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compiled by Dee Finney


No less disturbing are the copious pronouncements of Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, a feisty ET who has not hesitated to finger the “Zionists” and “Khazars” as the arch-villains in the earth’s present crises.8 Hatonn, reputedly a nine-and-half-foot-tall reptilian ET, even persuaded his human supporters to reprint the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion in their newspaper the Phoenix Liberator.  (See Note following)

Note from Dee:  I don't know who asked me to do this particular meditation. Nobody I knew had a computer back in 1992, so perhaps the name came from a book. I also don't know why it was important to check on Commander Hatonn. Strangely enough, the man I saw strongly resembles the man behind this ETs left shoulder.

6-24-92 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like information on Commander Hatonn, The Phoenix Liberator.

A. I saw Babaji come from the right with quite a few other people, both male and female. They kept coming closer and closer until they were eyeball to eyeball with me. I felt kind of uncomfortable to have so many people come when I only called one.

I repeated my question and saw a regular looking man, wearing a brown army-like uniform with bars on the left chest like a normal army uniform. He was carrying a big satchel in his right hand. He was almost bald with a thin moustache. He didn't look very pleased.


Hatton, of the Intergalactic Fleet of Ashtar Command, purportedly keeps an inordinant eye on our global affairs from his orbiting ship. Not your typical "channeled entity," his messages arrived via a special military channel that was received by 60-ish grandmother Doris Ecker and then made available in George Green's right-wing Phoenix Liberator publication. The alleged Hatton material includes conspiratorial rants about the New World Order with an anti-Semitic flavor, such as claims that the Holocaust was a hoax. When Ecker was accused of plagiarizing William Cooper's paranoic tome, Behold a Pale Horse, word for word in some of Hatton's messages, a rift in the group took place. Now Green's wife Desiree claims to be in constant contact with Hatton as well. A judge ruled in a recent court case (in which the Greens fought with Ecker over $400,000 in gold donated to the Hatton cause) that it should be returned to the "devotee," a retired mathematics professor. However you slice the pie, supposed extraterrestrial Hatton's propaganda smells decidedly home-grown.



3 days of blinding light: Government blames UFO - 3 days of blinding light: Government blames UFO 3 days of blinding light: Government blames UFO UFO Coverups

Three days of blinding light--gov't. will blame UFOs

This is an article from "The Phoenix Liberator," Dec. 24, 1991.
It was written by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, who's description I will append to
the end of this article.


The U.S. now has the terminals for the new linear beam weapons. These are the same systems which can ignite the radioactive belt around your planet. Let me tell you what they have in mind for you, and they have it in mind for you so that YOU will the "Hosts" of Heaven. They fully plan to ignite your entire radioactive field which surrounds your outer atmosphere. That's going to burn for three full days of your counting...and that's why I warned you about light. They have systems now used for weaponry that will blind an entire army. Now that's already perfected, fully intended to use it in
Iraq. When they ignite that radioactive belt, the follow-on is to literally catch you off guard and then they don't have to kill you, you see. You will be blind. Do you see the chaos? There will be plenty of death, but it  will leave the ones of you left who see, literally SEE, to try and tend and feed and bury...whatever is required. There is no greater way to bring total
incalculable chaos upon mankind than to blind him. Now they're working at that and they're putting rockets up right now today. There will be a period you can expect...of light, d night, with brilliance like you cannot imagine. It is geared to blind...and it will, permanently. The moment...THE MOMENT that you sense a light that is increasing...PROTECT

If you are at home, the very best thing to do is instantly go to the center of the house, preferably the ground level. Darken the windows, if you have time. If not, and with children, get them into a closet. The first and most terrible thing for your eye is the immediate shock...without ability for it to comprehend or react properly. Get yourself down, put your arms up, bury  your head face down and keep your eyes closed for a little while. Once you  have gotten your children into security, don't go back out the door. Keep  enough supplies that you can make it for three days. Have analgesics available-for two reasons; headaches will be a problem and you want to keep your blood from clotting quickly. After the light I suggest regular doses of aspirin for about three days at least. Don't be silly, if you "don't take aspirin or "medications"-you don't have white willow bark to chew so go with what you have! All you can do is prepare to the best of your ability.

Now you ones who are already into the construction business and do any welding have a joint usable item...and that is the DARKEST welding helmet that you can get. But you run into two things. If the light is not quite bright enough, you'll run off the road and kill yourself because you can't see your hand, much less anything else. The most ideal thing you can get and have with you in your vehicle, and at least one person out of every household or every grouping assigned to a specific task, is an average...say a number 10, which is the average that your helmets come, and/plus a pair of dark goggles that you can wear underneath it that can give you up to a limit of a number 15 protection and the ability to use in segments. Of course the most ideal is the one that instantly, instantly changes. But you're talking $400. But, I'm telling you, compared to blindness it is nothing. And the ones that would have those helmets can also be the ones assigned to go and gather children...
because they can wrap bandages around the eyes of the children so that they  cannot pull it off. What you want to do is protect from that incredible light. It's going to be brighter than the brightest welding torch. That's its  purpose. And I want all of you to think on that and get yourself a little  bet prepared for those things. These are the only things that I can do for
you. I cannot stop the light, do you see...although there will be some miracles out of this.
End of enclosed article.

If you want to find out more about this information and/or the facts behind it,
which I did not include, contact:

America West Publishers
P.O. Box 986 Tehachapi, CA 93581
Phone: 800-729-4131

They publish "The Phoenix Liberator," a weekly newspaper, as well as books
(journals) on various subjects that directly concern our safety in the days
to come. Take note that this information is "outlandish." However, the
information presented in these publications is supported by other sources.
I think that if there is any chance that these things might be true, than it
is in each of our best interest to listen and analyze them.

The following is an "Introduction to Hatonn," as published in "The Phoenix

1/13/92 #1 HATONN

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet. You may call  me Hatonn. I am come in service unto the ONE GOD of Lighted Creation, and as "Host" unto His people who will be brought into His places long prepared for you. My own "Captain" is Sananda, the Christed Being you have called by  many names--now one totally _with_ Creator/Creation. [Sananda: simply meaning
of/with God]. We are not "mystical" nor even "mysterious" aliens. We are the "Hosts" sent in preparation for His return, bringers of Truth according to His promise and to reveal the lies foisted upon you to claim your souls for the physical evil Elite controllers. We come in total love and without intent of force, coercion or judging. "Judging" is a state of evaluation of self in the presence of Creator in which _actions_ in the physical experience are  evaluated.

