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From:The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch "The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.....Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states....As the ancient texts declare, "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."

Germaine accords..

Drakul, Pendragon, Designers of America's Destiny??

from dan w..

addend to

Note the background here, was that Germaine in the company of Bacon as Shakesphere writes the geometry plan for America which becomes the pent masonic grids of DC etc... (Spiritual Destiny of the America's film.. in production).. perceiving the need for us to embed in our land in order to inhabit stars..


I should try not to oversimplify, clearly Germain's family is in the bloodline of drakhul.. this also has a very hi side (magdalen's lineage herself)

the pendragon blood becomes the hi side of the 'genesis of the grail kings' would be nice however for us to get clear about the fallen side of that
family... the head draco at montauk.. (charlie was well described) .. may not be a relative that germaine is proud of... but that is no personal reflection... be nice to sort some more of the story... actually I have felt his presence helping me  do that..

I particularly enjoyed your notes from germain... the daal phin..etc.. and would like to share them here...

very warmly, dan winter


Conversations with Raphiem and Friends, please see:

raphiem's letter on germaine follows:

Subject: notes-germain
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 ,From: Raphiem <>

Dan, here are some notes I made from st-germain channel sessions I had on tape back from late '80's
when Azena Ramanda who channeled him at the time came to austr-alien.

they maybe of interest to you.....

I must say for a descended master (draku) as you call him he came across as being very enlightening, loving, unconditional, I have seen many channels in my life (Ramtha, Mafu, Lazarus and also many different channelers of St-Germain..)...the one that came thru fully-body thru Azena was in no way negative, and was definetly a major difference in energy feeling that I received compared to the rest above.....did not exhibit any signs of draku.....but anyway am not in any position to judge/know if I've been germain/azena I felt uplifting/energy boosted/more
alert/awake/more perception...............where as Ramtha/Lazarus/Mafu etc I felt fear/energy-drained etc

any way won't bore are the may find a good read....

Notes from Saint Germain

1. Genesis = Gene of Isis

2. Brain has 4 quadrants, The brain quartex carries fluid/stream of the internal fountain of perception.

3. The corridor of communication is the whole/channel that sits between the crown area into the pineal gland.

4. Isis = is-is=duplicity=polarity.

5. Israel = Isis-RA-Elohim=Mothership Female-Male-GodIam

6. Jerusalem = mothership from Pleiades

7. Pleiades = constillation of Tauras = Daughters of Atlas and Pleione

8. Lyra = Nothern constellation = whitestar called Alpha-lyra and Blue Star called Vega

9. UV = Rays of God = Earth did not have ozone layer when created

10. ST. Germain toning = Aummm - Ombraee - Inone - Iraone - Inone - Aummm

11. Orion = Near Taurus contains stars rigel and betelguese.

12. Micese = populated Lyra 175 million years ago

13. Lemuria = covered by Indian Ocean

14. Pan = Land South Pacific before Lemuria (Australia)

1. 20 Million Years ago on Vegan-Lyran star system lived titans (20-25 ft tall/7M)

2. Titans connected with Yahweh = YHWH = IHWH

3. Civil War battle broke out and all the Titans were scattered

4. Comet appeared and destroyed 30 of their worlds/planets (60% of their  population)

5. A warlord/Titan left with thousands of his followers and ventured into our Galaxy with many blue suns (Pleiades)

6. The WarLord's (Esis) successor, his daughter, Pleija, changed the name of this star system to Pleiades.

7. Destroyer comet re-enters the Pleiades star system, it does not do any harm, but they decide to follow the tail of this comet which brings them to our current solar system. They decide to colonize Mars, Maldek and Earth. Pleija decides to return to the Pleiades

8. Maldek experiences a Civil War which destroys the planet which explodes and becomes the current astoroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

9. This causes Mars rotation on it's axis to change, which causes Mars to become extinct and the people leave to conquer other lands/planets (Earth). Mars becomes desolate.

10. Pleiades decide to create space base on earth and peace and love reigns for 10 thousand years.

11. Again there is war and destruction which lasts for several thousand years until a Leader/Master named Atlas arrives from the Pleiades to created peace and harmony (Atlantas/Lemuria)

12. Atlas' mate/Partner father's name was Muras.

13. Muras when forth to develop Lemuria which was a city built around a space ship, called Mu.

14. Circa 33 thousand years ago, many civilisations came from Arcturus, Lyria and Pleiades.

15. Arcturus = fixed star in constellation bootes

16. A revengeful entity returns from Beta Centauri to set up home in HyperBoria which is now Florida. Entity's name is Aris which is grandfather of Jehovah

17. They proceed to Asia minor (Sumerian/Annunaki??) ßto conquor and then onto Atlantis/Lemuria. Finally after 100 thousand years they attempt to take control by attempting to cease an astoroid and instead bought it into the earth (Noah story??) and that was the end of

18. After 18 thousand years of peace Atlantis and Lemuria were gone. This is noted in history as All Souls/All Saints day and Halloween on 1st November.

19. Plaiadians had developed an underground peace corps called the Black League.

20. The destruction caused peoples to go underground, their skin is bluish/copper.

21. Tribes that appeared after the decline of Atlantis were 4-nations.
i) Hyperboreans = Warriors
ii) Almus (Sth America / Central and North America)
iii)Aryans (warlords/Orion [Jehovah])
iv) Hebrews

22. Sodom and Gommorah was a star battle after which the Pleidians went home.

23. Jesus was inititated by the Pleiadians.

24. Star of Bethlehem was a spaceship. Bethlehem = Beth (container of or birthplace of?)-Elohim.

25. Sirius settled Venus (4D), then they settled Egypt. Egyptians are interbreeding of Sirians and Pleiadians.

26. Star of Sirius = Star of Jerusalem (Jerusalem was a star ship)

27. Many Pharoahs were leaders of Atlantis. Inhotep, Tut-Ankh-Amen, Ramses.

28. Beneath Gobi Desert is an inner city called Aghopa/Agapa/Argatha.

29. Centaurus = Constellation between Hydra and Southern Cross. Brightest
star is Alpha Centauri which is nearest to Earth.

30. Men in Black have been on Earth since 1600AD = Illuminati (Orion).
They are intrenched in the Round Table of Nine
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg Group
Club of Rome
Royal Institute of Internal Affairs

31. Red Indians have genetic lineage from Atlantis

32. DAAL Universe = Origin of Dolphins (Daal-fins)


33. Large Island = 77000 SQM

34. Located in the Atlantic Ocean

35. Plieadians lived on a mountain called Atlas ( Step Pyramid)

36. God of Atlantis = Terrible/Terror God = Thuderbolt/Lightening.

37. Asteroid arrives when Earth-Moon-Venus align.

38. Moved records of wisdom to temples of Egypt.

39. Notified Noah etc...(Noah's Ark was a space ship)

40. Asteroid was 6-miles wide travelling at 8 mps.

41. It imbedded itself in the ocean floor (Puerto Rico Plateau)

42. Smoke/Gas travelled across the Bering Straight and caused Artic Cold for

43. Earth experienced polar shift of 2-degrees.

44. Photon Belt = Manasic Vibration = Golden Radiance = Golden Nebula

45. Sun = Arch-Angel Michael Essence

46. Mayan Calendar = 3113BC - 2012AD

47. Rise in philosophy began 750BC

48. Buddha was born in the central point of the Mayan Calendar.

49. Buddha's mother was Maya.

50. Africa=Kundalini
Egypt=Crown Seal of Kundalini
Eurasia=Solar Plexus/Liver
Middle East=mental capacity of Eurasia
Australia=Heart Seal
Sth America=Throat Seal
Indus Valley/Tibet/India=3rd Eye
Nth America=The Crown (Mnt Shasta=Heart Seal of Crown)

51. 1999=Planetary Alignment

52. Antartica (Sth Pole)=Electric Facet of Essence (2-fields of chakra inside arch of feet)

53. Artic (Nth pole)=Magnetic Essence

54. AMAROOSH >> brings forward God Essence to the Heart Seal.

55. OM >> vibrates atoms in etheric/auric field.

56. We need sun light because we don't have it inside.

57. Sun=12-Density

58. Universal Conciousness=30-Density

59. Australia=Pan

Further reading - Here on the THOTH / Merlin connection,

Also Channeled From Thoth by Maia and Simeon

as Reprinted Kindly by Raphiem

From: raphiem ,
Sun Jul 11, 1999 11:45am
Subject: Merlin-Who was he really? Pt1/2

Conversations with Raphiem and Friends, please see:

I know Arlene has been waiting a while, but here is some info as promised Arlene re: Merlin/ took me a while to find the person who had this info...part-2 will be in next ...(note: Arch-Angel Raphael was also a guiding force to Merlin)

In Service

Merlin Masters of the Mound (channeled by Maia from Thoth)

Thoth spoke into my mind, he told me that he was one of the five souls of Merlin. He lifted the veil for me, and I peered into the misty folds of the Goddesses robe to behold Myrddin of Galataine.

