The Trinity Connection
By Joe Mason

The Trinity is a common link to almost everything we are seeing, I do think. For example, the activity at Giza involves the Trinity of Osiris/Isis/Horus. The Apollo moon landings were precicely timed so that the belt of Orion or the star Sirius were aligned at the horizon or at 19.5 degrees, the tetrahedral point found by Richard Hoagland's team in the geometry/mathematics of Mars. Those stars, of course, represented the Osiris and Isis. Hoagland also shows how the Mars monuments connect to the Giza monuments, and to the Barbury Castle pictogram. Also, an overlay of the Cydonia region of Mars, matches point-for-point with the ancient sites in the Wessex triangle.

The message of the Trinity is very powerful in dreams. It is not recognized because the symbols are often one's own father and mother in the dreams, or the like. Other times it is one's supervisors from work, or something similar. There is a definite pattern that I have been documenting for about six years. The forms of it match best with H.P. Blavatsky's explanations in Isis Unveiled, vol. 2.

A few days ago, I found another great connection in the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is in Century 4, Quatrains 28-33. This concerns the theories of alchemists about the sun (sulfer), the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). The glyphs on the corners of the triangle of Barbury are said to parallel these alchemical signs.

Their work involved the attempt to transmuting elements, such as lead into gold, and finding a substance that gave eternal life. This became centered on cinnabar, the Hell Fire Stone, which is the ore of mercury, sulfuric sulfide.

I believe it is symbolic of reaching the Trinity level of the Christ-Self, and eternal life. Nostradamus also said in C10, Q74 - "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." (this seems to be a metaphor about the death/rebirth of changing, transforming).

There were six steps on the ratchet/Mercury spiral of Barbury. The angle from the center of the triangle to the southwest corner was at 120 degrees. From that point to the center of the ratchet, it was 108 degrees, a mythical/Gematrian number. 120 is a tetrahedral point. 120 x 108 = 12,960, six raised to the fourth power times ten, and half the precession number. Divided by the six arcs, it is 2,160, six to the third times ten, and the number of years in one Zodiac Age.

There was an additional clue in the date the pattern appeared, July 17, 1991. Read Genesis 8:4, where the Ark landed on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. In Genesis 49:9, he is called a lion's welp, and he stoops down like a lion and lioness. (i. e., like a Sphinx). Noah is Piscies. These are strong clues that our Age is coming to an end, and Aquarius is near. (if not already begun). The Sphinx may well represent the same thing, that is, the Ages from Leo through Piscies, and the beginning of Aquarius.

About six months after I realized the number connection in Barbury, a man at work told me a dream. He was in an airliner driven on a highway by a water treatment plant operator named, Andy. There was a detour because of construction. Then, he was with his boss, an engineer, and a woman. They were planning to install a new transformer at the water treatment plant, under a grill. The woman wispered something into the engineer's ear.

This is a form of the Trinity, I have found a number of times in dreams. It is the Triple Male Trinity with the combined consorts as the single feminine Deity, or First Power. Together, the make the Perfect Four. The (real life) boss's name in this dream translates to "the guardian of knowledge).

I asked if the dreamer knew which highway he was on. He said, yes, it was the highway that runs from Oakdale (California, about 20 miles from his home), toward Yosemite. That section of highway is where highways 120 and 108 run together!

I wrote an article for The Dream Network Journal in 1992 about the dream/myth connections to the crop circles. The editor, Roberta Ossana, has kindly posted it on her web page at:


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