8-4-77 - DREAM - I dreamed that I was in a movie theatre with a group of people. We had one sheet over all of us. Other groups did too. The theatre was packed. My group jumped up (without me) and ran with the sheet to another set of seats across the aisle.

By Joe

NOTE:  Dee had this identical dream on 8-8-98. In her dream the whole group had a sheet over them and were ordered to get up with the sheet over them and then get back down again.  Dee didn't want to cooperate with the group and left the room. (See below for the continuation of her dream)


6-25-89 - Meditation: First, I sensed I was surrounded by people. Then, I began to see people around me. I could only see them from the neck down, like their heads were in a heavy fog. They deliberately showed me their feet so I would know I could trust them, since their feet were not cloven. All these people were male it seemed. I sensed a number 20 something. I was thinking it was probably 29, but I was guessing because that was the number I was trying to confirm. All these people backed away from me then and formed a line and walked single file through a door into an auditorium. I followed them up to the door, but I was reluctant to go in, so I stood at the doorway. The doorway had an exit sign over it. The auditorium seemed to be both an inside room and an outside room. I sensed both, but I could see bushes or potted plants farther away. The auditorium was full of people all facing one direction. They may have been sitting on chairs, but I wasn't sure because of the foggy nature of the scene. There were both men and women there. In front of the people was a group of men numbering seven. They were sitting cross legged (not lotus) on a low platform, facing the people. Then, all the women in the auditorium got up and began to file out past me. They went through a hallway where I was, which looked like my apartment front lobby

by Dee


9-27-89 - Dreamed I was in a huge building setting up a business. The woman were all dressed in pale beige dresses and wearing high heeled shoes, and I was carrying a beige lamp. The bulb had just been taken out and I was carrying the lamp to set it down for later. I crushed the shade under my elbow and my body because I was so pressured, but I fixed it. There was a swarthy man getting in the way and causing havoc. I went into the basement and he was taking over and there were signs of animals (cats, birds, etc.) everywhere. The cat was a huge orange male and looked rather grubby. I told the swarthy man that I would kill the cat if it got in m way. I went through the basement to the other end where the chubby caretaker was and asked him if he hadn't noticed that the swarthy man was taking over. He said that he hadn't. I told him that all we had to do yet was to establish a musical theatre and we'd be all set to go into business.

by Dee


2-28-92 - DREAM - I was in a big house I owned. I was under investigation by both the police detectives and some bad guys. (I didn't know who) But all these people were trying to find a book I had, but they were sure I had. I had actually hidden it well, behind a lot of other stuff way back under a stairway. I wanted to get the book out, but I couldn't let anybody know where it was. The house was full of people, all looking for the book and some gang members tried to gain entry to the house. They wanted to kill me to prevent the publishing of the book, not knowing it was already done. I pointed out the gang members to the police and they got rid of them, but there were still subversives in the house so anxious to get this book, they would do anything to get it.

I went into another room and the dining table was all set for a banquet in honor of me for writing this book. Everyone looked so somber, I said, "What is this? A wake?"  Everybody kind of settled down a little and I saw a young woman come in whose name was "Phoebe Snow". She was an obscure author and she had agreed to write my life story just to get her name in print. Nobody knew who she was yet. (Actually Phoebe Snow is a well known black singer.) ( A white young female in the dream)

I was going to introduce her to the other people at the dinner, but I saw that some people were still looking for the hidden book.  I still wanted desperately to retrieve the book that was hidden under the stairs , but too many people were hanging around watching me.

I went into a smaller room near the stairs with a man, dressed in a long sleeved green shirt. He was a psychic like me. He believed in me and my story. We stood in front of a mirror in which we were going to conjure up some spirits. He held my right hand with his left hand and we started swinging our arms wildly and breathing hard and bouncing up and down to bring up the spirits. The spirits started to become visible in the mirror when a young, black-haired woman came walking in the back door.

I started hitting her in the face with a fly swatter. I was angry at her for spoiling our psychic conjuring. I saw that she carried two fly swatters, but I got her first.

I left then to go to a movie to get away from everyone. I walked up 16th St. to Center St. and to Teutonia Ave. to the Milwaukee Theatre. I sat towards the back.  The movie hadn't started yet and I was getting hungry. There were a lot of young black kids there and someone threw something at me. I had a big white pillow with me and somehow I suddenly had a book in a gray paper bag in my hand. It puzzled me how I got it. I got up and went into the lobby. There were still people in the lobby and they rushed in to take my seat.

I went to the ladies room. It was filthy and everybody was aghast at it's bad condition. We found one open toilet that was clean, but it had no seat. I waited until another girl took her turn first, laughing and telling her that if she didn't die, I wouldn't either. But when my turn came, I couldn't go. I was anxious to see what the book was that I had in the bag.

by Dee


4-3-92 - MEDITATION - I was relaxing, hoping to sleep a little, and said my 3 'Our Fathers' and began to raise my vibrations.  I saw a large room, surrounded by a brilliant blue velvet curtain. A woman entered, dressed in blue and sat at a little table... like a card table at one corner. I was thinking it was like a real estate office and she was the secretary. Then a tall, handsome, man in a suit came in and went behind the curtain, followed by a shorter, balding man who stood by the woman in blue.

The tall, handsome man pulled aside a portion of the blue curtain and he was sort of standing behind a backdrop like the front of a marionette or puppet theatre. He said to me, "Isn't it nice to know there's always someone available to call when you need help?" I had to agree that it was. He peeked out from another gap in the curtain at the other two people as if to get their approval.

Then a man came down some stairs on the right and said to the woman who had gotten up from her chair and gone over to greet him, "Why don't you send her on up?"

I started to raise my vibrations to do just that when someone knocked on my door and I had to get up and stop meditating.



In 1994, a voice in my dream said, "The Phantom of the Opera is God." This seemed outrageous, but I knew what it was talking about. I had heard the song from Andrew Loyd Webber's musical with the line, "The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind." It was related to the painting on the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo of God reaching to touch Adam's finger. I had read a new interpretation of it, saying that it is not God giving life to Adam, because he is already awake. It is God giving rational intelligence, because God is shown within a structure shaped like a human brain.

You can view the Sistine Chapel painting at :http://www.christusrex.org/www1/sistine/4b-Adam.jpg

It was also related to Revelation 17:17 - "For God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled."

This all tied into an idea sometimes portrayed in dreams, that our world is like a stage play, where we actors have forgotten what is going on behind stage and what the script is about. Unconsciously, in the dream state, we do know, and help write the script. We are learning to be conscious co-creators, as symbolized by the (Royal, Lion) King.

by Joe




I dreamed I was in a large city. Crowds of people were there, all headed for some kind of party or something that everyone had to get dressed up for. I bought a new flowered top to wear but couldn't find the proper skirt to wear with it, so my friend told me to wear it right over my flowered dress.

So, I headed for the party and when we got there, the hordes of people had a choice of the narrow way up a steep rocky stairs to the right or a wide concrete steps straight ahead.

Lots of people I knew were there. I chose the narrow rough stone steps up to the right. They were difficult to climb and the last step was so high and so narrow and opening, the step was about shoulder high and just wide enough a gap between the rocks that you would have to use your arm muscles to boost yourself up. I didn't think I could do it alone.

Two men stood there to help people and one man said, "We can haul her up through," but the other man said, "No! She'll have to go back down and go with the other people."

So, I had to go back down and join all the other people I knew and went up the wide steps. Those steps led to a museum.

The first room was the hall of sweaters. They were all hand knit and each one was more beautiful than the one before in different color combinations.

From there we went down a long corridor which was like a hall of beautiful pastel people. These were all beautiful faced mannequins and they all wore pastel colored clothes.

I noticed though that the farther we went along that hallway, the faces became more and more distorted into painful expressions.

Then we came to a display of heads. I recognized all the heads, President Kennedy, President Roosevelt, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra.  These heads all had their eyes closed and seemed alive, but their heads lolled around over the neck, mouthing silently the songs and speeches they had been famous for, but were worthless now.

