compiled by Dee Finney


"Vaults of Heaven"

(Psalm 19:1-6)

Lyrics by Jim Steinman - Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

The keys to the vaults of  heaven, may be buried somewhere in a prayer
The keys to the vaults of  heaven, may be heavy or lighter than air
Open up the vaults, open up the vaults, We've got to find the keys
The nights have been growing darker, even darker now than sin
We'll open the vaults of heaven, the treasures are there within

The keys to the vaults of  heaven, may be seen in a pure child's eyes
The keys to the vaults of  heaven, may be heard in our desperate cries
Open up the vaults, open up the vaults, We've got to find the keys
The nights have been growing darker, even darker now than sin (darker than sin)
We'll open the vaults of heaven, (heaven) the glories are there within

The keys to the vaults of  heaven (heaven)
May be buried somewhere in a prayer (somewhere in a prayer)
The keys to the vaults of  heaven (heaven)
May be heavy or lighter than air (ai-ai-ai-air)

We've got to find the keys (got, gotta find the keys)
We've got to find the keys (got, gotta find the keys)
To open up the vaults (the vaults of heaven)
The nights have been growing darker (growing darker)
There so much darker now than sin (darker than sin)
We'll open the vaults (the vaults) of heaven (the vaults of heaven)
The answers are there within

We've got to find the keys (gotta find the keys)
We've got to find the keys (gotta find the keys)
To open up the vaults (oh yeah, open up)
The nights have been growing darker (growing darker)

There so much darker now than sin (darker than sin)
We'll open the vaults (the vaults) of heaven (the vaults of heaven)
The answers are there within

Here I the song sung live on stage:


Psalm 19 - KJV

1. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.
2. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
3. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
4. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun
5. Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.
6. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.
7. The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.
8. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.
9. The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.
10. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. . .
11. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward. . .
12. Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret faults.
13. Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. . .
14. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

8-23-2001 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a black and white map that showed 28 paths. All the paths were evernly spaced. All the paths were straight except the 28th which jogged over at the end.  (Crooked/kinked)

I was told by a voice that we are timed to see how long it takes us to get there.

I got super tired while I was doing some research on the 28th path, so I lay down to meditated on the 28th path.

A Hebrew/Jewish male voice said, "I love you. Thanks for coming to discuss this matter!"

A different Hebrew/Jewish male voice said in an angry voice, "Do not ever communicate in this manner again!"  (I had forgotten to pray first. I assume that was what he was complaining about.)

A third male voice, which was different than the others said, "After 'TIME' and 'POWER' ", there is nothing."  

I then said my little prayer and started the meditation over again.

After that I had a vision of an invoice, followed by a vision of the word or name ' SEGGAGIAH'  which was highlighted in the center of a letter which was typed to someone.  I again then saw the word/name, and it was slightly different. This time was ' SEGGAGHIAH '.

Later on in the morning, I was telling this whole thing to a friend of mine and talked about a certain 'lightbeing' we both know pretty well and we remembered that he likes to pretend he's an old Jewish man.  I said out loud, "I'll bet ROV was all three voices in my head.  At that instant, I heard a male voice in my head who said, "Oh, you found me out."

That rather changes the whole portent of the event, but then again, it still has to be analyzed which I'm attempting to do below.


On 8-28-2001 - Joe and I went to bed early to watch a video.  I took a stack of 6 videos into the bedroom with me and from that stack, which I did not look at ahead of time, he chose to watch the Andrew Lloyd Webber 50th Birthday Celebration, which we had taped off of PBS TV some time back. All we had was a partial tape with about 6 songs on it.

After it was over, I was laying there, trying to go to sleep and my head just kept ringing with the song, Vaults of Heaven, sung by Michael Ball.

I fell asleep momentarily and experienced a web page that went to 9 other pages, all about connecting the numbers of crop circles to the music.

I woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep. Joe hadn't slept either and got back up to watch TV. So I got up and went to the computer to go to to buy the video in it's entirety and a couple CDs of the music we heard on the video.

Joe told me about a crop circle that had appeared in Germany that had the 4th path marked on it, which corresponded to the Tree of Life with the two kinked paths. I had started to work on a web page earlier in the week about the 28th path which I had dreamed about. How coincidental!!!

