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Project Starlight Coalition

by Steven M. Greer, M.D. International Director of CSETI

The Project Starlight Coalition (PSC) is a voluntary association of researchers, scientists, world leaders and concerned citizens who are dedicated to effecting a non-harmful disclosure on the UFO/ETI (Unidentified
Flying Object / Extraterrestrial Intelligence) issue in the near future.

Since its inception in July 1993, the PSC has developed a strategy to coordinate a high level disclosure on
the UFO/ETI subject, and has successfully been able to brief numerous world leaders. We have found that
wide consensus exists among senior political, scientific and military / intelligence figures for a public acknowledgement of the reality of UFOs and ETI.

The PSC envisions the process of disclosure to go forward in four phases:

I. Collection of evidence and the testimony of senior government, military and intelligence witnesses on the
UFO/ETI subject; development of strategy; building networks and early pre-briefing of senior world leaders (underway).

II. Upon finalization of evidence and witness testimony collection, the formal briefing process will begin.
The briefing process, to begin just prior to a public disclosure, will be geared towards the world's senior
government, scientific, cultural and religious leaders and organizations.

III. The public announcement will include an event covered by the world's media where the best evidence
 and witnesses will be presented publicly, making an undeniable case for the reality of UFOs and ETI.

IV. The Post Announcement Era. As follow-up to the announcement concerning the detection of ETI, a
continuing effort of public education, conferences and in-depth briefings will occur. This continued
educational program is to ensure a calm, orderly and ultimately constructive assimilation of the
knowledge that we are not alone in the universe, and to empower the world community to assume
open responsibility for management of the subject, thus ending current exclusive covert control.

The interested and concerned public is invited to join PSC to assist in this global disclosure effort.
Specifically, help is needed in the following areas:

1. Collection of best evidence and witnesses. High quality, multiple witnessed UFO/ETI cases, official
documents, photos, video, movies, hard evidence such as metal samples, biological samples, etc.,
and first-hand government / military witnesses are being sought. If you have access to, or possess
high quality evidence, please contact us as soon as possible. Important witnesses to current or past
operations dealing with this subject may be assured of confidentiality and a serious approach to their
security needs and national security oaths / obligations (see below).

2. Network building. In order to provide briefings, serve in an advisory capacity and gather support for
 the project, we invite those with bona fide contacts in the following areas to contact us: government
leaders and organizations, scientific leaders and organizations, military / intelligence leaders and
organizations, cultural and economic leaders and organizations, including the media, religious leaders
 and organizations, other leaders and organizations who need to be briefed or could provide assistance

3. Funding. We have ultimate funding needs of approximately $5 million. If you know of individuals,
institutions, philanthropic organizations or other groups who could help with funding, please contact us.


A key part of the Project Starlight Coalition's strategy is the identification of important government
witnesses to the UFO/ETI subject. This includes scientists, corporate contractors, military and
intelligence officers and officials, civilian government employees, NASA and other space officials
and employees, and political figures. The combination of bona fide witness testimony from credible
witnesses of stature with other evidence, such as pilot sightings, general reports, government
documents, photos, videos, hard evidence, etc., will make an undeniable case for the reality of the
UFOs and the existence of ETI.

We are acutely aware of the sensitive security issues and needs of these types of witnesses, and have
taken measures for their protection. Very senior US government briefings have occurred and steps are
 being taken at appropriate levels of the Executive Branch of the US government to provide release for
these witnesses from their national security obligations, and to provide for their protection.

Moreover, an important dynamic is created by gathering together multiple credible witnesses in a
 coalition - there is safety in numbers - and by coordinating a strategy for all of these witnesses to
come forward in unison and at the same time, credibility is enhanced and an unassailable case is
made for the reality of the subject.

Nevertheless, we recognize that courage and a genuine sense of altruism and dedication to the
ideals of democracy are required for individuals to come forward. We have already located a number
of such witnesses and invite others to come forward. The time for the truth to be told has come, and
with the end of the Cold War, there can be no justification for continued secrecy. Indeed, the future
 of democracy may depend on the courage of individuals willing to come forward and share what
they know about a subject which must become the domain of all the peoples of the world. Such
witnesses are key to the success of the Project Starlight strategy. Witnesses may contact Steven
Greer, M.D. directly at 704-274-5671, or Kevin Foley at 612-378-1485.

If you can help us fulfill the goals of the Project Starlight Coalition, please feel free to join us:

By writing: Project Starlight Coalition, c/o CSETI, PO Box 15401, Asheville NC 28813.
Calling: 303-798-2694 or 704-274-5671. Faxing: 704-274-6766 or 303-798-2694 (333).


Vol.3 No.1
May 1994


The last three months have seen extraordinary - even historic - developments in the
CSETI project CSETI has launched Project Starlight, which is designed to educate
world leaders, leaders in society and the world's population to the fact that the earth
is being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. A comprehensive and world
encompassing strategy has been designed to achieve these educational goals, which
will culminate in a world announcement regarding the existence of extra-
terrestrial life forms.

Much has been learned through a number of preliminary meetings with leaders of
society of preliminary meetings with leaders of society and government, in the U.S.,
England, and Japan. 

We have found a remarkable degree of agreement that now is the time to move
decisively towards openness and disclosure on this important subject, and that this
should be achieved in the next one to two years. The end of the Cold War, the
increasing disclosures and declassification of documents by the Department of Energy
and CIA, the continuing world-wide extraterrestrial sightings in Europe, Mexico,
South America, and elsewhere all support the trend towards a new openness on this

What I am about to write next is something which I would not have believed six
months ago, but I feel that I must share this with you since it is a significant new
perspective that affecour overall strategy and thinking.

Through a number of significant meetings which I and others working on Project
Starlight have had, I have reached the tentative conclusion that virtually all of the
U.S.'s elected and appointed officials, including the President and Cabinet members,
are "out of the loop" on this subject. This is an informal opinion based on significant
 meetings with relevant and knowledgeable people. Exactly who, then, is at the reins
of this whole area, both in the U.S. and internationally, remains a mystery. But we
have a good idea of the nature of this group. It is probably:

1. Multi - National
2. Multi - Agency
3. Quasi - Governmental
4. Quasi - Private
5. Extraordinarily Secret

If true, this means a number of things:

1. The President of the U.S., the Cabinet, and perhaps even the Joint Chiefs of Staff
may not be able to disclose anything on this subject, since they probably do not have
access to the real information. And if they ask, I am not at all confident that they
would be told the truth, if anything at all.

2. Those controlling this subject may do so without any legal, constitutional, or moral
authority. This would be true both in the U.S. and abroad.

 3. Those controlling the subject should be approached and convinced that the world
has changed, and it is time to also change the current policy of secrecy to one of
openness and disclosure. Not to do so is both dangerous, and without rational or
moral foundation.

4. Knowledgeable and sincere civilians a round the world must come together collect
the best available evidence on this subject, and then educate world leader, leaders in
society, and our fellow humans. We must not assume that those controlling this subject
(and who possess "hard evidence") will do this without a leadership initiative (such as
Project Starlight).

Along the way, one of the stranger, and more telling things I have learned is that a
number of people in the UFO community actually do not want a major public
announcement of this issue! 

This sentiment has been expressed by more that one person, and speaks volumes.
Of course, with a sudden, alarmist, and poorly thought out strategy for an
announcement, any sane person would resist.

But even a well thought out, unalarming and positive announcement has been
rejected by these individuals. Why?

As always, the primary purpose of CSETI remains real -- true research and diplomacy
with extraterrestrial intelligence. We have to conduct four to six RMIT expeditions this
year, and continue to develop and expand working group operations world - wide.
But we also must realize that our effort at open contact cannot occur in a vacuum.
I am convinced that to the extent world leadership and the world's population is
correctly educated and accepts the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations, to that
extent CSETI will have more and more direct and open CE-5 events. I believe ETI is
waiting for us to educate our own people and soon. In this sense, Project Starlight
and the CE-5 initiative of world-wide research and diplomacy are symbiotic, synergistic,
and mutually supportive.

When the world finally accepts that we are not alone in the universe, flood gates of
open contact to ET civilizations will open. May our lights, our tones, and our minds be

Wishing all of you the best all worlds!

For responses please send E-mail to (no longer a valid
e-mail address)

Subj: Message from CSETI/Greer

FYI and distribution as you see fit.

Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director of CSETITHS


                    copyright 1996 Steven M. Greer M.D.

A number of first hand military, intelligence and government-associated
witnesses to covert projects dealing with UFOs and Extraterrestrial
Intelligence (ETI)  have been identified by CSETI's Project Starlight
effort.   Over the past three years, we have located several dozen such
potential witnesses as part of a comprehensive strategy to collect
adequate evidence for a global, definitive disclosure on this subject. 
The story which these important government witnesses can tell will make a
credible, undeniable case for the reality of UFOs and the existence of
extraterrestrial life forms in proximity to the earth.

One of the persistent obstacles to this testimony  coming out into the
public arena has been the issue of so-called national security oaths and
restrictions placed on these witnesses.  Some feel that they are not free
to speak unless 'released' from these national security oaths and
restrictions, and  so we have been working to encourage Congress and the
White House to take actions which would remove these restrictions.

In the summer of 1995, a number of these witnesses gathered at a witnesses
summit, and we all signed a letter to President Clinton asking him to take
actions leading to the release of these restrictions.  While receipt of
this letter was acknowledged by a special assistant to the President, we
still await specific action from the executive branch of the US government.

With this said, it is important to visit the question of whether or not
such national security oaths and restrictions are themselves legally valid.

We have compelling witness testimony that the operations dealing with this
subject currently exist,  and have existed for several decades, outside of
normal governmental projects.  Members of the Project Starlight Team have
met with very senior members of the Administration, Congress, the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, the CIA and other relevant government agency operatives.
The picture which emerges from these discussions is that of an operation
dealing with UFOs which is functioning outside of the normal channels of
government, as it is usually considered. Indeed, we have found that the
most senior levels of the executive branch,  Congress, the military etc.
are totally out of the loop on this extraordinary matter.

This then brings up the sobering question of who is in the loop, and under
what authorization are such projects operating? It is our assessment that
for the large part, these operations do not fall under
any constitutionally sanctioned avenues of authorization, and as such are,
perforce, illegal.

Aside from the lack of oversight and authorization from the executive branch
and Congress, these operations have, from time to time, engaged in deceptive
practices which have frustrated the organs of constitutionally legal
inquiries and democratic processes. Any such operation which behaves in this
fashion unilaterally removes itself from the inherent legality and
protection which exists for  projects which are consonant with constitutional

This being the case (we are eager - nay, desperate- for someone to prove
otherwise...) all of the so-called 'national security oaths' and other
'restrictions' placed on military, intelligence and government
contract workers are null and void.  That is, they appear to have no legal
validity since the operations for which they were obtained are themselves
illegal.  In a constitutional democracy, it is a basic requirement of law
that such operations be constitutionally legal, and if they are not, then
all that flows from them - including such 'oaths'- are illegal and therefore
non-binding. IF these operations
are legal, nobody  in the Congress, executive branch or senior military with
whom we have spoken knows of it. The production of a single current executive
order or congressional directive authorizing these projects, which can be
independently verified, would convince us otherwise.

More than one covert contact has told us that, indeed, any such witnesses
can and should speak out at the right time and place since no legal entity
would - or legally could - do anything about it.   We agree.

Beyond this, it is the legal, moral and patriotic duty of such witnesses to
come together, and at the highest, best and most credible venue possible,
speak out in unison regarding the truth on this matter.   Granted, if only
one or two such persons come forward, the case will be weak, and the risk
will be unacceptable. But if ten, twenty or more such witnesses come
together, and united, resolve to share their information and experiences
on this subject, then a definitive case will be made , and a great service
to the world  and their country will be fulfilled.

