoenix and the air traffic controllers have been muzzled.

Clearly a lot is going on in the sky's over Texas, Arizona and Indiana and the public and the media do not have a clue as to what is really happening. 

I along with some other investigators think it highly likely that our society is covertly being colonized by unethical predatory extraterrestrials in collaboration with entrenched special interests.  The way this is being accomplished is through a super-secret shadow government unaccountable to legitimate constitutional government.  While this infiltration into the secret autocratic halls of power continues, other extraterrestrials are fighting and dying for us to remain a free and independent society.  Of course this would also be in the ethical ETs interest because the last thing they need are more societies like ours colonized and fighting against them. 

Our misdirected military continues to attack and harass friendly ETs at the behest of the shadow government and their unethical ET allies because they won’t cooperate in the colonization process.  The ethical ETs will only collaborate extensively with legitimate constitutional democratic government in a publicly open and transparent manner.  The friendly ETs want a earth civilization that is free and independent like themselves.

I realize that this kind of talk is more than many people can stomach but I just hope we all wake up in time to avert a very real societal catastrophe. Our world is evidence to how unprepared most indigenous societies were as to threats from European colonists.  By the time the indigenous societies realized that the unbelievable was really happening it was all over and they had become colonized.  After colonization and tremendous devastation it took centuries for many of these peoples to become free of colonial rule.  Some societies never could recover and were incorporated into the colonial society like the American Indians.

If this is warfare between ET races and it seems that way to me, there is reason for hope.  I think that what this means is that the tide is turning down here on the ground and people inside and outside of government are catching on to what is happening.  My guess is that this is forcing the unethical ETs cooperating with our unethical shadow government to try to bring in reinforcements and that has been thwarted.  Only time will tell if this interpretation of events is correct. 

One thing is certain and that is that the public is being deceived as to what is really going on all over this planet.  Evidence of extraterrestrial reality is pouring in every day from all over the world and  people can see that for themselves if they would just do some investigating on the Internet. 


In a follow-up, Ed wrote:

For instance since I published this piece yesterday I have contacted Franklin Fields and Jeff Adams both who have contactee friends and both contactees are confirming what I have to say here. Altogether we have 6-7 confirming sources of information saying the same thing that the ETs are now at war.

We believe the ethical ETs have decided to disclose because the shadow government has failed to do so. My guess is that the unethical predatory ETs are losing the battle for covert infiltration into our society as we catch on to the game and are trying to shore up their position by bringing in reinforcements from space. Lucky for us it seems the ethical ETs are in the winning position.

If you are just a analyst behind a computer without good intelligence roots you are not going to be able to keep up and you won't believe what you are hearing from the field. A good analyst needs a good working relationship with intelligence agents in the field and also much field experience too.

As far as the motives behind these ethical ETs fighting for our freedom, well you just have to get to know them. :) Many of the contactees we are now working with have got to know them over many years. The ones most interested in us are not that far advanced else why would they be interested and fighting on our behalf or against us?

Sure they live to be 800 years old and older but it won't be long before we figure out the aging process ourself etc. etc.

If you had good intelligence field network you would not be saying the things you do.

As far as a question as to how much time we have. Ready or not here they come.  We don't have any time, disclosure is upon us. And I am willing to bet source A does not know any better than we do.

Many of us have spent years getting prepared even lifetimes of preparation. I for instance have spent years working up my blog as a briefing that anybody anytime can access over the Internet. I believe I am accurately providing a rough outline of the current situation so that others can build upon what I have learned and can move things forward rapidly.

Open Minds is the best platform for gathering, analysis and distribution to the public that I have found on the net. The people here are high caliber and catch on fast. I have high hopes for OM. I like the team approach of people working together in a network with not one or more people trying to autocraticly control the organization. The people here are also activist and that is very important because we don't have time for other approaches.



In a number of threads, people are discussing a possible war in space, going on as we speak.