We were then herded into an auditorium. At this point, we didn't have a choice in whether we were going to participate. It was like a huge movie theatre.

Each seat was electrically wired. There were metal buttons where each hand would rest on the arm of the seat and there was one to sit on also. That made me feel particularly frightened because I knew we were going to get zapped. What was even worse was, we had to strap ourselves in with seat belts so we wouldn't fly out of the seats and get hurt.

Then the movie started and it was the face of a purple man and he was going to show all manner of pain and torture and horrible things and we were going to be forced to watch.

The telephone next to my bed rang at that point and I woke up and had to get up and take care of a problem in my apartment building. I was too wide awake to go right back to sleep, but a half hour later when I went back to sleep, the previous dream continued like it had never stopped.

At that point in the dream, I had returned home and had a video of the movie from the theatre, and a large notebook which I looked in and saw the listings of names of the Lords and Gods of danger and bad happenings. I was shown that the purple faced man's name was Bryski or something like that.

I was shown that I was supposed to teach about the pink faced man. I wasn't given his name, but he represented love and I saw little animals riding around, sitting on the shoulders of people and giving them little animal kisses.

I was to teach that all of nature had to be in harmony or life would be what the purple faced man had shown in the movie theatre.

At that point, I was taking care of someone and she was in bed. I asked her if she would like to see the video I had of the purple faced man. Then I realized I couldn't do it that easily, because he had just been in my dream not in real life.  

by Dee


Jan 17, 1996.

So last night, I slipped into this dream...First of all, I was  in grade school again, playing on the merry-go-round and talking to the woman who was my math teach in high-school. She began to ask me if I remembered the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and I,  having been scared shitless of Freddy Krueger as a little girl, said yes...

Suddenly, I was living in a house with a roommate named Cherry...supposedly I was in one of the movies. Cherry was a tall, beautiful blonde who she always seemed to be sunbathing in the light of the living room window; the kind of girl who always gets killed first in slasher movies. She was lying in the living  room in a bikini and when I turned my back, she vanished. I didn't see it, but somehow, I knew that she'd been pulled through the floor.

Suddenly, her boyfriend was standing beside me, and since I was frightened, I grabbed onto him. He was crying; calling her name, but after awhile he looked at me and said, "I think this means we should  kiss." So we did.

The next thing I knew we were in the bedroom, and he'd pushed me down, telling me about all the things he was going to do to me. But amidst all his lurid talk, he began to yell and strike the floor with one of his shoes. He was trying to kill a Black Widow that was making it's way onto the bed. I stepped on it and pulled him into bed with me.

I don't know what I was thinking; it was like I suddenly had no morals at all. Then my mother and sister came into the house and started putting away groceries. I could hear them through the wall. My father walked into the room and I woke up as he screamed my name...

by anonymous


Jan 21 , 1996.

I go to a tattoo parlor, where I intend to have an eye tattooed into the palm of my left hand. The tattooist is an elderly oriental man. I give him a sketch of the eye and a three-dollar deposit (?).

In his room is a TV set; a movie is on. A man is standing in a rowboat, and in front of him, in the bow, two men in Civil War-era (?) officer’s uniforms are rowing the boat. Several other boats seem to be part of this ''flotilla.’’

The officer on the right turns to the standing man and says apologetically, ''I’ve lost my impetus’’ (or ''we’ve lost our impetus’’?).

''I’ll take over,’’ replies the man. As he begins to row, the officer slips into the water and sinks on his back slowly beneath the surface.

''Wonderful!’’ I think. 'It’s The Elephant Man!’’ The man standing in the boat is Anthony Hopkin’s character.

Sometime later Jeff Goldblum is on the TV, arguing with a woman on the phone (?). I realize the movie isn’t The Elephant Man after all, but The Fly.

Suddenly I discover my tattoo is done; I must have ''fallen asleep’’ during the procedure. I ask the tattooist if I can have another one done on my back, and I describe the design I want [which I can no longer recall].

The Old Man says this would be no problem but that his partner will have to do it (perhaps because it is a more difficult design?). He gives me my $3 back and leads me into an adjacent room, much like the first. It is large, with two couches and a desk, not at all like a tattoo parlor. The second tattooist also is much like the first, an old oriental man.

I tell him that I’ve just had a tattoo done and show him my palm -- but instead of an eye, I find a simple circle tattooed there.




I had a dream in the present time where, in one shopping centre it was all technical, like virtual reality movies or super fast elevators. the thing that amazed me most is that it was just in this shopping centre- nowhere else. I remember asking a guy where the stairs were because I was afraid to use the elevators. he said they've been frozen. then the police chased after me because I had mentioned the past- stairs and car parks...

I have a lot of these dreams, most of them are in casinos or pleases like that, but in every one there is an elevator that fucks up or I  am afraid to use. one time a group of some sort of terrorists that looked like aliens took over the casino and there was heaps of blood and stuff. all my friends died.

by anonymous



This is the funniest, most bizarre dream I've ever had in my life. It started out with a man and a woman, and it was like we were watching a cheesy made for TV movie or something, but there were trying to find a place where they could be alone, so using the guy's access, they got into this building, but they used her code so it didn't look like they were there or something. They went to this room and started having sex, and my mom and I were writing down everything they did in these books (that incidentally look exactly like the journal I record my dreams in). Then, in our family room, the phone rang. We had been arguing before it rang, and the phone rang about 50 times. Eventually it stopped, and then about two minutes later, Mom picked it up and said, "You're not still there, are you?" The person started yelling gibberish, and my mom wrote down what she was saying. The paper said ", PEACHES! PEACHES!

PEACHES! Mommmmmm.... I want to tell you..." and then something else, I forget. Meanwhile, I went in to work on the computer. I tried to find a book on the shelf in the den, but when I flipped the pages, everything was very blurry, and I couldn't read any of it at all. So I sat on the couch in the den (there isn't a couch in our den) and then I was in my room on my bed, and a guy I know from school and this Arab guy started sprinkling pepper on me. Then my mom called me back into the family room, she'd gotten off the phone. She said, "Stacey, come here I need to talk to you" And I ask her about what, and we start discussing an incident that had occurred in the past. Months ago, I was at the dentist, and I had some sort of surgery. About two months later, I realized that he had removed my lungs. We hadn't been able to figure out who had done it. My mom asked "Do you think this Gronke fellow (the guy she talked to/about on the phone) was the one who stole your lungs?" I wasn't sure. My dad never knew that I was missing my lungs. Then I was in a desert, and I went out of this place to look for my brother, but whoever I was looking for wasn't my real brother. After walking a long way, I came upon an indoor place. The desert was not hot, the sky was a medium grey color and it was windy. I went inside. Everything was kind of dark, and the hallways were crooked and cornered a lot. There were video games every where. Each hall led to a different building, and then I went into this one that had some mattresses in it. and I found out where my brother bad been. I left these place and returned across the desert to where I'd been before. Now I'm in a grocery store, and I want to buy this teddy bear, but I remember there is something I have to do first. I go into this place that looks like a big garage or warehouse. There's a large mural on the wall of an Easter scene. In front of it is a woman standing in front of a glass display case with egg and giant pastel balloons, deflated. There is about 20 people there my age, people I know. Mr. Peck, my biology teacher, is across the room, explaining that 10 eggs will be picked. Each egg represents a person at birth, on their birthday. I want to be picked, so for some reason, I draw on this white board, and I draw a stick figure of myself, and haning off my foot is a basket with a baby in it. I draw an arrow pointing to me. There's lots of other drawings on the board, too. Mr. Peck is laughing at my drawing. The lady starts to pick eggs like a lottery, and as she does, they appear on the mural. They're all yellow and lavender, but I want a pink one. Mine wasn't picked, but then I got closer to the display case and started looking at the giant balloons. Mr. Peck called E C's name (she's my best friend, and she goes to a boarding school far away now). People tell him that she's moved, and I say I'll take her egg for her. It was blotchy blue and white egg, and it was long and deformed with a squishy finger thing on one end. Then I remembered I still had to but the balloon and the teddy bear, so I walk out of the garage and back to the store. On my way, I see my brother, Doug (it's really him this time) and his girlfriend, Meagan. Doug kisses her and then they see me so they walk away. I realize now that they are wearing my leather coat, Meagan with one arm in one sleeve, and Doug with one arm in the other. They head straight for the hair spray isle. I walk by and go pay for my teddy bear and balloon, and I realize I don't have enough money. So I look in my pocket, but another $5 is there, so I don't worry. I go to the check stand, where a worker is buying some beer and something else I can't remember. The End... pretty bizarre, huh?