When an incarnation 'window' is opened for an aspect of karmic interaction affecting many people, often that incarnating entity is comprised of multi-souled levels. Thoth Hermes in that incarnation, was/is only one soul. Yet Merlin was five souls, all layered and working together through the window that was Myrddin.

In a layered entity, there is first the 'body soul' - that soul which attaches directly to the body chakras, animating the physical mode and coordinating the ensuing layers with that bio-link and the other connective souls of the layered complex. It is difficult for us to contemplate more than one soul working in such unity, but with spiritually evolved entities such as Merlin, this is accomplished. Thoth explained to me that he himself was not a product of layering because his service required single-entity consciousness (he did not elaborate further). In the most illuminate layers of Merlin's five-soul structure were Thoth and the one known a later incarnation as St. Germaine.

There were then two other souls serving as grounding and balance factors - one is now incarnate as a female of great spiritual power in the inner Earth. The other is presently in male embodiment upon the surface of the planet. Lastly, there is the body-soul of Myrddin, which was sealed away etherically awaiting its future release when it will re-enter the physical body of Merlin.

Myrddin's family name, so Thoth informs me, was Galataine. They were originally from Gaul, but his father, along with three aunts an uncle (and their families), came to the Isle of Man off the coast of Scotland, led by a 'Shining One' in his father's visions. It was there, upon this small island, that Myrddin was conceived and born. Myrddin's father, Hestor, and his siblings, had a powerful mix of genetics - part ultra-terrestrial (Rigel, in the constellation of Orion), and also some 'cosmorphic', or Faery. This was in an age when the veils which separate the Nature and HUman Kingdoms were still fluttering in the winds of change. Thus, the Faery People, or Cosmorphic Beings could at certain levels, merge their seed with humankind. Hestor and his kin had a strange blend in their veins, coming from the stars, the Nature Realm, and the Gauls.

Since Gauls were Celts, we can see that the Galataines were returning to their original homeland when they journeyed to Great Britain.

But the most interesting find was yet to come. In reading on, I came to the historical fact that the Merovingian Dynasty was in Gaul. This is the Family that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail claim to be direct descendants from Jesus' and Mary Magdalene's son. Thoth had confirmed this, although he did not agree that this child was born of a physical union between Jesus and Mary as is assumed in HBHG.

Thoth has also revealed that the lineage of Merlin and Jesus both stem from an ancient Egyptian-Hebrew-Celt named 'Torhannah'. Her history can be referenced in SOIF's Star Lotus and issue #-90 of Temple Doors. The son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, John Martinus, was born on the Isle of Iona, given unto the care of a Ionian Celtic Priestess, Elaine, who brought him to Glastonbury, England at the age of two. It is clear that he was born for a purpose, another product of genetic engineering, which is so evident in Merlin's life; and thus was relinquished from the no doubt loving arms of his mother into the flow of destiny at a tender age. John Martinus was to become the first Templar, from whence the Knights Templar descended. Actually, there were Templars of a sort as far back as Lemuria, but apparently not a true precursor of the Order as was John Martinus. From this 'Son of the Sun King' also sprang the (Frankish) Merovingain dynasty. But Thoth stresses that the Merovingains were for the most part, not a kin worthy of their ancestry. There was a inner core group that was both knowledgeable and worthy, and it was to the credit of his 'Secret Order' within the larger dynasty, that the Grail Mysteries were preserved. But that is another story. In returning to the Galataines we see them more clearly defined through this brief detour. As descendants of Torhannah, they were cousins to the Martinus lineage.

Myrddin's mother, Mary Grace, bore an even closer Christic lineage. She had been given her name, for at her birth, all in the room saw the Mother of Christ hover near the babe. Mary Grace's mother was a part-Jewish Christian, and a direct descendant of Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Joshua ben Josef - Jesus Christ. Hestor, from the House Galataine, married Mary Grace, from the House of Arimathea, in a Celtic-Christian ceremony at the foot of the Holy Hills (later to become Chalice Hill) in Glastonbury, at Somerset, England. It was in that age called the 'Holy Hill', for it had been this place which was consecrated by Jesus when he made his second journey to Glastonbury as a young man (the first trip had been as a boy with his uncle Joseph). Later, his son, John Martinus, would build an inner temple beneath the hill, which was sealed away after his death.

Hestor and Mary Grace made their home on the Isle of Man, where the Shining One of Hestor's vision had brought him. From the eyes of this most elusive Being Hestor had been given the Sight. He had witnessed the 'sky jewel' (meteor fragment) strike Man, long before his birth, cracking the earth and burrowing deep within the cold winter ground. From that small crack came forth a spring from which flowed a sparkling creek, igniting fertility to burst aflame along its pathing banks. All this had seen in the mirror-light of the Shining One. Thus, he needed no common hand to lead him to the Sacred Spring, for it brimmed within his heart and flowed without hindrance through his seeking mind. When Hestor hand his young bride arrived at the spring, he built a home nearby, of yew tree and deerhide. Here Myrddin sought the psalm of life, grasping it eagerly with his strong lungs, in the dawn of what is now down as September 15th, the Year of Our Lord, 363).

The child Myrddin dwelt in a world between human and nature, touching both, yet aware, even in youth, that he would never be truly accepted by either realm. Myrddin's father felt the burden as well. He became troubled and haunted in dreams by his own fears. He was sorely tempted by the Dark Side in the flexing of a power that brought security to his feelings of instability. The story of Hestor of Galataine, his temptations, trials, and
eventual triumph is a book unto itself. I will not, in this writing, venture into that forest. Yet it need be known that Hestor fell from Grace - not only in the sight of God, but in the eyes of his lovely Mary Grace. When she found her beloved to be a practioner of the Dark Face, he who makes the Light, and no longer following the star sent gaze of the Shining One, Mary Grace feld the Sacred Grove of the Sky Jewel Spring, talking her three year old son with her. SHe left Hestor to his wanton magic in a dark cavern near the grove, and went out into the night, the child conceived of her husband's Light clutched to her breast.

Mary Grace found refuge in the Convent of Shorham - a Celtic Pagan-Christian convent on the 'Crystal Isle' of Glastonbury, near the Holy Hill of her wedding. Yet even the sacred waters of its well could not flush the tears of sorrow buried deep in her heart. Hestor was driven from Man by his brother and sisters. He went into Wales to dwell for the rest of his life. Upon his death bed in the last moments of life, the full measure of his faith was restored, and through the grace of the Shining One he returned in etheric body to the Spring of the Sky Jewel. There he found Merlin inside the dark cave where Hestor had fallen from Light. Myrddin and his father stood together for the first time since Mary Grace took her babe from the Grove on that terrible eve. Hestor's etheric body was as strong as his power, Dark or Light, had always been. The two men embraced, and Hestor pressed into his son's hand the amethyst key. The older Galataine was then consumed in Light and, as a tide slipping from a sunlit shore, he departed his son and his life, emancipated from darkness forever.

