Our Channelling on UFO abductions and Pyramids etc 

Hi Listers

We are a channel group from the UK and if anybody's interested the below is a transcript of the latest session which include references to UFO abduction.
As in prior sessions our communicators are reticent to get involved with the issue and basically are saying it is not they who are doing the taking. But they do make some veiled references to destiny. Make of it what you will.
It is worth mentioning here that I feel the communicators are using the vocabulary of the channeller.
Jo has not much knowledge of astronomy, for instance, and it seems sometimes she struggles with phrases and instead of a word like 'galaxies' or 'universe' she will use words from her experience such as 'solar system' or 'constellations' which I don't think are to be taken literally.
This kind of thing tends to happen with other technical or scientific discussion too, so the actual words chosen may not be spot on. Indeed with much of the discussion below you get the feeling there are no words for the concepts 'they' are trying to convey.
Any comments - positive or negative - are always appreciated.
Dave Haith

ON NOVEMBER 10, 2002

J (Breathing) Let us just talk and it will either get stronger or not...If we talk it will get stronger My chest feels a bit tight and......

D I'll just say welcome, is there anybody to speak to us?

J (Slight change of voice and tone here) There is someone - there have been many. We do not wish you to think the time is wasted. It is never wasted there is much work going on behind the scenes for all of you , especially the two of you sitting here (J and A). It is the energy building up on all dimensions and it will become stronger as we are able to be close, closer and beam down more quickly.

We....wish...to ...make....more.....physical contact. That is why it takes longer. The thought is there in an instant but the physical contact takes longer because we wish to change the cells of...the ....bodies....that.....you....use...so that (voice louder and more forceful here) the frequencies is (are) stronger and of a more light energy for you to do the work that needs to be done in the circle and in your work in everyday time.

D Thank you for that. Is there any special message you have for us today?

J It is a message of wholeness. You will help knit together the fragmented pieces of those pieces that need to come together of those pieces that are not in harmony. That is part of what you will do. There is much else that you will do. There is (are) many dimensions with many thoughts and feelings and ideas. We are, as you say, making ourselves felt and feeling the way today.

D Do you have a physical side as we have? You say you are trying to make yourself contact the physical. Do you naturally have a physical dimension to yourselves?

J It is of light. When you talk of physical - it is about the denseness of the vibrations and we are trying to come closer to your vibration when you are sitting in this way in order to match our vibrations with yours and help to change what needs to be changed on certain levels, so that when we leave you, then you are still left with some imprint of our work.

When we come telepathically, it is telepathically from anywhere in time. But when we come down on more of your physical level, it is to help you more with your work and to understand your questions and what you need. So we need to change our light bodies somewhat temporarily.


D Thank you. Phil have you got anything that you'd like to ask?

P On this planet we find a happy balance between the dark forces on the earth and the light forces - we work our way between the positive and the negative. Do you have similar situation where you come from?

J We have no need of that dichotomy. We do not have an imbalance. We have The One. We work with The One you call The Source.

P How do you achieve this balance?

J Through many, many lifetimes and many ways of working until eventually we have reached levels where there is need for the conflict or rather the need for conflict that you find on the earth plane. There is much conflict, which drives men. It is part of their nature and part of the way you work. Where we come from there is no conflict. We flow with the divine and that is why we are able to work with each other in the flow.


D So do you have no concept of fear? And if you do not have any fear, how can you understand our fear?

J That is a good question. We have no fear, as it is not in our frequency. And we understand your fear as we able to see, feel it and feel it from your vibrations. We can pick up what you feel, what you call the fear vibration although we do not have it within us, and we are able to see on a deep level the workings inside of you as earth beings and we can see and see around you that resonance, that imbalance of fear. It comes off in waves of darkness.

D So you are in a state of balance. But you can feel our imbalance when you contact us, is that what you're saying?

J We do not feel in the sense that you feel. It is more an awareness, a knowing of what you feel. Your feelings are caught up very much with your emotions which is different to us.

D Do you have emotion?