The return of this matter to the legal channels of government and the
deliberation of the people is one of the great unfulfilled tasks of the
post cold war era. Over half a decade has elapsed since the end of the cold
war, and there can no longer be a justification (if there ever was) for
this type of extraordinary secrecy and covert agenda.  Both national and
world security requires that this matter be returned to the world community
as soon as possible.

We recommend that men and women of vision, courage and dedication join with
us in fulfilling this task. Far from being a legal violation of 'security
oaths', the public testimony by such witnesses is a highly moral and legal
act. Further, is it not true that the continuation of this secrecy itself
is illegal and immoral, given the inherent unconstitutionality of such
programs? Credible witnesses, joining together and providing their
testimony in a united strategy can return this  subject to legal oversight
and control, and thereby enable the people of our country and of the world
to begin the public deliberations which should have occurred 50 years ago.

21 October 1996
Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director of CSETI
PO Box 15401 Asheville NC 28813
704-274-5671; fax:704-274-6766;

Comprehensive Briefing Document / Project Starlight - Assessment Summary

Steven Green, M.D. / CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

original source  |  fair use notice

Summary: The summary from the comprehensive assessment of the UFO phenomenon by CSETI.
"Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) which are piloted by extraterrestrial biological
entities (EBEs) who originate on another planet, and most likely another star system."


April 1997 version 1.1
copyright 1997 CSETI


Recent worldwide trends of increasing extraterrestrial activity, coupled with significant
advancement in CSETI research results, suggest that imminent extraterrestrial events and
CSETI initiatives will soon overtake current government policy on this issue. It is recommended
that governments worldwide review and change existing policy to one of increasing openness,
 disclosure and cooperation with civilian research teams. (See section IV on Strategies and
Rationale for Changing Government Policy).

Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) which are piloted by extraterrestrial biological
entities (EBEs) who originate on another planet, and most likely another star system.

· More than one extraterrestrial civilization is represented in the current activities involving earth.

· These extraterrestrial civilizations are working in concert and not competitively, although there
 is some specialization in function and activities for the various groups. This indicates that there
exists either an emerging or well established organization for these groups.

· These beings have bases within this solar system and may maintain temporary bases on earth,
particularly under water.

· The variety in sizes and shapes of ETS observed is due to: varying civilizations of origin, and
more importantly, specialization of function, which include general reconnaissance, medical
research and intelligence, earth environmental research, central command and base operations,
energy generation and transfer, and human technology, military and space program research
and reconnaissance.

· Sudden and fully open contact with human civilization has been avoided because of a number
 of interrelated factors, including:

the need to avoid an untimely disruption of earth civilization including military, political,
geopolitical, cultural, economic, technological and religious upheaval;

risks to their own civilization and "people" as well as overall mission, given human xenophobia
and tendencies towards violent armed reactions; and up to this time, such massive and open
contact has not been necessary, and has not been consonant with their overall long term mission
 and purpose.

A Plan is in place to allow for gradually broader and deeper contact with human society and
individuals so that humans may become accustomed to the reality of other intelligent beings in
the universe, and so that needed research and observation may take place on both sides. Limited
but increasing opportunities for bilateral and human initiated contact will occur in the reasonably
near future.

Sudden and large scale contact will occur only in the event of a significant worldwide emergency
 (manmade or natural).

While ET observation and interaction with earth is probably an ancient as opposed to purely
modern phenomenon, the marked increase in activity coinciding with World War II and the
dawning of the "nuclear age" indicates that ETI are quite concerned about this transitional stage
of human social evolution.

· · Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) technology is strictly guarded by both ETI and human
governmental agencies because of its potential for military applications which would greatly
threaten world security. It is imperative that this technology not find significant human
applications until such time as the earth is ready for it

· The US government, at least at the level of a highly compartmentalized top secret group, has
known about the reality of these ETS and their occupants since at least 1947. A strict secrecy
has been maintained due to:

Fear of public panic and social disruption;

Security issues surrounding possible military and technology application of ETI technology,
especially in the setting of a world beset with Cold War tensions and competing interests;

Uncertainty and mistrust regarding ETI motives and intentions;

Embarrassment and consternation over human military inability to secure world air space from
repeated penetrations by ETS.

The U.S. government possesses several ETSs and the deceased bodies of several EBEs.

The nature of "reality" of these craft and these beings has been incorrectly characterized by
some as belonging to "another dimension and reality" from this dimension. Unfortunately, these
statements are made without fully considering what "this reality" is. A more correct understanding
of this is that the Full Spectrum of Reality is a singular, integrated one which may be perceived
wholly or in its various aspects, such perception being entirely dependent on the level of
consciousness of the perceiver. The various aspects of "dimensions" of this reality, which are
 limitless in number, are not restricted to or by time and space as we know it commonly. These
beings and their craft belong to the same Reality as humans, however, their advancement in the
 realms of physical science and the science of consciousness has given them competence in a
broader aspect of the Full Spectrum of Reality than is usually experienced by humans. The
difference, then, is one of degree and not fundamental reality, since humans potentially have
 access to all aspects of the Full Spectrum of Reality just as extraterrestrial beings do. These
differences are not insurmountable, nor are they truly fundamental; in fact they are relative and
only temporary. While these beings are utilizing and experiencing a broader aspect of the Full
Spectrum of Reality, so too can and will humans, for we are as "inter dimensional'' by nature
as they.

ETS energy and "propulsion" systems utilize principles and laws of the physical universe not
yet fully appreciated by human science, and may include:

Gravity/anti-gravity and electromagnetic/gravity technology; Space energy and so-called hyper
 dimensional energy systems; Matter energy interchangeable technologies; and Possible
Consciousness Assisted Technology (CAT) and Technology Assisted Consciousness (TAG).

Some, if not all, EBEs have advanced mental capabilities which include telepathy, precognition,
remote viewing and others, indicating that they have developed the "science of consciousness"
to a degree which parallels or surpasses their advanced physical technologies. Humans also
possess these capabilities, but these remain largely undeveloped by most humans.

EBEs are more developed or advanced than humans in a number of respects, but are not
superior to humans as beings. Our point of unity and equality with EBEs is in our mutual
existence as conscious intelligent beings. While these various EBEs may have values and
priorities which are different from those of some 20th century humans, their motives and
ultimate intentions are non- hostile and do not include the acquisition or subjugation of the
earth and its peoples.

The establishing of a lasting world peace and a just and effective world government is
essential to the long-term ETl-Human relationship.

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Date:   Wed, 01 Jan 1997 22:21:31 -0800
From:   "A.J. Craddock" 
Cc:     Steven Greer <>,(Ed:compuserve no longer exists)
        Shari Adamiak <>, (Ed: Shari is now deceased)
        Joe Burkes 
Subject:CSETI deadline to US Govt. re ET secrecy oaths expires.
        Public disclosure planned

[Minor reformatting and spelling corrections made on Jan. 7, 1996.  PB]
{Reformatting made for this site on March 30, 2008 DF]

Dr. Steven Greer, CSETI founder, today advised the US Government that the 
deadline for them to declare that Secrecy Oaths regarding Extraterrestrial 
matters were Constitutional 
expired December 31st,1996.

Consequently, as the Secrecy for these projects was not Constitutionally 
mandated, the planned public disclosure of all such UFO/ETI matters involving 
numerous government, intelligence, military and defense contractor witnesses 
would proceed on schedule in a 
non-threatening manner.

This matter is covered in detail on CSETI's Home Page at:

Tony Craddock

15 November 1996

To: President William Jefferson Clinton
    Vice President Al Gore
    National Security Advisor Tony Lake
    Secretary of Defense William Perry
    Secretary of State Warren Christopher
    DCI John Deutch
    General Shalikashvili, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
    Mr. Arlen Specter,  Chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee
    Mr. Larry  Combast,  Chairman, House Intelligence Committee
    Mr. Strom Thurmond,  Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee
    Mr. Floyd Spence,   Chairman, House  National Security Committee
    Dr. Daniel  Goldin, Director of NASA
    FBI Director Louis Freeh
    Attorney General Janet Reno

From: Steven M. Greer M.D., Director of CSETI

RE: Planned Disclosure on the UFO/Extraterrestrial Subject and
    National Security Oaths

The CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Project 
Starlight initiative has now identified several dozen former and current 
military, intelligence and defense contractor related witnesses to UFO/ETI 
events and projects.  As set out in a number of documents and briefings 
(see enclosures) it is our intention to have these important witnesses 
provide open, public 
testimony on this matter in the very near future.

In the summer of 1995, we requested that the President take appropriate 
steps to allow these witnesses to speak openly, without civil, military or 
other penalties. Since then, there has been an exponential growth in the 
number of such witnesses who wish to come forward.  Some of them are elderly, 
and suffering from serious medical conditions.  We feel that these patriotic 
and courageous heroes of our country - who very much wish to tell their 
fellow citizens the truth on this matter- must not take this information
to their graves. Therefore, we are asking from you a clear determination
regarding their freedom  to speak openly on this subject.

Over the past three years, we have found that members of Congress, the 
Executive Branch, military and intelligence leaders have not been briefed 
on this important matter, and that operations related to the subject exist as 
'unacknowledged' specialaccess projects.  Most operations exist in the private 
aspects of the military 
industrial sector, with apparently extra-constitutional funding and oversight.

As such, and until established otherwise to our satisfaction, we regard these 
operations, and all so-called 'security oaths' derived from them, as illegal,
and therefore non-binding for these witnesses mentioned above.

Therefore, UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED BY 1 JANUARY 1997, we will move forward
with a series of events whereby these witnesses may provide open, public 
testimony.  If we do not hear from you, or if we hear that you  concur, we will
proceed with a public disclosure after that date. Only if you notify us 
specifically that such witnesses to UFO/ETI related matters are still bound to 
silence will our plans for a disclosure by then be altered.

As mentioned in previous briefings and documents to members of the Administration,
the military, the Congress and others, it is our intent to effect this disclosure
in a way which is scientific, forward looking and hopeful. It is not our intent
to cause instability for our nation or the world, but , rather , to mitigate the
clear dangers which current covert management of this issue presents. We invite
your advice, assistance and support in this process of disclosure on a matter 
which is arguably the most important of the twentieth and early twenty first 

Testimony from these witnesses will include but not be limited to:

*  Retrieval of disabled extraterrestrial devices and extraterrestrial life 

*  Reverse-engineering projects related to extraterrestrial technology

*  Reconnaissance and tracking of UFO/Extraterrestrial vehicles

*  Covert projects related to the subject

*  Confirmation of military/UFO encounter cases

*  The nature and scope of disinformation programs related to the subject

We hope to hear from you regarding this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this request for a determination on the status of 
these witnesses as it relates to providing public testimony during 1997.


Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director of CSETI


At 12 am today, 1 January 1997, the deadline expired for US Government correction 
of our previously stated position that military, intelligence and other government 
related witnesses to UFO events/projects were free to speak openly of their 
knowledge and experiences.

In a letter dated 15 November 1996, CSETI Project Starlight stated the position 
that, since projects related to UFOs exist and have existed outside legal 
constitutional oversight and control, that all security oaths related to such 
projects are null and void.  The letter stated that, UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED, 
that this assessment would be regarded as accurate and that all such government
witnesses would be free to speak openly as of 1 January 1997.

This letter was sent to, and acknowledgment of receipt has been obtained, from:

President Bill Clinton
Vice-President Al Gore
National Security Advisor Tony Lake
Secretary of Defense William Perry
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Director of Central Intelligence John Deutsch
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Shalikashvili
Chairman Senate Intelligence Committee Arlen Specter
Chairman House Intelligence Committee Larry Combast
Chairman Senate Armed Services Committee Strom Thurmond
Chairman House National Security Committee Floyd Spence
Director of NASA Daniel Goldin
FBI Director Louis Freeh
Attorney General Janet Reno

Additionally, this document has been sent to the US Supreme Court and
acknowledgment of receipt is pending.