With the Amethyst Key, Myrddin opened the book of Worlds, each page inscribed by the Racial Mind, entwining the Ages of Man with the Ageless Realm of Nature and Spirit. The Amethyst Key was a divining rod the form of a key. It had been crafted of Sacred Fire in Atlantis by the Masters of the Blue Star (Rigel). It in itself, like any tool of divining, was merely a potent source of focus for the power within the controlling entity. Thus, from his father, Merlin received the path to his own power; as we all must come upon the path made for us by our preceding generation. In overcoming Darkness, Light takes its strength. SO the old cavern of Hestor's fall from grace was transformed by his son into a palace of crystal quartz. In this sanctuary fasted from the sun's dance, the crystal walls were lit from the flame of Myrddin's spirit, burning deeply into the tallow of his own soul. During 28 years of his exceptionally long life he he spent many hours within this cavern writing the testament
given him through the Amethyst Key. He entitled it The Books of the Grove (later known as The Grove Books of Merlin).

Because I must of necessity gather momentum at this point, we open the book on the life of Merlin many chapters hence from his receipt of the Amethyst Key, to find him fast upon his chosen work.

The focus of this Work was programming for future restoration, the Earth's network of etheric ley lines, correspondent to the geophysical structure of the planet. What remained of the crystal canopy after Atlantis' destruction was fast decaying.

Merlin, with memory of his life as Thoth of Raismes (Hermes) worked to set into the ethers certain keys or signals for future re-alignment of the Earth's etheric and physical axis (and accompanying ley line balances). He selected from among the pagan initiates of the Age, those whose service was destined to be twined with his. These he sent into school for preliminary instruction, if they were not already knowledgeable. They were then brought back to him for attunment to the Inner Mysteries.

As Grand Illuminari, Myrddin brought to each of his following the SIght that had been passed to him through the blood of Galataine. In fact, it was this very elixir in his veins, a product of three sacred paths converging (the Christic, Orion, and Faery), that quickened his living form to become the Grail for the knowledge that followed through him. This 'gift' was a portal brought into focus through his genetic vine which found root in the Racial Mind of the Three Paths. It was need for continuity of these streamings that brought Merlin to the next threshold - that of engendering his strain into the new and tender matrix which was being formed like early frost upon a budding tree. This new pattern, coming from the hierarchy blueprint, was the bridging together of the Celtic-Duridic paganism (the knowledge and practices of the Goddess or divine nature of earth and woman/man) and Judeo-Christian doctrine (the Divine Father/Son, accepted through the descending of the Holy Spirit! into mankind).

Within the genetics of Myrddin of Galataine the crucible for this merging was contained. In the substance of life carried from one generation to another, we find the pure energy of manifestation. Each family unit spins its own patterning of this energy, which all together creates a synergy of the Racial Mind - that which explores, expands, separates and unites the many directions of spiritual experiences through the cultures and races of humanity. Thus Merlin, Master of the Mound (also known as 'Master of the Stone'), sought divine guidance in choosing the vessels that would carry his need to fruition for the fulfilment of the new world matrix.

Three quite different women, over a span of 11 years, gave to Merlin one daughter and three sons. It need be understood that these females were all initiates of the Goddess (although the last one embraced the Dark Goddess). They were knowledgeable and willing participants in the act of genetic engineering, planned through divine guidance. Except for his true love, Maria Merlin knew intimately each of these women only for the purpose of conceiving, and was otherwise celibate throughout his life. They therefore were not his wives or lovers, but co-workers in spirit. Other than for those brief selected times with him resulting in conception, they led their own lives, and for one, a marriage and other children.

Those of the entire entourage of Merlin were either from the House of Galataine, by blood or marriage, or, as in the case of one of these three women mentioned here, as mother of Merlin's child (Rue, of the 'dark side'); or initiates from outside the Galataine Clan, yet accepted as kindred spirits into the Circle. This 'circle' became an Order known as The Eye of the Fawn. The Order did not live communally. They came together for special ceremony, initiation, schooling, and preordained Light work. Between-times, they dispersed into villages and twos throughout Great Britain, as well as some into France.

The woman to mother Merlin's first child, in fact was not a part of human reality. She was a Faery, seventh daughter of the Faery Queen of Avalon. Avalon was a dimensional Faery state with its window or touching point through the etheric grid being most prominent at Glastonbury. The Convent of Shorham, where young girls were taught the psalms of the Goddess and the heart of the Christ, was a point between the two lands, visible in both worlds. It was at SHorham that Myrddin first saw Maria (pronounced Mah`-ri-ah). He was opened to her beauty and suffered the sweet agonise of flesh laid bare to a roses' thorn. The young Merlin, but 29 years of age, four years into his full ministry, was stricken as all mortals, even half mortals are, with the enchantment of a Faery Princess.

While genetic engineering was certainly at work here, the Goddess of Nature and the God of Man were mindful of the youth whom they held in their service, and smiled upon him. For in the experience of loving a woman, so Myrddin became human to the effort of love's first moments as it stretches its untried wings into the sky. Through loving Maria, he was to receive what every great teacher must have - the ability to be human, to
identify with the alternate sufferings and joys of his students. Thus was given to Merlin in spiritual ceremony, maria, Daughter of the Lily. Maria brought into the light of Avalon two of Merlin's children. Myrddin spent three years in Avalon with his beloved three human years, as time is set by a different clock in that realm. When he returned, he brought his daughter and son with him. This was as had been ordained, and was understood by both Myrddin and Maria before the children had been born. They would return to Avalon many times, yet for the most pa! rt they dwelt in the human world. The daughter was named Mercedes Adorah, the son, Heathgloren.

Mercedes Adorah would become a Mistress of the Mound, carrying on her father's work. While unknown to history, she worked closely with powerful agents of Light in that Age, who held open the last gates to cosmic union.

Heathgloren would marry into a Christian family, who eventually sired a King of France. It is from Heathgloren that the Merovinigians received their direct lineage to John Martinus through both the Galataines and the Awermehins (Mary Grace).

Merlin's second son was born to him by Aminea, a mortal, who had wandered a great distance from a Northern isle, having been cast out by her tribe. They were remnants on an ancient band of nomades who had been upon the British Isles before the advent of the Celtic culture. Aminea's son was Habarth. Like Mercedes, he would take up the mantle of his father, even to the fate of being sealed within a cavern. Yet Habarth's life was essentially in turmoil, as he was unable to come to terms with his own personality, separating it from the Greater Self, and the service of that Higher Order.

Merlin's third son, Ian, was born during an eclipse of the moon. The child's mother was Rue, a Maiden of the Dark Queen, Lilith. It is here that we come to the great inner mystery of Merlin's chronicles, as we are brought back to the side of Darkness within us. It is also here that a great and dramatic part of Merlin's life be left untold for now, as it would require more telling than has been allotted within this space. A brief discourse only, of Merlin and Rue can be given here. Merlin was slipped a hypnotic drug by Rue, whereupon she proceeded to effectively seduced him. This Task had been appointed to her by Lilith, who wished to become involved in Merlin's genetic for her own purposes. In that Age, while there were those that could pass through the Goblin Doorway into Avalon, most could not. It usually required a vibrant strain of Faery blood to do so, something which Lilith and her following lacked, at least in its rarefied (and therefore qualified) form. The result of t! his conspiracy perpetrated on Myrddin, was a son who was very much a neutral child. He seemed positioned on the brink of eternity, afraid to leap in either direction. Ironically, Merlin saw his experience with Rue not as an evil encounter, but part of the Divine Plan; that Darkness may once again be transformed to Light, fortifying the latter.