The information within the documents revealing Truth, THE PHOENIX JOURNALS and LIBERATOR, are outlays of lies and hidden facts for which you can find confirmation. If you don't know the problems and the source of the problems,  you can have no solutions. I do not "channel"; I transmit on a frequency attuned to my "receiver"  who is simply a translator of the pulses into English. This is true of all  receivers who receive from any of this Command come forth with God for this
transition of species and planet. The receivers mostly have no reference for material given until after the giving and then, only for their own confirmation and yours. My petition is that you pay no attention to this _resource_ if it is confusing and uncertain unto you--


** End of Introduction **

Date:1/4/92 #2 HATONN

Topic:  TODAY'S WATCH What I am going to reprint herein is material which can get a lot of people very "dead". I don't even see a way to acknowledge source without undue focus. For the present I will simply thank "knowing" ones. There WILL come a day of acknowledgment and appreciation unto you daring ones--but alas, it is not this day. I have written recently regarding beams, and beam bases--flying craft and "proclaimed aliens". I have drawn pictures for you which are so outrageous that even in the local sector there is total disbelief. Well, what I have given you is true, ultra-top secret, and very much REAL. We will first speak of the hidden hands on the switches and the military uses of the electromagnetic spectrum. I will not complicate the lives of ones herein by giving minute detail but I will give you enough to support Truth and, hopefully, cause you to think and stop hiding in the sand-bucket.

Topic:  MILITARY STRATEGY The current military strategy of the United States does not rest on nuclear weapons or elite strike forces, but is instead based on a doctrine known as 3CI or C(3)I. (This stands for command, control, communications, and intelligence.) Through 3CI, the relative strength of your forces against those of the Soviet Union is constantly assessed, and the intent of the Soviets to deploy and use their forces against you is determined. 3CI provides intelligence to accomplish this task, as well as the means to communicate with and control your forces and to command them to counter perceived and actual threats.

The overall intent of this military doctrine is to know, instantaneously and at all times, the exact status of your forces and those of a particular enemy. Weapons systems are simply the instruments that are used to deter or respond to an attack. The military group provides powerful incentives for releasing forbidden impulses, inducing the soldier to try out formerly inhibited acts which he originally regarded as morally repugnant. Your total military system has become an analog of a living organism, constantly sensing its environment, integrating information, and reaching decisions, and then acting on those decisions by using the appropriate weapons systems. The "central nervous system" of your nation's global military organism is based on information-carrying electrical impulses that are transmitted by electromagnetic fields. Its sensory organs are microwave scanners, satellites, and sophisticated devices designed to listen to an enemy's radio transmissions. Instead of nerves, it uses radio communications with frequencies ranging from ELF (extra low frequency) to superhigh microwaves.

The muscles of the military organism range from ground troops to nuclear missile systems. There are a number of "brains" in the organism, located both in the continental United States and in various overseas locations. The organism is capable of operating on its own, with only the theoretical restraint of approval from the White House. Every aspect of 3CI depends upon the unrestricted use of all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum at unlimited power densities. Now, please, realize that this is not new information and we have written extensively about this system. What is important this day is that you must realize you have now joined forces with "that enemy" and you have no control of anything you have in space. The enemy has absolute and total superior capability. The last of the network was hooked up and tested sufficiently on New Year's Day. Fortunately you are still present to ponder it for if the testing system had ignited the radioactive belt about your planet--you would really have a hot-foot by now. You-the-people will be brought into control and submission in a number of very sophisticated ways--through these systems which will send out instructions and everything from music to biological diseases.

Topic: A LITTLE PERTINENT HISTORY This military doctrine evolved following the end of World War II and was then shaped by two factors. The first was the practical experience of using electromagnetic fields for communications and sensing (primarily radar) during the Korean War. Do you not find it interesting that Bush is in Korea this very day? The second factor was the later availability of transistorized equipment and the development of exotic electronic sensing and communication systems, which occurred during the Vietnam conflict. Vietnam was the proving ground for the basic concepts of 3CI, and it has been characterized as the first all-electronic war--from manipulation of individual personnel to misadventures with herbicides and mass control. A number of advanced technologies were tested--for example, long-range reconnaissance patrols operating far behind Vietcong lines were equipped with solar-powered, high-frequency radios. These devices enabled members of a patrol to communicate with one another via military satellites 200 miles up in space and to be in instantaneous communication with the White House. Note that I did not say "President". The President at a given time is only a show-piece utilized by the Elite Planners and there are several replicas of the one you see moving about here and there. Also, remember, that since that Vietnam War thousands of those Viet Cong have been shipped to Mexico, entered your U.S. nation, and stand ready, willing and able to blow every major dam and bridge in your nation--all the way to the Arctic. They are special troops trained in demolition and will blow every strategic "crossing" facility of every major city, etc., on cue. I have written extensively about this--in detail along with the Communist (Soviet) equipment and personnel already in Mexico and now crossing your borders--in full view now that you are such good "friends"--tanks and all. You are going to have to get the JOURNALS if you have any desire to get informed at all. You can "excuse" until doomsday but it won't change an iota of your circumstance. You can throw stones at Hatonn and denounce and deny--but if you want the Truth and how it IS--get the material we have furnished you! There will never again be opportunity for such investment in your survival and passage. We cannot bring the price of the material down any further for there is a constant deficit in production of over $20,000 a month in trying to get you informed! I can only ask that you honor and support America West and our writers for you hold the gift of life and survival as well as Truth of "passage" in your hands. So be it. This system, the doctrine of 3CI, has matured into a global scale based on maximum utilization of electromagnetic energy and pulse systems--mostly through the sophisticated testing on the military "soldiers" (troops) in that Vietnam War. Two things happened; in the physicals and injections, etc., the soldiers were implanted with "receiver chips" whereby the instructions could be sent directly and individually as well as in group reception. As other substances were "tested" the manipulation could be studied by differing experiments and enhancement of any transmission by direct control. The only restriction ever placed on this military doctrine since its inception was derived from the period of time immediately following World War II and during the beginning of the "Cold War". In the early 1950's, the Department of Defense recognized the need for some sort of "safe exposure standard" for microwaves. This led directly to the establishment of the Tri-Services Program, based in the Rome Air Development center in Rome, New York, which was given the task of determining this standard. However, even before the Tri-Services Program began, the military eagerly adopted the concept that only thermal effects were damaging to living organisms. Based solely in calculations, the magic figure of 10 milliwatts per square centimeter was adopted by the Air Force as the standard for safe exposure. Subsequently, the thermal-effects concept has dominated policy decisions to the complete exclusion of nonthermal bioeffects. While the 10 mW/cm2 standard was limited to microwave frequencies, the thermal concept was extended to all other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Unless it heated tissue, electromagnetic radiation was thought to be harmless, so there were no limits placed on exposure to frequencies below microwave.

