"For we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood,
but against Principalities,
against Powers,
against "the Rulers of the Darkness of this World",
against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.
.Ephesians 6:12


"The Lie"

I don't view our plight as being so futile and desparaging. While we may have been somehow intermingled with reptilian essence at one point in our evolution...we are still unique in our abilities to choose our behaviors. I don't believe it is our destiny to be enslaved by the reptilians and used as cattle...especially when that same cattle are awake and aware of the reps around them. We are agressive ourselves as a race of beings...and we will not be enslaved without a fight.

What I have noticed with the reptilian entities that have become a problem for their ability to twist any goodness and virtue to create some baseness and lower order to make humans feel they are "less than" and align them with all that is base and vile. They want us to believe that we are base creatures and destroy our spirit and any hope that we can become better people.

The propogandists have launched an all out campaign to indoctrinate our children and the masses and to desensitize the people to keep them unaware of the existance of these entities. They use manipulative techniques to argue points to cause confusion amongst people and the bottom line is to keep us in the dark about the true nature of our spirit...and our potential as humans.

They use techniques such as:

1). Teaching through the media that reptilians have human-like qualities...showing these reps having emotions, families, friends....schools and everyday human experiences.

2). Promote the idea that we (humans) are actually part reptilian genetically...therefore..we are all the same.....I call this the "We are all in the same boat" technique.. which certain researchers who believe this theory... "Reptoids"....(so what do we have to lose????...)

3). Promoting the "Love and Light" New Age thinking that Love is all we need and "we are all God's creatures" let's hold hands and sing....."We are the World"...and we can all co-exist in love and light...and la dee dah technique. This is clouding the issues and misleading because we are not alike...and in this technique they rope in not just Newagers but those in denial, those who want to believe that love is the answer, and those who are not so well informed...and this is very misleading and can create complacency which is exactly what the reptilians want.

4). The shaming technique...calling those of us who discuss the reptilians and their agendas "negative" or just "Christian fundamentalists"...or paranoid...or psychotic or delusional....if we are delusional, there are a heck of a lot of us sharing that same delusion!

5). Clouding the issue....with this technique, they can cause so much confusion and chaos that people in a group do not know what happened or why...but suddenly over a period of a week, the whole purpose behind a gathering has changed as well as their goals and objectives. This is done in the workplace, in society, even on a mailing list.

Where there is confusion or chaos, know that a reptilian is not far away. The confusion should be a is the "scent" of a reptile.

6) Catch an idea is promoted and infiltrated into society, then a subgroup will raise an opposing campaign, pass a law against the first idea...then prosecute those who adhered to the first campaign. Drugs, alcohol, guns and freedoms or rights all fall under this category and you can be sure that both campaigns were started and promoted by reptilians. You are given something to have it later taken away.

So many of these techniques are used by the reptilians, one might ask "Why would they even want to do these things?" Their agenda is to turn our souls into a "sleep mode"...or to turn us into them. They want us addicted, tired, spiritually bankrupt and hopeless. They want to weaken our reserve so we are more easily controlled. This is not a new event...this story is very old as Adam and Eve...and the apple. They want us to become as them...and act out viscious heartless behaviors, so we have no belief in ourselves or our own redemption. This is not unlike some of the techniques used before a country changes it's type of government...or has it changed for them....hmmmm...that is food for thought!

I want to believe that we have the ability to overcome this manipulation. People have the ability to be better and to regain sight of their own light within. We are not like the reptilians...we have something more that they see and find quite unsettling...and that is another dimension which they do not possess. We have a soul and free will. We can choose to be "hosted" or to not be. Those that have become hosted by these entities can fight back and regain control through faith in their own beings. All the other is a manipulated endurance test...which mankind can and will win.