J Emotion is a word. We do not experience it like you do, as we experience pure and total love and what you would say...bliss. Therefore we have our, what you would call, feelings in balance. It is more the light that pervades us, all of us, and we have a knowingness and, as you would say, the feeling of lightness that all is one. That is what we feel but not in the same way that you do. We do not have need of the emotional bodies you have.

D Thank you.


P We are also aware that on our plane, on this planet, there are forces involved which we have to deal with because they're here. In particular there's the question of the UFO phenomenon and the abductions which cause a great deal of pain and anguish among many who have experienced these things.

How do you see this and how do you advise is to deal with it?

J You do question very deeply and we say to you that you feel very deeply for your fellow man and we understand that.

It is not for you to understand the destiny of every person on this earth plane.

Everyone who incarnates comes with a blueprint for what will happen to them in their lifetime. Some of your earth brothers have chosen what you would say, weird happenings. We are aware of that. They are connected to other constellations and they are working with frequencies that are not of the earth plane. Therefore part of their work is to connect with what has gone before and to finish what needs to be done with their earth bodies. It is a very complex situation and has no simple answer. We are not even able to give you a full answer except to say we are aware of what you are asking and yes, these things are happening. Just as there are many species of your earth plane, there many, many types of beings in the rest of the universe. As some of you beings do not always communicate with the others, we do not always communicate with the entire solar system. It is just not possible as it is infinite.

So yes, some of your earth beings have incarnated into difficult times because of what you say, the abduction scenario. There are other agendas going on that we aware of, that we cannot influence. It is a situation that does cause pain to them, however, within their situation, they are able to deal with it as no earth person has been given something that they cannot deal with in a certain way. There is always help at hand. It is a matter of finding that particular person or persons..... (or) ray of light that will come in to help them with their difficulties.

D You say you cannot influence the perpetrators of this abduction scenario but do we understand that you can influence us?

J We are not influencing anyone. We are helping only if you wish to be helped. The word influences has connotations of control and that is not where we come from. We come only because you ask. We come only because you call and we come to spread our light and to give you, if you so wish, our knowledge that you may use for your good on your planet.

D So if the perpetrators of the abductions asked for you as we have done, you would consent to help them?

J We will help to the best of our ability anyone who asks.

D But they have not asked?

J We do not know.

D Well they have not asked you?

J Perhaps not. We are here this evening because you have called us. We have seen you. We know that you are there and we like to work with you.

P Are you say that these people who experience these things have some form of destiny to fulfil that involves this process?

J As we said earlier there is no simple answer as the complexity of the issue involves, not just the earth bodies but the memories and everything else that is connected to them from past, present and future incarnations and other-worldly beings and what they have been through before and what they have promised their perpetrators for the future.

D So there may be some past link between the abductors and the abductees.

J Yes. That is correct. You are not meant to know the full answer, again it is one of those puzzles. There is no full answer as if everything is infinite, it is very difficult for you to grasp the enormity and the fuller picture of what is going on.


P We are often told that we are not allowed to know these things. Can you tell us who it is decides that we should not know these things?

J There is no 'who'. There just is. The divine light, the divine being that encompasses everything. You are divine, we are all divine because we exist. We are.

D But I would consider not knowing something is a limitation and I understand that with God there is no limitation?

J There are no limitations. You are limited by your mind and what you believe you can know. Because the real answer that you know inside, you do not believe.

P So you're telling us we should believe the answer and that will come to us?

J That is part of it - you are getting there. It is never easy because you have to work from your limited framework. If you expand your mind, which takes in expanding the belief system, then the answers will come. However the answers that you find are so caught up with the interdimensional picture and expansion, that it is almost impossible for the answer to formulate in your minds, because you minds are finite but you are not. So you have to transcend belief and then you will understand more as you go beyond what is possible. You live in a word of possibilities but it is limited possibilities. This is why it is not always easy bring new concepts through because new concepts auger the idea it is something that may not be possible that a new idea is possible; because it is that flash of inspiration you get that comes from the outer realms of your mind that has pushed past the boundaries of belief and limitations. All is possible.

This evening there was a time you thought this was not possible, was there not?

P Yes

J Now what is happening?

P Yes we do understand that. We do try and push our minds......

