Joel 1:3 - 10 - "Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. (4) That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpillar eaten. (5) Awake ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine because of the 'new wine' for it is cut off from your mouth. (6) For a nation is come up upon my land, strong and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion. (7) He hath laid my vine waste, and barked my fig tree: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away; the branches thereof are made white.


12-29-89 - DREAM - I was living on 16th St. I had been letting our two horses come in the front door, go through the house and then feed them breakfast on the landing on the stairway. But now the dinner table was set for guests to arrive and now the horses were too big and too wild to go through the whole house, so I closed off the formal part of th e house and the horses would have to come in and out of the house just at the kitchen entrance, and I hoped they would understand. We still loved them, but they had their place. I then went around the back of the house and I and my friends went through a cabinet that had red and blue pencils and toothbrushes of all kinds. I held them in my right hand, put covers on all the pencils to protect the writing ends, and then I was ready to let the horses in to eat. I fed the kids their breakfast, then it was the horses turn.


6-1-90 Dream: I as driven to the Target store by a friend who was young and thin and wearing a dark blue dress. We were in a dark blue car and I was carrying a dark blue purse. As we got to the store we went under a bridge and into a huge tunnel. On the right hand side a woman was selling gorgeous house plants and flowers and beyond her was a stand that was selling fresh baked bread. I was so impressed. I thought to myself, "I used to do that."

The girl parked right be the door. As she closed her car door, she made a remark about that she might be breaking a law, and just as she said it, a police officer came by. She became angry at me for not telling her not to break the law.

Just as I realized that I had forgotten my purse, a bag lady grabbed it. I grabbed the woman's arm and bopped her right arm with my right fist and she let loose. She was going to run off, but I wouldn't let go of her arm. I began to lecture her about not stealing. She said that I didn't know what it was like to be poor. I said, "You don't know what it's like to be poor until you have six children and you're sitting around the dinner table. Each child has a small salad plate with nothing on it except for one child who has a small morsel of food. Then you all bow your heads and say grace over it. I reminded her of the Catholic prayer of grace and led her through it.

She agreed with me. Then we saw three girls sitting on a fence on the left and they shouted something to the old lady. The woman snarled something back at them and moved to get away from us. I still had ahold of her arm and pulled her back. I took my index finger on my right hand and touched her cheek and turned her head to face me. I said, "Wait a minute! One more thing. You need to smile a little" and the woman broke into a big toothless grin. I then taught her to say a little prayer to the Lord to thank him for the small things in life, to say, "Thank you Lord," for even the smallest favor. Then she smiled and we parted.


9-27-90 VISION during prayer. A horrible green dragon came up out of the ground in the Mid-East.


Meditation: I meditated on the above vision.

Q. Is this dragon the same as referred to in the Book of Revelation - Chapter 12?

A. The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be. I saw an ugly, dark man with only four teeth. He said, "I have all the vegetables imaginable for humankind."

A. It was made by India for use in World War III.

Q. Will the Chinese get involved on Iraq's side?

A. They are already involved.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. Would you like to see what it looks like? I then saw the side of a large building. It was a horrible mess. The voice said: "It is not nice to see."

A. I am going to arrange the opponents." I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. Voice said, "This is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope, very taut.

A. Voice said, "Everyone will be afraid of it." I saw a square drawn by hand rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a special meditation to follow up on what I had received earlier that day.

Q. Concerning my meditation earlier regarding Jesus and the Anti-Christ...is it the truth or is this just a test?

A. A man came and said, "You are not getting anywhere and I can see why. You should be calling Babaji." I could see a couple other people standing there. He said again, "Yes! You must call him."

Q. I called Babaji and said, "Without you we are nothing." I asked Babaji to review everything that had been given to me so far, to see if everything is all right.

A. He said, "You must put aside one tooth for what you are about to receive." I saw a mouth close up with all the teeth. He said, "We must rename you. We will call you Terri."

Q. Was the information I received about Jesus and the Anti-Christ correct?

A. Babaji said, "You have a psychologist tell you one thing and I tell you another. Yes! It was all right."

Q. What about Deutoronomy, Chap. 18: 8 - l3 ?

A. A voice said, "There are many, many gifts. I'll tell you what. I'm not going to go into it right now. I'll tell you what. You catch all these prime ministers and authors and you tell them what the truth really is."

I saw a little girl standing in front of me waiting for me to tell her what I knew. Her mother doesn't want her to bother me, but she wants to know.

I saw an open Bible. I wanted to turn the page over, but it was stapled down and I had to turn it back to where it was.

Deutoronomy Chap: 18: 8 - 13: "No Israeli may practice black magic, or call on the evil spirits for aid, or be a fortune teller, or be a serpent charmer, medium, or wizard, or call forth the spirits of the dead. Anyone doing these things is an object of horror and disgust to the Lord, and it is because the nations do these things that the Lord God will displace them. You must walk blamelessly before the Lord your God.


5-1-91 Dream: I was with a lot of my friends and we were about to embark on a practice survival trip for 20 days. It was the eve of a big Jewish holiday. But the enemy, dressed in black came in. He offered my Jewish friends and I a drink of some liquor that was in a tall oil well shaped bottle. The stuff was bright green and as thick as clear, see-through toothpaste. I knew it was poison and if you mixed this stuff with alcohol, you could run your car on it.

I knew from the activities around us that some of our so-called friends, as soon as they saw that the enemy was real, changed sides and became our enemies, because they didn't want to die. We knew immediately that rather than being a 20 day experiment, we were now on a 12 year escape run for real survival.