As a soul is raised above the mire, so more power is given to lift others from similar fates. It is like a gathering of eagles in high places. For each that soars upward from the valley floor, so another follows suit. The hand cannot but touch the sick if it is to cleanse the wound, and so it was from the generation of the last child,, Ian, son of a Prince of Light and Maiden of Darkness, that a Holy Knight was chosen.

Growing into manhood, Ian was not allowed contact with his father as were his siblings. Although an attempt was made, Rue was not successfully converted. After a false try, she withdrew from the Circle, back into the embrace of the reigning Dark Queen, Lilliana, on the throne of Lilith. Rue was determined that Ian not know his father's world. Thus, Merlin's third son became a defiant young man, serving neither side, living without faith. Nevertheless, ancient stirrings built up within him, for the blood of Galataine was heady stuff, even when it coursed through the veins of the unbelieving. Ian married in his seventeenth year to a young girl from the Isle of Iona.

Although he did not at the time know it, his bride was quite versed in her family's religion, her mother having spent a year in the Convent of Shorham. Her Grandmother had been a Priestess of Gwena in the Celtic Ionian Mysteries. It was from the Ionian Mysteries that the Priestess Eliane had been chosen to guardian the son Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Iona was the birthplace of this sacred link, and still contains testament to the event buried within a chamber beneath the sod of the island. Rommela, as Ian's wife, was another 'planned' episode, but that is not to say she did not her young husband, who, beneath a veneer of sarcasm, yearned to find his spiritual self. The child born of their union was Myyrith (pronounced Mer-ith), grandson to the Master of the Mound, a grandfather he would be kept from knowing until his fourteenth year. It was then that his father and grandfather reached an agreement, and a somewhat uneasy communion. Myyrith was at last allowed to drink from the sa!
cred springs of Merlin's heart and mind.

In a vision, Merlin was told by his father that Myyrith was the 'chosen one' to ascend the throne of a New Order consciousness, bringing together the realm of the Goddess and the world of the Christ in man. Yet this, in the final tally, was not to be. Had Myrddin been able to share his spirit with Myyrith from the child's birth, it would have been accomplished, but Ian had kept Myyrith from his grandfather until the door was closed. Divine Timing was the yardstick for the ascendancy of blood lineages in that era, and the moment of Galataine throne had passed. Instead, Merlin acted as emissary to bring another child into the world for his purpose. The Momentum achieved through the Galataine lineage had been disrupted, and now, Merlin knew, it must pass onto another family, that of Pendragon. The Pendragons were still within the David lineage - the Christ Tree, being related to the Galataine (from Myrddin's mother) through Joseph of Arimathea. But even as Merlin orchestrated Arthur's entrance into his earthly cradle, he now had his grandson beside him, and the bond between them grew.. Myyrith was eager for the touch of Light and he burnished brighter and brighter near the flame.

We will return to Myyrith in a moment, but it should be mentioned that Merlin had grandchildren other than Ian's son. One of special importance to our chronicles was Carmarthen, son of Mercedes Adorah and Sucat, or Particus, who would become in historical perspective, 'St. Patrick' of Ireland. According to Thoth, Particus' parents were killed in a fire when he was a small child, and his Celtic grandmother raised him. She was a member of The Eye of the Fawn, and Particus, or as he was called then, Sucat, formed a close bond with Merlin's daughter. As a young man, he left his grandmother and the Grove Circle of Merlin behind, but after his captivity and enslavement in Ireland, he returned to the Isle of Man to visit the grave of his grandmother. It was then that he re-established friendships with Myrddin and his Grove Folk, which stirred in Particus, old embers of ancient beliefs. He stayed three years with Mercedes, leaving her with their child, Carmarthen. There was no bitter! ness in parting, as Mercedes, a priestess in her own right, foresaw Particus' true destiny and urged him to pursue it. Mercedes had intended that Carmarthen be born in Bannock Hills, Scotland, but her son entered the world on a winter solstice in a stone circle on the Isle of Skye.

Our path turns once again to Myyrith. He worked closely with his grandfather from age of fourteen until his death at thirty-eight. Several weeks before he was to depart the Myyrith identity, he was cast into a sea of love, as his grandfather had been with the beautiful Maria. Myyrith's young maiden was another Elaine (related to, but not the same soul as the Ionian Priestess of ages past). She was the daughter of King Pelles of the Castle Carbonek, which at a certain period in the Merlin era, housed the Grail Cup and original texts of the Grail Mysteries. Elaine was a 'lily maid', meaning that she served the Goddess and had been instructed at the Covent of Shorham up to a certain initiatory level. Like Myyrith, she was a descendent of Joseph Arimathea. A week after his physical union with Elaine, Myyrith underwent the initiation of the serpent, and died by its poison. This act purified the strain of the Dark Queen that this good and gentle soul had carried as a burden within h! im. He was then ready to accept the gauntlet of purity to him by the Shining One, and his soul entered the womb of his love, Elaine. So Myyrith became his own son, Ban, baptised Galahad.

"Galahad, in the Vulgate, is the name of the great-grandson of Joseph (of Arimathea), and is the same as Gilead, Numbers 26:29, Judges 10:18. His lineage is obscure on his father's side; but through his mother he descends from "the first Bishop in Christiandom", Joseph of Arimathea. A legend states that Galahad's father was 'a fiend' who attacked a holy nun, that the infant of this union was taken by the convent and reared to young manhood until the time to send him to King Arthur's Court. Another legend has it that Sir Lancelot was his father and Eliane, daughter of King Pelles of the Castle Carbonek, was his mother..." -From Corrine Heleine's Mysteries of The Holy Grail.

There is a close similarity between the 'fiend and the nun' of Galahad's story and Merlin's conception in legend supposedly having taken place between a 'demon' and a mortal woman, who fled and took refuge in sanctuary. Both these stories relate the stigma that Myrddin and his grandson Myyrith bore. The former's father had tuned to evil forces, the latter's grandmother served the Dark Queen. Yet Myrddin's would be washed clean of his transgressions in the last moment of life and Myyrith's grandmother, while not entirely converted to the Light, would cease to be active in Dark Works, long before her death.

While Lancelot was not the true father of Galahad, he became his father in spirit, and served as a guiding force in Galahad's youth. Elaine was indeed a 'holy nun' while serving in the Convent of Shorham, where even the attire was a facsimile to the Christian habit.

It was through Galahad that much of the original plan was completed, for in him was the blood of Galataine, and it was he who would redeem the Holy Grail for the spiritual rebirth of a future age. Merlin's part as the 'genetic engineer' is touched upon in Gareth Knight's The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend:

"Merlin's aim was the selection and interbreeding of particular bloodline that would be the basis for founding an aristocratic line of priest-kings after the old Atlantean model. The particular qualities of blood would be such as to make available a refined type of clairvoyance that would enable easier contact between ruling family or class and the inner plane guides behind nation. This is the basis for the conception of the 'sang real' - the royal blood of the Holy Grail. At a much later date it too on a higher individualised form as the attainment of individual conscious expression of the inmost spiritual powers in the physical body."

Re: Further Reading on the Thoth-Merlin Connection/Orion-gin Grail Genetics
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 ,from "William Buehler" <>

A really good input re Myriddn and history! Several points of special interest to me:

(1) ...the long Templar line John Martinus grounded as Yeshu's son, also another reason for the Templar's very strong devotion to the Migdal(ene).

(2) ...the 5-layer bonded soul. This is the basic procedure we use in our light group process. It creates a single synergically bonded group mind/soul and this becomes more bonded with practice. In such a group we minimize synchronistic procedures: drum beat, long mantras, breathing together, coordinated spins, etc. ...I call that type of unity an "entrainment" group. It is effective and rapidly formed but my opinion... not as efficient as a "synergic" group. As we do it, each person is separate but within a sacred grid format used just for initialization and basic reference throughout (we are now using the Reshel grid: 3rd breastplate of Metatron, of 24). This permits very rapid shifts in spins, orientations, flashing between formats, movement between levels, intensity of energy levels between poles/persons, aspects of consciousness between poles/persons. Very infrequently do we use a tone for coordinated shift together, and then its a brief tone. This permits an outstanding bond within an overall merkabah with strong Metatronic potential and in close cooperation with the innerplanes half of the team.

