By E. Nora Amrani

April 15, 1999  (Received by 3-mail 9-6-99)

This past week (April 11th) we had an especially heavy and constant rain for a couple of days. When the clouds began to part, and blue could be seen once again, I was driving in my car, my young son was seated next to me, and we were listening to the radio.

A DJ was speaking with a listener on the phone. He was having a little contest with her and asked her if she saw what was in the sky. She said, "No." He asked her repeatedly, "What is that huge, moving, glowing thing in the sky? It's so bright? We haven't seen something like this in a long time. Do you know what it is?" And she kept telling him she had no idea what he was talking about! My son and I were cracking up - could this woman be so unaware, so dense, so out of it that she could not figure out he was talking about the sun?

Then it hit me that people really don't see the sun for what it is, many just take it for granted. At that moment, a message, clear as a bell, came to me: "Your soul is reflected in the sun, so each time you see the sun you will remember your true essence. Do you think it is a coincidence that the sun is also called sol? SOUL!" Oh...NOW I get it! Thank you!

This powerful, big, creative, nuclear-powered light and energy source, generator and reflector, IS who we are! No wonder people have worshipped the sun for millennia. No wonder in countries where winter is long and dark, people's inner spirit suffers!

The sun is called le soleil, shemesh, sunna, Ra. What is it called in your language? What meaning does your language ascribe to the sun? In ancient times people prayed to Ra, Shamash, Apollo, and other sun gods and goddesses as the all-knowing, bright and just ones. Now we remember why. The sun gives us life and reminds us of our essence.

Have you noticed that in the past five years the sun's light has glowed whiter and brighter than ever? You can blame it on the depletion of the ozone layer (which is in part true), and some people are fearful that something awful is happening to the sun. But, what is another reason this is happening? In order that we will see our own reflection in the sun as our consciousness is becoming more en-LIGHTENED and our spirits brighter and brighter. This mirror of light (Ra) works both ways. Bask in it! Let it caress your body and soul - the divine you nurturing your Self in divine energy. What a plan: to have such a gift right there for us each day! We couldn't have created this universe any better.

copyright 1999, E. Nora Amrani

The Sun and the Snowflake