In order to escape, the Jewish woman we were with offered herself up as a sacrifice to the evil man and kept his attention while the rest of us escaped by another door. We had to force our friends/turncoats to go with us or we wouldn't have been able to get away. There was one radio station in operation and I had a hand-held battery operated radio with me so we could call in with. One of the turncoats asked me what the station number was but I didn't dare tell him because he could give us away with that information. We dragged the turncoats with us as we ran from building to building.

I had a small child with me. My son. He appeared to be about two years old, but he had the wisdom of an adult. One of his shoes came off and I feared to stop long enough to put it back on his foot, but I did, and retied the knot. While I did that, he told me that he had been experimenting with seed potatoes to grow potatoes in a smaller space then was general practice in the past.

As soon as he finished telling me that, I opened the door of the building we were in and it opened onto a park with tall green trees, lush green lawns and a very narrow path to walk on, but I knew we would henceforth be safe.

by Dee


10-5-93 - DREAM - I was ina house near 20th St. Edward came home. We were discussing something relative to his drinking. He said, "Maybe I should take this box off my jaw. I looked at his face and he had a metal container like a box where his lower jaw should be. I asked him what that was for. He said that his lower jaw was undeveloped and it gave him an inferiority complex.

I thought to myself, "If I had that problem, I'd probably drink too." I called the dentist to see what could be done for him. I told Ed that as long as we had insurance, we may as well go ahead and have his jaw fixed. The dentist explained how he could take bone from Ed's pelvis and make him a new jaw and insert new teeth.

Ed said, " I should take this box off my jaw and show you what I really look like." I didn't want to see it. The thought of looking at his deformed face scared me. So, I slipped out the door and made my way thought a lot of obstacles on a path and got back to 20th St. school, so I didn't have to look at his face.


10-27-93 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house, saying goodbye to all my friends because Edward was coming home. Then I moved into my old 66th St. house and Edward came home. We were sitting on the bed together and he wanted to know how long it had been since I had sex.

I had to pretend I hadn't had any since the last time I saw him. I needed to go to the bathroom and while I was in there, Ed was on the phone applying for a job. I then realized that I was going to have to get a new job too.

I went back to the bedroom and a big blonde man was there. He was smiling when I entered the bedroom. I knew he didn't belong there and I hollered for Edward to come and get him but Edward couldn't see him. Edward did come and hold him back anyway.

I then went to a place to work. It was a gas station but it was closed. I was trying to close the overhead doors when a bunch of black, white, and Spanish people showed up. I was afraid of them. Some started to party in the store part of the station and I got into a fist fight with a Spanish or Italian girl. I was punching her in the face and winning, however I could hear her teeth breaking in her mouth and she wouldn't give up. I hollered at someone to grab her and take her to the hospital but she wouldn't quit fighting. I finally opened my eyes awake in the physical to get away from them.

by Dee


I feel blessed to get this one. Dream is from 1996.

Hi Dee,

Been reading through your dreams and my instincts are kicking in that I have tuned into something dear to my heart,(soul) 2 years ago I dreamed that I was calmly following a female gold lioness.She was BEAUTIFUL. So physical but yet ethereal and Powerful. She showed me her paw. On a nail was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen It was composed of all jewels and some I had never seen and the band was jeweled also but the whole thing was moving, liquefied,shimmering. As I would reach for it she would stand up,open her mouth and take my head in it. I could feel one tooth penetrate my crown center and the bottom tooth enter my throat center. It did hurt,lasting for about 10 seconds. She would then calmly get down and start walking away. I would watch her and the moment I decided to take a step forward (because I simply had to have that ring at all costs),she would slowly walk back to me and stand up. I would lower my head and she would bite again. I would endure it and this kept happening maybe 4-5 times.

The following day I went into a store and saw a poster that shocked me. It was of the male lion of the tribe of Judah with a chain with 2 keys hanging from his mouth.He was wearing a crown and also his right front leg was extended forward with a jeweled bracelet on it !!! Below was written,""Fear not: I am the first and the last: I am He that lives, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore. Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Revelations: 1:17:18"

But this was not the end. I went to Philadelphia to visit my Bishop for a weekend. I told her nothing of this. After she said mass I was spinning and slightly dizzy with a burning crown chakra. I then told her of the "ring" but not the poster. Minutes later she informed me , "no dear, it's not a ring, it's your crown!!!"I then recalled that at the beginning of the mass after invoking the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Auriel and Raphael that she invoked Auriel(and another).

I looked it up and Auriel = lion angel and also the antique name for Jerusalem,, and also means altar hearth.

More Light.

Rev. Maureen Heffernan


8-15-97 - Dream - I was walking down a sidewalk and holding in my hand, a light brown notepad type thing with squares on it. In each square was a letter of the alphabet. I was pointing my finger at the letters and attempting to read while walking. Some girls came up the sidewalk and said they wanted what I had, but when I looked up, they wanted to SELL me some Christian material. I told them that God's Word should not be sold, it should be given away freely.

An ugly man came along then and said he wanted what I had also and tried to grab it away from me. He had scraggly teeth when he smiled and when he put his fingers on my notepad, I grabbed his fingers and began to bite them so he let go. I did this several times. He left then, going down a sidewalk to the left where they were going to be taming the lions.