(3) ...the Isle of Man connection. Also, according to Thoth, Arthur's main stronghold Camelot (of several) was there. One of the 16 fragments of the Cairthur Stone, capstone of Ruta's Sun Temple monolith, or the "Stone of Destiny" was under the Round Table and is still there as a significant power source. There is probably a common more ancient dynamic linking Merlin's birth and the Camelot siting in the same Island.

This idea is important to me due to my finding a major Metatronic (Reshel) grid centered on the combined dynamic of the Isle of Man and the Anglesey Head (Crux Arvata in the Grail Grid). Thoth calls this grid the "ARIAT" Grid and its axis (from the SW tip of Loch Ness south to the middle of Devon) is called the "El-Rod." Ariat roughly translates: "variation: aarat, 'clouds of glory,' also 'island of light, the midst of the sea' ." This combined pole is centered a few miles off the Isle of Man and the first, inner ring is 70 miles in diameter and is a 10 pole ring made up of two countra-rotating pentagrams. This is a major "HOLOS" or seed format. This expands to create a ring or "Round Table" enclosing most of the British isles including Ireland.

Thus I view the original Round Table, powered up by the Stone of Destiny holographic fragment, as the "control panel" for the large Grid. This Reshel Grid spins as a vast Wheel "strobing" on the 12 poles of the archetypal temple and Round Table. Each pole will be constantly down and uploaded by the Christos and Shekinah halves of the spinning Reshel. Although Camelot is gone, it still exists in nonlinear time, perhaps in a greater glory. The Stone is apparently still in place and functional as the prime core.

A light group through intention, clarity in Grace, and Metatronic frequency in cooperative unity with innerplaces agencies under Michael's Mandate, could duplicate the Ariat Grid or Round Table. This might be facilitated by the group using the Reshel Grid, thus duplicating the Ariat's main geometric energy and consciousness schematic.

Just a few ideas prompted by Maias' comments. Thanks again for bringing them forward.

Blessings Be...
William Buehler"

Sun, 23 Apr 2000 10:53:44 +0000
"Raphiem" <>

Dan, this is quiet heavy, again courtesy of Rami Sadji ... there is more .. but I've only pieced together, pertaining stuff re: Thoth. This information
I believe is sourced mostly from Maia & Simeon.


Atlantis. Thoth came to Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion with an energetic patterning called the Enochian Table, which is mathematically
encoded into the plan of the Great Pyramid as blueprint to the Enochian Table. However the name Thoth became associated also with Hermes, the Greek God of Mercury (spiritualized mind), and Trismesgistus (meaning thrice great). Thoth is also associated with a combination of other souls as some known historical figures as Amenophis; Imenhotep; Hiram Abiff; Merlin; Enoch (Idres in Arabic) and John the Beloved/Divine.

Thoth Adam Kadmon: Lord Melchizedek, who descended to Earth from Venus in the Lemurian period; Enoch; Thoth or Thoth; Imenhotep; architect of King Zoser; King David; Zachariah, father of John the Baptist; St. John the Beloved.

Solomon Adam Kadmon: Noah, King Zoser of Egypt; Zarathustra; Samuel, a prophet and judge of Israel; the Melchizedek King of Salem, Salem is the old city of Ur Salem (Capitolas), today (Beit Ras / Irbed), King Solomon, son of David, Yeshua ben Josef (from the age of 12 to the Baptism.)

Thoth also tells us that the star Sirius holds the key for transmutation of galactic karma. In fact, one of its ancient names in Lemuria was Magha.

This is a word-form of the archetype Magda; as on Mary Magda-lene, who as we know represents the fallen galactic level within the fallen (Oritronic-Luciferic) universe. So here we can now begin to see the inter-relationship of galactic karma and the two key points on the Earth: Jerusalem and Mecca. They are the key geographical points which translate galactic level karma into our Earthen reality.

Thoth reveals the deeper nature of this Jerusalem-Mecca / Sirius A & B dynamic:

Thoth: The 'Heart of the Lion' is formed by Jerusalem and Mecca thus  (see Figure 1): The DARK cube (Ka'bba) aligns with Mecca, and the STAR cube (Ormid) aligns with Jerusalem. The lemniscate (infinity eight loop) between the two is the 'field of the heart,' with the centre point being the actual 'Heart of the Lion.' This centre point is geographically located near Al Wadjih, Saudi Arabia. Here, buried beneath the sand is the ancient city of Merazhadec - the 'Lion of Melchizedek' or the 'Lion of Al-Khidr.' This city was also known in later times (but still very ancient by our standards) as Jiddi. The current city 'Jiddi' or 'Judah' next to Mecca was named after the more ancient Merazhadec / Jiddi that was located near Al Wadjih. The centre point at Al Wadjih represents Sirius C, a hidden star of Sirius, thus creating a trinity the ancients called 'Hebola': the name of the power triangle formed in Sirius by these 3 stars. In most ancient Egypt this Sirian trinity was also represented by the Royal Family of Osiris (Father-God: Sirius A), Isis (Mother-Goddess:

Sirius B) and Horus (Son-Christ:Sirius C).

So to summarize the main points which we have covered so far in this article: the Black Cube Ka'bba in Mecca holds the defiled 666 (Dark Cube) link to Sirius, which in turn holds a link to the transmutation of galactic karma.

Jerusalem holds the 999 (cube of Stars - Ormid) link to Sirius. The two energetics of Jerusalem and Mecca must converge through the 'gate' at the centre of the lemniscate (or figure eight infinity loop) near El Wadjih, thereby allowing the dynamic of the Metatronic Fulcrum to come into play which will initiate the inversion of the 666 to the 999, freeing bondage in matter and taking the complete 'Heart of the Lion' dynamic into the realms of the higher evolutionary worlds Mazaloth; thereby transcending our lesser solar cosmology.

The three Crown Archetypes of Nature are Isis, Serapis and Orpheus. These three form the Triune for the planetary mutability of Earth. All other Earth archetypes interrelate through these. Most archetypes of this sphere were originally begun through a living experience. There was, for instance, a living man, Serapis, whose life design became so interpolated with the principles of mind governing Earth, that a consequent archetypical crystal of consciousness was built upon the single altar stone of his life. This same soul which began the Serapis morphia was also incarnate as the great Thoth Hermes Trismegestus, who in turn initiated the Hermetic archetype. Thus the Hermetic archetype is a transmutation of the Serapis in that the alchemical Hermes is a "mutable" of Serapis.

Serapis governs the law of division from immutable to mutable, from non-polar to polarized, from neutronic to electronic-protonic. Hermes is the archetype of purification through transmutation. In order that an element be transmuted, it must change form through division and reunion. The Serapis and Hermetic archetypes are then "mutables" or symbiotic designs of law.

These archetypes, with the exception of SET, were all Light-embued in that they addressed spiritual values and universal codes of Divine Order. SET was a natural reflection of all darkness or embalance, and was thus not created by the Aton Priesthood, but through entropy or chaos. The Dark Priesthood of the Amun, who sought to destroy the enlightened framework in that age, did employ SET as their destructive vehicle.

 The correlation between the greater template the Mazzaroth represents, and the re-development of he 12 strand DNA. Thoth tells us that the etheric counterpart for that 12 strand DNA will form, then the physical components will begin formation, and then finally humanity will begin to assimilate the consciousness it represents. One this process is complete, the souls of our humanity who have been a part of this greater process through proper spiritual preparation, will then be able to move into the more complex consciousness expression of the higher worlds of the Mazaloth.