The letter is attached to this file. Numerous background and position papers
were enclosed with this letter, including a detailed listing of agencies, 
entities, corporations, and covert facilities associated with the UFO/ET subject.

The UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED (UNOD) format is routinely used in governmental 
and military situations and indicates that unless otherwise instructed, the 
position and described actions are approved implicitly. This letter clearly 
stated that we intend to assemble as many bona fide government officials and 
witnesses as possible, and that they will speak publicly and openly about their 
knowledge of UFO/ET events and covert projects.

Since the letter was issued, senior and reliable intelligence sources have stated 
that no response or interference would be forthcoming vis a vis plans for 
government witnesses to publicly come forward with their testimony.

Significantly, as of 1 January 1997, no government entity, official, agency,
department or office has contradicted this assessment or stated that such 
government witnesses are any longer bound to silence.

CSETI Director Dr. Steven Greer has been meeting with various government 
officials, including members of the US Congress (House and Senate) to discuss 
this matter and ask for open hearings on the subject of UFOs/ETI.

In preparation for these disclosures, and in light of the expiration of the 
above deadline, a meeting of such military, intelligence, government and 
corporate witnesses will be held later this winter.  Bona fide witnesses, or 
contacts to such witnesses, should contact Dr. Steven Greer immediately 
concerning participation in this event. A similar, but smaller, event was 
organized by CSETI in 1995, and was attended by US Astronauts, US and Russian 
military officials and others.

The meeting this winter will assemble a significant number of such government UFO 
witnesses to meet with congressional and other public officials and to request 
open hearings within the Congress, so that they may testify openly about their 
knowledge and experiences related to UFOs/ETI.

Should Congress not agree to open hearings, other venues, such as the United 
Nations or a private disclosure event, will be pursued to effect a public 
acknowledgment of the reality of UFOs/ETI.

This notice may be distributed freely among all news groups, media and interested 
parties, without further permission or restrictions.

1 January 1997

Steven M. Greer M.D., Director
Tel: 704-274-5671
Fax: 704-274-6766





CNI News Answers Criticisms of June 1 Story on DC Briefings

The lead story in the June 1, 1997 edition of CNI News recounted details of the
April 9-10 Washington DC "closed briefing on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
 hosted by Dr. Steven Greer's Project Starlight Coalition for members of Congress
and invited press. In the June 1 story, CNI News claimed that Greer had improperly
duplicated and distributed a copyrighted document referred to as
"The Best Available Evidence" or BAE.

CNI News has been severely criticized for this story on several counts, not only by
Greer but by a number of other readers.

The first criticism is that CNI News did not report Steven Greer's side of the story.
This criticism is valid and is corrected below.

The second criticism is that CNI News mixed personal opinion statements of writer
Michael Lindemann in with factual reporting, which is considered unacceptable
journalistic practice. This criticism is valid. CNI News and its writers are entitled to
express opinions in clearly designated Editorials, not in other stories. An editorial
statement concludes this special report.

The third and most important criticism is that CNI News defamed Steven Greer by
making blatantly false and libelous accusations. The main purpose of this special
 report is to answer this criticism. CNI News agrees that some details in the original
 June 1 story were inaccurate, and they are corrected in this report. Steven Greer
disputes those who say he misrepresented his right to the BAE document, and his
position is reported here. However, the UFO Research Coalition, which holds the
copyright on the published version of the disputed document, and others who were
involved in its creation, staunchly maintain that Greer acted illegally and that his
version of events leading to the creation of the BAE is highly inaccurate and self-
serving. An attorney for the Coalition has sent Greer a cease and desist warning
in this regard, citing specific violations of law. In light of these complaints, CNI
News and Michael Lindemann maintain that they are not guilty of defaming
Dr. Greer.

In order to give Steven Greer a full opportunity to express his position, most of
the text of his written rebuttal to our June 1 story follows. [His complete text can
be found at the CSETI web site,]. CNI News editor Michael
Lindemann also spoke with Greer by phone for over an hour on Saturday, June
7 in order to better understand his position. Further details from that conversation
follow Greer's text.



[by Steven M. Greer M.D.]

3 June 1997

We are in receipt of the Michael Lindemann/CNI News article regarding the
April 9, 1997 briefings in Washington DC.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Lindemann decided to write and distribute such an
article without first consulting with CSETI regarding the numerous false
accusations mentioned therein.

The Lindemann/CNI News article is filled with falsehoods, poorly researched
information and egregious and libelous statements regarding the Best Available
Evidence briefing document. Lindemann never called or wrote to me or CSETI
 to ascertain the facts of the matter before publishing statements which are
defaming, false and blatantly inaccurate....

Regarding the Best Available Evidence document (hereinafter referred to as the
BAE), the following are the facts related to its creation, concept, title,
development and use:

After beginning the CSETI Project Starlight UFO/ETI disclosure effort in the
summer of 1993, I was invited to a meeting at Mr. Laurance Rockefeller's JY
Ranch near Jackson Hole WY, where I met Mrs Marie (Bootsie) Galbraith. I
shared with Ms. Galbraith and the others gathered there our plans regarding
collecting the Best Available Evidence regarding UFOs and our plans to provide
briefings for world leaders and the public on the subject.

Mrs. Galbraith indicated a keen interest in assisting with this effort. Subsequently
I provided to her, to Mr. Rockefeller and to the BSW Foundation a full complement
of our plans, strategy and an outline of the BAE, including inclusion and exclusion
criteria for cases, the title 'Best Available Evidence', the concept and strategy for
 its use, etc.

For nearly 2 years we collaborated on this matter, and CSETI continued to provide
consultation and strategic input. In addition to my creating the title, concept, criteria
and strategy for the use of the BAE, I flew to New York to meet with Galbraith et al
and spent considerable time discussing specific cases to be selected for the BAE.
Additionally, numerous hours were spent via long distance telephone discussing
the BAE with Mrs. Galbraith and in selecting specific cases to be used.

Subsequently, Mrs. Galbraith and BSW Foundation, with funding assistance from
Mr. Rockefeller and others, offered to take on the task of completing and writing the
BAE. The BAE was to be a collection of classic, if traditional, UFO cases of strong
evidential integrity. It was decided that my efforts should go into obtaining
extraordinary evidence and deep cover first-hand military and intelligence data
and witness testimony.

It was always the explicit and repeatedly stated intention of Mrs. Galbraith, BSW,
Mr. Rockefeller and CSETI to create a BAE which would be a PUBLIC DOMAIN,
NON-COPYRIGHTED DOCUMENT which would be used to brief VIPs, world and
national leaders. We worked, without compensation and freely in good faith, to
create such a BAE document.

Subsequently, BSW and Mrs. Galbraith hired Don Berliner and Antonio Huneus
[sic] to work on writing the BAE, although Berliner was the primary paid writer/

In the fall of 1995, some 2 years after first providing the concept, title, strategy etc
to Mrs. Galbraith et al, she mailed me a NON-COPYRIGHTED Best Available
Evidence document to be used for briefing leaders as stated above. We
DOMAIN DOCUMENT. Mrs. Galbraith reiterated Mr. Rockefellers intent to have
this document become a briefing tool to be freely used for its intended purpose
-- a purpose and concept originated by me personally.

Unfortunately, subsequent to this, Mrs. Galbraith, in collaboration with the so-
called and newly formed UFO Research Coalition attempted to seize this jointly
created BAE document, copyright it, and restrict its use, in clear and reprehensible
violation of the spirit of how the document was created. In doing so, Mrs. Galbraith
violated our working agreement, and further violated her arrangement with the
founder and principal of BSW foundation, a long time friend of Mrs. Galbraith.

Both the principal of BSW and CSETI protested this extraordinary and divisive act,
but Mrs. Galbraith and the UFO Research Coalition persisted in this behavior. I
wrote Mr. Rockefeller personally informing him of this treachery. I further informed
him that we intended to use the BAE document, which I originated and named and
for which I selected many of the cases, in the manner which he - and all of us - had
 intended: as a non-copyrighted, public domain document, jointly created in good
faith, to be used for educating world leaders on the UFO subject. No corrective
instructions were ever sent to us regarding this clearly stated position.

Subsequently, an historic gathering was convened in Washington DC on
April 9, 1997 at which a number of congressional offices, congressmen and other
VIPs were present. As part of the materials provided, this non-copyrighted, public
domain BAE was presented as a complete document, as well as an executive
summary in the larger CSETI Briefing Document ( a separate item) which was
given to the VIPs in attendance. This use is wholly in keeping with the spirit and
stated purpose behind the collaborative creation of the BAE document. It was not,
nor has it ever been, sold by CSETI, contrary to false and defaming statements
made by others. This BAE clearly stated that it was written by Berliner, so how
could it have been plagiarized? Unfortunately, if appears that Lindemann does
not even know the definition of the word, since it requires the taking of another's
written material and without crediting the writer, claiming to have written it. On
the title page, we did also credit CSETI and myself for the title, strategy , concept
etc, and it is wholly appropriate that we did so, since it is the documented truth.

The CSETI Briefing Document which currently is available for purchase does not
contain any part or reference to this BAE document. We have behaved entirely
ethically and within our rights in this matter, and, unlike other parties who have
aggrieved us, have refused to try to seize this BAE document, copyright it, or
make plans for its sale.

At this juncture, due to the unpleasantness of the entire matter, we are not even
providing this document gratis to VIPs who should receive it.

I should point out that the principal of BSW, who provided significant funding
(along with Mr. Rockefeller) for the writing of the BAE, has been quite concerned
over the attempt to seize and copyright the document. Notwithstanding the fact
that BSW partially funded the document, Mrs. Galbraith and the so-called UFO
Research Coalition will not even allow BSW to purchase copies of the document
for free distribution to VIPs and world leaders.

Lindemann/CNI News also falsely claims that I altered the BAE document to make
it look like it was written by me. This is completely false: the BAE document,
except for the title page which was changed to reflect the true, above stated origins
and credits, was provided to the VIPs with only very minor and occasional changes
from the original given to CSETI by Mrs. Galbraith.

The above is a true and factual account of this matter. There are multiple witnesses
and dated documents which support these facts. It is profoundly regrettable that Lindemann/CNI News failed to engage in due diligence to ascertain these facts
prior to publishing the false, defaming and libelous article in question.

In the Lindemann/CNI News article, Lindemann states that I am "grossly dishonest,"
am possessed of "deplorably bad judgment", am a "plagiarist" who acted with
"stupidity" and that I acted with "treachery". These are serious, defaming, false and
libelous comments.

Mr. Lindemann and CNI News must publish a full retraction and apology, or
appropriate actions will be taken against Mr. Lindemann and CNI News and any
others engaged in similar defaming and libelous behavior.

I have watched for 18 months as the BAE document was seized, misrepresented by
many as originating from Galbraith et al and generally used in bad faith by those
who falsely lay claim to it. As a gentleman and as a person who sincerely wishes
for the general advancement of the UFO subject, I have chosen, up to now, to be
restrained on this matter. But the appearance of such libelous and defaming comments
in a publication and on the internet cannot and must not go unanswered....

I recommend that the public refer to the CSETI Report on the DC Briefings,
available from CSETI and also located on the CSETI website ( This
reply constitutes my official public response on this matter, and further inquiries
will be referred to this document...