by anonymous



Starts off being chased through this strange house by this lizard-monster. I run down the hall, and come to the first door on the right and slam it open. I run toward the bed and jump under the covers. I finally get the nerve to peek over the blanket. Suddenly, someone out of nowhere yells "CUT!!". I look around, there is the lizard-monster taking off mask and a room full of movie personnel scrambling around.

by anonymous


by anonymous 11-4-96

I am in a room with 9 other people. We are being counseled by a "spirit". This "spirit" told us that 7 of them were going to Heaven, and that 3 of us had a choice. We were told that we would be summoned and taken to visit with another higher "spirit". A door opened and I was lifted from my chair and levitated through the door. (I was still vertical). Next I was in movie theatre and I could see all the people in the chairs below me, but they couldn't see me. I vividly remember going to the front of the theatre where the screen was and I could see different colored lights that were shining from the floor to the screen. I was taken through another door to the right side of the screen and I was in an underground tunnel. It was carpeted with red carpet and the walls were stone like an old castle. There were no corners to any of the walls instead, everything was rounded. The floors were not level, their were ramps instead of having stairs. At one point, whatever was pulling me toward my destination, accidentally bumped me into one of the walls, it then backed me up and moved me over a few inches to allow me to clear the doorway. I was taken into a room. There were lots of little desks and chairs like for kindergarten. Whatever took me there, told me that someone would be in to counsel me in a moment. I was then positioned horizontally and I began to spin around the circumference of the room (it was round too) I could feel me little finger gently brushing against the stone walls. The room went black and then there was a sort of strobe light that was coming from the center of the ceiling. It was not rhythmic. It got freezing cold and I was getting scared. Then a voice told me that there was nothing to be afraid of, that this was not a bad spirit that was coming to visit. All of a sudden, I felt this warm rush of air and I smiled knowing that the "spirit" had entered the room. I was happy and knew that "he" was there. He told me that there were too many people in the world that were blind to all of the suffering. Too much greed and that the most important thing to remember is to always be kind to each other. At this point, the door to the room opened, when this happened I was stopped and shoved under a desk. A lady entered the room and said "I forgot to give you a kiss". I was anxious to what the "spirit" looked like, so I looked at the reflection in the window above the desk I was under. I saw the lady lean down and a small child stood up and she kissed the child on the cheek. After the lady left, I wondered why the "spirit" was a small child. The spirit answered me by saying that he will appear to each person differently, in a manner that they can accept. Perhaps a small child to one or an elderly person to another. It was then that I realized that something I had heard all of my life finally sunk in! I was also told that all of our misdeeds of the past may be forgiven right up to the very end, if only we acknowledge them and ask forgiveness. Then the spirit told me to help people understand that kindness to everyone of all ages, races, backgrounds, etc., is the key. That's it. I guess I woke up.


Posted by Josephine Goodman on July 06, 1997

Dream on July 5, 1997: I am standing in the bathroom and I see that the wall plaster has been crumbling in large piles into and around the tub. I go into the next room and tell my husband that we must move because the walls are crumbling. He doesn't believe me. I go back into the bathroom. Now there is a bookshelf there with a lot of my books. The wall behind it dissolves and the bookshelf falls. I look through the hole and see it has landed on the lower floor of the building.

There are rows of seats like a theatre or auditorium. The shelf and books have fallen on top of some seats, shattering them. I feel glad no one was sitting there, as they could have been injured. I go down and into a series of offices, with very narrow corridors to talk to someone about moving. I think about whether I want to take my books back upstairs or wait and pack them to go to the new place.

In the next dream of that night, I am walking around an inside, second floor balcony and looking into the central area. I see a large tree there, with some birds with very long beaks that have rounded ends. I feel confused about whether the scene is inside or outside.

I believe the interpretation of the crumbling walls and falling books has to do with the crumbling of belief structures and old systems. The tree in the central area could be a new tree of knowledge.



9-18-97 - As I was waking up, I still had my eyes closed and realized I couldn't remember my dream. I instantly started seeing the dream playing in reverse all the way from the end to the beginning. At the end, I was sending out a newsletter in bright yellow envelops. There were at least 150 of them.

More toward the beginning, I was going to go see a movie with a black woman and her daughter, but they had to buy shoes first. So, I went out to the parking lot to wait in the car.  I could see my blue car in the distance, but when I got to where I thought the car was, I opened the door to a newer white car. I realized my mistake, closed the door, walked back towards the store, saw my blue car again, walked back towards it and again found myself by a white car. I started to get confused that I couldn't get to my blue car.


10-13-97 - DREAM - I went down into the basement where work was going on. A man asked for some special tape and I told him which storage closet it was in. I saw a little tiny orange kitten on the floor and then someone came by with a rectangular fish tank with amniotic fluid in it with several other stages of pre-born kitten embryos in it.

I went up to the second floor where a package was delivered that had a new blue sewing machine in it, and from there I went to my own rom and modeled some new blue clothes and a french beret on my head.. I looked incredibly good.

I went down to the first floor where I worked. The phone rang so I answered it. I didn't know the man they asked for. His name was Cabot. I went into the bosses office where a meeting was going on. It looked more like a wedding ceremony where many, many people were standing around a large rectangle table wearing beautiful pastel clothes. Nobody responded to the name when I asked if Mr. Cabot was there. I went into the next meeting room which was all men covered with dark blue and dark green sheets. Nobody there responded to the name Cabot either. I went back to the telephone to tell the woman I couldn't find Mr. Cabot. The woman on the phone said her name was Mere and she wanted to speak to Susan (from the previous dream.) I went upstairs to ask about her and was told I wasn't even allowed to know if she was there or not. I went downstairs to look for Susan but when I walked through sand, my shoe prints were wide going in one direction (left) and narrow going in the other direction, (right) I looked at it myself and even tried walking through the sand again and couldn't figure it out. I went back to the phone and the phone was already hung up.

I went outside then and all those people form the meetings came outside too like they were tourists. We were on 13th and Wisconsin Ave. A tall fountain was spraying water on the sidewalk and we were ducking so as not to get wet.

The people started stripping off their clothes and reveling in the sunshine like they had never seen the sun before.

Tourists came from the left from foreign countries. They were all in 3's and each country had a different type outfit on (like you see in the Olympic parade)

We went a little further over where it became more crowded and a big, heavy women were pushing huge puppet theatres around to put on shows for the public.

by Dee


10-30-97 - DREAM - I went to a move theatre on Teutonia Ave. and sat in the audience. In the seat ahead of me sat three fat women, each one sitting on the other's lap. the one on the top was "Roseanne (she called herself a 'domestic goddess') on her comedy show.

While I was there, I assisted people to find other people who didn't want to be seen there and were hiding out. I met a man there and kidded with each other about feeling guilty for making other people face up to who they really were.

While I was with this man, I saw a bill that I had to pay extra for using Cute Ftp. (I'll have to check on this)

by Dee


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and I was working there. The people and the scene was more like the drafting room at A-C. It was time to go home and it was my job to turn out the lights when we went home. I went downstairs with some people and went out to the playground. There, someone gave me a piece of cardboard with toys on it. On the top row on the left was a series of soldiers facing towards the middle down on one knee each with a rifle pointed toward the center. On the right was a series of American Indians facing the center each one down on one knee with a bow and arrow aimed towards the center towards the soldiers.  There was 10 or 12 of each.