I was in a large house getting reading to do something important. My baby was very young, just a few months old. His diaper was wet, so I stripped him to change his diaper. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. My daughter opened the door and several people from high school came in. Ronald Faisch showed me a stereoscope. He said, "Remember this?" The one he showed me was red. I knew I had not used the red one, but I knew that it makes two images into one. His other friends were bringing all kinds of food into the house and cooking in inappropriate places like on the able and on the hardwood floors. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep track of it all, so I just concentrated on the baby. I went to get the baby from the toilet and found him already dressed in green pajamas and tucked into the bassinet which he had already grown out of and needed a bigger crib. I ignored my old school mates and just let them do what they wanted. Suddenly, they were gone. They had left all the uneaten food behind, green salads, orange pumpkins, golden breaded cooked chicken that was deboned, other salads. There were two refrigerators full. They also left buckets of potato chips with little party hats and paper plates and cups that were blue with star designs. While I was trying to figure out what to do next, a small dark woman came in to work with me. I didn't get her name, but she said she lived on highway "A". Then Joe came into the room and we began kissing and he sat on my lap facing me and put both hands inside my blouse and caressed my breasts. I felt like I was in Heaven.


4-25-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin but it seemed some rooms in the house were in other houses I lived in too.

I can't remember exactly how it started but we met three young men from Canada. They seemed to be 16 or 17 years old. They seemed like nice boys and I became particularly fond of the shorter blonde boy. My husband took him to where he worked and he was offered a job in two seconds. I asked him where they planned to stay that night. He said a word that sounded like "ceremony" but I knew he meant a place where people stay who have no home. Even though we didn't know these boys we offered to let them spend the night. The blonde boy said it would be up to the oldest boy what they did and it seems like he said the boys name was "Terra Cotta" or something like that.

The two darker haired boys went off downtown, but the blonde one stayed with us and when I told my kids it was time to start cleaning up, the blonde boy pitched in and worked harder than my own kids did. (My kids were sitting out on the lawn and not participating. I said to them, "It appears you don't appreciate what you have.")

I was standing in the kitchen and my youngest son Bill came in and his feet were covered with strawberries from walking in the strawberry beds. I carried him over to the sink and washed off his feet and called him a pig. He denied walking in the strawberry beds but the evidence was clear enough.

The blonde boy continued to help me clean the kitchen and then we went down in the basement and we cleaned the basement too.

I went up into the livingroom and saw that it was clean but a long low table blocked the doorway and the orange/red carpeting had round circles impressed in it like crop circles so I knew the livingroom needed more work yet.

I went back down to the kitchen and I saw my husband and all my kids coming down the steps. Mike, Ken, and Tom were wearing white tuxedos, the others were dressed normally. My daughter was wearing a purple/blue dress.

I asked where they were going. My husband said they were going to a wedding. I asked who was getting married. He said, "Louis ____" a friend of my father. (long deceased)

The man's male relatives were there and asked if I was coming too. I said, "It seemed I wasn't invited, my husband deemed it that way by not telling me about it.

They all left and I and the blonde boy continued to clean and guest started to arrive from the neighborhood. Some of the guests needed to use the bathroom and they had 5 toothbrushes and didn't know where to put them. I laughed and said, "I have cabinets that don't have anything in them. I opened up the upper cabinet which was empty and laid the 5 toothbrushes on the shelf.

This included a disabled woman we had to set up the TV set special for her. I turned on the TV set and I saw a pale green screen with a UFO hovering on it. Then the screen switched to a map of Wisconsin and the picture was still pale green. This whole thing slid over to the left and the picture was of some animal characters, a lion and some others. They were cartoonish.

I was able to drag the characters around the screen with the clicker thing like it was a computer mouse, but I could get Wisconsin and the UFO back. I tried changing the channel but nothing worked, so I let the disabled woman watch the lion and the other animals play acting.

I then turned my attention back to the blonde boy and was asking him about his family life and how his mother felt about him leaving Canada to seek his fortune. He said he didn't have a mother and got real sad. So I asked him about her and he said she had left the family many years before and he didn't have any contact with her. I felt real bad for him and kissed him on the cheek and wondered if he'd like me to be his surrogate mother. I felt I had more love to give than I was using raising my own kids.

He seemed appreciative to have the attention and the love.

The other two darker boys came by then and Terra Cotta decided they couldn't stay the night and they'd go downtown and stay at the men's shelter.

I asked the blond boy if he was going to work the next day and he said, "Yes!" and I offered to help the other two boys as well.

I said, "Don't forget about us now, please. You know where we live," and at that point I knew our address was on 84th St. (I never lived on 84th St.)


11/17/98 From: Angela

I too dream of my teeth falling out, too me that is death, and water. when I dreamed of my uncle and aunt, cousin all in 96, 97, 98.  I dreamed that I was touching my teeth and they fell out or some got chipped, and when it was my cousin I was in the ocean on a boat trying to over come some waves..oce I seen my gaurdian angel he was in my room after my car accident and the rest of the time it's in dreams.    


12-7-98 - DREAM - I was in the hospital for something. I don't know what. I got out of bed and went home. This is confusing. I may actually have lived there and it seems like it was the same room as the money scene from the dream above.

I seemed to be the manage of the building anyway. I went out into the hall and saw the mail for our floor stacked by the stairway wall. When I bent down to pick it up, I overheard a conversation between the mailman and another person on the 1st floor like there was an open communication tube between me on the 3rd floor and them on the 1st floor. The mailman wanted to know if it would be okay to leave the advertising fliers on the floor by the mailboxes to save time rather than stuffing them into the mailboxes. That was standard practice in many apartment buildings. He wanted to ask permission before he did it.

I overheard the mailman say they would place a call to the woman in apartment 303 which was down by the front corner of the building on the right in hopes I might be down in that direction. He gave the woman's name. It was long starting with a "K".

So, I walked fast down to the other end of the hallway. The woman from 303 was standing by the door talking to a woman who looked like Hilary Clinton. It seemed she was aware that I was going to get the phone call.