 There is many families living in the area of Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria and Lebanon are currently "Grail Barers" holding the genetic codes of the 30 Spirit Races, originally infused through a mixture of five 'tribes' (Lemurian, Atlantean, Noahcain, Davidic and Canian). The human race has 38 genetics stands holding stellar information within the human etheric genetics or paragenetics. Only 30 of these strands have nested in the descended Earth through the 30 Spirit Tribes. The remaining 8 strands compose the stellar configuration of soul frequency bandwidth involved in the higher evolution of this planet, which continue to exist in advanced DNA templates of the Adam Kadmon. Such beings as Jesus ''Yeshua''.

In transference of waves of divine codings from the KABBA (inverted) to ORMID (out-raying) universe fields.

Thoth: What keeps this world's inhabitants within such small circles of evolution and beings is the very nature of opposition. This is not
to say that polarity does not serve essential purposes, for indeed it does; but beyond this garden of Adam/Eve compliance, lies the Field of Ardath, therein the Heart of the Lion (666) and the Heart of the Lamb  (999) are At-One.

Orion is the main node of the Star-Trinity, the two being the Pleiades and Sirius in Canis Major.

Orion is divided into three zones. The upper zone is ruled by the star Betelguese. Here are the Councils of Light. The lower zone is controlled by the Rigel and is the home of the Lords. In the central portion of Orion is a Zone of Overlap. This area could be referred to as the Great Light for it represents the sacred, alchemical union of dark and light into One. Betelguese is on their right path (male polarity). Rigel is of the left path (feminine polarity). As stars of the Living Lights (Angelic Domion). Beteluguese contains the raw energy, somewhat like a divine battery, while Rigel transforms that energy into the sublime substance of Divine Reason.

 Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the human soul into Solar initiation. In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine FIre through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take place. Sometimes such sacred Solar passage are held for entire cultures as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of the universal solar sea.

The 'Gate of the Sun' is actually comprised of specific acu-points on the Earth, which are part of the greater Solarian Tabla (Solar Table) on Earth, which is comprised of All the points where the pure Solar Tribal insertions have been made upon the Earth. The specific acu-points which comprise the 'Gate of the Sun' from the main 'meridian' of the Solaris Tabla. There are certain determining factors as to why some of these were chosen to be on the 'main meridian,' and others were not. This was primarily dependant upon the knowledge forms these tribes carried in their para-genetic and genetic coding. Each of the many grid lines in the Solaria Tabla is an insertion meridian for specific knowledge forms which direct and calibrate the spiritual evolutionary path of the Earth  and its souls through time and space. The specific knowledge forms these tribes carry, are themselves not anything which can be defined clearly to the human perspective. However, they come together to create the ideologies and religions which have represented them to the world experience throughout the ages.

The Records of Thoth have revealed that there were originally two genetic strains on this planet. The first originated from the Adam Kadmon template. Thoth refers to this strain as the Solarian and also the Family of Shepherd or more simply the Shepherd Race. The second strain came into physical embodiment on this planet at a later time in a separate merkabah or Eden. This is the Nephilimic strain also known as the Fallen Lords of Lucifer.

Thoth explains the angelic connection in the descendants of Adam Kadmon: "The angelic Seraphs or Seraphim orchestrated the descent into matter for the Solomon, or the first Solarians who descended to Earth. At that time the Solomon were highly evolved souls who chose to take matter forms. The Nephilim were once angelic beings who had broken with the Divine, and thus were unraveled from the Metatronic Great Inscription of Light, into an Oritronic (half-Light) threshold. Trapped in an imperfect form, they sought a means of escape, and thus began to manipulate the genetics of the Solomons, many of whom were vulnerable tothis unjust cause because of their own path of separation from Source. In order to aid the Solomons and stave off the fate of their annihilation, the Seraphim began to selectively interbreed with them. Understand that angels are very high Light Beings, and as such they can move through the Great Inscription of Light into a form that is contained within matter sufficiently for reproduction. Offspring of such a union contained genetic codes that allowed the Solomon-Solarians to become Nathana-Solarians, and survive for the time being as a Light Source.

"On rare occasion, angelic beings were produced from among the offspring of Seraphim and Solomon, and later also Nathana humans. These children were not on the level of the Seraphim, but neither were they mortal by the standard of the Solomon or even Nathana-Solarians. They were a hybrid we call the Helioseraphis.

"During the Hyperborean Epoch, the Nephilim began their manipulation, which continued through the fall of the two Edens (Solarian and Nephilim). It was also in this Epoch that the the Seraphim began their intercession through breeding with the Solomons. The Helioseraphis only bred among themselves (and very rarely then), since genetically they would have mutated the Solomon and Nathan lines in a manner that would have been counter-productive for the Light Races. Although they had certain angelic powers, they were grounded to the Earth plane in that period until the fall of the Epoch, which released them from their near mortals forms. They could not move into the lower dimension with the Earth as she plummeted and migrated outside her Sun at the end of the Hyperborean Epoch. The Helioseraphis now continue their angelic tribe in a greater Light presence than when they were trapped in the Earth plane.

"We wish to differentiate between the genetic manipulation of the Nephilim and the interbreeding of the Seraphim with the Solomons. The entered the Solomon gene pool solely with the agenda of their own liberation. They are still continuing this long term project through the thought-form hybrid creatures they have created such as the Greys and Lizzies. They are solely a logistic of mind and body, with no emotional nor heart involvement.

"The Seraphim entered into a holy sacrament with Earth's kind, through which they communed at the deepest levels of heart resonance with the Solomon-Solarian. Therefore their breeding was done in sacred act through spiritual intercourse, which was a far more Light-engendered process in that age than it is currently on the surface of the Earth. In the greater sense of its meaning, they engaged in an Immaculate Conception with the earthen ones, and in that gesture of compassion for their plight, created a grail nesting in the heart of the Solarians that is still present in the blueprint of human design, albeit seldom evident in the manifest human condition at this time."

John Michell makes another interesting observation. He writes: 'Watkins compared the straight track leading to the Greek cities with the leys of Britain, and found in both cases an association with Hermes, known to the Egyptian as Thoth, to the Gauls [Celts] as Theutates, the name surviving in the numerous Tot or Toot hills all over England.'

This comment brings many things into focus. Hermes is the Greek god of fertility he is responsible for making the corn grow and is credited with inventing animal sacrifice, another basic part of the Druidic ritual. He is the god of roads, and heaps of stones were raised at crossroads in his honour. In Egypt he was Thoth, the god of learning, who later became transformed into Hermes Trismegistos. * Taken from the book "Mysteries", by Colin Wilson.

Sun, 23 Apr 2000 11:11:19 +0000
"Raphiem" <>

Dan, again, accolades the same as previous posts ... I share this information, in the hope that Maia & Simeon wish it also to be shared by all.

Maybe our friend Commander Capra, was right in that, perhaps, the stuff is not addictive.??? Perhaps not to the creator of the substance (thoth)??

Thoth has indicated an etheric molecule present in the natural powder called "iropiya", and that it probably cannot be detected at this
time by the scientific community. The small amounts of rhodium and iridium [Raphiem: Starwars - looking for Iridium/Gold in Blood/Darth Vader] are in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya, thus activating its potential within the individual's auric field.



Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any forms of matter that is resonate with the original first matter. According to Thoth originally this planet was entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other words it was pure energy with Divine patternings. As it began to slow down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure energy patternings. The feeling as we know it today. This first matter was called Prima Matra by the ancients.

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for spiritual transformation and physical healing. As an example you could see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolate end of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colours of the rainbow (gradients less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy, but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

They are a powdered substance occurring naturally in the Earth. Thoth refers to these powders as a gradient of Prima Matra, or the first unviolate matter. As the Earth condensed from a pure spiritual state into the first stages of Matter Prima Matra formed from the ether. Since that time there have been inner planes orders that have ensured there would be a certain amount of some form of this Prima Matra present within this dimension in order to maintain the bridge from this reality back to our true spiritual heritage. This substance is being revealed at this time to the planet to assist humanity with the transformational process.

