by Dee Finney

East of Corhampton, nr Petersfield. Hampshire.
Reported 15th July. 2000

Does this signify that the first trumpet of the Book of Revelation has
blown ... or about to be blown?

Image - Busty Taylor - Copyright 2000

By Dan Winter


Corston, near Bristol, North Somerset,  England
Reported 4th July, 1999

The Transmmission of a Crop Circle by Iyles


Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is a Vision of John

1:9 I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. (10) One the Lord's Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, (11) which said, "Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches..."

4:1 After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in Heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, (2) Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this."

8:2 And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets.

8:6 Then the seven angelsl who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them. (7) The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

3-20-89 - Dreamed that my spiritual teacher was practicing blowing a trumpet upstairs in my house. It sounded like a "come together" signal. I wanted to get my husband out of the house so I could go upstairs and watch my teacher practice and see the trumpet. By the time I got upstairs, the teacher was gone, but he had left the trumpet on the swing on the front porch for me to practice. It was a three note trumpet and in the left hand one had to also hold three silver balls.

10-29-92 - DREAM - I was chanting the 'Our Father' on a single note with a little trill at the end of the sentences.  

A man with sparkly silver skin came and told me that there would be a Savior of the World coming.

11-17-92 - DREAM - I was standing in a room and a purple light came from out of nowhere in a beam. In went through a light bulb and then through a crystal I had standing there, and then shown on the floor where my feet were standing. I moved over a bit and the purple light followed along on the floor wherever I walked.

11-28-93 - DREAM - I met a woman with white hair, wearing a pink dress. She was older than I and spoke with an English accent. She said she was going to her church for a special service and poetry reading and asked if we'd like to come along.

I agreed reluctantly. We cane to an old dilapidated building. We went in a narrow door and climbed some incredibly narrow, steep steps with great difficulty. We finally came out on top in what I thought was the balcony. I had been hearing the congregation singing Christian songs all this time.

We came out at the back of the church which sloped down steeply towards the front. The minister was just beginning to preach when we came in and he waited for us to be seated before he started.

I tried to follow my husband's lead but he couldn't find two seats together. All the while he was hunting for a place to sit down, he was hollering at the preacher that he'd better not tel him that he was the world's greatest sinner.

Meanwhile, while my husband found a seat on the left towards the back, the only seat that I fit into was way down front n the right all by myself.

The preacher was amused at my husband's denial of sin and the preacher told my husband that he was the Keeper of the Last Trump that loosed the sky that caused a great flood to roll over a third of the earth.

I sat there waiting for the preacher to ask if I was saved, and I planned to raise my hands towards Heaven and say, "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, I am saved."

So, when he turned towards me after the pronouncement of what my husband was,  I had a Cheshire grin on my face, waiting for the preacher's big question.

And he said, "And for you Missy! the great mystical psychic!"

I was quite pleased that he realized who I was and grinned more.

He went on, "You're a lover of food for your own pleasure!"

I knew he was right and waited for him to announce more of my sins.

While he was speaking, I had a vision of the sky falling, washing over a single white dove in the sky and washing floods of red blood ahead of it .

And now he announced to everyone, "You are the Keeper of the 7 Trumpets."

Knowing this was in the book of Revelations, I was shocked and my mind rushed through my memory of what the 7 trumpets were and realized that the first one had not yet been blown.

And I woke up.

NOTE: After I had this dream, my spiritual teacher told me to take the trumpets and put them in a safe place.  I created a huge room like a vault in a higher spiritual realm, and put the trumpets on pedestals, so they stood on end, and created blue spot lights in the room so that each trumpet had it's own blue light shining on it at all times.  I then left the room, locked the lock on the door and put the key in my pocket. I told no one where the trumpets were or how to get to them.  Every so often I checked to see if they were all right. I told no one how to find them or where I had created the room.

12-21-94 - DREAM - I got a new job at A-C in Purchasing and my job was to buy gravel. I met two men there whom I knew worked upstairs and wondered if they recognized me from when I worked there before.