I don't remember the phone ringing but I rushed into the room and picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end was T.M., my old spiritual teacher. He said, "How did you get to the phone on the 1st ring?" I was shocked to hear his voice. He couldn't have known I was there nor the phone number and I had been expecting it to be the mailman on the phone. T.M. said a few mundane things I can't remember. I apologized and said I had to cut the call short because I was expecting a call from the mailman.

I hung up the phone and decided to run downstairs and meet the mailman in person instead. I ran down to where the mailboxes were, still carrying all the advertising flyers I had for the mailboxes.

When I got there, there was no one there but since I had a pile of flyers myself, I began to arrange them on the floor in a nice display so people could pick one up if they cared to. The flyers began to morph smaller and smaller as I arranged them and ended up as a small plastic tag with a number on it with 3 plastic keys and a plastic lock to open. They were like simple suitcase keys with one little hook on them. The advertising said that whoever could open the lock would win a prize.

I don't recall what the prize was. Several people came walking up to get their mail. A young woman picked up one of the padlocks with a numbered tag and keys. She couldn't get hers to work and was all disappointed. I looked at her tag. I was number 01. I tried the key out on the lock. It was a little difficult and didn't work the first time, but then popped open. I gave it back to her, saying, "Here! I opened! You win the prize!" She was all excited and ran off to claim her prize.

It was time to go home for the day. There seemed to be some kind of urgency to get there and I got a ride from someone who took a shortcut through an industrial park to get there. The driver of this car seems to have several identities in my mind but I can't remember seeing him at all. We arrived at the building which seemed to be work/hospital/home.

I opened the car door to get out and a whole bunch of people came rushing out of the building to meet me. I saw T.M. in the group, dressed all in black but with his pants rolled up and barefoot. I thought I saw his wife with him. Along with him there were several other people including Billy Graham and his wife. Billy Graham looked very old and quite ill. A relative of person of some authority came running over to me ahead of the group. He and his female companion were all big smiles and grins. Their smiles were all just to one side of their faces. It seemed like when they smiled, their face pulled to the left to show big sized teeth.

He was beaming and said, "You look Irish, almost like you are a visitation by our Aunt Kathryn. (sp?) I was going to say, "Well, my name IS Finney, but I'm not really Irish. It's just my married name.)

He went on to say, "You are responsible for this man's bills. I kind of went into a sort of mental shock, thinking Billy Graham must have put in my old room and the name on the billing didn't get changed or something. He went on to say, "Here are the pills he must take."

He produce a white envelope full of capsules. He said, "I want you to see why these are important." He began to pour out a couple into his hand and pills fell out of the envelope. I managed to catch one in my own hand. Many others fell and the other people scrambled to pick them up. The man held one pill up to the light. I could see a series of straight lines lines up around the central point where the 2 ends met in the middle. He said, "A spinning form is created in the center of each pill". I could see that the light shining through the pill would create a spinning image in the middle * like a star form. The man told me that Billy Graham would pay for the bills but it was my responsibility to make sure he took the pills.


12-18-98 - DREAM - I was on 3rd and Center Streets. The road was brick. From the way it looked, I would say I was indoors and this was like a stage play road. A woman drove up to where I was and said she was trying to get to the mall. She was very upset that she would have to go back the way she came from over the bridge behind her. There was a brick covered bridge to the west but there was a bridge and door to the East as well. I told her she could proceed East to get to a different mall and she could get what she wanted. She had trouble understanding that she had to go through a door before she could cross the bridge. I told her I'd go with her. The door was metallic and all beat up from other cars bumping the door open. We went through the door and we were now inside a long hallway like a hospital with white walls but narrower halls.

We met one person coming towards us, dressed all in white. Beyond her was a room labeled Hollywood. The woman I was with was very happy to see that. We went into the room. The only thing I saw was a TV set with Art Bell with big yellow teeth interviewing Dr. Ruth. The woman I was with was so thrilled she lay on the floor in a strange way hoping to be noticed. It was pretty pathetic and I left her there because she was so happy.


2-3-99 - DREAM - I was with my extended family. They were creating a garden on their livingroom floor in little square pots. I helped to make it look nice and put them all in order and made sure there was a path one could ride a bicycle through.

My oldest grandson was there. B.B. It seemed he was about age 3 and he was misbehaving and kicking and stiffening out his legs stubbornly so he didn't have to do something, so he was kicking the trees over in the garden.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to his feet and asked him what was the matter with him. He proceeded to complain that I didn't give his parents any money so he could go to the dentist.

I was astounded by this. I grabbed him by the shirt and told him that the boys in my family didn't need to go to the dentist until they were 16 years old because their teeth were so good and besides that I couldn't afford to go to the dentist myself.

I was so angry, I shoved him into the arms of Michael...Joe's son...to take care of...after I punched him in the face numerous times so his teeth really did hurt.

I walked out of the apartment really angry, planning to walk home, but then realized I didn't have a key to get in when I got there. So I stopped at my friend Pat's apartment where three people were painting the outside of the building. They had actually driven their blue van up the side of the building and it hung off the outside of their scaffolding on the 2nd floor.

When I finally did walk home, there was a huge intersection to cross with huge dirty black snowbanks in the middle where snowplows had left the snow right in traffic where busses and cars and trucks were going by. I tried climbing the dirty black snowbank and it was so steep and so high, I couldn't do it, so I walked around where everyone else was crossing the snowbank where it wasn't quite so high. Each time someone managed to cross over, their name was called out loud for all to hear.


