Through Kiara Earthwalker

Jan 1, 2000

The millennial gateway has been a planetary initiation for you. There is a great celebration of this moment in the angelic realms. Y2k was a test for the collective will of the planet. Would your governments, your businesses, your communities cease competing with each other and work cooperatively? Would you use the grand powers of your soul for global linkaging rather than disruption? The scenario you have chosen surpasses all expectations. The freeing of the Indian hijacking hostages is an appropriate metaphor for this accomplishment. You are collectively voicing your soul’s intent to finally move into an age of global freedom.

Planetary chaos and disruption could have been an equally probable outcome, accompanied by great shakings from the earth and sky. The wave of millennial celebrations, prayers, and intentions serves as fitting capstone for the fulfillment of your planetary initiation. The massive amounts of fireworks, accompanied by the prayers for unity and peace, are clearing the lower astral planes of many centuries of fear and strife. Thoughtforms of war, separation and domination are being rapidly transmuted, a process in which the angelic hierarchies and elementals are also playing a part in response to your call. Do you not wonder why there were not more y2k disruptions? Did we not promise you there would be angelic intervention to match the collective will of the planet? The veils between the worlds are thinning, and an age of increasing cooperation between all the kingdoms of Creation has arrived! Know that your abilities to manifest through your intentions are henceforth increasing ever more powerfully and ever more dramatically.

The lightworkers among you have held a strong presence in the last decade of this past millennium. You have with your combined presence and your prayers successfully averted many probabilities of disruptions, wars, and cataclysmic earth changes. This is the first time, however, that the majority of Earth’s human inhabitants have fused their hearts, minds and wills towards a collective vision of Oneness, and this is what makes the birth of this millennium such a wondrous event. You are very close now to the activation of a “planetary brain”. You already have “99 monkeys” lined up in preparation for this quantum leap. There are enough of you awake now to stimulate a mass awakening into the Fourth Dimension, an etheric octave where you will find yourselves rubbing your eyes as if from a long sleep in preparation for a further initiation of planetary ascension into the Fifth Dimension.

The scenarios and probabilities for cataclysmic earth changes seem to have passed. The Christ-consciousness grids are holding strong, and they serve as a shock absorber or buffer for the frequency shifts taking place. There will be a sequence of planetary initiations to come in rapid succession that will leave most of you gaping in wonder. By Summer of 2000 you may well find yourselves in a Fourth Dimensional global consciousness where you will no longer be influenced by lower astral thoughtforms or entities. And in the brief 13 years to come there will be other planetary initiations that will bring you to the completion of the “planetary brain”, and the threshold of a planetary ascension! Many of you will experience your own ascension prior to that time, whereby you will hold out a template for the collective. You are synchronizing yourselves to galactic frequencies of great magnitude at this time, and each of you is capable of going further than you ever dreamed possible!

Much more will unfold this year as the “time spiral” draws to a close. You are off to a profound new beginning through the gateway of the millennium, and I congratulate you once more on your mighty accomplishment!


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