I went to my room and they followed me. The one man pulled out a brilliant silver-blue saxophone. He gave me the key to it. The key was unusual in that it was long and circular, more like a vending machine key. I closed the door to the room because they were going to play it. Both men tried but could get no sound out of it. The man who owned it said he had been trying to get sound out of it since September and could make it sound out. I suggested he pucker his lips more.

The two men took the saxophone into the closet and the other man was going to try to blow it The other man closed the door to the closet and tried blowing it but I could hear nothing. The men were unsuccessful and came back out of the closet.

I still had the key in my hand but it now looked like a set of bull's horns. They were silver. I tossed the key back to the man and said, "Here! This belongs to you. Then the two men left.

NOTE:  Since I have the 7 trumpets locked in my safe, I'm asking if I should blow the first one?  I will meditate on that to find out.

Meditation:  The blue saxophone is not connected to the trumpets locked in the safe. This dream was given to awaken your awareness that the time is coming soon for this to take place.  The trumpet should be blown on the 2nd Saturday after the 1st of the year.

1-6-97 - MEDITATION: I saw a sign that said:


It was white with light blue stripes. I then saw these numbers:

530-304-1375 = 4

8 7 7 = 4


This occurred at Jan. 6, 1997 at 4 p.m. C.S.T.

1-7-97 - MEDITATION - I heard 3 sets of musical notes sounding from a trumpet.


2-25-89 - I dreamed that my spiritual teacher showed me a notebook he wrote in regularly. His notes showed that he had a vision that the second coming of Jesus Christ would be soon. He had received the visions from an Ascended Master. At the bottom of the page signed seven times in various colors of pencil was the name "FATHER".

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally said, "I am ready for a message."  I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began digging a deep hole in the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by baby animals. I then saw another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a full sized lamb and lion were laying down inside it...side by side.

3-8-91 Meditation: This was a general meditation. The visions were continuous and flowed like a dream.

A woman appeared and asked why I hadn't called her. A door on the right opened and I saw a brilliant white light on the ceiling. I walked inside. In the room were 4 single beds, one on each wall. There were also four men there, one assigned to each bed. I decided to sit on the bed right by the door. The man assigned to that bed, reached under the bed and pulled out a baby which was a year or less old. He placed the baby on the bed with me. He said, "Here is the Savior - The Champion!'

The men in the room were roughly dressed, swarthy types, like blue collar workers.

Another woman appeared. She was dark skinned like an Indian from India. I asked her when the child was born. She was very upset and didn't want to tell me.

I then saw a curtained contraption hanging from floor to ceiling. It was for room 308. The curtain opened from floor to ceiling. One of the workmen entered the livingroom and said, "I see trouble here."

I made the man take the woman to the front door and put her out on the porch. I said, "If she doesn't want to cooperate, then she can leave." I told him to tell her, "There is no room in the Inn."

I told the man to tell the baby that, "We're never going to give him up."

I told the man that they should not expect the Second Coming of Jesus to be a rough looking derelict.

I told the man, "The world will rock with surprise when they find out who the Anti-Christ is." The man began talking about the Christ. He said, "He is definitely a son of the Southern Conventionalists."

11-26-97 - DREAM - I dreamed about sending e-mail to Joe with a list of web page urls on it, typed so that he could click on the blue letters and go right to it.  I dreamed that I needed or wanted a document called "The Canon" (Its in the Bible) I was going to copy it and put it into a big black binder. I had to wait until Jesus Christ left before I did it. He was standing in the next room over though I couldn't see him.

12-13-97 - DREAM - (Ref. Gen: 37:;12) I went to a bar and asked for a brandy sour/sweet. The bartender gave me a small maroon bottle with just one drink in it. He put it into a vine-like thing with a tube with a tassel on the end to suck it through. I promptly broke it off. While I sat there, three vines grew and came near me and I broke them off I felt guilty about it so tied the ends back on so nobody else would notice.