There were several other things down the face of the card but the most outstanding one was a standing bear figure and next to it was written - Age of ______. .  I saw then that these figures were like molds, were hollow inside and hinged so that you could hold them under water so the mold filled with water, then you stood it in the freezer. When the figure was frozen you could take it out and you had a frozen bear figure. If it melted, you could make another one.

I looked up at the building and saw that there were still some lights on the 4th floor and I had to go turn them off.

I went back into the building and met some people who were rehearsing for a TV show. The girl in the center spotlight looked like M.M. The show went on for a short time and it didn't work out with the tall thin guy she was with. They turned off the spotlights and she turned towards me to leave and began to cry. She saw me and recognized me. We each put out our arms wide like on a crucifix - then went towards each other and hugged. I noticed at that point that I felt very masculine - not female. Another girl came over and we took her into a group hug and then a fourth girl was taken into the group hug. I left the hug group at that point and went into another room where I was preparing material for a Sunday school class I would be teaching in the morning. I carried big packs of white paper from one place to another and put them on a washing machine and noticed that I had the key to a storage locker where something was stored. I noticed that I had seven receipts including one for some cakes. (See below)

My friend David heard about the bad rehearsal and went out and bought several cakes to make everyone feel better and I ran down the hall to get everyone back together to come to the Sunday school room. I didn't have too much success - everyone had scattered to go do other things.

by Dee


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was on Teutonia and Center St. in Milwaukee, not very far from the school. It would be where 13th st. would be, but there was no street named that right there. Teutonia Ave. ran on a slant north and south between 12th and 20th st.  I was going to the theatre to watch a movie and was going to meet my husband there. There was a lot of mean looking black men on the street and was accosted by a couple of them, but one shorter guy saw that I had a little football-shaped button clipped to the right front of my jacket that said, "Open Mind."  He thought it was a job processing center and started rattling off all the types of work he was capable of doing. I went along with him and told him he was very versatile. He asked me if I would take his telephone number and call him for a job. I said, "Yes!" and politely took down his number which started with area code 209. (That is California)  I was by then at the theatre.

I opened the big glass door at the front and saw that the movie "10 Tall Men" was playing. I had some money in my left pocket and pulled out a $10 bill to buy a ticket. I put it up on the counter and the black girl selling tickets ignored my money. I saw in a little box on the wall, a receipt with the name Marcella on the top. She had obviously received the delivery of a package there and someone would pick up her receipt and pay for the delivered package for her.

Another girl from the candy counter came over and asked me if I was there to rent the apartment upstairs. I said, "No! I was there to see the movie. They acted all surprised.

I went into the theatre then and went down the aisle looking for my husband. The lights came on and I saw that the theatre was full of men - no women at all - and they were not all facing the front where the screen was. They had just all been sitting around in the dark facing every which direction.  At that point, I was down at the front, facing the people. A door opened upstairs at the projection booth and a bright flash went off and I saw 2 men up there.  One was an older white haired man.  They had taken a photo of me.

I felt sudden fear and knew I had been set up. I made an announcement to the people as loud as I could, "If anything happens to me and you see my picture in the paper, you'll know that something big is going down."  I looked around quickly to see if my husband was there, but never saw anyone that even resembled him.

Meanwhile everyone panicked and rushed to get out of the theatre. Some music started to play with a steady hard beat and people crashed into each other with a thump. I could hear an announcer talking about the music, that it was written so that people could go "thump" together when the music went "thump".

It was such a commotion of people running in every direction that I managed to get out of the building easily and while nobody was looking, I re-entered the building through a big wide brown delivery door and saw that I was back in the Sunday school room.  There I was given a life size replica of the same toys I had been given at the school. Only I saw a golden badge below the bear that I would put on and wear to show that I had paid the price to have these objects to play with.

I scurried around getting my paper and other things from the top of the washing machine and saw I had another gold key alongside the 1st one and this for another storage room where something was hidden and I again saw the 7 receipts that had to be reimbursed yet.

by Dee


My Strange Dream


I just had the strangest dream....

I was in a roadside restaurant...on the outskirts of Dallas....I was with a man, don't know who he was, and my children were in a backroom, watching a TV. There were about 4-5 men there, all discussing UFO's. One man, I believe he was suppose to be Bruce Maccabee (spelling), was carrying a list of something. Anyway, I was standing outside as they were talking among each other...and I heard Bruce say he had no idea where to start, since he was not familiar with Dallas. I butted in and told them I would be willing to help them, since I was interested in UFO's and had seen things and knew my way around there. Bruce approached me and seemed to be truly excited about this.

He handed me his list and said "This is what we are looking for." The list was on something similar to thin slat blinds used on windows....they seemed to be moving constantly from an outside breeze, so, I was never actually able to see what anything said. A taller man, at this point approached me. He had a quizzical look on his face...one of extreme interest in my nose. He reached up and touched the area under my left nare...the proceeded to insert a finger in my nose and started pushing the skin above the upper lip towards his inserted finger with another finger...It was slightly painful, but bearable..he keep this up several times, then I felt a weird sensation in my nose. He said "There !! Here it is....an implant, just like I thought."

He then showed me what he had extracted from under my skin. It was a small copper implant, with circuitry and a small raised glass section, that when view, had black and white "movies" inside. As I looked inside of it, I could see rough mountainous terrain. Hard to explain this, but the viewing area was quite large as you looked inside at different angles. Almost as though you were looking through a fisheye lens. The man who had removed it told me I was a future "navigator for a ship" and this was a teaching implant and one to always keep me located. It as at this moment, that I as sure all my dreams of alien ships were real. That I now KNEW FOR CERTAIN that I was an abductee...It was frightening, but it was also nice to know this once and for all. I went to show this to my children...and to let them know that finally I knew for sure....My daughter looked at it with a lot of interest...I felt both of my children noses for such a device...I could feel something in my son, at the same location as mine...but could feel nothing in my daughter.

We looked back at the implant and it had changed. It was now solid and the viewing area had disappeared. There was a simple picture of a cottage or something...more like an advertisement freebee...I was disappointed, but knew it had done this for protection. That this was a way the aliens could divert discovery....simply change the evidence to something else....I went out to look for the men, to show them what had happened but could not locate them. I looked again at the implant, and it had changed again. Now it was in a small case....when opened, it had changed into a silver charm bracelet, with precious gems implanted....on the charms were planets, moons, space ships, some weird symbols...it was beautiful....and impressive....it was at this point I woke up.

by anonymous



Dream by Jan Ingersoll
With Interpretation by Joe Mason


In the mid '80s I dreamed one of my strongest teaching dreams. I even drew pictures. It was very clear & meaningful to me.

I was walking on a very large, green grassy plateau. There was a pretty little girl with me. I was taking care of her for someone. As we walked over a long distance, all alone on this green plain, we saw a small wooden shack sitting alone out there.(It looked like an 'outhouse')..I said to the girl" ,let's see what that is".

As we walked up to this shack, we saw a large sign on it that said "TICKETS". There was a man inside. I asked what he was selling. He said '"MOVIE TICKETS".."DO YOU WANT TO BUY TICKETS?" I thought about it & said "NO.I think we'll just go take a look. Where is the movie?" He said, "just over that hill."

I took the girl by the hand & we walked on. We came to a very LARGE PIT or deep round hole in the ground. It was surrounded by a small fence on the rim. There was a very large CINEMASCOPE MOVIE SCREEN inside the pit wall. It covered over half of the pit. There was a COLOR movie playing. I said to the girl, "lets sit here on the RIM for awhile & see what is happening." I held her, as our legs dangled over the edge. We looked down to the rocky pit floor.

The pit was full of people..men, women & children. They were all facing the screen, intently intrigued by the pictures & story. Many of them were laying on their stomachs to watch. Some of the children were busily playing in the rocks & puddles of water in the bottom. No one looked around or up. I could see all around & down..observing, but not involving in the movie.

As I watched, SUDDENLY THE MOVIE SCREEN WENT BLANK (in the middle of the movie). Simultaneously to this event, I saw a HUGE BLACK HOLE OPEN in the side of the pit. A big rush of WATER was beginning to pour into the pit.