Topic:  THE CONSPIRACY The military organism was designed on the 10-mW standard and, once in place, it had to be defended against the possibility of nonthermal bioeffects. The recognition and validation of these effects would mean the collapse of the total organism and the death of 3CI. By the early 1970's it was fully apparent that scientists and engineers involved in the program were sucked into a massive conspiracy--especially in the early programs involving electrical control systems and the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields. It was quickly seen that evidence for nonthermal effects was viewed as a total threat to national security. Safety was not a consideration, because the military mind-set of the time held that despite the lack of actual hostilities, you were in a state of war with the Soviet Union--and dear ones, it has never before or since been otherwise. It was known that your ability to prevail in that conflict required the virtually unlimited use of electromagnetic energy for all four facets of the 3CI doctrine. This view led to the policy of denying any nonthermal effects from any electromagnetic usage, whether military or civilian. To accomplish this policy objective, several specific actions were taken, as follows: Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research funds in such a way as to ensure that only "approved" projects--that is, projects that would not challenge the thermal-effects standard--would be undertaken. Further, the natural reactionary tendency of science was capitalized upon by enlisting the support of prominent members of the engineering and biological professions. In some instances, scientists were told that nonthermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge. Many scientists' goals were subverted by unlimited grant funding from the military and by easy access to the scientific literature. The formal scientific establishments of the United States were mobilized. When serious challenges to the thermal-effects standard were raised publicly, eminent scientific boards, associations, or foundations were provided with lucrative "contracts" to evaluate the state of knowledge of bioeffects of electromagnetic fields. These investigations resulted in the production of voluminous "reports". All of those reports shared certain characteristics. Scientific data indicating nonthermal bioeffects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review. Those examined were required to have much higher standards of possible validity than reports indicating no such bioeffects. Scientists who reported the existence of nonther-mal bioeffects were ridiculed and were portrayed as being outside of the mainstream, nuts and nit-wit troublemakers. Actual disinformation was utilized and still is, to create a false impression: for example, while a statement such as "There is no evidence for any effects of pulsed magnetic fields on humans" would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects on laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans. It was common practice to include an "executive summary" with the massive report. These summaries never reflected the data that were actually hidden in the full report. A group of "manufactured" experts was produced to serve as spokesmen and expert witnesses. Does this all sound familiar? How about a few "UFO experts" which are never backed-up and yet the public is always given the old "...there is no evidence to back up.......". Further, the reporters will give you this line immediately after giving you a report on present "evidence". It will all be mechanically "read" to you with a "new type of grasshopper found in South Africa" having just as much emphasis and importance as given a 10.6 earthquake in Indiana. These were people with few qualifications for research in this (or any) scientific field related or otherwise, who were provided with magnificently large research grants and placed on many committees, boards, and international governmental commissions dealing with the bioeffects of electromagnetic energy. Superficially, they appeared to be prominent researchers, until one discovered that the actual number of scientific papers they had produced was minimal or nil. These "experts" were, and still are, used to testify in legal proceedings dealing with civilian installations such as power lines and microwave-relay systems. Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, disposed of and/or literally "taken-out" or "adjusted"--whichever better serves the ongoing purpose. An "adjusted" person can still be functionally active according to the "new programming".

Topic:WILL THE GOVERNMENT DENY ALL THIS MATERIAL I BRING? Of course--through the UFO disinformers, conspirators, etc. But worse, they don't really mind the information now flowing to you-the-people for early on it is recognized that most of you readers will simply deny it and throw it out. Then, as proof is brought forth it will be used to show you how "trapped they were" and "had to cover it for your own good" and "after all, those nasty little aliens made us do it!" In other words, there is such a mess going on that they don't really know HOW TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN "COVER" AWAY. THAT WILL NOT BE IN POINT A BIT LATER ON AFTER YOU HAVE NO GUNS! In fact, chelas, much of the confirming information comes to us via undercover operatives of the government itself--hoping we use it to set up the uncovering scenario above. It is simply one of the higher forms of deceit and insulting usage of your intelligence. Despite the application of these measures, the question of harmful effects did not go away but instead increased in intensity. The position of the government has thus been forced to change. The government's initial complete denial of any nonthermal effects was followed by acceptance of some nonthermal effects, although these were characterized as being unimportant and transient. At present, the official position is that while there are some nonthermal effects that may be harmful, further study is required before any sudden action is taken. These studies are going on, but all are under the aegis of either the Defense Department or the industry involved. And, of course, this only includes the range of electromagnetic spectrum in point--it does not include beam weaponry as such. The policy objective as presented has been achieved, and the exposure of both civilians and military personnel to electromagnetic radiation continues. You are not dying of cancers caused by sugar in your pop--you are a planet being radiated to death! There has not been given you an exposure safe chart like your ideal weight charts. That is because you are all in terminal contamination with no intent to change the thrust. There is ample reason, chelas, to be pretty sure that it basically remains pretty fixed at the now discredited 10 mW/cm2 standard, or even higher in certain essential situations. The reason given is the lead time needed for weapons-system development--in other words, the ends justify the means and disinformation. After all, you are only servants and intended slaves for the Elite. Also, there are too many of you anyway and that alone is a major problem--you are nothing except laboratory test animals to this group of would-be rulers. Operation at lower power levels would materi-ally degrade system performance, allegedly producing a situation hazardous to national security. Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.

Topic:THE GROUND-WAVE EMERGENCY NETWORK (GWEN) While there are many such weapons systems, the GWEN system is a particularly good example. GWEN is a communications system which has now been connected and major construction completed (putting a lot more workers in the unemployment lines). It operates in the very low frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground waves--electromagnetic fields that hug the ground--rather than by radiating into the atmosphere. This is a dandy way to get across the Arctic regions and encircle the globe quite effectively and most easily--i.e., that touted "Woodpecker" system. This also accounts for the "Wormwood" code--because it can burrow like an earthworm without interference by any substance--right through rock, water, etc. It is a bit confused by large pools of oil and/or fat cells. A chubby body is not always such a bad thing to have if you are in line of direction or a target for the individual take-out beams. The only protection on Earth comes from the frequencies our Command can offer to physically disrupt the pulses. I suggest you remember that when you denounce your higher brethren. The signals drop off quite sharply with distance, and a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles. So now you have it--a need for repetitive relay stations--a full GRID, if you will. This is now in total operation in conjunction with the Elite to every part of the globe. In addition the Elite warriors have a total blanket of Cosmospheres and Platforms to insure control of that system. These are NOT hostile "aliens" unless you call a "foreign person" an "alien". The GWEN system consists of stations, each with a tower 300-500 feet high and you won't think anything about them other than "television", "radio", phone relays, etc. The stations are spaced from 200 to 250 miles apart, so that a signal can go from coast to coast by hopping from one station to another. The back-up is a total system which also bounces off satellites so that, as of now, 1992, the entire civilian population of the United States (and world) are exposed to these GWEN transmissions. The rationale for the existence of this network is the government's projected concept that nuclear war is winnable if a fail-safe communications system is available for use during and following a nuclear attack. It is more deceit to make you fork up the manpower and money for the system without having to resort to the "black budget black-hole". Such a system, they will tell you, would permit the U.S. to order its nuclear-missile submarine fleet to launch an attack against the aggressor nation. The physical nature of nuclear war requires that this system operate by ground-wave transmission. Big Brother is really taking care of you little citizens!