1-21-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were going to school together.We were on the 1st floor of the school sitting at desks just like in high school, but we looked like we do now. Noon came and class ended. He got up from his desk and went outside. I thought to myself, "Joe and I could have lunch with each other once a week, but he has errands to do and so do I, so it's better this way."

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I got up from my desk and went down some narrow stairs to the basement where the bathrooms were. I went past one bathroom because there was only a partial swinging door on it and you could see people's legs and heads when you walked by. I was going to go to a different bathroom around the corner where the stalls were way back in the room and nobody could see in.

I was now walking through an area where a huge pink safe was standing open. I heard someone behind me say, "Is this the AOL area?" There was a man in a grey suit standing by the safe door, and a little girl dressed like Orphan Annie (I named myself Annie when I lived in the State of Washington because it's my middle name and I was so taken by the song "Tomorrow" from the movie) She was wearing a little red dress, white socks, and black patent leather shoes. She was looking inside the safe which literally glowed. I acknowledged in my mind that was the AOL area and went through the door to another hallway leading to the bathroom.

As I went through the door, a little boy with dark hair, about age 5 or 6 came up to me and said a little poem about me having beautiful hair, and blue eyes and beautiful white teeth. He smiled at me while I thought to myself, "Who? Me?" but said to him, "You are the sweetest little boy." I wanted to make friends with him but there were so many people here I lost track of him in the crowd.

In a couple of moments I was walking on down the sunny street and suddenly noticed I had completely forgotten to go to the bathroom and had to turn around and go back into the building to do that.

I woke up really having to go to the bathroom.


30 Jan 1999 From: Rebecca

I dreamed I was going to grandma's house across the river and I had just baked some showbread that Mac had given me the recipe for and it was good . He told me to take it to the Lady who made all the quilts for him and the Man who made the teeth for him and that Man and Lady with the two precious little boys who he loved so much , the ones he took orange juice to . well , I was doing what he told me and I put on my red hooded cloak and went across the river . Before I could get there a wolf jumped out and said give that bread little girl . I was scared but I knew greater in me is greater than he who is in the world . I kept walking and then when I got home , the wolf was at my home again and he had only been there once before when he asked me and Mac if we wanted to be Christians , I said what , I wear the color of purple and WE lift our hands up to God . Mac fixed the ole green truck for me to drive to the Purple Church and he gave his 10 % for me to take to God .

The wolf said he was going to turn me upside down and Mac told me everybody could see up under my skirt now . Help me God , I did not know what the wolf was talking about . My girlfriend was there and the wolf said nobody was there but a English teacher . Well Mack was there and so was I and Cathy Stevens was there also . The room was dark and he was looking for papers in Mac's drawer's He told the people to get the nut out of the light and then they could do something . There was not any nut in the light . It was held by a washer and God bless thye wolf if he thought it was a nut .Well he huffed and puffed and turned the phone off and the Men came and fixed it for me . They were good men HTC was there when I needed them .

Mac went on his journey before he did he would not eat and I could not get him to go to the DR. and I would cook and He told me to just leave it on the stove and he would eat it . Well he was giving it to the doggies for we had two chows that my Son had brought to me . Well Mac had on three sets of long Johns when he went to the hospital . I had to leave the house and go to my Mother's home and a girl called me and told me to say she had been to my house and Mac needed to go to the hospital , I told her he would not go for me , could you please call his brother .

I went to the house and Mac had gone to the e.r. with the girl in her truck . I went to the E.R. and Mac told me he had my red socks on and he told me he wanted to go home . I heard an orderly saw he thought he was going to have to scrub . Help me God . DR. Corneileus came in and told me Mac had a mass on his lung and they wanted to do some tests . Mac told him he had to go home and take care of some thing and he asked me to Let's Go and I asked him if he would go back for the tests . he said he would . We went home and we talked and I just knew the Dr..s could fix him so we could ride in the truck and he could show me all the places and tell me about all of the things about his past when he was in Georgetown and how he took his sister Ruth to live in a house he had built .she lived on Mac's land and she helped his first wife do the wash for Mac .

Mac took his insurance policy and used it at the bird's to put Ruth's body in the ground . He loved her and her Son . Her Son worked with Mac when he was building houses . Yes , he was one of those Master builders and he was a Mason too . I could not go and pic the casket out for Mac , I could not stop crying .

I was hurt that he did not tell me he was sick and I was hurt that he had to go on his journey . He told me not to worry , That the Boss had things for him to do upstairs and that he would be back . Mrs... Bell from bucksport was so good to him when he went back to the hospital she said he told her when I was not there that he wanted his sunshine for me to come back and he would eat his supper for me .

Mrs... bell was his R.N. DR. Cornelius told me I had to get some rest You see I had a nervous breakdown when my Father died and I did not want to think about death . The little girl inside of me had nevr been to a funeral until my Father had died .I had to pick out the casket and take his clothes to Cain's Funeral home . My mother could not do it .My brother was in Tulsa at the Bible college . Why does it hurt so bab to let go of the ones we love .? My chows were in the yard the night Mac went on his journey . Ling was in her pen and woo was at the window outside where I was asleep on the couch . I heard Ling crying and I turned on the flood lights and looked up at her pen Mac had built for her , she was there and nothing was bothering her . Woo was sitting by the window and I walked up to the pen and she was o.k. The next thing I heard the phone ringing and the nurse told me Mac had passed on . She asked me if I was coming and I told her that I wanted to remember him with the breath of god in him . I told her to please call his brother and let them know . I did not have anybody to sit with Mac when he was sick at home and a friend who went fishing with my Mother came over and stayed with him , when I went to talk to Mr... J. Brown .She came over to be with me for awhile . Then Cathy came and then the wolf came and was going through everything the day after we put Mac in the ground . He looked at all the papers and the letters and just threw them on Mac's bed and I asked him if why he wasn't looking inside the letters . Mac told me to look inside all of them the night we were looking at all the papers .