I was transfixed..as I saw there was NO EXITS in the pit. The people sat up startled when the movie quit. They were mulling around in confusion & running through little streams & puddles on the floor. They tried to gather the children & still NO ONE PAID ATTENTION to the HUGE WATERFALL coming at them, until it was too late. Many drowned in the pit. A FEW good SWIMMERS FLOATED to the TOP RIM ..going WITH THE FLOW..

I took the little girl by the hand and we turned back across the green plateau. The SHOW WAS OVER...

I had no strong feelings in this dream. I felt wonderment & puzzlement..Why couldn't they just look around & see the screen, with just a projected picture? All they had to do was 'turn around'. They were too involved to see that the pictures weren't real.. The huge hole & water were. They also got themselves into a 'hole that they couldn't get out of'..by stair steps, etc. It happened so fast they had nothing to do but 'sink or swim'. The strugglers & stragglers didn't make it in those forms. The 'swimmers' got out fast & easily. They didn't need the steps!

From Jan Ingersol bji@webtv.net

Date: 97-11-29 23:59:02 EST

Dream Interpretation by Joe Mason

Our reality seems to be portrayed sometimes as being like a stage play or film. One woman was told in a dream, "Yes! The world is like a stage play, but a VERY important one!" It seems to be a very old idea. I read that Plato said something like this - reality is like watching shadows on a curtain. You have to watch very closely to figure out what is going on behind the curtain. It seems similar to the Eastern teaching that we are in the land of Maya, illusion.

I made a post on the Pufori Dreamer's Board that had some of it. It's at this site: http://www.pufori.org/dreamboard/ near the bottom of the page, titled, "Dreams at the Dawning and Phantom of the Opera." I'm pasting that part of the posting at the end of this interpretation.

There are many myths about the underworld, like the Greek Persephone. Another is about the 12th labor of Hercules, where he had to kill the three-headed dog that guarded the gate of Hades. The dog would let anyone in, but would let no one out. Some myths, like the Babylonian one about Ishtar, have seven steps down to the Underworld.

In "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, by H. P. Blavatsky, two ancient depictions are shown that are almost the same. One is from India, and the other is Cabalistic. A triangle is at the top, labeled "AUM" in one depiction. It has a Father Ray and Mother Ray. Below this is a circle with a Star of David type diagram. Below that is a circle, labeled "World of Maya, or illusion" in one depiction, and "Hell, the Objective World called Earth." .

Prior to see the diagrams, I had the feeling that underground or "Hell" could be saying something about the earth reality. Your dream is not like Hell, but it has a similarity.

In the Hopi creation myth, three chambers are shown underground. The Creator first put insects in a chamber and told them to figure out the meaning of life. They couldn't do it, so Spider Grandmother came and helped them to climb to the second chamber, where they became animals. Same thing, and they went to the third chamber and became humans. Finally, Spider Grandmother came again, this time assisted by birds, and the people reached the surface and sunlight. Then Spider Grandmother taught them how to weave.

Buying tickets to the movie is also interesting. About seven years ago there was a dream posted to a network called, "Queen Diana Dream." In the dream she went to a Diana Ross concert. She went back stage and got a ticket or pass from a man at a desk. She went through a door, down a hallway, and into another room. There was a small door in the room. She went through, and was on a slide going down. Lights shined on and through her, examining her. "No shit is allowed down here" she realized. She saw others sliding down on slides. Then, she was in a boat with Queen Diana, surrounded by her loyal subjects.

As you can see, there are quite a few similarities to your dream. Even the "shit" (pardon my French!) may compare to the ticket building looking like an outhouse. This is an important type of symbolism to me, which appears often in various forms. I think it can be a play on the "food-for-thought" symbolism. These thoughts/beliefs have been consumed and digested, and all the nutrients removed. It is time to dump them.

The meaning of the ticket or pass in the Diana dream seems to be a little different than in you dream. She took the ticket and went underground. You refused the ticket, but watched safely from above. I would think that taking the ticket shows that we choose to come to the land of Maya, and are not forced to do so. In one of my theories about the Bible, this is expressed in Daniel 9:27, where a covenant is made with many for one week, and for half of the week . . . something negative happens. The "covenant" is like a contract or agreement, or like taking a ticket.

In the theory, this refers to the seven chakras, and the critical midpoint of 3 and 1/2. It is the point between the lower three chakras and the Heart chakra. I spoke of it in this article:


Notice too, that the Hopi myth has three chambers underground before the fourth step to the surface.

Diana is the Roman Artemis. She is the moon goddess and twin of Apollo. She is associated with a triple goddess symbolism, one of which is Hecate, who is of "Hell." I then remembered that Diana Ross was one of the three singers of "The Supremes."

I thought of it again recently when Princess Diana was killed in the underground pass. They say it was once a Pagan place of worship to the goddess Diana. And I loved it when they started calling her "The Queen of Hearts."

The water pouring into the pit seems to connect with other dreams, for example, my friend, Jeff, dreamed of riding on a bicycle up a hill outside the water treatment plant where we work. His wife came running with a telephone in her hand, saying he had an important call from the lady engineer. He couldn't hear the lady engineer very well, but knew she was telling him not to open the big valve yet that lets the purified water into the city.

I just remembered that the woman who had the Diana dream reported another one about the same time. In that dream, she saw a house in a barren valley. There was a pole next to it that showed high-water markers. She could see that it flooded every once in a while. She said something about it representing her stressful state of mind at the time, and that a flood was coming on.

Some dreams, like yours, has more of a Noah/Pisces type of flooding. Others, like Jeff's, has more of an Aquarius-like Water Bearer kind. In any case, my guess is that it is about the change to a new age.

I like the part about the people not paying attention to the water coming, and thinking the film was "real." It fits the situation I see today soooo well. So few are paying attention to dreams or much else other than the mundane-life things. So many think that is all there is to life, that there is no spiritual thing going on. This fits with a verse in Revelation, the one about "You have the name of being alive, but you are dead. Awake and save what is on the point of death." It goes on to say that some have not stained their garments, and will walk in white. (Jeff had a dream where his white pants got stained because of a backed-up urinal). Hades is the Land of the Dead in the Greek myths, yet the people are still animated, so they are not "dead" in the extinct sense.

Your dream seems to hint that the Great Change will happen very abruptly. I find this often, but I'm not sure if it will really happen "in the blinking of an eye," or "in one night," as Nostradamus said. But, I do have the feeling that it will happen a lot quicker than most people think.

The idea of people being caught by surprise and running about chaotically or in panic, has appeared in a lot of dreams. I think it's in the Bible too, about coming like a thief in the night.

Drowning, I think, can be like a spiritual baptism. The person is "re-born" afterwards. The few good swimmers seem to be those who are familiar with the spirit/unconscious/dreaming realm. And going with the flow, of course, is pretty obvious.

People really do need to "turn around" and see what is really happening. Sometimes I say that everyone has a telephone (dreams) to the other reality, but few pick it up.

Passionate journeys,

Joe Mason



I am sooo happy to report that it seems my Nigredo is coming to a close!! The bright dawn of day after a isolated night!!

Was able to move consciously into the spirit body Saturday evening... As I was moving in and out...I began to pick up radio and TV programs audioablely...is that a word?? I stayed in my bedroom till I began to hum the ancient Eckankar word for God...Hu. Then I began to see wonderful geometric shapes..kinda like fractals. Then I was back.

Last night I dreamt Be invited me to her home for dinner...I was with my ex-husband (ugh)...she assorted us to a large viewing room on a upper level of the house...I thought we were going to see some sort of movie...there were several people there from my old company that I would rather NOT see. We did not know what to say to each other...I wondered how Be knew them!! I am sure they were wondering the same thing....then Be came and gathered a few of us (there were many people there) and told us that we were now going to participate in a Dream Experiment...we all had to fit in a small space together and be wired up......then I woke up...Be...so what was THAT about???

by anonymous


1-16-98 - DREAM - I lived and worked at A-C. On this particular day, I was called into a large auditorium which was set up like a theatre with each row of seats set higher than the one in front of it. There were not very many people in the auditorium so it was a special session of lessons we were here for. Here is where we were going to experience our past lives.

