by Dee Finney


I was dreaming and having visions and half waking all at the same time. I was seeing black iron frying pans with messages in them about the work, about the dreams, black dreams and green dreams and about cities. There was no one city mentioned, but about all cities.  The word  taxonomy came to mind, a word which I had to look up because I didn't know what it meant.

This is the meaning of the word:

tax*on*o*my (noun)

[French taxonomie, from tax- + -nomie -nomy]

First appeared circa 1828

1 : the study of the general principles of scientific classification : SYSTEMATICS

2 : CLASSIFICATION; especially : orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships

-- tax*o*nom*ic (adjective)

-- tax*o*nom*i*cal*ly (adverb)

-- tax*on*o*mist (noun)

numerical taxonomy (noun)

First appeared 1963

: taxonomy in which many quantitatively measured characters are given equal weight in the determination of taxa and the construction of diagrams indicating systematic relationships

-- numerical taxonomic (adjective)

-- numerical taxonomist (noun)

So what does this have to do with 'black dreams', 'green dreams' and cities?  This is today's task, to figure that out.

First I need to determine what 'black dreams' and 'green dreams' are.


The painted horses pranced, a circus going
nowhere, a race without end for eternity.
. . . . .  .  .

Silvery pain pervades our dreams
of gossamer spider webs hold us captive....
darkness intrudes in our thoughts...

False peace seeps through the cracks of our
existence....quiet illusions of kindness
obscure harsh reality...white light blocks the
void beyond...                            Kassandra


Black & Green Dreams

The dreams I dreamed were all alike
They were with you
And all in black and green
Don't ask me what they were about
They fade from my memory fast
But every night it was the same
And I tried to scream out your name
But every time I failed to do so
And every time I prayed I could
But the dream was the same
And the visions I can't recall
But if I could I don't think I would want to
So I guess it's best that my dreams in black and green
Are only remembered heard
And never remembered seen.

By Lisa Sloniker

This next piece is excerpted from someone elses dream page. I like it, so am passing it along.

Dreams to reality

Note to the readers - I just woke up, at 3.50 AM and just had a sudden thought of something to write. This is all crazy, and I might think twice if I'd wait until morning...I guess that's the point - I want to write what's in my mind right now.

Dreams. I write about dreams...there are some things I've written about dreams in the library...a pile more unfinished, or at least not released on my laptop. I write of dreams as they seem real to me. I write of dreams as I value them, and they seem to keep me alive - keep me going through every day.

Past Reality. I never seemed to like reality - it being cruel, unfriendly and lonely. But it's reality, what I'm in, I always told myself that. I live here and try to manage, and get strength from my dreams. I always had a thought in my mind that one day I'd see the sunshine of reality. I didn't know where that thought, that nice feeling came from, though. I just tried to go on, seeing what would come the next day, but reality never inspired me really. It was just the place where I began dreaming.

Today's Reality. A positive view - I've lately seen some of the worst parts of reality - the parts that make me wish I wasn't here, but I've also seen the great ones of it. The parts that emerge from reality - and are as such more than the sum of their components. I see the darkness of reality, but I see the light and I know the power of the light.

Reality within. I gather my thoughts from within me, I learn my feelings. I've had feelings that I've written about, feelings that tell me of the power not here as part of this reality. I've written of those as I wanted to write about something I felt nice about - the only thing I felt nice about. Now there's more to it. While my mind is happy, and I feel like in some parts the same person, there isn't that feeling of inspiration.

Reality's judgement. An inspiration - what makes me grab the keyboard and write - write of my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams, my power that keeps me going. That was the inspiration I had, but now I feel it's gone. Is it a judgement of reality, that when one thing is gained, another is lost. It is the law of the world, that every gain is a loss, and vice versa, but I still don't want to believe it's all gone.

But even in all this happiness, I feel that I might have lost something forever, for now, the inspiration is not with me. Is that the finale of what I thought might last and eventually become something good.

Only time will tell

End of quote

Following is what I put together from the web. I've become clearer on what my dream was telling me in organizing my material better, so I will do that on the main page.  In the meantime, this material will be of some help to others too.


Our collective conclusion seems to be that nature, both in whole and in many parts, is magically self-reflecting and aware

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