The wolf was looking for the will Mac had . The will Mr... Evens Bunch made for him . There was a copy of it on the computer but the wolf said he wanted the signed copy . I did not want to see awill , if I did then that meant death . Mr... evans told Mac to put it in CNB bank , But Mac kept it in the house . The wolf went through every thing and all I could do was cry .Blood Pressure was going sky high and I knew God did not want it to be this way . For the wolf to come in and tare everything up and talk about nuts .Death is enuff to accept without pressures . What did they want another death , would that make everything allright .When I put my hand on that Bible , I believe .

Then the house is cold and there is a special little boy whose Mother had passed on and I was with him for 6 months , he too had hurt when his Mother passed . She was a diabetic and had a kidney transplant but God had somework for her to do , so she too went on a journey for God . Lord I loved that little boy . He called me mama he was an odd child . Then I was in a House in Loris I gotten for my Mother and I was standing by her bed and Pastor Mike Lyles was there with his wife standing by my Mother's bed praying with us . She would go to the DR.s Sejan Mills and Ahrens and the EMS guys were so good to us . The last day she was sitting in her chair and she had a stomach tube to feed her and O2 so she could breathe better , I called the EMT's and they asked me if I was ready . I told them , Yes , I was ready .

DR. Ahrens told me a friend of mine ( Andy ) was afraid that I did not want my Mother to go on her Journey . I told him I was ready when God was ready for her . Not when she stopped eating . A nurse had told my Mother she was a stubborn old cuss and my Mother quit eating and we had to put a stomach tube in her . I believe God gives us all the tools to help and we have to use them or it is not Gods will . Why would he give us DR.s and CPR and pacemakers and stomach tubes and all the good medicine,s that the Master Physician gives them to save lives and give us just a few more precious moments to share .

Then I was dreaming of my chow ling she followed the Light man out of the yard and a man who lived up the street and I heard a gun shot and I knew she had been shot , I got in the truck and went to find her and they told me they had not seen her . Some children told me they saw her and she had been shot . I called the sheriff and the Man came and told me that man had shot her and drug her in the woods . I cried again . The sheriff went and got her and put her on the tailgate of my truck and put a sheet over her , I took her to the river and all the stores and let people see what guns could do when they are not used properly and I cried again.

There was a lady at the River who cooked at the Horry County Jail and she had the spirit and I asked her to pray for peace for all of us . The county asked me if I wanted to press charges , I told them No alli wanted was my dog back . She was going to have puppies !!!! That I wanted all the killing to stop and for God to have Mercy on all of us. Then I was back at the ranch and the wolf was there asking Me and Mac didn't we want to save our good name . I told the wolf God was our Judge today and Mac told him Yes , he wanted to marry me . Mac was too weak then we just had to wait on the light and rest .

Are we awake or are we asleep . Dream or Reality ?

Therefore , if unable to part with the attraction and repulsion , those of the least mentality and of evil karma will be liable to take refuge amongst brutes .

The way to repel therefrom is to call the deceased by name again , thus : O nobly-born , if thou art not able to rid thyself of attraction and repulsion , and know not the ( art of ) selecting the womb-door , whichever of the above visions may appear , call upon the Precious Trinity and take refuge (therein) . Pray unto the Great compassionate one . Walk with thy head erect . Know thy self in the Bardo . cast all weakness and attraction towards thy sons and daughters or any relations behind thee : they can be of no use to thee . Enter upon the White Light - (path of the devas , or upon the Yellow Light -(path) of human beings : enter into the great mansions of precious metals and into the delightful gardens . Bardo pg 191&192 .

Mac told me to take it to the elders and to hold my head up . He said did I think that noone ever had walked where I walked . He said from age to age , it was the same only the names were different , so stand up in the back of the truck , my love .. I said , Yes sir . O.

Well this guy is still in the light , Thanks be to God and a few good men !!! Are the names and words important if they save a life . Thats what I am talking about , the Trinity . Do we kick a Man when he is down and beat him up or do we give him a anchor or a life jacket when he is drowning . Now you be the Judge .


2-28-99 - DREAM - (Many dreams didn't bother to remember. The last one was the most memorable)

I experienced a personal change from a person who let everyone walk all over her, to one who was in charge of her own life. It was an exhilarating feeling to feel so positive about my own life.

At the end of the dream, I was at a concert, and four little girls from foreign countries came over to perform for the Americans.

I went over to hug a little blond girl who was like a crotchety old woman in her behavior and attitude.She even had an attitude about being hugged that was negative and she expressed this negativity. So, in public, I went over to her and asked her if I could give her another hug but she didn't want to. So, I told her if I could hug her, I'd give the other children hugs too. She didn't want to deny her friends the hugs, so I gave her a big hug, then went over and hugged the next girl, whispered to her to be a good girl and told her to give my good wishes to her family and brothers and sisters.

The next girl looked very Italian with dark hair and brilliant white teeth and when I told her to give my good wishes to her family, she said, "I'm an only child, I dont have any brothers or sisters, so I asked her about her extended family and if she had cousins and aunts and uncles, so I told her to pass my good wishes to them also. The last little girl was totally thrilled to be in America and when I hugged her and expressed my good wishes to her family she said she hoped that her whole family could come to America one day and see what a wonderful place it is.

I woke up feeling really good with a whole new feeling about life.


4-3-99 Just another Dream to add to my memories , before I forget .