Topic:ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) One aspect of nuclear war that is not well publicized is the EMP phenomenon. This becomes VERY IMPORTANT because you WILL experience it. An electromagnetic pulse is a very short, intense burst of electromagnetic energy that is produced by the explosion of a nuclear weapon in space. If an EMP were produced by a nuclear explosion 100 miles above Kansas City, for instance, its energy would be so intense that it would shut off ALL electric-power systems, destroy all computers and magnetic disks or tape records, destroy the guidance systems of missiles and the computer and communication systems of military and commercial aircraft, and shut down all radio communications--ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES! The military organism would be decapitated. In the military scenario, the United States would then be faced with capitulation or nuclear destruction. Theoretically, ground-wave communications would still be possible. However, the theory is tenuous. The GWEN hardware is transistor based; even if placed in "hardened" bunkers, it would be vulnerable to an EMP. In addition, the EMP would produce major ground currents in the path of the GWEN signals that could decrease their transmission capabilities. Finally, the locations of all GWEN stations are known to the enemy and thus are vulnerable to attack. Not such a good show, is it? Nonetheless, the military mind (whew--mutually exclusive terms) has conceived of using the GWEN network to maintain communications following such a decapitating EMP attack. This is not the place for a full argument concerning the values and options of nuclear war, but in my opinion the reason for the existence of this system is specious in itself as for between-the-lines assumptions. Dear ones, nuclear war is not "winnable". All may not perish--but the war is NOT WINNABLE. FOR THIS VERY REASON, YOU HAVE BEEN LEFT DEFENSELESS WITHOUT SHELTERS WHILE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN POURED INTO UNDERGROUND FACILITIES FOR SECURITY OF THE ELITE PUPPET-MASTERS. You WILL wake up or you WILL perish. The potential harm to the civilian population from the operation of GWEN has not been addressed. GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the various geological areas such as the United States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be "tailored" to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area. This piece of information is well-known to the "Planners" of the network and, of course, is in full capability of operation NOW. What of these various in-point frequencies? Why doesn't someone in your wondrous UFO community demand a bit of sharing with one frequency "expert" who is only annoyed with plagiarism (which objection will be more understandable now), etc. Why don't you check out the "frequency tables" of your beloved brother, Cathie. Does he know all this? Oh, Chelas, spare me! You have accomplished the sophistication of the newest in "killing fields". Dharma, allow us a break so that this can be edited while we work on the next writing. We need this to the public without delay.We are making progress and ones who will hear and see deserve the best that we can offer. Salu.

Date:1/4/92 #3 HATONN/TESLA As we write on these subjects, especially regarding pulsing wireless forms of energy--ever comes the inquiry: "Why can't we seem to wireless transmit energy, etc., like Nikola Tesla projected?" You can--you are just not allowed to do so. Energy and transmission of electricity is the energy bondage method of a planet. Do you actually think the Elite money-mongers would allow such a thing as free energy and/or allow healing methods utilizing free energy and magnetic frequency? Grow up, chelas, the world is big and mean and most nasty indeed. A bit later after this writing I will see if there is time and energy left to simply ask Nikola to expound on the subject of wireless transmission and his own experience. I believe you who doubt our presence and resources might be interested if not totally captivated by the access to these higher beings awaiting their ability to work with you when the time becomes feasible. Let us continue now, however, with the subject at hand and speak of the new killing fields:

Topic:ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS While the military was vigorously denying the very existence of bioeffects from electromagnetic-field exposure, such bioeffects were actually being explored as potential weapons--weapons with the enormous advantage of being totally silent and imperceptible. If you are a bit terrified at this point I suggest you are normal and quite rightful in your responses. This is a most deadly game and you are the sitting targets this very day as you are being worn away and debilitated, totally controlled and manipulated almost beyond the point of recovery. The EMP concept has been extended through the development of devices that generate EMP pulses without the need for nuclear explosions. Such devices can be deployed for use against enemy command and control centers or against aircraft in order to produce failure of electronic equipment. This can also be directed against any civilian location and or group. A derivative of this program is HPM (high-power pulsed microwave), a system producing intense, extremely short pulses of microwave.Several types, ranging in frequency from 1200 MHz to 35 GHz with powers up to 1000 megawatts, are tested and ready for use. These are also ready for use as weapons against humans and, against these weapons, no gun can even be relatively compared. There is a report which can (or maybe can't be) acquired which deals with the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. It states, "Microwave energy in the range of 1 to 5 GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and thus puts all organ systems at risk." Effects on the central nervous system are considered very important. The testing program, begun in 1986, is divided into four parts: 1) prompt debilitation effects; 2) prompt stimulation through auditory effects; 3) work interference/stoppage effects; and 4) effects on stimulus-controlled behavior. The report goes on to state, "Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electrical stimulation unrelated to heat." It appears that HPM is capable of altering behavior in the same fashion as Delgado's electrical stimulation (which we will not go into herein). The production of cognitive and behavioral alterations by HPM is a sledgehammer effect in comparison to the subtle alterations produced by ELF fields. According to a 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology, ELF has a number of potential military uses, including "dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches in security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare." The same report states, "Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent, and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop." Just know, readers, that a whole group and class of weapons, based on electromagnetic fields, has been pretty well perfected and added to the muscles of the military organism. The 3CI doctrine is still growing and expanding. The military can and is able to completely control the minds of the civilian population. I make no attempt here to review in any detail the relationship between military considerations and the hazards of man-made electromagnetic fields. This complex and dangerous situation lies outside the scope of this small writing and few would have any understanding regarding the details, except for an indication of how the political policies derived from it have effectively removed the public recognition of the hazards. The military establishment and government fully realize that the survival of the military organism is well worth the sacrifice of the lives, health and life function of large segments of the American population--the goal of conquest has been accomplished. You-the-people have only ONE countering measure and THAT LIES WITH GOD AND WE THE HOSTS. WHICH WILL IT BE, AMERICA? Dharma, appended are some maps of the area in the "Tehachapi's" of the Northrop installation (See inserts later.) wherein the massive underground terminal from Edwards is located. You will note that there are numerous silos for egress and ingress of air-ships with markings of some of the saucer exit/entrance portals with all sorts of landing pods. I suggest you take this very seriously for the structures at Edwards are even more sophisticated, while covered by the rocket launch test area. By the way, these installations are directly tied underground to the JPL labs in Pasadena, California with facilities for immediate evacuation when the earthquake comes or the nuclear war. Only a few are, however, on the list for evacuation. It is totally amazing that so many of you have worked for years on portions of this killer machine and never realized you were involved. Yes, it would boggle the mind. The tunnel itself is made totally flexible at the fault zone with inconceivable strengthening to prevent rupture. In that particular evacuation tunnel connected to a massive underground installation which has radiating "arms" right to the ocean and underground sub bases, craft can travel at several times the speed of sound. Remarkable? No, someone just worked diligently toward their goal while you slept and forgot yours. Overlook the poor quality of the pictures (maps) as you are most certainly NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE THEM.