[end of Greer text]


As the foregoing statement makes plain, Steven Greer distributed a version of
the BAE which he claims was not covered by the UFO Research Coalition copyright.
Moreover, he claims he had verbal assurances, given repeatedly during 1994 and
1995, that the BAE would not be copyrighted, and that CSETI as well as other
organizations would have access to it for public education purposes.

In a phone conversation with CNI News editor Michael Lindemann on June 7, Greer
said that he considers the subsequent copyrighting of the BAE by the UFO Research
Coalition, and the exclusion of CSETI from any rights to the document, to be a theft
of intellectual property and a breach of verbal contract, among other things. He also
restated his conviction that the version of the BAE that he distributed during the DC
briefings was not covered under the copyright.

Nonetheless, he conceded that fighting with the UFO Research Coalition over the
copyright issue at this point is probably fruitless. "I made a mistake and I regret not
having legally pursued this... a year and a half ago, because all that did was to put off something that's going to have to be dealt with now," Greer told CNI News. "We
certainly could have gotten an injunction against copyright at that point, and it's going
to be harder to get that now. That was a mistake."

Greer also said he had no intention of using the document again. "They [the UFO
Research Coalition] have asked us to stop using the document and we've agreed to
do so," he said.

In contrast to Greer's position, Richard Hall of the UFO Research Coalition told CNI
News that Greer's use of the document in Washington DC was a clear act of copyright
infringement. According to Hall, a letter to Greer from an attorney representing the
Coalition called Greer's action "piracy" and accused him of "copyright infringement"
under Federal Copyright Statutes 17 U.S.C.#101 et seq and 17 U.S.C.#405(a).
Furthermore, the attorney said Greer's act of replacing the document's cover made
him guilty of "false advertising," "unfair competition" and "false designation of origin"
under the Federal Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C.#1125(a). Further, although Greer's naming of
author Don Berliner on the replacement CSETI cover protected Greer from the charge
of plagiarism, it constituted another infraction by falsely associating author Berliner
with the CSETI organization, an association Berliner regards as disparaging to his own

A statement posted (as of June 9) at the top of the Fund for UFO Research web
site ( says: "Alert: The UFO Research Coalition has given
Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI legal warning to stop distributing or selling copies
of a copyrighted report written by Don Berliner and prepared for Laurence [sic]
Rockefeller; and to stop misrepresenting its origins." This alert is linked to a
longer statement inside the site, which reads in part:

"Dr. Steven Greer, MD, leader of CSETI (the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has improperly published and distributed scores of copies of a preliminary
draft of the Best Available Evidence briefing document. He knew it was original material
of the UFO Research Coalition which was protected by copyright law against
unauthorized reproduction.

"His claim that his version of the document was not copyrighted is pointless, since all
drafts of a copyrighted work are automatically protected by copyright law. His claim
that he was told that none of the versions would be copyrighted is without basis.

"Greer removed the original cover of the document and substituted one of his own
that states that he and the CSETI 'Starlight Team' are responsible for the 'concept, title,
strategy and case selection.' In reality, neither Greer nor CSETI had any involvement at
any stage in the preparation of the genuine document.

"Greer's pirated version of the document retained the name of the true author --
Don Berliner -- to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Berliner states emphatically
that he received no input from Greer or any of his associates at any stage of the
planning and writing of the document. In particular, Greer's claim that his
'Starlight Team' selected the cases summarized in the document is completely
empty, as Berliner insists he, alone, chose the cases for the document. And he
finds the implication that he worked with Greer and CSETI to be highly insulting and
damaging to his reputation as a professional writer."

On June 9, Richard Hall told CNI News editor Michael Lindemann that a long and
detailed statement of the UFO Research Coalition's position and accusations
against Greer and CSETI/Starlight, including a point by point rebuttal of Greer's
letter to Lindemann and CNI News, was in the final stages of preparation. This
statement will be posted on the FUFOR web site before the end of this week.
Interested readers are encouraged to visit that site []
for more information.

In the spring of 1996, when the final version of the BAE was first published and
distributed by the UFO Research Coalition, Steven Greer complained in a letter
to Laurance Rockefeller that the final document unfairly deleted any credit to
him and CSETI. In answer to this complaint, author Don Berliner and co-author
Antonio Huneeus both wrote statements specifically denying any involvement by
Greer in the writing of the document.

The statement of Huneeus, dated April 2, 1996, notes that he was contacted as
early as the fall of 1994 by Sandra Wright of the BSW Foundation to assist in
creating the BAE. Ms. Wright was then and still is a friend and associate of
Greer and CSETI. Huneeus says he asked Ms. Wright at the beginning whether or
not Steven Greer would be involved, because he did not want to work with Greer.
He says he was assured by Ms. Wright that Greer would not be involved in the BAE
project. On that basis, Huneeus agreed to participate, although it would not be
until August of 1995 that he actively joined the project.

To summarize: Steven Greer and the UFO Research Coalition hold very different
views concerning how much Greer and CSETI were involved in creating the BAE.
Greer says the Coalition stole intellectual property from him, broke verbal
agreements, unfairly copyrighted the final document and are wrong in claiming
that the version Greer distributed in Washington is covered by that copyright.
The UFO Research Coalition says that Greer had almost nothing to do with
creating the BAE, and that the version he distributed in Washington is covered
by their copyright. They therefore accuse Greer of "pirating" the document and
infringing their copyright; and, for substituting his own cover, they further accuse
him of false advertising, unfair competition and false designation of origin.

The UFO Research Coalition does hold the copyright on the BAE. To change that,
Greer would have to undertake legal action against the Coalition, and Greer
concedes that such an action would probably not succeed at this point. In any
event, Greer says he does not plan to fight the Coalition, and he will stop
using the document as ordered.



by Michael Lindemann

In the June 1 article on Steven Greer's April briefings in Washington, I wrote
that "potentially important information was presented in a dignified and
persuasive way to a small but significant group of people. We see evidence that
Greer's organization is making good, at least to some degree, on its stated
strategy." With respect to the press briefing in particular, I wrote: "The combined
impact made by this lineup of witnesses was extremely impressive... we feel that the
reporters who attended must have gone home with plenty of food for thought, and
perhaps this will make them more ready to do responsible reporting on the UFO
subject at a later time." The point of such comments was to show approval and
support for Greer's efforts.

I then characterized his use of the BAE document as "treacherous," "dishonest,"
"stupid" and "deplorably bad judgment." These personal attacks on Greer did not
belong in a news story, and for that I apologize. I also incorrectly accused him
of plagiarism, an error which has been explained and corrected in the preceding
article. But did I defame Steven Greer? No, I did not.

The preceding story demonstrates that the BAE document Greer distributed in
Washington is a nearly identical version of the document copyrighted by the UFO
Research Coalition. Whether or not Greer's version is covered by the copyright
can only be settled by legal experts. But Greer knew before the DC briefings
that his legal right to use the BAE was questionable at best and would certainly
be contested by the UFO Research Coalition. Furthermore, he had amassed hundreds
of pages of other documents in his overall briefing package, so much other
documentation that inclusion of the disputed BAE could be considered superfluous.
Furthermore, Greer could not fail to be aware that the UFO Research
Coalition strongly disagrees with CSETI philosophy and methodology, and
therefore could be counted upon to react negatively to his appropriation of a
document they regard as their own.

Greer spent several years creating the conditions for these April briefings to
take place. He has taken extraordinary pains to protect names of witnesses as
well as government participants, because the situation is so sensitive for all
concerned. Yet, he is willing to introduce into this situation a document which
cannot fail to arouse suspicion and outrage in various quarters, a document
which attracts unwanted allegations of wrongdoing to himself and CSETI and which
can potentially stain an otherwise promising program in Washington DC. He is
willing to hand this tainted document to the very government people he most
hopes to impress.

As a person genuinely sympathetic to the intent of Greer's efforts, I maintain
without apology that his use of the BAE showed "deplorably bad judgment" and was
an act of stupidity. For the good of his ongoing efforts, I hope he avoids such ill-
advised actions in the future.

Was his action "treacherous" and "dishonest"? If the UFO Research Coalition view
of his actions prevails, the answer would probably be yes. That view, of course,
is in dispute, and short of legal action, that dispute might remain unresolved.
The terms "treacherous" and "dishonest" therefore represent a biased judgment on
my part, but insofar as they reflect one side in a pre-existing dispute, I am
guilty only of taking sides, not of defamation. If I were writing the June 1 article today,
though, I would leave it to the attorneys to sort out where the treachery lies.

In conclusion, I regret that this has episode may have caused erosion of trust
and cooperation between various UFO organizations, all of whom, I think, are
sincerely interested in getting to the truth of the UFO phenomenon. I hope all
parties to this dispute will put the matter behind them as soon as possible and
get on with the difficult and important work at hand.


This CNI News Special Report may be redistributed in all media.

Steven Greer's Complete Response to the Michael Lindemann/CNI NEWS Article:

CSETI's Report on the DC Briefings:


CNI NEWS:  [Ed: This domain is no longer CNI NEWS:

To be fair, I have provided the following links to Michael Lindemann's work:


8 April 1998

Steven M. Greer M.D. copyright 1998

For over four and one half years, CSETI has been diligently implementing a strategic plan to effect a disclosure on the UFO/ETI subject. Recent misinformation and disinformation regarding this process which has appeared on the Internet and elsewhere necessitates a reiteration of that strategic plan and an update on the process.

In the summer of 1993, a group of CSETI advisors and military consultants met to discuss how to best develop a reliable point of contact (POC) to the US government. This was felt necessary after a number of CSETI CE-5 encounter incidents had occurred which resulted in team members expressing concerns about covert attempts to interfere with the CE-5 diplomatic initiative. It was felt a reliable POC was needed for communication and briefing purposes, thus reducing the likelihood of an undesired outcome or event.

Ultimately it was decided that we should pursue various POCs within the Executive Branch of the US government and the military and to approach congressional leadership at a later point in the process.

A strategic plan was devised to 1) collect and identify the Best Available Evidence related to UFOs/ETI; 2) identify top-secret military and intelligence witnesses to the matter who were willing to come forward and disclosure what they knew; 3) create a team of briefers and advisors to Executive Branch officials and military officials who would conduct briefings and recommend near-term disclosure of the subject and the end to secrecy related to the subject.

By September of 1993 this plan was in action, and with the assistance of a senior official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a meeting was set up at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with the top-secret Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center located there (this had previously been the Foreign Technology Center to which the 1940's New Mexico UFO crash remains had been sent; it is now called the National Air  intelligence Center -NAIC). The discussions at Wright-Patterson AFB were cordial and constructive.

Eventually, a number of consultants became involved with the briefing and disclosure process, including national security think tank heads, friends of the President and others. Continued networking resulted in briefings for senior Clinton Administration officials, including CIA Director James Woolsey.

During these briefings, we recommended decisive government action to end the secrecy surrounding this subject and that the Administration should work to disclose substantial facts about the UFO/ETI issue as soon as possible. In the materials provided for senior White House, CIA, DOD and other officials we set out the rationale for the timeliness of this disclosure and the dangers associated with continued secrecy. We also clearly stated in writing that if the government did not coordinate this disclosure, that we would bypass the government and work to disclose these secrets unilaterally.

However, we made it clear that it was in the nation's (and world's) best interest to have so weighty a matter disclosed cooperatively by the government.

Unfortunately, very senior Executive Branch officials, including the CIA Director, senior Presidential advisors and Pentagon officials found it difficult to penetrate the ultra-secret 'black' programs dealing with this subject. As CIA Director Woolsey pointed out to me, they cannot disclose what they do not know or have access to.

It is now a matter of public record that Assistant Attorney General and close Presidential friend Webster Hubbell had been asked officially by the President to look into the UFO issue (see Hubble's book 'Friends in High Places"). Hubbell stated that they were not satisfied with the answers they were getting from NORAD and elsewhere. It is disturbing to think that the President - our Commander-In-Chief - and his inner circle may not have high enough clearances to be briefed fully on this matter...