I was in a tunnel and I did not remember how I arrived at that point . I was half way through now .

I could feel the light but I could not see it . There was alittle girl up ahead and she wanted to help me find my way . She called to me and I did not understand her communication . I called to her to tell her I only spoke in plain . She left me as there were doors in the tunnel that you could go though if you chose to .

I did not want to go through the side and I might get lost that way . I knew where I wanted to go . I just need the strength to get there . I went to my knees and I cried and begged the light to send me a helper to get me to the other side .

I do not know how long I stayed in that position . My knees were hurting and I was frozen in that position . As my tears flowed it seemed as tho they were melting me and I looked up and there was the most beautiful horse that I have ever seen . I cried out for I was scared and I did not know what was going on .

Then the Horse spoke to me and He told me " Do not be afraid my love ".

He told me to get upon His back and to be still . I told him I had a lot of work to do and I must help somebody that The Master told me to help . He said " Child , I will help you to help that person , if you will let me . But I must do the driving ."

I looked and he had wings of gold . " Driving " , I thought to myself . " We are  Flying , not riding ." Well he took off at a pace that I thought that I would loose my head at . But I did not . He asked me "Where do you want to go .?"

"Wherever he leads ." I replied with a smile .

He said " Well let me show many things along the way , my deer ." and laughed .

He told me we had to go and pick up a few arrows and some bows and then we would be ready to go on our journey . " But I do not know how to shoot a bow and arrow ." I told him . My Father had only taught me how to shoot the shotgun and the thirty06 and the winchester and I pinched my cheek with the lever action of the winchester and it hurt and left a bad bruise on my face .

My Father told me to put it to my shoulder not to my face .

Well the horse just laughed at me and thought I was the funniest thing he had ever seen . I laughed with him too for he made me know that I was loved and cared about . He told me that his Master had lots of Horses . He said He did not want any of His children to have to cry and He would send a Wingedhorse to help them . He said there were a lot of Ghosts that would help the children too . He told me that there was only one true Ghost and that it was the same one for all . I asked him , "How can that be " in amazement .? "Just believe , my child . He is greater than anything in this world ; and my Master can do anything ." He said as he smiled at me . He had the biggest teeth that I had ever seen .

I woke up at that point and I heard somebody knocking on the door .

Well Angels thats my two cents worth this day .

I send you love and becs ,

Lady Bee


4-14-99 WEIRD DREAM- At the end I was Mulder of the X-files.

It started that I was with YOU,(Dee), Paul (husband) and Kayla (daughter) We were in some kind of mall or store and we walked across the street to a school. It had a big plate glass window and we were looking out and a thin pencil-like rocket came flying across the sky and split open into 4 pieces and they were each individual rockets.. and I screamed.. LOOK AN ICBM~!!

Then Paul said.. at least the warheads are going that way.. towards Boston.. we should be far enough away. So Paul said.. that's like 50 miles we should be safe. You (Dee) said.. unless one of those things opened up 50 miles that way and its missiles are coming here and you pointed. Then I kind of gulped hard.. like I could feel you were right.

I left there and drove my new car (The Camry) and I stopped at the top of the next street over.. called Bunker Hill and suddenly my car was gone.. and I was standing there.

You (Dee) were there and you had a small cat with you.. and I looked at you then walked away down the hill and when I got to the bottom of the hill.. I looked up and you were there.. and then a DAMN ICBM flew over head again and I said.. SHIT.. I'm STILL IN THE OTHER DREAM!!! And I started to panic.

Then there was a flash of light and I heard someone saying that the bomb went off and killed some people but other people it just messed her souls up like put their souls in the wrong places.. and some people turned back into infants.

I heard this as my eyes start to focus..and I see this big fat almost bald guy with a mustache telling this to Agent Skully and I discover I'm suddenly in the body of Fox Mulder.. only I'm an infant! And I realized that I know that the guy knows who I am. And I know who I am..but Skully think's I'm this guy's baby so she's not paying attention to me and he's talking about the ICBMs and what they are doing and I'm trying to make Skully know it's me, Mulder.

It was like I had all his memories like I was me.. but I was Mulder too and I couldn't talk cause my body was too young and I couldn't walk.. I was laying on the ground under a kitchen chair.. I had ONE tooth. and I tried to use it to bite into the wood of the chair.. HELP ME SKULLY but I couldn't get the strength to do it and she walked away.. and I knew I was doomed and then I woke up


09 Jun 1999

Dream title powers by:jw

Dream i have constant reocurring dreams of levitating objects and even myself. I also have constant dreams of having physic abilities. I dreamt that I was backed into a corner with an evil monster with huge sharp teeth that just ate someone. He was about to eat me and I was terrified to death. All of a sudden I started chanting prayers and things from the bible and just mentioning jesus christs name (i must mention that i am not spiritual and churchy at all) all of a sudden I rmember seeing the colors red green and white and then I felt this total feeling of lightness and I started to rise up out of my body or all of my body did and I felt invinsible. I told the monster that he cannot touch me because jesus christ is protecting me. i was safe. But then the monster was gone and I kept levitating myself or having out of body experiences whenever I saw the colors red and grenn and white it seemed that way. But it felt so real and spiritual. I also have a dream!

That I was helping people find people that were trapped under a collapsed building and I led them to a little boy and told them what he was wearing the color of his hair and what he was saying. When they found him everything said I said was true.


6-7-99 - DREAM - I was in my apartment and I could hear people talking out in the street. there was an oriental couple out there listening to a radio type contest where they were giving out a name and waiting for the person to call in to win. The name was Cindy or Cynthia. The oriental couple was gesturing to some friends in an apartment over farther on the same floor I lived, wondering if they were listening. I was listening too to see if she would call in.