I will not show you pictures of Edwards or other installations for it is far too risky at this time. Northrup is out in the fringes of desert and isolation and almost "unknown"--I will not endanger any by showing more recognized facilities. There are many of these so-isolated facilities of unknown locations scattered about your landscape--this is only one and is not even particularly large, relatively. It serves a unique purpose or I would not speak of it. I just don't want any readers being shocked when the government and military start producing "little gray aliens", etc. Your very lives and freedom depend on your KNOWING THE TRUTH. I can only remind my own crew that these nerds have to get through ME to get to you--so be it, try it and make my day! Perhaps it is time for me to brush up on my target practice. Hit my people and it is classified by all Universal law as "aggression", and I have right of defense and protection. It could get pretty hot for my beam system is pretty good while leaving no evidence to tell the tale--just pure and simple evaporation! I do not mean "rendering invisible" I mean "rendering evaporated"! I am here to inform my people and instruct them so we can bring them home--we have no intention of interference on your place and we will tolerate no interference in our mission. Mankind as a whole has pretty much decided to go with the evil influences and it is each one's right to do that, but the planet will be cleansed by her own doing and our people will not be left to the terrific holocaust. We will summon ours from the corners of your planet. If the world decides as a whole to change its path--wondrous goodness shall take place. If not, we will gather our own and leave you to your resources. I will step aside and welcome our old friend and comrade, Nikola. Many hours have been spent with this scribe and this rather eccentric brother and I am honored to sit quietly while there is a bit of sharing of memories--not often given since presentation in March of 1904. He is given to honoring the request to share and I bow to this brilliant personage. I salute you and you will make your own connection for I no longer leave my circuit--thank you. I shall, however, bid you good-day.