The powder helps the cellular consciousness to assimilate and reorients to the Grace Factor. It is not however a cure-all. Thoth has impressed upon that we simply cannot comprehend just how sacred this substance truly is.

On a more scientific and technical note, the natural powder relates spiritually to a grouping of substances coming forth at this time referred to as monoatomics. Monoatomics have been exhibiting the properties of superconductors at normal temperatures. The principle behind a superconductor is that is able to carry electrical energy without any resistance present, thus exhibiting a zero loss in the conduction of that energy. In addition, the process involves the conversion of electrons into a light frequency as they pair off within the super conductive medium. One of the keys in these monoatomic superconductors is the presence of exotic single atom materials such as rhodium and iridium in the high spin state.

 Thoth has indicated an etheric molecule present in the natural powder called "iropiya", and that it probably cannot be detected at this time by the scientific community. The small amounts of rhodium and iridium [Raphiem: Starwars - looking for Iridium/Gold in Blood/Darth Vader] are in the exact proportion needed to bridge to the etheric molecule iropiya, thus activating its potential within the individual's auric field.

========SuperConductivity and The Anointing Oil ===============

The Balsam plant, grows naturally in Hawaii, Polynesia, Malaysia, Australia, India and the Red Sea Rift Valley. It grows upon a type of evergreen  that can be anything from a small bush to a tree. They have a VERY pungent odor and unpleasant flavour when ripe, making them nearly impossible to consume for all but the most courageous of souls that have acclimated to the unpleasantness. The Balsam plant is also commonly known as pain killer tree among the nomads.

The Balsam plant have been used by traditional healers for a very long  time. It has been known to be medicinal, and was revered for its unusual healing properties. Some plant chemistry has shown the Balsam plant to  exhibit the following healing activities: anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory, analgesic, anti congestive, hypotensive, cancer inhibiting.

Thoth tells us that the Balsam plant is a form of Prima Matra. As such, this substance is affected by consciousness vibrations to a much higher degree than other non-Prima Matra substances.

Thoth: "The Balsam plant originated in Lemuria, of which Hawaii and Polynesian Islands are remnants. It is a Prima Matra or 'First Matter' consciousness plant, and one of the few on the Earth today which began its existence during a very early stage of Earth's decent into matter. This was the period prior to the Race of Adam. While the Balsam plant has changed in some ways since that time, considering the eons of time which have passed since the Earth's early stages of descent into matter, it has remained remarkably similar to that of its original form.

"The Balsam plant has understandably had many names in the past. The Lemurians called it 'Halipai', and the Atlanteans referred to it as 'Miama'( That were the world Manna started). Both these names mean essentially, 'the dew'. Its foul smell and taste was not present until Atlantean horticulturists altered this plant. They did so in an attempt to make it more hardy in hopes that it would be able to withstand the increasing fluctuations in the etheric and magnetic currents during the last stage of Atlantis' existence. The horticulturists were successful in their alterations and the Balsam plant survived even the Atlantean Deluge and the major time distortions which ensued during the final cataclysms that eventually sunk the great continent under the ocean.

"Noah, famed for his voyage with the Ark biblically, was actually carrying genetic strains of different plant species aboard the Ark as well as animal life. The Balsam plant was one of the plants carried on the Ark of Noah which explain how it got to Jericho from Ararat in Turkey, and therefore was transported into the Assyrian lands where his Ark finally came to rest after the Great Flood. That was in a period when the region was far more humid and sub-tropical, however.

"The Dew Plant (Balsam Plant) was grown in the Gardens of Jershoeb in the Assyrian lands in ancient days. These gardens contained all the most sacred plants and herbs that had survived the Atlantean Deluge (Great Flood). These plants and herbs were of a very high vibration, and there were certain times when auric lights could be seen in and over the Gardens of Jershoeb. In those days, the Dew Fruit was especially prized for aiding the body in maintaining longevity, since life spans were beginning to shorten dramatically, and ways were being sought to rectify that situation.

"Due to some very complex dynamics which involved the previously mentioned time distortions, Noah and his Ark actually sailed through a time portal, thus he set sail in 9,019 B.C., but landed in the Assyrian lands in 2,343 B.C. He effectively intercepted the time line at a different point from whence he had left it, all of this made possibly by the fractured and confused time fields which ensued after Atlantis' final destructive moments.

"As a result, while the Dew Plant had been introduced directly from Atlantis into Egypt and some areas of Asia and South America long before the Deluge, it did not make its way into the Assyrian experience until Noah finally arrived with it much later. It actually did not grow very well in most places outside Lemuria and Atlantis however, and when regions such as the Assyrian Lands and Egypt became more arid the plant became extinct in those regions.

 Diodorus Sciulus, around 310 B.C has mentioned the Nabataeans and Balsam

"Another Nabataean product of significance to religious rites Balsam, was also described by Diodorus. He spoke of balsam as vital medicament needed by all physicians, which does not grow anywhere else in the world, therefore it is the source of an immense income for the Nabataeans. The value of this commodity caused Cleopatra to seek control of its  source."

"As to its value in healing (as Anointing oil) and balancing the body, we will say that it remains an excellent source for cytometic renewal. Cytometic (Cytology: a branch of biology dealing with cells) is a term we use here to refer to the ability of a substance to open pathways for Source-to-Matra Light transmissions at the cellular level. In other words, it has the potential to restore the consciousness of the cells to their original full-Light forms."

Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any forms of matter that is resonate with the original first matter. According to Thoth originally this planet was entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other words it was pure energy with Divine patternings. As it began to slow down its vibrational frequency, matter began to coalesce from the pure energy patternings. The feeling as we know it today. This first matter was called Prima Matra by the ancients.

The forms of Prima Matra we have existent today are less in vibrational frequency than the original Prima Matra, but powerful nonetheless for spiritual transformation and physical healing. As an example you could   see the Original Prima Matra as light just beyond the ultraviolate end of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms of Prima Matra with us today as the visible colours of the rainbow (gradients less in frequency, but all still light). This is a very simplified analogy, but it will suffice to explain the main point here.

Superconductivity and the Anointing Mysteries:

As some of the forms of Prima Matra are the currently available are exhibiting the properties of a spiritual superconductor as a result of the presence of monoatomic elements. Super conductivity had ben thought by the scientific community until late, to be only possible at temperature near absolute zero. To understand the reason for this we must look at what happens in superconduction. Ordinarily, when an electrical current is travelling along a conductor, such as a copper wire, there is a certain amount off resistance inherent in the conductor to the passage of the electrical energy. This resistance is caused by the vibratory action of the atoms of the conductor causing the electrons of the electrical energy to encounter unpredictable moving obstacles. As these electrons encounter these obstacles a certain number of them are lost in the collision that result.

This loss of electrons is commonly referred to as a voltage drop across  the conductor. As the vibratory rate of the atoms conductor varies with temperature, so does the number of collisions between the electrons and those atoms. The colder the temperature of the conductor, the less vibratory action between the atoms of the conductor in materials that exhibit superconductive properties, and therefore the electrical energy passes through it unobstructed with no voltage drop, or loss of electrons at all. This would be an ideal set of circumstances as electrical energy could be sent over great distances without any loss, or very powerful and highly sensitive magnetic devises could be built, as examples of some practical applications. The hitch has been that it take tremendous energy to cool a conductor down to absolute zero, and so there is no true energy gain forthcoming from this approach to superconductivity. In actuality there is far more going on than the simple passing of an electron through matter without resistance, as also the electrons pair off in another phenomena called 'Copper pairing'. It has been stated that when this occurs the electron pairs are converted to a photon, pure light.

There has been a search on for some time in the community for materials that exhibit superconductivity at normal room temperatures. Until the recent discoveries of the monoatomic states of certain elements, the results of this search have not produced a substance that has truly exhibited these properties at or near normal room temperatures (there have been numerous compounds that have been discovered to exhibit these properties at temperatures considerably higher than absolute zero however).