My phone rang then and it was my daughter-in-law Debe. I started telling her about T.J. (Joe's son Tom) have his four wisdom teeth pulled out next week, but there were so many people in my apartment and they were all talking at the same time, and one guy was actually leaning over me helping me to say the right words to Debe. I finally had to excuse myself to Debe and told her, "There are all kinds of new people in the apartment this week." (It was like they had to be trained to speak one at a time and not get in my face when they were trying to be helpful)

Debe's husband Ken (my son) was in the apartment also, in the kitchen, gathering ingredients to make bread. He was looking through the cabinets for flour (which I don't have because I'm allergic to it) He had two bread wrappers tucked under his arm with what looked like two slices of ends in each one. On the end of one wrapper it said, "NO POTATOES!"

I had to go to the bathroom really bad and while I was in the bathroom, I could hear snoring coming from the bedroom. (This was probably Joe snoring again. :-) ) While I heard this snoring, I was thinking, "Oh no! I hope it isn't Tom and he didn't go back to work!" So, when I went to the bedroom after I was done in the bathroom, it was kind of dark in the bedroom. I had to get pretty close to see who it was. It was my son Bob. He was laying on the bed so that his knees were on the floor, so he was only half way on the bed. He was just waking up!


"St-Padma-Sambhava, who is deified, is usually represented, sitting, dressed as a native of Udyana, holding a Thunderbolt (Dorge) in his right hand and a skull of blood in his left, and carrying in his left arm-pit the Trident of the King of Death. The top of his trident transfixes a freshly decapited human head, a wizened head and a skull. And the Saint is attended by his two wives, offering him libations of blood and wine in skull-bowls, while before him are set offerings of portions of human corpses. He is given seven other wild or demoniacal forms....called different names such, as in the present context,..."The King of the 3 collections of Scriptures" (Tripitaka)...."The Enlightening Sun of Darkness"..."The Conveyer of Knowledge to all Worlds"...."The Second Sakya"..."The Diamond Comforter of All"." (BLT,p.378-379)

... an anyways, actually, it is stated in BLT on page 73 of BLT that the Ninmas, worshipped the Guru, in a variety of forms, both divine and demoniacal, expressive of his different moods.!!

- Deadly Dents -

"I was in a bizarre place, a funny room of somekind, may have been a crypt or something and was in front of a weird rack of shelves built like a stairway on which was sitting a collection of Skulls... a large number of them... most of them damaged a little, as if the death had been caused by some Skull Busting or Cracking of somekind... and sometimes the skulls were fused together in groups of two or three by the brain area and through the holes and cavities, I could see some sand drifts as if it was the bottom of the sea.

The strange guy who seemed to be the guardian of this sanctuary of the Skull of the Deads, was proud of showing me his teeth which were all carved on the outer side like skulls... every tooth and he also had a dark metal plate on the side of his left lower jaw's gum which had four or five skulls on it.

I was very impressed by this labourious dental work... and the guy was kind of suggesting that I should also have mine done like that!"

Perhaps, that was the Great Guru? Seems to get along very well with the rest of his most tasteful outfit. :)




Dream: “The Cover Up” by Myst

I was trying to prove a government/military cover-up of some sort. There was only one guy who could help me, Pike (Tom Wopat/Dukes of Hazzard), but he had barricaded himself in one of the ex-military homes they used to give to colonels and generals. They were really spacious, luxurious homes, pre-furnished. They all now sat abandoned. I wasn’t alone in my quest. Plus, if I could get Pike to talk to me, I could get the scoop and bring the government to its knees. I and a co-conspirator drove to the houses. I saw several government officers go into one house, one of them was Palmer Cortland (James Mitchell/AMC). We parked near them. They had three gold cars. They were new models I hadn’t seen before. One had headlights that looked like triangular slits. Very futuristic. I ran to the house I knew Pike was in, beating them there. I entered. The house was modern. Black wrought iron furniture was strewn about the rooms mixed with dead leaves which must have gotten in through a broken window or open roof. Pike knows me -- we’re acquaintances. He told me to leave. He pointed his gun at me and told me once again to leave. I walked towards him and said, “You don’t want to shoot me,” but he did fire upon me. I was shocked. The bullets were tiny and made of teeth. Orange guts sprayed against my right arm as he hit me in the left arm. I pulled several of the baby teeth out of my arm and held them in the palm of my hand for him to see. “You shot me.” “You’ll be OK,” he said. I could see the government officers outside and they saw me. Pike told me what I needed to know. It was now a race against time to see who got back to the building first. I had to step over scattered debris as I left. On the floor was a lovely small sea shell in translucent lavender with tiger stripes swirling around it. I almost stopped to pick it up it was so beautiful. My first thought was that it was a tooth. But I didn’t have time to retrieve it. I left there and raced back to the station (part radio station, part exercise class). A male friend saw me coming and unlocked the door to let me in. The exercise class parted so I could get through to the radio station. Someone then announced my presence and everyone waited with bated breath to hear what I had to say. (8/7/99)

Dream: “T


Dreamed there were a lot of shacks made out of debris from the great winds. There were people there who once were very affluent. Some even wore mink stoles and were scrounging for food and things out of the debris they could use. They were happier and more centered than before with all the material things. They asked me to help them find food and protect them from a beast which visited them frequently. It was a large sabertooth lion. I saw it and had a gun with which I could have killed it. The thought came to me that it was their lesson and was unfinished. It had to do with preying upon others. Just then the lion ascended into the sky and turned into an angel.