Topic:TESLA REMEMBERS It is lonely I am for a good snow-covered day for communion as we have had in the past with sharing and visitation. It is indeed sad that ones deny the contact and choose their own mystical journeys instead of honoring their contract for service--choosing to "run away" before the cake is finished to the serving. Impatience and greed are the curse of man. It is impossible to resist your courteous request extended on an occasion of such moment in the life of your JOURNAL. Your request has vivified the memory of our beginning friendship, of the first imperfect attempts and underserved successes, of kindnesses and misunderstandings. Always it brings painfully to mind the greatness of early expectations, the quick flight of time, and alas! the smallness of realizations. The following was given to the world but so few paid heed and then, as is the case in the human experiment--the mystery found its way into the hands of evil doers. Let me look back toward the close of your year 1898 in which a systematic research, carried on for a number of years with the object of perfecting a method of transmission of electrical energy through the natural medium, led me to recognize three important necessities: first, to develop a transmitter of great power; second, to perfect means for individualizing and isolating the energy transmitted; and, third, to ascertain the laws of propagation of currents through the earth and the atmosphere. Various reasons, not the least of which was the help proffered by my friend Leonard E. Curtis and the Colorado Springs Electric Company, determined me to select for my experimental investigations the large plateau, two thousand meters above sea-level, in the vicinity of that delightful resort, which I reached late in May, 1899. I take note that the general area is still a bustling center of activity, mostly underground now, for completion of that which I was not destined to finish in my sojourn--now turned to the most heinous of uses in destruction and control of the masses of civilians into imprisonment of a world. I had not been there but a few days when I congratulated myself on the happy choice and I began the task, for which I had long trained myself, with a grateful sense and full of inspired hope. The perfect purity of the air, the unequaled beauty of the sky, the imposing sight of a high mountain range, the quiet and restfulness of the place--all around contributed to make the conditions for scientific observation ideal. To this was added the exhilarating influence of a glorious climate and a singular sharpening of the senses. In those regions the organs undergo perceptible physical changes. The eyes assume an extraordinary limpidity, improving vision; the ears dry out and become more susceptible to sound. Objects can be clearly distinguished there at distances such that I prefer to have them told by someone else, and I have heard--this I can venture to vouch for--the claps of thunder seven and eight hundred kilometers away. I might have done better still had it not been tedious to wait for the sounds to arrive, in definite intervals, as heralded precisely by an electrical indicating apparatus--nearly an hour before. In the middle of June, while preparations for other work were going on, I arranged one of my receiving transformers with the view of determining, in a novel manner, experimentally, the electric potential of the globe and studying its periodic and casual fluctuations. This formed part of a plan carefully mapped out in advance. A highly sensitive, self-restorative device, controlling a recording instrument, was included in the secondary circuit, while the primary was connected to the ground and an elevated terminal of adjustable capacity. The variations of potential gave rise to electric surgings in the primary; these generated secondary currents, which in turn affected the sensitive device and recorder in proportion to their intensity. The earth was found to be, literally, alive with electrical vibrations, and soon I was deeply absorbed in this interesting investigation. No better opportunities for such observations as I intended to make could be found anywhere. Colorado is a country famous for the natural displays of electric force. In that dry and rarefied atmosphere the sun's rays beat the objects with fierce intensity. I raised steam, to a dangerous pressure, in barrels filled with concentrated salt solution, and the tin-foil coatings of some of my elevated terminals shriveled up in the fiery blaze. An experimental high-tension transformer, carelessly exposed to the rays of the setting sun, had most of its insulating compound melted out and was rendered useless. Aided by the dryness and rarefaction of the air, the water evaporates as in a boiler, and static electricity is developed in abundance. Lightning discharges are, accordingly, very frequent and sometimes of inconceivable violence. On one occasion approximately twelve thousand discharges occurred in two hours, and all in a radius of certainly less than fifty kilometers from the laboratory. Many of them resembled gigantic trees of fire with the trunks up or down. I never saw fire balls, but as a compensation for my disappointment I succeeded later in determining the mode of their formation and producing them artificially. Never be dismayed or disappointed at that which is given and which at the moment seems without merit--for it can only open the way into deeper and more profound information as you allow your mind to consider the circumstance.In the latter part of the same month I noticed several times that my instruments were affected stronger by discharges taking place at great distances than by those near by. This puzzled me very much. What was the cause? A number of observations proved that it could not be due to the differences in the intensity of the individual discharges, and I readily ascertained that the phenomenon was not the result of a varying relation between the periods of my receiving circuits and those of the terrestrial disturbances. One night, as I was walking home with an assistant, meditating over these experiences, I was suddenly staggered by a thought. Years ago, when I wrote a chapter of my lecture before the Franklin Institute and the National Electric Light Association, it had presented itself to me, but I had dismissed it as absurd and impossible. I banished it again. Nevertheless, my instinct was aroused and somehow I felt that I was nearing a great revelation. It was on the third day of July--the date I shall never forget--when I obtained the first decisive experimental evidence of a truth of overwhelming importance for the advancement of humanity. A dense mass of strongly charged clouds gathered in the west and towards the evening a violent storm broke loose which, after spending much of its fury in the mountains, was driven away with great velocity over the plains. Heavy and long persisting arcs formed almost in regular time intervals. My observations were now greatly facilitated and rendered more accurate by the experiences already gained. I was able to handle my instruments quickly and I was prepared. You see, it is always good to be prepared and therefore be able to move on without interrupting distractions. If you are, for instance, trying to survive you certainly have no time for invention other than to the problem immediately at hand. I suggest you pay close attention to your friend, Gyeorgos, come forth to give you a hand in your tedious journey. We are not yet of that higher level of total understanding and cannot serve in the same guidance capacity. I, myself, am most limited to my realm of expertise and as of yet have no need of more general "life" knowledge in the "knowingness". I am most happy to be of assistance to you but I feel no obligation nor pressure to serve in that capacity longer. I found my journey on your place to be most disagreeable for the most part--an evil civilization filled with vile vipers. At any rate, back to my story--the recording apparatus being properly adjusted, its indications became fainter and fainter with the increasing distance of the storm, until they ceased altogether. I was watching in eager expectation. Surely enough, in a little while the indications again began, grew stronger and stronger and, after passing through a maximum, gradually decreased and ceased once more. Many times, in regularly recurring intervals, the same actions were repeated until the storm which, as evident from simple computations, was moving with nearly constant speed, had retreated to a distance of about three hundred kilometers. Nor did these strange actions stop then, but continued to manifest themselves with undiminished force. Subsequently, similar observations were also made by my assistant, Mr. Fritz Lowenstein, and shortly afterward several admirable opportunities presented themselves which brought out, still more forcibly, and unmistakably, the true nature of the wonderful phenomenon. No doubt whatever remained: I was observing stationary waves. As the source of disturbances moved away the receiving circuit came successively upon their nodes and loops. Impossible as it seemed, your planet, despite its vast extent, behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions. The tremendous significance of this fact in the transmission of energy by my system had already become quite clear to me. Not only was it practicable to send telegraphic messages to any distance without wires, as I recognized long before, but also to impress upon the entire globe the faint modulations of the human voice, far more still, to transmit power, in unlimited amounts, to any terrestrial distance and almost without any loss whatsoever. With these stupendous possibilities in sight, with the experimental evidence before me that their realization was henceforth merely a question of expert knowledge, patience and skill, I attacked vigorously the development of my magnifying transmitter, now, however, not so much with the original intention of producing one of great power, as with the object of learning how to construct the best one. This is, essentially, a circuit of very high self-induction and small resistance which, in its arrangement, mode of excitation and action, may be said to be the diametrical opposite of a transmitting circuit typical of telegraphy by Hertzian or electromagnetic radiations. It is difficult to form an adequate idea of the marvelous power of this unique appliance, by the aid of which the globe will be transformed. The electromagnetic radiations being reduced to an insignificant quantity, and proper conditions of resonance maintained, the circuit acts like an immense pendulum, storing indefinitely the energy of the primary exciting impulses and impressions upon the earth and its conducting atmosphere uniform harmonic oscillations of intensities which, as actual tests have shown, may be pushed so far as to surpass those attained in the natural displays of static electricity. Simultaneously with these endeavors, the means of individualization and isolation were gradually improved. Great importance was attached to this, for it was found that simple tuning was not sufficient to meet the vigorous practical requirements. The fundamental idea of employing a number of distinctive elements, co-operatively associated, for the purpose of isolating energy transmitted, I trace directly to my perusal of Spencer's clear and suggestive exposition of the human nerve mechanism. The influence of this principle on the transmission of intelligence, and electrical energy in general, cannot as yet be estimated, for the art is still in the embryonic stage; but many thousands of simultaneous telegraphic and telephonic messages, through one single conducting channel, natural or artificial, and without serious mutual interference, are certainly practicable, while millions are possible. On the other hand, any desired degree of individualization may be secured by the use of a great number of co-operative elements and arbitrary variation of their distinctive features and order of succession. For obvious reasons, the principle will also be valuable in the extension of the distance of transmission. Progress, though of necessity slow, was steady and sure, for the objects aimed at were in a direction of my constant study and exercise. It is, therefore, not astonishing that before the end of 1899 I completed the task undertaken and reached the results which I announced in June, 1900, every word of which was most carefully weighed. Much was already accomplished towards making my system commercially available, in the transmission of energy in small amounts for specific purposes, as well as on an industrial scale. You will note that even that far back in counting--facts were held from you for remember that I speak of 1900 at the turn of the century.With that thought in mind can you really be confounded and surprised to find these heinous systems for destruction so sophisticated and perfected? The results attained by me had made my scheme of intelligence transmission, for which the name of "World Telegraphy", easily realizable. It constituted, in its principle of operation, means employed and capacities of application, a radical and fruitful departure from what had been theretofore done. I had no doubt that it would prove very efficient in enlightening the masses, particularly in still uncivilized countries and less accessible regions, and that it would add materially to general safety, comfort and convenience, and maintenance of peaceful relations. You see, in all generations there are we dreamers who believe that man is generally "good" and "sharing" as of God projection--not so--for too late we learn that the adversary called evil and Satanic is always at work in the vineyards ready to steal the tanks of good wine and poison the masses with the sour brew. My outlay involved the employment of a number of plants, all of which are capable of transmitting individualized signals to the uttermost confines of the earth. Each of them would be preferably located near some important center of civilization and the news it received through any channel would be flashed to all points of the globe. A very cheap and simple device, which could be carried in one's pocket, would then be set up somewhere on sea or land, and would record the world's news or such special messages as might be intended for it. Thus the entire earth would be converted into a huge brain, as it were, capable of response in every one of its parts. Little could I then realize that the adversary would utilize such wonders for the deceiving of an entire civilization. Since a single plant of but one hundred horse-power could operate hundreds of millions of instruments, the system would have a virtually infinite working capacity, and it could immensely facilitate and cheapen the transmission of intelligence. Man is so ungracious and cruel to his fellowman as to astound the senses. The first of these central plants would have been completed at that time had it not been for unforeseen delays which, fortunately, had nothing to do with its purely technical features. But this loss of time, while vexatious, was, after all, proven to be a blessing in disguise. The best design of which I knew at the time had been adopted, and the transmitter would emit a wave complex of a total maximum activity of ten million horse-power, one percent of which is amply sufficient to "girdle the globe". This enormous rate of energy delivery, approximately twice that of the combined falls of Niagara, is obtainable only by the use of certain artifices, which I was to make known in due course. For a large part of the work which I did I was indebted to the noble generosity of Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan and the world owes to this one man much of the despoiling and imprisonment of a planet. I was as deceived as any of you present personages by that contractioning viper. I found him most welcome and stimulating, as it was extended at a time when those, who had since promised most, were the greatest of doubters. Little do we see the deceit in the hand which offers assistance and means destruction and theft. I honored my friend, Stanford White, for much unselfish and valuable assistance. The work advanced, and though the results seemed to me to be tardy, they were sure to come. Meanwhile, the transmission of energy on an industrial scale was not neglected. The Canadian Niagara Power Company offered me a splendid inducement, and I felt that, next to achieving success for the sake of the art and gift unto my fellowman, it would give me the greatest satisfaction to make their concession financially profitable to them. In this first power plant, which I worked long at the designing, I proposed to distribute ten thousand horse-power under a tension of one hundred million volts, which I was now able to produce and handle with extreme safety. This energy would be collected all over the globe, preferably in small amounts, ranging from a fraction of one to a few horse-power. One of its chief uses would be the illumination of isolated homes. It would take very little power to light a dwelling with vacuum tubes operated by high-frequency currents and in each instance a terminal a little above the roof would be more than sufficient. Another valuable application would be the driving of clocks and other such apparatus. These clocks would be exceedingly simple, would require absolutely no attention and would indicate rigorously correct time. The idea of impressing upon the earth American time is fascinating and very likely to become popular was my thought on the matter. I was going to be able to offer a great convenience to the whole world with a plant of no more than ten thousand horse-power. How could I know that the carbon fuels would hold the entire world hostage to the thieves of the environment and the civilization? The introduction of that system would give opportunities for invention and manufacture such as have never presented themselves before and were never again presented to the people. Knowing the far-reaching importance of this first attempt and its effect upon what would be future development, I proceeded slowly and most carefully. Experience taught me not to assign a term to enterprises the consummation of which is not wholly dependent on my own abilities and exertions. I was hopeful that these great realizations would not be far off, and I knew that when this first work would be completed they would follow with mathematical certitude. When the great truth seemingly accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed would be fully recognized, the planet, with all its appalling immensity, was to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball and that by this fact many possibilities, each baffling imagination and of incalculable consequence, were rendered absolutely sure of accomplishment; when that first plant would be inaugurated and it would be shown that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and non-interferable as a thought, could be transmitted to any terrestrial distance, the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and inflections, faithfully and virtually instantly reproduced at any other point of the globe--and that to be followed by instant reproductions and reflections of images and so forth, the energy of a waterfall made available for supplying light, heat or motive power, anywhere--on sea, or land, or high in the air--humanity could and would be stirred up like an active ant-hill. Oh, the excitement coming was too incredible for me to contain. Ah alas, could it really have been meant that this wondrous gift of gifts would fall into the hands of the Elite evil manipulators and withholders of goodness. My dear old friend, I have rambled on in my memory trek and I see that you must now finger each symbol on a board when there is facility in your time for picking up the thought patterns. I wonder if your people of your time will awaken to their heritage in time to utilize any of these wondrous gifts kept to the Elite deceivers? Ah, it has ever been thus on the planets of dense immorality of experience. The lessons are great but the surge of evil is always so great and the stand with and for God so shallow. I can only wish you well and share that which I have to gift. I look forward to again welcoming you home and I shall keep the teapot at boil so that we can sip and share. How wondrous it would be to succeed in this present mission that man might experience true greatness in his own time of manifestation instead of always succumbing to the demonic thieves of expression. I bid you peace and appreciation for allowing my sharing as our paths are destined to intertwine and for that gift I am most pleased. I bid you good-day and may insight shine upon you as you walk the path. This is Nikola to close with my best blessings upon you who effort to change the journey into a lighted blessing for all--may it come to pass!