After a period of extensive briefings for US, foreign and UN leaders, it became obvious that 1) these leaders were deliberately being kept in the dark on the subject and 2) that they did not possess the courage or political will to take on the covert apparatus managing the UFO/ETI matter. In fact, they were visibly shaken by the situation.

As more and more top-secret witnesses, documents and other evidence was identified, it became clear that - unless a Presidential executive order effectively ended the secrecy and resulted in disclosure - that our next best option would be to identify a member of congress who would call for and hold open congressional hearings on the subject.

At this point, a number of old wags in the UFO subculture stated that we should just come forward with what we knew, identify the top-secret witnesses and let it all come out. This facile strategic recommendation overlooked three major problems:

1. The foundation of the disclosure process is the pool of dozens of top-secret military and intelligence witnesses to unambiguous UFO/ET events and programs. These courageous witnesses have asked for a safe, effective and official means of coming out with their testimony, if at all possible.

CSETI felt a moral responsibility to vigorously pursue an officially sanctioned venue for so momentous a disclosure, if at all feasible. To this end, CSETI has - for 4 ½ years - attempted to secure the highest, safest official venue possible for this disclosure. These courageous military witnesses have asked this of us, and we have faithfully pursued that request. Some of these witnesses are in fear for their lives; others fear other sanctions and punishment. All of them would prefer to come forward in an official setting, freed from the restraints of their national security oaths etc.

2. The disclosure of the reality of UFOs and ETI is no small matter. Neither the CSETI leadership nor our witnesses wanted to appear to be upstaging the US government, the UN or other concerned governments. It was imperative that we make good-faith efforts to get our national and world leaders to deal with this subject officially, prior to a unilateral privatized disclosure. The implications of such a disclosure are so vast and so profound that only a very reckless person or group would attempt to effect this disclosure without first offering to work cooperatively with our governments. We have assiduously created a paper trail which fully documents these efforts, lest we later be accused of disclosing the ultimate secret without first consulting with the government. While this process has been in turns tedious, rewarding, exasperating, expensive and time-consuming, we are certain that it was the right thing to do.

3) In the absence of significant funding for a privatized disclosure, the best and most cost-effective way to achieve this goal was to convince the government or the Congress to take on this task. A congressional hearing, obviously, would be funded by the Congress. A private disclosure will need to be funded by - who? Those who think that you simply hold a press conference with the witnesses (arranging that - including flying into one place, lodging etc dozens of witnesses- would alone cost tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands) have never dealt with big media on this subject. We are not willing to expose these witnesses unless it is strategically effective. There is no point in taking such risks unless there is a reasonable likelihood that the status quo will be changed. To privately see that this is the case -with no support of congress or the government - will be a very complex and expensive undertaking, far outside the resources of the UFO community at this time (or at any time in the past).

In light of the above, from 1995-1997 CSETI pursued a number of briefings with members of Congress. One year ago, on April 9,1997, we convened the historic CSETI briefings for members of Congress, White House figures and senior military figures, among others (see the CSETI Report on the DC Briefings). Since April of 1997, we have continued to provide briefings and recommended to key congressional committee chairmen that open hearings be convened as soon as practical. Hundreds if not thousands of CSETI supporters have written these key congressional leaders recommending open hearings on the UFO/ETI subject.

I have personally met with numerous members of Congress. Key committee chairmen have been fully briefed and given unambiguous evidence and top-secret witness testimony, in person and on videotape. And everyone is tossing this hot potato to someone else's committee. Not unlike the refrain Not In My Backyard, it appears our leaders are saying Not In My Committee .

To recap, we have over the past four and a half years assiduously fulfilled a strategy to identify the best scientific evidence and government witnesses, brief and advise world leaders, members of Congress, the Pentagon, the UN and others and have fully documented this process. We have done everything humanly possible, at immense cost in funds, time and human life, to see that this process was done properly. In good faith to our witnesses we took no shortcuts and have consistently asked the President, the Congress and others to allow this disclosure to take place officially and safely through proper channels.

While we are willing to continue to brief members of Congress, Pentagon leaders and other government leaders when called upon, and while we still prefer official government involvement in this disclosure, the time has come to begin these disclosures without the government. We cannot allow this process to be delayed indefinitely by bureaucrats or timid politicians who will not take on this responsibility. The opportunity has been offered to them, and we continue to offer our cooperation should Congress or the President decide to do the right thing and become involved in this disclosure process.

Ultimately, however, the time comes when closure is needed regarding the government briefing process, and 'we the people' should exert our rights to free speech and come forward with the truth as we have found it.

Without the cover of a Congressional subpoena, many witnesses may be reluctant to step forward. However, we know that the most courageous and resolute government witnesses will come forward with us, independent of the government. They, more than we, are weary of the excessive secrecy and ridiculing which surrounds this subject. With these courageous witnesses, we will come forward with a privatized, civilian led program to disclose the truth of this subject, in the most credible, highest and most effective manner possible.

This will consist of a world news conference, multi-part prime time expose documentary series, compendium books and a world scientific summit. This process, once begun, must be relentless, high quality, serious and thorough.

Ironically, numerous members of Congress, White House staff, and very senior Joint Chiefs of Staff personnel have recommended that we bypass the government altogether and come forward with the evidence and witnesses. Of course, this is somewhat self-serving, since it gets them off the hook and ignores the fact that many of our best witnesses will not come forward without officially sanctioned approval and immunity from prosecution for violating national security regulations. Nevertheless, after four and half years of thorough strategic implementation, the time has come to see that the truth comes out via a civilian, privatized multi-media process. And we have been told by members of Congress that once this happens, the likelihood of open Congressional hearings will be significantly enhanced.

These are the crossroads at which we find ourselves: The Congress, like Caesars's Senate, pursues trivialities while Rome burns, and the main stream news media regards the pursuit of sexual peccadillos as the summit of investigative reporting. How tragic.

Meanwhile, it is left to the people to resolve one of the most important issues of our time: That we are not alone, that intelligent life is visiting this planet, and that a cabal of covert programs and entities are hiding the truth from our leaders and from the people. And the means for generating immense amounts of pollution-free energy is hidden away in black projects, while the earth's geophysical equilibrium is increasingly upset.  


Dr. Greer's charge that Colby was assassinated On: 08-26-2004 At:
During Art Bell's interview of Dr. Steven Greer, August 8th, 2004, a rather startling bit of news escaped the level of scrutiny it may have deserved. It seems that Dr. Greer's charge that Ex CIA Director, Bill Colby was assassinated because of his intention to cooperate with Greer's "Project Starlight" (now called the Disclosure Project) fizzled miserably. Colby's cooperation was allegedly to come in the form of 50 million dollars in funding for the disclosure effort, along with "extra-terrestrial energy devices that were functional"

Art Bell made sure that he understood Steven clearly, and had him repeat the story after the break. Greer said that a close, personal friend of Colby's, who was also a Colonel, had approached one of Greer's board members, and had set the meeting up. The meeting was apparently going to take place between Greer's unnamed board member, the Colonel, and Bill Colby, the very week that Colby had his "canoeing accident". As provocative as this all sounds, it seemingly fell on deaf ears... no one in conspiracy forums, fringe media, and let alone the mainstream media bit on it.

UFOs: What the Government Really Knows

Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior
published in Hustler magazine's November 2005 issue.

Click Here for Scanned Article

For more than 50 years, shadowy government agencies have supressed
information about extraterrestrials and the use of E.T. technology.

In 1998 Dr. Steven M. Greer resigned his post as Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina to spend all his time and energy on exposing a massive corporate-government coverup of extraterrestrial contact that's been kept under wraps for decades. Why does this matter? It's not so much the dozens of deceased aliens secreted at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, Greer says, or even the supersecret radionic technology that took the life of his assistant and two colleagues and nearly killed him. It's not even the prototypes of UFOs that roam the Southwest's friendly skies, looking so much like real E.T. craft that it's hard to tell the difference. (Your tax dollars at work.)

What's important, Greer insists, is that if the government came clean with what it knows about E.T. technology, we could upgrade the planet. Not only would we wean ourselves off oil and other fossil fuels, but we could scrap nuclear power and implement clean, cheap, safe energy that any country or culture could afford. One problem: That might weaken or topple the corporate-government power structure that controls our fuel and energy systems, mass-produces war weapons and keeps a tight rein on the global economy. So how to shine a light on a shadowy consortium that promotes war while fostering scarcity, making gas prices astronomic?

Based in Crozet, Virginia, Greer's Disclosure Project has convinced hundreds of insiders, including military brass and CIA ops, to defy nondisclosure pacts. They've coughed up documents (some still classified) and signed testimonials. Greer's got it all -- in fact, he gave Peter Jennings's producers access to these bombshell revelations for the ABC special on UFOs that aired last spring. But, as the good doctor found out, you can't give this stuff to the mainstream media and expect it to air on prime time. "They won't let us do it," a senior producer told Greer by phone. "I said,'Who's They?'" Greer recalls. "And he said 'Dr. Greer, you know who they are.' And click, he hung up."

LISTEN TO Steven Greer speak about the Peter Jennings show to George Noory on  HOUR -1

So why not get these documents to the President of the United States? Been there, done that. "Hillary and Bill spent hours poring over them," Greer claims a close friend of the Clintons reported, adding that when Clinton took office, he wanted two questions answered: Who killed Jack Kennedy? and What's going on with the UFOs? It didn't take long for Clinton to realize, says Greer's friend, that he had a much better chance of completing his term if he followed his own "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

In 2001, Greer held a press conference at which many witnesses came forward, but it was eclipsed by 9/11. Since then he's gathered more insiders willing to reveal what the government won't. So if you're tired of holding hands with the Saudis, or you think it's time Earthlings had access to that cool, antigravity technology that allows UFOs to dodge our weapons (most of the time), check out

"It's about your pocketbook, not about little green men," says Greer, who wants to replace fossil fuel and nuclear power with the advanced energy systems used by E.T.'s. Where do you get that? "Just ask the government,"Greer replies. "They've had it for 50 years."

Washington may not want to listen, but we certainly do.


Hustler: When did you see your first UFO?

Dr. Steven M. Greer: Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine. Some neighborhood boys and I saw a disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished. My parents said, "That's very nice" and ignored it, but I knew what I'd seen, and it was life-changing."

What made you leave medicine to focus on the UFO coverup full time?

In 1990 I learned that NATO and the Belgian Air Force were tracking an enormous triangular craft -- about 800 feet in diameter -- and it reignited my interest. I went there and actually saw the F-16 fighter jet radar tape of a massive UFO hovering, then accelerating at several thousand miles per hour -- way outside the envelope of what any man-made object could do.

Have you seen a UFO at close range?

My research team and I had one of these massive triangles come down right over our car. It was vibrating on top and sounded like an enormous transformer -- a deep, low-frequency hum. The most dramatic thing we've seen is a near-landing in England, in 1992, where we had a 100-foot diameter disc in front of us about ten feet above the ground, signalling and communicating. There were people on board.

Has your team ever established contact with an E.T. Spacecraft?

In the early 1990's a BBC recording crew picked up a series of beeping tones [from a UFO]. We recorded that, and we fed it back out. For all we know, it's their trash compactor, but we figure that if they see humans sending their signal back to them, they'll identify it as communication. In Pensacola, Florida, we signaled [a UFO craft] with high- powered lights and lasers -- and they signaled back to us! We have this on videotape. We go to areas where these objects have been seen; so we're not just sitting in our backyard.

Are UFOs hostile?

There's not a shred of evidence that these UFOs or the life-forms behind them are a threat or hostile to us. There is a lot of evidence that some rogue military projects have done foolish and dangerous things that have been agressive toward them.

