Lenard Toye Prophecy or Prediction

Date: 98-01-22 01:33:15 EST

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Lenard Toye Speaks on Prophecy or Prediction

Prophecy is always a spiritual teaching given in enough time to make changes in a culture to avert cataclysm. Prediction is the child of prophecy. It attempts to harness the power of prophecy and give it a diluted focus. The Diluted focus usually equates to dates and degree of preparedness and how do we save ourselves from the ravages of nature. The only time we experience the ravages of nature is when we ignore the laws of nature.

Prediction does not make the world a better place. Many people ask when is this going to happen? Well it already is happening all over the planet in the form of pollution, global warming, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and much more. Prediction tries to place time limits on the collective consciousness and the life experience of the planet and the people.

The Work of I AM America, Lori and myself is not prediction it is prophecy. You see Prophecy is saying make changes now in yourself and your heart. "A change of heart will change the world" is a usable idea we can all live with. A change in your heart is your responsibility not someone elses. You are the master of your life and destiny. (If you do not think you are your own master you do not know the Law.)

Lets look at the idea of dates. If I give you a date of February 1999 what will you do? You will fall into three categories:

1. You will be afraid and do nothing. The fear will grip you and you will make no personal changes because you will see it as hopeless.

2. You will wait and see if the date is correct. In this scenario you will also do nothing to improve the your life or the world you live in. You will have a prove it to me attitude.

3. You will ignore the whole thing and think what a crackpot or nut.

In all three scenarios no action is taken. So what is the use of the date? It never motivated you to change or improve the world, so the earth changes prophecy comes true. The work of I AM America, Lori and myself was fruitless.

The real success comes when we change ourselves and develop new non-polluting forms of energy and active social perception all based on cooperation.

Then the danger of destroying ourselves is over and the maps do not come to pass. If I give you a date of 2190 then you still take no action. You leave it up to another generation to fix. The problems become worse and the earth changes also become a reality. You see dates are useless and only for attention getting, not for global change or the betterment of Humanity.

Prophecy is given to motivate each and every one of our lives for the better. At the current rate of social disharmony and environmental devastation on the planet we will create the Earth Changes Maps as a reality and there will be no turning back. If this becomes a reality you will probably have fewer than 5,000 people survive on the planet. Are you motivated now to change? Do you see the value of self-improvement in your attitude and actions toward yourself, Mother Earth and the Global Family?

Do not point the finger at someone else, look in the mirror and start there. If you do not look at yourself and take stock you will not get the point of the prophecies of I AM America. You and the planet are one, you and I are one with everyone.

We are all unknowingly creating earth changes on this planet. We are creating the earth changes through the way we treat each other and the environment. The I AM America maps are saying wake up and change. Yes wake up and smell the earth changes. The time is to act

We are all steeped in competition, greed, me first, etc. etc. etc. Cooperation is the starting point for change. When was the last time you cooperated with yourself? When was the last time you liked yourself? When was the last time you accepted yourself and decided to take action to change the things you knew needed attention?

Consider that you are not being told you are wrong or bad. Consider that you are being informed that the choices our ancestors have made and the ones we are making now are disrupting the laws of nature. This will result in the global warming changing life as we know it forever. Are you sure you want to proceed on this course?

The idea that prophecy can exist in the present times is hard for most people to accept. We have all been exposed to some form of organized religion and we either embraced some form of spiritual expression or we rejected some form of the idea. Most who accept a higher power as a given in their lives find it difficult to accept there could be a present day prophets that are warning people of the world. Let us consider that we evolve technologically, socially and   politically, we also evolve spiritually. Can anyone deny that the mysteries of creation now have a different light shed on them as we develop technologically? Could our personal spiritual experiences also change in the wave of our own evolution? Could the way we organize this spiritual experience into a religious practice change with the passing of time?

If we consider history, past civilizations have changed and so have the beliefs that shaped these cultures. The Sacred beliefs of today are the superstitions of tomorrow. We have already found this to be true with past civilizations. Why would we be any different? There are no exceptions for any society, government, business, religious system, or class of people. The probability of these changes occurring is certain with the path out global society is traveling. We have a choice of either coming together to harmoniously resolve our differences and clean up the environment, or the planet will change for us. The only constant is change.

It is most certain that cultures ignore their Prophets. Let us consider the state of Israel. This culture is the best known for having Prophets and prophecies. Where is this culture now? Well there is no lasting peace with their neighbors. The country is in fact on international welfare from the United States and many of their people are scattered over the world, while others of the world have anti Semitic feelings. We may ask ourselves did these people of the past embrace the prophecies? Look how it is today

Consider the Native Americans and the Iroquois Nations. These people were given the prophecies to make peace with all the tribes. We know this did not happen. Tribal fighting and massive numbers of Europeans overcame these tribes. If there had been tribal peace would the Europeans been repelled?

Would the world be very different than today? We can only speculate for now and have a look at  the effects of prophecy on people of the past. Will we learn from example, or will the I AM America Maps become the reality of the future? The successful Prophet is the one whose prophecies do not come to pass. It has never been our desire to be right, only to inform you. We have the choice and the power to change the direction the world is going.

It is our hope the world will change for the best.

Blessings, Lenard Toye

Copyright 1997 I AM America