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The *real* "October Surprise" Psi-Tech and alien brain-wave research -- Whats going on at Los Alamos?

Again, if you have any questions, contact America West. They will send you
a copy of The Phoenix Liberator and a catalog of journals that they publish.

Feel free to write me, but I will be leaving May 10, 1992. If for some
reason you want to contact me after that, you can write via snail-mail:

Mark Hoza
P O box 600
Eagle, CO 81631

Good luck. I realize that most will discount all of this as lunacy, but oh
well. That's what's expected. However, I think that there will be some who
need this information, and will accept it.

From: Pete.Porro@f414.n154.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Pete Porro)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Date: 15 Mar 94 20:54:58 GMT
Organization: FidoNet node 1:154/414 -
Radio Free, Milwaukee WI

Can anybody verify/debunk it's authenticity?
Try this... "Buyer Beware"


A few weeks ago, ParaNet received on-line copies of several documents which purported to come from a previously unknown organization called "The Phoenix Project".

The project is described in the documents as a "private, civilian, research organization" which was "formed in 1952 to investigate and correlate information" concerning UFOs and ETs.

According to the information contained in the documents, for a small price one can receive printed copies of the project's reports, complete with maps, magnetometer readings, and a host of other supporting charts and diagrams which serve to make the whole endeavor look scientific and legitimate.

The documents we received were formulated as investigative reports on two of the hottest and most controversial issues within the UFO research community: the underground alien bases which are said to exist at numerous locations around the United States, and the cluster of alleged UFO-related projects sometimes referred to collectively as "Operation Majestic Twelve".

