by  Terry Rodgers

Now is the time for the release of your mortal bodies. The time has come to change to the new shell. Now is the time to grow. We have come to clean the earth from all it evil. The evil has destroyed your mother earth and you are about to destory us. If we don't stop you now, you could destroy the whole universe. We are here now. Picking people to help us with the change that is now on you the earth. Do not try to resist the change, if you do you will be lost. The change has come to the earth. The next week will be the most major time in the earth. You will see the earth move, the sky change and glow, you will see us coming in the clouds to change this planet and the inhabitant.

I speak the truth to the souls of earth , I speak and do not lie. Some will hear and some will laugh, but the change is here, look for us we have come. We are here your guardians of the earth, to make the change happen. We are here , we walk among you, looking at the filth of the evil you have done. To change the world to look and see the light that is shinning bright in your face. We are here , we are here , Is is time.

Wake up, look and see, the light is coming to change you. You will change , you have no choice. If you don't change you will die. If you do not change the earth will be destoryed. We must take the earth and make it a new planet,

Here is your reality. Money , food, shelter,fame , but this is garbage mere furtal petty things that can't satific. You have done the worst thing you could do ,destory your own world, what kind of animal would destory it's own home? The lowest kind.

You must change, you must grow , you must learn, you must understand . Now it the time. This will be very easy for some and very difficult for others, but it has to come.

We come on a star in our physical form. Not when you think. Look we are right beside you now . Right in front of you . Right behind you. We are here. Tall members of the universe, that can rule this section of the universe the way it should be. You have tried , now we will take over. The time has come for the change. Now is the time. Earth is crying for freedom. Peace and Health. We have to save Mother Earth. So the universe isn't changed forever.

Oh my children , you don't even know what you have done. You have blinded yourself from the truth that is coming. You chose not to believe and will face the judgement of your crimes. Mother earth is dieing right as we speak.


Hold On Everyone, We're In For A Bumpy Ride!


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