Has the government concealed E.T. vehicles and bodies?

They have several dozen extraterrestrial vehicles and dozens of deceased [E.T.] life-forms of various races. Some are stored in an underground facility near Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

Are secret programs developing E.T. technology?

Yes. We can prove, through the testimony of dozens of witnesses, that there have been covert programs that have studied and figured out the energy and propulsion systems behind UFOs. We're talking about a whole new type of physics that would enable humans to generate energy from what's called the "quantum vacuum."

How does this energy work?

There's a baseline level of energy that's in all the space around us -- not outer space, but the space in this room. It's estimated that every cubic centimeter of space here has enough energy to run the entire Earth for a day. This can be tapped. Some scientists are trying to fabricate motors that extract energy from the quantum vacuum, the energy that surrounds us.

You mean the space between atoms?

Correct. The "zero point" energy. I've actually seen one of these [devices] working. Of course, the inventor has been threatened. Dr. Eugene Mallove, who was murdered in May [2004], and I were working on this. I'm carrying it forward, but it's high-risk. [for more on Dr. Mallove and cold-fusion technology, check out]

How close are we to harnessing this energy?

We're fairly close. There are people with "proof of principle" things, but no products for sale yet. Right now we're working with an inventor who has created energy from this quantum vacuum in the hundreds of watts range -- enough to run several things in your home. We can also demonstrate the antigravity effects of high-voltage systems under certain controlled experiments.

An electronic field makes something fairly weightless. We're working with a man who's done very advanced antigravity work. The colonel who classified it is willing to declassify it for us to take forward.

You've made an object weightless?

We've seen this done in a lab. The techniques for tapping this energy have already been fully developed within rogue and covert programs. Lockheed Skunkworks has enormous ships zipping around that are [powered by] antigravity. A lot of the UFOs sighted in the high desert of California and Utah are actually manmade prototypes.

Who else is making these phony UFOs?

The companies involved are SAIC [Science Applications International Corporation], TRW, Northrop, Raytheon and EG&G. We have enormous intelligence on this. I know the buildings where this stuff is going on. This needs to come out so people know the truth.

Does our tax money support these secret programs, or are they privately funded?

Both. There's private, corporate funding as well as what's called "black budget" sources. I met with Senator Robert C. Byrd's staff in 1994. His senior investigator and chief counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, for which he was chairman at the time, told me that this stuff was real, [but that] they could not penetrate this black world dealing with UFOs. At that time between $40 billion and $100 billion a year was going into these projects, and they could not trace the money.

Why are these programs kept secret?

Fossil fuel and the nuclear power industries would be made redundant by these technologies that very elegantly extract energy from the quantum vacuum, or "zero point" energy field. We have a $7 trillion part of the world economy dealing with fossil fuels and conventional transportation. If this information comes out - aside from people realizing that we're not alone in the universe - they'll quickly see that we don't need oil, coal or central utilities. It's all about maintaining the homeostasis and status quo of the world macro-economic and power dynamic.

How would zero-point energy transform the global economy?

It would replace everything. You wouldn't need oil, but the $30 trillion-a-year global economy would quickly grow to $200 trillion because there'd be clean, sustainable energy, and manufacturing and transportation would be very inexpensive. Eighty percent of the world's population lives in amazing poverty, and it would lift that. It would revolutionize the planet. People talk about the "peace dividend," but it's time for a "space dividend."

Who's hiding these advanced energy systems from the public?

The entity that runs this stuff is the world's largested RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization]. They used to be called MJ - Majestic - 12 - but the last term I heard was PI-40. It's not one society. There are sweeping conspiracy theories about the Masons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Counsel of Foreign Relations. I know people in all these entities, and most of them couldn't find their ass in a well-lighted room. It's much more prosaic and nuanced than that.

Why do they feel threatened?

It would decentralize power. Right now the centralized financial and oil system is so integrated with the way the world runs. We have testimony about what the agenda is from people who've been on the inside.

Who's in this covert group?

There's a committee of 200 to 300 people who are on the policy board for this issue. Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who went from head of the National Security Agency to the board of SAIC - which is one of the crown jewels of this covert entity - is a member. So is Admiral Harry Trane. George Bush Sr., Cheney and Rumsfeld are involved, as is the Liechtenstein banking family. The Mormon corporate empire has an enormous interest in this subject; they have much more power than the White house or the Pentagon over this issue. And there are secret cells withing the Vatican.

Have you met with any of these people?

There are factions within this group, and I've met with some of the "good guys." People think that it's a monolithic conspiracy, but they're wrong. About 40% to 50% of people involved in these supersecret projects want this stuff out. They know we're running out of oil, China is industrializing, and the polar ice caps are melting. And they know that if this [advanced E.T. technology] was announced today, it would take ten to 20 years to get it into widespread application to avert an economic, strategic, geopolitical and environmental catastrophe. They see that and want to fix it, but they're still a minority. They're more enlightened, but it's the ruthless ones who rule.

Was CIA Director William Colby involved at some point? Was his "accidental" death in 1996 connected to your work?

Bill Colby was defecting from the supersecret group, and he was assassinated because he was going to transfer some hard technologies - operating devices - and $50 million in funding to us. He knew that with my kind of willpower and connections, I would have gotten that out to the world. He was found floating down the Potomac River the week he was going to meet with my closest friend. They made an example of him.

In fact, Colby's best friend, a colonel who set up the meeting, said it was absolutely a hit. Even his wife said on CNN, "You know, it was strange, because he would never go out canoeing in a flooded, rain-swollen Potomac River at night and leave the house open and the coffeemaker and the computer on. That's not like Bill Colby at all."

Colby's widow stopped short of calling it murder.

Someone may have said, "Play along, or your children are next." I mean, these people are thugs.

Has your life been threatened?

[Around the time] Colby was killed, my right-hand assistant, a member of Congress who was working very closely with us and myself all got a deadly type of cancer in the same month -- different kinds. I don't talk about this publicly much because people say, "Come on!" But it absolutely can be done, it was done, and everyone died but me. I was devastated, and it took me 18 months to recover.

You're saying the UFO-coverup conspirators can target people from a distance and produce cancer?

Yes. Dr. Tom Bearden's books about the scalar electromagnetic weapons systems explain how longitudinal waveforms can be a carrier wave for this kind of thing. They can get it down to a cell, to your DNA. It's all resonance. We've had this technology since the 1950's.

Do you have witnesses willing to step forward and reveal what they know about this massive coverup?

We have about 450 military and government "insiders" who have been present during rather undeniable events, including the study of these energy and propulsion systems.


Witness Testimony Overview - "The Greatest Secret in Modern History" - excerpts from Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History by Steven M. Greer, MD.


Do you have documents?

We have a number of smoking gun documents, including a wiretap of Marilyn Monroe the day before she died, which has never been declassified. She was threatening to hold a press conference to tell the world what Jack Kennedy had told her during pillow talk about having seen debris from an extraterrestrial vehicle at what the document calls a "secret air base." She was murdered for this.

Why isn't the mainstream media covering this?

The biggest problem is the media. If a congressman starts looking into this, they get pilloried and ridiculed by the media. There's a CIA document [Click here for PDF file of this document.] from 1991 that clearly states that the Agency had contacts or resources at every major media outlet to kill, spin or stop stories. It's a canard that we have a free press. Also, people can't wrap their minds around it. A former editor at the Boston Globe told me, "This is just too far-out. And even if it's true, we'd never run it because it's associated with tabloids and the lunatic fringe."

And yet these people put 24/7 coverage on what I call "the blowjob heard 'round the world." And I can say that in HUSTLER. The media will spend millions for satellite trucks and onsite reporters to cover freak shows like the O.J. Simpsons or Michael Jackson trials.

Why is the UFO issue so urgent?

It's about how we live our lives. Aside from cleaning up the environment, it [E.T. technology] extricates us from our dependency on oil, gets us out of that Middle East mess and saves the average American household thousands of dollars a year in heating, utilities and gas for their cars. And, globally, it frees up enormous amounts of economic potential. This would be the tide that raises all ships.

How do you keep going in the face of so much mainstream resistance?

It's a sort of Promethean challenge. Lawrence Rockefeller once told me, "It's wonderful that you're going to do this, and it's so important. But I'm afraid you're going to be the court jester, that people won't take this seriously." And I said, "Well, we at least have to try."

How will you publicize your information?

We're moving on two fronts. One is technology, working through SEAS [Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.] at That's the corporate side for the technology and research we're doing. The second is identifying funding support for the next phase - a much larger press and media presence with new witnesses, particularly those involved with advanced technologies.

The limiting factor has been funding. If I were to claim aliens had raped me, I'd have a multimillion-dollar movie deal. Doing something serious, there's hardly any money available. They talk about morality and who's [having sex with] whom, but real morality is being concerned with these issues.

What do our extraterrestrial visitors want?

I think they're waiting for us to grow up and quit destroying Earth and each other. That may be the entry requirement for joining the interplanetary club, and we're just not there yet. That's the biggest challenge for the human race.

Are you hopeful about the future?

I'm very hopeful. In fact, I have no doubt that the outcome will be peaceful, that these technologies will completely rehabilitate Earth's fortunes and environment, and eliminate poverty. And it will happen in our lifetimes. But the question is, how much madness has to go on between now and then?

Jean-Noel Bassior has written for Redbook, Parade and other publications. The lifeliong sci-fi fan's book 'Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television' has recently been published by McFarland.

Two-Hour Primetime Special Airs Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005 at 8 p.m. ET

Almost 50 percent of Americans, according to recent polls, and millions of people elsewhere in the world believe that UFOs are real. For many it is a deeply held belief.

For decades there have been sightings of UFOs by millions and millions of people. It is a mystery that only science can solve, and yet the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Most of the reporting on this subject by the mainstream media holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule.

On Feb. 24, "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" takes a fresh look at the UFO phenomenon. "As a journalist," says Jennings, "I began this project with a healthy dose of skepticism and as open a mind as possible. After almost 150 interviews with scientists, investigators and with many of those who claim to have witnessed unidentified flying objects, there are important questions that have not been completely answered — and a great deal not fully explained."

"Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" airs Thursday, Feb. 24 from 8-10 p.m. ET on ABC. The program will be broadcast in High Definition. This two-hour primetime special reports on the entire scope of the UFO experience — from the first famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 to the present day. The program draws on interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Also included are the voices of professional skeptics about UFOs, including scientists who are leading the search for life forms beyond Earth elsewhere in the universe.

The program explores the facts behind the enduring mystery of the incident at Roswell, N.M., and looks into the strange stories of alien abductions. Among the UFO cases presented:

Minot Air Force Base, N.D., October 1968 — Sixteen airmen on the ground and the crew of an airborne B-52 witness a massive unidentified object hovering near the base.

Phoenix, March 1997 — Hundreds witness a huge triangular craft moving slowly over the city.

St. Clair County, Ill., January 2000 — Police officers in five adjoining towns all independently report witnessing a giant craft with multiple bright lights moving silently across the sky at a very low altitude.

Today if you report a UFO to the U.S. government you will be informed that the Air Force conducted a 22-year investigation that ended in 1969 and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to national security and are of no scientific interest. But as one of the world's leading theoretical physicists says in the program, "You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by … a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of us in technology."

"Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" is produced by PJ Productions and Springs Media for ABC News. Mark Obenhaus and Tom Yellin are the executive producers.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Peter Jennings reportedly is a non-believer in UFOs, and experiencers/contactees/abductees are going to be highly disappointed in this show. 