The topic was mentioned in the UFO sighting in Erath County
( )
as well as in the thread on the UN Meeting:
( )

About half a year ago, we had a similar discussion, I'll include links to that in a later post.

Anyway, I thought the topic was worthy of its own thread.

The stories about a war in space, being fought in our very skies, started being spread in November 2007.

They were discussed in Stellarflare's Contact thread
( )

I'd recommend you have a look at it.

Some links:

From Garuda;  What bothers me about these reports is that these dogfights are happening in plain view, for all to see, and in countries like the US and Australia.

It reminds me of Carol Rosin's warning that the MIC will organize a false flag operation to justify spending billions on new weapons programmes, to defend ourselves from attacks from extraterrestrials.

Or it could be that several ET groups are involved, but then we also have to take the possibility into account of a 'false dichotomy': it could be possible that these fights, in plain view, are only meant to make us believe that there is a war going on, and that we will be presented a choice to team up with either group... while in reality, if we peel one more layer of the onion, we could find out that it's the same groups who were only staging the fights...

Something does not feel right about these dogfights... There's more going on than meets the eye!

Also see:



Yesterday at 11:02am, garuda wrote:
Something does not feel right about these dogfights... There's more going on than meets the eye!

Montalk says:

I feel the same, although the 1561 Nuremberg Sightings suggest that genuine visible UFO dogfights can take place without political motivation, because back then there was no military industrial complex and no alien acclimatization program.

Some possibilities regarding these recent rumors of space wars:

a) battle between friendly and hostile aliens
b) infighting among hostile alien factions
c) battle between friendly aliens and military
d) battle between hostile aliens and military
e) hoax by military to mimic hostile alien invasion
f) hoax by impostor friendlies to mimic hostile alien invasion
g) new levels of visibility of always-ongoing battles in parallel dimension

I think all these possibilities have manifested somewhere at some time. There is so much at stake in this highly charged exopolitical atmosphere that (e) and (f) cannot be ruled out. And if those two possibilities are indeed manifest, then instead of being evidence of predatory ETs losing -- as would be the intended impression of the psyop -- it would be evidence of them proceeding as planned with their covert infiltration. It depends on how hokey the sighting is, and toward what ends it is spun. Possibility (g) will become more manifest in the coming years as well.

It's just that when a spate of these things happen for all to see and conveniently timed to match what only a few high profile abductees or contactees have been told, that it starts looking more like a false flag operation. Especially if the evidence to support (a) and (c) are striking but narrowly range-bound to what i
s within the ability of military / alien to counterfeit.

In my experience, indicators of a genuine interdimensional alien space war should fall outside the range of hoaxability and have side effects showing up in your own life (if you are invested in alien affairs and vice versa). I noticed that what happens "up there" reflects "down here" and vice versa, probably due to the battles extending into the hyper-dimensional. One example is you and several others you know all having dreams of alien space battles around the same time, coupled with severe weather disasters in the geographic region, and a dramatic increase in "reality weirdness," highly improbable accidents and injuries, and negative entity attacks. By that standard, "alien space war" has been active for a long time, and the battles and skirmishes happen in clusters with periods of inactivity.

Ed answers:

Montalk, I am beginning to wonder if this may filter down to a war between various factions in the military, those that support legitimate constitutional government fighting against those that support shadow government.

I am thinking that when people in these lower level working groups in the military catch on to what the shadow government is really up too the fighting may spread from ETs down to us.

I was told by contactee friends that this fighting is not just for this planet but at least two other planetary civilizations are involved as well. The ethical ETs have said that other planetary civilizations have been lost to these unethical types and it would seem that our planet is on the battle line and a cold war between ET races is turning hot very quickly.

I agree we could experience fallout from this very rapidly if this is true and things are coming to a head.


Indiana - Flap


INDIANAPOLIS – William Puckett reports, strange sights and sounds filled the nighttime sky in Howard and Tipton counties late Wednesday night April 16, 2008, leaving residents and authorities wondering what they had seen and heard. Reports of lights in the sky, crashes and vibrations on the ground baffled residents, who began calling authorities right after the rumblings at about 10:30 p.m.