J It is your preset thought patterns that argue with you inside. Every time a thought comes that is beyond the possibility of belief, there is that thought pattern we all have that stops, and that is good, otherwise most people would think that you are going what you would call, a little crazy. So you have to have that lid on that boggle threshold otherwise it could somehow...some people can do themselves harm by pushing too fast, too quickly

P Yes we understand that

J Good


D There have been some people, some spiritually evolved souls, or people with high intuition who have come up with some answers in the past and the answers have now been forgotten. There are things such as how the pyramids were built that seem to have been forgotten. Is there any reason why you could not tell us those things that have been forgotten?

J There is no reason. There is one mind. Beside your own minds you all went into what you call the akashic records. So you can all do it yourselves. You link in to the great one big mind of all knowledge and all that is. You just awaken in you what you already know. They remind you what is there.

D So do you know for instance how our ancient ones built the pyramids?

J You are testing me are you not?

D Yes I am.

J That is good. The ancient ones, how they built the pyramids. You already know the answer as you have many books ......

D (Derisory laughter)

J You have many books and many theories. You would like me to tell you. The answer is simple. If I give you the answer you will still laugh.

D No - not at all!

P No - I don't think so..

J The answer is simply as was done all those years ago, it was built with the geometry from the star people. It came through to the priests of ancient Egypt who held the secrets, and you know that. The ancient priests and priestesses were unbelievably powerful; indeed far more powerful than people give them credit today and far more powerful than many of the priestesses today and many of the shaman.

They were at a time when they were able to do incredible feats because it was not just for the time then of Egypt, it was for the rest of the time for mankind to uncover the secrets now and in the future.

So again it was a time dimension plan - the priests got the secrets and the plans from the star people and they got in the architects from the Egyptian nobility, it was all done in secret. Everyone was sworn to secrecy who worked within the great plan and they also worked out, which is what you want to know, the science of it and because of the science and mathematics of it, they were able to get the slaves to build the pyramids and the buildings in an easy fashion. They were able to build the tools they needed to move the stones.

So the slaves had the tools at their disposal and also, this is probably what you are waiting to hear is it not...you are so impatient......

D and P (Laughter)

J .....but we do not mind, we smile at your questions. The star people, the extra terrestrials as you call them, helped as well. They would send light from the sky at certain times to certain patterns that were put out on the land, in the land, geometric patterns, they would beam the energy and then much of the work was done. They also told the priestesses where exactly where to put the buildings, and what part and how to work out the shapes and the symbols. It was all to do with positioning and the shapes. And then when it was done, the actual shapes and the Great Pyramids do not stand as empty bricks and mortar. They have great power in the shape, the positioning and the positioning to the stars. They can be awakened any time. There is great power there - those that know how to use it, can use it.

And also the star people have access to awaken that if they so wish. Therefore it was not just a mausoleum for the Egyptian people, it was so much more.

And remember as we say the priests and priestesses of that time had direct contact and links with the stars and this lady sitting next to me was one of them. You know that do you not?

A Yes

J  She was one of them and has been through many many lifetimes in that way. So she has a lot of knowledge of the geometry and what is going to happen. And she is part of that as all of you share.

So yes, all the books that are written, they all have an element of truth because all who write the books, all who give the talks are inspired from the seed from the past from their memories. They are using memory from the past, also being given the knowledge to awaken step by step as the time comes ready for the knowledge to awaken. It is like the atomic bomb is it not? When the time is not ready you do not get the knowledge because you already have caused such chaos and havoc with the bit of knowledge that you had with that. Do you see?

D So were the priests and priestesses allowed to have this knowledge because they would not deal with it in a negative way?

J Yes, the guardians of the secrets are the guardians of the knowledge from the stars. They were, as you would say, highly evolved beings. They in fact were from the stars. They were star people who were for the most part, the priests and priestesses of that era so that they could guard the secrets.

That is not to say that there were not some beings who misused it. There were some like there are in every generation.

P Could you tell us the purpose of the pyramids and how they were used?

J The purpose when?

P They were constructed for a purpose...

J In that time – in the Egyptian time?