It is not going to be the "Oh My God!" world-changing event we all hoped for!  

note from Dee

The Peter Jennings UFO Special was a disaster for abductees, and Whitley Strieber has written a response that is devastatingly powerful. You can read it at:

Please do not miss this important journal entry. And, for subscribers, Whitley will be in the live chat room from 1PM to 2PM Pacific time tomorrow to discuss the special and fallout from it.

The Scum Rises: Peter Jennings on UFOs

Friday February 25th, 2005  

The much heralded ABC special on UFOs has come and gone. Predictably, it was more of the same, a large number of lies sprinkled with a few truths. At least it wasn’t as relentlessly negative as such programs have generally been in the past. But people like Peter Jennings and his producers are cursed with the belief that they can understand—or already do understand—what they are looking at. The reality is that the UFO phenomenon is the most complex event in history, and a cursory examination of its surface by a few overworked and ill-informed television producers is not going to succeed in any way whatsoever to come to any truth about it.

They are filled with belief in their own competence, however. The result is that their efforts become an exercise in hubris. They end up making judgments based on inadequate information because they believe that what they have gathered is sufficient. But it is not sufficient, it only fulfills their expectations and serves their assumptions. That's always where they stop, and it’s never enough.

Jennings was somewhat open to the notion that some UFOs might be actual unknowns, and he actually told the truth, for once, about the Condon Report: it was indeed a publicity stunt.

But the characterization of the Roswell Incident as a hoax and the people attempting to investigate it as cultists was a grotesque lie, and, I think, an intentional one. It is classic disinformation—tell a little truth so that your lie will be swallowed along with it. Of course, how could anything more be expected from a man like Jennings? He’s a prostitute to the establishment, nothing more or less, and it is in the interest of the establishment to conceal the reality of Roswell.

Something went wrong there. It went very wrong. And it is somebody's fault, and, to this day, that somebody is terrified that the public will discover that we had a truly magnificent chance at Roswell, and our side blew it.

In 1988, my uncle told me that he had personally been aware of and involved with the management of the debris that had been brought from Roswell to Wright Field in 1947. My uncle Edward Strieber was an honorable man, indeed, a very honorable man. He spent his career in the Air Force, mostly working in areas that were extremely classified. He was in a position to know what he was talking about, and, as I say, he was an honorable man.

Not only that, he introduced me to his commanding officer and old friend, General Arthur Exon, who could not have been more frank. He stated, and this is a direct quote: “Everyone from the White House on down knew that what we had found was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it.”

And he, also, was an honorable man who spent a sterling career in service to his country.

So who am I to believe, two honorable soldiers, or a man like Peter Jennings, in love with his own silly assumptions and willing to lie for profit?

Give me the soldiers, please. What they told me about Roswell was true. Therefore, the honest and honorable people involved in the Roswell case are the researchers like Stanton Friedman. The ones who ‘debunk’ it are professional liars or ignorant fools, pure and simple.

This gets me to the way the abductees were treated. I just cannot imagine why Budd Hopkins keeps exposing himself to people like Jennings. What this man has given up for the abductees is, essentially, everything. Jennings sneered that he is an artist, not a scientist. What he should have said was the truth: that this artist, out of the decency in his heart, gave up his career and, essentially, his life for people who were hurting, because science in its arrogance and stupidity would not help them.

The reality of Budd Hopkins is this: he is old, he is ill, he is broke. That is his reward for a lifetime of extremely courageous service to humanity. If he is a cultist, then where are the Rolls Royces, where are the doting followers? And for that matter, if I am simply sitting back and making a fortune off my books, then where is that fortune?

I am not as poor as Budd, it’s true, but I give back at every level of my life. I have supported this website for years, and this website does good, it does a world of good. If nothing else, it serves as an antidote to the lies and propaganda spread by the arrogant garbage that have taken the high ground in this so-called free society of ours.

There is a horror behind all of this: it is that, because of the way that people like Jennings characterize the abduction phenomenon as the product of fringe cultism and delusional thinking, the visitors remain free to do with us what they will.

And that, bottom line, I suspect, was the purpose of this program. True, they paid lip service to UFO reality. But when it came to the important stuff, they spread disinformation of a kind that is devastatingly harmful to mankind.

We need to face some facts: the abduction phenomenon is real, it is invasive, and there is nothing whatsoever that anybody can do about it. That, incidentally, is the great secret: the reason the government lies and uses things like laughter and skilled disinformation like the Jennings special to dismiss the phenomenon is that the reality behind it is terrifying and they are helpless.

I often ask the disclosure proponents if they actually expect the president to go on TV and say that UFOs are real, and that we can do nothing to control their access to our airspace. From there, it is just a short step to the abduction evidence, which involves an abundance of physical traces like implants which defy medical explanation, and a wealth of anecdotal reportage that is at once exceedingly strange, exceedingly provocative, and, frankly, suggests the presence of a great and hidden danger in our world that we cannot control.

The Jennings special took it all to another level of propaganda. They admitted a certain amount of truth in order that their poison pill of lies would be swallowed with it. For a journalist, there can be no more despicable act.

I believe in the soul. I believe in an afterlife. I also believe that it is incumbent upon us all to live to the highest ethical standards in this life, or face in the next the consequences of not having done so.

All I have to say more is this: I am certainly glad that I don’t have Peter Jennings’ soul. When I die, I will go to God with these realities imprinted on my being: I never lied; I always strove to lift myself and all whom I encountered to the best moral state we could achieve; I took the road less traveled, knowing that it would be hard. I did so because I was given the chance to, and I saw a chance to help my fellow man, and so I took the chance.

So, here is my response to Mr. Jennings and the dirty little men who lurk in his shadow, whispering their lies to him: First, Roswell really happened, and it is the key to everything, because the Air Force made a world-historical mistake there that has led to our being in the state we are in now: isolated on this earth, swimming in ignorance, and denied what is the birthright of every intelligent species, which is access to the great cosmos. Second, the most important aspect of the whole UFO phenomenon is abduction. As ugly as it is, it is also our only point of contact with the outside. And there is a message being sent from them to us. It has nothing to do with radio telescopes and the adolescent tomfoolery of SETI, and everything to do with the hearts, minds and bodies—and the souls—of the abductees.

You want a communication from the ‘aliens,’ SETI? You want a dose of the truth, Mr. Jennings? Just ask us. We are that communication, and we are that truth.

from Whitley Streiber



Air date: 2/24/05


 Like many of you. I turned in to the Peter Jennings Special last night:

"UFOs: Seeing Is Believing". If I had discretionary funds, I'd have undertaken this morning to sue Jennings/ABC for consumer fraud.

 Peter Jennings knows better than the mish-mash of UFO reports and debunker put-downs he served up to the American public. He admitted as much to Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" on Jon's broadcast Wednesday night. On that program, Jennings admitted to Stewart that HE THOUGHT UFOs WERE REAL, and that the only question left in his mind was who was piloting them.

 This is a very telling statement. It suggests that the REAL Peter Jennings knows that high-performance antigravity craft abound in our skies, and that the only question remaining is which are Star Visitor craft, and which are ours.

 But the fake Peter Jennings, the one on-camera Thursday night, served up a bland pastiche of tired old UFO film clips: clips of unqualified amateur hypnotist Budd Hopkins regressing experiencers (as though hundreds of qualified, credentialed, behavioral science professionals specializing in competently working with experiencers didn't exist), clips from the lurid TV show "Taken" showing a guy strapped to an "alien" table screaming, and, worst offense of the evening, showing as the expert on experiencers from Harvard University not the world-renown Dr. John Mack, but an unknown graduate student repeating disinformation about all close encounters being merely "hallucinations" induced by "sleep paralysis." The student further showed her ignorance by claiming that such sleep paralysis hallucinations are "common," whereas they are relatively rare, very rare in contrast to the abundant numbers of actual incidences of Star Visitor encounters.  

The Jennings offering shows that the Cabal still control what the public gets to see from "credible" news sources.

As for Jennings , his journalistic integrity is in the tank. With David Brinkley gone, and Dan Rather retiring, it is now time for the last of the Big Three anchors to pack it in. No loss.

In the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

Director, Star Kids Project, Ltd., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA 1-(916) 422-7400 (PST)







George Noory - STEVEN GREER - AUGUST - 2004 -









Peter Jennings Defrauding The American Public - 2005



Clinton Library Offers Peek at UFO Files

Clinton Library Releases Files on UFOs at Flying Saucer Buff's Request; 'Area 51' Off Limits

The Associated Press
In a move sure to provide fodder for conspiracy theorists, the Clinton Library withheld e-mails with subject lines like "X-Files" and "Area 51" from a batch of documents recently released at a UFO buff's request.

National Archives officials made several files ranging from a White House staffer's obsession with the TV show "The X-Files" to President Clinton's push to hook up the Sci-Fi Channel at Camp David available for viewing starting last Thursday in response to Freedom of Information requests.

Several pages, however, were withheld because they would "constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy," according to National Archives documents.

Among the released pages, 27 come from the files of former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, a fan of "The X-Files," a show about FBI agents investigating extraterrestrials and other supernatural events. The files include articles forwarded to Podesta about the canceled Fox show.

Peter Baker, a Washington Post reporter, relied on Podesta's interest in the show to persuade him to help on a book about the White House.

"Why am I skeptical that this book constitutes an opportunity for us?" Podesta wrote in a March 24, 1999, e-mail to Baker, who eventually wrote a book about the former president's impeachment and trial.

"Because any good X-Files fan is skeptical by nature and understandably so," Baker replied the next day.

In 1995, a group called the "Project Starlight Coalition" sent President Clinton a letter asking him to declassify any documents about extraterrestrials or UFOs.

Two months later, an aide replied that he had forwarded the request for a meeting to White House staff.

"The President appreciates your interest and long-standing involvement in this issue," James A. Dorskind, a special assistant to the president, wrote to members of the coalition.

The files also include an e-mail between White House spokeswomen Patricia F. Lewis and Mary Ellen Glynn over a Hollywood Reporter question about Clinton's insistence on installing the Sci-Fi channel at the presidential retreat.

I know we're not going to talk about it, but it's one of the better questions I've heard in a while and I wanted to share," Lewis wrote.

The records are being released in response to a slew of requests from UFO enthusiast Grant Cameron, who operates a Web site on presidential history with extraterrestrials. Cameron has several other requests pending, including one for "all files on the Kennedy assassination."

He did not immediately respond to an e-mail message seeking comment Tuesday.

On the Net:

Clinton Library:

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Clinton Presidential Library

1200 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

Inventory for FOIA Request 2006-0531-F

(see FOIA 2006-0530-F)

Records of correspondence between James Alan Dorskind, Deputy Assistant to the President and
Director of Correspondence, with either Steven Greer or Laurance Rockefeller


1 folder, approximately 5 pages


Collection is open to all researchers. Access to Clinton Presidential Records is governed by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 USC 552 as amended) and the Presidential Records Act (PRA) (44 USC 22) and therefore records may be restricted in whole or in part in accordance with legal exemptions.


Documents in this collection that were prepared by officials of the United States government as
part of their official duties are in the public domain. Researchers are advised to consult the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, USC) which governs the making of photocopies or
other reproductions of copyrighted material.

Official records of William Jefferson Clinton’s presidency are housed at the Clinton Presidential
Library and administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under the
provisions of the Presidential Records Act (PRA).

Processed by Staff Archivist, 2006. Previously restricted materials are added as they are released.

Scope and Content

The materials in FOIA 2006-0531-F are a selective, not necessarily all inclusive, body of documents
responsive to the topic of the FOIA. Researchers should consult the archivist about related

FOIA request 2006-0531-F consists of correspondence from “The Project Starlight Coalition” to
President Clinton and a response from James A. Dorskind, Special Assistant to the President/
Director of Correspondence and Presidential Messages, regarding unidentified flying objects and

WHORM Subject File FE010-01 contains a letter, dated June 4, 1995, to President Clinton from
“The Project Starlight Coalition.”