I was too tired to work on it, but went back to bed and dreamed I was in a huge place with 50 foot ceilings and working on finding the 9 websites to link to with the crop circles i needed. This was a difficult search and I saw a diagram of what I was looking for. It looked like a pink womb with a spiral within.

This whole place was like a school. The goal was to find 9 crop circles that held the keys to the Vault of Heaven.

3 p.m. I closed my eyes to meditate and while nothing quite makes sense and these visions don't seem to be important, I'm sure they have something to do with what I've been studying today.

I saw two small animals chasing each other around my feet.

I saw myself walking alongside a green sided house, very close to the foundation, looking for a rabbit that used to live there. There were many little openings where it could have been hiding had it been there. I was just about to come out into a large open sunny space when I woke up from the vision.

I saw some empty squares, in a pattern such as one would see in a new crossword puzzle, only I saw only the right side of the pattern.  It was like a sideways pyramid with 16 squares. 1, 3, 5, 7 ...  If I had seen the whole pattern of 7, 5, 3, 1, there would have been a total of 32.   Hmmm!

NOTE: There are 32 paths in the Path of Wisdom.  This page will be basically about the 15th and 28th Paths because Aleister Crowley changed them.

The Roman Catholics are said to regard the Tarot as the Devil's picture book; the Qabbala, although evident throughout the Christian/Judaic Old Testament, has been limited to Judaism and sometimes disregarded there

This path up the Qabalistic Tree of Life to the Higher Self, is the principal doctrine of the Golden Dawn. Lytton calls this Higher Self Adonai. In Abramelin it is referred to as The Holy Guardian Angel. Theosophists call this the Silent Watcher or Great Master. Gnostics say the Logos, and Egyptians Asar-Un-Nefer.

Next to A.E. Waite, Crowley is the most influential of 20th century Tarot deck designers. Indeed, most modern decks follow either the Waite or Crowley traditions. Crowley liked to call himself "the wickedest man alive," and his deck gives some folks the heebie-jeebies. But attention must be paid. Crowley has made some changes - his Strength card is now "Lust," for example. And there are no people or situations depicted in the minors. The art has a deco, almost geometric power. Anyone serious about Tarot has to deal with this one, sooner or later.

As the Tarot cards vividly show, the proper measure - "Art" as Crowley fittingly renamed the card XIV- lies between Abstinence "Death"=XII) and obsession "The Devil" = XV".  

This accordingly means the people middle course of becoming involved with the diversity of the world without selling one's soul in the process, whereby it is equally questionable to lose one's soul to that which is supposedly good as to what has been proven to be evil.

Crowley apparently did not draw this teaching from the cards. Not only did he completely and totally dedicate himself to magic, it even appears that exactly the perception representing the turning point of his life, and through which he penetrated the secrets of the 9th Degree of the Magical Order O T O - Ordo Templis Orientis became his undoing: in that it became clear to him that their symbolism of a sexual nature. Crowley's "discovery of sex magic was indisputably the major turning point of his life", wrote his biographer Colin Wilson on this topic.

In 1997, when the Tree of Life Crop Circle appeared, it was pointed out by Barry Reynolds, one of the editors of "The Monthly Journal of Crop Circles and Beyond" that two of the paths in the Tree of Life crop formation were 'Kinked" in a similar fashion to the Barbury Castle beauty of 1991. These paths correspond to Paths 15 and 28 on the Tree of Life.

The Diagram shows Tarot card No. XVII, The Star on Path 15 and Tarot card IV, The Emperor on Path 28.  It will be noticed that Tarot card 0, The Fool, sits on Path 11, card I (The magician) on Path 12, card II (The Priestess) on Path 13, and card IV (The Emperor ) should occupy Path 15 but Aleister Crowley chose to swap the correspondences of Paths 15 and 28 - the very two with a 'kink' in the formation.