When I woke up the dream dropped out of my mind and I forgot it. While I lay there with my eyes closed, the corner of my dresser cracked. I said, "Oh! Hello! I'm ready for a message if you have one. The dream popped back into my head with a square-like a picture frame in the middle. In the square were these words.






3-21-98 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI. I was working at the court house. The last letter I had written was by hand 15 years earlier, so when I sat down to type the new letter on the word processor, it was new to me. I was going to write about the heat, but there wasn't any word for that. I was going to write about the cold, but there wasn't any word for that.

I went over to the huge shiny brown table where a little boy sat, all by himself, dressed in a black and white suit. He looked very sad because there were charges brought up against him. The attorney came in then. It was a Jewish female attorney. She looked over the charges against the boy and then left.  

The little boys mother came in then and asked about the little boy's case. I said, "You can take him home. His attorney is the best in the word and there will be no trial. "

I went home then and I was going to go to the library to get some books, but I had forgotten to put on my slacks and by the time I did, the books I wanted had already been brought to me.

I was also going to stop at the dry cleaners to pick up the little boy's suits which were supposed to be for the trial and when I turned around, all his suits were handed to me. They had already been cleaned and were stain-free.

NOTE: I believe that this was a story about Jesus.

9-13-98 - DREAM - A web page came up. It said, "Let us introduce Jesus Christ. On the side it said, "Africa Presents."

10-30-98 - DREAM - (I had this exact same dream twice). I was inside a pyramid in the darkness. I saw a brown see-thru box open up and heard this poem::

A grave opened up

The light shone forth

" name " arose (the name was not understood by me)

And saved the world


The dream is about the Christ being in the physical (brown box). Because it was a "see-thru" lid, the Christ is here now and can be perceived by some. The grave is that which was hidden is being revealed to man, that is , mankind can know the Christ as he is and more importantly knowing the Christ within man himself. The light of Christ will save the world because when you have that awareness within yourself your relationship to God and your fellow man will change dramatically for the better.

It is very important that mankind does not have its fixation on the personality of Jesus because the impersonality of Christ will pass by them. Our Father does not work to man's expectations but rather His own Precious Will.

God Love you.


4-14-99 - VISION - I saw a large gold coin. On the coin was a picture of Jesus. He was wearing long robes and had his left arm outstretched upward toward Heaven. Underneath the picture were the words:  KING OF TERROR

1-6-02 - DREAM - I was in a city but don't know where. It seemed like it was Milwaukee.

I met a man who was looking for someone to fill a job which was available on the northwest side of town. The woman who had the job was messing up and they needed a new person.

I told him I knew that the 3 women who were working in the 1st 3 stores down the street were looking for new jobs and I knew of two other woman who were also looking for a job. (5 total)

I decided to walk across town and apply for the job myself. I walked with the man through the apartment building where I was.

The 1st two sections of floor were friendly varnished and still sticky, but we had to walk that way so I had to walk on the sticky floors.

We stopped for a moment in a large area where there were benches to rest on. There we met people who used to work at A-C. They all came up and hugged.

We then started to walk again and I saw a black couple down a side hallway. I asked them if they had a key for the building. As it turned out, they had all the keys for the whole building.

I asked them if they knew of any apartments for rent. They said, "Yes!" # 31 right here. We are moving across the hall to #13.

They wanted to know who was looking for an apartment. I pointed behind me to the man I was walking with. and that man, who happened to be black . He said his buddy who was a trumpet player came looking for an apartment. But, he said, he'll only play 7 times.

I was with two women. They and myself were going to walk cross town. We decided to pack all our jackets into a suitcase instead of just carrying it but we had too much. So someone showed us how to pack a suitcase properly. He even got a yellow wash basket into it, along with our colorful jackets and towels, and some flat objects we needed like tennis rackets, brooms, umbrellas, etc.

The End-Time as Seven Trumpets