May 14, 2007

Hi all:  There are three of us in the Modesto, CA area, looking for more witnesses to a very strange object in the sky 5 or 6 years ago.  Witnesses would probably be found in Oakdale, Waterford, Modesto, or Stockton, but possibly either east or north of those areas possibly too.

The object was pure black - silent - about cloud level (5,000 ft that day)  It looked like a cross between a huge bird and a small airplane.  It did not flap wings like a bird - wings were far forward on the object.  It made no sound at all - so thought perhaps it was a huge glider - but it was going west when I saw it in the Oakdale/Waterford area, and the other witnesses saw it going north over Modesto over the McHenry Ave. area.

The sky was very blue that day with puffs of white clouds here and there so vision was clear.  I checked with the Modesto airport for cloud height - 5,000 ft.

It was early in the year  - May or June.

Any witnesses to such an object even if it was a different day or time would be welcome.



Write to: Dee777@aol.com