P Yes

J They were used to store the secrets and the information and knowledge from many, many lifetimes - the lifetimes of the earth and the knowledge of the sacred earth, your own planet earth deep down. They were used to store the knowledge of all the indigenous people worldwide and there is a contact with all of them. That was one of the reasons. And it was also there to store the knowledge, not in written form but in the mathematics and the symbols, and the hidden part, it was there to store the knowledge from the stars to be awaked when the time is ready.

So all the indigenous people from around the corners of the globe have a deep connection there.

P The Egyptian pyramids are not the only pyramids, there are other pyramids around the world, there are caves which produce sound effects......

J That is correct. That is why there is this connection around the world. Some things have to be kept secret. We have people who even now try to destroy the great pyramids, that is happening and try and suppress the secrets and those that are trying to open it up for mankind.

Therefore there are other pyramids, other shapes and forms around the world and yes there are in caves and also underneath, to be used when the time is needed. That is why on your earthplane there is still much excitement in the fact that there is so much that can still be discovered.

D So what is needed to activate these devices? You kind of say they are kind of time devices which can be activated to give us the knowledge of the ancients and perhaps the knowledge of all times - so what is needed to activate them?

J The activation comes not from one point or one level, (but) from many levels. It comes from a point when there is harmony between certain peoples and then.......wait a moment.......there are activation points around the world that even now are being activated in separate ways.

D By you or by us?

J By both - but mainly by you as you become ready for it as it is discovered by your scientists and when we know that you are ready. It happens simultaneously.

P Are these pyramids or objects around the world designed to move objects and energies around the world from one point to another?

J Yes that is part of it because when the secrets of the chambers are revealed, man will be astounded at how much he knew and how much was there but he had no idea that it could be put into a workable solution. So yes you are correct in that.

P Is it based on sound?

J Yes, sound is one of the tenets and that is why so many of you today are becoming more interested in sound because as you know sound is a frequency and sound can cause movements and sound is one of the ways that the Egyptians used to build the pyramids. That is some of the secrets that they learned, it is one of the ways that was used with the tools to move.

A Is the energy grid system within the earth connected with them?

J Yes. The energy grid system is part of the Mother Earth - the Mother Earth scenario and it is activated.

It is almost fully activated. There are a few pressure points, areas around the globe that need to be worked on.

P After these devices were constructed and became operational they seem to have come to a disastrous end. Can you give us any detail of that?

J What devices?

P The pyramids. A pyramid is almost destroyed. Various objects around the world are in ruins. This appears to have happened at a time when there were great disasters upon the earth. Were these a direct result of the use of these objects?

J Yes - people misused the power. Some people found the secrets and abused the leadership.

D Can you tell us the form of this abuse? Did it cause death and disaster?

J It caused death and disaster, however the actual buildings of the pyramids and the other artifacts were very important in being preserved throughout the ages. And the energy and their secrets are still there within, that can be used today. So when it comes to disaster during those times and people being wiped out, it is very much to do with the pattern of your history. It happened as it always happens and then mankind learns the lessons eventually.

Although it seemed like a primitive time, it was a difficult time of bringing together people who were aware of higher knowledge and a mass of people who were trying to survive in a difficult age. There was not enough balance and eventually the civilisations were destroyed. The frequency was not enough to hold it and that is what we are working with now.

P Would it be dangerous for us to try and activate them now?

J No. It would not be dangerous to activate it now. We are saying that it would have been dangerous then to activate it fully.

Now as you have more solid frequencies around the planet that are more in harmony, it will eventually reactivate and that will be the time that the stars they activate with it as well, and then it will go all around the world.

D What will? Knowledge? Inspiration?

J It is almost like another timewarp – another grid. The structure of the earth will become different from the activation. The whole structure will change and the whole structure of the way we live on the earth will change. It will be a complete change of the pattern of the earth.

A Will it also cause changes in our physical bodies?

J Yes indeed. It will be an activation that will affect all living beings in their DNA. Some may not be aware of it happening. In other words it will be the solid strong awakening of a new mankind starting with people.

There will be a DNA activation within each person. That is the possibility of what the secrets of the pyramids and other sacred symbols can do.