Tree of Life Crop Formation

The Tree of Life  is mentioned many times in the Bible, from the beginning of the Book of Genesis to last part of the Book of Revelation. One who eats from this Tree, according to the Bible, is given "eternal life." The Tree of Life is part of an ancient tradition called "Kabala." Other spellings of the word include, kabbala, cabala, cabbala, quabala, and qabbalah. This is generally known as a special Hebrew tradition, the occult philosophy of certain Jewish rabbis, especially in the Middle Ages, based on a mystical interpretation of the Scriptures. Many scholars believe that the tradition is much older; that it traces back to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians.

Some researchers said that the Tree of Life crop formation was possibly hoaxed because the plants were not as neatly laid down as in other formations, and two of the pathways were kinked. Others argued that the kinked pathways may have been part of the message.

Tree with creation/evolution

Tree with paths numbered

The depiction is one version of the ancient
Tree of Life

Grombach (Sinsheim-Steinsfurt)
(Wurde vorher unter der Ortsbezeichnung Treschklingen/Bad Rappenau geführt.)   Entdeckt am 19. Juli 2001
GPS-Referenz: N49°13'07.1" / E09°00'06.2" (276m ü. NN)

Mark on 4th path

From:  See 2001 crop circles

Tree of Life, golden light vision seen by Dee in 1997


17 - The Star which resides on Path 28

The number 17 indicates the powers of Key 7, The Chariot, working through Key 1, the Magician. This is the Higher Self in full control of its vehicle, and that vehicle is totally focused and dedicated to carrying out whatever its driver desires. The chariot itself symbolizes the receptivity needed to attain the true meditative state. We must always remember that the personality is only a vehicle for the Spirit. It is not who or what we really are in essence. We are actually the Driver, and must constantly work toward reversing our identity from the lower to the higher.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign assigned to Key 17. Aquarius is symbolized by a water-bearer. Its two wavy lines are the alchemical symbol for dissolution, and further indicate dissolving one’s identification with the personality. This symbol also shows the lower “water” as a perfect and exact reflection of the higher “water.” Uranus and Saturn are the co-rulers of Aquarius. Uranus is assigned to The Fool, the first Tarot Key, and Saturn is associated with Key 21, The World, the last Tarot Key. This indicates that the forces of Tzaddi are those that are called, “the Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and end of all things.

The 28th Path



The letter R
The Order: 18 The Value: 17
The Title: Daughter of the Firmament
The Intelligence: Natural

The 28th Path connects the 9th Path, Yod - Foundation, with the 10th Path, Malkuth - Kingdom, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Tzaddi, valued at 90, which means Fish-hook. The Astrological assignment is the sign of Aquarius.


Key 17 - THE STAR - Venus Acting Through Aquarius Upon Luna, The Victory of Fundamental Strength, Hope.

Number 17 expresses the interior light that illuminates. Ten plus seven indicates another place of rest, but this time farther up the mountain. Key 17 is a card of meditation, mental occupation, and the mind reaching out for Truth to unveil itself in Silence. From the record of nature's memory (symbolized by the High Priestess) the Fool gains wisdom through meditation and develops specific powers which in turn control the animal forces in the human personality (symbolized in Strength) rendering this Key as an image of Hope.

The Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius is the Sign attributed to the 28th Path. Proceeding from Fire to Air, this would indeed seem to be a parched and waterless tract, but Binah, the Great Mother whose symbol is the Primal Ocean, is also reflected here. For although Aquarius is an Air sign, it is also the "Water-Bearer" and is ruled by Saturn. Meditation is the mode of consciousness attributed to this Path which links the raw forces of Netzach with the intuition of Yesod.

The letter Tzaddi, which means "fish-hook," has the numerical value of 90. Ninety is also the numerical value for the word DVMM which means "a great silence" as well as the letter-name of Maim, which means ‘Water." The fishhook symbolizes the agency whereby one investigates the unseen, and also the patience for "fishing for the Truth" in the depths of the psyche. Tzaddi is the hook, which draws one forth, as well as the door and the outstretched hand which guides the initiate through the portal. This is implicit in the very spelling of Tzaddi (TzDY) which consists of letters that mean, in order: "hook," "door," and "hand." Tzaddi is a symbol of attraction to the Supernals by means of hope and aspiration, and draws the initiate completely out of kinship with the material world.

Netzach represents desire and feelings, and the Path of the Star seeks to balance these with the intuitions and instincts of Yesod. The challenge of this Path is patience in fishing for the spiritual light in the murky waters of the psyche. The symbols of Tzaddi and Nun form powerful symbols for concentrating the mind and balancing the energies of intuition, feeling and the Higher Ego.

The process of meditation is symbolized in the Key by the flow of water from the vessels, in the same sense that meditation is described in Raja Yoga as an unbroken flow of knowledge on a particular object or idea. For the Qabalist, it is focusing on the symbols involved with a particular path or Sephirah until one discovers its Silent Source. The Star is an apt symbol for the eternal Higher Self which seeks to bring the personality of the ego into atonement with the flow of life and nature. Such stabilization and wholeness is identified as Jungian individuation, as well a the priceless alchemical Philosopher’s Gold.

777 - by Aleister Crowley - For the most part, it was actually compiled by the Chief Adept of the original Golden Dawn, S.L. MacGregor Mathers. As the story goes, it was entrusted to Allan Bennett, and Bennett gave a copy to Crowley during the period that they lived together. It was called The Book of Correspondences. This book is filled with tables and correspondences that include that of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where Crowley got his start, but also includes some non-Golden Dawn materials that Crowley added later after he left the teachings of the Golden Dawn.

Crowley was 32 when he wrote 777. Later as his knowledge and experience widened he became increasingly dissatisfied with it. He planned an enlarged edition which would correct a few errors, incorporate much new material, and bring the whole into line with The Book of the Law. He worked on this in the 1920's, but never completed it.

Crowley never completed '777 Revised', but he left enough material to justify its posthumous publication.






Key Scale 

Hebrew Letters Number Value  of Letters Modern Tarot Trumps and Trump Numbers

(with some sequence variations)

11 HB:A 1 0 The Fool
12 HB:B 2 1 The Magician
13 HB:G 3 2 The High Priestess
14 HB:D 4 3 The Empress
15 HB:H 5 4 The Emperor (or 17. The Star)
16 HB:V 6 5 The Hierophant
17 HB:Z 7 6 The Lovers
18 HB:Ch 8 7 The Chariot
19 HB:T 9 8 Strength (or 11. Strength)
20 HB:Y 10 9 The Hermit
21 HB:K 20 or 500 10 The Wheel of Fortune
22 HB:L 30 11 Justice (or 8. Justice)
23 HB:M 40 or 600 12 The Hanged Man
24 HB:N 50 or 700 13 Death
25 HB:S 60 14 Temperance
26 HB:a'a 70 15 The Devil
27 HB:P 80 or 800 16 The Tower
28 HB:Tz 90 or 900 17 The Star (or 4. The Emperor)
29 HB:Q 100 18 The Moon
30 HB:R 200 19 The Sun
31 HB:Sh 300 20 Judgment
32 HB:Th 400 21 The World

In reckoning the correspondences between Hebrew Letters and Tarot, there are several points to remember. The dominant correspondences are to the Hebrew Letters, and changes in Tarot attribution do not effect other correspondences to the Letters. Tarot Trump titles vary in different styles of decks, but most can readily be identified. The numbers of the Justice and Strength Trumps were reversed by the Golden Dawn authors to make a better fit to the Hebrew. Older decks show Justice as 8 and Strength as 11. This reversal does not effect the correspondence of Lamed for Justice and Tet for Strength. Aleister Crowley came to advocate switching The Star and The Emperor Trumps, and that switch does effect the correspondences of the those Trumps. Switching Star and Emperor does not effect the correspondences to the Hebrew Letters Heh and Tzaddi beyond the Trumps themselves. Thus: Heh---Aries---Emperor, or Heh---Aries---Star, but never Heh---Aquarius---Star. There are other systems of attribution between Tarot and Hebrew. The system used here is that introduced the Order of the Golden Dawn.

(Note: This is the author's opinion.)


Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck

The Thoth deck seems to evoke strong emotional responses from people who are familiar with it. That is a testimony to both the excellence of its art work and the media attention sought by its designer. The deck is rich in symbolism and even if you knew little or nothing about the Tarot, the art combined with the one word interpretations on the cards are enough to give you a strong feeling for how the card should be interpreted. This is not a “cute” or “pretty” deck, but it is beautiful. The Major Arcana are a radical departure from the Waite-Smith style we are all familiar with. Some of the cards have been renamed in accordance with Crowley’s belief system. Strength has been changed to Lust, Temperance to Art, and Judgment to The Aeon. The Court Cards are Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess. The Thoth Knight is equivalent to a the King in most decks.

The Minor Arcana do not have scenes, rather they have the suit number; five swords or six cups, but the suits are not merely placed on the card in some arbitrary symmetrical shape. Every design on every card has some interpretive significance. The use of color is outstanding, and the designs are extremely evocative. Failure (7 of disks) brings the emotions associated with failure to mind, Luxury (4 of cups), with it’s gold cups filled past the brim, looks luxurious. One can content oneself by using just the feelings the cards bring to mind, backed by the written interpretations, but with some study the depth and genius of this deck becomes apparent.

It is unfortunate that because Crowley received so much negative press, his deck has been branded as “evil” or “dark”. Powerful is probably a better description. There are a few books available for this deck, The Tarot Handbook, by Angeles Arrien, Tarot: Mirror of the Soul, by Gerd Zeigler and a fairly new book, The Crowley Tarot: The Handbook to the Cards by Hajo Banzhaf (the last two books are translated from German). Of course the authoritative text on this deck is The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley.

There are a couple of versions of this deck available. The AGMuller version (the large one in the blue box). There are two versions published by U.S. Games, a large version which is not colored as well as the AGMuller version and a smaller version which seems identical to the AGMuller deck in color. For some reason, the large U.S. Games edition has a greenish tinge to it. The borders are greenish in color and this seems to carry over into the cards themselves. The colors overall are not as bright or deep as those in the AGMuller version. There are not many reference works available for this deck, and certainly none that I would term “beginner” references. One could pick this deck up and read with it on a superficial level without much trouble, but this deck deserves study.

A working knowledge of astrology and Qabala would also be useful in getting the most out of this deck and in understanding Crowley’s Book of Thoth. See more cards from the Thoth Tarot Deck (Swiss)


The main precept of Thelema, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." (I,40) is often misunderstood and taken out of context. Used properly, it refers to the Will. This is our true and perfect path, on which our Holy Guardian Angel guides us when we have learned to hear and to follow our higher selves. For those who are called, it refers to the Great Work. "Do what thou wilt" does not mean, "Do what you like." It is the apotheosis of Freedom; but it is also the strictest possible bond. Do what thou wilt -- then do nothing else. Let nothing deflect thee from that austere and holy task. Liberty is absolute to do thy will; but seek to do any other thing whatever, and instantly obstacles must arise. Every act that is not in definite course of that one orbit is erratic, an hindrance."


Key 17, The Star, Tzaddi (Fish-Hook)

Daughter of the Firmament. Dweller between the Waters.

The 28th Path, The Natural Intelligence

“The Twenty-eighth Path is called the Natural Intelligence; by it the nature of all that exists beneath the Sun is completed and perfected.” – Sepher Yetzirah

The 28th Path of the Natural Intelligence and Key 17 connects the Sphere of Netzach (emotion/passion) with Yesod, the subconscious mind. This Pathway contains the workings of creative imagination within the human vehicle. Yet, it also implies a change in the current flowing within the Pathway, allowing one’s imagery to come from above rather than from the shadows of the subconscious mind. This ability to receive clearer, purer images from the True Self is the essence of the Natural Intelligence.

It is important to keep in mind that the greater powers and potencies of the True Self – those abilities that indicate one is a Divine Being – are completely “Natural,” not “super-natural” as some would believe. The western occult traditions do not believe in anything “super” natural, rather they hold that even the greatest powers of the Divine are natural; that is, they are an inherent part of our being. The only unnatural thing about these powers is our separation from them, and our denial of their existence.

Things that appear to be beyond our capabilities, such as the acts of manifestation and healing performed by great world teachers such as the Master Yeheshua, only appear so due to our inability to see what we really are. Since this is a Pathway existing in the lower and denser levels of the Tree, and since it connects Spheres that represent functions at the personality level of being, the powers contained therein can become unbalanced when activated for the wrong reasons. Unbalanced potencies along this Pathway can manifest psychologically as compulsions, obsessions, and paranoia – all obviously “unnatural,” maladjusted, and disordered expressions of this power.

It is usually necessary for the aspirant to spend some time seeing, and then disengaging from the reversed current between the subconscious mind and the imaginative/emotional nature. It takes many years of practice in meditation, and many years of restructuring the lower vehicles, before the imagery seen in meditative states actually originates fully from the True Self. Most humans have a great deal of shadow and obstacles to clear, and thus their preliminary imagery (often for many years) is derived almost completely from repressed material held in the subconscious mind. Acting upon images received from the lower personal mind, as if they were derived from the higher mind does indeed create great confusion for the aspirant, and one’s ego is also likely to be well activated and dominant in such actions.

Another common complication found along the 28th Path, is the confusion of the inner Self with outer humans. Passion and sexual energy reside as potencies in Netzach. Their true purpose is to provide power to fuse Higher Consciousness into the lower vehicles. This is why it is said that the emotional body is the source of all power in the human vehicle. Humans operating to satisfy the demands of the lower nature, turn this energy outward toward other humans. The result of this outward flow of the “strong force of all forces,” is further entrenchment in the illusion of duality, and it often brings the consequence of divorce, bad relationships, and empty sexual encounters.

When the polarity of these two aspects of being – subconscious and imaginative/emotional – are brought into proper alignment, one’s passion is inflamed toward the True Beloved, the God-Self that is Divine. The magnetic current actually increases as one moves closer to bio-psychological fusion of the True Self into its lower vehicles. This indicator along the Path to liberation is thus often described in sexual or erotic terms among mystics and occultists. It is, therefore, critical that the spiritual aspirant avoids intimate, sexual, or emotional relationships during the period of training in which this strong current is consciously reversed.

The result of this process of increase and elevation of the sexual energy to higher levels is an opening and awakening of the inner senses. The awakening of the inner senses brings about interior hearing – messages from deep within, inner sight –visions, images, and forms, and inner touch – sensations that arouse the physical body. These capabilities constitute “revelation,” the key word for The Star. The Hebrew letter, Tzaddi, also refers to this process of quieting the outer drives while intensely inflaming the interior senses, and waiting in a state of complete alertness and arousal for the revelation from within. Tzaddi means “fish hook,” and refers not only to the lower self “fishing” in the waters of the subconscious mind for the True Self, but also to the True Self patiently waiting for the “fish” to grasp the Truth.

This is the third stage of spiritual development, “revelation through meditation.” Meditation is the stream of consciousness that underlies all physicality. Revelation can only come when the rational, reasoning, logical mind is completely still and the outer senses are shut down. These are the preliminary steps that the aspirant must take if s/he desires to obtain true and clear revelation from the higher realms, and not to confuse it with seemingly powerful visions that originate in the lower mind.

Meditation has long been associated with Tzaddi, the fish-hook. As a verb, Tzaddi also means, “to contemplate.” In the beginning practices, an object or symbol structure is chosen as a device to focus the attention. One then allows the subconscious mind to free-associate – flowing from one connected idea to the next. The imagery that arises through this process comes first from the personal mind. Later, when focusing devices are no longer needed, imagery may arise spontaneously, indicating that the Higher Self is beginning the process of downward communication. Still, even the advanced practitioner may occasionally use specific symbol structures to bring on prophetic states, and allow the flow of revelation to increase.

It is interesting to note that the “fish-hook” of meditation seeks to capture the “fish.” Fish is the meaning of the Hebrew letter, Nun, and is associated with Key 13, Death. A review of the meanings of Key 13 will reveal the need for elevating the sexual forces of the body to obtain expanded states of consciousness. The image of the “hook” also relates to Vav, Key 5, which is the nail. The nail is that which connects, just as the hook is a device for connecting. Key 13 is assigned to Scorpio, Key 5 to Taurus. These zodiac signs are directly opposite each other on the wheel of the universe, and each relates to chakras within the body that must be fully open and charged in order for the 3rd stage of spiritual development to be completed. Take time to review the lessons on Keys 5 and 13 in order to gain more insight and understanding into the processes detailed in Key 17.

In meditation, we must learn to wait patiently, but actively, for the Higher Self to respond. This is much like the fisherman who must keep his line steady in order to hook the fish. One’s attitude in this process must, however, be very active. We must feel the power and passion of the quest for the True Self every minute. We cannot simply sit passively and expect enlightenment. The passion, sexual drive, and emotions must be fully activated and focused toward the INTENTION of receiving contact from above. We must want this inner communion more than anything else in life. And, we must be willing to sit with this intense desire burning in our souls for as long as it takes to receive that contact.

Because of the many associations of water to Key 17 – the personal and universal “seas” of the unconscious, the fish, creative imagination, and emotions to name a few – one of the esoteric titles of The Star is “Dweller between the Waters,” implying that which mediates between the lesser and greater “waters.” The other esoteric title, “Daughter of the Firmament,” refers to the passage in Genesis, where creation comes forth from the firmament, the starry archway of the heavens. This reminds us of the Sphere of Binah that contains the waters of creation. In a similar way, the waters of the lower mind also create. When one has become the Daughter of the Firmament, s/he has become completely receptive to the higher imagery that leads to true and pure creation.

The number 17 indicates the powers of Key 7, The Chariot, working through Key 1, the Magician. This is the Higher Self in full control of its vehicle, and that vehicle is totally focused and dedicated to carrying out whatever its driver desires. The chariot itself symbolizes the receptivity needed to attain the true meditative state. We must always remember that the personality is only a vehicle for the Spirit. It is not who or what we really are in essence. We are actually the Driver, and must constantly work toward reversing our identity from the lower to the higher.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign assigned to Key 17. Aquarius is symbolized by a water-bearer. Its two wavy lines are the alchemical symbol for dissolution, and further indicate dissolving one’s identification with the personality. This symbol also shows the lower “water” as a perfect and exact reflection of the higher “water.” Uranus and Saturn are the co-rulers of Aquarius. Uranus is assigned to The Fool, the first Tarot Key, and Saturn is associated with Key 21, The World, the last Tarot Key. This indicates that the forces of Tzaddi are those that are called, “the Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and end of all things.

The title, The Star, refers to the Light of the Universe, the essential energy that congeals itself into the stars of the heavens. This same Light is the essence beneath all physical forms. As the consciousness of Light expands, the Star transforms and becomes a Sun. The Star also indicates the interior stars, or the seven planets of the ancients, known in the east as the chakras.

The details in the symbolism of Key 17 support all of the teachings regarding revelation through meditation. The central figure is a nude woman. She is Isis, the only Truth. Her nudity shows that when Isis reveals herself to the seeker, she hides nothing of Truth. Physical manifestation serves as her support as her left knee rests on earth. Her right foot rests upon the pool of meditation, which serves as her balance. Her perfect equilibration of the physical and spiritual indicates that meditation has reached a point where its quality is as real and tangible as the physical world.

Isis pours water out of two vessels. The vessels are orange, the color of Hod, Sphere of the Mind. They contain ellipses of blue, with bands of white and red around their centers. The ellipse is the symbol of the element of Spirit, called Akasha Tattva in the east. Isis pours one vase onto the land, and its contents flow into five streams, indicating the five senses purified and perfected through meditation. The other vase is poured into the pool, causing the water to spiral outward in waves. This symbolizes the outward and downward radiation of Spirit into the lower mind, expanding it with waves of ecstatic vibration.

The mountain peak in the background represents the attainment of mastery over one’s body and mind. The tree is an ancient occult symbol for the human brain and spine, and for the nervous system of the human. It indicates the physical equivalents of the etheric vortexes, the chakras. The red bird is an ibis, a bird that fishes, and is sacred to Thoth. The Egyptian god, Thoth, was also known as Hermes, the Thrice-Great, a very high level initiate who manifested Divine capabilities through the human form. He is also Mercury, the messenger god of the Roman pantheon. These god-forms all indicate the teachers and teachings received through meditation.