WESTFIELD –Tonight, April 16 2008 at about 10:37 PM, my brother, our friend, and I witnessed something that was not manmade. We live in Central Indiana and I was looking north a little northwest and saw these bright lights come into view. They were rotating in a counter clockwise direction. It wasn't fire. These were lights because you could see each light. We all kind of looked at it for about a minute and a half and then boom! It just took off and vanished. We called the local police department and reported it, and then we called the local news. They had calls flooding in. So we watched the news and they reported that something shot out of this UFO, and that a plane was down and that there was a huge explosion or a sonic boom. Later on at the end of the program they said that nothing was down and no planes were missing. What I witnessed tonight changed the way I look at the sky. Weather: Few Clouds At 25,000 Feet. Visibility Was 10 Miles. Winds Were From the South at 9 MPH.


Whatever I was looking at was not no way no how anything man made. The area that the news reported it happened was over 20 miles away. This thing was HUGE because we could see it perfectly. Anyway I don't know what reporting this event might do. More than likely nothing, but I know that it wasn't manmade. I'm sure the government is already covering it up. They are already starting to say that it may have been military flares. No WAY!!! NO HOW! These were in a perfect line and rotating. The location of the sighting was Tipton County and State Road 31 intersecting with Country Road 300. That is where they reported it happening. Something happened and I am now, I think, a believer.

Comments: What these witnesses have reported and what the news media reported are certainly dichotomous. These witnesses say that they saw rotating lights followed by an explosion. The media (via police reports) explained the explosion as due to meteors. (Click here to read news story from WISH-TV - PDF.) Given this witness report a meteor or military flares seems like quite an unlikely explanation. Anyone seeing these lights is urged to file a report. Please send any photos, videos, or sketches of your observations. Thanks to William  Puckett UFOS Northwest

TIPTON COUNTY -- On April 16, 2008,  I was in the living room watching TV, about 10:30 p.m., there was a huge boom that rattled the front window. My husband asked what the noise was, and I went to the front door to see. Off to the west there appeared a large object with lights all the way across it. It reminded me of a hair barrette with lights. It seemed to be hovering, yet the lights appeared to turn. My husband came out to stand behind me just in time to see the lights reappear from right to left until five lights were showing, and then it did it for a second time before it disappeared. The lights were yellow orange in color.


 If you look on , click on the article about the Boom and the bright lights, you will see pictures that someone submitted. The fourth picture down is exactly what I saw when I first looked out. This was no meteor or F-16, they don't hover. We could not take our eyes off of it, and my husband, who is a Viet Nam veteran and a retired deputy sheriff said he had never seen anything like it. Thanks to MUFON CMS


TIPTON COUNTY --  Another person writes, "There is a Big Coverup going on here in Indiana. Too many people are seeing UFO's and Military Jets, and Booms that shake houses, ground shaking earthquakes and objects falling from the sky. Is there a battle going on between UFOs and Military aircraft? Or are there just objects falling out of the sky and hitting the ground so hard it feels like an earthquake?
Look around you will find reports all over the Place.
Its on all the news channels. Thanks to MUFON CMS

F-16 Blacksnakes Fighter Wing

ANDERSON -- I was driving and I saw what looked like something large on fire in the sky.   I actually slowed down to watch and I noticed the cars around me did as well. But I was sure I was going to watch something fall out of the sky and crash in the distance, but it just disappeared. It looked like something large on fire almost skipping (as if on land).   I kept waiting to see an explosion or something in the distance but it was just gone. I got online tonight to see if anyone else had seen it too or if there was a meteor reported but I'm just at a loss ?