Specifically, the material consisted of three separate documents:

(1) "The Ultimate Secret", originally dated 4 August 1989 and revised most recently 5 May 1992, purporting to lay bare the inner workings of the government's secret UFO projects, including the recovery of alien technology and bodies from crashed UFOs, the exploitation of this technology by a number of code-named government projects, and the involvement of NASA and the SDI program in preparing for conflict with alien invaders;

(2) "The Dulce Report", dated 27 May 1992, describing an on-site investigation of the Dulce and Archuleta Mesa area in New Mexico, which purportedly proved beyond any doubt that there is nothing there of any interest to UFO researchers despite persistent reports to the contrary; and

(3) "The K-2 Report", originally dated 28 July 1989 and revised 27 June 1992, which purports to document the discovery of a genuine "secret alien base" in the Pilot Peak area of Plumas County, California.

ParaNet quickly reviewed this material and posted it in its entirety for our subscribers, pursuant to the permissions attached to the material by the publisher.

We also posted a preliminary evaluation which warned that the material might contain inaccuracies or deliberate disinformation.

This evaluation was based on a number of factors:

(1) much of the information in "The Ultimate Secret" about Operation Majestic Twelve and associated projects is clearly related to, and probably derived from, earlier material which has been dismissed as worthless by almost all reputable UFO researchers;

(2) much of the information in "The Dulce Report" about Dulce and the Archuleta Mesa contradicts information already provided to ParaNet by other capable investigators;

(3) some of the information in "The K-2 Report" is intrinsically implausible (although, admittedly, not impossible), such as the claim that a seasoned military intelligence operative "forgot" his camera when rushing to document a UFO landing site, or that by the next day that same landing site had been re-sodded by the aliens to obliterate all the evidence.

ParaNet received the three documents as uploads from a Mr. Jack L. Mathias of Carson City, Nevada, who represented himself as the sole public spokesman for the Project. But the reports themselves name neither the authors of the documents nor the principals of the Phoenix Project. Instead, they cryptically state that they are the work of "former military personnel who have all been associated with intelligence activities, and have knowledge of covert government operations concerning UFO's".

Given the sorry history of anonymous documents and "former" government agents in the UFO community, ParaNet felt it necessary to start its own investigation in an effort to determine just who was behind the Phoenix Project and what their motives might be.

First we sent a letter to the post office box listed in the documents, asking for further information about the group; but the letter was not answered. We corresponded by electronic mail with Mr. Mathias, who represents himself as an agent for the group, but he refused to provide any of the information we requested.

So much for the direct approach.

Each document formally states that the Phoenix Project logo is a registered trademark (presumably in the state of Nevada, since that is where their mailing address is located), so we tried a query to the Nevada trademark office in Carson City.

That office informed us that the state of Nevada has no record of any current trademarks under the "Phoenix Project" name. They did say that articles of incorporation were filed under the name of the Phoenix Project on 25 August 1988 by a Mr. Thomas Naylor of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the corporation failed to file the names and addresses of its officers by 1 July 1989 as required by Nevada law, as a result of which the incorporation was revoked by the Nevada Secretary of State.

And so we reached another apparent dead end, except for one bit of trivia uncovered by a ParaNet investigator in Las Vegas:

An attorney named Thomas C. Naylor had recently moved into an office building at 2810 West Charleston in Las Vegas.

Next we contacted the U.S. Postal Service in Carson City, Nevada to determine the box holder for the Phoenix Project's publisher, Advent Publishing Company.

We were told that the box was registered to a Richard T. Miller, whose address was given as a mobile-home park in Carson City.

Following this, we contacted the Clerk and Recorder's office in Carson City, and determined that a Richard Miller is listed with them as the legal owner of Advent Publishing. However, the telephone number they gave us for Mr. Miller has been disconnected, and directory assistance was unable to provide a new one.

Another brick wall.

To this point, all attempts to verify the Phoenix Project's legitimacy using conventional methods had proved futile, so we decided to try a different approach.

The Phoenix Project explicitly and emphatically disclaims affiliation with any other groups using the name "Phoenix". And just to make sure everyone gets the message, each document states at the beginning that "[i]n particular, there is no affiliation with a publisher known as America West, any of its publications, or the individuals known as George and Desiree Green".

Unfortunately, ParaNet has uncovered evidence that these disclaimers may be intended to conceal rather than to illuminate. America West, it turns out, is the publisher of a magazine called the Phoenix Liberator, which carries large quantities of channelled material alleged to originate with an entity from the Pleiades known as "Hatonn".

The Phoenix Liberator has come under fire recently from some in the UFO community as anti-Semitic and neo-fascist. (See, for example, "Hatonn's World: A Neo-Nazi ET?" by Don Ecker in the July/August 1992 issue of UFO Magazine.)

But "Hatonn" and his defenders vehemently deny the charge, and the whole affair has been widely and rather nastily trumpeted both on the net and in print.

It seems that until recently America West Publishers and the Phoenix Liberator were operated out of Tehachapi, California. But a few days ago one of ParaNet's subscribers uploaded a response from "Hatonn" to Don Ecker, which he said he had pulled down from the Phoenix Liberator BBS; and with it he posted a new address for the Liberator. That address was all too familiar: 2810 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada--the same building, it seems, where an attorney named Thomas Naylor also has his new office.

And then another strange coincidence: A posting coming across the Internet stated that before "Hatonn" channelled through his current host, he used to convey his messages through a Mr. Richard Miller, who started an organization which was known as the Solar Cross and which was apparently a forerunner of the Phoenix Liberator. Is this the same Richard Miller who owns the Phoenix Project's publisher, Advent Publishing Company?

We do not yet know if the Thomas Naylor who tried to incorporate the Phoenix Project is the same Thomas Naylor who apparently shares 2810 West Charleston with the new offices of the Phoenix Liberator.

We do not yet know if the Richard Miller who owns Advent Publishing is the same Richard Miller who reportedly once channelled "Hatonn".

In short, we do not yet know if the Phoenix Project is truly an independent organization, or merely another incarnation of America West Publishers and the Phoenix Liberator. But the coincidences are certainly striking and suggestive. And in light of this we again urge extreme caution in dealing with the Phoenix Project material, until such time as a definitive assessment of the Project's motives and reliability can be made.

ParaNet will keep you advised of our findings as they become available. If you have any information about the Phoenix Project, especially regarding its possible relationship with the Phoenix Liberator or America West Publishers, please send it to Michael Corbin by Internet mail to; by Fidonet to 1:104/422; by U.S. Mail to P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034- 0172; or by phone at 303-431-8796. -- Pete Porro - via ParaNet node 1:104/422 UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name INTERNET: Pete.Porro@f414.n154.z1.FIDONET.ORG ====================================================================== Inquiries regarding ParaNet, or mail directed to Michael Corbin, should be sent to: Or you can phone voice at 303-429-2654/ Michael Corbin Director ParaNet Information Services

Dulce - THE ASHTAR CONNECTION & Phoenix Project By: "Branton"