The great yellow star at the center of the Key stands for the Quintessence, the fifth element, which is Spirit. Its eight rays are the sign of the One Force that creates all stars and suns. The 7 smaller stars are displayed symmetrically, showing the proper balance and alignment of the chakras. The Quintessence enters into the physical body through these charged and perfected centers. Ultimately, the rays of the central star will expand, indicating growth of consciousness and expansion of being on all levels. This extension of the light of the Star will be seen in Key 19, The Sun.

Entering into the flow of existence, creation, and consciousness dissolves the lesser self and our identification with it. From this deep quiet place, we become aware of greater consciousness, and receive from it everything needful to our higher purposes in life. Contacting and following this higher wisdom brings greater clarity, direction, and passion into one’s spiritual progression. Yet, we must take the time to perform the preliminary work of purification of the lower expressions of this Great Force.

As one prepares for the state of ultimate reception expressed through the teachings and imagery of The Star, s/he must now devote him/herself more firmly to the completion of the Great Work. Nothing outside of this work can remain more important to the aspirant. One who still has attachments to the outer world, to emotions, cherished beliefs, the body, or anything that is perceived to be separate from the One, is not yet prepared to fully actualize the Natural Intelligence within his/her being. For when one is so attached, the majority of all imagery, messages, visions, or guidance received in meditation actually derives from repressed memories, emotions, and attachments imbedded within the subconscious mind.

Thus, we see why the wise Adepts who constructed the Sacred Tarot, placed the Devil first in the row of attainments, followed by the Tower. For it is not until one has realized his/her bondage to the world of illusion, and those illusions have been completely destroyed by the powers seen in The Tower, that s/he is really ready to receive the revelations of the Most High Holy One. For the majority of aspirants, this state of absolute clearness and detachment will only be attained after many lifetimes of conscious work. There are so many levels of attachment within the human form, and each one obscures and blocks the higher, finer vibrations that come from Above and Within.

So the Higher Self must patiently wait, as a fisherman waits for the fish. Make no mistake about who is doing the fishing. For even as we constantly seek for the higher Life, so does the True Self ever wait for us to take the bait of the promise of Divine Being. What could be more worthwhile? What else could be important in this world of illusion? Once this goal of spiritual union with the True Self has become the ONLY interest, desire, or project of the aspirant, the attainment will manifest. But, do not delude yourself further, believing that you can cling to one core cherished attachment or belief of the personality. For all must be sacrificed – family, friends, lovers, relationships, work, and everything that draws our essence and energy outward. Until the goal is met, everything that stands in the way must be eliminated with the Sword of Righteous Discrimination. Until this becomes your sole and only focus, to which you devote all of your heart, your mind, and your soul, you shall not attain the blissful peace that comes through the revelations of the One.

All great Masters have taught this truth of total surrender. The Master Yeheshua often told those who wished to become disciples that they had to leave EVERYTHING, and that they could not serve two masters. We cannot serve the lower personality and the True Self, for they are so different in their ways and expressions, we cannot imagine the mind of the Neschamah, nor its destiny in this manifest life. The only way we will ever receive the revelation of the True Spirit, is by sacrificing our identification with the personality of this one singular incarnation. The True Self has been thousands and thousands of personalities throughout the ages. We must admit that Self has far greater wisdom and experience in the purposes of its vehicles. We must be willing to die to who and what we have believed we are, and to receive higher guidance as an empty vessel, without preconceived ideas, beliefs, or attachments. This is another core reason why there are so few living Adepts in the world. For few humans are willing or able to commit this ultimate surrender.

“Thinkest thou, O seeker for wisdom,

That thou bringest thyself into the Light

By thine own search?

Not so.

I am the HOOK,

Cast into the waters of darkness,

To bring men forth from the depths

Into the sphere of true perception.

Entering that sphere,

They must die to their old selves,

Even as a fish cast upon the land must die.

Yet, do they die only to live again,

And what before seemed life to them,

Now weareth the aspect of death.

Men think they seek me,

But it is I who seek them.

No other seeker is there than myself,

And when I find mine own,

The pain of questing is at an end.

The fish graspeth the hook,

Thinking to find food,

But the fisherman is the enjoyer of the meal.”

From “The Meditation on Tzaddi” in THE BOOK OF TOKENS, by Paul Foster Case

©Builders of the Adytum, 1989, Los Angeles.

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