Another property of a superconductor is the way in which they respond to magnetic fields, they are said to be diamagnetic, that is they expel a magnetic field from entering their atoms. A material in a superconducting state is extremely sensitive to very minute magnetic fields, even those as weak as the human auric field. This property of a superconductor is called the Meissner Effect. The Meissner effect is prominent in Type I superconductors such as monoatomics. The Meissner effect can be total or partial depending on whether the superconducting material is able to completely expel the magnetic force from its atoms.

Science is discovering that the human has superconducting properties. It has been shown that the cells of the body communicate with each other as do superconductors, even through the mechanism of the superconductivity has remained a mystery. Superconductors are able to transfer energy to each other irrelevant of distance if their Meissner fields are in resonance. If we assume that the human aura is a Meissner field resulting from the superconductive state of the millions of cells in the body, then we have the perfect scientific explanation for telepathy and why they were so much obsession into the Anointings.

With this in mind we can easily see how raising the percentage of superconductivity within our bodies can easily bring about some spiritual / psychic changes and the ability to achieve what have been considered supernatural phenomena.

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Dan, here is some Grail info, I think you'd enjoy ... with reference from Thoth (I believe to be Maia & Simeon). This was from a webpage, which no longer exists .. courtesy of Rami Sajdi (

'New Age Bible interpretation Old Testament, Volume I', by Corinne Heline:
"In view of the appellation they (The Hyksos) earned as the mystery kings of Egypt, it may be safely inferred that they were not wanting in the divine wisdom... These rulers called themselves Pharaohs, and occupied the throne at Zan (the Zoan of the Bible), which is situated near the mouth of the Nile. The earlier dynasties had their seat at Thebes in Upper Egypt.

"In the History of Antiquity', the ancient Egyptian historian Manetho states that Egypt was indebted to the Hyksos for much of the wisdom and artistry she bequeathed to later civilizations. For five centuries they remained in the land."

From the Records of Thoth we find the lost works of Anumerrikus, a historian of a branch of the original 'Grail Family', known as the 'Mazur'. In this text written at the time of the Shepherd King's return to Egypt, we read:

"Hanukatumera, the Solar Lord of the People, did bring us into the land of the Ancestors, where the Caretakers dwelt. He brought us forth unto this land, for it was time to birth the Spirit of the Child in the Great Temple. So we returned to the ancestral home, that we should resurrect the wisdom of our forefathers and reclaim from the Caretakers, that which is our Royal House."

According to Thoth, this branch of the Mazur were the Olai. The Olai were direct descendants (through the Mazur) of the star races who had come into Egypt during the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. When these Star Regents left that land, they left the rulership on the hands of ''Caretakers', who were the 'Children of the Nephlim'.

The Nephilim are other world beings who were from the 'fallen heaven', having created these 'children' whom Thoth calls the 'Nomads'. They transferred the power and mysteries to the 'Umosejhe', meaning 'caretakers', with the understanding that in the future the Olai would return to put into motion the spiritual birth of the 'Child', who centuries later would incarnate in living flesh as the greatest of 'Shepherd Kings'. History would know this 'Child' as Jesus Christ.

When the Shepherd Kings returned led by their Solar Lord Hanukatumera, they were not greeted warmly. The Umosejhe had governed the land for many ages now. They had miss-used the power and hid the wisdom from the people. They had no desire to relinquish it and become simply servants of another race. Yet there were strong ties to this service embedded deep within their genetic memory. They feared that 'Gods' would punish them if they did not obey these Solar Ones, whom they knew were descendants of the Gods. No threats were issued by the Shepherd Kings. The Umosejhe simply 'knew' in their inner being, that despite their own narrow desires they could not refuse. It should be understood that the Caretakers were a race separate the people whom they ruled, which were by that age a mixture of peoples. To say that they were all 'Egyptians' is somewhat like stating that all who are citizens of the United States are 'Americans'. Americans contain the genetics of many races and cultures.

The Caretakers were imbued with knowledge that had been handed down to them from the Shepherd Kings, and further, this sacred knowledge had been infused into their being. It was not the simple passing of information through texts and by word of mouth. It had been given primarily through initiation. Consequently, the Umosejhe were bound to the Hyksos in ways of Spirit beyond the personal will. They could not refuse the 'Wise Ones of the Solar House'.

As ages passed, the Umosejhe were largely murdered and replaced through sporadic uprisings amongst their own people, and those who usurped their positions eventually drove the Shepherd Kings from their ancestral land. These 'usurpers' re-wrote the history of Olai / Hyksos, making them enemies and conquerors of Egypt.

To return to the 'New Age Bible Interpretations Old Testament, Volume I':

"When the Hyksos were expelled from Egypt about 1600 B.C. they journeyed to Judaea and centred their work in Salem, which later became Jerusalem... In Salem, Abraham was initiated into the Christic Mysteries by the high Priest Melchizedek ; in Jerusalem Christ Jesus, high priest after the Order of Melchizedek, gave His Mysteries of the Dispensation that opened with His coming. Both occasions were celebrated by partaking of bread and wine, symbols of mystical processes involved in Rites of Initiation.

"These festivals of soul dedication were not observed in Jerusalem by chance. Preparation for the sublime events had been in the making for thousands of years. Among those specially dedicated to this task were the Shepherd Kings of Egypt. The links in the chain of divine revelation are unbroken. The Lesser Mysteries of the ancients were steps leading up to the Greater Mysteries revealed by the Christ. This was understood by members of pre-Christian brotherhoods knowingly, they worked toward the coming of the Light of the World who was to take flesh and dwell among men."

The Record of Thoth confirm the above, and further we find through akashic investigation the following: Egypt was originally intended to be the place where the 'Anointed One', the Christ would incarnate in Word (flesh).

Because the people rejected the Shepherd Kings who were the Grail Bearers ,  the Priests of Melchizedek (who were the Grail Priests of the Mazur through the Olai) were forced to establish a 'New Kingdom', actually a secondary Holy Land, in what would become Jerusalem. From this base ,they continued the sacred rites of the Dove - the secret symbol of the Christ, having been practiced by the Mazur since the days of Atlantis.

Thoth comments that the 'Pali Kings', meaning the 'Pale Kings', as they were pale skinned and fair; were 'Palestinae People', or 'those who are from the pale, or dimly lighted stars'. The symbol of the Palestinae had been the Unicorns (actually a nature-angelic creature), who to the most ancient, were called the 'Pala', meaning the Pale Ones.

The Unicorn, the Lamb and the Dove are all pure symbols of the Christ in various stages of His Mystery. In the Dove, the Christos is conceived of purity and descends to Earth. In the Lamb, He is revealed to the World, revered, and then defiled and slain. In the Unicorn He is returned in Spirit to those of Pure Heart, that they may be the Caretakers of this Divine Love, until the Dove comes once again to the World.

When the final blow to the reign of the Shepherd Kings in Egypt came to pass, the Egyptian nation reverted to a period of darkness when, as Thoth phrases it, 'wisdom sought refuge in the temples by the sea', meaning that the main body of the Hyksos journeyed from Egypt in the Sinai an on to the Dead Sea, where they resurrected temples. From there, they went northwest to the place of sanctuary, establishing Uri Salem (Bait Ras, in the northen part of Jordan) there, later to be called Jerusalem. Others migrated to Gaul and the British Isles, usually in 'places by the sea' (or lakes), for the Hyksos were descended from Atlantean Sea Priests.

Centuries later, a child of the Shepherd was brought to the Egyptians of the Eighteenth Dynasty, and raised to become a king. His name was Akenaton. Once again, the way of the Dove was set aside by the murder of this Solar Land.

This is just one story of many concerning the Shepherd Kings and their descendants. The genetics of these Solar Lords have been perpetuated within many races on Earth to this day.

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