I sat down in a seat and someone handed me a jar of pills. I looked at the pills inside the jar, and each one said. "LCD". Holding that jar seemed too be a shock to my system and my eyes flew open and I was instantly awake.

by Dee



2-15-98 - DREAM - I was watching people in canoes floating down river. They came to a city and went into a theatre. Inside the theatre was a game show going on. The theatre and the audience was really large. It was impossible to finish the game show all in one day, so I was asked to make an announcement to the people to get them to stay overnight and finish the game the next day. They gave me a deck of blue playing cards. There were 57 cards and each one represented a prize. There were many more than 57 people in the audience, but I fanned out the card in front of them to entice them to stay until the next day and win a prize. Each of the 57 chosen people would be able to pick their own card from the deck, but nobody knew which people would be chosen, and nobody would know what the prize was until after it was revealed later on. Nobody got up to leave.

The scene changed when I walked into another room in the theatre building. There was a long brown table in the room. I sat at the end of the table. There were other people in the room, both men and women. An old, old, black woman came into the room carrying a little black girl child about a year old, who in turn was carrying an infant black girl child clutched in her arms. One of the women in the room tried to take the child out of the arms of the old black woman, but the child refused to go to her.

The old black woman sat down to my right around the corner of the table and offered the child to me to hold. The child was terrified and clutched tightly to her own little child. We placed a child's sized rocker on top of the table in front of us and eased the child onto the rocking chair. She was held onto the chair with a brown seat belt. The old black woman and I both had our hands on the child to hold her safely and securely. I was rocking the chair gently with my foot somehow to soothe the child. The old woman and I were both talking to the child softly and telling her she was going to be okay and she was safe and we pointed out that she couldn't fall out of the chair because of the seat belt. We had to do this in order to make the change from the old black woman to me.

The child gradually became more calm and we could see the fear leave the child's eyes. Gradually then, the old black woman removed her hands from the child while mine continued to hold her securely on the chair. Then, right in front of us, the old woman fell over on the floor and died.

I was as shocked at anyone to see the old woman die, but we turned the child's rocker around so she couldn't see the old woman's dead body and some of the men in the room prepared a schoolroom type event at the other end of the long table where they had glass enclosed cages filled with little white baby animals. They were the babies of every species imaginable.

All the babies were jumping around like baby animals do. They were really cute. The test was going to be for the girl child now to name the animals one by one.

Because there were so many animals, we removed the larger common ones like the puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit, because they were so common and were also the largest and blocked the view of the others. I wiped the glass clean so the child could see the animals clearly, and I took up a long pointer stick to point to each animal so she could name them.


by Dee - 2-15-98

Joe's Interpretation of Dee's "End of the Age" Dream

Dee told me this dream right after we woke up this morning (2-15-98).

My first reaction was that it was about the end of the age, because I recognized symbols that are similar to other dreams which I believe are related to certain myths and religions.

The most outstanding feature to me is the death of the black woman. I believe she represents the eastern goddess Kali, who is often depicted as black or dark blue. I and several other people have had dreams of a black woman. They seem to be important dreams and do not fit with the daily life circumstances. One woman, for example, dreamed of a dead black woman in her bath tub.

In the eastern religions we are said to be in the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron.  According to H. P. Blavatsky, we rid ourselves of Kali at the end of the Kali-Yuga.

In my theory, the harlot of Revelation 17 has the same meaning as Kali.  The age that is near its end is a karmic cycle. Kali is depicted with a  girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this indicates the karmic function. Personally, I feel that the traditional  interpretation of karma is not quite right. It seems to be more of a learning experience, rather than a reward-punishment system. The game show, the deck of cards, and the prizes in Dee's dream may suggest karma.

The men in the room preparing a schoolroom type event may suggest the learning function.

Some of my dreams seemed to suggest that the goddess symbolism represents a type of energy, similar to a generator. The earth is like a motor being powered by the generator-goddess. The goddess is replaced by another in the new cycle, like a new energy becoming manifest. Kali, and other goddesses in the eastern systems are the aspects of the One Goddess, Sakti.

Kali is a destroyer goddess. This is called "death or destruction creation," and equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plants growth. In other words, in the overall, it is positive.

I believe this is the context of "the end of the world." The way of living and being in the time cycle is the "seed" that is destroyed, but the new "plant" will replace it.

In our system we are in the Age of Pisces. This is often associated with water. The people in Dee's dream are floating down a river in canoes. Blavatsky also said that the story of Noah's Ark represents the Age of Pisces. So, the canoes, the water, and the animals in Dee's dream may suggest this.

Dreams of babies are common. They are often associated with goddess figures, such as the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, the pregnant  earth goddess "Serpent Skirt" in the Aztec myth, and little Horus setting on his mother, Isis' lap. I believe this is saying something about mankind.

Babies are often said to represent new ideas and ways, like "birthing" a new idea.

Dee's dream is unique, I believe, in that the year-old girl child is carrying an infant. My guess is that the year-old child represents an aspect of humanity, and the infant symbolizes ideas/beliefs that are in their infancy.

The fear and refusal of the child to let go seems to indicate humanity clinging to old ways because of the fear of change. Other dreams, I think, are similar, such as clinging to a tree limb and being blown off  by the wind.

A combination of various people's dreams led me to a theory about the Noah story. In one of Jeff's dreams, many animals came to his front porch because they felt warmth there. My son, Mike, had a recurring dream when he was a child, of going down to his grammar school playground at night, where he spoke to all the animals.

The idea is that the Ark represents mankind's dream "voyage" during the Age of Pisces. All the animals must be brought aboard because they represent the dream symbols.

Naming the animals, such as in the story of Adam, would indicate the interpretations given to the (animals) symbols. In Dee's dream the animals are white babies. White, I believe, is a symbol of purity or truth. The "test" would indicate our ability to interpret the dream symbols correctly.

To me, this fits with various symbols indicating that the truth will come at the end of the cycle. For example, in the Aztec myth the earth goddess is impregnated by feathers from Heaven. The Egyptians used the feather to symbolize truth, because it can be so easily blown  away. Another example is the Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother.

After three stages underground, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. Birds are said to represent the descent of the Deity or messengers thereof into the field of time. And, of course, they are covered by feathers.

I believe there is a hint of this in Revelation 1:12-16, where the sharp two-edged sword issues from the mouth of the son of man. He speaks with a voice like the sound of many waters. In Rev. 17:15 "waters" are said to be peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. This seems to indicate that the truth that will cut through the old beliefs and ways will be spoken by many.

Interestingly, Jeff had a dream where he and his oriental partner were chased around in a house by a huge man, as another huge man guarded the door with a knife. Then, the man at the door said they would be let out. Instantly, the knife turned into a feather. When Jeff told me the dream in 1991, neither one of us knew that the feather represented "truth."

This part of the dream reminded me of something I read in a crop circle journals several years ago. It quoted the Mayan shaman, Hunbatz Men, as saying that in the world change, the sacred symbols will be newly understood.

Dee explained to me that the animals were not full sized, so the relative sizes of the animals did not match real life. The common ones like the puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit, were larger than the others, and blocked the view, perhaps meaning they are more common dream symbols that make interpretation more difficult, especially on the collective level.

Wiping the glass clean and pointing with the stick, I figure, indicates Dee's work helping people with their dreams. In one of Jeff's dreams he was dressed all in white, and saw a pregnant oriental woman in the back courtyard of a restaurant. Later he saw oriental children in a van with dirty windows. The dream ended with Jeff cleaning the windows of the van.

Some say that men and women in dreams can represent aspects of the self.

I believe the female images are often indicating the dreaming, night time, inspirational, right-brain, intuitive side, and that the males are the rational, day time, left-brain side. One theory is that Adam and Eve are one person with a much larger male-rational aspect, with only a rib-sized portion of the female-dreaming aspect. Eve, then, takes the fruit from the dream-tree first, and then gives it to Adam. Perhaps misinterpretations caused "the fall."