Brian Vike reports, "The Indiana Air National Guard claims it was carrying out exercises, and that is why there are all these reports. Well this may be, but I sure have learned not to take everything at face value.  Was there an unknown craft in the area and possible pursuit by the military aircraft? Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


Depiction of Craft


Editor's Note: Assuming the witnesses all saw the same thing, some were close to the actual craft that appears to have been disk shaped with multiple lights.  Military fighters were launched and participating in an exercise and were called on to pursue the intruder. When I was in the Air Force we would be asked to intercept an unknown to identify as friendly or foe. The 122nd Fighter Wing known as the Blacksnakes at Fort Wayne airport shown below is equipped with F-16s and probably conducted an intercept.


According to Glen Means MUFONs State Section Director of the effected counties several witnesses saw a huge circular craft smoking and leaving vapor trail just after a huge explosion. For more information and an excellent detailed report go to

Dick Criswell has posted an "Urgent News 4-17-08" alert on his IPUS Network homepage about the so-called "UFO dogfight" over Indiana:

"APRIL 17, 2008 in TIPTON CO.
KOKOMO, IN. around 1 am, 200 residents, reported that they heard
a loud explosion & some of the residents reported seeing 7 to 12
objects in the sky, we at I.P.U.S. have several people in the area
working on this report. HOMELAND SECURITY, also say they are
checking it out as well.

We will keep you posted, on this situation.... (cont)"

The alert also says that 'one caller has a video that he will be sending us. We will be posting that video on the website'. So far, I don't see a video on the website, and it's 10 days later... I'm not holding my breath for it.

Anyway, if you're interested in reading the entire alert, it can be read at



New UFO Sighting In Noblesville Indiana April 2008
Posted: Apr 23, 2008 12:52 AM
Okay so I'm not really here to show my identity but in recent news in my state there where multiple UFO sightings in Noblesville Indiana which is close to my home me and a few buddies thought we would go see what all the fuss was about then we hear over the radio that the government is saying there was a meteoroid crash in Noblesville while we were driving to the area with the smoke we were stopped by military officials and where told to turn around or we would be arrested and they took our camera phones away because they seen my friend take a picture of something that looked of some sort of metallic substance which had no dents of any kind in the metal and weird hieroglyphics written on it.

Then when I try and look for the new's casting it was taken by military officials which is really odd.

Anyways I think this needs to be looked into..



Report #2 from Ed Komarek

I have other articles up at my blog if anybody is interested.  

Jim Magee doing a final editing of my free ebook that I will hopefully be able to self publish at a cost cheaper than a download.  I am also looking  for folks that might be willing to volunteer to translate the book into other languages especially Spanish because so much is going on down in South America and I want to network into that.

I do not intend to profit from any of this and any money that I might make from self publishing would be plowed back into expenses, distribution of my material and investigation of cases.  I realize that am bending over backward to ensure that there will be no conflict of interest between making money and my work but I feel inclined to hold myself to a high standard in regards to my extraterrestrial  activities. 

I don't feel I should be making money off of something that others are volunteering free of charge as a gift to society.  I also want to insure the most extensive and rapid distribution of my work as I feel very strongly that higher consciousness is all about flow and removal of restrictions to flow. 


Are ETs Fighting and Dying for Our Freedom? (Part 2)

By Ed Komarek


Copy and Distribute Freely

My blog:

In part one of this article series I brought up the subject as to wither extraterrestrials were fighting in space and even occasionally in our atmosphere. 

I had heard about this from contactee friends and when I heard about witness testimony from Indiana I decided to stick my neck out and do an article.  As usual I take some heat for going out on a limb without a pile of solid evidence to back up my case.  What folks need to know is that over the years I have become quite good at gathering information through a tried and true investigative technique.  It’s called shake the tree and see what falls out. 

The Open Minds Forum opened up a thread called War in Space and as I had hoped more very interesting cases were posted to the thread. 

The following case I found on the OM thread from  Kelowna , British Columbia region on July 2, 2007.

Numerous eyewitnesses in different parts of Kelowna saw a cylinder shaped craft, with what looked like fins on it, and on fire, ripped down through the sky and finally hitting the water on Okanagan Lake , British Columbia . The sound was incredibly loud and like a deep bass "womp, womp, womp" sound as it came down. The same object then reappeared from where it hit the lake, rose up and then sat and hovered in the sky.

