The number 26, The Mayan Tzolkin, and the Grid Crop Circle

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Carolina O. sent these comments concerning this part of Joe Mason's article 'Strange Attractor Crop Formation And The End Of Time':

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The Mexican UFO wave, says Geoff Stray, started on the day of the solar clipse in July 1991, complete with "corn-on-the-cob-circles." Britt and Lee Elders correlated 1991 to the end of the Fifth Sun, but other researchers say it will end in 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends."

ET Contact; Jon King - editor of the late great UFO Reality magazine, had several "contactee" experiences between 1980 and 1984, in which he encountered humanoid ETs in a parallel dimension. They told him that a large triangular area of South-West England, centred on Barbury Castle, would be receiving "energy codings" to prepare humanity for ET contact between 1998 and 2013, by which time the dimensional shift will have occurred, published a version of the schedule given to him in the "TUMI" column of "UFO Reality," #4. It gives a timetable of events in the forthcoming dimensional shift, culminating in a dimensional interface in 2011, decloaking in 2012, and Earthshift in 2013."



Carolina O. continues:

I've been studying this astrologically for some years now and the transits of the planetary cycles over certain degrees of the zodiac coincide with this "End of Time" scenario and the "New Sun". However, which numerical "Sun" it is seems a matter of controversy as the different world cultures, according to Immanuel Velikovsky's scholarly books, report anywhere from 4-9 or more Sun Ages or Solar Ages have come and gone in our Earthly cyclic time frame, with or without complete reversals of the poles.

In fact, Nostradomus and others predicted the reappearance of our second sun "blue" in our local heavens around the end of 1999 or sooner to those who are able to see the new "blue" sun which is the "negative" or "invisible" companion to our lone orange-gold sun Sol. I've been naming the blue sun "Soul" as binary mate of "Sol" and have written a whole lot of information on their centuries-past separation and coming remerging and its ramifications.

The Blue Sun, otherwise known to the American Indians as the Blue Star or Kachina/Katsina and by various other names around the world, is perhaps not the only thing occultly invisible to our current "normal" vision. There may also be another whole solar system full of planets interacting with us in our local heavens. There is much written evidence of this as there are many astronomical reports of "perturbations" that appear to be altering the outer planets' (Pluto, Neptune) orbits and also reports and calculated orbits of an "invisible" planet called Vulcan which passes close to the sun causing predictable solar flare eruptions and resulting "mutations" on Earth.

The mysterious 12th Planet (Marduke) which Zachariah Sitchin is famous for having promoted in his book of the same name, may not be our alleged 3000+ year returning visitor but may exist as a very large planet orbiting our other Blue Sun-Star. Marduke seems to have an extremely odd orbit, that swings very widely out of range of our sun Sol and Earth as well as the other known planets. Additionally, two "invisible" forces or planets called Isis and Osiris have been tracked and studied just outside or close to Pluto. There have been many prophetic  predictions about other planets mysteriously appearing amongst our own known ones to form the 12 planetary interconnecting network that would correspond harmonically to our evolving 12 chakra system in our bodies as well as to reconnect the Earth's complete chakra system as was mentioned a few posts back by someone.

Astonomers have been discovering new planets in our sun system for the past several centuries so no doubt new ones will continue to be discovered as a matter of course and as it relates to our evolvement as an Earth bound species. The Hubble Space Telescope and the various computerized space probes, Clementine Project, Mars Orbiter, etc. ought to speed things up and make this work much easier and more readily calcuable. It's an exciting age of discovery and adventure to live in.

o/^ Carolina o/^

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