This is interesting in regard to the part of Dee's dream where she helped the child feel safe . . . that she would not fall out of the chair.

In my dream symbols, black can sometimes mean "invisible." If this holds true with Dee's dream, the black females would suggest invisible spiritual entities and/or forces.

The idea that the events in the dream took place in a theater fits with many other dreams. I believe some of them are suggesting that the world is like a stage play or film. Several such dreams are on this site. They can be found by clicking on the link labeled "The Movie Theater" in the Featured Dreams section on the main page



2-21-98 - NOTE: Joe and  I saw down to do a special worldwide meditation with a candle to send good energies to Saddam Hussein in an effort to stop the war in the Middle East. We both fell asleep. This is my dream.

DREAM - Joe and I were in a theatre on National television. WE were all sending little pink or yellow light like E.T. had a light on the end of his finger. Bob Hope was the moderator of the show and told the story of a beautiful little baby boy that had been born and then called the little boy out on stage to show him how to send light to Saddam Hussein. The little boy came out on stage. We were surprised to see that he was 3 or 4 years old. He was wearing a sweat shirt and had his hands tucked under his shirt. Bob Hope tried to explain to the little boy what we were doing. The little boy pulled his hands out from under his shirt and 'flipped the bird' with his hand.

by Dee




Imagine the Goddess

I have seen her

she said

remember you exist in a novel

a movie

a script


by anonymous


7-21-98 - DREAM - I couldn't get my car started because I didn't have the right key. Men were trying to help me. There were 7 of them.

E.R. came over to help. He was rather help-less. I saw one car park in the lot across the street and because one car parked, hundreds of other cars parked in rows beside it.

I went upstairs. I was carrying a white sewing kit on a stand. I went through the door and was in a place like a theatre lobby. Someone there said, "Sh, sh, sh, nobody talk, nobody talk!"

Lots of people were there but not E.R.  On the left was a roller coaster and the car were two men wearing light blue shirts in the last two seats. One looked like Jerry Van Dyke. Their shirts said across the front...'MEN IN BLUE'  I laughed and said, "I don't know how you guys do it."  He said, "There are 7 of us". I woke up and saw a vision:


by Dee


8-6-98 - DREAM - I was with Michele. She was driving and supposedly bringing me home from somewhere. We were in her car coming down a really steep hill going south where Moorland Rd. would be ...coming to Small Rd. in New Berlin, WI.

She didn't put the brakes on soon enough and we rolled over Small Rd. and down a driveway into a farmer's field. We noticed an old concrete road there and she used that for a U turn and went back up onto Small Rd. and went west towards where my house was.

(There was a huge drop off where the concrete road was...neither of which exists in real life.) I told her we'd have to take the 1st right turn though and 2nd right turn also went to my house. She was driving too fast and messed both turns. We came to a shopping mall and drove inside. (This isn't real either) I told her we could turn around when we got past it.

We were now walking and there was a huge poster of King Arthur on the wall where a theatre play was going to be put on. We walked inside the room and small children - 8 to 10 years old were being coached to make announcements and do little parts. (I don't remember how it ended)  The rest of the night I was on web pages practicing how to make the print smaller and still look good on the page.

by Dee


8-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large building where a television show was going to be put on to interview some people. The woman interviewer walked up to where the panel was sitting and got down on her haunches to talk to them. Soon she was laying down, the covered with a sheet. Then the audience began imitating her and they all laid down and covered with sheets. The people in the audience, being covered with sheets got their hair all messed up and frizzed out and the moderator would count to 9 and everyone would stand up at once and then get back down under the sheet. Now this sheet covered the whole audience. She counted up to 9 and everyone stood up and then got back down under the sheet except one woman. She looked around, trying to figure out what was going on, then realizing she was out of sync with the other, got down under the sheet too.

I stood up with the others, but when the others got under the big sheet, I left and went elsewhere in the building.

I went down the hall into a room where there was a big round table and two men. I cannot recall why we did this, but we got down under the table and I saw that the round table had lion's paws on it's legs. (I used to own one like this. I had it in my kitchen. The table stood on one pedestal with 4 lion's feet sticking out for stability and a wheel was under each paw to help move it around easily.)

Anyway, we were under the table and one of the men started turning into a lion and slid backwards into a hole in the ground and fell asleep. I didn't understand this, but when the man turned into a lion, I became afraid. He was holding my hand at that time and because of my fear, I began pulling my hand away very slowly. I managed to back up away from him, I began to stand up and there, standing up on top of the table was a full size male lion.

by Dee


9-18-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and my family came to visit before I was ready and I had to change clothes. I went into the closet to change blouses from red to yellow, but I didn't have a bra and couldn't just run out into the room to get one because there were strange men there so my daughter and her little friends tried to find one in the dresser drawer with accompanying giggles and laughter. I managed to get dressed and then had to finish cleaning the house because we were going to a wedding. At the church, it seemed more like a darkened movie theatre and my aunt, uncle and cousins tiptoed out before the ceremony was over and I waved at them with my fingers as they went by.

by Dee


No date:

Another sync happened when I found a book about Nostradamus, published in 1987. This quatrain had an interesting interpretation:

C9, Q83

The sun, twenty degrees into Taurus,

there will be a great earthquake.

The great theater, filled, will be ruined.

The sky, Heaven and Earth, will be dark and obscure,

as the unbelievers call on God and the Saints.

This was interpreted to be a big earthquake during a sports event, with thousands of people in a stadium. So, at least two years prior to the earthquake, this guy hits it right on the money!

submitted by Joe Mason


Economic disaster dream

Date: 98-10-15

From: dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

I dreamed I was with my family in a huge theater with many other people. When the show was over we were all leaving and I saw a black man with a camera similar to one of my cameras. I said something to him about it as we were walking toward the door. The moment we left the building the man literally vanished into the crowd. I looked in my right hand and I was now holding a small plastic box with some kind of cartridges in it. I ran looking for the man and even stopped someone else who looked similar to the first man but when he turned around I saw the man was white and was holding a different kind of digital camera. I apologized for bothering him as he was talking to someone else and I went on across the road looking for the man. At that time my wife stopped me and told me she had left her purse in her seat at the theater and was going back to get it. She told me she would meet me at the vehicle.

I looked and saw cars parked everywhere up and down this road. There was another smaller building on the opposite side of the road and I checked there to find the black man to return this box to him. Seeing he was not there I opened the box and found several thin cartridges. I opened one of them and saw it was a computer data tape with I believe 3 or 4 visible tracks on it. I closed the cartridge and put it back into the box. At this point I realized the data was lost and so was the purse with the money in it.

I went out the other end of this building and crossed back across the road to the parking lot. Not seeing my wife and children there I went back into the building looking for them. Now the entire building was changed and where the seats were there were many display cases. Some of the seats were filled with all kinds of things. It looked like a huge store but no one was buying anything. Two or three women were seated behind one of these display cases and I bumped it as I searched to find my wife and her purse. The women set something up inside the case that had fallen over and then gave me a very dirty look. I went on to the back of the building where I found two very small elevators with red carpet on the floor and walls. I had to almost lay down to see inside them and said "there’s no way I am going to do that" and I set out to find the stairs to the lower exit so I could get back out to the parking lot on the West side of the building where we had parked.

I found what I thought might be another exit and it was also lined with red carpet and there was a strange dip in the floor there and I was standing on it wondering where the stairs was when suddenly it opened and I fell several feet to another similar area below. It likewise opened and dropped me several more feet into another box like area with a slide area in it that was also carpeted with this red carpet. I fell into the slide area and slid downward very quickly. The slide was very cramped and I was glad I was not in it very long. The next thing I knew I was ejected outside onto an ice covered landscape behind this big building. There were machine there pumping away making sounds and hissing under the ice. It looked like a massive Winter ice storm had passed over covering the entire earth with ice. The trees were baron and brown and covered with ice. I walked around and near a large tank like a big propane tank. There was a device on top of this ice covered tank that was hissing and pumping away. I looked around and many of the cars were gone now. I didn’t see my wife anywhere. I looked to the South East and saw a tunnel that went into the side of a mountain but there was no road going over to it. Suddenly it occurred to me that my wife may have gone to that place for safety taking the children with her. The only way to get to it was to walk through the woods.