Meanwhile a cone or "possible" triangular shaped craft was stationary a short distance away from the cylinder shaped craft. What took place next dumbfounded all of the people who had watched the event unfold, the two objects started reacting to one another, and the best description given from the witnesses was like looking at tracer fire from automatic weapons, or in other words it was like the two UFOs were shooting at one another. After a short time of exchanging what looked like the two craft were firing on one another, a loud bang was heard and the cone shaped craft was nowhere to be seen.

The torpedo shaped object was still hovering in the sky. It started moving from side to
side and then a loud sonic boom and it was now gone. Needless to say, some witnesses screamed loudly or when watching had their jaw almost hit the ground from watching such an unusual event unfold in front of their eyes.

I found the following 1989 Battle of the Saucers in Russia from a word search on the Internet.

Subbotin claims that hundred of people watched the group of six silver saucers fight against one golden UFO. The UFOs all made incredible moves in the skies-at times flying as low as 5,000 feet, giving a good view to onlookers. Beams of red light constituted the weapon of choice.

Witnesses who were interviewed by Sichenko claimed that the outnumbered golden UFO was finally defeated, although giving a gallant effort. The defeated UFO lost altitude, finally crashing to the ground. The six victorious UFOs disappeared into the clouds. Subbotin claims that the golden UFO crashed into a bog on a military test range, and the area was zoned off to everyone except military

I received an email from Jannice about a person who saw a UFO dogfight:     

“Approximately 25 years ago the grandmother of my sons best friend watched an ariel dog fight between ufos. it was way up in the sky. she saw ufos explode. there was a lot more detail but I do not remember it.”

Of course this fighting between extraterrestrial groups is nothing new and can be found in religious texts from around the world.  Folks on the OM thread presented the  Nuremberg  sighting as further evidence of extraterrestrial conflict.

At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg beheld "A very frightful spectacle." The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly "began to fight one another." This event is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.

It would seem there is considerable evidence for extraterrestrial conflict after all and this evidence tends to support the contactee evidence.  It could really be that extraterrestrials have been recently fighting over the future of earth.   This could very well lead to fighting amongst different factions within the military that have very different extraterrestrial alliances and agendas.  Let’s hope the ethical factions both terrestrial and extraterrestrial come out on top.


UFO Sighting: Kokomo, Indiana; April 16, 2008

Name: Greg Jackson

Date of Event: 4/16/2008 @ 9-9:30 p.m.

Location of Event: Kokomo, In

Message: Me and my whole family were watching tv in the living room and heard a "sonic boom" like sound, that shook the whole house. We ran outside to see what the sound was, only to see that our whole neighborhood also came outside to see what was going on. After we were outside, we saw 5-8 bright, white lights lined horizontally and flashed one-by-one in order from right to left, then left to right, then back again.

After it lingered in the air for about a minute, it just disappeared without a trace, a signal, or any smoke, or fire to show ah path of direction. IF YOU SEEN THIS TOO, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR POST A BLOG TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAW in KOKOMO, IN on 4/16/2008.

Indiana - Dee Jay for WWKI Radio Reports on UFO Event

KOKOMO I was working on the night of April 16, 2008, for WWKI Radio when an explosion happened at 10:25 PM. I remember looking at the clock thinking someone had crashed into our building, and would need the time it occurred for the police report. I stepped outside and saw that nothing was wrong. By the time I had walked back to the studio, the scanner was going crazy with activity and all 11 phones lines were lit up. The police and sheriff's department were treating it as a possible plane crash and had all units were heading south of town to look for a crash site. Phone calls poured in that they were looking in the wrong area, as sightings were toward the west. I put several calls on the air explaining what they saw. Everything from sonic booms from F-16s doing maneuvers and dog fights, to meteorites, to UFOs, but when I put a guy on that described the following, almost all the callers afterwards said they saw the exact same thing.