From that activation it will grow outwards. The whole earth will change.

We are talking of possibilities. This is one possibility that can befall mankind.

D So there is not a plan - there are just possibilities?

J The plan is the possibility. You make a plan, you put it into action and then you have to see what comes out of the action - what possibly outcome there is.

D So who makes the plan - we or you?

J You have the free will. There are many of you working with the seeds that we have put inside, that we have given you. And when enough of you are working in harmony and when enough of you are linked up to the source and the frequency, then it is up to you whether it can be done. But it also to do with the harmony of your planet - that is the baseline.

And it is almost time for us to close. You must all be tired

A Thank you very much for coming

P Thank you for your information


D Can you tell us who you are so we can talk to you again? When I say who you are I mean can you give us some means of identity that we can ask for you again?

J We are The One

A Thank you

J We are The One which comes from the light to share with you the symbols and the knowledge that comes from the depths of your understanding. We hope to awaken that within you. The time is now and we are with you in your quest.


(Then with great emphasis, loudly and slowly between breaths)

J You....are....never 'oh God it's stronger'  alone....and......we....are....with...each....one ....of....you.

It...has...been....something....of....importance.....to....us.....all....through....generations....of ....time. Now.....we...come...to....you.

It.....is....the...awakening.....of...what...you........know....as.....the ....light....beings. Is....there.....anything......I....can.....say.....to....you?

(No response!)



This........is.....good ....therefore.....we....will....finish....the...lesson.....that....we...come...through.....with...today.

It is all about the awakening of your own minds and your own beliefs so that you may connect with us and see us as your divine beings. We are always with you. There is the crystal world that we come from and...in ...time...you will...have the knowledge you seek.

We come through stronger at the end so that you will know it is real and we make the connection with you and we will do so in the future.

D Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you as strongly again in future.

J Thank you.



J The question you asked of Egypt. It was recorded in the stars for you to uncover. It was part of your destiny as earth beings. We had to give you the knowledge to be used at certain times.

D A sort of cosmic prompting?

J Yes.....and the duality was given for you to work with in logical minds as that is the key you use to unlock doors of science.


P Can you tell us what the serpent means? We were asked to look into the triangle and the serpent. (previous channelling) We understand the triangle - we don't understand the serpent.

J You are within the triangle. The serpent came through earlier on. The serpent has a lot to do with healing. Healing and the knowledge of wholeness, medicine, but medicine of the light. The triangle and the serpent are the doorways that you can access for your intuitive understanding of your beings. The serpent has been the guardian of the darkness to stop mankind from using the power of beyond to destroy himself and others. So the serpent is that knowledge that is very powerful, that you have access to through us. Through meetings like this and through your minds when you link up.

You can have access to whatever you wish for your work.

The serpent is the eye through which you contact us when you walk through the triangle which is the doorway into the time which is no time.

There is no time! There is only what you see around you which is all.

There is all. The darkness is all. The lightness is all. It just is.

The riddles and puzzles you ask about are just those, they just are.

And when the time is right for you or those on your planet, they will reveal themselves to you. And there is nothing that you cannot reveal yourself if you wish to use it for the greater good. The problem has been those who wish to use it for darkness. That is what you are working with to balance the forces of the darkness and the light that you work with on your planet.

D I'm trying to remember the story in our ancient myth of the Garden of Eden and the serpent and the tree of knowledge. Is there some connection here?

J Yes, because it is a lovely story in the archetype and the psyche of man that makes man hand it down from generation to generation. That story, every child, most children, are aware in their religion of a story like that and it is as you know not just the simplicity of the serpent and the Adam and Eve but it is the symbolism of what it means to each person.

There is nothing dangerous or dark about the symbol of the serpent - only what one does with it once one has it in one's hand.

D The danger in the tree of knowledge was the danger of misusing the knowledge?

J Exactly! Now you understand why the knowledge could not be revealed fully in times of Egypt. Even now it is still in your hands as to what will happen when more and more knowledge is revealed. Look what happened with the atomic bomb - destruction.

However the frequencies are changing and they are different.

You will be given another chance very soon, people of this earth, to see which way you will go. It is always the same, the history of your planet, it can go either way.

We are here to help and there are more and more of us and indeed all of you here today have us with you and are channelling us with you, so that we can imbue you with the power of our frequencies.


A Are those who are running the countries of this world being influenced by yourselves as well because it does not seem like it?

J Those who are in influence are acting from forces that they understand on their level. Many of them are acting from their needs and their needs of greed and what they see happening and what they want to see happening. It is about control. They need and they want control. (Loud and with emphasis...) They do not have the higher picture of what can happen on the world if they just change the frequency of their ideas and let the control go into the bigger world scenario.

A When will we get leaders who are like this? Because there is a groundswell of people who want this now.

J It is growing. It is growing and there is a nucleus. Unfortunately those in power hold the power in its physical forms. They hold the power to destruction. But you hold the power for good and light in your minds.

D I was going to ask a question at the same time as Annie about those in control. It has become fashionable to think that they do have access to the kind of secrets that we have been talking about - free energy as we call it. Is this so? Do the 'let's call them the darker ones, the ones with fear as their scenario - do they have access to these secrets and do they indeed have these secrets?

J They do have access to secrets and they do have much of the knowledge that we have put out. However they do not understand how they are supposed to use it because it is with our help that it is to be used and they have broken off with that source. Therefore it is like with the atomic bomb - they have the power and knowledge to use it for the forces that can destroy. So you are correct in that. However there are more and more of you today of the light who are connected and have that higher understanding of where it is all coming from, who are able to influence their thoughts and their minds.

They are not bad people. They are misguided and caught up in their own power struggles and also with the forces around them that are so powerful.

D But I don't understand how such people obtained the knowledge in the first place, when the peaceful ones such as us haven't got the knowledge. How did that happen?

J They had the knowledge from their scientists. They had the knowledge from their scientists. They had worked out those means....when I saw knowledge I mean knowledge of destruction, not necessarily knowledge of the light or the whole picture.

D But aren't we talking about energy and usage of energy as happened with the pyramids....

J Yes but they have the knowledge of the opposite type of energy. You can use the energy of the bomb to destroy and you can use the energy of that molecule to.....

D Create?

J ....Create the most wonderful world - a new world of quantum physics and atomic energy that can explode into a light that can enlighten the minds of mankind. That is the difference. Do you understand that?

Thank you and we will come again and we thank you for your patience and helping and giving the energy to make all this happen this evening.


J Annie I expected you to talk

A I was told to hold the energy for you

J I felt all sorts of people and things and then at times I thought it's going to come through and it didn't. And when it went on for an hour or so. And then we started talking, there's something about talking which sometimes strengthens it. Then things got stronger. And then just before the end when we were finishing off and they were going to go, suddenly it got stronger and I thought 'Oh my God'.

D Certainly this time they were more relaxed and I liked the humour which came through. I can associate with that and get on with that. Rather than the kind of Godlike, worship, worship things.

P I thought it was also time to start asking some serious questions

D I think we had all decided, OK this has gone on long enough, come on don't kid us along, it's put up or shut up

P And they actually came through with some answers.

J The other thing I realised tonight is that we can get any guide that we ask for - if we want a guide to help Annie we say right now we want it.

D How did it compare Jo to other sessions you've had. There were subtle differences from that and some of the other communications you've had.

J At the end that was the same. When I was talking to Annie, that was my guide.

D But the - one word at a time between the breaths' person, was the same as the rest tonight but just more forcefully?

J Yes I think so.

D But how did this communicator compare with others on other nights you've had?

J Similar.

P They have stopped giving us names.

J Yes I asked and my mind was blank - when before I got something like Metatron.

A They have no attachment to a name

D These labels are very difficult anyway - this one's ET and this one's a guide or an angel etc

D Questions seem to have a life of their own. You can come with all sorts of ideas of what you're going to ask.... I think throwing in the pyramid like that did start off a train of thought which would have been a shame to change into something else halfway through, because there are enough secrets in that area alone to keep us busy for years anyway.

J So were the answers satisfactory for you Phil?

P Actually some of it did make some sense.

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