What I see in this dream is a data related economic disaster in the near future.

The ice is symbolic of hard times.



No date:

I'm experiencing a combination of "Libra" and "Gravity's Rainbow", two books I'd been reading. It isn't much like the books, but then movies rarely are. I'm sitting around a table playing poker with U.S.G.S. topo maps for playing cards. After the game I get up and go into a theater. As I sit down, the show begins. It consists of a giant mushroom. The mushroom begins to grow and a large skull emerges from the top and the shroom begins to fade away. The skull fades, too, and the screen turns a solid, glowing red/orange. A fissure begins to develop in the red, and behind the slowly growing crack I know is the ending to the book. The music is a pounding drone as the jagged whiteness calls out to me with the promise of answers. This state of affairs continues for a long, long time. Until I wake up, as a matter of fact. This does not surprise me, however, as I have not finished reading the books.

by anonymous


No date:

There began a rapid-fire exchange of all the news that had happened since their last letters and then they fell silent. Once more they began  simply staring into each other's eyes--ignoring the children, the TV  screaming out the football game, the shouts of the spectators and the drummer as he practiced. Time had no meaning as the stare became more  and more intense and the edges of the room began to blur and disappear.

It was as if the two of them were surrounded by a vibrating energy field that encapsulated them and prevented any sound or motion from penetrating it.

As the room disappeared Julie and Jeff found themselves standing in front of the Sphinx in Egypt wearing some sort of long, white robes. Each had a circlet of some type of metal on their heads with something resembling a smoky quartz crystal or moonstone hanging from it over the third eye. No words were spoken as they stood in front of the mysterious beast, but they both knew what they were to do as they directed others to follow their bidding in the cooling evening air. They couldn't see what those others did; they simply 'knew' it was being done at their behest and were satisfied.

Without warning the scene changed and Julie and Jeff were in the bowels of the Sphinx in a large, semi-dark room crowded with what they 'knew' to be books. They also noticed what looked like a large movie screen, a strange flying machine resembling nothing they had ever seen before, possibly some sort of an altar, and many other unidentifiable items. They 'knew' they were almost finished with what they had started out to do and they were the only two people in the room.

No words were spoken, but the room needed some last minute organization before they could leave. Silently, the two of them approached the altar and placed something resembling a gemstone in the center of it. They began 'concentrating' and pointing their fingers, rather like Samantha in "Bewitched", in different directions as objects levitated into various places. At last, they looked at each other, nodded their heads and were suddenly back in the motel room.

Julie and Jeff were in a state of shock at what had occurred and sat in silence trying to assimilate it. Shortly, words began flowing back and forth as they tried to verify that the same vision had happened to both of them. It had! However, neither of them knew how to get into the Sphinx in the present time and this was frustrating to them. The visit broke up shortly thereafter with an agreement between Julie and Jeff that they would meditate on it to try to discover the secret and relay it in letters.

Several weeks passed with Julie meditating on the problem, but no insight appeared. Disappointment welled because she knew that deep inside herself she knew that she knew the answer. One night she went to bed and had the most vivid dream she had ever had in her life. It was so vivid that it appeared more real than reality, but it was like she wasn't really asleep! It was more like she was in a trance. She stood in front of the Sphinx and a vision of the Greek key appeared superimposed over it.

Julie knew immediately that this was the secret key and that was why the pattern had been used so much in antiquity--so that it wouldn't be forgotten. The longer she stood there the more complete the picture of the "key" became. It worked rather like a combination lock-- 11 stones right, 9 stones up, 7 stones right, 5 stones down, 3 stones left, 2 stones up, and 1 stone right! The stone moved like a secret, swinging bookshelf in a movie and Julie was amazed at the ease of the movement!

She started to enter the passage, but something held her back. She could sense danger, but didn't know from where or how it would manifest. She stood there, frozen, as she extended her senses as far as possible. Then, she felt it! It was like force field stretched over the revealed opening. She pushed with her mind, but the field resisted. Julie pushed again and woke up!

The next day, filled with excitement, she wrote Jeff about her dream and tried to meditate to obtain more information, but it was like the phone line had been cut. Nothing would come to her no matter how hard she tried! It appeared that everything had been revealed that was going to be revealed so she might as well forget trying to discover any more. Yet, the information was so tantalizing, so intriguing! What if there really was a room under the Sphinx? What if it really did contain all the things they had seen there and, most important, who were the people that had put those things there and why?


No date:

I dreamed a fairy tale. A prince and his maiden girlfriend, I think that the maiden was me, were running down a path in a dark forest. They ran for what seemed like hours. They were being chased by many swordsmen that the evil queen, the prince's mother, had chasing them. Finally, as the swordsmen were gaining on the two and were right on their heels, they gave up and stopped. The evil queen appeared and the prince told the maiden to go with her, that they would find each other again later. The maiden went to the queen and the queen wrapped her cloak around the maiden. Then the queen turned into a silver metallic winged duck and the maiden turned into a silver hen. With her wing wrapped around the maiden hen, the two flew off while the swordsmen kept the prince waiting. Then after they had had a head start, the prince turned into a silver rooster and I saw him flying through the clouds forever searching for his maiden love.

Then movie credits were rolling and I was waiting for the cast of characters, I remember seeing "Silver Rooster....." but don't remember who the actor was. I am not going out with anyone right now so I don't think this is about some guys mother trying to keep us apart. Could it be about work, and the silver birds represent money, as in silver coins? Or perhaps about my quest for Mr. Right?

by anonymous


No date:

[From the article by Maureen Roberts]

Purple Gyre Dream:

There's a certain resonance between this dream and Jung's UFO dream (recounted in his autobiography) of the alien object looking at him through a telescope, which led Jung to wonder whether he was dreaming the UFO, or whether it was dreaming him! If UFO events are the synchronistic manifestation of archetypes, one would expect a mirror relationship to exist between our dreams (the psychic plane) and the outer manifestation (the physical realm).

In the dream, I was parked at the edge of a canyon and had gotten out of the car to wander about. From the sky descended a UFO in the form of a purple spinning top, about a foot across. It landed on the hood of the car, still spinning, and exuded an intense aura of sentience, benevolence and innocence (reflecting on it later, it reminded me of the little red will-o-the-wisp sphere in Close Encounters). The spinning top then rose from the car hood and, hovering above the road, began projecting huge movie picture images of scenes from human history on the cliff faces of the canyon opposite. No other folk were around and I was left pondering whether the projected film images had any message or meaning.


No date:

My dream started out as if I was in a yearbook crew, and we were looking through pictures. I saw a series of pictures of a man (who I knew was Amish).  The first picture showed only his face, then next one a full bust, the next his whole body. The picture after that showed him leaning on an axe, which had been stuck into a tree stump.

The few pictures after that one showed another man in the background (all of these pictures were sepia [brown and white, not black and white], and the man was wearing logging clothes).  The last picture included both men, next to each other (I remember the other man to be wearing a suit, but I think he changed later on). The last picture also turned into a movie.

After that, the suited man took the axe, and started chopping at the Amish man. He continued until the Amish man was all cut up (except for his head). The other man then pushed the cut up part into a hole in the ground, and made the head eat it. He said it was an Amish tradition. I'm not sure if this magazine analyzes dreams or not, but this one has got me worried.

by anonymous


Stan Deyo's

Noah's Ark: Dream Vision Reports

What appeared to be a subway or rail went down into the large opening which allowed me to see the street and the small buildings. It was as though I was looking through a big hole cut into a movie set to see the scene. The wall through which the hole had been cut was black and threateningly solid. The slope of the street was gentle and somewhere down the way it climbed back up again as though the street was in a large bowl-shaped depression. When I looked as far as I could through the opening, I had to bend down to see the horizon.