Most said that the explosion happened first, and shortly after they saw a big ball of fire in the sky, which broke into smaller balls and headed in all different directions. Then, they saw the glowing lights in a row, 6 to 9 in all side by side, appearing about 60-90 seconds afterward. There were reports of debris on the highway as well as in people's yards south of town, but when the authorities showed up they reported no debris had been found. The dispatcher then told all of them to go to Tach 6. The search was redirected west of town toward one of the county schools, and then quit altogether.

We covered the event until midnight when the scanner died down and the police and sheriff's department had nothing more to report. A similar occurrence happened the night before in Logansport, a small town just northwest of Kokomo. The following night I received a half dozen or so calls that the lights in the sky were back again. Then, on the following morning my wife and I were awakened by the earthquake, a very loud like an explosion. My first thought was that my dogs had knocked something over in the other room. When I walked into our dining room, I could hear our wine glasses rattling together for about one minute. I was on the air when the Challenger exploded, and on 9/11, but in my 25 years in radio, I have never seen the phone activity as high as it was on the night of April 16th. I don't know what happened that night, nor am I sure what I believe. All I know is that it was one of the strangest nights I've ever experienced. Thanks to JJ Davis and Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reguarding Kokomo, Indiana UFO Sightings (April 2008)

Posted: April 23, 2008

Message: Hello, I live right next to Grissom AFRB in Indiana, and there has been a bit more than normal activity at night with the Air Force here, but that can be attributed to any number of things with them. OSI members are always skulking around here, snooping in the name of National Security and other stuff, so the reports you have fielded I find very credible, and if a video exists, Id love to see it. I hold degrees in Astrophysics and physics, and a member of the Stellar Research Group since 1990, as well as being a former Marine MP and Investigator. I guess my SETI side has been peeked by the incident, and the Air Forces reaction seems to go with there historical way of covering there tracks, under the guise of National Security or it never happened. go figure.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences.

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Director of HBCC UFO Research

Director of HBCC UFO Research

UFO investigator

Brian Vike

UFO Sighting: Lafayette, Indiana; January 23, 2008

om the road traveling North on South 18th st. in Lafayete. He witnessed yellowish orange lights in the eastern sky. He pulled his car over to the side of the road and got out to get a better look. Basically, he called me to get confirmation that what he was seeing was real and wanted someone else to witness the event.

I was at home. I live in a sub-division in West Lafayette near W52. My sub-division is relatively new, so there are no street lights to obstruct my view...all I see is open sky. I stepped out on my patio and looked around towards the south-southeastern sky. I have to admit, I was reluctant, and didn't believe what my own father was telling me.

I stood on the patio for 2 minutes with nothing to confirm, then out of nowhere, a bright light came down at an angle, then zipped back up at a 45 degree angle and stopped as if it was hovering. 2 seconds later, another yellowish orange light appeared to the bottom left of the first, then another that flickered for a second then became as brilliant as the other two lights. I WAS STUNNED!! They just hovered there for about 3 seconds then literally disappeared! I live about 3 miles form Purdue Airport and typically there is some traffic from small commuter planes. Honestly, the way this thing/things moved, it was not a plane.

My Dad called me again and left a v-mail saying he was following the lights the best he could to see exactly what it was only to loose the lights near the Tippecanoe Mall area. He described them as appearing and disappearing, moving at a high rate of speed. At 7:20pm, I left my home to get a bite to eat. It was extremely cold that night so I wasn't expecting anyone to be walking around who may have witnessed the lights. But, there were alot of cars on the road.

I find it hard to believe that no one else saw this and I'm looking for confirmation that what I saw was real. Someone who I don't know. I called the local authorities and asked if anyone had made a report and they said no. I also called WLFI and they didn't hear of anything either. I'm very skeptical about alot of things. This has somewhat changed me and I wished it didn't happen. If anyone out there has witnessed this, please post a comment here.