Steven Greer is one of many signatories on this letter. The file also contains a letter, dated
August 3, 1995, from James A. Dorskind, to Steven M. Greer, M.D., Director, Center for the Study
of Extraterrestrial Intelligence regarding unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials.
Accompanying this correspondence is the White House tracking sheet.


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The following is a list of documents and folders processed in response to FOIA 2006-0531-F:
Clinton Presidential Records:

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Case Number 118479cu

Clinton Library Documents

June 4, 1995

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The files detail the predilection of one of Mr. Clinton's chiefs of staff, John Podesta, for the
extraterrestrial-laden television series, "the X-Files."
A listing of the newly-released files is available on the Web at

FOIA request 2006-0490-F consists of correspondence from “The Project Starlight Coalition”
to President Clinton and a response from James A. Dorskind, Special Assistant to the
President/Director of Correspondence and Presidential Messages, regarding unidentified
flying objects and extraterrestrials. WHORM Subject File FE010-01 contains a letter, dated
June 4, 1995, to President Clinton from “The Project Starlight Coalition.” Edgar Mitchell is
one of many signatories on this letter.  The file also contains a letter, dated August 3, 1995,
from James A. Dorskind, to Steven M. Greer, M.D., Director, Center for the Study of
Extraterrestrial Intelligence regarding unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials.
Accompanying this correspondence is the White House tracking sheet.
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All files on UFOs, Roswell New Mexico, flying saucers, Area 51 or the TV show X-Files in the
files of John Podesta

The materials in FOIA 2006-0492-F are a selective, not necessarily all inclusive, body of
documents responsive to the topic of  the FOIA. Researchers should consult the archivist
about related materials.

FOIA request 2006-0492-F consists of emails to and from John Podesta, containing the words
either, X-Files or Area 51.  John Podesta was a renowned fan of the “X-Files” television show.
Automated Records Management System (ARMS) contains emails with many passing remarks
about the “X-Files” during 1998 and 1999. Additionally, there are several emails that contain
articles regarding the “X-Files” television show.
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FOIA request 2006-0530-F consists of correspondence from “The Project Starlight Coalition”
to President Clinton and a response from James A. Dorskind, Special Assistant to the
President/Director of Correspondence and Presidential Messages, regarding unidentified flying
objects and extraterrestrials. WHORM Subject File FE010-01 contains a letter, dated
June 4, 1995, to President Clinton from “The Project Starlight Coalition.” Marie (Bootsie)
Galbraith is one of many signatories on this letter. The file also contains a letter, dated
August 3, 1995, from James A. Dorskind, to Steven M. Greer, M.D., Director, Center for the
Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence regarding unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials.
Accompanying this correspondence is the White House tracking sheet.
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Hillary and the UFO Question

October, 2007

Ever since Tim Russert asked Dennis Kucinich the “did you see a UFO” question during the
October 30 Democratic Presidential Debate, there have been a flurry of UFO questions to
other White House hopefuls.

Barack Obama, for example, was asked moments after Kucinich if he believed there was life
in outer space. He carefully evaded by saying,
"I believe there is life on Earth." 


Bill Richardson, the governor of Roswell has faced the UFO question many times during this
Presidential campaign partly because a few years back he wrote a forward to a book about an
archeological dig done in New Mexico looking for evidence of the rumored 1947 flying saucer
that crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico. He has replied to all the

UFO questions by saying that he doesn’t believe in UFOs, but thinks the government did not release
all the material on the 1947 crash, and is all in favor of the tourism that the UFO subject has brought
to Roswell.

John McCain, in reply to a question if he had ever seen one said he’d never seen one, “but I keep
looking all the time.”

Joe Biden told CNN’s Chris Matthews “No I don’t think there are UFOs.” Republican Mitt Romney
said “I’m afraid I do not believe in extraterrestrials visiting Earth.”, but the Republican front runner

Rudy Giuliani told an 8-year old that if invaded by evil aliens said, “We'll be prepared for anything
that happens.”

Mike Gravel, the ex-Alaskan senator, said he was a believer, whereas Republican Mike Huckabee
said he believed in God rather than U-F-O. Even ex-president Jimmy Carter got dragged in when
Dennis Kucinich defended his sighting, by saying that Jimmy Carter had one prior to his becoming

One of the few candidates that has not faced the UFO question is Democratic frontrunner Hillary
Clinton. This is despite the fact that her strategist Mark Penn complained that questions about outer
space were easy questions compared to what poor Hillary was forced to answer during the
October 30th debate.

Secondly, it is strange that she is being avoided because Hillary has never hidden the fact that she
once wanted to be an astronaut, and was turned down by NASA who told her girls need not apply.
Hillary also played a role in appointing the first woman,
Eileen Collins, as a commander of a space

Most importantly, it is strange that Hillary was not asked because Hillary is not exactly a stranger
to the subject.

As Herald Tribune journalist
Billy Cox put it “you had to wonder if Hillary Clinton’s heart was
fluttering just a little harder Tuesday night as Russert asked why her husband had written the National
Archives requesting that their correspondences during his White House years remain sealed until
2012.” This might be because Hillary had to know that a good percentage of the FOIAs filed with the
Clinton Library deal with the role of the Clintons in trying to bring openness and disclosure to UFOs
during Clinton White House years.

The fact that the Clintons, particularly Bill, had an interest in UFOs is no big secret in the UFO
research community.

After all there are over
1,000 pages of documents from the office of Clinton’s science advisor that were
released while Bill was still in office. It was partly these documents that provided the names and dates
for all the present FOIAs now sitting in FOIA queues at the Clinton library.

In addition Webster Hubbell, Bill Clinton’s close friend and Associate Attorney General at the Justice
Department, stated in his 1997 book “Friends in High Places” that Bill Clinton had asked him to look
into two items 

1)  Are there UFOs? and 2) Who killed JFK?

Even a couple months ago Bill was still openly interested in the subject. After receiving the latest Roswell
book and other related items from Hollywood writer and director
Paul Davids, Bill told Davids, “"You
know, I've always been really interested in this stuff, and I'm going to read this." 

And so what of Hillary?

Well according to William LaParl, a UFO researcher and friend of CIA agent Ronald Pandolfi, (who
got the request from Clinton’s science advisor for a briefing on UFOs in 1993), "It was known among
the high CIA people, and the people who had contact with these people, that the Clintons were on the
prowl for UFOs…"She (Hillary) was almost an equal mover with him on this," Laparl said. "I would
not give him any more weight at all on this UFO thing. If anything she may have slightly been pushing
it more than he was. That’s the way I read the situation."

Moreover LaParl told me that “Hillary even kind of tried to indirectly get me involved, as kind of like
an outside researcher …She was putting out feelers that she needed help and stuff like that. They were
open to any kind of input along these lines.”

Later UFO researcher Darrel Sims would tell me almost an identical story of a woman claiming to be
a friend of Hillary’s coming to him looking for material for Hillary and the President. Later the woman
returned stating Hillary and the President enjoyed the material, and there was a way for Simms work to
receive funding. Simms turned down what was proposed.

The documents obtained from the White House office of President Clinton’s science advisor to also show
Hillary role in the effort to gather UFO material.

·        In a February 5, 1996 letter from Laurance Rockefeller to Clinton’s Science Advisor Dr. Gibbon’s
Rockefeller spoke of all the UFO-related material that he and the President’s Science Advisor were
gathering. “You indicated,” wrote Rockefeller, “that you will keep the First Lady’s Office informed,
and we shall as well.”
See Document)

·        Even more dramatic is a letter written by Rockefeller’s lawyer Henry L. Diamond on November 1, 1995
with the draft of a letter on “Lifting Security on Information about Extraterrestrial Intelligence as a
Part of the Current Classification Review.” (Diamond was tying UFO disclosure into executive order
12958 on April 17, 1995 issued by Bill Clinton requiring his intelligence agencies to allow for the
de facto declassification of papers 25 years or older, provided  they did not compromise nuclear secrets,
intelligence sources and methods and a host of other security concerns.

Diamond writes “Attached are: (1) A draft of a letter to the President which Laurance has been
discussing with Mrs. Clinton and her staff…” 
(See documents

·        The stories are almost unanimous opinion within the UFO community that Hillary Clinton sat down
with Laurance Rockefeller in August of 1995 (while the Clintons vacationed at his Wyoming ranch) to
listen to Rockefeller’s pitch for disclosure. The question the present FOIAs will attempt to answer is
was the President also there. He was supposed to be there but received a letter from the Science
Advisor days before hinting he should not meet with Rockefeller (
See Document).

In a conversation with novelist and UFO research Whitley Strieber Rockefeller stated that Bill
Clinton did appear. Strieber spoke about Rockefeller's UFO discussion with Bill and Hillary

“He spoke of the time that he had spent with the President and Mrs. Clinton at the JY Ranch in the
Grand Tetons in 1995, where he outlined for them the contents of the briefing that he had developed
out of Project Starlight (mentioned in many of the first FOIAs coming from the Clinton Library), the
1993 Rockefeller funded program that developed into the Disclosure Project. He said that the Clintons
had not commented on the information until the next morning, when, before the President appeared,
Mrs. Clinton requested to Mr. Rockefeller that he not bring up the subject again.”

Why? Well during the 1992 presidential campaign Hillary had said “We’ll have a woman President
by 2010.” 

She may have realized she might be that President and should therefore watch which issue she hitches her
wagon to.

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OBIT…for a great man:
Laurance Rockefeller ‘Passed on’ 11 July 2004 at 94 years old. 
UFO advocate and billionaire.  Her was the greatest of philanthropists and knew the reality of UFO’S/ET’S

*CLICK on his Photo:

Whitley Strieber-the world renown UFO lecturer and author of the ‘Communion’ book series-and
‘News From Unknown Country’ was one of the multitudes calling Laurance Rockefeller a leading
champion for the disclosure of UFO secrets, and also the man with the courage to put his personal
wealth into this cause. Laurance was, over the years, a competent and highly intelligent UFO
enthusiast and effective contributor towards promoting public and scientific awareness regarding
the UFO/ET presence on this planet. Laurance’s funding of ‘Project Starlight’, back in 1993, would
eventually evolve into today’s ‘UFO-Disclosure Project'...headed by no less than Dr. Steven Greer.

In 1997 Laurance told many of his friends and world wide associates...due to his many contacts
‘within the U.S. Government’…that the UFO issue was quite real and a very heavily guarded secret.

His UFO interest and funding...was HIGHLY frowned on by the rest of the Billionaire Rockefeller clan.
And in fact, due most likely to ‘their’ influence, not a single mention of this part of his life was even
mentioned in the full page obituary run by ‘The New York Times’...though every other aspect of his
life was fully covered.

1) He supported Dr. John Mack’s work at Cambridge University with ’Abductees’.
2) Through a fund he had set up, with his close friend Marie Galbraith, he was able to arrange a
     ’unity’ of the three most influential civilian UFO groups:

(CUFOS-’Center For Ufo Studies’,
FUFOR-’Fund For Ufo Research’ 
MUFON-’Mutual UFO Network’ )

Together to prepare a 169 pg. report called ’Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document’.

This report was disseminated to many of the World’s Leaders at the time….to prepare/inform
them about what was really going on and what to prepare for.

Laurance was truly dedicated to ’getting out the message’. This ’report’ was also responsible in a
large part for the French Government’s production/releasing of the famous COMETA REPORT...
which affirms that, in their files/research, ’that something is definitely going on globally with

Laurance considered that the world’s institutions were irresponsibly ignoring the ’cover up’, and
failing in their duty to inform humanity.

[This brief obituary was re-formatted and edited for this page by D.F.]
The original is at: